At this point – after having read my “summation article” – many people may literally be thinking that I’ve made ALL OF THIS STUFF UP! Or – in common vernacular – IT’S ALL CRAP!

Yet – you may be surprised that little (if any) of what I’ve written so far in these many articles is actually conjecture or “speculation”. If what I was writing in these many articles was either conjecture or speculation – I would have immediately said so right in the article!

The truth is – I’ve been VERY CONSERVATIVE in what I’ve written and what Jean has published thus far, and I could easily have written other “highly speculative” articles which even though supported by information which I’ve actually come across – there is no way of proving it conclusively! Those articles would definitely blow your mind. And those articles have all remained UNWRITTEN!

Almost everything I’ve said up to this point can be backed up with very reliable sources – from a multitude of directions, and cross referenced again and again – which includes interviews with real human beings that I’ve met and talked with extensively! Let me give you just one example:

In the long series – THE GREAT CON OF MAN – I talked of meeting Brett Stillings, and speaking with him about his experiences working for the “company”! During that adventure, he showed me his GOOGLE EARTH page, which was spider webbed all over the globe with lines and measurements between almost everything important to the military – the government, and to the VATICAN!

He told me that EVERYTHING – AND I DO MEAN EVERYTHING ON EARTH – was set up using Ancient Occult Knowledge of sacred geometry and mathematics in order to “capture” and direct the FREQUENCY of the Planet. He said that “these people” were WACKO into OCCULT MAGIC!

See exact words written below taken from Great Con of Man – Part 8 –

-Later he showed me his Google Earth page littered with hundreds of dropped pins on every Monument, Military Base, and other locations, as well — with lines of distance, and angles of degrees, written in, making a crazy spiderweb pattern on the globe that appeared on his computer screen.

He said, “these guys are wacko into Magic! There isn’t a Base, a Metropolitan area, a monument, or a church, that isn’t an exact number of distance in miles, or special degree of angle from the next important thing. The whole planet is set up like some wacked out Satanic chess board.” He added. “It’s all magic!”-

A few days ago – Jean synchronistically posted a 3 hour long video that I had never seen before – exposing only a PART – A SMALL PART of what I actually saw on Stillings Computer!

If you missed this three hours video, here it is again:

Question: How many readers have taken the time to watch ALL THREE HOURS OF THIS VIDEO?

For those of you “proof” seekers who need validation – you now have 3 full hours of an intense and very in-depth video expose’ for only five sentences, that I wrote in that series which totals 11 installments – and who knows how many actual pages long!

My thinking is this: If I could provide – 3 full hours of video and documenting support for every five sentences that I have written in all of my articles – I promise you – there would STILL be those who would not believe what I’ve written.

This is the sad truth of it. And gets to the heart of the PROGRAM which is running within this MATRIX. Very few people realize that their THOUGHTS are not really their own any longer! The programming within our deceptive reality is so powerful, that it works at almost every moment in your sub-conscious mind compelling you to “think” in the way that the MATRIX wants you to think! Until you know this for a fact – you are CAUGHT!

You really do have the FREEWILL to choose each and every day what you will do with your TIME HERE! Even though time is an illusion – your choice as to how to spend your moments is “exactly” what those who run the MATRIX ARE AFTER by all of their deceptive maschinations.

They NEED to control your moment to moment choices – without you realizing that it is THEY who are giving your thoughts – desires – and goals to you!

Thus the news media – the false flags – the endless clap-trap on television – the education system – Religion – are ALL SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED to “help” you to use your TIME in pursuit of moment-by-moment choices which actually lead you round and round in circles going NOWHERE!

Just like the proverbial “donkey” who follows that unreachable carrot – a carrot they will never get – and is forced to pull the machine that it is hooked up to – human beings are very subtly led in their day to day thoughts – and in their day to day opinions – and in their day to day actions, goals, and motivations so that THEY TOO will pull the machine they are hooked up to –


The “power” to run the MATRIX comes from each one of us! Each one of us, is the ENGINE of power being sapped daily to run this blasted PRISON CAMP we are being forced to incarnate into.

This once again is achieved by using Ancient Esoteric Knowledge against us – by certain Satanic and Lucerferian Worshipping “jerks” (Black Magicians) who are not even really human!

They just LOOK human! Sadly, their DNA is quite different from ours and they for all practical purposes should not even BE HERE!

You can protest this “knowledge” all you want – however just as I’ve written above – I easily could post 3 hours of proof – OR MORE – for each five sentences I’ve written within my articles.

The question then is this: Is it even possible to show you this “proof” in a way that can be digested without having you go through literally thousands of hours of video – or thousands of hours of radio pod casts – or thousands of hours of reading through thousands of articles published  —



You may wonder why I have not written anything in earlier years – and to that question I can honestly answer that I did!

I wrote an entire e-book over ten years ago called: SCIENCE MARRIES SPIRIT – which not one publisher would touch with a ten foot pole! I was laughed at because the information was so Esoteric and Advanced – it flew over everyones head.

I already had the basic understanding of what was happening on EARTH then! Now, in the last ten years, I have learned so much more – that it has become VERY CLEAR what is happening upon the planet.

I am just a little amused and “bemused” by some of the commenters on my articles who want me to reduce ALL OF MY RESEARCH from over thirty years into two quick paragraphs – and then explain to them briefly – how it is that I “KNOW” all of this stuff!

I read these comments and sometimes literally “choke” on my coffee while thinking – ARE YOU KIDDING ME? You want me to sit here and list the hundreds and hundreds of names of people I’ve met over thirty years and spent days interviewing? You want me to go back and find all of the pertinent videos I’ve watched? List the endless documents I’ve read?

And then condense all of this “back-up evidence” within two paragraphs in the comment section so that you can be “brought up to date” on thirty years of my life?

REALISTICALLY – Is that kind of “wish” even possible for me to grant? Unless you are a super computer – OR – we are suddenly granted the technology they used in the MATRIX MOVIE where NEO and others had infinite information DOWNLOADED into their brains within seconds – then that is NOT POSSIBLE.

What is possible for me (like many others) is to tell you what I’ve found out – in short – and very condensed articles like the ones that I write.

Humbly speaking here – I am not the only one doing this! I am only one of many! I do not have a corner on the market of TRUTH! There are some real hero’s out there! David Icke – being just one of many! He has written at least a dozen books – some of which are a thousand pages long! His research is fantastically footnoted and documented. I personally don’t have that kind of time! I still actually WORK for a living, I have rent to pay – and I am not earning a single penny by writing these articles!

So why am I doing it?

Because I CARE!

There are too many distractions out there in the form of self proclaimed NEW AGE CHANNELERS who are seriously “compromised” in my opinion, and are spewing out information that is being spoon fed to them by secret military technology which they can’t see – and have DONE NO RESEARCH to learn about.

Some channelers are legitimate! Don’t get me wrong – I have met a few of them – but they ARE the real deal – and have “proven” their accuracy again and again – by having what they “predicted” actually happen time and time again. I’ve witnessed this personally. I have also read text from and witnessed the unfortunate channelers who really think their message is real – but is patently misleading.

Dozens if not hundreds of channels are predicting things which are constantly NOT HAPPENING – and then making endless excuses for their errors when the things they predict don’t manifest! These people are “compromised” and being USED! It’s as simple as that.

The idea that many of them promote: THAT YOU DON’T HAVE TO DO ANYTHING HERE ON EARTH BUT MEDITATE – and you should just sit tight until you are “saved” is A LIE!

It is Part of the STAND DOWN CODE which I wrote about!

It is a magnificent DECEPTION being used by the DARK at this time to get really good people to just sit in their homes and to not really try to make any positive changes within the outer manifestation of the hologram. The biggest deception being used right now by so many – is that ANYONE experiencing hard times is FINISHING UP BAD KARMA!

I choke each and every time I hear this!


I often wonder what kind of brain washing has actually taken hold in some of the otherwise really intuitive minds out there to get them to believe such a lie?

DAVID ICKE certainly does NOT believe in that lie! He talks about it as if it is a CRIME – and an atrocity and that it needs to be stopped NOW!

This is my feeling as well! This needs to STOP NOW! So why then are so many good hearted – and spiritual NEW AGERS saying: “Well, It’s their KARMA…” when faced with this blatant execution of innocent children?

Excuse me while I gag – choke – choke!

Any channel saying that “this” is the truth – must be called ON THE CARPET IMMEDIATELY FOR IT AS DECEPTION! THEY ARE SEVERELY COMPROMISED! They may not know it – but their messages are literally laced with disinformation and they need to rethink how they connect with their source of information.

If you want to listen to an accurate channel – then listen to Veronica Keen – At least she is telling it like it is!

And for those Christians who say – “…well, we HAVE to support Israel after all…” – Now I really have to gag! The “leaders” of this country are the greatest CRIME SYNDICATE in the whole entire world!

And IF you are really a loving CHRISTIAN – RUN – PLEASE RUN – don’t walk – away from this diabolical criminal cabal. If you have been giving MONEY to this country, then you have been “complicit” and in support of the atrocities that it has been committed by them across the world! You will be HELD ACCOUNTABLE for this! Make no mistake. Our day to day “choosing” is being counted and watched.

I am sorry to have to be blatant and direct here. But we really are responsible for what we choose to do here. For thirty years – I have spent most of my “free time” seeking and researching the truth! Sometimes getting up in the middle of the night and doing late night research if I could not sleep.

There are TWO CHOICES when it is all said and done! We can occupy our time with what the BLACK MAGICIANS give us as “entertainment” (which is the trap) or, we can daily seek the truth!

Let me list the ways the BLACK MAGICIANS have created to “distract” us in order to USE UP ALL OF OUR TIME each and every day – from moment to moment.

– Television
– Radio Shows
– Magazines
– News (knews – nooze – snooze)
– Newspapers (snooze papers)
– “Education” “Programs”
– Night Clubs
– Board games (bored games)
– Drinking and Dancing
– The Music Industry
– The Movie Industry
– Porno Clubs
– Porn (pour-in)
– All Drugs
– Gambling (Vegas and all others)
– Computer Games
– Computer Online Games
– Pursuit of more Money for more possessions
– Religions
– False Flag Events
– Fake News and Political Disputes
– Schools which “teach” the standard hypothesis of the way things are
– Endless Restaurants and Eating places
– Coffee shops with entertainment and bands
– Endless Sporting EVENTS both live and on Television
– Theme Parks and RIDES – and CIRCUS EVENTS.

I could list hundreds more – but why? If you are spending your TIME “doing” these activities instead of doing RESEARCH to find out the truth of what is happening here inside the MATRIX – then the BLACK MAGICIANS are quite happy with you – and you will probably be rewarded with a least a modicum of success in your life financially.

The REAL MIND BLOWER to most who have NOT gone down the rabbit hole very far is to really comprehend that THEY are being WATCHED constantly – by forces outside our frequency range which they can not even see!

There are NO SECRETS any longer to these beings who are running the Matrix – they literally have each incarnated soul under observation! Those who “accept” the programming are rewarded with both money – success – and a nice home and nice family! Those who do not accept the programming are given hardship – to get them back into line! Many of those who are using their time to EXPOSE the MATRIX are both Astrally and Psychically attacked on a daily basis!

I and others fit into the last catagory! You really have to be strong to deal with the constant and unseen energetic abuse which attempts to SILENCE those who try to expose the MATRIX in ways that most can not imagine in their dreams.

And still – It is important enough that this KNOWLEDGE get out that many wonderful and loving souls will endure the abuse and the ridicule for doing so. THERE IS NO GREATER LOVE THAN THAT!


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62 Responses to THE DRAGGLE WITHIN THE BOGGLE, by Bradley Loves

  1. DWH says:

    After becoming a heavily targeted individual and becoming extremely sensitized to electromagnetic fields and chemicals as well as super aware,God guided me to dowsing,sacred geometry,holographic waveforms,and making,improving,and developing new light life tools. At that
    time everything we did was based on sacred geometry. Slim was second only to Bob D. in his knowledge of sacred geometry. Bob had patented gps in ’72 and the DOD had made him an offer he couldn’t refuse,so we were working with cutting edge “off world” technology that was NOT taught in any school on earth of which I am aware. Most of it seemed innate in all of us in the group at that time. We developed earth acupuncture,dowsing negative lines in the ground and blocking them with copper rods. Because I was so sensitized the rods would whip into the direction instantly. Slim would spend his time talking to the client while I did the job.One very signifigant thing was there were ALWAYS black helicoptors and/or military helicoptors scrambled to see what we were doing.
    The dark ones were always aware that their grid was being modified and they did not like it at all.
    Believe it when they tell you that it is all about their CONTROL.

  2. lozzafun says:

    Couldn’t find a quick link to Fergusen wheere is where this article should be…

    The Force Of The Law (20 photos)

    Reuters photographers around the world have taken portraits of police officers, and asked them at what point are they legally permitted to use force

  3. Rebecca says:

    Hi Jean I have tried to post three times and nothing comes up for moderation
    Just doing another test

  4. lozzafun says:

    Hi Jean..I have been gone for 6 days and I have no idea where this page came from but it was on my computer when I returned home….this is the link to the page and is quite interesting …..

    • Jean says:

      Lozza, Welcome back!!! I’m up to my ears in news and need to get some sleep . . . so forgive me if I by-pass this . . . Hound me if it is really important 🙂 . . . tomorrow, though. . . Hugs, ~Jean

      • lozzafun says:

        Hi Again…I forgot to post an excerpt, (I could blame it on old age but would rather blame it on over 500 miles of ‘road buzz’….uggh!)…This reflect on something I read from VK and Bradley about the evil leaving the planet when they can no longer survive in the higher frequencies, how and where they will escape….the importance of correcting this mess…..

        ….there is a responsibility obviously to what you’re doing. Meaning if you are creating floods somewhere, you could be killing people, of doing things that are really not appropriate in terms of the divine plan. Meaning that this being is becoming enamoured with its “God Dom” and its creation and its ability to create and that’s becoming more and more important to it, to have the satisfaction and the glamorisation of its own creation, as opposed to really being inner directed and connected to the divine spirit which has a movement and a harmony in relation to things

        So this is really where the conflict of Atlantis is. The war over the power of consciousness and the technologies that were used, that were abused. Because of leaders, this type of belief system and leaders belief system started sprouting into genetic elitism, bloodline elitism. This is something extremely prevalent in the UK today because a lot of the illuminate and the negative alien agendas are actually headquartered in terms of the sourcing of those timelines and how they were created and how they were brought through most of them were brought through the monarchs of England. So England has a lot of history with this because there’s a tremendous amount of reptilian manipulation in the monarchies to bring about Armageddon timelines that go all the way into understanding Christ Crusades, genocide, masses and masses of human beings all in the name of wars over God that actually created humongous wounds in the human race…(Note, we know from Alfred that these time lines are now positive)

        So we have all that going on in the UK . The 11th Stargate, the 11th dimensional gate that is in the UK, is a very important power spot for reptilians. Because if they control that gate, they use it as a hub network that siphons energy from all over the planet. So it’s like saying UK is a hub that is connected to multiple reversal circulatory systems that siphon energy from all over the planet and bring it back into the UK and through the UK gates. Meaning the circuits in that area, that energy, if filtered to the Draconians to the Annunnaki and to those that are actually working on that particular agenda of enslavement of the human race. So that area is a difficult area for that reason because of the position it is on the planet that was an extremely important stronghold on planet earth

  5. Latcho says:

    Thanks both to Bradley and Jean.At times I find it hard to keep sane from all the stuff I have read from blogs,sites and books, four by D.Icke all this info can cause me vertigo at times,but I can’t get enough of it,that rush of truth, the awe in remembering ,that shudder from the trance, that dis-CON-ection .I’am dyslexic and colour blind, but can read well ,after a lot practice. I still can’t SPELL and using a key board is very hard no matter how much I use it I can never find say the letter F or B or I just stare at it stupidly when thinking on the SPELLING.I have always just known summin just ain’t rite with this place and now this gift of your knowledge to us,has given me the deepest revelation of this gift of colour blindness and dyslexic, I see it clearly the lie in the SPELL-ING it always made no sense, the wave form hidden in the colour spectrum , the maths,the geomertry,the science it was someone else lingual not mine. I remember whatching the tv it was the news about the war in Vietnam I was 8 and had been humiliated by my teacher in an all day lesson on how dumb I was cause I just didn’t get it, an there whatching the news, I knew I Didn’t get any of it. the next ad on was on smokes than a car than beer didn’t any body give a fuck about the dead people I’d just seen on a screen.the next ad CON-script birthdates notices, In losing a sister a few years before I was well accustomed to the lonely hole of grief not only mine my siblings and the wail of a mother, in those birth dates I could hear and feel the fear and most of all, the wailing mothers in those numbers as they were read out, the image of the news scene, of everything to follow from those numbers called, I never cried so hard and angry at this stupid wrong, a stupid world full of stupid people, fucken stupid school.If it was not for a dream that night I doubt I would have bothered much more with this stupid place. Dear Bradley Do you know if the dream thieves hack the multiverse of dreams?, Edgar Poe told us 130yrs ago a dream with in a dream, he had the info I would and as many other’s would love to read what you know and any info about dreaming. Many thanks for pulling the last plug,for me anyway

    • Jean says:

      Your words bring me to tears! You are so right in all that you say, but our school system was/is so corrupted! There was no way it was going to recognize someone like you with your gifts of insight. If you can read easily, try to read the book by Kent Nerburn called The Girl Who Sang to the Buffalo: A Child, an Elder, and the Light from an Ancient Sky. When you read it, you will understand why I suggest it to you.

      It’s been a long time since I studied it, but as I remember it, dyslexia is a result of some kind of abuse – maybe even in the womb – so that you get the info quickly in an intuitive way . . . Have you looked into this?


      • latcho says:

        Thank-you Jean I’m humbled by your response and thanks for this info I shall definately read it soon .Life has just thrown another WTF moment at me some things you never see happening thank-you so much Love LATCHO

        • Jean says:

          latcho, I’m copying here the response I gave to guardianmc, who it turns out is also dyslexic:

          Okay, here is the title of the book . . . by Ronald D. Davis . . .The Gift of Dyslexia, 1997. It is not a new book, and there may be something better by now. . . . it is available on audio cassettes. It speaks of dyslexia as being a gift. You know, though, from personal experience, anyone who is ‘different’ in a Duality consciousness is labelled and abused. . . I also suggest you try to read – it’s not a complex novel, but it will help you to understand the world to which we are returning, The Girl Who Sang to the Buffalo: A Child, an Elder, and the Light from an Ancient Sky by Kent Nerburn. The new world is one where differences are not looked on as bad, and where they are honored. 🙂 Hold tight, we’re getting there . . . Hugs, ~Jean

          • latcho says:

            Your the best Jean,sorry for the slow response I’ve had no internet due to freakish thunderstorms blowing the modem senseless. And losing a dear friend who had enough of this life ending it in the most horrifying way. That was WTF I was speaking of previous ,again thanks so much as usuaul it has taken me 15mins just to write this much love to you jEAN THANK-YOU THANK-YOU

          • Jean says:

            I send my love back to you, as well as my deepest sympathy. Although my husband and I were divorced, he got a terrible cancer – and took his life rather than die a cancer death. We had become friends, so I know what a terrible experience that kind of a loss can be 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

          • Latcho says:

            Dear Jean I know you won’t read this for some.I hope your injury heals well as I know it will, there is so much love for you it can only be so.I wish for nothing but the best for you in the coming year as you are very special to me and I’m sure many many others, your words have always resonated truth and love and your blog post have filled many pieces of my life’s jigsaw as if they were there just to do that, as it was stumbling on your blog.It all started in 2008 gfc when I lost a good portion of my life’s saving’s and wanted to know how that could happen over night,, What a journey it has been (still got no money) but have so much more the truth, as this is the only thing the heart of soul needs all else is just an illusion and I knew this from Edgar .a.POE and from the writer Micheal Moorecock his characters are able treverse the multiverse in many different guise which reflect this time line for the out come of chaos and singlatoury ha ha you get what I mean, If you ever have the time read The Von Bek the eternal champion : A cure for the worlds pain;city in the autum stars; or Glorianna this book gave me great insight to the bizzar world of who the Queeny can really be and is, they were written in the 70s and 80s which makes these even more profound with what I know now. My Wife got me acopy of the girl who sang to the buffalo which I can’t have till xmas day I wish you and your family,pets and friends the most joyous time together and leave you with the most important words ever said to me by my Grandnan, Son don’t expect anything and you’ll never be dissapointd. love you Jean

  6. stephen dale says:

    Thank you Bradley, your clearly expressed work corroborates my own studies, uncoveries and experience over twenty + years… (putting me also on the “Yup” Team?) Please create an ‘A-list’ if you are inclined, for those who need no proof, convincing or any ‘conservative’ tip-toeing. And thank you Jean!

  7. Jean says:

    Let me have a bit of time to explore your suggestion. . . 🙂 At the moment, I have no idea about what you are talking 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

  8. Evelyn says:

    I commented on your last article. I was pissed by the end of it. Please, because I am confused, but have moved forward (I do not consent and other) and will continue to move forward flexibly, … What are the cosmic laws? Are the 10 commandments still applicable? Please tell me, do unto others as you would have done unto you still applies…, because maybe they would really enjoy the suits they would create for us.
    Thanks, very much appreciate your time and knowledge.
    PS: I went searching for the cosmic laws and actually found data that in short backs up what you are saying. Still, I found different cosmic laws, so still out on a limb….

  9. Scott Free says:

    Brad, you wrote:
    “Some channelers are legitimate! Don’t get me wrong – I have met a few of them – but they ARE the real deal – and have “proven” their accuracy again and again – by having what they “predicted” actually happen time and time again. I’ve witnessed this personally.”

    So, who else, besides Veronica Keen, do you consider to be “the real deal” among channelers?

  10. Frank R says:

    Hi Bradley…..

    I, like you, have worked hard but only for 6 1/2 years. Your work has been so fascinating and resonates with me so deeply that I have to share a concern for a conclusion that maybe you can address. We basically suffer from two very big problems and the only thing I believe we can do is to ask for help from every legit Alternative Web site out there for help in accomplishing these two tasks.

    1. We have to come up with a simple way to bring the sheeple up to speed quickly and have them be able to “handle the information” rapidly whether they like it or not. We need to attach some forms of legitimacy to it and probably some individuals or whistle blowers etc that will add some credibility to what they are learning. Kind of like honey with medicine to make it more palatable. After all…look what Snowden has been able to accomplish and he came out of nowhere.

    2. A new system of delivery of this “shocking information” that cannot be cut off at the flip of an Internet Switch or stopped by cutting off all mobile services and texts. A system the Cabal does not control. A system that is outside their ability to control or stop.

    If we could collectively solve these two issues we would head them off at the pass so to speak. I have been wrestling with these two issues for over a year now and realized we need more brain power behind solving these issues. I have such enormous respect for you I thought I would toss them out for your review.

    What if we put these two problems out at as many web sites as possible and asked the readers to provide suggestions. Everyone from Project Camelot to VT to anyone who will participate and ask them to ask their readers for suggestions. IT professionals, communication pros, etc-etc. We might be surprised at some of the suggestions we get and who knows where that will take us collectively. It might bring us all together while at the same time solving the two issues that are racking the rest of us who are doing there best but not making quick enough progress.

    Do you understand what I am suggesting sir? Maybe digging a new road here…………

    Deep Respects…………Frank R

    • Rebecca says:

      Hi Frank
      I tried to post this yesterday and I don’t know why it didn’t come up.
      I have spoken about this in another thread.
      I have been at this now for 17 years.going back to the murder of Diana, Princess of Wales. I have sent out countless emails, post on forum and have spoken to any and everyone most of the issues on Jean’s site.
      For some time now I have been letterbox dropping a newsletter that I do in which I give links on the banksters, 911 and anything else that I think might jog people awake. Also I send out a chain letter. It takes me about 3 hours a week and I get about 100 out. Always in areas with high college population.
      I only have one other friend who is doing the same thing. But what if we could get a lot of people doing this…if we could spread the word. I really don’t know what else to do as I have exhausted all other avenues.
      Perhaps Jean you could look at putting up a page dedicated to other ideas for getting info out. A place that we can help each other. Action is now needed urgently.
      BTW Bradley love your articles ………don’t give up
      In light and love

      • Jean says:

        Rebecca, I can’t take on anymore than I have right now . . . 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

        • Rebecca says:

          Understand………..just trying to get some new ideas out there to get information to others.
          It seems many have either converted the people they already know……or have repeatedly failed to do so.
          Some say we are only 3-5% of the population. We need 15% to get things moving exponentially.
          Hugs Rebecca

  11. Aron says:

    Hey there thought this might be useful when you have no choice but to sign

  12. I appreciate the work both Bradley and Jean do in their effort to help others see/C
    I’ve been digging my way down the rabbit hole for 7 years. A mere drop in the bucket but I don’t regret a minute of it. When an idea -truth- perspective’s time has come, nothing can stop it.
    Keep on sharing the information. If people would just take what they can handle and move on they will be doing themselves a huge service on their path. I love you.

  13. phair2 says:

    I agree with much of what you say but a couple of things come to my mind that I question and maybe a third. 1). I for one do not believe or feel or have resonance with the idea that music, dance, food, the arts and the enjoyment thereof are nothing but distractions. They can be for sure. These are the many things to be experienced and some of the ways of self-expression. Art can go beyond the thing itself and raise consciousness. Even getting drunk or taking peyote can have enlightening side effects. Ask David Icke. Have I “used” these modems for distraction? Of course. Are they always and everytime a distraction? Absolutely not. Sometimes I have used distractions to take me away from a feeling that I’m experiencing only to find that it brings me deeper into that feeling. I think these things are part and parcel of our experience here and not unnecessary. If you don’t do or appreciate at least some of these things you are not living a full life. Should our lives consist of merely reading thousands of articles and listening to thousands of radio broadcasts and videos? Can this not too become just a distraction to not deal with some personal problems in our relationships? Who has that kind of time that it’s all you can do with every waking free moment? No fishing, no hiking, no sports, no music, no dancing, no drinking——or no experience, no awareness, no creativity, no new thoughts, no new ideas, no inventions, no dreaming. Are we Baptists then now? Puritans? SHall we next burn the ‘witches” who still engage in the aforementioned? Everything can be experienced either for what it is on it’s own merits or as a distraction. Relationships with friends and mates can be distractions to forget pain from previous bad relationships. And not experienced on their own for their own merit. If we spend all our time researching and listening to podcasts, who controls us THEN ?? WHen do we get time for our own thoughts and not someone else’s even if they mean well and want to wake us up to some truth? When do we play? Is that not allowed if we are to be “serious”? How much can one do in a day or a lifetime? What kind of life is it if we are stuck in our computer chairs with headphones on in every free moment listening to Drake, Wilcock, Fulford, and even Bradley Loves? How are our lives then being controlled and by whom? WHo smiles knowing that we spend every minute trying to find stuff out and sifting through the false prophets not knowing what to believe is true anymore? Who benefits from that chaos? 2) While it is noble and admirable to spend every moment seeking truth, who are we to tell others that they too must spend all their time doing it as well or we judge them as “bad” or lazy and not doing their part? How does it make things better to ignore love in order to be “right” as much as possible? Is being right more important or better than love and how much time should be spent on each? Are they even separate? If being right (truth) and love ARE the same thing and just different expressions of it, why do people feel unloved when we spend all our time seeking and talking about truth and lies? Most people will not experience this as love. 3) Erin Green Rothschild, a rejected elite, now living a normal life of the slaves, said that this way of doing things is a “program” too and the people who believe this way can’t see what they are trapped in. That doesn’t mean she’s right. But just sayin’…….Not everyone one the truth train is on the same track.

    • Kieron says:

      Well said! Striking a balance and seeing all side of the story is key, which is why I argue whenever people say “X is THE problem” or “Y & Z are THE solutions” or “Such-and-such a group of people are THE source of all evil” or “So-and-So is the Devil,” etc. That’s just another form of division and separation, and it advances no cause but the controllers’ cause.

  14. Tina says:

    Bradley, I empathize with you on the credibility issue and overcoming the doubting Thomases and the need for proof. It’s not easy to state all the time how one knows what they know; and anyone with any measure of sensitivity or caring is bound to be frustrated by it. Been there, done that, get the t-shirt everyday! In the comments of your “Key to Enslavement” piece, Shiva/Simon posted a link from the Wingmakers, “The Fifth Interview of Dr. Neruda”; and at the end of that interview, he hits it on the nail with the question of veracity of the information. Anyone with any real experience of time and research within the rabbit hole KNOWS that “fantastic” is an understatement and discernment is an individual thing. I personally bank on the process of elimination to guide me. One learns over time not to get so locked into any certain belief and/or perception, because it will surely change. Like Sheila stated below, what I post/share/pass on is generally met with blank stares…like maybe I’m a three-eyed monster that’s lost my mind (to which I would reply, “Yes, one must lose their mind to get this, and have I mentioned the pineal gland?…”)! Heh.

    And yes, the distractions are palpable! Just everywhere! As a kid, horror movies never bothered me because I always viewed them from the standpoint of the choreography….”Oh look at that! How did they do that?” etc. Now look at today’s “horror” movies….zombies, witches, and romantic vampires! Knife stabbings and blood and gore have become passe in Primetime! Even in my day to day world, I see people/families going on all these vacations, cruises, trips, etc., out to dinner, shopping, etc., and I used to be dumbfounded at how they could afford it. It’s because they are happily entrenched and being rewarded for their participation. Apparently looking at the credit card bill every month is not hitting home yet. The rabbit hole tends to simplify one’s life, and all like-minded friends reside far and wide in distant lands, only to connect in loving blogs. I’m very proud that I don’t participate in the listed distractions (although, like Anthony below, I haven’t penned my experiences because of Sudoku, satellite radio, and Malbec. 😉 Oh well.). What happens to me (aka my punishment for not participating like a good Corporate Animal) is that my vet fires me! Not kidding. Been going to this guy over 10 years, spent $900 this year alone (only to find out that my dog is just fine every time), and he calls me and says that the chick that answers the phone is threatening to quit if I come back because I hang up after she puts me on hold….for a very long time. This has been our family vet for years now. The whole situation is so “fantastic” and surreal, that I just have to laugh at the “lengths” that the magicians will go.

    Finally, thank you again for another installment that resonates with me, and for turning verbs into nouns just because you can! The draggle is the way home! Beautimous!

    • phair2 says:

      Am I to infer that because I am a skilled musician I’m nothing more than a highly skilled distraction artists that benefits no one ??? So music and art does NOT raise consciousness? There is no value to creativity?? Or joy expressed through music, art, dance, etc.. Or sadness empathized and understood when shared?? Love conveyed through art?? All worthless distractions?? Ya just lost me then.

      • Jean says:

        Phair2, I think you need to begin to think for yourself. You keep putting this stuff out there, but I can’t believe you are really this helpless that you think that music and art has no value. . . Figure it out. Think about it, instead of just talking about it. . . Sorry, but that’s where I’m coming now after reading too many of your posts like this . . Hugs, ~Jean

        • Jean says:

          No, you hold on! My blog is not here for you use to simple go on and on and on. . . I’m sorry, but you seem to have misunderstood me. Do you know how many of your comments I had to read before I decided which to publish? Do you think everyone wants to read every little thought you have? I think you need to get a bit ‘real’ here. Do some thinking before you get on here. Figure some things out for yourself, and then get on with a decent offering here — or don’t get on here. Your choice!


          PS You also have the option to read and study others words here . . . to step back and learn a bit 🙂

          • Jean says:

            Yes, I do have to read every sentence you write . . . that is my decision, but you don’t seem to want to respect that. Now, enough is enough. . . Hugs, ~Jean

          • phair2 says:

            I skip over comments sometimes if I don’t agree. I have no idea how many posts you go through or whether or not “everyone” wants to read my every little thought. Maybe someone does. Do you know? I can’t speak for “everyone”. Unless “everyone” is a special club that I don’t belong to but you do. You say that as if it is only I who must step back and read and learn. As though no one could possibly learn anything from me. How disrespectful. I can make a comment or not make a comment. I have no idea what a “decent” comment is or how that is defined by others. I live and express my truth. I can’t help if someone else doesn’t like it. It’s none of my business what they think. You asked us even suggested for us to comment on Bradley Loves posts. So I have. If it’s worthless in your eyes, let it go. It’s zero anyway right? Why get upset about it? But if Something I write resonates with someone who reads it, why not allow that to happen? So my “choice” is to figure it out on my own or not get on here. I choose to say what I want wherever and whenever it’s allowed, and sometimes even when it’s not. Otherwise, there is no point in sharing anything with anybody and we should all just censor ourselves.

          • Jean says:

            phair2, this happened quite a while ago, but as I remember it, I still do suggest that you do a bit more reading . . . this is not necessarily a public place for each person to figure things out. . . Hugs, ~Jean

        • phair2 says:

          I do a lot of thinking on my own. And I’m capable of thinking while talking to others. I didn’t say that I think music and art have no value and are just distractions. But I hear other people stating this to be the case. Part of “figuring it out” is through discussion and debate even if it isn’t always pleasant. If we should all sit by ourselves with our own thoughts what’s the point of discussion? For anyone, not just me.. Sometimes people like what I have to say. I have no way of knowing beforehand. If I knew that, I could win the lottery or write the next hit song. I noticed that while you jumped in to chastise me, or shame me (which I’m not) the person that I directed my response to did not respond.. Maybe what I said caused them to think about it some more…..or not. But you never know. I had no idea that this was a contest. WHo posts the best? Who are the dumbest posters? Who’s more enlightened and and way up here and who’s way down there and not so enlightened? Very judgmental and disrespectful to another human being who has his own experiences and insights into those experiences. It’s just “stuff” that I keep putting out there. No value judgment there right? Only some people’s experiences and viewpoints are worthwhile. Right?

  15. Elvetwelve says:

    Dear jean and bradley(capitus diminutio minima) thank you so much for giving me the tools to connect with Prime Source again and make my journey home possible. Thank you, Thank you Thank you. The removal of consent was the last missing piede of the puzzle for me how I came about to be in this mess called “life on earth’.

  16. Everyone needs to read and understand what you write Bradley. The Jesuits arrived on Earth by force 2000 years ago from deep outer space, they had curly horns but adopted a human form to take control. Some still have that form, they came here to try to frighten me. Few realise that the Vatican is “Jewish”. Their Jesus, Mary and Joseph never existed…… Yes there was a CHRIST not born of man, he was not put to death on a cross, he just dematerialised when the time came for him to leave. “They” need Ukraine as that was one of their ENTRY POINTS AND THEY WILL NEED IT TO BE ABLE TO LEAVE EARTH. If they try to remain on Earth they will just decompose in the Light. We have to take responsibility, prepare for their departure and start to salvage what is left of our world. This is why the Centres are inportant to Monty and I.

  17. Anthony says:


    That one word sums up what I think of every word you have written, Mr. Love. After what I have experienced in my own life, I have done much research like you have and came to the same conclusions.

    For anyone needing some validation and ‘proof’, simply read the works of Lisa Renee ( ), especially her ‘Shifting Timelines’ and ‘Time Shift Blog’. Or, check out Cameron Day’s site with his videos and articles on why he is no longer a ‘light worker’
    ( ). Or, read the works of John Lamb Lash ( ), who has deciphered the ancient Gnostic Dead Sea scrolls, which described these ‘Archons’ and proved that they have existed for at least several thousand years. There are many, many others but that is a good start.

    Heck – if anyone wants, I’ll personally describe my OWN encounters with these beings. I could easily write an in-depth article on my own experiences. I haven’t done so yet because of – well, beer; U2; Monty Python…etc. 🙂

    – Anthony

    p.s. thank you SO MUCH for your article series here, Bradley. It both validates what I have experienced, and what we must do to END this BS.

  18. Яåℓƒ says:

    Hi Jean & Bradley,

    What do you mean by, that those who “accept” the programming are rewarded with both money – success – and a nice home and nice family!

    I thought that spirits can choose their parents & circumstances before they incarnate! Does this mean that the dark ones can choose, who our future parents are??

    If this is true, I find this very disturbing!

    Pardon, I posted my comment in the wrong article before!

  19. Yes – as I may have mentioned before, karma is just the observation of physical laws as they apply to energy. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. So, for those who think their lives will be great if they’re mean to people all the time? Think again… 😉 But it is not retribution; it is simply cause and effect. That’s it.

    Something about predictions that I’ve come to understand through my own experience. First of all, channeling inaccuracy isn’t because they’re wrong. It’s because they are receiving information from ALL timelines at the same time, and they are picking one to “see”. It is very similar to how we look at anything else. We can’t see everything all at once – our eyes just don’t work that way. We can only focus on something, or not focus on something. Channelers do the same thing – they choose to focus on something, and try to put it into context. But understand, they are correct 100% of the time. They just saw the wrong timeline! As “proof” I can offer my dream experiences, where I have met people in my dreams that I then meet “in real life” some months or years in the future. But no matter how hard I try, I can’t recreate the circumstances that I met that person in the dream. And why would I want to? It was a different timeline.

    Within the timeline structure, all things are possible at the same time. So it is silly to accuse someone who channels of being wrong. They’re not wrong; they just focused on something other than what you wanted them to focus on. As to entities / energy providing malicious information – I guess there is intelligent energy out there that we could connect to that would have the intent of doing harm… but it is no lesser or greater than what we ourselves are capable of. The balance of the “ego-self” can play into the message, some channels try to remove it as much as possible, others don’t. It’s up to them as a creative expression, similar to how one might paint a painting. The artist can interpret a landscape in so many different ways. ❤

    If you'd like to play with some of these ideas yourself, without getting too far into the "esoteric stuff", try playing around with an app called Ghost Radar, for Ipad and Iphone. Challenge yourself to figure out what it's trying to tell you. Remember it's not ghosts, it's just intelligent energy.

    • Jean says:

      Dreamwalker, while I think you may have a point, I think Bradley is saying that the Dark is able to interfere and channel to us precisely what they want us to receive. . . This has nothing to do with various timelines, does it? Hugs,~Jean

      • Rosie says:

        Can anyone explain why some people seem not to be susceptible to this control or question it, as in the bit from the Matrix “questions like a splinter in your mind”.

    • Bradley says:


      I found your response intriguing. The thought has merit, however, your explanation does nothing to temper the fanatical “belief” that some followers of certain channels have in their chosen “station” of frequency transmission. Some actually abusively ridicule those who may try to suggest that their channel may be seeing another timeline.

      In addition, if true, don’t you suppose it it he height of irresponsibility to suggest that what they see is probable? Perhaps the channelers should reduce their transmission to only slightly possible. Would that not be more responsible.
      Do you have any idea how much stock some people place on channeled messages?
      Do you realize (I certainly do) that some people base their entire lives on the advice of channelers?

      With the response you’ve provided, you’ve created a loophole for the channelers, but done nothing to address the profound affect that they are having upon living human beings here and now.

      Is it just Que Sera Sera? (What ever will be, will be?)

      In addition, as Jean pointed out, I have already posted (several times now) evidence of government and military technology that can literally broadcast messages directly into a persons mind as infrasound. (They call it synthetic telepathy).

      Your response does not consider this possibility at all.

      • Thanks Jean and Bradley for your great comments. I don’t think it’s irresponsible to report what we experience to others. I think it is irresponsible for someone to receive that information without asking questions, and find their own answers. Verify the information and try to duplicate results, if possible. This is something that Jean constantly encourages, and I fully endorse this approach for anything in the realm of human experience.

        I thought the synthetic telepathy articles were great – very interesting reading. You might disagree with this perspective, but I see this as a media template much like watching TV. There are different stations, and some present “infotainment” like Fox News (yuk!), and some present documentaries like PBS. As it happens, both are presented through channels. 🙂 We should also understand that the information is a part of the channel’s personal progress through life, so it is a very personal expression. The law of diversity applies here, so if these synthetic telepathy stations do exist, everyone will not be subject to these waves in the same way. Some may receive it more than others, or not at all, or have adverse effects (such as migraines). So you see it may be a mistake to think that all information is tainted in the same way. It isn’t. And as a channel develops their skill, they can focus better on the “sender” because they become more familiar with the energy signature of the sender. It is much like how a radio might receive a different station at a traffic light – it’s a temporary interference, but we understand it’s receiving a different station. I should also mention here that whether it is higher self or another “entity” or only someone’s ego is a moot point, because all cases are true.

        It is not “whatever will be will be” – I agree with you that the “new age” community needs to get their heads out of their proverbial behinds, and do some critical thinking. To put all blame on someone who is providing a message… this is not taking ownership of the issue. It is after all a “freewill” universe. And yes, channelers need to do their own set of critical thinking exercises. I know of a few channels who are abusive to others and they are just being “alphas”. This kind of behavior is old paradigm (wolf pack) stuff. Do we get special status for looking through a pair of binoculars? Of course not. Why should channeling be any different? The more people do it (even if they do it badly!), the less “special” it becomes.

        Here in North America before european domination, everyone did some form of this. How do you think detailed medical knowledge of plants was gained? More often than not, they asked the plant.

  20. Bradley says:

    All my Love

  21. Shelia says:

    I watched this a couple years ago, but welcomed the opportunity to spend the 3+ hours to watch it again when you & Jean posted it Bradley Loves. There is so much info here that I will most likely watch it again sometime in the future. I have posted it on my fb wall a couple of times and emailed it out, but, most if not all those I sent it to, will say it is too long or some other flimsy excuse to stay ignorantly, blissfully in the matrix. I’m sure they will find time for the cartoon news networks or a football game though. Thank you so much for making it available to me again. I value the information therein highly.

    • phair2 says:

      Even the football game, if it relaxes your mind and self-talk can be useful. If it quiets the constant brain chatter.

      • translimits says:

        Football games to quiet the mind chatter? Serious? For real?? It’s another game of war smoothed over to the unconscious masses as ‘entertainment’!

        It’s another war event encouraging separation, vilification and obliteration. Ever REALLY track a SuperBowl? The weeks running up to it, the game and “Half time Entertainment”–replete with orgastic Cabal symbolism, and the game’s end and aftermath of feelings???

        Better to visit a zoo! At least the caged animals reflect our own plight in an equally un-natural enviornment.

        • phair2 says:

          We see it differently. And that’s okay, right?

          • phair2 says:

            You don’t have to be affected by their attempts to mind control. Enjoy what you can get out of it and leave the rest behind. We don’t have to become Nazis that slam our fists down and say :”No Sports!” “No entertainment because there might be some negative element present !” “No pork !”

  22. Lupe says:

    I thank you very much Bradley,I had been looking for the truth about us humans and I’am glad I found it.
    Also thank you Jean for your hard work.

  23. Kim says:

    Kudos & Thank you for all you do, as well as to Jean for all she does!

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