If you have not already read my long series – THE GREAT CON OF MAN – located – HERE – Or, the shorter series – SILENT WEAPONS FOR QUIET WARS – located – HERE – And finally – THE “KEY” TO OUR ENSLAVEMENT IS THE SEXUAL ENERGY – located — HERE – then this next piece will make very little sense to you!

I recommend that you stop reading this right now! If you can, please go back to read these other articles first, so that you can understand the important back ground information, and links necessary for “THIS” Article to make sense, or you will most likely be totally confused by what has been written here.

This is a “summation” of everything written so far! And, it is a logical end to the thought process that asks in no uncertain terms and in a point blank manner: “WHERE is all of this Cabal activity that we are seeing daily ultimately “trying” to lead us?”

Is it just simply that “they” want to be in control of everyone living on the planet? Is it nothing more than wanting to have all of the money and to call all of the shots for the masses that compel them to do these sordid things? Do they want to kill 90 percent of the people on Earth just to save the planet itself from over population — as some of them CLAIM?

My firm belief is that these ideas are not only FAR from the truth — they barely scratch the surface of the REAL PURPOSE.

The real goals of the ruling CABAL are far “darker” — and more evil than most people can conceive of, because it goes both “OFF WORLD” and then literally “transmogrifies” into a long term and “OVER REACHING AGENDA” which has very little to do with the somewhat trite notion of elites ruling the world! The actual agenda takes us directly into the mire of the Archon – Anunnaki and Draco Reptilian Control Matrix!

Most of the unenlightened “henchmen” who are — or have been working very hard in “support” of the NEW WORLD ORDER, really have no concept of “who” they are truly working for! Even those who are in the upper echelons of “management”, or the higher ups within both World Government positions and the Military — which all-be-it are great positions of power and authority, still have NO IDEA what the ULTIMATE GOAL of all of this BLACK MAGIC is, and even worse, just where all of this Occult Darkness is leading us!

These are not stupid people by any means! Installed within the positions I’ve listed, we have men and women who have working knowledge of Time Travel – Teleportation, Anti-Gravity Driven Space Craft – Super Advanced Ancient Technologies found on the Moon, Mars, and yes even on the Earth!

They have knowledge of Extra-Terrrestrials, Extra-Dimensionals, and alternative Time Lines — and all of the Parallel Universes of Space — and yet EVEN THEY, don’t completely “know” where all of this “secrecy” leads, and what these convoluted compartmentalizations were designed so carefully to keep under wraps.

So why are they helping?

It’s all DECEPTION! From the top to the bottom, and everywhere in between, THE LIE IS DIFFERENT AT EVERY LEVEL!

As a result — and through a system of world wide corruption, which includes: Bribes, blackmail, murder, drug running, world-wide weapons sales, mind control, human sex trafficking, pedophilia and ultimately even the Satanic Ritualistic Blood Sacrifices of young children, which are used to feed very real discarnate beings that live on other frequency levels just outside of our range of sight — we have millions of “henchmen” who are either terrified, or totally corrupted minions, who have become the mid-level “management” of this bizarre Off World Control Matrix – and are thus walking and stumbling forward while doing what they are told, with NO REAL CLUE as to where it all leads, because even they are just grunts!

Only a handful of the world’s top leaders – know this goes off world!
This is not something told to all mid-level management. For who would willingly commit treason against their own species, while helping an other -dimensional Satanic Force to take over.

The lie is different at every level! Even those at the very top think they’ve been told the truth by these off worlders! It is everyone else who gets lied to, but not them!

How is it that a group of Satan worshipping Lucifereans could manage to infiltrate the highest levels of Government – The Vatican – the Military and even age old Secret Societies like the Templars, the Freemasons, and the Knights of Malta? The LIE would have to be so huge, as to be almost indistinguishable from the truth!

These people, including: Military Leaders – Bankers – Corporate CEO’s – Clergy – Media Executives – Top Judges – Top Law Enforcement and Top Lawyers – Hollywood Producers and Actors – along with a “gaggle” of NSA/NRO/CIA/FBI/DHS/KGB/FSB/MOSSAD/MI-5&6 would have to have been “told” some of what’s being planned so they could carry out their portion of the plan, but theyhave been lied to about the rest! Because if they WERE told the ENTIRE agenda – then EVEN THEY would not want to go along with it!

Here are the “Cliff Notes” on the REAL END GAME — and all of the dots finally connected — which no one can seem to connect for all of the seemingly chaotic and disconnected things currently happening on the EARTH, which is BY DESIGN!

“WE” as a group, are currently living within a “synthetically” created Magnetic Hologram! It is ages old, and until quite recently was serving an AGENDA that most people were unaware of!

It has to do with an ALIEN DIRECTED “disconnect” from Prime Creator or what some people may even call THE SOURCE.

AS an artificially created “construct”, our 3-D “reality” is actually quite similar to the MATRIX as was seen and described in the TV Movie, only with many differences of course, since our 3-D bodies are not actually locked into “pods” in a machine-like world and stacked in order to create tall buildings.

This hologram was developed, designed, and is being “run” by both on world (Black Occult Magicians) and off world Reptilian and Human Hybrids, who are Masters at both DECEPTION and MIND CONTROL!

Long ago, the Original Organic and Divine Human Body Form – the physical body that we (as Earth Humans) use to inhabit while living in “3-D” – was given a Reptilian based genetic DOWNGRADE!

Many strands of our DNA Genetic Code were totally dis-connected from the single primary strands in order to dis-connect “us” from the Great Cosmic Intelligence, which as immortal and eternal souls, we had always been connected to.

They did this, so that we as a “complete group” would accept their MIND CONTROL programs, and once that was achieved, they began to compel us to very actively behave in ways that were quite destructive to both ourselves and to our planet. This was a NECESSITY because they needed us to behave in very low vibrational ways in order to achieve a very controlled and illusionary “reality” which could not have happened otherwise!

This is because what we “call our reality” is a collectively created, and very “changeable” or “moldable” day to day magical (magnetical) and illusory environment, which can literally move back up the scale toward extremely HIGH VIBRATIONS if not totally monitored and controlled DAILY to keep it from doing so.

This is the TRUE REASON that we are seeing mind-controlled and low vibratory behavior happening daily all over the planet! Through the World Wide Controlled Media, a “continuously” NEGATIVE News Stream is carefully dispensed through devices, including TV – Radio – Magazines – Newspapers, which actually use either frequencies OR symbolism and sacred geometry to hi-jack and stimulate the human brain in such a way as to hypnotically mold its perceptions toward a BASE VIBRATIONAL PROGRAM which is VERY important to their Control of our Reality.

It is important for many reasons, but mostly because it is OUR COLLECTIVE behavior, which includes all of our thoughts, all of our words, and all of our actions, when we are interacting with each other here on Earth that literally “assist” them in both creating, and then “sustaining” the MAGNETIC PRISON that we all together are living in, and that literally exists all around us – however invisible it may be.

The careful use, and manipulation of this SECRET, ESOTERIC AND ANCIENT KNOWLEDGE has everything to do with the Tandem Earth Grids – or the “ley-lines” that skirt the surface of the planet – and the duplicate grid of ley-lines that is approximately sixty miles high above the planet, all of which are “highly magnetic” and are symbiotically “functional” frequency regulators that greatly depend upon the “transmitted or transmuted energies” of human beings to CREATE VISUAL HOLOGRAPHIC representations of reality.

Do not under estimate the importance of this!

Our consciousness, which includes our focused thoughts, words, and actions, “assisted by” the conveniently structured sacred geometry of all of the government, military, and religious buildings that were placed directly on top of these ley lines AND at major intersection points along the grid are being “captured”, then highly distorted, and then FUNNELED back into the TANDEM GRIDS in order to control, re-direct, and ultimately USE these transmuted human energies to forcefully create a “DESIGNER REALITY.”

This would NOT be possible without the “bastardized” use of the magnetic grids and the continuous “force feeding” of negative energy backward into these sacred grids.

Once again, the importance of this can NOT be overstated ! It is the KEY to their whole hi-jacking operation!

This controlled prison Matrix has worked very well for thousands of years until PRIME CREATOR himself finally got involved in the matter and said NO MORE!

It is against HIS Cosmic Law to do what these very high frequency (but obviously dark beings) have been doing to both the Earth, and to those who have incarnated here. Some literally arrived on the Earth EON’s ago, and having been trapped here ever since in endless cycles of reincarnation.

The unfortunate beings who actually incarnated here eon’s ago, and have been stuck or “trapped” inside of this synthetic “frequency prison” for so long, have literally forgotten who they truly are!

They no longer have any IDEA that they are eternal souls of Prime Creator, or that they are simply reincarnating here on the Earth over and over again, and living baseless lives that “serve” only the dark dreams of those higher dimensional beings who are now feeding off of the MATRIX.

When PRIME CREATOR finally said no more, AN EPIC WAR was started between those who are of the light – and those who are in support of the DARK ONES. Those in support of Prime Creator were “indignant” that these certain high beings and “players” within the Universal Game of Free-Will, would NOT STAND DOWN and release the poor unfortunate souls they were holding prisoner in such a deceitful way as to claim in front of all that they were actually “CHOOSING” it!

These dark beings had long ago decided that they wanted to be cut off from PRIME CREATOR – so they could then live in a way that suits their desires without ever having to MOVE ON!

Fast forward to recent times!

Because of Prime Creator’s decision to put a stop to this, the GALACTIC CENTER is now sending out waves and waves of very high frequency light waves, as well as higher dimensional/transformational “LIGHT PHOTONS”, which are literally designed not only to “reconnect” the damaged DNA STRANDS within the maligned human form, but to also cause human beings to literally BY-PASS several of the very controlled frequency levels where the Archon- Anunnaki- Draco’s exist.  This would then deny them access to us permanently, and block their use of our consciousness as a food source.

AS A RESULT OF THIS ACTION – THE WAR HAS GOTTEN WAY OUT OF HAND – and “WE” have come to be where we are at the present moment.

For the past 70 to 100 years – those who are working with – and in support of the Archon – Annunaki – Draco Agenda (both human and non-human) have been working very hard (behind the scenes) to genetically create a brand NEW HUMAN BODY FORM which can live on the surface of the Earth in an even more controlled way.

This “genetic research” has already been done in secret, in deep underground labs and by using some of the best genetic scientists the world has to offer – working along side of their own!

Many of these scientists were never told the truth of what they were working on. Some were told that it was a new body for the Grays, or any lie other than  the fact that it was actually a new, and better prison suit for human souls.

ENTER FREEWILL! The one stumbling block to this entire plan of the DARK, and the subject of my now many previous articles, is that of FREEWILL.

Backing up in time –

When Prime Creator got involved and said enough – he was immediately challenged by the Dark, who claimed that he was reneging on his own decree that this was a FREEWILL Universe. The dark maintained that if it was truly a FREEWILL Universe, then they had a “right” to both disconnect from him, AND to never have to progress past where they were if they didn’t want to.

And, because they had an infinite crop or source of energy to feed off of in the form of younger upward coming souls, they figured there was nothing that could be done to stop them, regardless of what was decided.

It was at this point that they were told that they could do what they wanted AS LONG AS EACH SOUL WAS ALWAYS GIVEN A CHOICE in the matter.

So you can now see their dilemma!

They have been told that they can do what they want – but those countless souls who they were depending upon to feed them with energy – needed to always be given a “choice” as to whether they will participate with the dark or NOT!

This did not sit well with these very high level Dark Frequency Beings because they formulated that eventually their plan would end because NO ONE WOULD PARTICIPATE OF THEIR OWN FREE WILL! Thus in order to “counter” this potentially unwanted outcome – the first version of the dumbed-down human body form was created – and installed on the Earth.

The Earth’s “magnetic grids” were hi-jacked and began to produce a fake, synthetic reality, so that even when given a freewill “choice”,  due to the extremely low vibrations covering the Earth and the endless MIND CONTROL being used on them, the human souls themselves would simply always CHOOSE the dark path. PROBLEM SOLVED!

Needless to say PRIME CREATOR was NOT IMPRESSED with the “solution” that the Dark Energy Beings came up with to solve their problem of diminishing returns once FREEWILL was accorded to every soul!

Since He wanted these Dark Beings to Return to Him, he gave them another chance and told them that they must ALWAYS tell the human souls caught in their prison in advance what they were going to do here on Earth, so that souls collectively would really be able to make an honest choice.

Not wanting to do this, but forced to co-operate, the Dark Beings started to use “symbols” and languages with words that had double and even triple meanings, and then by switching the words from backwards to forwards and vice versa,  and even by putting these mixed-up words in obscure places, and doing it years in advance of any action they intended to do, they thus CLAIMED to be “fulfilling” PRIME CREATORS directive of giving everyone here advance notice!

Again Prime Creator shook his head!

Maybe you can finally understand why I personally am having a real problem with these beings!!

The real amusing thing here is that there are literally millions of “adult” men and women living on Earth – right now as we speak who are totally in service to these beings and don’t even know it!!

For money, fame, status, and reward, they are willing to carry out the agenda! They are dressed in business suits and work in the very halls of Government – Education – Business – Religion – The Military – The Media – Science – Hollywood –

And if they are in public life – they do stupid things like “flash” the pyramid symbol – or the so-called ALL SEEING EYE – or go on TV and stick out their tongue into the pyramid symbol – and use any number of secret handshakes or symbols to show they are in service to the DARK! Without really knowing what that DARK REALLY WANTS!

Getting back to the present-

The reason those in service to the DARK needed to use human scientists to help them is NOT because they could not do this work by themselves – it is so that they can make the CLAIM to PRIME CREATOR and to the Higher Universal and Cosmic Councils that the EARTH HUMAN BEINGS themselves were “very complicit” in this plan, and thus CONSENTED to it fully!

They needed this one loophole plugged if they hoped to “get away” with their plan which is constantly being reviewed by very high COSMIC BEINGS.

The biggest problem for the Dark is this: The “old” genetically downgraded human body form – the one which which you see everywhere, walking on the planet, the one which we all incarnate into – IS NO LONGER WORKING to hold our consciousness down to a very low vibrational level, and WE as a group are literally breaking free of the hold that it has had on us! This was PRIME CREATORS intention.


They decided to “create” an entirely new, and even more disconnected human body form, or human body suit for all of the “souls” that are still caught within the Prison Matrix.

This body suit will not only be dumbed down far below what we currently have now, it will be even more controllable.

It will have machine parts and machine technology inserts all throughout it which will assist in TOTAL A.I. COMPUTER CONTROL of the living being, such that almost NO ability exists for the poor incarnated soul within that body to have a freewill choice OTHER THAN WHAT THOSE WHO ARE IN CONTROL OF IT WANT!

So now that you know this – How can they EVER hope to get this past the Universal Councils and Prime Creator?



They are saying that:

All of the freedoms being taken away daily, are being “consented” to by the majority of the species! They say humans are “asking” for more and more “protections” from the government! They say humans are AFRAID, and thus want these restrictions in order to feel safe!

The newly created human body suit will be exactly the safest place for the soul that is AFRAID! It will be provided to that soul, because that’s what they want!!
They don’t want freedom, they want safety! They want Safety inside this nice synthetic reality prison!

At this time:

The Dark is currently “terra-forming” the planet by Chem-Trailing it daily – and also changing the environment by placing toxic NUCLEAR WASTE DUMPS everywhere – and by also using weather modification to get the surface world into a BETTER Frequency Range for the new hybrid bodies to operate within.

Remember the Earth is actually a FREQUENCY! If the Frequency is too high – the new hybrid bodies will not live long or function well within it. They are being specifically designed to live in a very low and quite toxic vibration!

For those who think this is all too far fetched – this has been done before!

The GRAYS are the perfect example of actual living beings whose souls were “forced” into genetically manipulated bodies which were then very controllable by the Draco’s. They have no real free will – and are considered to be a servant race to the Draco’s all over the Universe.

The REAL “plan” – known only to the highest members of the CABAL – is to GET RID OF THE OLD DISCONNECTED BODY FORM (By killing off 90 percent of the Earth’s population) and thus exterminating the old body “suit” that is no longer working for them!

Then – they will drag out the “new” body suit – the human 3.0 suit, which has already been created, and is waiting in the underground labs – and through a process most people can not even conceive of – literally “force” all the souls who can not get free of the Earth’s Gravity – back into the reincarnational cycle, and into these newly created, and very machine-like bodies. Problem again solved.

If this occurs – it will be almost IMPOSSIBLE for anyone in this FREEWILL UNIVERSE (EVEN PRIME CREATOR HIMSELF) to help these souls who did NOT STAND UP FOR THEMSELVES AND STAND UP AGAINST THIS TAKE OVER – which is becoming more and more obvious by the day!

This is the reason for the WAR – and the very reason why all of the LOVING SOULS HAVE INCARNATED HERE at this time, and are being called into very positive and loving action!

It is action – action – action – in thought – word – and deed which has the greatest affect/effect upon this magnetic hologram!

It is positive, light-filled action every day which re-tunes the endless energies being backward forced into the Earth Grids.

Yes – LOVE IS THE GREATEST POWER THERE IS! I HAVE PERSONALLY WRITTEN ABOUT THIS MANY TIMES! And it was/is the “plan” of those who came here to USE LOVE – to literally dissolve the MATRIX!

However, this is the part of the “HARRY POTTER MOVIE” where Harry tells his friends that VOLDEMORT has finally “discovered” that “they” are hunting “HORCRUXES” and literally destroying them! And, now that he knows – boy is he PISSED!

The CABAL has finally discovered that millions upon millions of light orientated beings are now here on EARTH and are using the LOVE VIBRATION against them – AND BOY ARE THEY PISSED! THEY HAVE NOW DECLARED AN ALL OUT WAR ON EVERY LIVING BEING ON THE PLANET THAT IS NOT ONE OF THEM!

These higher frequency dark souls who are the so-called OVER LORDS of this planet DO NOT WANT TO PROGRESS — EVER!

They do NOT WANT TO MOVE FORWARD within Prime Creators plan of soul-growth-evolution!

They are HAPPY with what they have attained – and because they have UNPLUGGED themselves from PRIME CREATOR’S Universal System of energetic support —


Remember this is a Freewill Universe. Prime Creator has said so – so “they” (the dark ones) are now claiming to be well within their rights of freewill to stay exactly where they are — and to NOT HAVE TO MAKE PROGRESS EVER!

The rules of Freewill in this Universe are absolute — but they do NOT WORK like most people think they do. Yes there ARE lessons here to learn, but they are not structured in the way that most people think they are structured.

It is all about the “choices” that you make at each and every moment of your life! But it is far MORE than that. It is not only ABOUT WHAT YOU CHOOSE TO DO HERE! It is also very much about what you DO NOT CHOOSE TO DO HERE, AS WELL!

Only 50 percent of the total vibrational grade has to do with what you are choosing to do daily! The other 50 percent (in order for perfect and total balance to be achieved) has to be about what you did NOT CHOOSE AS WELL! That my friends is the OTHER SIDE OF THE COIN – and there really are two sides.

Which is why I am literally beating the drum every single day saying HEY – Everyone out there – half of the vital ingredients are missing from the recipe that assists EACH SOUL in gaining THEIR VIBRATIONAL FREEDOM!

IF YOU DO NOT SPEAK OUT, AND GO ON RECORD against the AGENDA as it is occurring on the planet right in front of you visually –


If you do not actively say NO – then it can be “assumed” according to the rules that you said yes!


This was how they got around the rule of “tacit consent” and were eventually freed from the hologram! Very few souls have been able to do it this way! Another way is to have someone who is already FREE from the hologram – take on ALL OF THE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOU AS A SOUL – which is also very rare – and this HARDLY  EVER HAPPENS.

Those who has NOT taken these drastic and dramatic steps, and who are still USING the system in their every day lives, are thus TACITLY CONSENTING TO IT unless they are speaking out against it.

Or using a Declaration of Non-Consent.

Just look at all of the so-called “on-line” contracts that are being handed to you by the likes of Google and Facebook every day now! They are SHOWING YOU how it is now – because they HAVE TO!

Every time a new change comes out in their software and their on-line programs, they automatically “opt you into” all of the changes!

You are automatically set up to be “included” into everything they want!
This is not an accident!


Is this happening by chance? NO – They are SHOWING you what you must know because they are compelled to do this by Cosmic Law.

They are showing you very clearly that if YOU DO NOT CHOOSE TO OPT OUT OF THEIR SYSTEM OF IDEAS – Under their rules and laws – YOU WILL BE OPTED INTO THEM – AND COUNTED AS COMPLICIT!

YES THERE ARE RULES to this game – only they are not the rules that you have been hearing about for decades.

Every court “system” in the world operates in the exact way that I’ve just described to you and has been doing so for almost 100 years now. Is THIS AN ACCIDENT? No!

I don’t care HOW MUCH you object to what I am saying in this one article – the truth is that if you are dragged into a court room by the police, you are automatically opted into their system from the moment you get there – UNLESS YOU TAKE VERY REAL AND COURAGEOUS STEPS TO OPT OUT!

I, and many others, have said this over and over again now! The data and the information is OUT THERE for everyone to see.

BY being opted into their system – REAL CONSEQUENCES WILL TAKE PLACE FOR YOU IN YOUR LIFE! About this, no one who has ever been to a courtroom can argue.

So the real question is this: WHY?

Do you think it is different on the higher levels? What are the higher levels? How many people have been there and seen them? Do you understand what happens on the higher levels when you do get there?

Even if you find yourself more or less comfortable on the “other side” temporarily, what kind of body will be available for you to incarnate into, if the CABAL gets its way?

The Matrix needs to go! It can be destroyed!

It’s the dark energy being sent into the grids which has to be changed. This we can only do collectively, as a large group!

By removing our consent to everything the Cabal is attempting to do to us – they lose power.

There are grand beings of LOVE working with each soul. Daily action is necessary to break the Matrix!

Now is the TIME to do it once and for all!

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    • Jean says:

      I am happy to release this, but the links do not come through. . . Please correct them. . . Thanks and hugs, ~Jean

  2. jane says:

    Humanity is apparently Ascending, I would assume this means we will be free of any rule of any dark evil beings when we are residing in the higher dimensions but still in a physical form? Or is Ascension very much last season?

    • Jean says:

      Jane, to be honest, I have heard we do make it this time, and by the ‘skin of our teeth’. How this will actually occur is still a mmater of speculation, as I think timelines are constantly changing. In the beginning, I believe we will still be in our bodies… we have many other adjustments/changes to make before we leave them behind in a still higher dimension.

      New/old scientific information is coming to the fore that may change things further . . . and, yes, I think for those of us who ascend this time — and I hope it will be everyone who wants to do so — there will be no dark, evil energies. (Apparently, we are having our big dose/experience of them right now 🙂


  3. Jim Shaw says:

    I would love to read THE “KEY” TO OUR ENSLAVEMENT IS THE SEXUAL ENERGY, but the link doesn’t work. Can somebody address that? Thanks a bunch!

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  5. gimixi1 says:

    Reblogged this on gimixiblog and commented:
    This is an extremely eye opening article! I must say it’s the information that I have gravitated to! Imagine this to be true!? Now that I think of it I get pissed off because I don’t consent to these chemtrails and these Fukushima disasters! I don’t believe for one minute it was anything natural! It was a nuke! Day by day I hear about this ridiculous new world order and the Georgia guides stones! Who are these dominating psychos to make all these rules! Who the hell came up with cigarettes and put all those toxic chemicals and they are still making money creating misery! It must be a dumpster for scumbags and we are living on the same planet! I do not consent and I have woken up! LOVE is everything so I will focus on that!

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  10. in propria persona:

    When Truth is not known; when any part of IT is missing or has been misrepresented; than the choices made as presented by another IS Karmic in nature. This is true for any entity on any plane at any point in existence.

    While Grace allows actions to be taken; limiting a Soul’s CHOICE USING ANY FORM OF DECEIT, and supported by force makes response WITH force JUST.

    Michele Baillie

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  13. Pheonix says:

    Its quite simple actually… Live unconditionally.. It begins with “i am” n its a statent of being.. Ur here to expreience.. Nothing can do that for u or change ur will.. Or what you will “have” “do” ” say” ” be ” etc… Only u decide this.. Second.. Live outside duality.. Let go of such a thing.. The universe n life isnt based on duality.. Its an illusion of having to be something having to choose.. Experience has nothing to do with duality.. Duality is based upon extremes n extremes are unbalanced.. Remain therefore free of the duality by choosing neither n remaining nuetral.. Thus remaining perfectly centered.. In essence in the universe all things are created nuetral till given purpose n reason per individual interpretation.. There is no one size fits all.. Labels are another illusion.. Let those go as well.. Instead just simply be.. Life isnt something we are subject to.. Its something we experience as we choose to.. Not consent to.. We arent subject to anything instead its the opposite.. Everything is subject to us in life.. Proactive not reactive.. Thats the truth of it… Negativity is what creates illusions when one is feeling “down” or ” low” but do u notice thoSe two words? On top of do u notice the word “feel” only u are in control of such n nothing dictates that.. The universe is under the divine directive of life.. Within that all life in exsistence is subject n accountable to universal law.. It cannot be circumvented by anything.. If u notice.. All things are within.. Its whats known as the laws of one.. For everything has a source.. N source just is.. For we are part of that source.. N yet we are within source.. As per the law of transmutation of energies.. Higher energies transmute the lower ones.. What entities get channeled are always lower ones not higher.. Cuz higher cannot be lower at the same time.. The fan cannot be on high and low at the same time cuz it would cancel itself out.. So such is not true.. However those entities are lower frequencied n they feed of such things.. They are whats lower than us.. Not whats about us.. The best way to live is unconditionally.. Without condition.. Ur here to experience life not be subject to things.. Not to be wasting ur time not experiencing.. I tell ppl the best way to go is to free urself from all influences.. Media related.. News .. Sports.. Radio news.. Anything that provokes a negative reaction or gets a rise out of u.. That my friends is how they do it.. Thru those things.. Free urselves from the pathetic methods they use.. If u notice they parrot over and over about dis-ease… Cancer n diabetes n other shit.. Its a scare tactic to get u to believe shit.. Dont buy it.. Dont trust thier doctors either.. Be in this world but not of it… N forgiveness is the key to releasing urself from what afflicts you.. So u wont be affected by it anymore.. Next live in love.. N truth of ur beingness.. These things are within you.. Make those a statement of ur being.. My statement of love is chocolate ice cream cuz it is perfect just the way it is.. Wouldnt change it for the world. Be in the know not the believe.. My statement of truth is one with my statement of love for they are one in the same.. Life is very fair my friends.. Start living that way.. Its like the drivethru at mc donalds.. Life is like a huge catalog of whats on the menu for u to pick n choose.. I dont know one person who doesnt know what they want off ths menu… We one gets to the screen life asks “how can i take ur order.. What would u like today? ” do u order what it is u dont want or have to get? Fuck no.. U order the damn happy meal n why.. Cuz its got the toy surprise but the only way ” im lovin it” is if im ordering it.. Wow.. Choices choices lol.. Hmm id almost have to…..CHOOSE IT.. N wham i get my happy meal.. Its that simple n if that doesnt do it for ya then go to burger king n ” have it ur way” funny how ur like being reminded of how it works.. Want a better life.. Get out the catalog of life n choose what u love.. Not just what u like.. Life presents u with many a thing to get ur opinion on such.. It never subjects u.. Kinda like a huge expose’ of everything n anything n if ur not interested then u pass on it.. Its not crammed down ur throat although sum dumbasses would live you to believe thats the case.. Its not.. Trust me.. It TOTALLY ISNT.. Lol we only get the things we love cuz they make us… HAPPY.. Its that simple.. Its a choice ppl not some consent form.. Its ur life n life itself isnt some one size fits all.. Its as per individual experience.. Not multiple.. I mean ask urself.. Do u reside in two bodies? Can u think for urself? Do u see out ur own eyes? If the answer is yes to all three then good.. Welcome to being you 101 we have been expecting you.. Lol.. Welcome to life.. Start living it.. Next yime u go outside at night i want u to look up at the stars… Pretty vast arent they.. It kinda makes one feel small by comparison.. All exsistence is more vast than u can imagine but like those stars everything including u has its place within that can never be taken from u.. To believe otherwise is pure folley n total delusion.. Next time ur worried about all this shit i want u to go outside n look at those stars.. Source is the total sum of that vastness n he is larger than life itself.. I yhink ill stick with source cuz nothing compares to source.. It really puts stuff in true perspective dont ya think? Just know u have ur place n you are who u are.. Thats all u have to be cuz u are already loved as u always have been n always will be.. U were already created n nothing speaks or dictates for that.. You just simply are.. You are a fact for there u are.. Have u ever marveled at the fact of u standing there? Take a look at the body ur in.. U manifested this.. No one else.. Every lil last detail.. That is truth n if anyone says its not then i guess u obviously must not be standing right there huh? Lol you must not exsist obviously… No ur a figment of the imagination.. If they think that then proceed to walk away from them.. Lol

    • Please, can you please use proper sentence & spelling structure when you write something out like you’ve taken the time to do so, in order for your concerns to be taken seriously??. You completely disrespect the content of your portent by NOT doing so. How can you postulate rules of engagement while disrespecting even the most simplest rules of grammar & expect to be taken seriously??…I’m quite sure that your spell-check even prompted you to make the correction while you wrote your diatribe but you disrespectfully disregarded it…if one cannot be faithful in the most smallest & simplest of all things to be duly & respectfully considered?? How could you be faithful in the bigger/greater things??. SMH.

      • Jean says:

        I did not write this article, but this is my blog, and I will respond to it since it is an old article. What have you learned from this informative article? Why do you feel the need to criticize the grammar. Apparently, you are able to write a grammatically correct article, but it appears you have no spiritual insight. A spiritually connected person has a different set of values than you appear to display. Obviously, you cannot get beyond the ‘things of this world’ to see a deeper perspective, regardless of grammar! Please think about my words, and don’t return here with an argument. I suggest you start your own blog, write your own articles, instead of criticizing others. Readers are appreciative of Bradley’s efforts and content on our behalf.
        Hugs, ~Jean

  14. judynz says:

    While in no way would I undermine Wendy777s affirmation for Non Consent, I do not believe the DO NOT CONSENT is wrong.
    Sometimes when become involved in long convoluted affirmations we can become bogged down & lose our ooomph, in our INTENT…..& indeed it is our INTENT that determines outcome in ALL we do.

    Bradleys argument about I DO NOT CONSENT is exactly what is needed when dealing with our politicians.

    To me it is obvious that these governing bodies NEED our CONSENT which is why they set up the Birth Certificate scam & why LEGALESE is used to confuse the masses.

    The people think because they were born in a country they are CITIZENS of that country & proudly say this.
    YOU ARE NOT, only the Birth certificate is a citizen.
    If you must have something to define yourself, you are a National, or a Sovereign.

    Because the BC name is the same as your own name you are constantly being tricked into many things that have nothing to do with you.
    You are lumbered with CORPORATE debt, TAXATION, subject to ACTS & STATUTES, Phoney criminal charges etc.

    Because when we were registered, the baby (you) announced Lost at Sea, DEAD. To politicians we do not exist. When we speak they cannot hear us.

    Your Govt OWNS your Birth Certificate name, (in CAPITAL LETTERS.) This is why your BC says words to the effect that you cannot use it for identification……unless ofcourse you are REGISTERING SOMETHING.
    To REGISTER ANYTHING, is an act of giving ownership to The Government.
    House, Car Business, Vote, even your children. They just don’t tell you.

    You only have (usually) one or two names….plus a family name. The family name is NOT YOURS, it belongs to the family. Never lump them all together. thats the govt name.

    See why it is important to learn about the subject & get to KNOW deep in your heart as to who you are!

    Do you see why petitions dont work, because of how they are worded & signed.

    Its not that govt doesnt care about us, we just dont exist.

    We need to come up with something concise to separate us from the BC for our communications with govt bodies to let them KNOW we DO NOT CONSENT especially for petitions.

  15. maurburns says:

    What has happened to you Jean?

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  17. Thank you for the wonderful article full of knowledge and educational merit. I wrote this short artical in 1994 to accompany my music. This song I wrote and performed its called call my own. This song and short artical were written through spontaneous reflection before I heard of ascension and ancient history, cataclysms and all we speak of now. Though it all is coming together for myself in realizing I have a higher power guiding and sharing information that at the time seemed to of been something bigger than me in a sense, like I would listen to the song I wrote and hear it for the first time and figure out what it meant to me after the fact. Our memory may not be all there though we are awakening and I always believed in reflections being some sort of glimpse into our own past. Anyhoo this writing is below. Too listen to my song GOOGLE ” LeViers Cosmicwind/ Call my Own. Please let me know what you think.

    My writing and song 1994
    Leviers cosmicwind.
    GOOGLE. ( Leviers Cosmicwind call my own

  18. Strange, with all the content, important as it is (free will) and the understanding of it, there is no mention of one of the most, if not the most important stripping/deceiving of free will. The birth name and birth certificate, your NAME in all CAPS and the bond created in your name at birth.
    This is a major missing component in this essay. Anyone who cares to learn more, check out losethename.com.

    Without this knowledge and the knowing of the deception placed upon us at birth, all else goes out the window.

  19. pupma says:

    This was a fabulous (long LOL) learning experience for myself.
    Thank you ALL for sharing so openly, your wisdom and personal experiences.
    Jean, your site just rocks!!!

  20. Michelle says:

    Bradley, having read your prior posts, this was a good one for me. I reacted strongly to it. I highly recommend you watch Tom Cruise’s new movie The Edge of Tomorrow. To me it clearly traveled along the same path you have laid out with this latest post. I highly recommend it. It is telling us exactly what needs to happen…

  21. Excellent data. For a very long time I have been promoting CREATING A NEW PLATFORM in which to step onto and away from what is…my efforts began in 2000. Unfortunately, little serious regard has been given and those that did show interest where without the ability to roll up their sleeves and do the actual work and study necessary to create a NEW EARTH PLATFORMS. Most were deeply intrenched in the spiritual opium of false light and thereby rendered useless, their energies, resources and time where bleed off into false light gurus, retreats and seminars.

    I believe very firmly, that is is necessary and vital to create these NEW EARTH PLATFORMS / COMMUNITIES that desire to live by the Laws of The One / Prime Creator. Much time has been wasted…what little lead time we have, very little indeed, WE MUST MAKE EVERY EFFORT AND USE EVERY OPPORTUNITY TO PROCEED IN THIS DIRECTION…at the same time exercise I DO NOT CONSENT to what is every step of the way loud and clear.

  22. cyco says:

    This argument might make sense if we were outside of Source’s consciousness, as implied. But we’re not. We’re INSIDE the majestic awe-inspiring consciousness that holds it all together. We are not in any mess whatsoever. We are experiencing what needs to be experienced. You’re in it for the ride and you can’t get off until the ride is over. It’s all good. Flow with it!

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  24. Candace says:

    Jean… the anunnaki “cartel” is no longer manifest. You really should read more at my site and forum for some truth. Enlil… the anunnaki Lord on this world abdicated last January…. Candace of AbundantHope.

  25. Rebecca says:

    Really resonated with your article Bradley. I feel there are many things you have hit on the head. As I have said before we can only see where all this is heading and speculate. Many are coming to similar conclusions.
    This was in our msm today. Again another example of what they may be up to.
    Hawkings: “The primitive forms of artificial intelligence we already have have proved very useful. But I think the development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race.” He added that the technology would eventually become self-aware and “supersede” humanity as it developed faster than biological evolution.

    I love it how they warn us………. and Bradley’s explanation of this does make sense……and the majority of humanity aren’t even involved in any of this AI. And of course it begs the question that ………if it is going to replace us why in the hell is it allowed to go further. This idea has been around in movies for a long time….. as predictive programming.
    Just getting on the way out side of this………is this AI platform really going to house the Archons…..whatever? Just leaving enough real people around to serve their purposes? Say 500,000, as on the Georgia Guide Stones? Will these entities be transported via CERN to be housed in an upgraded way? Just trying to put some ideas together. There is something very sinister about CERN!

    love and light

  26. Wendy777 says:

    I had a dream last night and was asked to remind everyone that the Universe, Prime Creator, Source does not hear the negative in a sentence. I’ve been doing very similar work a la Cameron Day since 1999 and have had to learn to rephrase the I DO NOT CONSENT type of phrase to: I cancel and clear any negative imprints, control, manipulation, negative energies, thought forms, etc. from any beings such as Dark Forces, Lords of Karma, Archons, etc. I Choose to Work with Source and only Source in all ways, cases and instances through all timelines, dimensions and Universes.

    • Candace says:

      as to the Lords of Karma… unless you are a FREED spirit being… they oversee you… You cannot cancel anything with them… Source does hear the negative… source indwells as a mind particle of himself… your mind and it knows everything you think.

  27. Yutumu says:

    Bradley and Jean have done a great service to all who are awakened or awakening to the truth.
    But, no one person knows the whole story and no one but ourselves is going to make the changes needed to release us from our captors. Whether Bradley is 100% correct in his writings may not be as important as his providing us with a possible “bigger picture” of this 3D world. Personally, I
    think he is right on in many respects. If anything, he is at least helping us to think and to use our sense of discernment. We are all spiritual warriors and this is our boot-camp training time.
    How many times have we been told that there are many races in other solar systems and other galaxies who have also been enslaved by those of darkness? We’ve also been told that we are being watched carefully by many ET races who know what has been happening to us and who want
    to see what humanity is going to do…. They are waiting for US, not for a time when they feel it’s
    convenient to come and save us from the evil Archons. Is this physical hologram we are stuck in just part of a bigger plan? A cosmic Final Exam of sorts? Or, is it all a sick game where the strong
    dominate the weak until their race either figures out how to survive and thrive, or the oppressors
    smack us down so often and so completely that there is nothing left but our lost and forgotten souls? I do not know, but I suspect that most readers here on this blog are also still trying to sort things out. Ten or Fifteen years ago, if I had read what Bradley has written lately, I would have thought he was crazy or that it was all complete fiction…. my, how my perspectives have changed in such a very short time, and I can only think that we are all on this journey on the road to find out,
    not only who we really are but more importantly, where we are going.
    The Prime Creator made this a free-will universe. It’s the Creator’s game and the Creator can do as it wishes. Like it or not, that’s just one of the rules we are being challenged with…. so let’s stop
    and appreciate the fact that we are conscious of that and finally learning to realize our true potentials. Yes… sometimes life can suck, but it is still good to be alive and there is still love and
    puppies in this world…. and that is enough to keep me going.
    “Sometimes all we can do in times like these is to do the best we can with the time we are given.”

    Keep it coming Jean and Bradley!


  28. Frank R says:


    I am sorry I am so late to responding to this article…been sick for awhile going through Detox from meds….One question please……….I was ALWAYS LED TO BELIEVE AND READ DOZENS AND DOZENS OF ARTICLES AND STORIES THAT THE DARK SIDE HAS A LOW VIBRATIONAL FREQUENCY but now you are saying it has a HIGH VIBRATIONAL FREQUENCY. This is contrary to what so many of us had leaned. Can you elaborate briefly please.

    Deep Respects…………. Frank R

    • nadine says:

      negative (self to service) or positive (self to others) beings of higher densities are well explained in the book “law of one”. the extremist polarity between both of them exists in the fourth density.

      • Pheonix says:

        Not exactly.. Lower energies are just that.. They cannot be two things at the same time.. Everything within source was created individually as per the laws of creation which portain under purpose n reason n for there is one of everything all the way down to the smallest fractal.. There is no double standard in exsistence.. The entire universe is under universal law n is subject to it .. Light or dark.. That is the order of source.. Life being the prime directive.. When ppl channel these so called entitys they only contact lower energys.. Not higher ones cuz it defeats the purpose of the law of transmutation of energies.. Which like the laws of cause and effect are definite n final n cannot be circumvented.. The law of one pertains to all within the one for everything has a source.. But if u notice the constant theme of life is “within” n its in everything.. As we all reside within source such is the laws of one .. I say this.. Until one learns to come n go from within they will but only go without.. Now tell me from this perspective.. Why is it the darker lower energies refuse to grow? Why do they resort to such vacummed measures n tactics.. Such is negativity.. It does not grow but implodes upon itself .. Its much like a black hole.. N a vaccume.. If u notice it sucks n light cannot escape from it but such doesnt ladt forever for as it goes it shrinks until it becomes no more n this is known as spiritual stagnation.. All life within the universe is based upon fluidity n flow.. At the point of now.. All in one moment .. Lower energies become static because they refuse to move n its why higher energies are what transmutes the lower ones.. So its pretty simple.. Love is the key to all things.. Truth is what sets us free.. Live in both.. Become love n truth until it resonates to ur very core but as u see its from within this must come..,

  29. eewindsor says:

    Removing consent takes many forms: boycotting enterprises that propagate slavery, refusing to use credit for necessities, refusing to participate in major media “events” and “holidays,” refusing to vote or “choose” a Party, refusing to accept Allopathic (so-called “medical”) methods of treating chronic or infectious conditions, confronting and dispersing legalists who utilize maritime law to victimize and enslave the unwary, and so forth. Staying out of it, and telling people still embedded that they have options. This is what we can do, to make a difference.

  30. Greater Arcana says:

    The Truth Trains have already left Sheeple Station behind, and split into two paths. Truth Path A is moving into the newer territory of “The Only Constant is Change” while Truth Path B is moving on the same old-same old “Here’s what I know about Ascension and the New Cage movement, and as long as this is a comfortable ride, I’m good to go. Say, when are those good ETs going to show up and save us?”

    People on the A Train who are remembering the details of this article to be Truth, say a loving adios to those on the B Train. There will be no more potty training nor covering of your eyes at the scary parts of the movie. Remember, we will all get there, but we’re not supposed to all get there at the same time. This even includes Dick Cheney who I’ll personally be waiting for with a big hug and kiss.

    • Jean says:

      Always on target with a great comment, GA. My thanks to you 😉 Hugs, ~Jean

      • Greater Arcana says:

        You betcha. Thanks for the girthy content. You have excellent balance between the sweet and the sour for all your readership to feel included.

        I struggle with that quality.

  31. mary says:

    Hi- I have never posted here or read an article, but did today by way of a poster on another blog. I wanted to say I agree with article, even though this is the first I have read here, I have been searching for truth for a very long time.. I fought the “its your responsibility”, for a long time, I was raised catholic, then into Jesus, then around 2009 I started to truly awaken, the hardest for me was letting go of “jesus” but I now know this entity did exist , still does, just not how we were taught, I have “fought it” every day since, escalating now more and I decree every day, No, to their lies, No to the matrix and yes to love and How I envision our earth to be. Without reading your former articles , I know I agree, because I’ve researched it all..Mostly I want to say, I believe together we can do this, break the matrix and change our earth ..I visualize the “walls” coming down every day and positive consciences streaming in.. It truly is “us” who can do it. lets do it everyday..it truly is a “matrix” and nothing but lies and control .. We are amazing entities, lets all believe it and change our earth. Best to all..

    • Jean says:

      Mary, I’m so delighted you have shared your thoughts with all of us here! Not only can we break the matrix, we are doing it!!! One courageous person at a time. Clearly, you are one of those people 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

      • mary says:

        thank you Jean , it is an every day thing, discouragement can come so easily, but that is what they want. Sometimes I think I am one of those souls who have been trapped here for eons, because of the “dreams” I’ve had of me in lifetime’s of what appeared “stone age”, I think that may be why I fight so hard to stay in tune with our true self. I want to be free. And I understand about what former poster said about even forgiving Cheney!. I’m even willing to forgive annuaki ,archons and “Lucifer” as long as its genuine, I want to go home.

        • Jean says:

          Oh, me, too! I remember a time of beautiful silence and quiet and peace . . . Hugs, ~Jean

        • Barbara says:

          I know exactly what you are saying. I am in the mental health field but do not believe in all of the psychotropic drugs. It sickens me but I am teaching people about waking up. I too was raised catholic and have slowly stepped away over the course of 20 years. I am beyond caring what others think as but hey if they want to pray for me “whatever”
          Jean I know I am here to help these people, but there is so much discouragement death and decease. I have also wondered when I can go home too. Hang in there Mary.

          • Jean says:

            Barbara, I am still struggling with the after effects of abuse and drugs . . . It’s been a terrible, terrible experience, but one I would not have traded. I rmember years ago one night when I thought I was going to go insane, I called a local metroplitian hospital where I lived, and the doctor on call shared that what I was having was a ‘spiritual emergency’. Believe me, psychiatrist in general don’t have a clue. It’s all about becoming sovereign beings, with no one, and I mean no one controlling us, but that means we must then assume responsibility. . . something most people don’t want to deal with — so they remain children.

            In response to Mary, Jesus was all about love and loving oursevles before we love others. No one addresses this or the vyer good reasons for doing so. If we consider Jesus in that light, whether he existed in the physical or not is no longer an issue – at least not for me. Jesus never came to rescue us. He said we could do what he did . . . and I believe we will. . . 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

    • picklevine says:

      Hi Mary, You say you have researched it all. Have you read the Roswell “Alien Interview”. It is fascinating. http://www.thenewearth.org/Roswell.pdf

      • mary says:

        Hi picklevine, I may have read that, I”ll check it out. thank you I am still searching for truth, I’ve looked at so much and its that the “matrix” just makes so much sense to me..best to all

        • Robyne says:

          I have stuff I could share to the masses but simply fearful as my name is in it. Long story short and only a smudging of this experience but I was led to take photos of the night sky. First night I am out there (I don’t want to be outside at 3 am taking photos of the night sky something I had very little interest in then) and because I don’t want to be there I start talking to the night sky and I say, “Do you know who I am”, “Why am I out here taking photos” etc. etc. Never once expecting a response, right! So when I get inside to look at the photos I took I SEE my name was written in the sky with something resembling that of white string and there were symbols representing my name. This thing answered my question…. WTH!

          So the next night (I agreed to 30 days of this), the 2nd night I am beside myself for what appears in the photos taken the very first night as if this whatever it is wants to talk/communicate. And I say, “I love you” because I was so IDK…. but you could say beside myself… WTH. So later that night (long story short) I go inside to take a look at the photos and there are the words, ” I luv u” and then other photos had symbols of hearts…. have chills down your spine yet???? :/

          Well this went on and on and on and on… and more intense. I have things you will not believe. But I fear to share. I did with a few people and they wanted my name, where I lived, etc., and I said goodbye. So much to say. So anyway thought I should at least share that… haha The right time will come but I want to be a bit more prepared… onward and fast

          • Jean says:

            Oh, this is so absolutely wonderful!!! What an amazing experience!Even if we can’t – yet- see the picture, it is a beautiful story 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

          • Robyne says:

            Jean there are so many storys and hundreds of thousands of photos. In due time I shall set them free as I feel I am doing a dis service by not doing so. Ugh the fear!

          • Jean says:

            Be gentle with yourself. The ‘right’ time will come, just listen inwardly and you will know . . . what about in a lovely book? Hugs, ~Jean

          • Rockie says:

            Sort of like having a conversation with the God within you?

  32. drazen says:

    Yesterday i watch movie avatar. Isn’t that the new body for human soul.

  33. Evelyn says:

    Jean, thank you for posting all this information by Bradley Loves. And Bradley, thank you for being brave and bringing it out for us to digest.

    I do have a question on this article. The bottom line of this article is for the spirit/soul of the humans to incarnate into a simpler, dumber suit the next time around, i.e. the little grays (good work force, period). Basically, we would not choose to know the difference between a peach or a tomato. Simply be directed (because it is safer) to a peach or tomato. No questions.

    I don’t know why but the Wall-E movie keeps running through my head.

  34. Lale Sahsuvaroglu says:

    As an old soul who has frequented countless lives here on planet earth, I have come to a realisation that, if we know we are “one” with the Divine Creator, and the prison planet is just a dream in a dream of the Divine Creator in order to take a part of itself into a very low frequency and darkness to forget the “oneness” , then turn the frequency slowly into light , until it fully understands that it has always been a part of the Divine “One” … I know the light has won, because my soul tells me this is my last life here on earth, and it is time to be one with the creator. I solute the Dark souls who have tricked me into living in this prison planet up to now, and lovingly release them. I thank them, because; in a way, they have been my mentor while I remembered who I am, in all my magnificence. I love them because I know they are a part of me who have chosen the very hard role of wearing the cloak of darkness, so that I could realise the light. And, at this now moment of time, I declare , with my divine freewill, that, I choose the light, I am light, I am “ONE” …

  35. phair2 says:

    My head is spinning and I’m confused. I have been enjoying his posts. They have exposed and explained some aspects of this whole 3-D mess that others have not touched upon or only slightly delved into including great writers like Icke and Wilcock. These are only initial reactionary thoughts and feelings but a couple things come to the forefront of my mind. First, is God or Creator such a dummy that he can’t think of a way to outsmart this system?? The Dark side acts like lawyers trying to win on technicalities or a baseball team hoping the umpire calls that low inside pitch a strike and depending on it. While God powerlessly and in keystone cops inefficiency says: “Oh darn, you’re right; I’m wrong; You got me there; you win again.” “Oh Jeeze, I hadn’t thought of that one. Damn, you’re too smart!” It seems that the Creator himself is not as clever or as smart to out-do these forces. Also, with a new human body that is almost a robot and is completely controllable, has not FREE WILL been breached then?? If there is essentially no more free will, is it fair or right that the Creator does not intervene because we are still “consenting”?? How is consent achieved if you don’t know what all the choices are and how those choices will work once decided upon?? How can one even “decide” when the information needed to make a choice is kept from them?? Therefore it is not choice and consent. It is forced. And the deal has been broken. Most people TODAY really don’t have much choice but to consent if they are to survive physically on the planet. Which they MUST do not just out of instinct but to stay incarnated and not be given the new robot body. So they go along. ANd the gurus in the caves: Who cooks their eggs or chops their wood for them while they’re going “oohhmmm” all day with their palms up sitting crossed legged on the floor? Where do they get their clothes? Who tills their rice paddies and takes care of the sheep and chickens?? How many people can realistically drop out, tune in, and not work for a living?? The hippies tried it and it failed. They eventually all had to get jobs and become part of the system because they realized that they were just sponging off of each other and someone had to produce something sometime just to live and eat.. I knew from the time that I could distinguish right and wrong that our world was controlled and evil and I did not consent to it. And my “Love” has mostly been abused and thrown back into my face. Not wanted or valued. So how does that effect anything or anyone when it just bounces off all the Teflon people??

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  37. Latcho says:

    Fill your heart with love today, don’t play the game of time, things that happened in the past only happened in your mind only in your mind, so forget your mind and you’ll be free. Write-ings on the wall ” FREE YEAH” ,and you can know it all, if you choose. Just remember lovers never lose cause they are free of thought unpure and of thought unkind, gentleness clears the soul love cleans the mind and makes you free. Happiness is happening DRAGONS have been bled,gentleness is everywhere fear is only in your head only in your head so forget your head and you,ll be free. FREE YEAH YEAH, FREE YEAH YEAH, FREE. David Bowie, from the album HUNKY DORY

  38. MD says:

    How does one get in touch with you for an interview on a talk show?

  39. Nyceim says:

    Without conditions there is no unconditional. When we experience the question “What is our creator?” we gain knowledge of creation.

    There is nothing wrong or right and no soul can end up here forever as it is the question that provides the energy to arrive in eternity.

    One day Jean you will be creating your own universe which was only possible by your need to answer the question.

    Know, in your heart, it is all a part of creating your own universe.

    When you stop consenting by just validating truth, tacit consent soon disappears.

  40. Debbie says:

    It seems to me this Prime Creator could stop these dark ones from destroying mankind and our beautiful earth by simply demanding the dark ones not be allowed to lie to us. This business of hiding their agenda in movies, TV and entertainment symbolism is absurd.
    I imagine the Prime Creator could easily have demanded transparency.
    It is way more than an unfair advantage that the dark ones get to say we consented to living in a prison planet because they told us in football game halftime entertainment satanic ritual what they were going do, nor should we be expected to decipher it out of a Simpson cartoon.
    I am all for resistance and non-consent to these psychopaths in charge but I am not buying the Prime Creator game rules – does this all powerful Creator believe for one moment if people were told the truth like “hey there you dolts we are poisoning with you with GMOs and chemtrails and fluoride in order to dumb you down and destroy your health and terraform your planet” that we the people would collectively say “yeah that’s what we want along with a bigger police state and wars to keep us safe”
    Sorry I just don’t buy into this story and it irks me to read it as if we totally to blame for our fate when the dark has had a million times more power to deceive us and we have had no chance on this uneven game plan.
    If this is true then I would have to want to say to the Prime Creator – thanks for nothing.
    To night I am going with old Monty Keen, I hope the great change is coming one way or another, I am sick of trying to figure out their dark schemes by trying to decipher what’s the hidden meaning in my oatmeal.

    • Jean says:

      Qhy should he? Sounds to me like you want a great white father to come to our rescue . . . 🙂 Sorry, but that’s where I am tonight . . . Hugs, ~Jena

      • Debbie says:

        I guess I didn’t really make my point, I was trying to say that I don’t buy this posting regarding the Prime Creator and his rules theory and how the dark ones are communicating us their plans in a very symbolic way that we may or mat not understand and that somehow works for the Prime Creator that by way of these cryptic signals we have been given notice and therefore we must agree with what the dark ones are doing and give them our consent- it is too absurd – yes, we are waking up and I don’t give my consent and I am the resistance and I don’t expect anyone to save me. On the other hand Monty Keen does resonate with me this week in that the dark cabal is on their way out whether they like it or not and nothing is going to stop it.

    • Robyne says:

      Very cute. Unfortunately these are the hands we have been dealt. I believe this ruthlessness on their part is due to the awakening. We are not playing fair and they know it. We weren’t supposed to awaken! So here we are. Let the games begin.

      Stay tough and oh yea don’t you know there are tons of GMO in oatmeal. ~Peace

    • trey says:

      Let me help you out there Debbie. What I read was that the archons got just as smart as Prime Creator. So what we have to do is come to a critical mass in our awakening and and take back consent. Don’t blame Prime Creator it’s up to us. We chose this. I don’t know if what I said is true. I’m no enlightened being. I’m just saying don’t give up on us and we won’t give up on you

      • TCR says:

        It is indeed up to us. From what I have read:

        “Source does not act directly upon creation, as if it did, it would become partisan and thus cease to be all things and thus cease to be Source. Source cannot personify without that personification ceasing to be Source. A Source is defined as all things and thus cannot be only one thing. Source interacts with creation through actors. That is, us.”

    • Susanna says:

      I have to agree on this one with you Debbie , this doesn’t make any sense . the game is rigged and Jean why She/He{ source)should ? We are children of source or prime creator what ever you want to call this so like the archons we should have the same odds in being able to win our freedom back , the way it’s stated here is that well just wake up , just stop giving your permission and they can’t do anything , sorry but an agressor is taking our free will , isn’t that against the rulls ? Why did source make the ajustment of that we need to stop giving them our ok so that the archons can step up their game ? Which so it seems they did and well most people are still asleep , so where does that leave the rest of us the awake ppl , anyway i like Bradley’s articles alot but the prime creator bit bugs me , parents will do their best ( when they are ppl with the best intentions) to look after their children , well i think we are like that to source and i feel source could do a better job at the moment sorry to say. Am doing my bit not consenting anymore as far as i can but the world for this moment is still what it is . And there is nothing wrong with asking or getting help btw. Something struck me and i throught of the movie legion where Arch angel Micheal refusses to do Gods will when God dicsides that he wants to destroy the world when a new christ child is about to be born , so Micheal comes to earth to try to save the unborn child and it’s mother against the will of God , God sends all unearthly creatures to kill the child but it’s born and they get away , then Gods sends A. Gabriel to finish the job , which he fails at , the point of the movie is , A.A Micheal shows by his disobidience to God that he knows God better than Gabriel who bliendly follows Gods rules , so God reconsiders because of Micheals actions, its the effort that changes the outcome the blind faith in what Micheal believed to be right regardless of what Gods says and wants. I think somehow theres a truth in that movie we have more power than we think, lets show source we are worthy of being free .

    • colette says:

      Someone said once : ” there is no right or/and wrong, there just is “. This came to mind when i read your comment……..

  41. lecox says:

    Bradley seems very enthusiastic about these ideas. I hope his data and suggestions help some people to regain their freedom.
    I don’t agree with all the details in this story. For instance, I see no particular evidence for a Prime Creator, while I see lots of evidence for beings who would like others to believe that’s what they are.
    Yet the general drift of the story agrees with the data I’ve studied, and the revocation of consent is not a bad idea.
    I just hope enough people do enough right actions to turn things around here on Earth!

    • Debbie says:

      Lecox – I am with you on this one….
      I have had all positive reactions to Bradley’s posts – many of them brilliant – but this one regarding the rules of a Prime Creator just didn’t fly with me.

      • colette says:

        To some of those who are puzzled it might be worthwhile to take a look at the Law of One.

        The Law of One/Ra material contains many wisdoms. A predominant theme in this fascinating material is that we are here ~incarnated on Earth~ to experience and through our experiences we are to learn and to progress.

        Looking at our reality/us being here from that vantage point often does create new visions and unexpected venues ……..

        The point is that it is US that have to do the heavy lifting, there is no escape from that, that’s why we are here 🙂

        • lecox says:

          I have looked at the Ra Material. It’s another example of some external “higher consciousness” trying to tell us how to think. What if we are in this reincarnation cycle just to keep us trapped? After all, it’s a sort of nice little game, has some interest to it. The fact that you forget every lifetime sort of gives you the feeling that each lifetime is different and “brand new.” But it’s not.
          It’s not that there isn’t truth in a lot of these stories. It’s just that they are being fed to us. Why? Why can’t we outgrow the need to have stories about “the unknown” told to us by others? We have a chance now to start knowing under our own steam. Some are taking advantage of this chance, and I think more should.

  42. Great Good Work Jean Thank YOU no fear LOVE Always John xxxxxxxxx

    • Ian MacLeod says:

      I admire Jean tremendously; I just can’t emulate her in much that she does, even in her attitudes. I do what little I can – I provide shelter by sharing my own, I’d share my last meal with whoever was around if they needed it… shoot, I even rescue spiders. (Cool little critters!). Cats who decide to adopt me, I adopt back. I had one old fart left out of quite a few. Sadly, due to circumstances not entirely comprehensible to me, when my wife HAD to leave the area (and I still love her very much), her kids – she and they were ALL abused – also left the two cats. Those have adopted me. I was the only one who played with them, loved on them, fed them (often the same thing), etc. One has taken to leaping onto my shoulders from the middle of the bed.

      Whether help comes or not, I’ll keep doing what I’m doing until I no longer can. I’m also a chronic pain patient with “massive nerve damage” and chronic (approaching intractable) pain, mobility problems, and I’ll be 60 this year. I’ve had 7 back operations so far. The VA is fighting ordering another test to find out why suddenly I’ve become too weak to walk more than 1/2 a block. I fought them for a decade just for a diagnosis, then more years for treatment. I finally had fire them around treating the pain problem. They handle other things now, but they incapacitated me while I cared for a dying wife. They can PAY for treatment, but not do it. I don’t trust them any longer.

      About this forgiveness thing though – Sorry to say it, but if I EVER get out of this place and into a more comfortable reality, I may just spend the rest of Eternity working on a new hobby: shredding Archons, former ‘elites’ and so on. It’s been a HARD damn’ 60 years.

      • Jean says:

        Ian, I understand your words. We signed up for this, so hang in there . . . and keep on doing what you are doing, please 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

      • Light I AM says:

        Hi Ian!
        You have put the CALL OUT and COSMIC LAW being as it is ….”The Call Compels The Answer!”.
        So, you could say that “I AM the ANT”, that may be heeded. (see another post I made yesterday to understand this comment)
        Disease and disability is sometimes the best catalyst to get one-self’s house in order. A blessing in disguise you could say. I speak from much DIRECT EXPERIENCE of dramas in my own journey, which is why I submit this info to you.
        I have previously mentioned “Your THOUGHTS are LIVING ENERGY”.
        I AM now saying, “Man Heal Thyself”, which is an extension and the same axiom as is written above the door of a Greek Temple, “Man Know Thyself”.
        So, start reworking your thoughts to heal yourself!
        A good starting point is in a quiet area, possibly before retiring is the easiest.
        Command yourself, via internal thoughts “HEAL,HARMONISE, BALANCE my WHOLE BEING, ALL LAYERS, RESTORE AND BALANCE.”
        Add if you can, add “VIOLET FIRE my whole Being”. This is the Divine Instruction to CLEANSE your MEMORY Field (Etheric 1st Lower Body) where your past endeavours are stored and which WILL prevent RELAPSES. It actually is the “Flame of Forgiveness”, for all that you have done to yourself and others. Your 3rd Eye may just open up and you will actually see then Violet Fire….Pay Dirt confirmation!
        You may add a bit more wording by asking yourself to “Show any aspect of my journey that I need to refine or address to facilitate this or any other aspect of my being in the waking state”
        Repeat this thought a few times ….gently, and rhythmically to yourself (internal dialogue, no drama) and the Cosmic Energy starts to flow IMMEDIATELY.
        Persist at this, daily on retiring and in awakened “meditation”, if you feel the need.
        I AM guaranteeing that this WILL start you on the path to recovery, or “Wholesomeness”, or “Holy” in the Biblical vernacular.
        Drop the useless day to day stuff and interactions that can create discord or turmoil. Do be observant of Self and your thoughts and interactions (“I AM the GUARD”).
        You determine the journey you take. NEVER LIMIT your thoughts…it is the be all and end all of your BEING.
        The Physical body is the LOWEST of your 4 Lower Bodies. Your Higher SELF (That is supra-servient & beyond the 4 Bodies) WILL simply by THOUGHT and your Direction, send the right frequency waves through all the layers and realign them as necessary.
        In time you WILL wonder why you could not see this …as it is so simple.
        The COSMOS is simple (its laws of operation). You just undo what you have previously done.
        THOUGHT it is.
        I AM your Servant

  43. As a student under Dr. Vernon Woolf, Founder of the whole dynamic of life based on quantum physics http://holodynamics.com I recall that the dynamics of interacting with one another is relative to individual vibratory frequency. In other words when your unique signature energy [sum of beliefs, thoughts, words, actions, feelings] is low [fear 100 hertz], with and without awareness, it is your freewill choices that ‘allow’ low vibratory frequency beings into your stream; empowering them and dis-empowering you.

    When you consciously raise your signature energy with positive choices [love 500 hertz], lower vibratory frequency beings, who can only function at their vibratory level or lower ‘not higher’, are dis-empowered, and you are empowered!

    The more positive each of us is, the more authentic, loving, compassionate, cooperative, courageous, in service [peaceful action] to the greater good of all, the ‘higher’ our signature energy, which forms a bridge for others to raise their signature energy [entrainment], raises the collective consciousness to magnetize solutions, and allows this tract of humans to move a notch higher up the evolutionary spiral.

    By Leo Knighton Tallarico: To change or not to change. Astrology Forecast Nov 20- Dec 6.

    The Age of Aquarius is about equality and Diversity into Unity. So we are now, and in the near future working out how that will eventually manifest. http://spiritualtherapy.wordpress.com/2014/11/29/to-change-or-not-to-change-and-astrology-forecast-november-20-december-6/

    • Jean-Michel says:

      Lada Ray has recently put out two articles that talk about this as well. For those who enjoy her writings and video discussions:

      ProjectEarthShift 1:Universal Scale of Consciousness (life-diminishing calibrations 0-199)

      ProjectEarthShift 2: Universal Scale of Consciousness (life-affirming/ life-creating calibrations 200-1000)

    • phair2 says:

      Once again but I hate to point out that we all sound so smug and self-assured. We all assume that there has never been a time when more humans were more enlightened and lived in higher frequency, were more positive, and used love more effectively. Who are we to judge the eons of created life that came before us? How do we know that our current generation is the closest to turning the tables around but we’re just so lazy and dumb and need to be yelled at to work harder or it’s our fault? There have been positive loving creatures since the beginning of creation. What makes it different now? Why is it “our fault” if things don’t change when eons of loving creatures before us have not been able to do it??

      • mary says:

        phairs Hello, maybe we were the loving creatures at one time who got “trapped” here, I kindof think we were. Maybe at this point, we get another opportunity to escape. We really have no way to know if “others” have made it out or not. smug I’m not ..I agree a 100% that at one time we vibrated on much higher frequencies, maybe some of those “got out” and we did not, or maybe we came back to try to pull others out. On some level I feel its important to get out as many as possible, including myself, ..I found the five interviews on wingmakes site very insightful, if you are interested, it is talked about in the fifth interview I think on how we are all from Atlantis, and got fooled into being “trapped”..just more food for thought!

        • phair2 says:

          That’s a great response Mary and I find myself smiling and agreeing with what you wrote. That very well could be as you described it. I don’t know what the population of Atlantis was or the populations of ancient civilizations but it sure seems like there are more trapped now then ever. It is sometimes hard for me to believe that we’re all gonna wake up real soon and turn it around in this life time when there are probably more trapped now than at any time in history. Atlanteans were probably closer to being free than we are now. But that’s very interesting Mary !

          • Robyne says:

            Let’s not forget Lumeria and the Ring of Fire!

          • mary says:

            Hi phair2, I find the Atlantis explanation a very real possibility.. maybe there are so many here because this is the moment. And we knew this somehow, coming back. And we are here for that reason. I am truly amazed by the truth people have stated on this blog, this makes me think this is the moment . If so, when its done we will see each other, and recognize our truth, and we will know that we all did it, together, .these words of mine sound so simplistic, but when it happens and we all see each other again, words can not describe. The atlantians , from what I have read were more “spiritual”, more than body, more naïve as they never encountered evil, did not have a name for it, so were easily manipulated, and yes Lemuria is somehow involved, but the story goes the annuaki, , plus beings form orion and I cannot think of the other at the moment, came up with the “body trap”.. ..do check out wingmakes and the five interviews with a dr nurada,, Their explanation of the matrix is good.. One of the interesting points of Atlantis and Lemuria is that the “mad scientists” caused the destruction, kind of like now, isn’t it? greed and power again, but now we are saying NO…Best to all….

          • Light I AM says:

            You have HIT THE NAIL on the HEAD Mary!
            My WHOLE BEING SANG like it has never SANG before! (Electrification).
            It was the Lemurians, mainly because of their purer consciousness, that were the beguiled ones. Then in Atlantean times, the laggards came from Mars (after they stuffed that place up) and that is when it really took a nose dive….and here we are (again) meeting a similar scenario.
            Atlantean’s were more technology advanced than nowadays and also lacked the “balance” (as a collective whole). Being less Cosmically attuned, that is the basis to it imploding. Trans-humanism stuff was rife then and obviously lower consciousness also.
            Now times, there are a few more attuned who can recognise the deception going on, so that their plans won’t make the cut…so to speak.
            The wheel has just about gone full circle and our opportunity to assist is now presented to us, those who can make the difference.
            All to do with thought and WILL.

  44. amber says:

    I don’t want to seem disrespectful but I wonder where Bradley gets all this info from. Over the past few years we have been lead astray by several people purporting to know the truth. I would like to believe but I am very wary. Can you give any feed back to support this. Sending lots of love to you all, mother earth and all creation.

    • Jean says:

      Amber, I will try to answer this one as best I can. . . Bradley has studied this subject for about thirty years. He, however, isn’t writing a
      referenced piece here, which is what I think many people would like. His work resonates with me. My life experiences tell me what he says is so. Is everything he says totally correct, accurate? I would counter that question with another question: Does it really matter?

      I think we all sense that living honestly, doing our healing work so we aren’t triggered into fear is probably the most important thing we can do. Then, we know we are living in a contrived matrix that is extremely complex and wraps us ’round on every single level. Do we have to get it all correct?

      I doubt the answer is yes to either of these questions. Live in a place of love with awareness of how your responses affect you – and others – try to learn our ‘real’ history as best you can, and if you get it wrong, then learn the lessons that come with the mistake . . and you will be just fine.

      It is helpful to know you can say ‘I don’t consent,’ but if it doesn’t work for you, that’s okay, too. There is more than one way to walk this path 🙂


      • BeWise says:

        Only you Jean would say it does not matter. Everything must be questioned, to take it as face value leaves you ignorant and subject to be lead astray. You said the samething about Keenan and look where it got you. But I guess it does not matter.

        Being a writer and purveyor of truth means you must provide references so others can cross check the work and come to their own conclusions, if not the information must be taken with a grain of salt. Bradley says he has study this for 30 years yet he not saying anything new. All this information has been on the web since the 90’s. Back then information was real, now info is mixed with lies and truth.

        • Jean says:

          Well, this is only your opinion, thank God! I’m paying a price for my mistake with Keenan, but what is the price to be paid here? How much are you going to lose if he is totally wrong?

          What if there is no proof of what Bradley says but your own human experience? My entire healing process was based on the quantum field, and I’ve lived how it works. . . His words make total sense to me. What is your life experience? Let me suggest that you research his articles for yourself and then as a result of your own life experience find your own proof, positive or negative. . . I am not here to spoon feed people. I do not demand that you believe what he says. You clearly have a choice. Hugs, ~Jean

      • phair2 says:

        Well I’m glad to hear that there is “more than one way” because that’s very important. I also believe that the information being accurate IS very important too. Sorry to say that it doesn’t all resonate with me. And we were asked to provide honest commentary on these posts. I believe and feel that there have been eons of good beings having honest lives and doing the best that they could to bring love and positive change to the world. And yet we still sit here with things getting worse and worse to the point of total enslavement and extinction. Could it be that their efforts have been an abysmal abject failure? Could it be that physical fighting is needed as well? Or intervention from powerful allies which without will result in constant defeat? They are just questions, not judgments. Dare we ask them or are we blasphemous?

  45. Robyne says:

    The story is rather simple. Truly! The opposing force, like a child at the candy store who wants it all and when they realize they can’t puts on a show (one that won’t stop) until they get not just one piece rather the whole store. Yet this story begins and ends with your mind, your soul and your will. The candy? The candy, is only an illusion

    There has always been a choice yet somehow the people have allowed themselves to “follow” the never ending illusion rather than be the “leader” of their own. That’s where the conflict is and even though people state they are awakening they choose yet not to be the leader of their very own too concerned about what another may think about their thoughts, the way they dress, how they look and who they interact with while judging those who do not follow the protocol they themselves follow. People were not brought into this world to manifest materialistic items or kill mother earth. Quite the opposite. People were brought into this world to manifest that which exists within. Everyone has a choice and the free will to make that choice. Had people known this we may be living in different times. But people weren’t supposed to know… that was part of the deal! For we had faith you would know the difference without all the trickery bestowed.

    We as a race, who have been given this choice, need to make priorities accordingly and stand by them. These choices are what make the difference between life or death. The truth and the words that bestow them exist. You can choose to hear those words or choose to follow the rhythm and beat of the show that has been mass parading around you.

    Perhaps I talk in too simple vague terms yet I assure you it truly is simple and vague because the truth is not meant to be written on the wall. The truth can only be felt within.

    Do you know why the story appears to be confusing? There is only one answer and has to do with your inner power. This show only becomes more intense, more confusing, more chaotic, only because of the power you have within. The opposing force has to keep side stepping creating the many paths to deter one from the truth. Had the power within you not been of significance do you think things would appear to be as confusing as they are? Step away from the madness… the chaos and confusion that exists and you shall see the significance of all that is and the simplicity. The more confusing things appear the less chance you have of stumbling upon the inner strength that exists within you and every other single person who lives upon this earth. Step away, even if for one second so you may see, feel, hear, touch the seed that is planted within you. Only then may the seed begin to grow.

    A key: you were born into a world constrained upon ego: sight, taste, touch, smell, and sound. It is these various forms that created this illusion THAT can get you out of the illusion. Use the very thing that was designed to distract you and apply it to be all that is. When you can do this then you must RELEASE the ego. This is when you not only find the truth you are the truth. What you seek, seeks you. Go forth! Trust!

    • Jean says:

      Oh, this is also beautifully said! What a delight to read 🙂 Many thanks for sharing here. . . Hugs, ~Jean

      • jim says:

        It depends on whether you are a creator or a creation. A creator is an entity that broke off off source. You might call these individual spirit entries. They are not in the physical
        Universe. They are outside the physical universe creating it. At the top of creation is a pure static all knowing potential. The potential itself has no mass no motion no wavelength but can create these by extending it outside itself. So ZERO would be the static. Just below this a wavelength of 0.00000000000000000000000002 cm/sec is created. This is space. There is no space. There is only created space. This wavelength is equal to 50 trillion trillion cycles/sec. This is a wavelength created and put into automatic create to make a time continuum. The first creation of anything must not be be viewed a second time or it would vanish the creation. Putting a vibration in continuous creation and forgetting its immediate creation would make it persist. Therefore space is created. Thought creations are another wavelength below this. Atoms are a lower vibration than this.
        So in the beginning everything created was thought creations in the space time continuum. This is a creation the same as Atoms but a much higher frequency or vibrations. Everything is first created in thought before it becomes atoms.

        This is where the error of this universe started. These thought creations became the mind.

        They are creations just like atoms but at a much higher vibration. We started to believe the mind was real, but the mind was just a continuation of our creating this universe.
        Eventually we were able to create the lower vibrations that put our thoughts into atoms that became the stars, planets, moons and etc.

        We then started creating life forms, but to animate these life forms we had to create thought forms much like our own when we created in thought ourselves. In other words we were creating this universe in thought before it became solid with atoms.

        So we created ghost which are thought forms made from our thoughts that would animate the life forms. We gave them personalities like a lion or tiger or horse or dog and all the characteristics of each. These are creations not creators.

        All life forms have thought forms, (ghost), that animate them.

        To make this story shorter this is the truth of this planet. It is a prison planet where creators, (beings that can create and look like golden balls near the head), are dumped here from all over the galaxy as unwanted.

        The planet keeps breeding more bodies that are made of ghost only. Ghost can not originate new thought, they operate off their initial programs and what they learned from experience and repitition.

        So they are not able to dump off enough creators, (looks like golden balls not ghost), to fill all the bodies that are created by ghost.

        So there is no freedom of choice because ghost are not able to decide anything but what is in their programming. Basically they are just organic computers.

        This offsets the ability of this planet to be able to have any free will if 90 percent of the population is just organic robots, with only 10% that are able to have free choice.

        A robot will follow anyone.

        So that is not the real game that is going on now on this planet. The real game is some of the creators learned how to make new golden balls straight out of the static called source. These new golden balls, (actually golden balls are viewpoints created inside this space that are the eyes and creators of the real spirit beings that are outside this universe creating all of it.) There was three waves of these new golden ball creators sent here. They are not stuck in the creation of this universe from thought streams they created while building this universe. They have NO MIND. They didn’t need this mind to create with. They can just KNOW.

        So these few millions are sent here to raise the vibrations of the planet. They have NO MIND that can be altered or implanted by the dark forces.

        Now there is a forth wave. There is NO WAY the cabal can take this planet now. All their efforts are being erased as these vibrations raise and align all negative thought.

        Go out and create your new world now. There is nothing stopping you. The cabal is basically just a distraction now.

        The place is ours


        • Robyne says:

          Nice read. So, when you mention creators does this include those who perform black magic?

          How, why, when did the error evolve?

          What if part of the creation decided to come in physical form with an intentional release of the knowing before arriving to understand that of human life and the problems?

          What do the 10% do? Do you believe in channelers, abductees and are they part of that 10%?

          I believe that no matter the constituents everyone has a knowing and a place if only their neuro could be activated. If they didn’t have this knowing and were significant to the whole, then what is the point of attempting to reign over a bunch of robots…. : /

          An inquisitive mind

          • jiminii says:

            First is creation of space. This is actually a very high vibration. The scientist do not understand the Atom, because they do not understand Motion. Now you need to create a viewpoint inside the space. To be able to create in it and see it and relay it to the spirit that is outside this physical universe. So through the creations of different frequencies inside this space time continuum, you can manipulate all the patterns to get creations that persist inside the continuum. The trick is to operate at the point where the creation is being created continuously so whatever you create continues in time. This keeps you from vanishing the creation by constantly moving to the next creation and not looking back at what was previously created.
            There is a technique where you can stand in the exact same spot you were when you ran a knife all the way to the bone when you hit the thumb then rap a napkin around to stop the bleeding and keep touching the exact place where you cut the thumb while trying to recall the moment in time previous when you cut the thumb, pull the napkin off when all the pain is gone and there is NO CUT.
            This proves 2 things. One is that perfect duplicate of anything created in this universe can be vanished if you duplicate the exact moment of its creation.
            The second thing it proves is that YOU are the creator of this universe as you create each new instant of motion in this creation, because if you were not creating it you would not be able to vanish it. I KNOW, it was my thumb that got hit and the cut was gone as if it never happened by duplicating its creation.

            So the gods of this universe ARE ALL THE SPIRITS that are operating in it.
            Ghosts are creations from spirits to make life on the planet. Without them you have nothing to manage all the functions of a body like heart beat and etc. The spirit that created them is still creating them even though he has put them all into an automatic create and went off to do something else. It would be the same like the ghost that created the body and is still running it though he is more or less running it in the background not knowing he is doing this.

            So yes it is the basic KNOWING that continues the process. You learn how to walk and drive a car and the KNOWING takes over. You couldn’t drive the car or even run if you had to think every next instance of motion.

            The spirit outside this universe creating it can create more than one golden ball and it is not unusual to see them with 20 or more of these golden balls. So you can have many timelines. This means running more than one body on or off the planet.

            They can have golden balls that never occupied a human body but have always been in the spirit creating suns, planets, stars, and life forms.

            This planet at this time is going through a rerun. This means this period of time has already happened. 300 or more years in the future this galaxy is pure hell from all the mind control that was created on this planet at this time.

            The most powerful found by making new entities right out of source at a higher frequency with no MIND loaded full of pictures it records every second that those dark forces could not trap them or implant them, (those trapped on the planet), flood them full of false memories, or any other kind of manipulation, because these golden balls are operating far higher frequencies than they or any of their technologies they stole from the most powerful when they pretended to be our friends and infiltrated to do just that, find a way to destroy all our powers.

            So you wonder about channelers??? We are sent back to this time to change the future. The cabal can not even locate us. All instructions are coming straight from the future. The future is hidden in time portals they would never be able to find. The thing is this ….. Where are you getting your information??

            Just look at the information and if any of it says this is all coming from some GOD, or supreme entity then it is false data. Anything that says we are the creators and totally responsible for everything that happens to us and not some devil or god manufactured to keep you from finding out who you really are, then that would be true data.

            We have the power to change it all solely on the high vibrations we operate in. If there was a god, he would not be able to see this universe because KNOWING the creation of any of it would vanish it for him. To be operating in this universe you must be less than an all KNOWING GOD. You would have to NOT KNOW its original creations.

            As for time there is NONE. Outside this universe there is only NOW, and this huge movie that appears to have time because it continually changes giving the apparentcy of time.

            You can have a body running in this time and another in the future and another in the past and some more on spaceships and other planets.
            And each one of these bodies can be running in a different time stream. And no matter where they are in time they can all communicate to each other in NOW.

            You want to help fix the planet??? You should be running around all day playing singing creating and making your game and dreams come true raising the vibrations of the planet.

            They have no way they can win now. We are getting help from future and everywhere else in the galaxy too.

            So as in star wars ……. Let the force be with you


  46. Kim says:

    Aaron & Jean, you both also saw that a John Fenley from Provo,Utah redirected the link itanimulli.com to the NSA. He says as a joke in a few other hoax ? sites. He seems to have a penchant for robots. Word chosen on purpose…pen & chant!

  47. Bradley says:

    Question: How do you fight against what you can’t even see?

    This is a difficult question indeed! For those who actually have watched the very first MATRIX movie, the very idea that NEO lived inside of fake reality was so preposterous that he dismissed it.

    EVEN when he was finally pulled OUT OF the fake reality and was in the so-called REAL WORLD he could not believe it! They re-inserted him back into a computer program similar to the MATRIX just to show him that FAKE REALITIES WERE INDEED POSSIBLE.
    Then he “lost” it!

    Are any of us “better” than NEO? Do we handle that information with better ability?

    PRIME CREATOR is NOT what we think! HE is an energy being of Supreme Intelligence which we are all connected to! However – this idea that “GOD” is so powerful – that he will “smash” the evil doers of the Universe and protect us from every “bad” thing that happens IS PART OF THE FAIRLY TALE OF RELIGION – and is why the “programming” inside the fake reality is so hard to overcome. Most of the PROGRAMMING HERE IS SPECIALLY DESIGNED TO GET PEOPLE TO SIT ON THEIR HANDS AND TO NOT USE THEIR OWN POWER TO TRY TO BREAK FREE!



    This is patently false. You are your own salvation! You will either wake up or you won’t.
    By RAISING our own vibrations and our own frequencies – it makes it very difficult for the controllers to keep us in their frequency cage.

    But this is a minute by minute – hour by hour – and daily chore which goes only up – or only down

    If you are resting – then you are going down! Because the nature of the MATRIX and the frequencies here are DESIGNED TO DRAG YOU DOWN.

    BY using the NON-CONSENT DAILY – it is re-minding you that you if fact do NOT AGREE to be in this frequency prison and it helps in unlimited ways to assist you in both waking up and in lifting YOUR FREQUENCY.

    Until the very moment you are FREE- you are still STUCK!

    All my love

    • Jean says:

      How many of us have read over and over that we are not to look to a guru for help? We have been told we are to become our own guru, and we are to live in the world and let our light shine, so that others will see it and gain the courage to let their light shine. . .

      I just had to add this to your wonderful response, Bradley 🙂


    • phair2 says:

      I’ve been non-consenting all of my life. And it has done me nor the world any bit of good. I’m a pauper because of it. If I’d consented more I’d be like everyone else with their 60,000$ pick up trucks and a Bed & Breakfast in The Poconos (reference used of Northeast Pennsylvania ski resort for New Yorkers and New Jerseyans.). None of my non-consenting has paid off —–yet anyway.. And it’s all made me bitter. As a hetero male—girls don’t like “losers” and people who are “too serious” and concerned with the fate of the planet and mankind. It’s not sexy to them and they just “want to have fun” like the song goes. Many non-consenters wind up alone or with partners that can’t stand them anymore. And that’s also another brilliant way that the “system” remains in place and functioning. People will reject your love and light (read: my love and light) because they see it has not done well for you personally. They don’t want to live a “hard life” with you in the dirt with the other prophets of old who were homeless and hated. Just an observation………Can we blame them?? Who runs to and embraces a life of difficulty?? What good is our love when so many reject it and don’t want it anyway–not if it means life might be hard. They want to know their children will have a roof over their heads and go to college. Even if it means working with and for evil aliens. The motherly urge to love and take care of children is EASY to exploit and take advantage of. And the men MUST follow or their beds will be cold. (reference to Silent Wars With Quiet Weapons.)

    • jiminii says:

      You can fight what you can’t see. This takes practice. And it usually works better if you do it with someone else. You have to operate off KNOWING. So this means you have to NOT RELY on pictures from the mind. That is where all the programing is. Almost all lies to prevent you from seeing the truth.
      First decide you know. You got hundreds of mosquitoes and bugs attacking you and you can feel this dark like entity that is behind this attack that is almost like a psychic attack and you look into that. There will usually be a hive of reptilian entities behind the creation of this automatic intention causing all the bugs to attack you to annoy you and lower your vibrations down to the pain area. Now a hive of reptilians has a commander that is probably managed by a golden ball connected to a spirit outside this universe creating it. The rest of the hive are workers run by ghost that are basically organic robots. Don’t bother with the robots. The only power they get is from the golden balls that created them that ARE connected to source. All you have to do is locate their leaders and that is it. Those of us operating near source will flow light into them and give them a better path. A path where they do good and not evil. Then suddenly you will see all the bugs and mosquitoes gone from your house. You may not get a clear visio of these entities but you KNOW they are there because you feel their negative intentions and follow them in your knowingness. With your eyes closed they will be the darker areas where you can feel this negativity. You see we are basically playing a child’s game. It is one where one entity says he is the most evil in the universe and he is playing a game with those who are saying the are the most powerful good entities in the universe. They got lost in this game of trying to prove how evil they can get to how powerful righteous they can get. Once you locate them the light from source hits them and wakes them up out of this drama. That is how we are repairing this place. You can’t fight them, but you can make them aware of what they are doing and change their minds.


      • Robyne says:

        and on another note…. just simply keep the light going through you and ask your spirits to continue to protect you. Truly,. IMHO…. all you need to know in this world is “you are protected”. At least that’s how I live. If you want to learn how to advance with all that is simply ask for that guidance. It will come. Use the KISS method.

        • jiminii says:

          Don’t know what the KISS method is. I went completely out of the physical universe more than once. It is a complete VOID. It is like turning off a light switch and abruptly switching off every sensation and the entire awareness of this universe to a complete NOTHING. Then reentry into the physical universe around 750 AD, looking down a hill at a castle with one exception, the grass was greener and sky bluer then I have ever seen it. Then returning the same way, going into a complete VOID each time I went. That is when I knew I had the ability to go to any period of time, and this was not a regression, it was totally that period of time. After learning about my other timelines, I knew what all this was about. Those people who were expecting me to regress me to a previous memory, couldn’t possibly know why because all their questions to locate a previous lifetime only came up with a complete blank. There was no previous lifetime. I had to quickly create it myself so it would show up on their meters to safeguard the mission I was on. I put something there myself that would get a reaction on their meter and went back and saw a real past lifetime event from one of my other timelines to satisfy their questions for them. Later when I found some people I could trust we found out my other timelines and the truth that this entity I am in this body came right out of source itself. The rest came as I woke up more and more. That is why they can not effect me with their electronics and I can’t be implanted with their pictures of disinformation. This ghost running this body has a memory but I don’t. I feel all the emotions of anger and etc hitting the ghost but I am separate from the ghost sitting back here in serenity.

          This is probably why they want to kill 90% of the population because they have no ability to locate us, only through the ghost, and they can’t create any effects on us. So yes you are right we are protected.


          • Jean says:

            🙂 Interesting! The two times I have been in the SILENCE of space, it was incredibly peaceful. . . nothing but peace . . . I didn’t have a body, but I felt totally alive and conscious . . . Hugs, ~Jean

          • Robyne says:

            Awesome, Awesome, Awesome. LOVE IT!!!! YEP. BIG BIG smile!

          • lecox says:

            I should note that Jiminii is probably talking about some of the uses – and misuses – of Scientology. All his terminology points in that direction. Scientology auditors use meters, but of course anyone can get hold of a meter, or fashion their own, and pretend they are a trained auditor when they really aren’t.

          • jiminii says:

            I was introduced to Scientology in 1971. They wanted me to work for them. The night before I was to join them I was half awake and half asleep in my hotel room. I then found myself inside the operations room of a UFO. I started to remember everything very quickly. My body was not there. Just me I suddenly realized I knew how to operate all the ships controls and then a grey got my attention with some kind of telepathy. This surprised me because it was my first time to have out of body telepathy with someone. It is like he puts the words inside me. Out of body I have no ears to hear sound. He said he was going to heal me and he meant spiritually. I suddenly looked to the right and saw a box and I knew this box would flood information into me. I was not afraid at all,. I seemed to feel this surety for the first time that I was on some kind of mission. I looked back at him and told him to do it. I then woke up in my bed. I remember it all as clear as being there with one exception. All the operation knowledge of how to run the ship and repair it was gone.

            They were setting me up to change my path. I was suppose to do this process to find out if I had any crimes in my life. One of the questions would take me to a previous life. I was being processed by someone who said she is a class 8 auditor. There was nothing. It was a complete blank and nothing she said could create a reaction on the meter. So I had to create it myself. So I put some flow inside my head and she said “THAT” and I suddenly went into a VOID of complete nothing. and weny to some period of time around 750 ad … I had to do this again and again to run out some incident. But her asking me on the meter only got complete blank nothing, NO PICTURES.

            I was never given a process again. I left and it was August 2011 I went back to Los Angeles. My friend wanted me to see a class xII auditor that used to audit in some Organazation in florida.

            he dated my birth which was about 4 years and 7 months old. I fell out of a tree then and broke my nose. This didn’t reset right so I had hay fever after that. A doctor put me on a milk bread diet to try to find my allergies. He couldn’t find them. I didn’t have any. My father said I was practically a skeleton and ordered my mom to feed me. During this time The spirit that was in me wanted to leave and another came in.

            When he dated me down to the 1/16th of a second my entire existence woke up. I couldn’t even keep the body balanced for awhile. Just carefully walk to a bus stop and get home. I lay in bed and and said, “who am I?” A word “Maitreya” came to me and suddenly all this white energy hit me. It was like healing me somehow. I suddenly jumped up and got on the internet and in 10 minutes I found someone who was just like me. Her name was Inelia Benz. She had the same characteristics as me and she said she came right out of source and this was her first incarnation. I went back to the class xII auditor the next day and he verified it. Then my friend wanted him to run a process on me he has never done before. He is the top auditor on the planet and this process was on the tapes of LRH called Time Track of Theta tapes. This process will locate any other bodies I am also running.

            He had never done it before. He did the process on me and we located all the bodies I was running,. some on space ships and other planets and then suddenly a million more came up. We had to stop the process because it would take too long to locate all of them.

            The time lines I had on space ships and other planets were of the same type as the people on this planet. They have an automatic picture recording system in them. But the million had none. They came out of source too just like me.

            that was the end of the processing. I could not stay in Los Angeles because the friend who took me there had processes that she had learned she had other bodies too and another body on another planet. That is why she wanted me to do the auditing. She said there was another scientology on that planet,. She showed me where LRH had said it on the tapes. She just wanted to prove it because she remembers me on that planet in one of her other timelines.

            LRH was very afraid there would be another LRH on this planet that would come up with Scientology before he did. while he was saying this suddenly he said, “yes there is but not on this planet” … this means yes there is another LRH creating a Scientology but that LRH is not doing it on this planet.

            I left and went to Asia I still couldn’t figure out these timelines. There is no one else on the planet capable of giving me that information too. Then I listened to a tape by alex collier he made in fall of 2011 and he said 367 years in the future this galaxy is a terror. he said this time we are in now has already happened and we are coming back to fix it.

            That opened up the rest of me. I got in contact with project avalon where I once found Inelia but she is gone somewhere else but there is this bill Ryan and he did all the training of the scientology that was now called the Free Zone and he got it all from an organization called Ron’s Org. They had all the levels I had. they contacted me while i was on avalon from Ron’s Org and I asked them if all these levels were there the things I can do like go completely out of the physical universe and back in to it in another time. They said Yes. It is called super static process. Suddenly all this information came out of me automatic. I said, “LRH got this guy named David miscavage to do a process on him that would allow him to escape the force fields of this planet when he dies so he can go back to Galactic Central and let them know the illegal alien interference that is happening to this planet. He setup David to make sure none of the upper levels of power would be released to the cabal”. I also got that LRH KNEW that the reptilians had setup sleeper babies inside the organization to take over Scientology from the inside.

            Now how did I get all these upper level abilities? I have never taking any processes from Scientology and only answered this Class xII who had left some organization called Flag in Florida. How could I have these levels. Then it all came in. It is because I was a new entity that was created directly out of source just like Inelia Benz. I have a million more on the planet just like me. Just like Inelia said, “her only purpose was to raise the vibrations of the planet” in her interview on Project avalon. She said she was created from a powerful spirit called Gaia. The entity that manages all life on the planet. Mine was from some entity called Maitreya. who is suppose to be some kind of prophecy of Buddha. I realized there were about 50 to a 100 more of these powerful spirits all putting a million on the planet. I assumed they had about 100 million of these pure new golden balls right out of source. Now there is a 4th wave and I don’t know how many are sent but they are filling in all the people who works in the farm areas and deserts of the planet.

            Their soul purpose is to raise the vibrations of the planet. But I also get that they are also connected to the entity that created them called Gaia and Maitreya and who ever else the others are. so they are being managed from the future. What seems to be happening is they send up the information of what is happening here and somehow subconsciously receive directions to what they should do here and then those in the future can see what ripples up to the future. They run this back and forth. They change something here and see what appears in the future.

            So these negative entities have no ability to do this. They control by force and fear. They have no technology that can take them to source and back because the fact that they are evil prevents them from getting any of those kinds of powers.

            so this is basically what I have learned in traveling and living in 21 countries … that is the path they have put me on from inside that UFO.

            To tell the truth I really don’t care if anyone believes me or not. I give this data free for you to use so it can possibly help you in your path. You can choose to use it or not.

            You can alter it and lie about it and do whatever you want to it. I don’t care. I know what will happened and that is why I am not afraid to give this data now.

            I know from my own knowingness that there is nothing you can say pro or con about this information that will change the future.

            this place is ours and no one is going to be able to stop that


  48. maja says:

    Although I feel there is probably truth in these words, still this whole story raises a lot of questions for me. First, if Prime Creator really chose to put an end to this – couldn’t “he” being all powerful just do so instantly? Couldn’t he just dismantle the grid? Or come up with something a lot better, smarter, and faster than just being kind of thrown in a conundrum by these lame and obviously devious ways of “getting around cosmic law?” I don’t know, just wondering. The second question I have is if the entire earth is locked down in an artificial energetic grid wouldn’t it show in places other than in just humans? In other words – why is the natural earth so exquisitely, mind-blowingly perfect and beautiful (when free of human pollution and interference)? Wouldn’t the artificial energy grid also affect nature in some way and make it appear more “out of tune?” And also, is the natural earth itself a hologram? And the third question I have is what about the so called “natural order?” What about animals eating one another? Is that a result of the grid, would no living entity on earth ever eat another if it wasn’t for the grid? Because there’s no free will in that whole process – when a cat eats a mouse, or a frog eats a fly, or killer whale eats a sea lion, not to mention all the horrid things we humans do to all sorts of different animals, etc., etc…. And plants are living creatures too – the Japanese and other cultures believe they too have souls. No one ever choses or consents to being eaten. So is this natural or is it a result of the grid? And if it is because of the grid and it was to vanish, how would life sustain itself, and how would a natural balance be maintained? And a fourth question – if there is absolute free will what about accidents where people get injured or lose their lives through no responsibility of their own. They did not consent. Just wondering… I actually do believe in free will but these questions come up for me, and if anyone has any input that can help resolve them I would very much appreciate it.

    • Jean says:

      Maja, I’ll let Bradley answer this, but we are on a free will planet, and if Prime Creator were to dismantle the grid, he would usurp our free will! 🙂 ? ? ? Hugs, ~Jean

      • maja says:

        Following that train of thought, wouldn’t he also then be usurping our free will by making the galactic center send out high frequency energy beams and photons intended to make us break free of the grid? In other words, what’s the difference in terms of affecting our free will between doing something that will slowly aid us in breaking free, or just blasting the whole thing away quickly?

        On the other hand your comment made me think that maybe it’s each creatures natural “growth” process to get to the point of willing to not to be eaten? So by not using their will energetically on their predators (because they don’t know how) they are in effect consenting to being eaten? But once you get to that point, do you still continue eating other creatures and taking advantage of their inability to exercise their free will? It’s confusing.

        But I guess the whole point for us right now is to learn to exercise our will energetically and when teaching someone something it’s no good just doing it for them, you have to set the conditions so they can figure out how to do it themselves. And I guess now is the time for us to do so. Ok, I just kind of answered some of my questions thanks to your comment Jean…

        I’m still wondering about the earth and is it also a hologram? If it is how could the archons create something so exquisite and perfect, and if it is not, then where is the dividing line between our reality that is a hologram and what is actual?

        • Jean says:

          Maja, I hope someone else can answer your questions, because I’ve been on my blog for almost the entire day . . . and as I read I was going to say that I think you are close to finding some of these answers for yourself . . . and you shared that, indeed, you have!!! I’m delighted for you!


        • Light I AM says:

          Hi Maja and Jean!
          What Bradley has posted sits “Oh so comfortably” in how I see it panning out. I could go on to expand upon it and produce reams of paperwork, but in essence, it comes down to one’s thought/consciousness and self-mastery. You/We need to get our individual being in order, to find our place in the grander scheme of things. I think people could over analyse the info Bradley provides and they get lost in the nitty-gritty of singularity points, forgetting that ALL power resides in your own BEING and that how you interact with “outside” influences and images/appearances, affects your own consciousness. You have always had the POWER, but may know it not….just not the fullest extent of it anyway. Your expectations have essentially been “programmed”. One needs to “un-programme” oneself or stand outside the box of LIMITED THINKING, or expectations. This Box is the bane of any perceived dilemma one may have. You have to toss the BOX away.
          This is where the expression of VISIONARY can work in your favour. Just HOLD THE VISION and quietly, deliberately steer your ship of state in that direction, regardless of outer appearances …Why Brady referred to the need to revisiting your “Declaration of your WILL”, until it is the very essence of your consciousness – auto-cue it is.
          It is YOUR PERSONAL VISION…for Self and the Greater.
          I would suggest some “back to basics” info that will help make the detail and answers much clearer. Mother Earth is a larger version of our own individual consciousness, exception being is that we need to work with Mother Earth, as our “physical” aspect is linked to her consciousness. We need to align our consciousness with Mother Earth or work with her, in order to optimise our own journey through this transition.
          I attach the following link, as just one simple example, there are many more I could use. If this cannot be grasped then rethinking is required to assist clarification.
          Always look for the kernel of truth, until you become that living truth.
          “Get thee Wisdom and in all thy getting, get Understanding!” – Lanto

        • jiminii says:

          the problem is a bit more than you could imagine. A being in its native state has infinite power. A being could just take a planet like this and toss it out into outer space on a whim freeze the entire planet and kill all life on it.
          Don’t think it hasn’t happened In Siberia there are these frozen mammoths and recently discovered frozen apple trees in Antartica. They are frozen for millions of years. In order to preserve a life form in ice it must be frozen entirely in less than 60 seconds or it will decay. Do you know of any natural disaster that can freeze an entire elephant in less than 60 seconds.
          suppose one of these most powerful got angry one day and pulled all the air cover off the planet. this would put the entire planet in outer space minus 270 C and freeze everything instantly. Then this entity throws the entire planet into a reverse spin and shifts the axis. So these mammoth with frozen tropical vegetables inside their stomachs ends up in siberia frozen in ice and the apple trees in antartica and now the sun rises in the east and not the west like it did before.

          So how do you handle a being with this much power. How do you put ethics on him if he goes off in a tangent? There is FEAR on both sides of the spectrum. The fear the reptilians have if any of these traps “GODS” ever woke up and that would be the end of their fleet. So you can’t be landing space craft in populations and there is all these rules to prevent contact for just that reason. If you accidentally woke up one of these most powerful You would REALLY be able to see the wrath of what one of them has being forced into this condition he is on this planet.

          They are not going to tell you this. They must very delicately wake us up slowly but trap our realities at the same time. They are as terrified of us as we in our condition have been programmed to be terrified of them.

          It is not anyone persons fault. It is just the basic nature of a Native State spirit. He is not able to pick up a solid block of steel able to sustain 600 pounds per square inch without denting the sides or crushing it or turning it into powder. Even if he had to do it. It would be like trying to pick up a the plastic wrapping of a pack of cigarettes. he can’t pick it up without the walls folding in on it.

          So that is the situation we are in. It is a very dangerous thing to open up someones spiritual powers. But it is MORE dangerous to NOT open them up. Because eventually everyone in the universe would be trapped with NO GODS to pull them out of it.

          So don’t think they are NOT afraid of us too. Some captives have yelled at them saying “I send my GOD after you” … and they just stopped right there and put them back in there room and didn’t take it any farther.

          Freedom of CHOICE?? There is no FREEDOM of choice under all that power, either way. The reptilians are not giving us freedom of choice trapping us here on the planet along with another 108 systems that also dump their beings here too.

          this is all “let’s be reasonable.””” … how do you be reasonable with forced slavery???

          The other thing is THERE IS NO ONE MAKING THE RULES. With beings like this everyone fends for himself. Everyone wants some supreme being to get them off the planet. Well YOU are the only supreme being that can get you off this planet.

          If you think anyone from galactic central is going to come down here to free anyone and get themselves trapped too, think again.

          The only reason the reptilians can create mind control on this planet is because ALL THE GODS were trapped on these prison planets more than 500 years ago. That NO CHANGE society up there just decided to trap them all. They need them yes but they also are afraid of them. And now they have this on their plate right now. The universe was being run by these limited power gods. and now there is no gods to run it. It is running itself and they have no gods to fix anything. The reptilians use these humanoid greys to create their mind control while they themselves remain behind electronic screens to keep themselves from being trapped.

          These prison planets have been designed over billions of years and just about everyone including a Powerful spirit being would not want to mess with one and get himself trapped.

          yes they would like us back but they also want a solution that will work.

          The solution has been found. Since every spirit outside this universe is creating about 20 or more golden balls inside this universe, all of these golden balls are of the older type. Those are golden balls with an automatic 60 picture a sec recording memory in some kind of physical universe energy that he carries with him from lifetime to lifetime.

          These memories are made of PHYSICAL UNIVERSE MECHANICS. this means they can be altered and filled full of lies.

          the NEW Golden balls coming right out of source are now entering this universe for the FIRST TIME. So if every spirit that is operating inside this universe is given a new golden ball that has no memory recording system that can be altered, then these will replace the other 20 golden balls he has created that are all messed up with these memories.

          as these new right out of source golden balls are created in everyone they do not have trillions of years of painful pictures pulling them down. There vibrations are much higher and eventually will align all their other golden balls and then all of these golden balls will start folding into each other until there is ONE LEFT. This ONE golden ball left for every spirit outside of this physical universe will have no messed up memory systems that can carry between lifetimes and keep repeating history again and again. It will be the end of KARMA as we know it.

          So it is just a matter of time. We don’t remove the game everyone got themselves in because that would really upset them whether the game is good or bad they made it.
          We are just designing the new entities in a way they can operate off pure thought that is not a copy of itself or manufactured copies of other selves or lies and etc. We are giving him a REAL chance to get himself out of his trap no matter how long it takes.


  49. nadia says:

    I agree.We have to say no and act differently and cocreate paradise on earth.

  50. colette says:

    We should indeed not comply but add ACTIONS to our confirmation of being sovereign beings.

    This advice has been given for many ages. It rings through the ancient Bhagavad Gita when Kreshna calls the reluctant Arjuna to ACTION just before the great battle began.

    This does not have to be complicated and needs to be adjusted to what the individual can do.
    Some examples :
    – Placing a note in a bin that contains known GMO ingredients.
    – Or refusing to give up your analogue meter in exchange for a very harmful smart meter.
    – Paying in cash only to prevent your signature ( on plastic cards) to be used over and over again
    without you knowing about it.
    – Buy used goods only to cut down on the never ending production of often useless stuff.
    – Find ways to avoid plastic bags etc etc.

  51. Di,Cerrillos,NM,USA says:

    I have a question about where these beings came from. If they came from a universe near ours and they decided to expand their powers over other planets, by what permission did they claim to highjack ours? I didn’t give them permission nor would I ever. I can only speak for myself. Why can’t the Creator send these beings packing? He knows that what they are saying is ‘compliance ‘ is weaseling due to folks not knowing about it. They came from somewhere, have had a good lick here and now it is time to go. By enslaving us, they are destroying US HU-MANS! The planet is another matter. Gaia can resist destruction by relying on Creator, why can’t we?
    Not only do I not comply, hell NO, I do NOT comply.

    • Robyne says:

      The only say we have as the people are through our will and the choices we make along the way. There truly is no outside force and instead has everything to do with the fall.

  52. Hani says:

    How can they EVER hope to get this past the Universal Councils and Prime Creator?
    And Prime Creator accepts this? really? If what you say has any truth to it, then prime Creator must surely know and understand absolutely, how people are tricked and coerced into giving their ‘consent’. Is it okay to stand back and let this continue and expect us to take all the responsibility for changing it?
    Is it okay to give me freewill but allow others to use their freewill to take mine away by any means necessary?
    However much you explain your views and beliefs and whatever reasons you give for knowing what you know, I cannot believe that you or anyone else actually knows beyond any doubt what is really going on and why.
    At the end of the day the only person I feel I can turn to to help me understand, is myself.

    • Robyne says:

      First people need to know they have a choice. Those who have learned of the truth we speak of have exercised their free will. Thus far, time has proven the power of both sides; opposing of the truth and the truth. Remember there is the energy and the time “Matrix”. Many rules have been bent for people can’t exercise their will until their veil has been removed and all games are being played out so this does not happen. This has taken off more than expected. We are all learning. Simply do your part is all that is requested.

    • Donnie says:

      Hani…..what a beautiful reply!!!!! You took the words right out of my mouth and so elegantly. It IS INDEED patently absurd for Mr. Love to come to the conclusion that Prime is some sort of technocrat who will hear such a lame excuse as, “oh well, they ACTUALLY ASKED FOR THIS, by their tacit response”, and allow the dark ones to just abscond with another one of Creations wonderful beings so they can treat humanity like a big gulp!!!….Mr. Love, really?????……almost everything you say sounds somewhat similar to the theory I myself have pieced together from what I can read on the inside EXCEPT your one ridiculous assumption that we will be left stranded here for our soul’s eternity simply because we did not assert ourselves against the will of other beings who practice deceit. Something tells me you went to Catholic schools and haven’t yet recovered emotionally from the harm a three cornered plastic ruler inflicts on your knuckles when weilded by a middle-aged, sexually repressed, moustache sporting nun who hasn’t dealt with her own anger over why god doesn’t speak directly to her either. I honestly DO NOT KNOW why our Creator asks us to sojourn here on this planet, but I have a very strong “feeling” that it has something to do with healing the place and ourselves in the process. Maybe it’s just to collect data on our tiny part of “the all that is”?……But I assure you of this. Our creator, who created “free will” also created “justice” and the two are inseperable to their own co-operation. Creator does not make willy nilly laws for lesser beings to piss on and then yawn and return to his golf game. Stop putting foolish human flawed behavior on the One who made you and just try a little faith Bradley. Your gloom and doom needs a desperate overhaul man.

  53. Michael says:

    What do you think Jesus’s role in all this is? Was he trying to warn us of what is going on or do you think that Christianity is just another tool of the Cabal?

    • Kieron says:

      I’m sure Bradley will have something to say, but I understand from the Gnostics that the Christos incarnated in order to help us struggle free of the controllers, but he failed, or else his mission was only partially successful (I’m not sure which). You can read much more about it on montalk.net which notes, “Christ was projected by the Creator in response to the arising of the Corrupted Demiurge and its intrusion into our affairs. The two are antithetical to each other. The function of Christ is to remedy the imbalance caused by the Corrupted Demiurge and to redeem the souls who have fallen into this darkened realm.”

      Full link: http://montalk.net/gnosis/222/0-gnosis-summary

      • Jean says:

        Kieron, I have read that Jesus is an ascended master who incarnated here to leave in our memory that LOVE IS THE ANSWER. I believe, no matter how the tale has been twisted, that he surely did so. . . Hugs, ~Jean

      • Robyne says:

        He has not failed! ❤ People must remember GOD (Creator) exists within. First goal is to allow your inner thoughts to rise to the surface. This entails removing self from the muck (practice makes perfect) and feeling pure silence and stillness. Pure thought rises when in this state. From thought there is sound. From this position one begins to emerge with light then color…. it's all simple understanding of how energy is created: law of the cosmic universe.

        Try this: once you get to the place where you are in stillness ask inner self to connect with the color "green". Imagine seeing green run through the center of your body from bottom to top and out to the cosmos. Strange I know… but just try. For the greatest divergence in this world is "Love". People think they understand love but love as we have come to know starts war, hate. Once you feel this portal of green run through the center of your body from bottom to top and out from the top of your skull then ask for wisdom and an understanding of what love is through a cosmic understanding. Just try! Your willingness determines how far you are in this what some call awakening process.

        • Kieron says:

          I didn’t say I agreed with the Gnostic Gospels or their other writings. 🙂 I do wonder if the incarnation and mission to Earth was only partly successful because we are *still* thrashing about in the dark trying to figure it all out. Some of that may be due to our own unwillingness to change. However, Christ did say, “I will be with you, even until the end of the Age.” The Age of Pisces/The Fishes is fading away, or has passed already (depending on your view or your teaching) and it may be that the memory of love is what has sustained us through this unpleasant period of darkness in which evil has been ascendant. Without that teaching, who can say what life might have been like?

          • Robyne says:

            Hi Kieron, yea I am with you. How I began looking at things a few years back was watching how times have changed. Seems all generations have been an experiment to see how, why, what would lead the masses further away from the truth. Every generation, so it seems, appears weaker. Yet, at the same time I see the masses looking for ways to express something they do not completely understand. Even in today’s time’s look at all the selfies… haha.. horrible example however, I believe this level of expression is basically stating (screaming out) look at me I have something to say. Showing weakness yet strength.

            I wish I had more time to get into my writing so most of what I write is vague. I apologize for that.

            Christ is with you… I believe is a metaphor basically stating the fact that God is within. That each person has the power, the spirit to create all that is. The VERY and only reason for the many escapading distractions. Many things have shown me that the cosmic law is headed towards something of magnitude as the opposers appear to be in a race of sorts OR we have come near (with yet a ways to go) the end of all that is OR both. My current thought as I write this basically states we have been given a great many opportunities, even taken advantage by wanting more, and more, and more. It’s our turn to give yet in order to do so we as a race have to dig deep within to give anything of value to counter this specific time in history. It’s that time! I am still amazed how many people are clueless to all that is taking place. So much to say yet not enough room on one page of the internet. How can these people not feel the tears within? Is it, “They do” yet have no words of expression.

            I have always said, you come into this world on your own you go out on your own (My Mom begs to differ) but after all is said and done YOU are your greatest asset; what you feel, is far more valuable to you then another’s for many know not that which exists within. Does one wish to mingle through all the muck wondering if what one says is true, what are their resources or is it far more valuable to perhaps sit in silence with a stillness that can only break the dawn to hear the words within. Those words? They are the words that move mountains… not the words of another. The words of another they inspire sure but they are another’s truth not yours. And that too me is what life is about. To live life in such a way that life has no other choice but to present its’ words of wisdom to the beholder.

            Worry not about the success of another be concerned of yours. That reflects far more light, truth then any distraction and the chaos that comes with it. Sure I acknowledge we have come for the chaos but there come’s a time when we must turn away from the chaos and hear the echos within. The time is now! Oh, how my heart cry’s out to be at a time in history to have to write these words.

            Love? Big smiles. Yes, there is a love yet few know of it’s existence outside of the way we have been taught as a society. There is so much more, so many smiles within to be had and to share…. embrace that which your heart feels. I believe after all has been said here that a new race is being bio-engineered. One without heart, without thoughts of own and the free will to know the difference of what’s actually taking place. Do not burden the heart with outside distractions, confusion and chaos and instead let that which the heart has to share light the world. ~Many blessings to you on your journey. Peace!

  54. Aron says:

    Want to see something weird put itanimulli.com in the address bar and see where it takes you, My Niece was researching last night and discovered it

    • Jean says:

      I had to try it . . . Interesting. . . Thanks and hugs, ~Jean

      • Nancy C/Seattle says:

        It appears to be pranksters playing a hoax.

        Best AnswerAsker’s Choice

        J. Hall answered 3 years ago

        I ran across a little snippet that I thought was interesting. It seems that when you visit Itanimulli.us (Illuminati spelled backwards) it takes you to the White Houses’s website: WhiteHouse.gov. Also when you visit Itanimulli.com, it takes you to the National Security Agency’s website NSA.gov.

        Some people want to make a conspiracy out of this, and want to know why the White House and the NSA would want an Illuminati domain to point back to their respective sites. This answer took me 1 minute to solve. The answer is that it’s not their domain.

        I went to GoDaddy.com and did a Who-Is search for the domain’s to find out who the owners are. They are owned by a two different dudes. I normally would not post someone’s name and address, but in this case it is public information and is directly relevant. This is all public information that is easily accessible to anyone wanting to know.

        Itanimulli.us is owned by:
        Scott Lamb
        25 Venita Drive
        Athens, Georgia 30606
        United States
        GoDaddy search results: Link

        Itanimulli.com is owned by:
        John Fenley
        1985N 360E
        Provo, Utah 84604-1803
        United States
        GoDaddy search results: Link

        All that is going on here is this: These two guys bought the addresses, and then did a redirect for each domain. They simply made Itanimulli.us forward visitors to WhiteHouse.gov, and Itanimulli.com forward visitors to NSA.gov.

        Mystery solved. Nothing nefarious here. Just practical jokers creating an internet myth.

  55. Christina says:

    I understand how important our consent and non-consent with certain actions are, but I have one question. I have always learned that the word “not” is not understood by the universe and that we should express ourselves in a positive way. In stead of saying “I do not consent with chemtrails” we should say “I condemn chemtrails”.

  56. Reblogged this on My World Peace Blog and commented:

  57. Ashok Sharma says:


  58. TCR says:

    Much of this sounds so accurate. The only thing I doubt (personally) is that humans can opt out quite this easily (no offense to Bradley). Earth is rigged, trapped, and controlled at every level. Simply saying “no” isn’t going to free us. We need full consciousness and connection to the “Source” for that. This planet is “mined” to keep consciousness down and the connection severed.

    I don’t know how much of this is true – but the other part of this story (according to other sources) is that the reptoids are actually controlled by another group of dark beings from another Universe. They infected this Universe with a “virus” that has allowed “Darkness” to grow unfettered here. Their goal is the destruction of this Universe, the killing of our prime Source and then the ultimate pillaging of the raw materials left over after this Universe dies. If that were to happen the conscious souls here (that’s you and me) will die with our Source.

    Prime Source, in an effort to save itself and our Universe, has enlisted (so to speak) the assistance of any and all sentient races that can help. Source cannot magically make the “bad guys” go away. That’s the reason for the war (or wars) that are going on. Earth is supposedly a strategic planet in these wars – although others worlds are trapped like us too. If earth goes so does this Universe. our ultimate goal is not just to free Earth, but to save our Universe. That’s the story anyway for what it’s worth.

    • Kieron says:

      The late Madeleine L’Engle, an American author, wove many of these questions and themes into her works, especially A Swiftly Tilting Planet in which the Echthroi (Greek for X’ers or destroyers or annihilators) were forces of darkness that could and did act in a way to destroy all that is good in the world, from stars in the heavens right down to the smallest living things on Earth. I find it amazing that so many have gone before us and given us clues as to what we’re dealing with! 🙂

      • Jean says:

        Oh, my, I have enjoyed her writing over the years! As an elementary school teacher, I used to read A Wrinkle in Time to my students!!! Thanks for reminding me of this delightful author’s work. Hugs, ~Jean

        • robert says:

          I had a teacher in elementary school that read in to my class and it stayed with me forever! That would be amazing if it were you! I suppose being a prize winning book, many teachers had that same idea. 🙂

          • Jean says:

            🙂 Yes, I knew it was a great book and kids loved it . . . I was working to create independent readers 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

  59. Lamont II says:

    Who and what are the grand beings of love working with each soul? Do they have names and where are they? The latest work by Kurt Kallenbach, Judge Dale, Charles Miller, Phil Valentine, Taj Tarik Key’s Divine Warning and OPPT/ I AM documents appears to counter the dark forces in the court systems. In fact I’m of the firm belief that the court systems, like the Federal Reserve, the IRS, World Bank or the IMF are not government. How truely powerful is the so called AADR control matrix when the entire world realizes their existence?

  60. Pauline says:

    I am reading more about ley lines & thanks to you Jean, I am beginning to understand the disharmony of our world. I question everything now, even my own emotions when I am having them. I ask myself is this mine or am I being programmed to think this way. Then you brought up words & the magnetics of those. Now I am trying to manage what I am saying. I find this particularly challenging when I am driving because people behave so erratically in cars. I remind myself it’s been designed that way to feed negativity.

    Everything seems like an illusion to me. When I woke up, and I am sure there is more waking ahead for me, it felt disorienting but validating at the same time. I had a difficult time relating to people around me when they talk about Jay-Z cheating on Beyonce or Bill Cosby or the bombing at the Boston marathon. I wanted to scream “It’s all fake & contrived” I knew there was more the to stories. But I understand people have to make the choice to awaken. I have talked to a few people about things and I am finding that for some the fear button has been pushed too many times & they too see the circus. The E.T. seems to be a stretch for people but I see it happening around me.

    People are activating. The chemtrails are a BIG issue for people here in California because of the artificial drought that has been brought on. I am involving myself with that as well as the sovereign movement. I want to help others but it’s hard for me to help people come to this place. I would be happy if I just started disrupting their acquiescence but getting them to question. I now get how people in this culture have been led to believe how good they have it, when we have been treated like infants. Everything of convenience has been created not for our well being but our slumber, and for some, that system has worked very well. I think of friends who have made lots of money off of the oil companies. That industry, like the diamond industry, is a blood industry and these people are sitting on fat pensions enjoying life still. They want to deny the construct, that is falling all around them. I on the other hand have no money but live a rich life with good people & wonderful experiences.

    I am witnessing a time of great insanity but also enlightenment. Those who cling to the old ways may go down with the ship, fortunately I don’t make those decisions. I still believe we live in a world that is compassionate so I don’t see anyone as a lost soul but we are definitely connected and need to collectively clear away that which is no longer serving us through efforts both individually i.e. planting and/or making a sacrifice to mother earth, and coming together to take a stand for the land we live on, wherever we are. Is Veronica Keen doing group meditations for the ley lines? I know there is more I need to do and in all this rambling I want to add the stirring is happening. People are restless and the construct is falling. Consciousness is peaking through for some & for others the light switch was thrown on. I know this because I am writing to you on a VERY rainy day here in northern CA, a good sign, but we wager on. I want to thank you Jean for your aggregation of information to help further consciousness. I want to thank Bradley Love too, & Veronica & Laura & al the other very compelling people that bring forward their wisdom. It’s epic, and it’s working. I know that if this is happening to me, it’s happening to others.
    “Individually, we are one drop. Together we are an ocean.”

    Ryunosuke Satoro

  61. Bradley, you have spelled it out clearly so that everyone can understand. Monty said similar today in his writing, you are both on the same wavelength. We have no time to “wait and see” we have to take action, it is our responsibility to save our Planet and the Souls in it. The Prime Creator has plans too, he will not stand by and see our Planet destroyed, we must answer his call for action. Together, without fear, we can say NO WE WILL NOT COMPLY.

    • phair2 says:

      Once again: people have been doing that for eons. To assume that this generation is the only one that can make a difference is to discount all the efforts of our ancestors. And we’re still in this mess.

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