UPDATED: Exclusive: Republican Zionists Bring Nuclear War, by Brett Redmayne-Titley

UPDATE: Brett came to me and asked me to publish this article. Unless we are able to make some huge changes rather rapidly, as I see it, Brett is sharing ‘real’ facts and drawing the obvious conclusions. It is harsh, but it is what it is.

Yes, we have been abused and many of us remain as ‘sheeple’, but no one can fix that but us.

Yes, we have been trying in every way we can, but here we are, and now it’s time to face facts, which are, as I see them that only those who are working on their levels of consciousness and the positive incoming timeline are in a position to help us.

I think we need to prepare ourselves to hold our center as we walk into the beginning of the new year. . . Please get ready for it.

Brett has shared his views.

The only thing with which i do not agree is his idea that we are headed into nuclear war. In my opinion, it simply isn’t going to happen — if for no other reason than the damage to the Universe would be too great!  . . . ~J

“I thought I heard a young girl cryin’… ‘Momma?’

I thought I heard a young girl cry, today.

You did not hear no young girl cryin’… ‘Momma?’

You did not hear no young girl cry at all.”

               Tim Rose, “Morning Dew.”

The true results of the US mid-term elections two weeks ago have been missed by the pundits of main stream propaganda, but are indeed ominously clear.

– Israel has now achieved its goal of conquering the American government.

– The US military is completely under Zionist control.

– The entire US nuclear arsenal will soon be in the hands of madmen.

Now, more than ever before, the remaining civilized world must truly fear, and rise-up against, the soul-less manifestation of inhumanity, destruction and greed: America.

For many years Israeli politicians have made brash public statements about their existing successes in taking control over America’s politicians. “Don’t  worry about American pressure, we the Jewish people control America,” Ariel Sharon famously screamed at Shimon Peres when he expressed his unfounded concern for appeasing Israel’s strategic concubine.

Certainly ever-continuing congressional hypocrisy, shown regularly in the statements made by the likes of John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Rand Paul who, strangely, are not Jewish, show that they consider themselves not yet sufficiently Jewish enough to be actual Americans. When Navi Pillay, the U.N.’s top human rights official, accurately suggested the obvious, that Israel had committed war crimes in its attacks that killed thousands of Gaza citizens, thereby calling for a UN investigation, Republican Senator Graham dutifully concluded that Israel could do no wrong and publicly attacked the entire United Nations world body stating, “”The U.N. Human Rights report is a joke. The U.N. is becoming anti-Israeli, anti-Semitic. I would push back. Congress will do this.”

Yes they will.

Definitive treason, currently called, “dual loyalty,” is rampant in America’s politicians and, after the recent American elections, the ever-failing US “monocracy” will again show blind allegiance to a foreign power, Israel.

At the wishes of a lunatic megalomaniac, the new Republican congress will attack yet another innocent country. Seemingly perpetual Israeli Prime Minister, BiBi Netanyahu, has thus far been too “chicken shit” to do the dirty deed of attacking his mid-east neighbors himself, despite his US supplied and financed Israeli army, complete with the only US supplied nuclear arsenal in the mid-east conflict. This is a man so criminally insane that he has publicly called his own military’s estimates of 50,000 collaterally-dead Israeli citizens in the first fifteen minute aftermath of an Israeli attack on Iran, “acceptable.”


Once the new congress is in session all remaining checks on Israel, in America, will end. Previous examples of the US congress shifting its allegiance to Israel show upcoming war to be a certainty and assuredly nuclear. Upon the swearing in ceremony, on Jan. 3, 2015, of a Republican controlled congress, Netanyahu, the spokesman for the world-wide virus known as Israel will functionally control the US government and its entire military and nuclear might. An attack is certain.


It is a sure bet that a Republican congressional resolution demanding war, and authorizing an attack on Iran, is in the offing very soon. In America, any war, by virtue of the relic US Constitution, is supposed to require congressional approval. Since WWII, none of the subsequent dozens of US wars, excused as, “conflicts,” around the globe have been given the required congressional debate and formal approval. So, a resolution to attack Iran will be unique, yet guaranteed.

Consider the previous unfathomable actions of the current US government’s 113th congress and its predecessor.

Every elected American official of the 112th congress gave Netanyahu  twenty-nine consecutive standing ovations when he addressed his disciples in a formal speech before the entire US congress on May 24, 2011.

Or else.

Then, just three months ago, at exactly the same time that the Israeli war on Gaza’s death toll of infants and children in UN shelters had passed into the hundreds, congress again showed its willingness to do the bidding of their Israeli masters, when U.S. Senator Pat Toomey (R-Pa.) sponsored a resolution expressing support for the on-going war crimes and genocide of the State of Israel. Senators Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), Robert Menendez (D-N.J.), Kelly Ayotte (R-N.H.), and Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.), who were the co-authors of the measure, performed a battle of words trying to outdo each other in platitudes designed to show their willingness to fellate their master, on command.

These Israeli purchased whores should be forced to wear short pants for their remaining time on earth, so as to show the huge scars on their knees: a warning to the innocent world, such as a Scarlet Letter to the forehead.

Trumping all his treasonous congressional brethren, however, and showing the kind of demonstrative delusion only capable of a pandering want-to-be American Zionist, US Senator, Charles Schumer, relegated himself to the gates of hell when he said, “This resolution supports Israel as it protects itself in a manner that values the safety of Palestinian civilians.”


Only the absolute and pure corruption of the American conscience could manifest the deliberate genocide of over 2,000 Palestinian civilians, among them 495 children and 253 women, many who were huddled in UN shelters, into a new unholy and disgusting definition of the word “safety.”

Such is the congressional mind of, “exceptionalism.”

After this month’s results of the US election of Nov. 4, 2014, the self-admitted congressional Zionist harlots, the Republicans, will control both the US House of Representatives and the US Senate after the biggest defeat for the slightly less, but similarly, afflicted Democrats in three quarters of a century. Worse: the only remaining constitutional restraint on these war mongering fools is the most inept, fraudulent and soul-less example of hypocrisy of the whole bunch, the man who caused the election mess: US president, Barack Obama.

Just a year ago, on Sept 4, 2014, presumably at Israel’s request, the current congress began the process of passing a different resolution requiring the US government to attack Syria. The Senate Foreign Relations Committee had already approved a draft resolution granting President Obama authority to launch a military strike on Syria. Only last second negotiations by Russia, its build-up of an anti-missile naval presence in the Mediterranean sea,  and Syria’s willingness to remove their chemical weapons kept this resolution from reaching the floor of the House and Senate for certain approval and the advent of a third world war. Collateral damage in the form of tens-of-thousands of dead civilians never entered the minds of these elected officials, who have long ago lost any respect for the value of innocent life.

The exceptional US military recently opted out of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NNPT) and then immediately started a massively and secretly funded nuclear expansion and technical upgrade. Then, on Tuesday, October 8, 2013, an event was reported that should have shaken the world to full attention. Instead, allegedly it shook the sea floor off the coast of Charleston, South Carolina.

According to this report, at 01:58:11 GMT/UTC an atomic device was exploded in the seabed, barely 1,000 km (620 miles) from Charleston, causing a 4.5 magnitude earthquake measurement that equates to being a 1-kiloton bomb.

The validity of this report has been disputed and may, or may not, have been accurate, but the immediate aftermath was true and undeniable: the complete changing-of-the-guard of America’s massive nuclear arsenal into Zionist hands.

Three days after the reported detonation, Reuters reported on, Friday, Oct 11th, that Major General Michael Carey was fired from his job as Commander of the 20th Air Force. His command was responsible for three wings of intercontinental missiles, a total of 450 missiles at three different US bases. He had served for thirty-five years, with numerous awards. A Pentagon official told Reuters that the decision to fire the two-star general was made by Lieutenant General James Kowalski. Kowalski replaced him with Major General Jack Weinstein. ABC News also ran this report.

Also dismissed in the first salvo of this nuclear coup were US Navy Vice Admiral Tim Giardina, Major General Charles M. Gurganus and Major General Gregg A. Sturdevant. Generals Gurganus and Sturdevant were allegedly tasked with leading US Marine troops from Camp Lejeune in North Carolina to begin the implementation of martial law after this false flag nuclear attack had taken place. The Air Force, however, reported the firings were due to the current administrations “loss of trust” in  these commanders.


Barry Grossman’s excellent  article, featured by Press TV this past week, chronicles with greater accuracy and detail the unreported and ominous changes in US nuclear management. The synopsis however, is that a Zionist, Major General Jack Weinstein, was put in charge of this American nuclear coup and that almost all the men and women in the nuclear command were removed using specious, unfounded allegations that were never substantiated. The oily hand Major General Jack Weinstein was behind each and every allegation, demotion, removal and forced retirement.

Although the names and data on all the new replacement officers, from the commanders to the personnel who spend twenty-four hours a day in underground silos, is classified it is a sure bet that the percentage of American nuclear replacements who now have “dual loyalty” to Israel            has dramatically increased.

On May 4, 2014 a Congressional Hearing was held regarding the rapid increase in Israeli military guests spying on their US hosts. Although the hearings were, of course, secret several senators who were present, but could not divulge what they heard, publicly expressed shock and concern about what they had been told about Israel’s inside and very surreptitious infiltration going on behind their backs. If these purported leaders of American democracy actually did care about Israeli spying they would have already known about the almost unfettered access given to Israeli army officers and Mossad agents to virtually all US military assets, and that top-secret documents, that even congresspersons are not allowed to view, have been copied and sent back to Israel along with many other US secrets of Israel’s choosing.

Within mere weeks of the New Year’s congressional swearing-in ceremony, continental Americans can expect massive unopposed, Greece-like austerity measures that will gut any remaining social programs still available to an already starving and unemployed nation. The remnants of former president Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society” will be put into a coffin along with remaining civil rights and the US constitution. Of course, there will be more tax cuts for the wealthy robber barons who have stolen these people’s wealth for it never to return.

Good. These American fools have caused their own fate. Let them suffer. Disaffected, greedy, full of avarice and an ever dim-witted intelligence that cannot so-much as find their own country on a globe, these dullards have set themselves up for the impending doom that is assuredly heading their way. It is the American voter that has destroyed America. But that is the least of their crimes.

Far worse, these same myopic “exceptionalists” have allowed their elected leaders to systematically destroy our world. As the images from across the world reach our screens daily showing the bomb blasts that rip scores of innocents into bits of flesh, bone and pools of red blood and intestines, why   anyone shed a tear for these willfully lobotomized, woe- be-gone Americans.

The remaining world, however, has just a mere six weeks to rise up. A nuclear holocaust is about to be loosed on us by madmen.

Iran will be first because Israel wants it dead. Like the world, Iran must heed this warning and prepare for impending war. Now. No matter that Iran is a peaceful nation that includes and tolerates other religions and ideas, and has tried repeatedly to appease their Yankee counter-parts. Israel can now sit grinning on the fence when it orders its new American possession into battle, fiddling while the mid-east burns in radioactive carnage.

The horrors of Zionist controlled America will not end there.

Poisonous viruses like John McCain will stop at nothing to affect a military defeat of Russia by way of Ukraine. Not for American interests, but for the Zionist ones that paid for his election. No matter that Ukraine is seven thousand miles from Washington and that the collateral death and destruction will take down twenty-plus other European countries with it. The EU politicians, just as controlled by Israel as their American brethren, will simply get on the “last plane out of Saigon” and on to the safety of their US underground bunkers, right before the “smoking gun of a mushroom cloud” sends all of Europe into the dark ages of a nuclear winter, after vaporizing hundreds-of-thousands who stood silently by ignoring the obvious.


What say you? You… of the civilized world. You, who know the root cause of the world’s current sick condition. You, who see and read daily the growing multitude of atrocities. You, who also have innocent family and friends. You, who cannot stand one more day of seeing the greatest barbarism in human history, reduced to the new stated condition of “normal.”

You, who sit on your couch and do nothing: remember this day. Remember Greece. Remember Cyprus. Remember Syria. Remember Libya, Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Nigeria, Sierra Leon, Liberia…

In the twenty years of the post cold-war era, the atomic clock of pending nuclear disaster had been, finally, thankfully, set backwards every single year. This year, for the first time since, that clock was moved closer than ever to the stroke of midnight.

Remember, you must, one final haunting image.

Remember: that dead-quiet, breathless grey scene of ruin and destruction strewn across an expansive landscape, all the way to the horizon on that beautiful blue and yellow cloudless dawn of August 6, 1945. Remember, for your own sake, what little was left of… Hiroshima.

“You did not hear no young girl cry at all.”

-The End-   

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9 Responses to UPDATED: Exclusive: Republican Zionists Bring Nuclear War, by Brett Redmayne-Titley

  1. HeliTramp says:

    Reblogged this on helitramp's Blog and commented:
    Now this article by Brett via Jean Hayes is a chilling trek towards what is happening in America. By association we in Australia will be embroiled within the inevitable call to war against Iran. This has been going to happen for quite some time however with the Zionists now controlling the military, the house of Reps and the Senate anything that Israel wishes for they will get. The information above is spelling out the possibilities. We as Australians should look at this intelligently to do what we must to see that the world is not drawn into another war.. We must wake up and wake up now!!

  2. Di,Cerrillos,NM,USA says:

    Wouldn’t it be cheaper if we whisked Bibi off to Gitmo where he can’t communicate to his murderous sycophants in Congress? He cares nothing for civil rights so let him experience what losing them feels like. If one wants to avoid being bitten by a snake then one has to remove the snake.
    Or we can let him finally p**s off Iran to the point that Iran wipes Israel off the map. What is the benefit to US that Israel exists? It has from the beginning been unruly,provocative and avaricious,breaking promises and daring anyone to object. And it EXPECTS us to finance it forever. How did that happen?
    The incident of the USS Cook has given the world a new variable to the question of who is the most powerful nation on earth.
    Just my opinion.

  3. Donnie says:

    Jean, this Brett fellow is very apt at writing scathing rebukes, but like all fanatics he simply lump-sums all Americans into this pot of ignorance he claims is responsible for the Zionist take-over of the congress. Well, the joke is on him. It had NOTHING to do with American voters, since our votes haven’t counted for squat for many years now. The truth of the matter is very clear. The power of these dangerous lunatics, call them anything you wish, is so encompassing and has infiltrated ALL institutions the whole world over to such a degree that no earth-born human force could remove them without SUBSTANTIAL AIDE from other more powerful forces. It is way too easy to pickon the football watching, beer drinking American and say, “he isn’t sufficiently involved in the political process”. Sure he isn’t, and that’s probably because his cynical view was twisted long ago by many obvious social dilemmas that convinced him that the risk of losing everything to fight an unseen force without adequate support from our own military is foolhardy at best. I do not believe for one minute that these Zionist psychos will get what they want in the end, no matter what their unholy biblical asspirations are. I do believe that the same source that spawned us cares for us and this planet and this is not some cruel joke to see if humans will “awaken”?……I would NEVER do such a thing to my own children, even under the banner of “teaching them a lesson”, and afterall, I AM just a man. So , I surmise that to believe Creator would allow a bunch of thugs to incinerate half the globe and then gloat about it is to say that our Creator is the biggest asshole in the entire multi-verse, and THAT my dear is the penultimate cynical attitude!!!!!!!………..peace sister.

    • Jean says:

      Donnie, wake up!!! Do you think all hell isn’t going to be released on us at the first of the year? People have been asleep, no matter what the reason. Brett isn’t making nice excuses for us, what he is doing is relating facts and describing a picture that he sees! We could have stopped this, and we are the only ones that can make a change. No one else. We must wake up, and we must do it now, or it will soon be far too late . . . except for possibly the help of the positive timeline and those of us holding positive consciousness. . . It is headed our way!!! I implore you not to pick on one fact that this man relates – and ignore the rest, maybe because they make you uncomfortable.

      I am backing Brett’s words . . . we need to look at what he says. Yes, we have been abused, but who is going to change things – if we don’t?


  4. Captain says:

    As Israel and their WH buds did 9/11, there may be another on the horizon… ( They really want their Iran war, and WW3 )
    Youtube: Guccifer: Pennsylvania City to be Nuked Next Year

  5. Markku Järvinen says:

    Without reading the whole article yet I want to remind the readers of the statement made in many, many channelings: God does not allow nuclear war any longer and many such attempts have already been halted by the Galactics. The reason is that nuclear weapons cause a lot of havoc in other dimensions, too, besides our 3rd one.

    • Jean says:

      Yes! Yes! If we destroy our planet, the energetic damage to our Universe could be unimaginably terrible. Prime Creator will not allow this to happen, but less dangerous nuclear devices are still being used. Many times Peter Eyre has spoken of this in his articles and given proof. Also, I read recently – wish I could remember where, but it was in a video that I recently published -if someone can help me out – that nuclear devices cannot be set off nilly-nilly, but need perfect timing – and maybe geographic placement. I can’t speak to the accuracy of this, but it could be important. . . A nuclear holocaust by these standards is then impossible . . . Hugs, ~Jean

      • Tracy says:

        I can’t remember where I/we “read or heard about nuclear devices discharge, but I did a side-study because of this news about the perfect conditions to successfully (bad term) set-off an atomic bomb.
        The Australian man’s name: BRUCE CATHIE – THE HARMONIC CODE —
        playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLn36zwlOJE19r4PkecK68NOdYaNVU0pGR

        I would say there are valid points on both sides of this “discussion” — I can see relevance to several points. The author was getting on my nerves — yes he may have a point however “biased” it may be. By the author lumping all Americans into the same category as “myopic exceptionalists” it is just bad reporting; and tends to cloud the discernment to want to buy into his argument.

        And his plea of the “deadline to act” within the next six weeks (We’re talking about the Christmas Holidays which is a “programmed” busy time in the life of “everyday working peoples”. They don’t know what they don’t know and they’ve been imprisoned as POW’s on planet Earth. We are deceived by so many within this organized network of global terror against the BEINGS of Earth’s Creation. The gentle peoples are just trying to survive each day.

        From all points of this article & comments I must say it’s a 50/50 chance of an “attack” from the stolen Atomic Arsenals & black-market deals by rouge entities of U.S. But Jean do you really feel after witnessing several protests around this country (say the last year of so – think back to the variety) that WE CAN FORCE THE HAND OF THESE ‘DUAL CITIZEN’ ELECTED OFFICIALS TO TURN OFF THE SPIGOT OF WAR, CORRUPTION, ET AL? Not without as Donnie puts it “Divine Intervention” to assist us — because we “the informed” know that they have siphoned “unknown” Billions or Trillions since 1947 to use in their Black-Budgets for “who knows what” weapons which will be used against the people if the masses awaken exponentially.

        I DO NOT CONSENT – to any of this force, attacks, evil, wars, false-rulers, corruption et.al against Earth and the free-will of ALL Creation. I do agree with Donnie in that I know our loving Prime Creator – our Father of Man the ONE will not let us down, this isn’t just an exercise in futility. Our beloved Lord – King of Kings Yeshua Immanuel the Christed ONE did not give of his life for nothing. I believe just as in the days before the “deluge” (great flood) the Angels of the Heavens have cried out unto the Almighty ALL FATHER because of the recent nuclear activity, and other crimes against EARTH and ALL CREATION. We are being assisted….The ONE’s reckoning is coming.
        In Peace and wishing ALL a glorious “gratitude day”, 🙂

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