The Holographic Matrix is BEING TORN DOWN as we speak! It is ending – and ALL WHO CAN DO SO – WILL BE ABLE TO MOVE ON!

What do I mean by saying the “stand-down code” is no longer working?
Before I get into that – I am going to “apologize” once again to the many varied and certainly “loving” light orientated workers who find themselves in the middle of this “nightmare”. My intention is NOT to step on toes, or to defame anyone – but instead to bring LIGHT to where there is still darkness.

This will come much to the “dismay” of many followers of various New Age teachings being “floated” all over the internet and the globe, but the truth of the matter is this:

Very cleverly, at the end of each cycle – those very powerful beings who are running the Matrix – or, creating the Magnetic Hologram, have “inserted” a MIND CONTROLLED psychic and suggestive “program” into the mass consciousness and mass sub-consciousness of all LIGHT ORIENTATED WORKERS – and this “program” is what I am calling — THE STAND DOWN CODE!

The stand down code which is fairly simple, goes like this –


So then, according to this mind-control “stand-down” program code – whenever you see people suffering, or see people hurting, or see people living on the streets with no money, or see people dying needlessly:


NOTHING – and I mean nothing, could be farther from the truth, than this absolute and ridiculous “fabrication” which is being propagated though countless New Age writers and channels at this most important time!

I have already spoke of the GWEN TOWERS –

See this link again:

And how the secret military is using “infra – sound” to make people “hear” messages inside their head that are so real – they swear someone is in the room talking to them.
Beyond that – each person has their own natural mental frequency – which when “mapped” can be as easily “hacked” as a telephone conversation if you have the proper technology.

NO Light worker is doing this intentionally – they just don’t wish to LOOK – and I MEAN REALLY LOOK at what’s going on out there! They have very sensitive hearts and souls – hearts and souls which are NOT USED TO DEALING WITH DARKNESS! Many of them came from very high levels and frequencies before they were incarnated here. They just don’t have the wherewithal to even “comprehend” the level of darkness they are truly dealing with!

In addition they can’t “believe” that a very dark being would speak in loving terms and in a loving way – just to pass on DISINFORMATION!


Sorry, folks, but I could not help but choke down laughter –

Have you watched the politicians on TV lately? When they LIE – and they DO LIE – they smile the entire time – they call us: MY FELLOW COUNTRYMEN – MY BROTHERS etc. etc. GAG GAG GAG!

This is how evil LIES to us – with a smile – and a DEAR ONE – LET ME TELL YOU HOW IT IS! What makes you think “channeled beings” don’t do it the same way?

THE TRUTH IS: that this “stand-down code” has been used “EACH AND EVERY TIME” we collectively as a planet and culture have gotten to the end of a major cycle! This is NOT the first time we’ve seen this nonsense inserted into the consciousness stream!

It has been used over and over again with “far too much success” by the dark beings in previous cycle endings, NOT TO USE IT THIS TIME ONCE AGAIN!

Thus, once again, it is being used on the surface population after 13,000 years of sitting in the dust bin, to confound the minds and the lives of millions of LIGHT-ORIENTATED BEINGS who came to Earth specifically at this very time in history to make a huge difference by getting very active and getting very involved and NOT LOOKING THE OTHER WAY!

The Archons/Draco’s know that this particular “stand-down code” has worked really well for them in previous cycle endings – ESPECIALLY during the end of the last cycle in Atlantis, where millions of light beings were absolutely convinced that what was happening there was the result of BAD KARMA and all of the other persons “bad choices” and was NOT happening as a result of the gross manipulation of the Anunnaki/Draco and Archon Matrix!

It is far too simple to for these dastardly Archons to propagate this message into the minds of the masses since they are MASTERS AT DECEPTION AND ALSO MASTERS OF MIND CONTROL!

They can and do insert thoughts and ideas directly into the channel stream of channeled messages, and also give these ideas to writers who are looking for reasons for what’s happening out there – but don’t wish to do too much in-depth research!


In other words – for those few, the – look the other way “code” – the pay NO ATTENTION to the man behind the curtain “code” – will not take hold – no matter how many “CHANNELS” say that this is what is happening!

In the past – at the end of each cycle – The ARCHONS were content to let a “few people” leave the hologram – as long as they could both “keep” the hologram going, and “keep” most of the people that were imprisoned within it from leaving the hologram.

In the past, they successfully achieved this several times – the last time being the end of the Atlantean CYCLE!


EVERYONE who can be set free – will be set free! Thus – to some of us – the “stand-down code” once again being propagated by the ARCHONS is a sick JOKE! The saddest part is that so many, many light-orientated ones have once again latched onto the lie and the programmed stand down code as if it is coming from Prime Creator!


The Archon infected DRACO’s set up this prison Matrix – and they are running it. Every person within the MATRIX at this time would have left it LONG AGO, if not for those who are holding the gates SHUT!


Yes – there are in fact “very advanced dark beings” going upward far past the 5th dimensional level (up to the 11th dimensional level) who are working with the dark ones to KEEP the Earth Hologram intact.

They also have an agenda in keeping the Earth as it IS!

YES – they are Reptillian! Yes, there is a “rescue” going on here! However, be aware that “no one” is just getting what they deserve – or what’s even worse to believe, “getting” what they chose to experience in these final days.

Instead, they are casualties of a bitter, bitter WAR that is being psychically and dimensionally fought between those who are desperate to continue the hologram – and those who are HERE to destroy it, and set everyone who is currently imprisoned inside of it FREE!

The “stand down code” has been placed there to make millions of good people “sit on their hands” and DO NOTHING! So that they will simply watch the suffering of their brothers and sisters and take “no positive action” in real terms to help them.

The “stand down code” has a very, very adverse affect on the Earth at this important time – because the continuous and very positive loving ACTIONS from all of the loving beings who came to actually DO PHYSICALLY LOVING THINGS in the form of helping and caring for the ones who needed it, would place a TREMENDOUS AMOUNT of magnetic LIGHT ENERGY into the MATRIX – and weaken it beyond imagination!

Nothing has been being left to chance by these MAGICIANS – No deception is too much for them – no lie is too big to tell because they are fighting to keep their prison intact!

Disobey the “stand-down code” and please fully “engage” in positive LOVING ACTIVITIES with as many people who are in need of help as you can! This is what light-orientated beings came here to do.


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  1. reihana says:

    Never been affected by this, I understand what you mean though. There’s so many that don’t care one bit about others in this world. The more hate I feel the more I love. I am working towards being a weapon of mass creation. Can’t stop me now, they made this way so look out.

  2. pat says:

    i am wondering where Bradley gets his information about there being very dark negative beings all the way thru the 11th dimension—i can attest up thru the 7th dimension because i have personally met some from that dimension that are mostly service to self–and they are beautiful,powerful but also very evil–but above the 7th density? It is my understanding that at the top of the 7th density is the cosmic mirror that throws all negativity back down and beyond that cosmic mirror are the POSITIVE realms or the GOD realms that hold only positive beings-these are also called the soul realms–i have been to some of these realms but lacking most reference points i have only been able to bring back certain sounds and feelings–violin music, warm sun, cool breeze, and just a sweetness and joyfulness that is just awesome but not much more.

    • ohnwentsya says:

      I have started to notice that everyone maps and perceives the Universe in their own unique way. Some people have so much overlap that it seems like they see the same-and when enough people overlap that group often decides “this is Reality” and then others perceptions and maps become suspect.

      This author’s perspective didn’t really resonate with me or overlap excessively with my perceptions. What seems to me to be happening is certain people who feel comfortable promoting their maps are doing so and then others who are not yet very confident in their own perceptions gravitate toward those maps. Thus forming cells or groups that eventually aggregate into cultures or worldviews.

      Imho, even though this has always occurred, presently it is much more noticeable because we are in the process of change from one world age to a new one.

      Everything is wide open for creating new worlds, new realities, cultures and worldviews.

      The multiverse is vast beyond imagining-it easily can contain every reality we can imagine and more. But that is a really new concept for most people who are used to the 3d experience of enforced worldview.

      It’s wonderfully freeing to recognize that we don’t all have to agree or accept the maps that don’t fit us. But we can still respect people whose maps make no sense to us.

      I just wish the folks whose maps include endless war and harm to all living beings could have a separate world! 😉

  3. Jane says:

    Hello Group and Jean:) I have always thought and questioned those who suggest that when we were going through horrible times, we chose for that to happen in order to learn, …I asked myself why if we are all a part of what people call GOD, or as I prefer to call it INTELLIGENT ENERGY, do we need to learn? and suffer? some say the GOD ENERGY wants to experience in order to know itself, but like everything that is said, as if it is a fact and proven, this to me is not proven.
    Humans need to understand our existence, so we come up with all manner of answers, but no one knows for sure 100% the answers. This article suggests that we are totally brainwashed…..the article is food for thought……I certainly would not have chosen my life if I had a choice, why would I want to come into a physical body to suffer what fun/?? and learn what? that I really don’t want to come back again, cos suffering really isn’t much fun…..

    • Jean says:

      My understanding, Jane, of which I am sure you are already aware is that we suffer because of our separation from God. . . . no other reason. I think the cabal has done a great job of separating us 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

    • Todd says:

      With all due respect Jane, it sounds like you must be in touch with your higher self 24/7! Allow me to perhaps continue learning and sharing these loving yet different perspectives.
      Do you know for sure that no one knows 100%? If so, how? The movie series, “The Matrix”, is just an example of how society can be easily manipulated. Mind control might be happening in subtle yet effective ways. Controlling the masses is how so few have been able take power away from the people for so long. Is it possible Jane, (if you believe we all have a Soul), that on a Soul level we did indeed choose this life, and that maybe ‘on that level’ we remember why? Remembering why on this level might get in the way of the lessons we are here to learn. We are not here to suffer Jane, we are here to do what we can to change our world for the better for those who follow. It is our obligation to share truths with others. If indeed chemtrails are real, and GMO’s aren’t really safe, and aspartame did induce apathy, and fluoride does damage our pineal gland, making it more difficult to communicate with that higher self. Might there be an agenda behind all of these issues if true?

      We’re here, because of our Love for this planet and our children. Besides, I had to choose this life, cause this sure ain’t no accident, lol.

    • Ethyl says:

      Jane you said a mouth FULL!!!!

  4. Todd says:

    Here is yet another view about how ‘we’ originated, and Who we are. Much of this makes total sense to me, but there is still room for other truths around this as well. Karma is mentioned here too, and once again I feel that Karma need not always apply to life. Guilt and fear are what keep us bound by Karma, IMHO. I urge everyone to take the time to read this article and of course keep an open mind and heart. Feedback expected and welcomed, ;).

    Peace, out, Todd.

  5. Yvonjana says:

    “Many of them came from very high levels and frequencies before they were incarnated here. They just don’t have the wherewithal to even “comprehend” the level of darkness they are truly dealing with!”

    This is what Bradley states and are often so True, I came on Earth on always the same way as he describes and by that most of all what do we all Feel, instead of what we think!
    I had the idea on the age of 12 that all the people on Earth in my neighbourhood can understood what I was stating these days…and I stated then the following; This God of you is a false God and he is certainly not The Creator of this beautiful world. Didn’t they understood me? No!
    Because he is real in their thinking and so is it with everything on Earth, and not only on this Earth. We are just similar to a medal or a coin. We have always two sides in us. We have good and bad in us, love and hate in us, left or right in us. But, it is all the same medal, or the same coin, there are known difference at all and Yes, We Are All One in everything we do or even lack or deny.
    Still that coin or that medal remains just one whole – Whole One!
    But, isn’t it not just our way of living today and by that our way of seeing this world out of our own way of thinking, because out of our feeling?
    Live from our heart, and not from our brain – our thinking. Because our thinking has divide us in such ways as we these days seems to even accept!

    And this is what Bradley Loves have stated: “The STAND DOWN CODE Is No Longer Working”
    So please please please, feel that too!

  6. Lori says:

    Thank you and love to all. Let us remember there is no good or bad. Perceptions will not root into our being and drain our life force from us. In Buddhism karma reflects your very own actions, your choices and suffering. We all deal and release our own karma. Our only goal, mission or journey, is to love ourselves and work on ourselves. By doing this we become whole and who we truly are. Our true power undiluted. This vibration then touches all and helps everyone along in their own time. All things fall away. We do not avoid or ignore, we embrace. I am divine love. You are divine love. We need not look outside the box, aimlessly wondering for something that is right here, right now. If it wasn’t so, we would not be conscious or even here right now. There is nothing but this very moment. If I love myself sometimes when things are great, then abandon myself when things aren’t so glossy, what does that leave? If I show up and help everyone and thing, but abandon myself, not showing up for myself, supporting myself, what is there left? We all have work to do. Unconditional love for your inner child, you. When this has occurred, it is a beacon. There is no greater power than your love for you. It supports, nourishes, empowers and protects you and others. It is a solid and everything bounces. You are a direct line to source why would you need other misinformation? When you are in your body, grounded, you are present. Take these words lightly. I respect everyone’s point of view and there is no right or wrong.For everything lies within you. What are you going to do?

    • Anisha says:

      There is no good or bad??? What????!!!!!

      Try not to take this personally.

      To pretend to know a great mystery, especially ‘karma’, by projecting ones current whims and lazy thinking upon something that belongs to the Divine Laws being ’cause and effect’, is superficial and meaningless.

      Sidharta was an intrepid spiritual scientist seeking the truth of his own existence and NEVER meant that his explorations would become an organized ‘religion’ b/c he abhorred religion and its mental/psychological hindrances. What passes for ‘Buddhism’ today or any of the world religions are just a shadow of the original experiencer having gone through millions of biases and political misinterpretations.

      There is a great danger to these ‘New Age’ memes. So much of it provides psychological drugs to induce a kind of escape numbing ones’ moral compass, paralyzing the speed of thought processes by lulling one into a state of complacency especially when one really believes they are seeking ‘world peace’.

      Excuse me but what is ‘world peace’?

      Notice there is never a definition? Does the smiling one in the robe ever give a defintion? Notice how very clever it abandons others to ‘project’ what they think it means?

      In truth, if we are NOT seeking ‘Equity’ then we are NOT seeking ‘peace’ b/c equity leads to peace between each other in the law. Seek out the 12 maxims of equity and ‘think’.

      UNTIL war powers were declared via Trading With The Enemy Act and Banking Emergency Relief Act by president FDR in 1933, America’s justice system was the finest in the world. ‘Private citizens’ were converted overnight to ‘public citizens’ subject to District of Columbia,

      Why? B/c prior to that time we had courts of Chancery. Chancery is exclusive Equity law and nothing else. The common law, biblical parables, the common tenets of each of the world religions (the Golden Rule), was already ‘settled’ in the maxims of Equity law.

      When we as Americans seek to restore Equity law, we seek the highest peace on earth. This will require each to put away the useless memes and become adventurers, detectives of the highest order, spalunkers of dark caves with many passages.

      Its all there hidden in plain sight. Right there in the TWEA as amended in 1933, the remedy for the ‘private citizen’ is already there on page 59. If we will just read and think while connecting the dots.

      • Jean says:

        🙂 🙂 🙂 Thank YOU, Anisha! Well said! Hugs, ~Jean

      • guardianmc says:

        Anisha…. thank you very much for bringing clarity to this conversation….includling pointing out “There is a great danger to these ‘New Age’ memes.” & “Notice there is never a definition?” Articles like this that make statements of fact but fail to include the Roots
        of the ideas they are introducing as facts are indeed dangerious IMO.

      • The dilemma of good and bad isn’t the same as right or wrong since it’s relative to the person and their thinking belief system. What’s good for you may be bad for another. So, perhaps that’s the viewpoint of the author, it seems that way to me.

        Right or wrong is based on natural or common law, or it should be if it isn’t. Good or bad is simply perspective based, as much as any artistic endeavor, it springs forth from the eye of the beholder. Doing what’s right is surely bad for bad people, as they are quick to point out. Casting light on this paradox is a good thing for some since it causes them to weigh words themselves from a holistic perspective and not simply the elite “world that revolves around them,” the effect is one of inclusion…of taking all perspectives into account which is generally how aware people think. Once you embrace the concept I’m referring to, “good and bad” tend to fall from favor as a commonly used vernacular of expression and in its place one begins the linguistic journey of right or wrong, no matter how good or bad it sounds.

    • Galaxion says:

      There is no breakthrough. It’s just another unfounded hype from the QEG people in order to get the funds flowing again, that largely stopped after an ongoing lack of true results, numerous broken promises and revealed lies. They squandered far more than $120,000 of other people’s money for a concept that — as I and many other critics warned from the beginning — never had any potential.

      The whole QEG project startet with a betrayal. The QEG people betrayed WITTS (a shady religious sect, making all kinds of phony pseudoscientific claims, and offering corresponding teachings for outrageous amounts of money) when they stole the concept that later became the QEG from them. They lacked the competency to understand that WITTS are scammers themselves, and that the concept is worthless. It is an unusual variant of an ordinary electrical generator, based on a principle called “parametric oscillation”. This has been thoroughly researched in the 1930s, and largely abandoned afterwards because of its inefficiency. Some of the original research papers (requiring an advanced understanding of electrical engineering) can be found here:

      This research was always available to anyone who cared. It was never “suppressed”. The “resonance” effect, which excited the QEG crowd so immensely, is perfectly normal for this kind of generator. Realistic measurements show a dismal efficiency of 15..45% for the QEG. Conventional generators can achieve efficiencies over 95%. All known QEG measurements are in excellent agreement with conventional physics and electrical engineering. Corresponding simulations with conventional circuit simulation programs achieved remarkably accurate results, as can be seen here:

      The QEG people lied when the claimed that their initial prototype was generating excess power (“Our Quantum Energy Generator (QEG) provides 10KW of power output for less than 1KW input, which it supplies to itself. […] We’ve open sourced a full set of instructions, user manual, schematics and parts list for any engineer to follow and reproduce the same results.”). They abused the terms “Quantum” and “Tesla” for marketing purposes. The QEG has nothing to do with quantum anything, and neither with Tesla (the two Tesla patents, that they refer to, have both no reasonable connection with the QEG). They lied when they claimed overunity for the build in Morocco. They lied when they claimed to be only “hours away” from self-running at the build in the UK. A more detailed, two-part summary of what is wrong with the QEG can be found here:

      However, I do not think this is a scam in the traditional sense. My impression is that the QEG people have deluded themselves into a “saviours of the world” fantasy, and concluded that their grandiose goals justify bending the truth when it seems convenient. This kind of attitude has caused a lot of damage throughout history.

  7. Todd says:

    Jean, you’ve done it again. You’ve managed to post an article that stimulates a variety of ideas and comments.
    Here in 3D we tend to forget our power. The power of Love, of knowledge, of discernment, of creativity, of intention, and of our true self. We’re in the process of learning and growing, and we are being bombarded with ideas, thoughts, truths, and ‘lies’, from every angle. We forget that disinfo and lies are still adding to our knowledge, and therefore they can be beneficial.
    The Karma game is just that, a game. We are free to stop playing that at any time. By forgiving ourselves and others, the game is over, and we are free to choose again.

    The lyrics by Moody Blues says it perfectly: Red is gray, and yellow white, but we decide which is right, and which is an illusion.

    Once we can grasp the illusion of death, all this chat about war, mind control, even chemtrails and fluoride becomes moot, because fear is taken out of the equation. As we raise our vibration into the field of unconditional Love, not only are we protected from the toxins, but we help raise the vibes of others too, ;). This is not a war, it’s a game. There are no winners or losers, only players, and we are all One. As we begin to awaken, everything resonates with ‘truth’, and everyone’s path is just as valid and meaningful. (or not). It’s all the same from these ‘higher’ realms. We’re all equal and Loved. How could it be any other way? No guilt, judgment, or shame. Only joy of the Self-awareness we’ve come to remember.

    We are told here to take action. For those of us that don’t have the time or means to protest in the streets, we can and are still taking action by learning from venues such as this. We share this knowledge with others, and it does have an impact on the collective consciousness. Even the sleeping couch potatoes are taking action, just by BEING! Everything is in constant motion, whether we can notice it or not.

    IMHO, this entire Earth scenario is and will be moving into a different vibration. Why? Because we are all co-creating what we yearn for: Peace, prosperity, harmony, Love and joy. This will all come to pass, because like someone else said, there is no turning back, ;).

    Namaste, and hugs,
    Todd, (ezwriter).

  8. Bradley says:

    I am VERY GLAD to see that this Article is doing it’s job! It is certainly making people stop and think! The very – very interesting thing here is that for every 2 or 3 people who are “loudly” and very indignantly “protesting” these ideas – there are dozens more who are “agreeing” with them.

    Sadly, because I am NOT REGURGITATING the same ideas and philosophies which the CHANNELERS are:

    That we are all here as a result of our terrible acts and deeds done in other lives! That we chose this – that we NEED to make atonement for those things. EVERYTHING I say is suspect!

    This is EXACTLY WHAT THE STAND DOWN CODE WAS MEANT TO DO FRIENDS! Cause really good people – who have VERY LOVING HEARTS – To “sit on their hands” and DO NOTHING – while watching the forces of the Archon/Anunnaki/Draco Matrix slowly TAKE OVER our planet through a million year old and galaxy-wide-tested tactic KNOWN as DIVIDE AND CONQUER!

    They NEED this to happen. What LIE could possibly get millions of loving people to stand by and watch their brothers and sisters tormented and tortured and poisoned and thrown out into the streets by BANKERS? IT’s THEIR KARMA!

    Three tiny little words have put a stop to any helping hand that might be given! IT’s their KARMA!

    If I could only throw those words out of the language all together – Earth would have been saved already!

    This is A WAR! A dark – dirty – very long and very evil one – and those who are knowingly playing the dark parts have DECLARED WAR on every living human being on the planet who is NOT in support of their agenda! If that is not apparent – then NO AMOUNT of proof I can EVER OFFER will be enough! They have an AGENDA and it is NOT what you think it is!

    Believe what you will – I am only the messenger! I will help as many as can be helped – those who do NOT WANT THE HELP – LOOK THE OTHER WAY! I am NOT HERE to control or direct or make choices for anyone – I am simply HOLDING UP THE LIGHT!

  9. Edie says:

    I agree that Karma and Reincarnation principals go together. And since, as I believe, the reincarnation portals were created by Archon/Illuminati/Dark Forces, it would reasonably follow that Karma may have been also. Blogger Cameron Day has addressed this when( in one of his articles) he labels the Lords of Karma as “ankle bitters”. It was nice that he exposed this. You hear many mention karma, but few talk about “The Lords of Karma” which I have known about for decades from the spiritual teachings of the Varigi Masters ( aka ECK Masters) . There is a spiritual quote which address this in a way which makes sense to me , … ” There is the law of Karma, but THE LAW OF LOVE superceedes.” So, for me, I interpret that, as , at any given moment, I can choose to come from a higher vibration, one of love. And in performing whatever act or intention in that state or zone, it is a karmaless act. This places “karma” under our own power, to play that lower vibration game or not. For acts that contain Karma, well being of service to life , with a genuine heart, can bring the balance to that.

    The second minor point that I wish to make regarding this article, is for me personally, the use of the term “him” for Source, is an indicator to me, that the author is coming from the viewpoint of the duality, ie lower worlds. Source is genderless and dwells in the Higher Worlds above time and space.

    I hold the concept that truth actually changes as we go higher in vibration. Our perception changes, and that changes the world and princpals around us. I have experience this for myself and heard the same from friends. That “God IS” is an absoulte truth, and that all other truths are relative, depending upon the plane or vibration of awareness you are acting from at that moment ( as we all are creating of co-creating at every moment). This is not the best example, but one I come up with is this: When you are a toddler or child. Touching the burners on the stove, is a definate hard fast “NO!”. However if this is still your view/truth when you are in college, then you are limiting yourself. Once higher responsibilites and abilities are taken on, higher truths can be realized.

    We are responsible for the vibrations that we bring to each moment.

    With gratitude for this forum, with much gratitude for all of life.

    I am looking forward to this all changing soon as this veil and dark technologies are being disassembled.

    • Jean says:

      🙂 Thanks, Edie . . . Hugs, ~Jean

    • neogzus says:

      THe hologram is destroyable….remember what morpheus said to Neo…YOU HAVE TO LET IT ALL GO! FEAR, DOUBT and DISBELIEF….destroying the hologram is not exactly the right terminology……UPGRADED…CLARIFIED…(almost like a reset)….but on a much grander scale than just earth. 😉 😉

      for those who think outside of earth looking IN…and outside the metaphorical GOD SKULL and back at yourself….congratulations…you beat the game… are no longer bound by the rules of sedative like spirit technologies and aggrevating program errors from other beings anticipating the worst possible outcomes.

      You are free
      The hologram will be cleared soon….if you won’t do it I WILL 😉 😉 IT TAKES 1 MATCH TO START A FIRE!
      (just waiting for the proper set of thoughts and future visions to bring us to a new realm….where there are no borders or boundaries…no rules but what you make in you own imagination…and we can all share our stories of life and loss…or just go and have fun killing some friends over and over in a game of BATTLEFIELD UNIVERSE (holographic world powered by the imagination)…or sit on a beach…drinking soda…while a shark jumps out of the water and drops 3 ice cubes in your glass and high fives you…. 😉 😉

    • guardianmc says:


      Where does he pull this information out of? This statement is simply not true as it assumes everyone on the planet has had enough life times to learn all the combinations and possible experiences of 3d life. There are millions of people who are still like babies or children following orders and beliefs from authority. There are countless millions who’s only purpose is attain more and more material possession. Then there are those who are finally beginning to see the light in terms of brotherhood and then there are those who see the oneness and choose to LOVE everyone including our enemy.

      The next paragraph he goes even further by saying “Yes – there are in fact “very advanced dark beings” going upward far past the 5th dimensional level (up to the 11th dimensional level) who are working with the dark ones to KEEP the Earth Hologram intact.

      Really? Dark being on the 5th-the 11th? This is a fact? The dark side has not only penetrated most of the Earths Governments but has in fact penetrated the higher finer dimensions? Personally I don’t think so. IMO the dark forces go no further than the 4th dimension and it is there in the lower 4th that they try to keep us trapped. This why a disciplined spiritual practice is necessary. This is why Christ told us to Love our enemy.

      We have to choose LOVE as Edie said and do so without FEAR – DOUBT- DISBELIEF as Neoguzs said…

      • Anisha says:

        Nicely written. I must say I share your reasoning. Personal responsibility and mastery is a moment by moment work in progress.

        Your quote from the article above would suggest that the Divine Laws (in particular, cause and effect) have ceased to exist!

        Of course that is an absurdity and likely the author of that statement might redact that once he realizes the chaos that would ensue if that were even remotely true which is actually unspeakable and unthinkable.

  10. Jane says:

    I sensed there was a little subtle agenda under your remark to me JEAN, its easy to judge when we don’t really know people…….:)

  11. Mitch James says:

    Thank you for encouraging my work to link volunteers with those in need.

  12. guardianmc says:

    IMO/ no one can intelligently speak of karma without including reincarnation.

  13. Jane says:

    As a matter of interest to you readers here at JEAN’S BLOG has anyone view I do find this site intriguing, I am not sure about Georgi and Carla, are the for real? but worthy of a peep methinks.

    • Jean says:

      If I remember him correctly I don’t care for him, Jane. It seems to me he has a huge ego, and I can get the same info elsewhere. Hugs, ~Jean

      • Jane says:

        Jean you are sooo right, but oddly he does seem to be saying some interesting things, he does get letters from the public, and many many people are experiencing weird stuff right now, those perhaps more sensitive to energy and the changes going on. its a shame that the EGO is so big, it does make one wonder where is the heart …and yet so many people have no awareness of how they come across…

        • Jean says:

          Jane, maybe after you’ve taken in lots and lots of info, you will begin to decide which you value 🙂 and which is worth your time 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

          • Jane says:

            Oh I already do and have done that, I don’t have time to read through masses and masses and tend to have just a very few that seem to feel ‘right’ to me, I always question and keep mind open, but not so open my brain falls out…..:) I am capable of discernment.

          • Jean says:

            Well, you seem to throw a lot of lose ideas out here that do not tell me this is so 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

  14. pdlakota says:

    Does the written word mean anything? One could argue either side of that statement, and produce facts to support there agenda. Fact: the written word has always been used as a form of deceit. Example: standing treaties between the US and Native peoples.

    Millions of US government dollars are now setting in a bank account earmarked to settle the dispute. Clearly the written word (treaty) had no value to the deceiver. The deceived only want that which was agreed upon. The money is of no interest to traditional Native people, even though they live in poverty

    Why not take the settlement? Perhaps there is something much more valued then the written word. Can we accept any one’s written word at face value? Yes, but we open ourselves up to deception. I think value needs to be exchanged before any form of trust can develop. The one offering the written word does so with motives in mind. How can we define those motives, especially when we cannot meet an individual face to face? I think we could ask specific questions of the writer, and carefully evaluate the answers. If generic answers are given, can we really trust them?

    The traditional way of introduction within the Native community is done by stating who you are, where you are from, and the clan of your parents. In addition, it would be important to know whom they serve, and by what authority they speak (write). If a writer is unwilling to engage a litmus test, have they exchanged any value with the reader?


  15. Maria Ann says:

    Thank you Bradley and Jean ❤

  16. ek says:

    Well once again Bradley much food for thought! Good to see so many people sharing their own thoughts and also some good questions too. This had generated much discussion which is healthy and people are questioning and not just excepting what is written or said by someone else which is a step in the right direction. Our experiences with Fulford, Keenan and Wilcock, if nothing else have been very instrumental in teaching us all to have greater discernment and not to just blindly accept what someone else says is truth. Nothing wrong with sharpening our BS detector skills! LOL!

    Love and hugs

  17. nadia says:

    I agree Prime Creator or Divine Mother will totally destroy the matrix but I think we have a role here as we are also Its hands.And I think we can act physically verbally mentally spiritually and with energies and will power There are many ways to help probably infinite,but everybody has to take personal responsability for their life and for the general situation on the planet and act to improve everything..I think the point is thinking for the whole and not only to ourselves.Sometimes is not so easy , many are the called and few the active ones and the activeones are often under stress and attacks as Veronika pointed out in her last channelling. If everybody acts more for the whole and not only physically as the cage is not only physical,we all get better results,Thank you
    .PS I think about the programmed ascension that Cobra statements that black magicians acted to open portals and make everything much heavier is quite real,I could perceive lots of heavy beings and energy where there were not any of that few days before , on that period …. It was definetely not a nice surprise but where we were and how much were we active to make real that dream on those days?People expects everythng to be gifted for free but we must interact and ACT to anchor positive energies and then live and manifest them.Anyway Divine will can only be delayed never won…

  18. Rose Day says:

    …more phenomenal food for thought Bradley…thank you. I would like to extrapolate on Cindylou’s beautiful to the point question, ‘Where does love fit in…?”

    The man Yahweh is often credited with the ‘Love’ paradigm, a powerful frequency in its own right yet another equally if not more powerful frequency seems to get short shrift when “all hell breaks
    loose”, namely ‘Forgiveness’ as it often easier to love than to forgive.

    When viewing Man’s traipse forward on the infinite timeline could it be that each epoch’s end- game dark machinations are actually a play for Forgiveness and that the frequency level necessary ‘for-giving’ is proportional to the darkness?

    If so, Bradley is spot on in his view that the darkness must be acknowledged. The monumental task will be a marshaling of the frequency necessary ‘for-giving’ Light to entities so obviously
    in the Dark, essentially ‘loving the darkness to death’.

  19. The information on the GWEN towers was very helpful. How do we know one when we see one? This wasn’t clear from the original article referenced. As a partial confirmation, I’d like to mention that I have a few friends who are “allergic” to these frequencies and have reported physical pain because of them. Others can “hear” the frequency as a dull ringing sound, but it is not tinnitus… it is inside the head. I’ve been looking around for a low-frequency detector that can tell me where the frequency is coming from… does anyone know if anything like this exists? I have been playing around with a few things but these are not directional… they just tell me the frequency is there.

    US Patent: Extremely low-frequency antenna

  20. This may seem to put me in opposition with you Bradley but that is not my intent. My personal understanding of the shutdown code includes suppressing our connection to spirit. This includes things like channeling, using pendulums and divining, astral travel, etc. Simply put, it’s connecting to the stream of energy that’s all around us. By reading your articles, someone might understand that you are opposed to these connections… But in fact what you’re opposed to is the message of those who attempt to deceive. Is that a fair statement?

    One solution to this is to ask 3 different people to independently verify the information. A similar process is used by the farsight institute, and can also be applied to things like channeling.

    As to questions of proof, I think Jean has provided much in the way of proof previously for those who have been following along. But I also agree that much more proof needs to come to light. That’s where we all need to step up in our own way. Because it sure isn’t going to come from the mainstream media… 🙂

    Love to you both, and thank you.

    • the1irf says:

      Have you come across any documentation that people have lost their access or ability to do Channeling, dreamwalker444? Likewise, do you know of anyone who now can no longer use the methodologies of “pendulums and divining, astral travel, etc.”

      • Jane says:

        Well who says we chose to even be here? this is what I am getting at, all these statements made as if they are fact and true, I am not saying they are either way, but maybe we just landed here by mistake?

      • Great question. This applies to preventing people from following the path of discovery, rather than losing something we all inherently have. As I’m sure you’re aware, it’s been ingrained in our society for a good long time. What once was witchcraft is now often scoffed at or dismissed – reactions designed to enforce conformity. To prevent us from discovering the truth of who we are. Once we know… There’s no going back. The implication is that ascension is something not yet attained… When it could be interpreted to simply mean that we are expanding our awareness.

  21. DB says:

    Without a doubt, my *favorite* stand-down quote is, *It is what it is.* I had never heard that before about 10 years ago. Now it’s coming out of just about everyone’s mouth. To which I answer, *No. It is what you ALLOW it to be.* The looks of shock that I would say such a thing are amazing!

  22. the1irf says:

    I agree, the illusion IS going away…
    However, the LinkedIn blog post essay given below may hold some interest for readers here.
    In some respects the above article concurs with what is said in the essay below. However, as you will read, there is something much larger at work and it is far different than you have heard before.

    The very essence of the original now failed experiment we know as our reality was usurped and that usurpation is being dismantled and dismissed, step by step.

    Nothing from within this physical expression and the whole domain of its reach holds any authority whatsoever. Nothing from within this slowed down expression, rendered into time and space, holds any authority whatsoever. The “authority” which originally directed energy to express this whole very tiny spec we know as the Big Bang and all of that which evolved out of it has observed it; and adjudicate its observations and seen its original directive to have been usurped and a failure. That same “authority” has also directed that it be dismissed.

    This “dismissal” is happening now… slowly. Everything will be returning to the state of Free Flowing energy in real-dimensions, except that which is stimulus in nature and design… which is almost everything here.

    My intent here is that of support, though some may not think it to be such. The best i have to offer you is this. What i call the #WhatIsNeededRule is in charge now of the agenda that is unfolding. I do have to admit that the inscrutable calculus of that agenda is not something i have any capability to discern, other than whatever produces the least amount of excess energy-containment in humans is better than anything other than that… as it then yields less density and more progress back toward real-dimensions where everything happens at once and away from what i call the Last Future. The Last Future is where All timelines have ended as failed trials attempting to accomplish real-balance. The Last Future is where everything can be seen but nothing moves or happens; where every possibility that was ever expressed within this slowed down arena of expression can be seen but nothing moves or happens.

    {to post a “Like” or to post a comment you have to be a LinkedIn member and login, which i hope many will choose to do}

  23. D says:

    I am sending Jean a HUGE hug and thanx for posting your article Bradley- thank you Jean- these articles by Bradley are massively important for all of us to read.

    To Bradley: I would like to discuss this with you in depth. Friends of mine have been contacted by a woman named Lily who has brought forward information very very similar to what you have posted here in this article. I have sent this to her to review as well. If possible, I would like to talk to you about this information as I have had a rather abrupt severing from the matrix myself over the past 6 months and I believe that many many “lightworkers” are also going through a cleansing process to clear out these old control programs and templates. I can be contacted on skype at: d.breakingthesilence or at or

    I am looking forward to exchanging information with you!!

    Love D

  24. Jane says:

    Alex, I enjoyed your doubting Thomas reply, it is very good to question and not blindly believe.
    Everyone thinks ‘they’ have the answers……but do they? The story’s about what our existence is made up of, continues to become ever more complex, goodness the amount of interference in our existence ……my we are a popular race.. is nature really so crappy, or is this science fiction from over active minds, trying to confuse us and worry us more.?? I experienced this article as very dualistic, and quite disempowering in parts……. but then maybe I should stop reading what others say and stick to going within……

  25. Jane says:

    I think this article was very thought provoking, but also quite confusing……at this time, it does seem harder than ever to find truth, but the answer is always go within, and I am learning this via meditation. I also think way too much information is reported as if it is cast is stone, totally factual, and yes it is true much of the nature of what we discuss in jeans forum cannot be proven…
    I have read that this dimension the physical is the only one with polarity, but now I see this is nonsense, as dark and light exist in all other dimensions too. I read that there are evil and dark being in all dimensions, which puts paid to polarity only being in this dimension!

    What really concerns me is how the dark, and evil control has been able to go on for so long, and the question that this type of thing could go on all over the universe!! I think its horrendous, and I get so mad when people call this a dream and not reality, reality is what is real to you , regardless of what flipping dimension you reside in. Most good people want the truth, they do not want to be controlled at all levels of life, IE, after death, apparently I have read there is trickery over there!! Where the heck can one go to be truly FREE… that too much too ask??

    When I read some of these messages………DEAR ONES HEAVEN HAS DECREED, well who or what is heaven ?? there is only ENERGY…….conscious energy……AND if you get lucky, maybe you can escape the dark negative energies for ever……..lets hope humanity can, and never get imprisoned again. As for a GOD, that is the human construct….. no God is coming to save us, we have got to save ourselves one by one, and main we all achieve this and very soon…….:)

  26. Todd says:

    BTW, there is a great book out called, ‘The Universe is a dream’, by Alexander Marchand. If we are all waking up, what are we waking up from? This ‘dream’?

    I AM ME AS YOU ARE ME, AND YOU ARE WE AND WE ARE ALL TOGETHER! Wow, those Beatles were sure ahead of their time, lol. All I really know, is that we’re all going to get through this and know the truth, and we’ll all be just fine regardless of the ‘path’ we take. Our Essence doesn’t die, so the rest is gravy, lol.

    With all due respect Bradley, you may know what you know from whatever sources you feel to be genuine, but you can’t expect us all to know what you know. What if your sources have been compromised? What if the info you ‘receive’ is from an implant or something else. Perhaps everything is ‘right’ and true for each of us? What if every thought is ‘true’? Hmmm! Read the book listed above and see what you think/feel then!

    Great chat here by any math, ;).
    xoxoxo, Todd.

  27. Todd says:

    My oh my, what an enlightening conversation, lol. I repeat, if ‘God’ is everything, then everything is ‘God’. That includes each one that wrote these comments, all channelers, all angels, all demons, Annunaki, reptilians, and Archons and everything in between, we are all ONE! This holographic Matrix is just a funny, funny, show. (All the world’s a neon stage, we are merely players, performers and portrayers, each anothers’ audience inside the gilded cage). We are everyone and everything else, don’t you see? By stating that any other entity is above or below any one else, we buy into separation and hierarchy. We all have a choice about what we believe, think, or ‘know’, but isn’t it possible that if we see each other as anything other than a part of our true self, we are just feeding the lie of divide and conquer. This is a wonderful conversation, and so many of us are seeking the ‘truth’ here, and yet the simple truth of all this is just the Golden Rule. Treat everyone as if they were you, (because they just might BE!). Humanity has come a long way in such a short time, and perhaps because so many of us are seeking the ‘truth’, the truth will have to manifest at some point, (perhaps that is happening as we chat?), and yes it will set us all free, ;). No worries mates, just Be Love, stay Present, have fun, and help each other. This entire hologram is dissipating before our very eyes.

    Hugs, hugs, kisses, kisses, peace out, Todd.

  28. pat says:

    this is great-i remember 35 years ago when i was first introduced to “New Agers”-within six months i discovered i was being shot with so much shade it made me literally throw up–and by LIGHTWORKERS-so-called. Not all by any means behaved like jerks but my lessons in discrimination came fast and furious to the point where i discovered what i call the great new age cop out-VERY similar to what you suggest–the gist of which is “It is your karma that I’m an asshole so whatever asshole things i do to you is God’s will to help you pay back your karma for being an asshole in past lives.” I have been laughlng about this notion ever since and decided if there is any truth that God had anything to do with it–it was not the God of my heart-and i did not approve. I still don’t and I am glad to find out there are others out there that agree with me.

  29. cindyloucbp says:

    Hi Bradley,

    Simple question for you? Where does LOVE and vibration fit into all this? Be aware that my vision of LOVE empowers humanity to do the “right thing” at the right time for the right reason! My LOVE for ME is helping me see the matrix. But then… I also believe LOVE is the highest of vibrations. Your thoughts…?

    • Bradley says:

      Wow – thats a BIG QUESTION! How many pages can I write about that? Are You aware that LOVE can be happening on many levels and doing differnent things? There is passive love – theoretical love – which exists and changes things on higher freqency levels but has no real affect on the physical – almost like the kenetic energy of potential only a little more elaborate. Then there is LOVE IN ACTION – which is the kenetic energy EXPRESSED! Which is exactly the issure within this ARTICLE – which then operates on MULTIPLE LEVELS ALL AT ONCE – causing and doing amazing things that passive love or meditative love even cant accomplish with such ease and grace!
      Love is NOT an ENERGY as such then as much as a frequency of various potentials – expressed and non expressed in both kenetic and released forms which ultimately are a form of WHITE MAGIC! MAGNETICS!

      A post script here: What most human beings think of as love – I do this for you – and then you do that for me – is not love at all – it is just a form of barter – a business deal! That for many has been “love”. Sadly we have only one word to describe something so BIG that to pigieon hole it ALL UNDER ONE WORD makes what LOVE REALLY IS MEANINGLESS.

      • cindyloucbp says:

        Thank you Bradley! I agree…love is a vibration that attracts the right thoughts at the right time which can be espressed as kinetic action for a whole host of probabilites. The key for me is to maintain the highest vibration possible as consistently as I can.


  30. kibitzer3 says:

    Interesting synchronicity. I posted the following blog on my site earlier today, before getting to my (dozens of) emails:

    “The Left dreams of a cooperative society rather than a competitive society, the latter of which is one – and is perceived as one – fundamentally pitting us against each other. To them I say:

    You have a worthy end in mind. It’s just that your means to accomplish your end is based on a faulty mindset, since you believe in, and act on, the principle that the end justifies the means. The end does not justify the means. The means deployed to achieve your ends determine, and even create, other outcomes from those you may have considered, if your means are faulty, and immoral, and abusive in questions of fairness to others. For, your premise fails to take into consideration a fundamental fact of life.

    Which is that each soul is another aspect of ‘you’; for, through the ‘mechanism’ of reincarnation, We Are One Another, and further, then, logically speaking, and in ‘reality’, We Are All One. And thus, As you do unto others, so do you do unto yourself – literally.

    We have chosen to create our reality together, for a particular purpose: in order to learn from each other. as different facets, aspects of The One – to learn, grow, evolve spiritually, experience more of the potential of the All That Is (even the Dark side, seemingly separated from the Light; seemingly, because it is an illusory state of being, since we are beings of Light in our essence) – and thus, ultimately, gain in the divine qualities of love, wisdom, synthesis, and divine Will.

    And so, with loving intent, honesty, and integrity, we shall overcome. And by no other means.

    The bottom line:

    We Are All One. And All IS One.

    And thus endeth the lesson for today.”

    As for, quote, “there are in fact “very advanced dark beings” going upward far past the 5th dimensional level (up to the 11th dimensional level) who are working with the dark ones to KEEP the Earth Hologram intact”: I wouldn’t have thought that such beings could resonate with those levels, and thus even be on them. But then, I don’t know.

    • Jean says:

      Interesting thought . . . and it makes sense, doesn’t it 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

    • Bradley says:

      Nice thoughts, except for the last part. IF WE TRULY created our society together – THEN THERE WOULD BE NO NEED FOR SECRETS – DONT YOU AGREE?

      IF the stated goal were to “learn” from one another – would not that happen BEST without secrecy and the total withholding of knowledge in the hands of a small few?
      Call me crazy here – but doesn’t that sound like wanting to go to Spain – but instead heading directly towards Russia?

      I see a small flaw here….. CAN YOU?

    • nadia says:

      I think dark beings can visit these dimension s or send people as they are trained to explore there but they do not manage to get in oneness there,Is not the same kind of experience of whom goes there with a pure open heartThere is separation.some higher dimensions are used to travel.

  31. Rebecca says:

    This piece strongly resonated with me…………….the message of look the other way, it is all as it should be etc has rang alarm bells for some time now and it is what I have taken issue with. Of course the gurus place this message into other worthwhile truths. It is that whole think about the devil mixes truth with lies.
    Thank you Bradley for you timely post
    I have posted these Pink Floyd lyrics before but will do so again
    love and light

    “On The Turning Away”

    On the turning away
    From the pale and downtrodden
    And the words they say
    Which we won’t understand
    “Don’t accept that what’s happening
    Is just a case of others’ suffering
    Or you’ll find that you’re joining in
    The turning away”
    It’s a sin that somehow
    Light is changing to shadow
    And casting it’s shroud
    Over all we have known
    Unaware how the ranks have grown
    Driven on by a heart of stone
    We could find that we’re all alone
    In the dream of the proud
    On the wings of the night
    As the daytime is stirring
    Where the speechless unite
    In a silent accord
    Using words you will find are strange
    And mesmerised as they light the flame
    Feel the new wind of change
    On the wings of the night
    No more turning away
    From the weak and the weary
    No more turning away
    From the coldness inside
    Just a world that we all must share
    It’s not enough just to stand and stare
    Is it only a dream that there’ll be
    No more turning away?

  32. and the ” HOPE LEFT “, 4 US IS this:, G7 and G9 that is … to adopt 8…

  33. I’m confused about how to de-program myself from the Matrix, because isn’t EXISTENCE: Light, Sound, and Colour; and isn’t CREATION Sacred Geometry. I’m perplex because I understand my position in the WORLD through vibration, but it now seems VIBRATION is an archetype of ARCHON’S black magic. Perhaps, sacred geometry is GOOD, but its just been made perverse.

    • Bradley says:

      This is also a really good question and gets to the heart of the matter! The Earth Hologram is being “fueled” by all of us. Those running the Matrix are using our energy – our consciousness – our very life and breath to empower to magnetics needed to maintain the quarantine of the planet – AND to keep us in a hypnotized trance state.
      The only way to wake up is to do it ALL TOGETHER! We have to come together in UNITY to break the “spell”.
      However – we can not SOLVE a problem with out first understanding that there IS A PROBLEM and what that problem is! This is the hard part because so many are still very much distracted and hypnotized by fake reality around them. The first step is to start helping others to wake up to what YOU KNOW – and get them to help others to wake up to what they know – and on and on and on!
      We Wake up together! As ONE Planet!

      All my love

      • D says:

        well said bradley. exactly!!!! It is the act of KNOWING what the problem is/was that allows us to move forward out of that matrix and into true reality that IS.

        please contact me on skype if possible: d.breakingthesilence

        Love D

  34. Kathleen says:

    He had it right up until he came to the part that we are going to be “rescued.” Sorry, but that is another lame new age tool of deception in order to keep you dis-empowered and far from sovereign. No one is “coming to rescue” anyone. Knowing this and owning this will set us free. No more is needed. While we are deeply owning this divine truth, we continue to help others and while doing so, we will be teaching by example, that they too are Sovereign and Free. Then duck, because this is what is going to bring down the matrix because WE as Free and Sovereign beings are going to do it, no one else is, no one else can. Hugs Jean!

    • Jean says:

      . .. and hugs back to you, Kathleen 🙂 ~Jean

    • Bradley says:

      Wow – Great work Kathleen – you really pay attention! But – you read a little fast!
      If your read it again I said – there is a rescue going on!
      I did not say WHERE IT WAS COMING FROM!
      The “rescue” going on here is that we are going to SAVE OURSELVES! Millions of lighted beings are NOW ON THE PLANET IN PHYSICAL FORM!
      That’s the only way that FREE WILL can still be guaranteed!

      Good Job!

  35. I couldn’t agree with this more! The, “turn the other cheek” crap really sends me over the edge. There is no karma, we aren’t paying for anything! We had better get up off our collective asses damn quick. I, for one, am not willing to go through eternity knowing I was duped during the most important period in human history.

  36. Thank You Bradley…I have been beating this drum for a very long, long time, with very little company, It’s beyond wonderful to hear other drums begin echoing in resonance and truth.
    Spot on and very well done…you are absolutely right on the mark!
    Yes…Lisa Renee is BRILLIANT…
    See Negative Alien Agenda for those seeking greater understanding.

  37. Alex says:

    In addition they can’t “believe” that a very dark being would speak in loving terms and in a loving way – just to pass on DISINFORMATION!


    Sorry, folks, but I could not help but choke down laughter –

    Okay, I have seen from Drake to Neil Keenan to Sheldan Nidle to Benjamin Fulford…etc. And the claims of knowledge about “what is going on” amaze me. Where do these people get their knowledge? Where is proof. I agree some very bad people run things, but here we have another person claiming “knowledge” of things and choosing to throw a spin (good or bad) on whatever they contemplate as being the real deal. I have seen too much come and go.

    “Very cleverly, at the end of each cycle – those very powerful beings who are running the Matrix – or, creating the Magnetic Hologram, have “inserted” a MIND CONTROLLED psychic and suggestive “program” into the mass consciousness and mass sub-consciousness of all LIGHT ORIENTATED WORKERS – and this “program” is what I am calling — THE STAND DOWN CODE!”

    Why? where have you seen these powerful beings? Do you have a picture? Do you go into a closet and they appear to you? How do you know there is a psychic and suggestive program being inserted into consciousness and mass sub-consciousness of all LIGHT ORIENTATED WORKERS?

    Did you see it?

    I am not saying you are wrong; but, with what authority do you make these claims of certainty? It is your hunch right? Well, maybe those light workers are trying to define the problem we all feel about the powers that be in their own way. Certainly no one has all the answers. It is a big puzzle. You are speculating yet you speak as if you “know”. Why could not one then ask or claim that you yourself are a disinfo agent? See how it goes? Are you speculating or are you stating fact Mr. Bradley. And if you are claiming hard facts then is it not reasonable for people to ask by what authority you make such certain claims with absolute veracity? I asked the same about Neil Keenan long ago, and lo what a sheister he was. I asked how could Drake a man from the hills of Tennessee be the spokesman for the entirety of all the white hats to sound the alarm for us? And we are still waiting two weeks… two weeks… two weeks. So if you, Mr. Bradley are making a supposition based on your feelings, then very well. But if you are stating here that what you say is the dogmatic truth, then I feel you are another Neil or Drake or Fulford. Speaking with authority about things that you do not truly know.

    • Jean says:

      Alex, you are my PERFECT Doubting Thomas here! If you cannot see the nail holes, you don’t believe. We have a choice, Alex, and if you want proof, then maybe you need to go on your own journey of seeking. Does it resonate with you? I guess not, but there is a lot to resonation that is very important. For some things there simply is no real proof, Alex, so what are you going to do? It is your choice, not mine 🙂 Should I not put this out here, because there is no proof? Should I not offer this viewpoint? It seems that is what you are saying, what you have always been saying since you started reading here. Hugs, ~Jean

      • Alex says:

        Its not that Jean. You SHOUL put it out here. I have done my research. What am saying is that we have “gurus” talking as if they have some “inside” info and that they are in the “know” they criticize other truth seekers. I am not making a criticism of you or the fact you posted this. I am pointing out that these people do not really “know” they are supposing. they can’t prove a thing. Do I “NEED” proof… no. But as you have made clear to me many times, and I am thankful for, that unless you truly “know” something or are privy to, some info the rest of us are not. What makes one person anymore a expert than the next? Bradley is criticizing those who are out there making their own theories . What makes his any more valid? He is just another guy stating his piece. And that’s fine. But he should not go around making statements discrediting anyone else unless he can prove he has some info everyone else has not. Otherwise he does not speak with authority anymore than you or I.

    • Bradley says:

      Alex – your thoughts are valid – but no proof will ever be enough! If I showed you a picture ( then you’d claim I faked it) If I introduced you to others who believe as I do – then there would be something wrong with them! The point is this – and I apologize to be blunt – because YOU didn’t personally see it – or have the information handed to YOU – then it IS SUSPECT! I do get that – Im not at all upset with your take. Who doesn’t want to be the first one to know a secret? 30 years of study and an equal amount of prayer have given me these insights!

      Who was the one they called JESUS? How did he “KNOW” what he knew? Perhaps he too lied? Where was HIS AUTHORITY?

      See my answer to Frank below and draw your own conclusion!

      All my love

      • Alex says:

        Ok Bradley,

        Then state it differently. Tell me how you feel. that is great. But, I have seen Drake tell us he is privy to “inside” info as fact. I watched Neil Keenan the scoundrel talk to us as if he was fighting the battle when he was fleecing the innocent. You want to make people listen? Then tell us what you think to be true. We will listen. Don’t come out like the rest and tell us just how it is. UNLESS you can prove it. Then we can look at you as the guru. What? You don’t want us to think you are a guru? You are just trying to wake us up? Then GREAT speak your truth as you “know” it, but don’t come across as the all knowing or else you are just like all the others that came across these pages trying to make us believe they had some inside knowledge. At least you admit that your notions are from what you deem to be the creator. That means you are listening to your truth inside. Continue to do so. just don’t preach to us as if you have some greater truth than the rest when your truth comes from no greater legitimate source than the guiding we all seek. I think the fault of the channelers is that instead of being humble and presenting the reasoning and voice from within as their own guided wisdom they try to come across as being guided by some higher entity from which they obtain knowledge hidden from the rest of us.That is dangerous because they could be wrong. Don’t let it go to your head. Don’t speak to us like we are dumbed down masses. Don’t be the next Neil Keenan.

        Impart your wisdom, but unless you can prove what you say, admit that you are only writing what you feel is “your” truth. Frankly, most of what you say I agree with, to some extent, until you start stating that the others telling their truth are wrong. You just don’t know that. That is a big red flag!

        • Alex,
          The proof is everywhere, I do mean everywhere, if you have the eyes, discernment and mastery to see.

          If you are unable to feel it, see it to know it for yourself…and you wish to know if it is true or false, I suggest you study this topic. As in my earlier comments, I posted a link to help others to gain more understanding via study.

          As I have said to many others, the burden of proof lays not on others to show or prove to you anything, but only within your actions, your own study, seeking and research. No one else can do this for you or tell you anything…whatever you find on your journey of “Self Enlightenment, Studies, Awakening…however you care to call it, it is there for you and by your own power. You do not know if the information is real or false…in this moment you are unclear. Look to yourself for the answers.

        • Ethyl says:

          I am totally with Alex here. Tell us this is how you THINK it is; fine. But EVERYONE is telling us ”how it is” and EVERYONE is the expert. Can’t you see this? And as far as resonance? I have resonated with a LOT of things that people said were true one minute, and the next they were not. That part is never mentioned. I have seen this time and time again. WOW! We RESONATE with this person. It is right for us. Then POW! Oh! So and so is a terrible person. No mention of the previous ”resonation.” I am starting to think this ”resonation” is part of the problem!

          I’m wondering if this ”stand down” thing Bradley is talking about, is the same thing I call ”burying your head in the sand.” All is love and good and the wondrous are winning and if you don’t see that then you are a fearmongerer and will never ascend!

          There are tons of people out here with disinfo floating all OVER the place. My point, and I think Alex’s as well, is WHY should we trust one over another anymore, when all seem eventually to be ”outted” as bad guys??? Just because YOU say YOU are right does not make it so, anymore when I say that I am right doesn’t make it so. Everyone knows exactly what is right, but all have different and conflicting information.

          NOW David Wilcock is a bad guy! THE David Wilcock whom everyone looked up to so much! So many of these people are treated pretty much as gurus; until they’re not! It’s a huge fall from grace! And don’t EVEN get me started on the channels! So many of them had such encouraging things to say, and gave me the warm and fuzzy ”resonates” feeling. But guess what? They’re still blabbering the same BS years later; it’s right up around the next curve! Blah blah blah! What a load of bunk. But it really resonated!

          And as an example of how these things are covered up! Remember the 12-21-12, when all were supposed to ”ascend?” Well, when it didn’t happen, what did we hear?
          Well, it was CHANGEd! YOU THE PEOPLE changed it, as you decided that no one would ascend until ALL of you were ready to ascend. How wonderful and good and strong and brave you are dear ones! To do this for your fellows!” Once I saw that, I KNEW the channels were insane!

          At this point, I’m just trying to gain as much knowledge as I can, about the things I can fathom, and do the best I can. I do enjoy having all the different viewpoints. I don’t necessarily know which is right, but I DO find some I can reject, which is always helpful! I have to say, I miss the first days of Drake, when I believed that the good guys were going to show up. I could be wrong, but I still think he was sincere. I STILL wonder sometimes if that was all true, but the good guys tipped their hands way too much too early; I thought they were doing that at the time. And I seem to remember LOTS and LOTS of people on here who used to think Neil Keenan was wonderful. Now it seems they all despise him Well, that’s what happens anymore when you put your faith in anyone. Be it Drake, Fulford, Keenan, Wilcock, or the ones who have not been unthroned yet.

          From what I have been able to determine, the archons originated in the Nag Hammadi. After reading that info, it sounded like a load of bunk to me. Sophia is THE EARTH and is a GODDESS and was responsible for their creation. I’m sorry, but there is NOTHING in the Bible that sounds less plausible to me than the Sophia story. Now granted, I COULD be wrong. But that story just sounds batsh!t crazy to me! And if that is where the archon theory came from . . . (just sayin’!) To me, I would give that a 1/10th of 1 percent chance of being true!

          • Jane says:

            I love it, real people , giving their real opinions, and not just buying into what anyone says, as if it is gospel accuracy and gospel truth, goodness knows you might get through the eye of a needle more easily than find truth……..I think think maybe, we are meant to learn our own experiences in this life, and I do not even buy into that we are even here for a reason, hows that for mutiny:) why does there have to be a reason, because we are human and our brains need to whirr around like crazy making sense of our existence……..and no there is nothing wrong with that. But each person thinks they are right, they have the answer, and so on……and lastly why is it, that the majority of all the new agers overall seem to reside in the great USA…….?? hhhmmmm now another conspiracy theory looming…maybe.

          • Jean says:

            Jane, this was on another blog. I do have a point of view here. For instance, I do believe we are here for a reason. . . . and you will know if Bradley speaks the truth because of your own life experiences – or the lack thereof. . . There is no written authority on this one . . . Hugs, ~Jean

        • Bradley says:

          You seem to think there is a measuring stick that will tell you WHO IS AN ESTABLISHED AUTHORITY AND WHO IS NOT. Tell me please which people in your life have told you the truth? The church? The Government? The police? Universities perhaps? Schools?
          Clergy? By what measuring stick are able to measure accuracy and authority? Please point me to that stick so that “I too” WILL know how to measure accuracy and authority!

          I have yet to find that measuring stick “SIR”. Please watch the DRUNVELO video that Jean just posted and he says that EVERYTHING science has every taught us about anything just got thrown out the window! Hum. Were you measuring my accuracy by modern Science?? But Drunvelo just said everything they taught us was a mistake?

          Well then WHO is the authority? Where is the truth? What knows how to point to it?
          Where can it be found? GO WITHIN! MY FRIEND! SEEK TRUTH INSIDE YOU!

          Don’t believe anything I say – ASK GOD OR PRIME CREATOR! HE WILL HEAR YOU!

          • Ethyl says:

            Bradley, EXCELLENT point about the measuring stick. Everything is falling around our ears. I mean, BOYS TOWN isn’t even sacred anymore. ARE WE here for a reason? I don’t know anymore. DO we choose to come here? I don’t know. At this point it’s pretty close to down being up and up being down for me.

            I think part of the problem is that we see other people believing like things HAVE been proven. And we cannot really go by what feels or seems or resonates right/correctly. That doesn’t work. It’s like everything is a crapshoot anymore.

            The only things I really know are: 1) you don’t judge and jump on people when they are down. You help if you can; 2) You give all the love and help to the people that you can, and 3) you put yourself in other people’s moccasins.

            That’s all I really know anymore!

          • Jean says:

            Ethyl, I just made this response to someone else on another post . . maybe it will be helpful to you . . . 🙂 I think the intent is for people to arrive where you are, and then suddenly, they are open to new possibilities 🙂

            May I ask if you have watched Drunvalo’s new video interview with Lilou Mace in which he says that everything we know about science is totally wrong? Science and spirituality are coming together. He is working with HeartMath out of Stanford on these new realities. . . He also states that it is our sexuality, which will become a sacred expression once again, that will help us to ascend. This is mind-blowing, but for the moment there is no proof available to us . . .

            If you want proof as in 3D proof that anyone can understand, I think it may not come your way. There isn’t anyone who can answer your questions. So how do you figure out if what someone says is true or not? Your life experiences, whatever they may be, will help you. I don’t know that Bradley has it fine-tuned, but everything he says seems to be sensible to me. . . but then I opened myself and have had some extraordinary life experiences, experiences that anyone can have . . . I don’t know what else I can tell you, or anyone, who is asking for proof.

            I may be wrong, but that is my problem. You are not supposed – necessarily – to believe what I say here. You are supposed to take the info and run with it – study it, research it – by talking with others, by taking courses that help you to travel astrally, and so on. I have had that experience, but I came back, thinking it was not my time to do this . . . It took Bradley abut 30 years, and for me it has been about 20 years . . .

  38. Limitless gratitude if this post confirms that Bradley is safe and well!

    You wrote: They just don’t have the wherewithal to even “comprehend” the level of darkness they are truly dealing with!

    Allow me to ask why is this?

    During these end times [end of separation consciousness and beginning of unity consensus a.k.a. survival] what is the purpose of humans being veiled from fundamental truth that sparks us to grow up and out of limiting beliefs, deception, pain, fear, playing small, further enslavement, and possible extinction???

    • Bradley says:

      Great QUESTION DOREEN! You hit the nail on the head! There IS NO PURPOSE for human beings to have been veiled from the fundamental truths! NONE WHAT SO EVER!
      That was done TO US – NOT BY OUR CHOICE!

      We came here, some a very long time ago – to grow and develop organically – and to experience life in physicality! We did NOT come here to experience fear and slavery!

      We did NOT come here to be lied to and hoodwinked!
      Thank you for asking the question that mattered the most Doreen!

  39. Frank R says:


    Who provided you with this information? Where did you get it? How can we know that this is correct? And what is your process of acquiring your information and validating it before dissemination?

    With Great Respect………… Frank R

    • Bradley says:

      Frank – A very good question indeed! It is MY relationship with Prime Creator which asks me to say these things! I do NOT CHANNEL –

      I pray – I meditate – I ask for help – on how to serve him best!
      In return, He always hears – he always sends help – and he always says I LOVE YOU.

      When I ask for supporting Information – I get it within days – Not weeks!
      I do NOT NEED to write ANY of these articles! In truth – Id rather be doing a hundred OTHER THINGS – However – If I do not say these necessary things – then who will?

      What I know to be the truth is not being said! Or – at least not being said by enough to make a dent!

      Look in the comments above and you will see a few who have desperately “known” this to be true – but no one was saying it.
      I know it to be true – because I know what will assist the Tandem Grid in forcing the Magnetic Hologram to shift into a more Enlightened Reality – That part is simply advanced magnetics and harmonics – which I know something about.
      The two article I’ve suggested – long as they are – are both helpful

      All my love Frank

      • ohnwentsya says:

        What I know to be the truth is not being said! Or – at least not being said by enough to make a dent!”

        Many of us have been saying almost exactly the same things you are now, for years or decades. Imho it isn’t the number speaking but the timing of the message and the ability of listeners/readers to perceive the truth. Sometimes the spirit of the age has simply not grown to the stage some of us see so clearly-for all-yet.

        I hope it has now. Without actions of compassion for all, the self absorbtion can lead to a very different end-of-cycle. I know we are all aiming for the rebirth and renewal style but the Complete Housecleaning style is apparently not off the table yet-though it had seemed to be for a while.

        I don’t know that everyone needs to become aware of the matrix, who is at fault or any of those details. Open hearts, loving intentions and compassionate actions should be enough to generate the growing state of Unity we need.

        The verbal-rational-intellectual bits of trying to convince everyone of the One Right Way is imho another trick and detour the infected ones promote as part of the divide and conquer strategy that has worked so well for them for so long.

        The new Pope and the Dalai Lama have been teaching the path, as have so many others less high profile. Love, acceptance of others difference, compassion, coupled with actions rooted in these.

        Thank you for sharing this Jean (and the author).

        I want to answer the question about why we have no concept of the evil we are dealing with here. It’s not that we don’t know or recognize it intellectually. It is simply that having dwelled so long in the levels of much greater peace/unity, it is incomprehensible. It is obviously insane and nonsensical. Unfamiliar and repulsive to us so we recoil in various ways -for some that includes denial/looking away.

        The new age platitudes about just loving the perpetrators more and such can feel appealing even tho we know they aren’t true. I’ve never been able to grok the they asked fir it/it’s their karma schtick. It always sounded to me like Epic Cop-Out.

        The natural response of an unprogrammed human being to another’s suffering is always to seek to alleviate it. Just as do dolphins, dogs, and many other animals.

        Bless you all.for keeping on in spite of so much.

  40. inlakesh says:

    Finally, someone is finally getting down to the center of the onion. The end of one of the bigger Rabbit Trails. I hope all the New Age hopium addicts finally put down the pipe, step out of the den and into the True and unfiltered LIGHT.
    The real awakening may now begin!
    Big hugs.

  41. lozzafun says:

    All channels or just the ones saying things like…

    • Bradley says:

      I have made it clear several times now (in previous articles that I’ve written) the It is my opinion that most (although not all) channels have been compromised! See the article about the GWEN TOWERS – read the entire piece. That should help you. I have also made it clear that I do believe that there are some who are still “on target”! The ones who have been compromised severely are the ones who were “promising” that on DEC 21 – 2012 (in NO UNCERTAIN TERMS) we were ALL GOING TO ASCEND! Either to the 4th or the 5th dimension! This was also a “stand down ploy” because who needs to “correct” anything on a planet they are soon to be leaving? These are the same ones who now say that the ET’s are coming soon – and will mass land any minute now! The ET’s have already come! They were here decades ago! There are so many living on the planet now the TSA needs “rape scanners” to see who is human and who is not.
      Read the suggested Articles I’ve listed in the comments section here – both are very long – but filled with wisdom!

      • lozzafun says:

        Thank you Bradley….I guess I missed reading, where you stated that some but not all channelers have been compromised….

        I feel that we all channel to some degree…there is an ocean of information available to us, from Source…When we receive info, from this source, it comes to us through an ‘open channel’…ALL info should be filtered through ‘discernment’….a tool we all have at our disposal….

        HUGE accent on ‘discernment’…..However, our humanity doesn’t allow for 100 percent accuracy, therefore we must be gentle and patient with ourselves as we practice discernment!

        I attempted to read the links you posted at Lisa Renee’s site..Red Flags go up when people claim an affiliation to a ‘spiritual hierarchy’…This doesn’t resonate with me on a personal level…It conflicts with my spiritual experience and I seem to have developed a ‘kill switch to that type of info’….I think Cameron Day explains it best, at least I resonate with his explanations…I feel that you and Cameron are on the same wavelength in many ways….

        What About the “Spiritual Hierarchy?”
        archonangels2 …..Why I Am No Longer a Light Worker

        Most channeled beings will claim to be affiliated with the (false) light-based “Spiritual Hierarchy” which includes “arch angels,” “ascended masters” and “positive ETs.” These channeled messages are a dime-a-thousand, and more keep pouring out every day. The dirty little secret is that these beings are beholden to the corrupt demiurge, and are waging a psychological battle on people that don’t want to be associated with any formal religious structure.

        In other words, the “new age” is a multidmeinsional psychological operation designed to channel the soul energy of the “believers” of these teachings up to the “ascended” teachers.

        Another one of their secrets is that most of the so-called “ascended masters” in their “hierarchy” never had a human incarnation. These are incredibly deceptive beings that are playing a game in order to garner the energy of worship. In the real universe of non-deception, nobody would worship them, but in the illusory “sub-universe” of the corrupt demiurge, they are able to trick good-hearted people into pouring energies of love, devotion and praise into them.

        As for the “arch(on) angels” they are in more or less the same category. They are not aligned with the Infinite Source of all creation, but rather they serve a lesser being posing as the creator: the corrupt demiurge. Therefore they are not what I would call angels at all.

        In honor of the truly deceptive nature of these beings, I have given them a new, more accurate title: The Spiritual Liar-archy.

        • Ethyl says:

          May I suggest (I think it was last week’s) Matthew! We were lucky enough to have ”GOD” speak to us again in that message! (Always a treat!) (I usually don’t read his, but every once in a great while I check it to see if it might have improved, and see something like THAT!) (God wants to speak to you all–let me put him on!)

  42. Makes sense to me. Just last night I was telling whomever “out there” had their ears on that there was no way I’d ever volunteer for this shit. Furthermore, I’m not bad enough to have deserved this level of abuse on such a long-term basis. So… what’s left is that we are POWs. The first duty of being a POW is to escape. Whatever’s left, no matter how unlikely, is what really is. See Sherlock Holmes, etc.

    • Ethyl says:

      I hear ya, William! If the theory is true that we come here because we WANT to, and have a contract where we CHOSE this, my sister and I keep wondering why we would have been THIS stupid! And we’ve made a pact! If we decide to do this again, we will totally kick each other’s behinds! I’m about tired of the ”We all decided to reincarnate at this time because it’s the most special splendiforous time in the universe! What a GREAT time to be alive!” And I’m like, ”uhm, . . . wwwhhhhaaaaaaaatttttt???”

      • the1irf says:

        I agree with you both, Ethyl and William…
        … remember, this place is all PRETEND and MAKE BELIEVE illusion… and STUPID, too!

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