A reader adds the thoughts of Cameron Day to Bradley Loves’ ideas . . . Thanks L. :) ~J

This is very special information from Cameron Day, and I can’t thank Lozza enough for having assembled it here . . . ~J

I hope that many will listen to this excellent podcast by Cameron Day….An in DEPTH explanation of what Bradley is explaining to us – MUCH offered as to what we can do to RECTIFY the damage that has been done to us….

This is VERY helpful and as added SYNCHRONICITY it AGREES with Bradleys articles…

Some notes of interest as I listened…


Why I Am No Longer a Light Worker…..OUTSTANDING article!

Cameron refuses to call these cosmic parasites Archons because Archon means RULER….he calls them ‘Ankle Biters, (so as to REMOVE their self-applied importance) …These parasites feed off our energy during dreams….A warning, especially to women is that these parasites commonly bond with women and claim to be St. Germain or other Master and a twin flame…They then present a romance during dream time…

He explains that most channel things that sound good at first but then leads to masochistic selfishness….they teach they can have all that.

He states that all beings are connected to every other beings…He compares these parasites to being like our homeless drug addicts, needing a fix…They attempt to direct creation of our reality to a certain end….We are in a CO-CREATIVE world….He warns that we DO have work to do and channels claiming the opposite are lying….Our Ascension is in our hands….Our discernment alerts us to the truth and lies about channeled information….

[Let me add to Lozza’s notes here that this article explains how and why ascension is now in our hands.  ~J]

False Life Matrix – Are angels helping us?…Cameron states that TRUE light helpers will NEVER present themselves as hierarchical beings or angels…Any spiritual hierarchy is part of a matrix of illusion for beings who crave worship as a god ….All beings who have source consciousness, understand we are equal and would never attempt such a claim….

The Harvest– Beware of channels who speak of the Ascension Harvest…consider the word harvest…Most channels have good intentions….

Repeated incarnation – people incarnate to set up a false grid?…Answer – we came to BREAK UP the false light grid because we have been tricked/programmed by religion to create an astral deception….Source reality, we access through grounding and going within and connecting heart-to-heart with the planet..

How does anyone know the difference between the true light and false light during death?….Answer- If one does clearing of religion and astral programing BEFORE death we will be able to DISCERN at death…the connection between our heart and heart of the planet will allow us to BYPASS the false light….When we ACCESS the planetary CORE, we prepare for the allowance to BYPASS the astral realm and directly into Source Consciousness….Keep going within and connect with the planet…

We can call up all ‘agreements and contracts’ we have made and state ” FROM THE AUTHORITY OF MY SOVEREIGN SELF, DECLARE ALL AGREEMENTS AND CONTRACTS AND CLAUSES AND COPIES, NULL AND VOID…. I RECLAIM ALL MY ENERGY BACK INTO MYSELF”….Much more explained…..”I am sovereign and I FORBID you to ever violate my sovereignty again”….

There is a HEALING that occurs during the removal of these parasites…..After doing so we can EXPAND MORE OF OUR TRUE SELVES…

This ALLOWS us to REINSTATE our ORIGINAL AGREEMENT WITH SOURCE, our TRUE reason for being here…(the agreement that was HIDDEN FROM US BY FALSE AGREEMENTS)

(This SCARES THE PARASITES who are truly cowards…they run because they know the truth about what will happen if they attempt further power over us.)

[I’ve highlighted the following paragraph for people who are looking for 3-D proof of Bradley’s ideas, because it seems to speak to their questions. ~J]

How do we live in this world and ascend at the same time?– Start withdrawing from the system…buy food locally, buy used clothes, barter….Use your creative ideas…Creativity is often ‘ground out’ of this density….Practice physical grounding (with the planet)…Examine your beliefs and be OK with not knowing…say “I will have an experience that will show me the truth”….The fun of our journey is what we are learning…Disengage from the news cycle….If you want to know what is happening, READ THE HEADLINES and then turn it off….TURN OFF THE MANIPULATIONS…Take time to do NOTHING!…

Assist others by explaining ONLY as much as they can tolerate….They think ignorance is bliss….Maybe start with 9/11 and show them HOW this was done ….(This may lead to more awakening)…Show them the vaccine deception, food deception….Most are not ready for what we are discussing today…

Scott Prescott from In 5D calls in….Question- How do you differentiate contact between higher/sovereign self vs those claiming to be guides or angels?…..

You can’t ignore sovereign self…it is subtle, benevolent and keeps returning…Much more explained here…

Do demons or (bad ET’s) pose as angels??- Yes they disguise themselves …if you feel loopy or ungrounded during contact, they are users …you should feel grounded and expanded during contact….If you are not sure, tell them you are NOT going to listen..leave me alone…(They have to obey)…

The MATRIX has multiple layers of agreements ….we need to peel back the layers …expose the false light….it starts from within as an ‘individual journey’….Many need help from those who have already accomplished this….Cameron has FREE ‘self clearing’, help available at his site and answers email personally….He also has info to assist with a deeper meditative state….

Higher Self Meditation
Self-Clearing System Level 1, Step 1- -Reconnect with your Divine Aspect

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2 Responses to A reader adds the thoughts of Cameron Day to Bradley Loves’ ideas . . . Thanks L. :) ~J

  1. veraiconica says:

    Dear Jean!
    Thank you for sharing this great interview with Cameron Day, I just got through listening to it. So much valuable information. Really like his meditation to connect ones heart to the heart of the universe forming a loop. This is really a great way to stay connected. I am going to add his website to my favourites. Truly enjoyed listening to him. I am doing already many of the things he was talking about, to disconnect from the matrix. It really works. Much love! Veraiconica

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