If we have any intention of freeing ourselves from the enslavement in which we find ourselves, I believe that finding the courage to read this article is totally necessary! For me, it created an ah-ha! moment. Now, it all finally makes sense. Bradley, with the greatest of love has been leading us towards this information. Of course, since this is a free will planet, it is your choice to accept this information. I know it will be extremely difficult for many of you, so prepare yourselves, please. I will not be publishing anything else today, but will be here to field comments and discussion.

Remember, I have told you repeatedly to give yourselves time to adjust – when your reality is almost totally upset. I’m suggesting that this this could take a couple of weeks or more, and I think to a greater or lesser degree this will upset most of our realities. 

Much love to everyone!

This piece is about to “bust” the doors wide open on the Occult World and all that is hidden there. Far, far deeper and far more creepy than almost any one of us can fathom, it is the “worship” – the “feeding off of” – and the harnessing of the HUMAN SEXUAL ENERGY, that not only helps the MAGICIANS TO ENSLAVE US – but is the “power” or the “juice” that runs their batteries – so to speak. When I say batteries, what I mean is that it takes an awful lot of raw energy to create and to “maintain” a dark fictitious REALITY within the confines of the magnetic hologram.

In physical terms – “energy” is: CURRENCY – JUICE – OIL & GAS which is then tied back to CURRENCY, so that the two are almost inseparable! (see more on currency below *)

This piece is going to be long – in depth – and super “graphic” in both it’s detail and descriptions, so get ready for that! No more skipping around the topic, without taking a good, hard look at it! No more taking it easy on everyone who still wants to “lay in bed and not wake up” to what’s going on out there. Out come the pots and pans and the cymbals, (symbols) – and jumping up and down on the mattress until you have NO CHOICE but to get your butt out of the bed!


Everything I’m going to talk about goes back to the “grid” or the “lines” around the Earth! You need to keep that in mind! These lines, or “ley-lines” actually run in tandem! There are “earth-lines” which skirt the surface of the Earth, and then again are re-created at about 60 miles above the Earth – they are duplicates of the grid lines at the surface. (as above – so below).

They are mirror images of each other!

The layer or area of space about 60 miles high is known as the Ionosphere, but is also known by scientists to be the “collective human consciousness”, or “the collective mind”! This is the place where all of our minds connect as one! It is the “grid” which not only allows us to communicate telepathically and psychically, but also to know and remember who we are as a species. (Where does the Secret Technology HAARP focus it’s beam?) Have they not said they are using HAARP to “heat up” and to bend the Ionoshpere? Why are they doing THAT?

The Magicians have known for thousands of years that whatever they “do” to one of the grids – will have an immediate affect on the other grid as well, since both grids work in tandem and respond to one another.

As I have written previously, we “live” in a magnetic hologram, and it is these two grids working in tandem with one another that actually helps to “produce” the visual  experience of our daily lives, the visual (but necessarily REAL) experience of Earth’s prison-like Construct!

I was told personally that the Secret Military are deep into Occult MAGIC! I was also told that the Catholic Church is deep into Occult Magic. I was also told that the Freemasons (Illuminati/Cabal) are deep into Occult Magic!

Having been told this personally (over and over again) by people who are working in these separate fields – can anyone then “fault” me for thinking that “Occult Magic” must have something to do with what they are doing to us?

Call me crazy here, but am I just making too much of an unscientific LEAP for some of you out there? Is my logical brain just working too hard in the overdrive position and maybe spinning out of control to come up with THAT CONCLUSION?

(*) Currency is “electrical” – and the control of the “currency” is how our entire reality is being hi-jacked – enslaved – maintained – controlled! It is the path by which the Dark Magicians (Central Bankers) OCCULTLY & MAGICALLY (magnetically) control all of us! But “CURRENCY” is not only money! It is base energy! It is base CONSCIOUSNESS!

Currency is simply the descriptive word they use as (a symbol) to telegraph to us what they are doing to us – which they are cosmically compelled to do BY COSMIC LAW!

As above-so below (as below-so above) What ever they do here on the ground level – will be duplicated exactly 60 miles high, in the tandem grid which is the common mind of humanity, or the psychic grid – which we are all –  each and every one of us – connected to.

So, it is with this KNOWLEDGE, that I started to read about, study about, and try to understand all about “Occult Magic”. What I found out was that this was the very foundation of what they are doing to us, and HOW they are using VERY OLD, ANCIENT ESOTERIC TECHNOLOGY – BLACK MAGIC to literally “create” a low consciousness and bastard-ized version of reality all around us that is not only far removed from what we used to have, but it is actually helping to keep us all enslaved in such a way that we may NEVER GET FREE!

You are going to have to keep your mind open for this information to be able to connect all of the dots! You are also going to have to be ready to LEARN that everything you’ve ever been taught or told was a LIE – (usually by those you trusted the most) – in order to train you to be complicit in your own enslavement.

SEX is NOT what you think it is! A more proper description of that “idea” is:

SSEK-SSSSSSSSS, or sssek-sssssssssss! And when you say that word, think of a evil lizard with a slithering tongue flapping up and down as he (the lizard) speaks the word of our enslavement.

Sssek-sssssssss is the base “energy” that they (the reptilian hybrids) are using – creating – harvesting – and feeding off of, each and every day of our lives in THEIR REALITY to assist them in maintaining their strangle hold on our ability to escape this “magically” (magnetically) created prison, which we call OUR REALITY.

THE CATHOLIC CHURCH was not the start of it all, but has been the “modern purveyor” of the worship of “sex” into our material (illusionary) world. This of course has been HIDDEN in every way possible from the masses. This is why those who are into the Occult (that which is hidden) have both a PUBLIC MASS(ES)- and then a HIDDEN MASS(ES).

That which is Public – is publicly available to the masses. That which is hidden – is hidden from the masses.

In the public mass – it is all allegory – symbolism and wink – wink -nod – nod. No one in the public is supposed to know what’s really happening – they are just spoon fed a “story”, which they are told they “must” believe.

So in the Catholic Public Mass, you participate in “celebrating” a ritualistic blood sacrifice each and every weekend (so that the public can then be weakened) and their energy of focus (consciousness ) can be easily siphoned off and redirected by those who are the practitioners of the Catholic Mass down into the Earth grid (the ley lines), which then transport that consciousness energy to the VATICAN. Every major Catholic Church – Government Building or University sits on top of Major Intersecting Points along the “ley-lines” or the Earth grid. I was shown a “map” of this.

The words – take this, my “body” and eat of it – take this my “blood”, and drink of it- are so totally creepy to the max, that anyone who is still sane must be having second thoughts when they first hear it!

Oh – but the “cover story” that they hand out to you is that the participant is eating and drinking the body and blood of CHRIST – which makes it okay??? The Christ is actually “the christos” which means “oil”, and what part of the planet are we sacrificing every day? THE OIL.

I told you this was NOT going to be easy! Don’t get all upset because I am finally “DECODING” for you what they have been required to show to you – at least symbolically – by the Cosmic Intelligence.

The RULES say they must tell you (in some form) of what they intend to do here – lest they be cast down by Prime Creator himself – for not showing you what they are attempting to do.

But it goes far, far deeper, and in order to walk through all of this you are going to need a very strong stomach indeed, because the LIE IS SO BIG – that it will be difficult to assimilate at first.

The hidden Mass, where the ACTUAL mass happens, is usually held in sub-sub basements under major churches or major cathedrals, and this is where there is a true and real BLOOD SACRIFICE! It is the occult version of what they are doing above ground! (as above-so below – as below-so above).

In that “hidden mass” – which is the true and real reason for the allegorical blood sacrifice that the mass(es) are participating in above ground – they actually do lay out young, helpless, and naked little children on a large stone alter – both boys and girls – usually between the age of 2 years to 6 years old, and then first sexually rape them to produce within that child the thoughts, the ideas, and the strong emotions of “sex” (sssek -sssssssss) – just before those unfortunate kids are ritualistically sacrificed!

At this time, the participants of this “hidden” MASS, are allowed (or perhaps even required) once again, to “eat of the body” and “drink of the blood”! However this is not imaginary body and blood – it is all TOO REAL.

THIS body and blood they are consuming, are the body and blood of innocent young children who PRODUCE huge quantities of the needed dark psychic energy, which is then channeled directly into the EARTH GRID (as below) and the into 60 mile high grid (as above) – which helps our controllers in their ability to maintain the illusionary prison reality that we all find ourselves in. You could call this prison reality either “THE MATRIX” or simply what it truly is: A MAGNETIC HOLOGRAM.

See everything written here to learn about the church and blood sacrifice:

So, the tandem grid – the Earth grid and the grid 60 miles above the Earth are both receiving duplicates (positive/negative) of this psychic energy and information which then goes into the mass consciousness of all of humanity, which filters down into our subconscious mind as TRAUMA – and remember how I wrote in this article —

— that the spilt in a persons mind (subconscious mind) creates “alters” – and that “alters” are created though the process of TRAUMA BASED MIND CONTROL! (Please watch the video in this article again.)

It was the NAZI’s who studied this in the 1930s and 1940s, but then as a result of the CIA’s “Project Paper Clip”- those very same NAZI’s were brought back to the USA – (Especially Dr. Death himself – Joseph Mengele) and were allowed to continue doing their research into trauma based Mind Control using mostly young children.

Now under the control of the CIA, the NAZI’s worked both in the USA and in Canada – (McGill University in Canada is one of the foremost and leading Universities which were sponsoring research on young children in this regard), They have continued the study of both MIND CONTROL and CONSCIOUSNESS CONTROL, in order to learn more more effective ways in which they could change or control both the lower Earth grid and the higher Ionosphere grid! Thus, they were and are working on “scientific ways” that they could more permanently affect our individual and collective MINDS using not only dark occult or BLACK MAGIC methods, but also using new advanced “technologies” which are and were constantly being developed and then immediately studied to see how these technologies could be integrated into the MIND CONTROL of all of humanity!

See and read this article:

However, before it was the NAZI’s it was the Catholic Church (in the form of the Inquisition) that studied Trauma Based Mind Control in their research into consciousness and how it affected their control of the masses.

(It was written in the diary of Joseph Bonaparte “Napoleon’s Brother” that when his army reached SPAIN – the home of the Catholic Inquisition – that when the dungeons were finally emptied of over 50,000 prisoners of the Catholic Church – EVERY MANNER OF DEVICES CONCEIVABLE TO THE IMAGINATION WERE FOUND IN THEM WITH WHICH TO TORTURE THE HUMAN BODY! It was the Priests that were DOING THIS! Not only that – they kept meticulous records of each torture and who it was given to – to observe the result! Over 300 wagon loads of bound books were taken from Spain back to Paris! When the Pope’s army once again marched on France to defeat Napoleon, it was said that the one and only thing that MUST BE RETRIEVED at all costs – were the torture records stolen from Spain!

Only 30 wagon loads were ever recovered!)

No matter WHAT you’ve been told, or taught, or shown to be the so called truth, it’s ALL BEEN A LIE! ALL OF IT! In order to mislead, beguile, and throw you off the track!

This stuff is old! It is very old and has been going on for a very long time.

— You must unlearn what you have learned —

Because everything that you have learned is a lie! In the mental prison we live in (where everything is wink, wink, and nod, nod) by those BLACK MAGIC Occultists who rule over us — everything has a double or triple meaning! No matter what meaning they tell you – it’s a lie – and the real meaning is still hidden. These days the television is their TOOL OF DECEPTION — and you can bet that NO ONE THING you are ever told is the truth! Whatever happens in this world — there is the real meaning — and the meaning they tell us, the masses, over the television!

This one is going to be especially hard to digest and here I must apologize in advance. It is truly graphic — and even perverse! However if I did not tell you this – how would you know the real truth? Remember who is running this world!

The BELL is not of symbol of liberty – but it is in truth a symbol of enslavement!

When a young boy child is naked on his hands and knees and about to get anally accosted by a Priest or Practitioner of Dark Magic – the view of his genitals from behind make the exact shape of a Bell!

Unable to provide a picture or a drawing of what is obvious — you have to use your understanding of anatomy to realize that this is completely true. With most of his penis hidden, and just the leading end visible and hanging below – it gives you the “ringer” of the bells! And thus the SYMBOL of a “BELL” to the occultists symbolize the genitals of a young male child before he is about to be ritualistically “had” by one of them.

Continuing with the anatomical construction of almost all of the “buildings” which we call CHURCHES  — and even early government buildings — they have both a “steeple” which represents the fully erect male phallus (just as does an Egyptian Obelisk) and just below the steeple (on a church) you have the “bell tower” or the “ball tower” where the BELLS (BALLS) are kept – which is the laughable wink, wink, nod, nod of the occultists as they giggle at our willingness to believe EVERYTHING THEY TELL US WITHOUT QUESTION!


In the old days – human beings were called to “worship” each and every Sunday, by the “ringing of the bells” (the ringing of the balls) which was our “signal” (symbol) to immediately come running to the Church to worship along with the satanic “controllers” of the BELLS (the balls) – where our SEX energy (consciousness energy) would then be “harvested” from us – by the focusing of our mental intentions and our prayers directed toward the “ALTER” – the above ground symbol of ritual for the masses – where the allegorical blood sacrifice – the eating of the body – and the drinking of the blood — took place. This “MASS” consciousness energy now collected – and thus harvested ritualistically – (and very freely given up, by the way, by all of the participants involved) – would then be re-directed and sent magically (magnetically) into both the Earth Grid (the ley-lines) and into the Ionospheric Grid (the psychic consciousness grid) in order to help BLACK MAGICIANS stabilize and to POWER UP (with OUR OWN Juice/electricity/currency) – the illusionary reality of the MATRIX or the magnetic hologram that is both entrapping and enslaving us all.

[In the days of Babylon – The “dark magicians” worshipped their pagan god “Baal” or “ba-al” or “ba-el” where “EL” literally means “pagan god”. Thus you have the words “EL- der” or “El – dar” which represents those who are the chosen ones of the pagan god – BA-AL! (Babylonian).

In all government offices, you have the “el-ect” or those who are “el-ected” and thus who are in service to the pagan god “ba-al” or “ba-el” Those who are the “el-ect” are chosen by the process of an “el-ection” which is the way that all who are in service to the pagan god “ba-el” are chosen for their positions of AUTHORITY!

Or, “election” is the process where by those who are the enforcers of the edicts of “ba-el” are placed into positions of their authority!

All those who are “el-ected” by means of an “el-ection” are then placed in charge of the COLLECTION of the “juice”, or the collection of the “el-lectricity” – or the collection of the “currency” which belongs to the pagan god “ba-el” and is truly necessary to have or COLLECT – in order for those who are the “el-lites” (elites) to maintain the illusion of our 3-D holographic MATRIX and keep us totally enslaved and imprisoned to it.

Please watch this video:

and this one:

SO THIS is why BELLS are made in the shape of little boys testicles, (as seen from behind, when they are on their hands and knees) and why in slang terms kids seem literally compelled to call them their “balls”. In ritual sacrifice, the Satanic Priest or Practitioner who anally rapes a boy is literally “ringing the boys bells” or “ringing his balls” from a very graphic and visual and quite perverse standpoint when he practices forced anal inter-course with the boy.

Remember also this is ANCIENT, ANCIENT stuff! It goes all the way back to BABYLON! Long before the “Bell” was invented!

Using the Babylonian terms – You could say that his “ba-els” are being rung, or his “ba-als” are being rung. AND AGAIN FORGIVE ME – THIS IS ALL VERY SATANIC AND PERVERSE! But tell me, how are you going to know this stuff if someone, somewhere does not point it out to you, so that you can finally see the wink, wink and the nod, nod of the hidden symbolic meanings we are faced with in our world everyday, and FAIL TO SEE?

Don’t you wonder why – and this is very important to know – ALL MEN (and women) WHO ARE PLACED INTO POSITIONS OF AUTHORITY – are either required to participate in, or are at least be intimately exposed to CHILD SEX?

This includes: Popes, Cardinals-Bishops/Clergy, Government leaders/ including Presidents, and Prime Ministers as well as leading members of Congress – High Ranking Military Officers – High Ranking Judges which includes those sitting on National and Inter-national Courts, as well as many District Attorneys – High Ranking Officials within Police and Law Enforcement Organizations – CEO’s of large multi-national corporations – and Leading Scholars with Major Universities – and owners and operators within News Organizations – and finally agents within all levels of the CIA/FBI/DHS and in England MI-5 and MI-6 – and in Israel the Mossad, and in Russia – KGB/FSB – while in China who knows what they are called.

BUT THEY ALL DO PARTICIPATE IN THIS! IT IS REQUIRED! How do you think that “we” are ever going to uncover all of this if we refuse to look at it straight on?


Now are you starting to get it? As the boy said to the “Terminator” in the movie – “ARE WE LEARNING ANYTHING YET?”

I can only show you the truth here – I can not make you understand or believe it – digging out the truth of this is YOUR JOB!


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215 Responses to THE “KEY” TO OUR ENSLAVEMENT IS THE SEXUAL ENERGY, by Bradley Loves

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  3. Sanja says:

    My gut , my second brain sings of happiness, finally reading something that , in the right way , resonates with my consciousness.
    Clearly, concisely, the core of things.

  4. the1irf says:

    Terry Mapleson is more right about Putin than he can possibly know, that “[he got] a very clear sense of how very CLEAR [Putin] IS.” His wording is both precise and accurate [in the scientific vernacular]. Putin’s “signature” has always been expressed in Real-Dimensions. Here, in this Delusion/Illusion that is not of the real, Putin’s, present, physical expression has been given an assignment. He is holding the balance of peace for the world by doing his chore of holding IRON BALANCE for Russia. There is no end to the amplification that can and will be brought to bear in support of that assignment and chore he has been give. I have often said that #TRUMP_ForcesTheHiddenToBeSeen. The same could be said for Putin, but that would be Far too small a statement in regards to identifying what he does. All such Complete Designs do far more at a hidden level [even to them in the conscious] than can be known or comprehended here. Not even the Delusion/Illusion can comprehend what it is that they do. The D/I can’t touch them. [For those who care], see: WaterTraveller.cet | || This is my favorite internal menu link: || Grasp what shows up for you with this:

  5. Terry Mapleson says:

    I appreciate and agree with most of what Bradley says here (have only skimmed article.) But the one thing that popped out was, at the very end, he inserts this bit of propaganda that I keep seeing elsewhere – it’s like the Powers That Be say “we’ll allow your article to stay on the web IF you insert this disinfo” – that “Russia does it too.” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read a documented, thorough expose of child trafficking, only to then see that one completely UNSUPPORTED claim thrown in at the end. Even Webb does it in one of his Braverman videos. Lots and lots of supporting evidence for everything he says, then with NO EVIDENCE: “Putin’s involved, too.”

    Well I’d like to call B.S. Putin is the enemy of the monsters/ dark ones who do this. One needs only to tune into him psychically (say hello, don’t intrude) to get a very clear sense of how very CLEAR his IS.

    I’m so extraordinarily tired of Russia-bashing and the lying scum who keep doing it! So thanks for letting me air this particular grievance here.

  6. This writing sense a litle,but,I eat my flesh and drink my blood;you open is as oil of earth.You think that Yeshua wanted this from people?Du you think that they are trying to follow Yeshua?Ba-bel is a degenerated form of Ab-ba.Elohim means plural Gods.Fallen hierarchies sure will degenarete sometihng existing.But if we are not carefull we can not discern what is good or Evil.David Icke is researching and writing to many things;Love is the savior,alien invaders.But he is confused;he says that pyramids are used by negatif alien races,Yahweh is Satan.Babei is building Babel towers all over the world,especialy on divine ley lines for cutting the divine connection of humanity.

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  8. Anon says:

    That unavailable video “MAGIC DOMINATES THE W…” is that by Jordan Maxwell? There’s one on youtube called ‘Jordan Maxwell – Alien Magic Dominates the World (Illuminati Secret Societies & the Occult)’ is it the same video? (



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  11. Jay says:

    Thank you for all the information. I just started reading a book “The Secret Architecture of our Nation’s Capital – The Masons and the Building of Washington, D.C.” by David Ovason. No stone was left unturned literally when it comes to magic and this planet we live on.

  12. Helene says:

    all I can think of saying at this point is much love and thanks to you all 🙂

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  14. xfiles says:

    We are all in duality world ,so all have 2 sides..
    when the consciousness control the mind, emotions , ego and so on in a human body, then comes the understanding of all and returns Knowledge. Energy balance, Harmony with the environment ,Freedom and Unconditional Love are normal, natural constituents of the soul.
    it is the right of all beings in all Existence. The same like free will , communication between beings via telepathy,soul to soul contact,twin flames,soul mates, energy … it is all normal and every soul CAN THIS, but all this and much more was simply stolen .
    all this is breaking the Laws of Existence..
    There is a concept “’ have sex”” and “’make love”’. In humans minds is more or less the same meaning ,but it is huge different ,what is real used by the “’bad boys”’.
    “’Have sex”’ sounds mechanically, as work, unspiritual concept. Here is NO unconditional or even any love it all . any word in terran languages is simply code to hold on the Local matrix and prison veil,all have to remember this!
    So this word can find every were just for this propose. Use it how much more,put this program in minds of Terrans and DO THIS WAY..
    To “’have sex”’ are pushed by some frenques, sounds,visible colors and etc. to happened more wild, violent way to use simply physical aspect of human body,that it is NOTHING like love …
    Because this act don’t have any part of love energy ,he cannt create positive field around ,cannt heal,cannt help to grow up on spiritual way souls. It means he create DOR “”dead orgon”” energy what and used in this grid…
    To “”make love”’ sounds already like MAKE LOVE . means make something very positive, warm,nice ,lovely,hot… it is creation energy,what wake souls up,heal,help,connected . this energy ,sort of erotic energy, have high vibration and bring the “”Orgon””.
    “’Orgon “’ is the energy of life,what can dectroy influences of DOR …
    DOR was then distributed on surface by antennas and other thinks on surface and underground on the Orion technology.
    All kind of violent like rape,torment bring not only trauma on “”physical”’ and etheric , but create dark low level energy around the victim , make him hate all humanity,make him permanent source of pain,keep him alone..
    Every being on surface have a aura ,some energy field around self and then more old ,awake and strong soul ,then more powerful it is and make more influence on all around…
    This way all this working…
    And Bradley ,if both grids working as a”” two-way street”” ,why then liberation forces didn’t affect this yet for so long time ..?
    Up are not just Magic’s , but a lot of other beings… and a lot of Laws of Existence break down here on surface of this Planet for …time
    She didn’t mean to be a prison at all.
    think about this …
    thank you for you job

  15. Jean says:

    Jean, I feel that your privacy should be respected here. Still, I want you to know thatihave forwarded your words to Bradley. His knowledge if ETs is far greater than mine. Hugs, ~Jean

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  17. Ellis says:

    In response to Collette:

    I’d like to respond to something Collette said above. Unfortunately there is no ‘reply’ tag after the post.
    I do not dismiss Collette’s life-long study of language because it is essential to understanding how our alphabet and numeric symbols and systems have been contrived to unconsciously direct our thoughts. Thank you Collette.
    However, may I just address Collette’s remark regarding 8, which was:
    “There was a major inconsistency in part 4 where the number eight was mentioned and connected with the octagon which in our symbology refers to eternity. The octagonal floor plan is actually a portal to lead one ( through baptism) into the next phase of human existence on Earth. For the same reason we find the octagon floor plan in tombs as these are entrance points as well.”

    Collette appears to be believing that the figure 8 symbolises infinity. It doesn’t. The glyph ∞ does. The difference is its orientation. The Numerosymbological/numerological meaning of 8 is to do with control, system; both are limiting concepts. For that reason 8 is drawn from north to south. These are directions, on this planet, that have finite limits. Infinity, ∞, is presented east-west; indeterminate places, except for ones point of perception.
    Now we can see that the octagonal floor plan is not a portal but a prison.

    Regarding her point about different words for the same thing depending upon language: It is also important to remember that the Esoteric Alphabet agenda has been (and is) a long-term working (several millennia). It is a spell, by degrees, and by (w)rite, summoned and cast across the globe. One of the prime (perhaps The prime), vehicles has been the Bible, until recent times. Now, with the introduction of the internet ‘English’ is, to all intents and purposes, the global language. Other cultures are now being en-mass(e) entrance-d.

    I’d also like to congratulate Bradley and Jean for this post. It is graphic, and a difficult one to read for sensitive people; but humanity’s sensitivity, and this and other of the Darkness’ and its agents’ beguiling and enforced programming techniques, are the reasons why their predatory and debilitating agenda are free to continue.
    As your visitor, Steph, has indicated above I’ve also covered the subjects written in this article, on my website and in my books. Thank you Steph. I’ve mentioned the bell in this video on occult crime, if it’s of interest to readers here.

    • Jean says:

      Ellis, thank you for your thoughtful, calm reply here. I’ve begun to think about the awful information that we’ve had to absorb that . . . it is better to read about it, so we can stop it, than to not read it and so leave ourselves open to experiencing these things on a personal level. You know . . . first they came for the Jews . . . 🙂 I will visit your site, and thank you 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

      • Ellis says:

        Yes Jean, it is ignorance and naivety that make humans vulnerable.

      • James says:

        Jean, I did psychic protection for one of my Irish friends and yes it is extremely powerful. Sorry, but you deserved it.

        If you had of walked away, the ‘protection’ would not have attacked you. You did this to yourself, by your own hand. It’s a pity, females LOVE being the centre of attention and someone takin gthat away from them is enemy number one.
        It’s simply ego, a poor way to start the golden age.

    • Jean says:

      Ellis, I clicked on your link and got a message that I had to sign in ‘content warning’ to give my age ? ? ? Hugs, ~Jean

  18. Elvetwelve says:

    dear bradley,
    point 60 withdrawel of consent: to the NRO???= to the NWO?????

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  21. Elvetwelve says:

    Dear bradley, thank you so much for what you are teaching us. i spent the last two years being totally in schock uncovering the enormousness of the lies. we are being lied to from the first day you wer born till far after your departure. I’m again in toalschock about your revelations but also a lot of things about black magic which touched upon my life[ why me i never understood until these days] fall in place. I allways new about satanic witches etc but i never new black magic is the foundation of our society through these institutions.

    However i was connected to a black magician by relationship years ago. I was young( not stupid that why i was selected to be an apprentice) this man claimed to be a descendant of a long line of space travellers and really had acces to al kind of othewise closed etherical archives. and able to rule the weather on the shake of a hand.[simple stuff]

    I think i know what these black forces are doing with the “harvested energies/souls” . I think they are using it for fueling a black star to make a permanent breach in the cosmic tissue.{ untill now an anomalie] to the lower realms.

    Can we discuss in private a possible remedy

  22. Some time ago on my radio program, I interviewed Doug and Yael Power from Circle of Light. Yael has been receiving Messages from God for 40 years.

    Their book ‘Say Yes To Love’ reveals the vast and high vibrational nature of the Soul Mate or Twin Flame, and astounding potential in the ‘atomic power’ of Sacred Sexuality. They describe a process before and during love making, where you and your partner become hollow reeds for Creator to empower your agreed intentions, be they for yourselves, Earth, and others.

    The One True Power, which reveals ItSelf as eyes that see, ears that hear, hands that touch, and hearts that feel, every man, woman, child a.k.a. Consciousness unbounded in form, is the same Power which creates universes, galaxies, stars, planets, and worlds. In other words the Power to transform outer reality into a coherent new world age cycle, is in each of us.

  23. Debbie says:

    I took the time today to watch for 4 videos at – Bradley provided one at the bottom of this article………these videos are AMAZING and well worth the time to watch and it would be so great if everyone took the time to watch them and pass them on to anyone who might be receptive………….it is critical that we all wake up faster to the truth and help others.
    Once again – thank you Jean for being the conduit for all of this awesome information!
    As time allows I will watch all of these videos.

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  25. Elvetwelve says:

    Dear jean and bradley is there any possibility to make these series of articles in a downloadable or printer friendly version. They are so mind blowing that i would like to read and read them again but , very oldfashionable, on paper. I tried to copy paste in word but it selects the total sitepage??????

  26. I posted this article a few days ago on FB…I know many read it though no one dared comment it ; i posted it in a Lightworkers group where it is seldom welcome to post “negative” stuff considered as prone to lower vibrations. For that reason, often a time I feel quite marginalized, and keep from reading, except for a couple few, channelings, in general ; for they bring about a lot of noise to me. Again not all channels are unholy, some are pure, they are rare, and it is not to cast judgement on the channels, for I feel they are not aware of it most of the times. None of it should keep anyone from looking for answers within, first and foremost. Thank you for the share. The best protection from any darkness is faith, for me, where there is faith there can be no fear, where there is light and love there can be no fear.

  27. deanna says:

    Hello, I wanted to say that I also have found this out about sex as their tools and also found out in my research that the pharao, who began implimenting this stuff, were all of blood type A2 sub group M and/or N. You take the M and the N and put the snake in the middle you have your mason. Not only that, this particular sub group has an autosome gene that no other population has and unlike any other gene, this gene is androgynous. I also found out that not only do they practice sex magic but in order to be possessed the possessing body and the physical body have to be male and female for it to work. This is why a gay lifestyle is being forced upon the public. I also found out that octogon sweden is headquarters for the templars and over half the populace have this blood. These people originated out of medes, this is where we get ishtar and if you research the medes tribe you find out that they came out of the water and began the first “government”. The father of ishtar was enlil. I also found out that this group called themselves aryan and after their use of these practices renamed themselves sumarians. I think that the pyramid structures, which are all over the place including underwater, are the actual control mechanisms and sex is the hook. I also think that the pineal gland is their control base hence the reason everyone is into yoga and trying to raise their kundalini, the snake. Thank You So Much.

  28. pienaar says:

    Absolutely mind bending truth. Thank you and thank you again. I have nothing to say but thank you. You said it all.

  29. szsrgh says:

    I just would like to comment that, yes the ley-lines are tampered with, there are buildings build on them, there is the occult usage of energy to keep our consciousness between specific vibrations/dimensions.
    But this is according to my knowledge not limited to sexual energy only. I mean this is about high energy levels that are consumed up there, like negative sex, fear, pain, disgust …
    Positive feelings would work too as a source of high energy (pleasure, pleasure and love sex, wonderment, ….), but that would render people to open up to the fact that something is missing in our environment and reality, so this will not do.
    They have to try to keep us down to the lower levels, so no positive feeling inducement.

    I just want to explain why I believe to understand that some people say that this is a not-so-positive way to approach this subject.

    For starters, not everybody is there yet, and information like this will upset some in such a way that unbalance and other energy provoking attitudes could block a spiritual uplifting.
    Actually we need to wake up to the truth up to the level that we can handle.
    We could do our work as a light-worker ( sorry for using this political word) by sending our light, coming from awareness of the source, from alignment with the source, ourselves and the earth, to our environment and lift up our surroundings. We can do this by contributing our strong energy that we ‘are’ as human beings.
    And most of us could ‘maybe’ do this better if they are not in the knowing of the things you describe.
    Being able to handle this information well take years, and is linked to an overview of many things, and spiritual growth. Not an easy thing to decide even for yourself. On the other hand you want the information out there, that is your job.
    Maybe the way/approach/style/wordings needs to be adapted with ‘love’ for all …. Which was your first reason to get this out there …. Thank you by the way.
    Or if you talk about energy you could add that the negativity of energy is in the intention of the ‘intentioner’ not in the energy itself, this implies our enormous power as a human being to make things happen, and to protect ourselves and others with just our human faculties.

  30. I’m blown away by this Jean – does Bradley Loves have a website to follow ?

  31. Fernando Vargas Mejía says:

    This article is misleading. It has sometruths in it but is all tied up in the energy of fear and confrontation and portrays sex as a bad rhing which is what the Cabal wants to distort that energy and dis-empower humanity.

    It’s like it was written to throw off people that are about to uncover these truths, to spin it all in a negatuve way.

    • Jean says:

      Fernando, I think you are reading this backwards. The sexuality the cabal is creating in these children IS all about FEAR!!! Is there any way at all to spin this in a positive way?

      To get a positive spin on the great value of our sexuality, please take the time to listen to Drunvalo’s new video, because in it he shares many things like, 1) everything we know about science is wrong, and 2) the expression of our human sexuality will once again become a sacred thing as we use this energy to power our ascension. . . He is now working with HeartMath at Stanford on this subject.

      Once you watch this video, you will understand exactly why the cabal in their efforts to control us and our planet has indeed distorted ALL OUR SEXUAL RELATIONSHIPS, and has used children to create fearful sexual energy!

      Here is the link to the video:

  32. lozzafun says:

    I hope that many will listen to this excellent podcast by Cameron Day….An in DEPTH explanation of what Bradley is explaining to us- MUCH offered as to what we can do to RECTIFY the damage that has been done to us….

    This is VERY helpful and as added SYNCHRONICITY it AGREES with Bradleys articles…

    Some notes of interest as I listened…Please excuse typos …

    This is a 2 hour Podcast and is just EXCELLENT….

    [audio src="" /]

    Why I Am No Longer a Light Worker…..OUTSTANDING article!

    Cameron refuses to call these cosmic parasites Archons because Archon means RULER….he calls them ‘Ankle Biters, (so as to REMOVE their self applied importance) …These parasites feed off our energy during dreams….A warning, especially to women is that these parasites commonly bond with women and claim to be St. Germain or other Master and a twin flame…They then present a romance during dream time…

    He explains that most channels things that sound good at first but then leads to masochistic selfishness….they teach they can have all that

    He states that all beings are connected to every other beings…He compares these parasites to being like our homeless drug addicts, needing a fix…They attempt to direct creation of our reality to certain end….We are in a CO-CREATIVE world….He warns that we DO have work to do and channels claiming the opposite are lying….Our Ascension is in our hands….Our discernment alerts us to the truth and lies about channeled information….

    False Life Matrix– Are angels helping us?…Cameron states that TRUE light helpers will NEVER present themselves as hierarchical beings or angels…Any spiritual hierarchy is part of a matrix of illusion for beings who crave worship as a god ….All beings who have source consciousness, understand we are equal and would never attempt such a claim….

    The Harvest– Beware of channels who speak of the Ascension Harvest…consider the word harvest…Most channels have good intentions….

    Repeated incarnation- people incarnate to set up a false grid?…Answer- we came to BREAK UP the false light grid because we have been tricked/programmed by religion to create a astral deception….Source reality, we access through grounding and going within and connecting heart to heart with the planet..

    How does know the difference between the true light and false light during death?….Answer- If one does clearing of religion and astral programing BEFORE death we will be able to DISCERN at death…the connection between our heart and heart of the planet will allow us to BYPASS the false light….When we ACCESS the planetary CORE, we prepare for the allowance to BYPASS the astral realm and directly into Source Consciousness….Keep going within and connect with the planet…

    we can call up all ‘agreements and contracts’ we have made and state ” FROM THE AUTHORITY OF MY SOVEREIGN SELF, DECLARE ALL AGREEMENTS AND CONTRACTS AND CLAUSES AND COPIES, NULL AND VOID…. I RECLAIM ALL MY ENERGY BACK INTO MYSELF”….Much more explained…..”I am sovereign and I FORBID you to ever violate my sovereignty again”….

    There is a HEALING that occurs during the removal of these parasites…..After doing so we can EXPAND MORE OF OUR TRUE SELVES…

    This ALLOWS us to REINSTATE our ORIGINAL AGREEMENT WITH SOURCE, our TRUE reason for being here…(the agreement that was HIDDEN FROM US BY FALSE AGREEMENTS)

    (This SCARES THE PARASITES who are truly cowards…they run because they know the truth about what will happen if they attempt further power over us)

    How do we live in this world and ascend at the same time?– Start withdrawing from the system…buy food locally, buy used clothes, barter….Use your creative ideas…Creativity is often ‘ground out’ of this density….Practice physical grounding (with the planet)…Examine your beliefs and be OK with not knowing…say “I will have an experience that will show me the truth”….The fun of our journey is what we are learning…Disengage from the news cycle….If you want to know what is happening, READ THE HEADLINES and then turn it off….TURN OFF THE MANIPULATIONS…Take time to do NOTHING!…

    Assist others by explaining ONLY as much as they can tolerate….They think ignorance is bliss….Maybe start with 9/11 and show them HOW this was done ….(This may lead to more awakening)…Show them the vaccine deception, food deception….Most are not ready for what we are discussing today…

    Scott Prescott from In 5D calls in….Question- How do you differentiate contact between higher/sovereign self vs those claiming to be guides or angels?…..

    You can’t ignore sovereign self…it is subtle, benevolent and keeps returning…Much more explained here…

    Do demons or (bad ET’s) pose as angels??- Yes they disguise themselves …if you feel loopy or ungrounded during contact, they are users …you should feel grounded and expanded during contact….If you are not sure, tell them you are NOT going to listen..leave me alone…(They have to obey)…

    The MATRIX has multiple layers of agreements ….we need to peel back the layers …expose the false light….it starts from within as an ‘individual journey’….Many need help from those who have already accomplished this….Cameron has FREE ‘self clearing’, help available at his site and answers email personally….He also has info to assist with a deeper meditative state….

    Higher Self Meditation
    Self-Clearing System Level 1, Step 1- -Reconnect with your Divine Aspect

  33. Ishtar Babilu Dingir says:

    Bael was not a Babylonian god; he was a Canaanite god. The Canaanites became the Jews. The Jews over thousands of years have done everything in their power to demonise Babylon. If we can apply a little more independent intellectual rigour and study history for ourselves, instead of just believing what we are told, we can break through this Jewish mind programming about Babylon, and see where the problems of our society really come from. Let’s be real free thinkers, instead of just repeating memes we pick up on the internet and then parrot all over the place. I’ve written more about how this demonisation of Babylon was achieved in The Stargate and the Whore of Babylon.
    Sex is just energy… energy can be used for good or bad, just as one can use a knife to peel vegetables or to stab someone. While sex has been used to enslave us on the astral planes. shamanic sexual practices can take us higher and thus free us. I write about this in my book The Sacred Sex Rites of Ishtar: Shamanic sexual sealing and sex magic. Available on Amazon.

  34. Dublinsmick says:

    Much of this I am familiar with but certainly not all of it. I had never really thought much about the “bell”, however the first thing I thought of was the old movie with Glenn Ford called “The Brotherhood of The Bell”. It concerned a secret society that controlled everything. It was meant to be a camp type movie, but in reality had a deeper meaning.

  35. Stephsoldo says:

    I would like to suggest Ellis Taylor’s extensive work on Numerosymbology in uncovering the dark side of linguistics… Very interestingly pertinent to this article is his reference to the letter … a …..
    Profile of a flaccid male genitalia, Also many articles in reference to Bells & occult significance
    Interestingly I am unable to access his web site today… May be its just me

    • Jean says:

      Thank you! Hugs, ~Jean

      PS I’m able to access the site 😉

      • Steph soldo says:

        Apologies Jean, seams some shenanigans going on with Ellis Taylor’s web..using the link I posted brings you to a bogus site. Try typing in manually, his legitimate site is extensive & well worth a look …
        Also in reference to Preston James article ” Evil with a nice face ” nov 24 th Ellis has decoded the image of the stone sculpture of twin heads on the front cover of his book ” In these signs conquer”

  36. House of David says:

    Hello Everyone, I completely get the overview of how these foul acts can produce a given energy that can be used. But to say that Consciousness Energy (being everyone’s) is the same as sex energy would seem to be counter-intuitive.

    Sex I believe like any other thought or action would have a given energy and frequency range and as with any other act the energy (magnitude) and Frequency (cycles per second) would vary depending upon physco/physiological stimuli present. As we all know Doing something wrong heightens the senses for fear of being caught where as doing something out of love (sex or other) increases the magnitude of energy as well as Frequency. Could not these differing acts of sex be clearly differentiated by there energy signatures? And would it not be that the specific sex energies would be completely different than everyone’s “Consciousness Energy”?

    There is much discussion about these energies and related frequencies and while in principle they make sense I have seen no actual data to support these claims and please forgive me but if these claims are valid then the effects should be reproduce-able using available Frequency Meters and related energy sensing equipment. We talk allot about the Physics but there is NO PROOF. In the 3D world I can demonstrate all of these parameters.

    The story is extremely negative and only serves to feed the vary thing you hope to overcome. Your time would be better spent in the realm of real Love and Higher Frequencies. To qualify this you need to only ask this question, “Did your post truly serve the greater Good in an uplifting message” or is it to subconsciously infect otherwise pure minds to reduce there frequency? To me the answer is obvious.

    • Jean says:

      May I ask if you have watched Drunvalo’s new video interview with Lilou Mace in which he says that everything we know about science is totally wrong? Science and spirituality are coming together. He is working with HeartMath out of Stanford on these new realities. . . He also states that it is our sexuality, which will become a sacred expression once again, that will help us to ascend. This is mind-blowing, but for the moment there is no proof available to us . . .

      If you want proof as in 3D proof that anyone can understand, I think it may not come your way. There isn’t anyone who can answer your questions. So how do you figure out if what someone says is true or not? Your life experiences, whatever they may be, will help you. I don’t know that Bradley has it fine-tuned, but everything he says seems to be sensible to me. . . but then I opened myself and have had some extraordinary life experiences, experiences that anyone can have . . . I don’t know what else I can tell you, or anyone, who is asking for proof.

      I may be wrong, but that is my problem. You are not supposed – necessarily – to believe what I say here. You are supposed to take the info and run with it – study it, research it – by talking with others, by taking courses that help you to travel astrally, and so on. I have had that experience, but I came back, thinking it was not my time to do this . . . It took Bradley abut 30 years, and for me it has been about 20 years . . .

    • mia feroleto says:

      I titled one of my paintings, “House of David.”

      Drunvalo’s video was positive and worth watching. I live with a yogi and he liked it too. We discussed our own experiences of this energy. I have accessed it regularly for more than 35 years and believe one hundred percent it is there for everyone to access.
      Last summer, even before we met physically, our kundalini would create
      a circuit between the two of us in a most astonishing way. Off the
      charts. I had a hysterectomy in 2008 and with him it is as if my
      surgery never happened. The energetics are what is amazing however.
      We were having a conversation one morning around 9 a.m. and I was
      laying on my bed with my head inches from an open window. I was to
      find out later in the day that during our conversation a teenage
      couple spontaneously had sex on the porch next door, on Main Street in
      the little town of Chester, Vermont. An older man in his 80’s on the next porch
      watched. They had each left one of the moccasins on the ground by the
      sidewalk as if to create a shrine and while walking by I asked the old
      man if he knew why they were there. I knew there was a story attached
      to them. The moccasins stayed there for almost a month. My partner and I
      laugh that perhaps we participated in making a baby.

      I, too, find this article dark in a way that is unnecessary to make the point.

    • Larry Cox says:

      Since this comment mentions the physics of all this, I should add a little data relative to that.
      No good study (that I know of) has been made of the actual frequencies of the energies involved in spiritual phenomena. But guesses have been made, and these put those frequencies quite high. They might be hard to measure, except by using a spiritual being as your “meter.”
      You are probably also familiar with the concept of lower and higher harmonics, which in the 3D is mostly applied to sound, but can be applied to any kind of vibration. One way of understanding “frequency” or “vibration” as it relates to living beings is the concept of harmonics. In other words, a 3D action or emotion can occur at one (lower) frequency, while it “resonates” with a spiritual being at a higher harmonic.
      You should also be aware that the average 3D activity does not generate a pure energy (which we think of as a sine wave) but an energy with lots of different frequencies in it, which may even include irregular or opposing flow patterns. This can happen at the spiritual level, too.
      To give some sort of simple example, a being may perform some amazing act with its body – say something athletic – but hurt it in the process, causing pain. The high-frequency feeling of success will then mix with the lower-frequency experience of pain, and they will be recorded as a “mixed” experience. Many experiences are this way, especially those involving sex and death.
      When a being experiences something that should be at a very high frequency level, its recordings of a similar “mixed” experience may be activated, which will reactivate the lower frequencies from the earlier experience. Thus, one may “feel bad” about an act of sex that should have no bad feeling in it. One has to gain a degree of mastery over one’s store of past experiences to avoid this phenomenon. There are certain types of subjects or actions that are almost sure to “restimulate” a lot of mixed earlier experiences, and evil people know about this mechanism and take advantage of it.

    • Jean Ona Boggs says:

      I would like to reply to House of David’s comment: “As we all know Doing something wrong heightens the senses for fear of being caught where as doing something out of love (sex or other) increases the magnitude of energy as well as Frequency. Could not these differing acts of sex be clearly differentiated by there energy signatures?”

      I have been sexually abused as a child and I want to say this…children feel tremendously ashamed of being abused. It is extremely scary to face up to. Does that mean that being honest about it is “doing something wrong”?????? That’s the mind control part, I believe. It has taken me a while, but I am beginning to come to the place where I can almost look someone dead in the eye and not be afraid of the truth. Meanwhile, of course, my heart is racing and my blood pounding, but maybe, in time, I will even be able to be calm about it. I’m working on it!!!!!

      • Jean says:

        Jean, I was raped by both my uncle and father when I was about three, and I blocked it until I was almost sixty. I hope you will take the time to get the help to heal the emotions connected to this wound. This is a very different process from understanding what happened intellectually. It requires the support of someone who understands this process and can reflect to you a very different sense if what was really going, a reality that I doubt your young mind could begin to make adequate sense of. The process is called emotional clearing, and therapists are realizing more and ore this is the way to true healing. Through it, I myself have reached the place where the memories have no – zero – emotional reeponse. I wish you all good and hope you find my words helpful!

        Hugs, ~Jean

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  39. shiva says:

    Just for clarity:
    This document
    details how we will reach critical mass and push down the ‘wall’ and overturn the matrix. The window for this is apparently the next 75 years or so. It also details how we arrived at where we are at now. The early pages are quite disturbing – stick with it – I would highly recommend tapping the middle of your chest (your thymus) while reading this – it will help you process the information and release any trauma. This is part of a technique known as EFT – if you are interested further I can link that.

    • megan reid says:

      Shiva, thanks for the above link, I have read 31 pages so far and yes, it is very interesting reading.

      Love and hugs

      • shiva says:

        I’m glad that at least one person has delved in. I am minded to read it again as it is such an important document. Love Simon

        • Tina says:

          Simon, this interview is beyond fascinating! “Important” is an understatement! I mean, this IS IT! Every baby born, upon their first slap on the butt, and subsequent first “quantum pause”, should be issued this document (and “The Four Agreements”, by Don Miguel Ruiz)! Holy Tamoly!

          I see why it was “held back” from 1998 until March of this year. I absolutely get it. Humanity would not have accepted THEN that they are merely chained to a plastic lawn chair! That would be too incredible to take! I have thought for a very long time now that the “problems” we have as a society and as humanity were WAY above the heads of politics and religion. Even knowing about the insidious nature of the Vatican, and secret societies, et al, still left me thinking, “…something still isn’t right!” This explains everything to me. It supports what Bradley is conveying. It supports Alex and his doubts. It supports why people lie and do horrible things. All of it! The backdoor called my unconscious mind is open and I receive this guest with open arms. Sit, let’s have some tea and talk all things Sovereign Integral!

          Social media has embraced a distraction called Throwback Thursday. How perfectly manipulated to keep us all focused on the past. So I think I will start a new trend and call it “Wake Up, World! Wednesday” and post this as my first installment!

          And what crazy synchronicity that we are currently in the “disseminating” moon phase. Get that Truth out there, Peeps! Man, do I feel free! 🙂

  40. shiva says:

    Please can you give a link to the declaration – I do not know Jean’s website address.

    Thanks for the information – sex without love is the devil. Making love is the answer. Love is always the solution…..
    …. AND we need all this darkness for our own path to empowerment so gratitude to the ‘evil’ ones for agreeing to take on this role – they will have karmic payback resulting.

    I would be very interested to know your take Bradley/Jean and anyone else on this extensive document. It’s dynamite in my opinion (in a good way):

    Thank you in advance

    • Jean says:

      Do a SEARCH on my blog using the word declaration. Hugs, <Jean

      • This old ditty really speaks to this article! Oranges and lemons,
        Say the bells of St. Clement’s.

        You owe me five farthings,
        Say the bells of St. Martin’s.

        When will you pay me?
        Say the bells of Old Bailey.

        When I grow rich,
        Say the bells of Shoreditch.

        When will that be?
        Say the bells of Stepney.

        I do not know,
        Says the great bell of Bow.

        Here comes a candle to light you to bed,
        And here comes a chopper to chop off your head![1]

    • jed says:

      I read this ‘release 5’ of the Wingmakers just after it went online. Thought it was interesting what Dr. Neruda said in regard to the “light” being used as much as the “dark” to control our dualistic reality/matrix. The “Wingmakers” [through Dr. Neruda} state that when you leave your body [die] and “move towards the light” that you are consenting basically to remaining in the matrix, and continue in a never-ending cycle of reincarnation. At least this is what I got, from memory. The Wingmakers advice is to choose to remain neutral, and not move towards the dark or the light after bodily death, and in this way to possibly avoid the matrix and the reincarnation cycle.

      • Jean says:

        Jed, this makes sense to me. I’ve also read elsewhere when studying shamanic traditions that the idea is to die in a purely conscious state . . . So, if I remember correctly, we are in control of what happens to us, if what we experience. Hugs, ~Jean

  41. Larry Cox says:

    My only real problem with this material is that it does not include any data on the Whole Track (human experience before Earth). If one is going to deal with the subject of just how deep a being can fall, or esoteric matters such as these “grids” or the “holographic” nature of reality, then one might as well go Whole Track, because what is on that track is extremely pertinent to what is happening on earth today, and has been happening here, with variations in form, for thousands of years.
    I don’t see it as my job to dish out this data. I think it should be studied in the context of how and why it was searched for and found. We also have chronologies supplied by other sources which don’t go back as far as the LRH material I have studied but are interesting for purposes of comparison.
    The chronology I am most aware of is part of the Billy Meier material, and thus presumably Pleiadian.
    The Whole Track includes our experiences before we were connected to bodies, during the time when we “toyed” (but unknowingly) with other beings who had become connected to bodies, and our own fall into the habit of being connected to a body. It involves some physics, since beings actually do things with energy beams. And it involves a very long battle between societies who had grown fond of bodies sooner and those who were less willing to have their experience and abilities limited by a biological organism. The battle involved a heavy use of symbols (definitely including religious symbols), electronics, and the exploitation of most beings’ curiosity about the sex act.
    In the end, biology “won.” Nowadays everyone seems to think it’s great and wonderful. Except, of course for those who have become morbidly fascinated with sex and its energies (which is very similar to death and its energies). And though the great majority of us manage to rise above those types of insanities, very few of us are totally immune from them.
    The withdrawal of consent idea is workable and should help some people. But if you want to deal with the problem head-on, you will need to do deeper work. It is one thing to be informed and on guard so that such beings can be avoided. It is another thing to be directly attacked by them because something you did attracted their attention. Luckily, they are ultimately capable of little more than killing bodies, and various forms of torture. Though this seems quite awful in its own right, Whole Track practices included much worse.
    I hope this serves to give a few readers some idea of how vast this general topic actually is.

    • nadia says:

      This info is useful when you act upon it,sending light and expressing your will is very important and doing this together we can change the whole situation.,This will attract some beings but which kind of alternatives are left?For me allowing this to go on or wait for this people to kill slowly all of us (their minions too of course) with their many poisons is not a chance.Moreover I think that the universe is moving to express perfection in manifestation and then return to Unity beyond it.,It Is not a point of choices of few civilitations but the general flux of life in all universis.We are on our way back,the Omega which is completeness (maybe wholeness is a best english word)…Sad that some people can’t understand it but it is a cosmic law and a good oneLife can be interesting if well lived, our slavery is not so..Being here has a meaning if we decide to express our Self.This means using our powers to change this reality for the better.But not only our personal life ,working for all beings not just for a few as has happened until now.This is not a tv show and opening our hearts we can feel and act.If everybody does it we are free in a second…..and forever !…………

    • mia feroleto says:

      Your post has merit Larry. I agree with you.

      Working with kundalini creates and completes the electrical circuit within our bodies. It enables us to energize ourselves and bring in Universal energy through our crown chakra. The big “O” is far greater in a kundalini experience, in my opinion, than a sexual experience. But there are other benefits from physical intimacy with a person you love.

      Since we live in a holographic Universe, there are countless ways that reality is manifesting for each of us. The truth for one person is not necessarily true for the next. I do not believe there is only one way through this maze; we are changing to path and the flow each and every day by the choices we make. Keeping house, keeping our own energy clean is, in my opinion, the best offensive and defensive. It fuels my activism as well.


  42. Donnie says:

    Hi Jean, I think perhaps this Bradley fellow is on to something, however; the Vatican may very well be drooling at the prospect of stealing our sexual energy to power their nefarious means, but I for one refuse to let them use mine. I had an epiphany on this a few years ago and it came to me as a thought that “they” would love for me to feel “ashamed” about my sexual energy and how I use it. I surmised this simply because when I have sex with a woman I have deep feelings for, ( and that is the only way I’ve ever really been able to engage in sex anyways), and I orgasm I KNOW that I am feeling an estatic joy at that moment. Also, any good neurologist could tell you, that aside from the spiritual component of bonding with another soul, the PHYSICAL endorphine rush is also very pleasurable and does the body much good. Now, it becomes obvious to me that those who work for other-than-human entities with control and rape designs for man on planet eart, it is imperative for them to try and destroy or pervert ANYTHING AT ALL that brings joy to the human condition. That is why they have subtley and not-so-subtley perverted sexual images, behavior and attitudes in societies. They only like humans having sex if it produces the base emotions of guilt shame and fear of “hell”. And isn’t it kind of hilarious that those who “fell” down through the vibrational array of frequencies wound up subverting mankind and the “healing” mission of the Adam & Eve DNA reform by literally fooling Eve into accepting foreign seed into her womb? or so the story goes…… thing that Bradley forgets however. The one they call Jesus is the creator (small c) of this local universe and this one is responsible ultimately for what occurs in this universe. The human condition renders us EXTREMELY sensitive to impatiently waiting for “deliverance” but I assure you IT IS COMING. Please don’t attempt to label me a “christian” for I am not. I’m just someone who has met this one face to face so I KNOW HE/SHE IS TOTALLY REAL, however; I DO NOT KNOW which of the stories about him/her are lies and which ones are true. One thing I do know is that this Jesus is the “parent/creator” of mankind, at least as a “thought-form” and this one does indeed love us without limit and will not for anything leave us stranded here in this insane “reality”. The apocalypse is indeed a revealing and it will transpire at the appointed time. It will be a liberating encounter with the source of our DNA code and it will be fun and beautiful. The folks Bradley speaks of…..these PTW don’t stand a chance against the will of the one who created it all. That would be like a kindergarten student trying to lecture Tesla on physics. Utterly laughable…….please just have faith my people that we are all cared for greatly and when the time is right this false reality will indeed reach its demise for good and we will be free and happy and go on to do great things…….peace.

    • Bradley says:


      Well said! I have made it CLEAR in other writings that I do in fact believe that the one they call Jesus (not his real name) does in fact exist! However, NO CHURCH represents him – NOT ONE! I do not know for sure if HE is in fact, the creator of our local universe, or a representative of HE that created our local universe! This information I am not privy to! However beyond the CREATOR this UNIVERSE is PRIME CREATOR! THIS INTELLIGENCE I AM VERY FAMILIAR WITH! This is where my mission originated!
      It is PRIME CREATOR who is stepping into this and helping to clean it up so to speak.
      The “free will” thing got way out of hand – and some very very high beings (who chose the dark path) were “unwilling” to concede that every soul had the “RIGHT” to choose its destiny if it feel into their trap!

      • Kieron says:

        “I do not know for sure if HE is in fact, the creator of our local universe, or a representative of HE that created our local universe!” This seems somewhat in line with what I have read of the Gnostics and their Sophia myth of a creator goddess (the Aeon Sophia) who “fell” into a bodily form and materialized as our living planet because She was curious about matter and form. John Lamb Lash’s “Not In His Name” describes this in detail but it’s much more conscisely summarize in the article “Gnostic Scenario of the Earth Goddess Sophia.” Here’s a link to that, which I hope Jean will permit to be posted because it’s a fascinating idea.

  43. Paula says:

    I would like to say that most of the info is not entirely new to me, (gruesome and sick as it is) but the NOT CONSENTING is. It never occured to me that we could do this and I have been NOT CONSENTING for a couple of weeks now and boy does it make me feel better. Thank you so much Bradley and Jean. It has to be the way forward for us.

  44. nadia says:

    The idea of eating Christ is vampiristic but eating children is umbearable.This must stop NOW and for ever.The power of creation is in our hands in our minds and our spirits so it is up to us to say let’s stop it in the whole world for ever.And create this change.The positive aspect of knowing these things is instead realizing that without so much negative effort we would probably live in paradise as we are divinely shaped and guided naturally .Misusing sexual energy is misusing creative powers and recleaning and rediscovering a clear respectful sacred aspect of sex in all of us will be needed and gladly managed.Good work to all.

    PS Not o make fear but have you ever wondered which kind of portals bad minded people can put in the sunday communion ostias for the public to become possessed better?I realized it quite recently but this happen when the priests are not pure and unconscious of all the stuff Bradley writes of,but conscious and ugly partecipating in the devilry activity.What happens later is that people attacks who is not possessed as them never realizing they are used and misused.Christ is very very far from all of this.WE must stop all this stuff for our happiness for our children happiness and for the whole planet happines.To clean the ozonosphere we can call in violet and white light and the DIRECT DIVINE PRESENCE.This is using our divine powers.For the down grid is the same.For the bread in the church also .Real God is waiting to express Itself through us,what are we expecting?WE can call for Divine presence in tons wherever and whenever we are.What is just to start.

  45. Kieron says:

    Sickening, but sadly, not surprising. When the Penn State scandal blew up, it was a significant look into this subject, albeit from a slightly different angle, and I suspect it was a tremor that opened up one of the first major fault-lines in this wall of silence. I think it significant that sports, at least in the United States, is a form of religion. At the least, it strikes me as cultish and ridiculous, and puffed-up with its own importance. Parallels to the church, any church, are obvious. And I thought it significant that the sports director of Penn State, the one who ran the sports program but allegedly concealed the abuse, had the surname of Paterno (father).

  46. Bradley says:

    All my LOVE to everyone who comments here! What I see happening with some – is that the information presented in this article IS SO BIG – that some minds out there are starting to REBEL against it. I knew this would happen with some. While there are those who have ALREADY done years of the OWN RESEARCH and come to the same conclusions – those hearing it for the first time are really struggling with the idea that WE ARE PRISONERS inside a MATRIX very similar to the one presented to the one in the TV MOVIE. It is a “construct” that is every bit as illusionary as the one NEO thought he lived in before he “woke up”. We he finally was taken out of the MATRIX – he also “rebelled” in the movie and found himself sick and unable to stand.

    I am sorry for this – and yet the MATRIX is being “fed” by all of our thoughts – energies – and focus daily. “THEY” are using our OWN ENERGY to keep us in prison! In order to weaken the Matrix a certain number of souls HAVE TO BE WOKEN UP!
    Once the critical number is reached – the power system will FAIL! If we do NOT DESTROY the MATRIX – it will enslave every living being here until it is finally destroyed!

    If you can “handle it” please read this which was posted above:

    Not all of this is fact – but much of it is true!

    All my love – Bradley

    • Tina says:

      Yep. Also, I posted on social media your link to the page written by Leon describing the sweet story of Oz and how Toto was the real hero, and nobody is commenting. I figure, just get it out there and see what happens. Funny how this is all happening on the day of the New Moon at 0 Sagittarius…the Archer taking aim! Woot!

    • Monika says:

      Thanks to you and every person out there who give information! I am rather new to this…. I am seartching, reading and try to understand. I have been, and am, angry, scared, depressed, and so sad! however, its good to know that there is something we can do and that make me happy! I want to be free and I will fight for it. I am Trying to get people around me to open their eyes but that is hard and its frustrating because i feel the time is short. People think I am crazy just to think media lies…. Thanks again, from Monika in sweden

  47. Greater Arcana says:

    This writing is right on. It’s too preposterous for the mass-es to believe, yet how could anyone make something like that up without at least some truth to it.

    I know the writer is apologetic about the graphic content, but too bad for those who can’t take it. This is part of your ascension, People. You signed up for this. What he’s describing is the vanilla version of what’s really going on. This is The Dark 101. There is far more that is far deeper. Know as much of it as you can and become what the Light Masons call “the prepared.” The more you know the less you fear, especially during that moment of Truth.

    May I also recommend Mark Passio who is an ex-Priest of the Satanic Church. Jean has posted some of his lectures and interviews. You’ll find some of his you tubes and podcasts talk about this stuff. He also mentions the whole BELL BAEL wording, like ringing the stock market bell, etc.

    Thanks again to the author for your piece and your vids. Keep it hard hitting. There’s no more time for pleasantries and spoon feeding. We win in the continuum anyway, so let’s make this a clean break, if possible.

    • Jean says:

      I also have my heart kited by your words! 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

    • Bradley says:

      Greater Arcana
      Thank you! I really needed your little “pick – me -up” This is so difficult and yet IT HAS TO BE TOLD! And you are right! This is the “plain – Jane – VANILLA with no toppings added version!” The real truth is far – far darker! Not one of the so called “light worker” beings have ever wanted to address what WE HAVE TO LOOK AT before we Ascend!

      Very few channels are telling us the truth. There are a few – and one of them is VERONICA KEEN! She is also be phychically attacked for trying to deliver her message.
      Ive tried to “structure” everything Ive written so far in a sequence that would help support this information. For those who are having trouble – Jean has graciously placed everything I’ve written in one spot.
      All my love and deepest gratitude for your support!!


      • Greater Arcana says:

        You betcha. Just know this: I’m kicking it up a notch, but I’m meeting these guys head on in the aether, where they least expect it and utilizing an ancient tech tool that they are all too familiar with and have tried to demonize.

        Stay tuned.

  48. Jean says:

    Sue, I realize you are well-intentioned, but my blog is not about petitions. I simply can’t involve myself, or it would become nothing BUT petitions. My personal feeling right now is that petitions will only be ignored by those in control, and I do not want to become involved in the. I ask for your understanding. Hugs, ~Jean

  49. bewareofserco says:

    Although this article is concerned with dark esoteric magik, the manipulation of sex by a hidden hand can also be clearly seen in the “real” world IMO.

    It is no accident that it is only women that are condemned for promiscuity while for single men it is encouraged. IMO this is to ensure that an imbalance in the supply / demand dynamic of “sex” persists; brainwashed men create the demand and brainwashed women restrict the supply by suppressing the desire to explore the limits of their own sexuality for fear of condemnation by “society”. This turns sex into a marketable commodity and women into corporate sex objects that are used to sell every product imaginable for corporate profit.

    For anyone that investigates “marriage” in any depth, I think he/she would draw the conclusion that, like many things in modern life, it is a con trick that places human-beings into positions of unwitting emotional and psychological bondage via a sinister contract with big-brother.

    If men and women were to free themselves of the chains of monogamy and grow in maturity, encouraging a sharing / non-ownership mentality in an environment of mutual respect and honesty, I think this would be a real hammer-blow to the cabal who rely on our selfishness.

    Furthermore and slightly off topic but on the subject of ritual/occult child sex abuse, former priest of the “Church of Satan” Mark Passio, claims that the individual groups that make up the ‘Church of Satan’ are known as “grottos”. With Christmas on the way, how many parents will be taking their children to their local department store to visit “Santa’s grotto” – Santa being an anagram of “Satan”? Is this just coincidence perhaps? Just a thought!

    • Jean says:

      Gary, many times here on my blog I have asked people to read a couple books that will explain clearly how both men’s and women’s views on sex have been cleverly and carefully distorted over many centuries. This creates dysfunctional families . . . and children who grow up with all kinds of problems. A wonderful book written by Elizabeth Gilbert, the women who wrote the book “Eat, Pray, Love that describes the hoax that is marriage is called Committed.

      From Amazon: At the end of her memoir Eat, Pray, Love, Elizabeth Gilbert fell in love with Felipe, a Brazilian living in Indonesia. The couple swore eternal love, but also swore (as skittish divorce survivors) never to marry. However, providence intervened in the form of a U.S. government ultimatum: get married, or Felipe could never enter America again. Told with Gilbert’s trademark humor and intelligence, this fascinating meditation on compatibility and fidelity chronicles Gilbert’s complex and sometimes frightening journey into second marriage, and will enthrall the millions of readers who made Eat, Pray, Love a number one bestseller.

      The other two books I strongly suggest are called (a classic) The Chalice and the Blade by Riane Eisler and Sacred Pleasure: Sex, My, and the Politics of the Body., also by Eisler.

      None of these three books has the complete answer, but they do paint a picture that describes how our sexuality has been used against us and is destroying our society through the destruction of our personal lives, our family life and our children’s lives. . .

      I hope the time is finally arriving when this conversation will come front and center. We are the only ones who can fix this – on a very personal level, one couple at a time.


      • bewareofserco says:

        Jean, thank you very much for your kind recommendations. When I wrote my original comment I did realise that this was an enormous subject that I could not even scratch the surface of in just two or three short paragraphs! I’ve always been aware of how we are manipulated by sex so it is an interesting subject to me personally.

        As yet, I haven’t read any books on this subject so it will be interesting to see how the author’s views compare with my own observations and thoughts.

  50. colette says:

    Re :

    The CON of man

    First off, i do not know anything about magic but i have a sound knowledge of the ancient Latin language. I can tell you that the words PRO and CON in themselves are neutral, the charge being in the statement or opinion that one agrees or disagrees with.
    Besides the term CON used in this context derives from the word CONTRA which means ‘in opposition to/against’. Contra and Con are two different words.

    The term CON is actually a later Latin word for the archaic term CUM which means ‘with’ or ‘together with’ or ‘in combination with’ as for example in “CUM Laude”.

    As a prefix CON often changes its last letter N depending on the first letter of the word it attaches to.
    This explains the following words:

    CON legere (to gather) – COLLECT –to gather together.
    CON sentire ( being/feeling in agreement) — CONSENT
    CON trahere ( to pull together) — CONTRACT to pull together
    CON volvere (to twist/coil) — CONVOLUTED as in 4 books written by Dolores Cannon!
    CON plicare (to fold) — COMPLICATED
    CONTROL is a French medieval word its roots : contra rotulare ( counter roll)
    CORRUPT (ruptere (break, ruin) –CORRUPT.

    Since having gone through this exercise i started thinking if linguistics (but possibly also other disciplines that might apply) could be used by us as a sort of “reality check” in cases of magic. For us a way to counteract magic components that are not really understood by most of us?

    • Bradley says:

      Bravo for the research! Colette well done! However, having the BENEFIT of knowing what I know – nothing you post here will change my opinion! OUR LANGUAGE HAS BEEN CAREFULLY CONSTRUCTED AND GIVEN TO US! Instead of simply going to a dictionary and doing 10 minutes of study (which is not only irresponsible but laughable) I recommend 1000 of hours of research and study. The “conclusions” you come with at THAT TIME – may be quite different! The dictionary you “consult” has been carefully constructed and given to us


      Happy “IN DEPTH” study Colette

      After this one I have dozens and dozens more!

      Much LOVE

      • colette says:

        Dear Bradley,

        This has actually nothing to do with study but more with secret theft or unauthorized twisting and turning in the usage of already established and agreed upon forms of communication. It is obvious that they have subverted our tools without notifying us about that.

        My point was actually not more study/research ( i have had more than enough years of that and am now happily retired) but rather i was wondering IF there would be a way of even partly neutralizing what they are making of OUR tools.
        This maybe similar to what i did to neutralizing the term CON which in fact in its meaning was incorrectly demonized/corrupted in that marvelous text “the CON of man”. This was done just by referring to the linguistics……!

        Thanks very much for the video which i will definitely watch with lots of interest ! 🙂

        • Bradley says:

          All my love to you Colette

          I stand by what I wrote! Nothing I can say will convince you of the truth of what is MEANT TO BE SUBLIMINAL! Some people can look at those jumbled 3-d pictures that don’t look like anything – and see the image there – some people CANT!
          If you’ve studied “linguistics” then good for you – you’ve just spent a lifetime learning an infinate pail full of LIES about language! If you dont understand “sigels” or sacred geometry or how sound and vibration go together with them – if you’ve not looked under the rug – then nothing I say about what’s above the rug will EVER MAKE SENSE.

          It’s okay not to get it.

          just try to keep an open mind!

          forget about what the dicitionary says.

          • colette says:

            i am a human, Bradley…why should we again and again accommodate them.This is our planet. CON is their negative, definitely not ours. We should never give in, give our consent, bend over backwards to accommodate them….
            I have learned from the Gnostics (Nag Hammadi texts and am still at it)

            Some time ago I watched part 3 and 4 of the video you recommended.

            There was a major inconsistency in part 4 where the number eight was mentioned and connected with the octagon which in our symbology refers to eternity. The octagonal floor plan is actually a portal to lead one ( through baptism) into the next phase of human existence on Earth. For the same reason we find the octagon floor plan in tombs as these are entrance points as well.

            I stopped watching the videos in part 4 when the subject of the occult meanings of the number eight came up.

            In their ‘system’ pronouncing the sound of the number eight produces ‘ate’ in english which refers to Chronos (time in Greek) who, according to myth ate his children.

            This sounds significant but what if you are German or French or any other nationality except for English?
            In German eight is ‘acht’ and the verb to eat is ‘essen’ . In French the number 8 is pronounced as ‘huit’ and to eat is ‘manger’….so, what happened to the Kronos story for Germans, French and a very large group of other languages ?

            I have come across this problem more often…and really the material becomes less credible to me because of this serious and consistent ‘oversight’.

    • pat says:

      it seems to me that language IS magic-and part of the con-it confuses more than enlightens-hu-man kind used to communicate telepathically-and we have just been brainwashed to be unable to access this natural communication method-of course, as the occult dweebs know, this huge brainwash starts to break down under extreem stress-as, indeed, the ego itself fractures–and like Humpty Dumpty after the fall–difficult-although not impossible to put together again.

  51. Bradley says:

    MY deepest apologies to everyone for my “responses” which have lots of mis-spells. I am using an I pad to do all my work. This device has both auto-spell correct and word “suggestion” which are running all the time. No matter how carefully I type – both the auto spell and the word suggestion will literally re write what I am intending to type as I go. Even after I got back and correct the errors I find, I don’t find all of them. And since I wish to move on quickly to the next response – sometimes the responses look bad. I leave it to you to correct the mis-spellings sadly that my I -pad INSISTS on putting there against my own intention.

    All I can do is laugh at this technology..

  52. g77enn says:

    I grew up fundamentalist Catholic attending mass every Sunday. Even as a child I found the images creepy with their often blood stained statues. So many of us stood in line to receive communion, so devout and good intentioned. I had one very devout grandfather who attended mass on Sundays and often attended every weekday as well – a real fundamentalist and a very difficult person to be around. My other grandfather was the exact opposite. As a child when I asked him why he never attended mass he retorted, “The last time I went to mass, it seemed the statues turned and stared at me.” He was the nice grandfather. However, I must give the not so nice grandfather his do in that he gave extremely generously to the poor all his life and I don’t think he did it for fear of going to hell. In this regard my mother, his daughter, just before she died became very fearful. No one knew why. I told them I knew why. She feared going to hell. I reassured her that wouldn’t happen just prior to her death.

    There are many like David Icke and Jordan Maxwell who preach that Jesus never existed and they present a fairly cogent hypothesis. I suspect these people have been mind controlled in order for the NWO one religion to dominate all other forms of religion Jesus must be destroyed or discredited. Since Jesus (not his real name) symbolized love for many of us, I think they do a disservice to humanity in removing this one source of comfort for many. Interestingly many of the mind controlled slaves claimed that they became free through the love of Jesus. For me, it really makes no difference whether he existed or not because simply the myth of Jesus conveys the message.

    I suspect the Catholic Church used “Jesus” to lure people into its ranks and turn the innocent toward Satanism. Jesus had nothing to do with blood sacrifice for our sins (which are lessons needed for our learning), but his message was that we all carry God’s divine spark and are therefore gods in the making.

    • Jean says:

      Thank you for your heartfelt words. Also, are you aware that the blog you use along with your email address has nothing to do with its name? Hugs, ~Jean

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  54. dana says:

    Since other folks have been talking about the declaration here, and i don’t know where else to ask this question, i’m just gonna leave it here-

    What about children who are too young to verbally retract consent? Can you (the parent, that is) add in a “i don’t consent to x, y, and z being done to me and my child”? Or must it come directly from the child themselves?

    I don’t think i’ve heard this discussed before, any input would be appreciated.

    • Bradley says:

      As the child’s parents – you are both able and capable to “speak for the child” until he or she is of the age of consent! Usually 16 to 18 years of age. Therefore it is in your best Interest to both TEACH YOUR CHILD EVERYTHING YOU KNOW TO BE TRUE – while at the same time protecting them with your with your NON-CONSENT until they are able to correctly know how to do that themselves!

  55. anonymous says:

    I’ve told the positive ETs of that sexual harvesting grid earlier this year. It was described in this extremely difficult to read text:

    I’ve reformatted it and here’s an easier-to-read version:

    That system should have been dismantled by now but I’ll check again that it’s been done.

    • anonymous says:

      And Baal’s dead ….. again. Hopefully, he’s really, really dead this time. I do so hate it when these demons get killed but come back again. A lot of them have been killed, like Lucifer and his buddies. Marduk doesn’t exist any more. Black Sun’s been done.

    • Jean says:

      I don’t have a clue what your connections are, Annonymous, and would like very much to know. You speak with authority, but whose 🙂

      I happened to read your comments ‘backwards’ in order today, so I’m just beginning to make sense of them 🙂


    • Bradley says:

      Dear anonymous –

      Thank you for this! I have RARELY met anyone with such an understanding of the historical nature and the ESOTERIC and MAGICAL underpinnings of what is happening.

      I believe that the reformatted post you’ve placed has a lot of truth in it! However – there are many short comings as well! The first assumption that you make is that these gates and grids are dismantled! THEY ARE NOT! IF they were – the matrix would fall IMMEDIATELY!

      The very moment these grids cease to operate – our collective eyes will be opened to the truth! This is all I can say! You’ve added “sauce for the goose” and for those who have the ability to understand more – especially of what was going on in ATLANTIS – (this is a fairly accurate description) feel free to read it

      • Jean says:

        Bradley, I know that we must have these grids to ascend. Are you saying, then, that these grids as they now present themselves must cease to function? Will you please clarify this for me? Thanks and hugs, ~Jean

      • anonymous says:

        Okey dokey. When I read your article, I sent a message to the guys to double check that everything’s been dismantled. If they’re still in place, they’ll attend to them.. They are not God – they are very fallible and they need us to point out what work needs doing. But they do work fast. The more info we can supply the better.

        It’s like in the military here. The positive ETs may have wonderful technology but human intelligence is very much needed too.

        Just keep on posting what needs to be done and if I spot them, I’ll pass the info on.

      • anonymous says:

        I believe they have other technology holding things in place so don’t get too excited.

      • anonymous says:

        Bradley, you wrote: “The very moment these grids cease to operate – our collective eyes will be opened to the truth!”

        You are being too optimistic and even if and when all the controls are gone, the awakening will be slow and gradual so as to not traumatise people. So I’d suggest you curb your enthusiasm. But the grids and gates are being checked again.

      • anonymous says:

        Bradley, please tell me everything you know about the grid and the beings involved with it. BTW I’ve been told that El and Bael / Baal / Beelzebub have been captured and are either being interrogated or turned into ash

  56. Maria says:

    Bradley and Jean, Thank You. I live in a catholic country in Europe and will pass this information to my catholic friends and will also translate Jeans declaration to my mother tongue and spread it as far as I can. Again, thank you both. Much Love*

  57. Regan says:

    Would you be so kind to put the link for the I Do Not Consent declaration up again. I can’t seem to locate it.
    Thank you so much.

    • Jean says:

      Regan, I’m not on my computer now, but it is easily found by typing the word – declaration- into the SEARCH engine right in the upper right hand corner of my blog 🙂 Let me know if you need more help, please. Hugs, ~Jean

  58. Frank R says:

    Jean and Bradley……

    P.S. – One more question…………….who decides what our reality is supposed to look like and how do they do it? I thought we manifested everything through our collective consciousness.

    Hugs………Frank R

    • Jean says:

      Great question, Frank! I hope Bradley can answer it. I think we do it collectively, but it seems there has to be another ingredient, as well. I have learned, for instance, that our reality was created by Metateon, who based it on the circle. Everything is based on sacred geometry, absolutely everything, and it all can be found in the sacred geometric form of the Flower of Life, itself encased in a circle and found in ancient buildings all over the planet. Now, I will let others continue the discussion and hopefully correct my errors 🙂 for a great read, take the time to read Drunvalo’sbook called The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life 🙂

    • Bradley says:


      You are quite correct in your understanding that “WE” collectively are responsible for creating our reality! With that being understood – you must also know that each and every thought “we as a group” have daily goes into creating and maintaing our reality! HOWEVER —— Who is it that has been giving us our thoughts?
      From the cradle to the grave – we are being lied to! Every Idea learned in school is a lie – every idea in religions and church is a lie – every scientific assumption we make about Earth is a lie!

      If the only thoughts you can possibly think are based on LIES – then we as an entire group WILL (without intending to ) create a false reality!
      These MAGICIANS left nothing to chance! They hi-jacked everything! The bribed – bought – and threatened ANYONE who would tell the truth to us! Those who could not be contained were murdered (by the millions).
      There IS NO TRUTH out there!

      Watch all of the holographic disclosure videos – realizing that while not all of it is correct – there is much truth in them.

    • Bradley says:

      Great question! It is those magicians who in concert with the OFF WORLD CONTROLLERS are deciding what our “reality” should look like!
      I recommend this holographic disclosure video number 4
      To help with that! Not all of this is exact – but will give you an idea.

  59. Frank R says:

    Hi Jean and Bradley…………..

    I have two burning questions. First, how is the draining of our sexual energy or energy in church or from sacrificed children collected and then manifested to create what we see as our reality? How is this possible? Second, why does everything we touch and feel seem solid if it is supposed to be a Hologram? These questions have been “BUGGING” me for a long time now.

    Hugs and Deep Respects…………Frank R

    • Jean says:

      Good questions that I hope Bradley can answer! Hugs, ~Jean

    • Bradley says:

      Frank You may not be aware of the Holographic Technology that we now have available to us in our science. From The interview of Julian Assange on stage – to the propagation of a dead Micheal Jackson dancing at an award show we can now PROJECT holograms.
      The Chinese PROJECTED an entire city in the middle of nowhere that was a hologram.

      Now how can a PROJECTION become solid? What you may not realize is that our holographic technology has gotten so advanced that a “Projected Image” can now be “touched” and felt by the human hand and seem solid! This is being done in the labs.

      This is a result of MAGNETICS! THEY are using “interference” waves of varying degrees of “harmonics” (Infra-sound) to coagulate the light particles in such a way as to render a quasi solid magnetic field which then forms around the hologram – which then produces a response to the human touch!

      FRANK – I DARE NOT say much more about this technology since it is very advanced and I refuse to help the CABAL understand it more deeply so they can build even more weapons!

      This type of HOLOGRAPHIC Technology being worked on in the LABS today is the 1st grade level of what is actually happening here on the EARTH! We are spiritual beings of pure light essence TRAPPED inside a huge magnetic hologram!

      To EXPLAIN HOW it is being done is so far over everyones head it is useless to get into Frank. Even the CABAL has only a rudimentary understanding of this at best.

    • Jimmy says:

      Frank,… perhaps this short comment I wrote can explain a bit on the Holographic illusion,…

      • Jimmy says:

        It’s almost like the difference between jumping into the water in a pool from a trampoline, & falling into the water from a high altitude (i.e., jumping off from a tall bridge or an airplane w/o a parachute), where because of the speed of the fall & the areas involved, there is not enough time for the water to part away, & thus the body falling finds the water momentarily as if hitting a brick wall. So, when you touch your hand (or anything else for that matter) the energy field (that is moving so rapidly at the quantum level) that is created by the moving speeds of the energy clouds (i.e., electrons, protons) that are localized to your hand, you can’t penetrate the field, or the hologram, & thus it appears to be solid. Just as the water appears to be solid when falling from a high altitude.

        • Jimmy says:

          The Hologram,… Thus,… the “incredibly fast movement of quantum energy” within a localized region, that stems or emanates from the microcosm (atomic & sub-atomic levels) the to the more organized patterns of organic and inorganic, to the macrocosm, is what creates the apparently solid hologram, we are accustomed to call “matter”,… It is this “super fast speed” of interaction within a confined region, and within a confined atomic and molecular structures, that creates this apparently solid “field” we call “matter” (an energetic field). If the cohesiveness of this highly confined and structured field (that adheres to quantum laws) is broken, and this energy is allowed to be released from within its microcosmic confinement and out into the macrocosm, then we would see what would appear to be an atomic explosion of sorts.

          • Jimmy says:

            It is for this reason, that we can confidently say that we are made out Universal energy. We are a part of the One Universe. We are all emanations of the One. 🙂

  60. megan reid says:

    Bradley and Jean, thank you both so very much for bringing this information to our attention. It is sick and disgusting but so are the people who are using this against us. We have to face all of this evil and deal with it, we also have to ensure that we refrain from any day to day support of this by keeping a close and conscious watch on what we are doing and how we are doing things. For those amongst us who have children, be very vigilant and make them aware of ways they can keep themselves safe too.

    Much gratitude and love to you both,

    Love and hugs

    • Jean says:

      Megan, I’m delighted to read that you have received Bradley’s difficult words with such grace and wisdom. I’m sure they were difficult for him to wrie – and i think he did a great job presenting such an offensive subject. For mysel, they were not easy to publish, but I realized that this is the purpose of my blog.

      Thanks and hugs,

      • megan reid says:

        Bradley did a very good job of presenting this very difficult topic in a truthful but acceptable format I think. It is not an easy thing to do as most people are very sensitive to this kind of information which is often very challenging to those that are new to this type of exposure. Well done to both of you for your efforts with this. It is crucial that this subject is disclosed far and wide so that people can understand the magnitude of the problems we face.

        Love and hugs

  61. Tracy says:

    Solutions beyond affirming our Non Consent (which is important to reaffirm often):

    Two very impactful videos, there is much wisdom and food for thought.
    Ancient Knowledge Pt.1 Consciousness, Sacred Geometry, Cymatics, Illusion of Reality-pt 1 of 2 ~ (14:00 min)
    Continued in Part 2: (11:54 min)

    To the best of your ability each day – attempt to reach out and make a genuine “love intention”, a conscious loving connection with others. ** Pick anyone of your choice, if you want to keep it simple start with family, and friends that you already have a relationship with then build from there. * If this is too difficult then send your “loving intention, could be a healing intention, a serendipity intention, etc” through the ether to someone of your choice.

    Try listening to 528hz frequency = the love frequency (from what Solfeggio sound therapy teaches) ~ reference:
    ** A personal favorite of mine: — Love Signal 528hz (14:58 mins)

    Do something that contributes to the “love frequency” be creative, anything at all – time with your pet, time with someone who is lonely, letting someone go in front of you at the store, a conscious choice to pick your battles, as in make love not war (argue, etc) ** Look around there are plenty of opportunities to give/show your love to others. ** Remember the movie Pay it forward, try it you just might find you like giving .

    Finally: daily connect with Source/Prime Creator and show gratitude for the blessings in your life. This takes practice but the more you do it, the easier it is to focus on the “good things” and not so much on the adverse. Try to up the number of “gratitude’s” as you progress in practice. Start out simple.

    And finally: when you slip or find you’re having a “difficult day” (nobody’s perfect) — Forgive yourself and move on (otherwise it’s wasted energy). Trying to do the best we can, trying to make a positive connection each day, giving honor & gratitude to Creator is the “amplification to frequency” that is needed to change “matter” or (i.e. consciousness) to that which resonates with our Source Creators Love.
    I bid you Peace, 🙂

  62. Tina says:

    Yep…pretty much. This is a concise treatise of everything I have come to research myself over the last six years. The rabbit hole of hell. Once you know, you can’t go back and not know! So we process it and remove forward. And in the words of Kathy Bates from the movie “Fried Green Tomatoes”……


    Loves Bradley! 😉

  63. jed says:

    I watched all the videos… great information and does explain about the energy matrix/prison, and the also how the widespread pedophilia is used… horrible… and of course so much more info on the big picture.

    I saw no info on how humanity can escape the matrix however… no potential solution.
    How can we go about solving this world-wide trap..?

    • Jean says:

      Jed, I’m taking the liberty of copying here Bradley’s response to Annonymous:

      Read my earlier “long series” called the GREAT CON OF MAN – all 11 installments.
      Then READ the Declaration Jean has provided. You need to understand that all of this has been done with YOUR CONSENT! (tacit consent – meaning you did not object)
      True – you did not know – that is part of the deception plot. Now you know! REMOVE ALL CONSENT TO ANY AND ALL SOUL CONTRACTS you’ve ever made with the dark either knowingly or unknowingly! Prime Creator hears every word, thought and deed you’ve ever done! He made free will

      • jed says:

        My wife and I have already done the ‘REMOVE ALL CONSENT TO ANY AND ALL SOUL CONTRACTS’…! We went to the beach [ocean] kept our feet in the water and our arms touching, and read the declaration together… or rather exclaimed the declaration together. It took I think about an hour and twenty minutes to read/exclaim in its entirety.

        Thanks for all of your posts Jean. I know it cannot be an easy task to keep your blog rolling..! Cheers

        • Jean says:

          Jed, I’m filled with tears at your words. Thanks to you and your wife for sharing this with me/us. It means a lot . . . I know you will be protected. I was attacked psychically last night in bed – got so cold, even inside – and then the problem in my left leg started to show up in m right leG. I realized what was happening, and I kept saying I DO NOT CONSENT TO THIS. I ALSO CALLED TO MY GUIDES/ANGLES FOR HELP, and put the violet flame with much love around me. . . This was the firs time that I experienced this, but I’ve been told it’s likely from the work I have chosen to do. I came through it just fine 🙂 Thank God!


          • Ken Harris says:

            I have also had a problem with my left leg the past two months. It is well now after taking high doses of Black Seed (Black Cumin). Hope yours gets better soon.

          • Jean says:

            Ken, I am sorry to hear your news, but glad you got through it. Gradually, my leg is improving, but – it sure hasn’t been easy 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

      • Ann says:

        So if we read the contract, then use our debit or credit card are we back where we started before reading the contract? (I apologize if this is actually covered in the contract but I haven’t had a chance to read it as I am catching up on the articles.) Thank you sooo much btw for all your research and writing!)

        • Bradley says:

          Using your “cards” simply means that you are accessing value (which is yours by right).
          The MOST IMPORTANT thing to know is that you are NOT THE ALL CAPS NAME!
          If you realize the game they are playing that’s the important part! Do I advocate getting rid of all your personal papers? NO! What I do advocate is that you USE THE DECLARATION and by so using it realize that everything you’ve been taught or told IS A LIE! Get right with Prime Creator and tell him you DO NOT CONSENT to the lies you’ve been told. This magically (magnetically) cancels or voids your previous contracts.
          The Illuminati has set it up so that each time you use an ID with the ALL CAPS name – you are RE – CONSENTING to their Authority, They (having the ability to foresee all of this – prepared for it. So you too then – each time you use your card simply say to yourself: My use of this CARD does NOT create any NEW CONTRACTS! All of which are NULL AND VOID!

          • Jean says:

            Oh, thank you, Bradley, for this information. . . I used mine today, so I will now tell them that it doesn’t mean I’m buying into their system Hugs, ~Jean

    • mia feroleto says:

      Great question Jed.

      This has been a herculean collection of articles by Bradley and I hope a book is in the works. Your questions, for me, ties into the missing piece of our own responsibility in all of this. It is not just that the matrix is influencing and controlling us in this holographic reality of ours, it is that we are influencing it as well with our own thoughts and actions. When we stop feeding the dark meme, we will provide the energy needed for us to liberate ourselves.

      Repeatedly and from various sources I have heard throughout my life that 10 to 15 percent of people living in the light are keeping the planet balanced to the point that it is. Another 10 to 15 percent would make an enormous difference. I also know that when my energy is out of control then my world follows the same path, even to the point of unintentionally inviting negativity in. If we are truly sovereign beings then we have the ability to put the darkness in check.

      And sex and kundalini have the power to transcend. Blood letting needs to be stopped on planet earth to raise vibrational frequencies. We have no idea what it means to have a day without death. War, factory farming, abortion, euthanizing 10 million cats and dogs a year in the US because people are too lazy to spay and neuter, these are all ways that the blood continues to flow on planet earth. Stop all of that for 24 hours and I guarantee the reverberations will be felt throughout the Universe.

      The biggest changes in the 20th century happened through people such as Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr. And they happened because people got organized and took to the streets and made a stand. The people involved did not understand all of the whys or wherefores, they simply knew they had to do something to make things better. These two great men were assassinated but not before their goodness and energy spread around the globe and inspired countless others.

      There comes a time when people realize they have nothing left to loose. That is when people are willing to stand up for themselves in ways that might have seemed completely unfathomable a few years earlier. We are close to that point now.

      • Jean says:

        Thanks for your clear statement here, Mia, and hugs, ~Jean

        • mia feroleto says:

          Thanks, Jean.

          There is another point that I can make based on my own experience and that is that regardless of the matrix, I, and others I know, have not been stopped from learning and doing the things we’ve set out to do. I have seen time and again where my thoughts and actions have planted seeds that have grown strong and made a difference. We all have the capacity to do so. And shame on us if we are not increasing our desire to do so now when we most need it. Action is more powerful than magic and action with a pure heart cannot be stopped. By making a physical move we are changing the rules and not feeding into the fear.

  64. James says:

    I agree with everything in this article except the idea that these sexual ritual sacrifices are the only thing powering the Matrix. I think these rituals reinforce the Matrix, but there has to be alien technology actually powering the Matrix. Magic is a very subtle energy which doesn’t last very long. There is now way these rituals, by themselves, could power the whole Matrix- even if they were done everyday.

    • mia feroleto says:

      Agreed James.

      We are the main feed of the matrix with our lower base emotions. Envy, greed, jealousy, … We have the ability to stop the feed.

  65. Anonymous says:

    Bradley…..this article put the total picture together for me. What can we all do to stop this nightmare? Please advise a solution we can all take to change these horrific events from happening. I await your reply. Thank you for the truth.

    • Jean says:

      Although this is addressed to Bradley, let me add a quick one . . . in the hope that if you haven’t filled in a bit of a deeper background to this, that you will do so . . . Please begin with the first of Bradley’s articles, and work your way through each of them 🙂 If you choose to do this, here is a link that will be of help to you 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

    • Bradley says:

      Read my earlier “long series” called the GREAT CON OF MAN – all 11 installments.
      Then READ the Declaration Jean has provided. You need to understand that all of this has been done with YOUR CONSENT! (tacit consent – meaning you did not object)
      True – you did not know – that is part of the deception plot. Now you know! REMOVE ALL CONSENT TO ANY AND ALL SOUL CONTRACTS you’ve ever made with the dark either knowingly or unknowingly! Prime Creator hears every word, thought and deed you’ve ever done! He made free will

      • Tina says:

        I recall my tennis coach of yesteryear explaining to me that he would teach me what TO DO and not what NOT to do, because he felt that I should be focusing on what TO DO and not the NOT. Would this method apply here, or rather, shouldn’t we be stating what we DO consent to and let that swirl in the universe? Like….”I consent to love and abundance and joy and happiness and laughter and good health…and a green convertible jaguar with tan interior….” and so it is! 😉

        • Bradley says:

          Tina – you make me smile!
          Sadly the “garbage” you have learned from others is also highly toxic.
          These “so called” helpers of the new age have been “planted” to make you think that by using your spiritual energy to “conjure” up magically rewards inside the matrix is happiness. Let me put it bluntly if you put lipstick on a PIG, it is still a PIG! Only a pig with lipstick. Or it’s the same old party girl – the matrix – in a brand new dress! But still the matrix! The ONLY way to be truly happy is to crush, break free of, and escape the matrix!
          Nothing inside here will ever make us happy!

          The way to break the matrix is to do it ALL TOGETHER! Because it is our own energy which has been used – by the magicians to create the matrix! They lied to us! Any mental or spiritual (even) support of the matrix with continue it. It will also (by our choice not to destroy it) allow to continue to enslave us!

          The choice is ours! I choose to DESTROY the Matrix and set all of the people FREE!

          A jaguar inside the matrix is only being a different kind of slave!

          • Tina says:

            Bradley, this does not surprise me. I can say that after everything I have come to know about The Lie, I am at the point in my journey to “crush, break free of, and escape the matrix”. Over the years, the whole church/worship phenom just befuddled me. I gave the church thing a try whenever I got in trouble back in my 20’s when I was really living life. Or when my daughter was 2 and I felt like I should be a responsible mother. I was prompted at those times because other people made me feel guilty that I didn’t “have that” as part of my life. Like you, I thought the whole “body of Christ, blood of Christ” part was creepy. Then on January 6, 2009 (oddly the Day of Ephiphany), I was prompted yet again to give it another go due to the confusing, befuddling actions/statements from what I can now deem a sssslithery sssnake (who oddly, to this day, has no idea why he is this way). That is when I jumped in the rabbit hole. I would research EVERYTHING. I read the bible and one page God was so nice and sweet, and then I would just turn the page and the mofo was slappin’ me down! Whut? Whut?! Wait….this ain’t right!

            So off I go down the hole, and you can imagine all the twists and turns and caves I encountered. My belief systems were on a yoyo diet…eat this, don’t eat that, that tastes sweet, but it isn’t good for you, etc. Lot’s of shock and awe, and sitting in the aftermath going….”you’ve got to be kidding me?” It is a very lonely journey, not for the faint of heart, so I totally pick up on your strength here.

            And then enter stage left the channellers, and gurus, and spiritual enlighteners, the real, the disinfo, etc. You can bet that I was pleased as punch when I came to the chapter that hit home with just I powerful I am all by little self! And the chapter about the craziness and absolute non-necessity of fear. I like to think of myself as a spiritual warrior. It’s more often than not, not pretty, and it certainly doesn’t make for a lot of friends. But so be it. At 53, I wish I knew even half of this at 25. I just seem to totally resonate now with Cher in the movie “Moonstruck” when she slaps a babbling Nicolas Cage….”SNAP OUT OF IT!”

            Currently, I am learning to really sit in The Moment and not react until I see an opening to crush, break free of, and escape the matrix. As Jean can attest, I have had a round or two in the past with tptw, but I won every time. I have so simplified my life. I am able to conjure up what I need to get by and still be able to smile. I cry for the collective all the time. And I really don’t need a Jaguar anyway. I’m perfectly okay on horseback, waving my Sword of Truth, riding off toward the Sun with good intentions, hair blowing in the wind! HA hahahahaha! 😉

            You make me smile, too!

          • Jean says:

            What a great read, Tina. So much resonates with me, particularly about being alone. I’m sure. Bradley will also enjoy it – fellow travelers are we! Hugs, ~Jean

  66. Anonymous says:

    What can we do to stop this…’s so horrible


    • Jean says:

      You are a precious person, Veronica, and I thank you, as well, for hanging in there through all the very dark days 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

    • Bradley says:


      Thank you for your blessings! This was a hard, hard article to write! Many times I wondered -Who would believe it? And yet – who is going to say it or write it if I don’t? Some people may think that Im just doing this to gain attention – and yet I would rather do ANYTHING – ANYTHING than to have to write an article like this!!

      But if I don’t do it – who will? I’ve been able to put all of the information together. I’ve been able to see what is really going on – and yes – it is truly horrific! What’s s far worse, however, is that there are Judges – Police Officers – Government Officials – and Clergy who are both doing and COVERING UP this stuff to keep it all under wraps!

      Thanks Veronica. Thanks to Monty as well!

  68. Ana says:

    This does sound difficult to believe. However I know some cops that used to tell me some of the stuff they dealt with and some of it was so bizarre that knowing them as well as I did their imaginations were not good enough to make those things up. Also noting that I have listened to many interviews and read countless articles that has spoken of things like this without the graphic detail found here. I have heard talk of much of this occult magic as well including what itccs is doing and uncovering. So this might very well be legitimate. Does anyone know if Loves provides references?

  69. Bradley says:

    When you are watching the “Holographic Disclosure Videos” please know that I did not make them! They were made a while ago and can NOT KNOW EVERYTHING! They are simply good tools to use to help your understanding. For instance the last few minutes of video 5 – I do NOT AGREE with when it says there are NO REPTILES or ANUNNAKI! I believe differently. So use these to help your understanding. DO NOT TREAT THEM AS GOSPELS!

    • Jean says:

      Thanks for this insight for us all, Bradley 🙂 I try to tell people that no one has the full picture exactly correct, but I think you’ve done a marvelous job of laying out the basics! Hugs, ~Jean

    • Ana says:

      Thank you Bradley. I certainly believe differently about the reptilians and annunaki as well. I know there is much about our world that we do not know or understand yet. I would have difficulty with this had it not been just more detailed than my own research.

  70. josemvmarques says:

    I am so horrified with what I have just read on here…

    • Jean says:

      Yes, Jose, it is something terrible to read, for sure . . . If this your fist dip into this stuff, please use this link and start with Bradley’s oldest article and work your way up . . . It will ease you into it . . . SEARCH (on my blog) Bradley Loves:

      Also, be sure to read Kevin Annett’s work . . . at

      Hugs, ~Jean

    • Nora says:

      Shocking!…. I know… but it only verifies my own research of this last six or seven years now !… The ritualistic sexual abuse, torture and murder of children… especially pre-puberty, is what all of their power is built on. It is the reason that here in the UK (and elsewhere), whenever there appears a story concerning this subject, it quickly gets shut down, and/or covered up…. I am hopeful though, that it is just a matter of time, before the “Dam” breaks,,, so to speak…

  71. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog says:

    Reblogged this on ElderofZyklon's Blog!.

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