From the day we are born – we are taught! Everything we know is “given to us”, by others and what we “retain” we call learning. From numbers and letters to likes and dislikes – from hatreds and preferences to guilt and shame – we are all being TAUGHT! –

Excuse me? I’m Sorry, what is written above is a load of crap! Here is what I really meant to say to clear it up!

We KNOW that ALL OF OUR BELIEFS AND UNDERSTANDINGS ARE CORRECT because the lessons that we are learning can be traced very far back in TIME – TO MAJOR WORLD UNIVERSITIES! That’s how “we know” (wink-wink) that what we are being taught is perfectly correct!

None of these Universities would EVER have people in them that belong to secret societies! None of these Universities would ever have among their ranks people running them who had a collective secrecy agenda, and none of these Universities would ever “answer” to others who are outside and above them!

Thats how we ALSO KNOW that there would “never be” children in secret government projects around the world taken out of school and secretly “taught” by the CIA or MI-6 about the way things “really” are. And when asked by these same children who are only 8 and 9 years old – why what they are learning in “regular school” is so different that what they are now being taught – they would never be TOLD by the CIA that everything they are learning in regular school is a LIE – and that because they are now “working” on secret government projects – they are NOW SPECIAL and therefore they get to know the TRUTH.

We KNOW that none of us could EVER be under “MIND CONTROL” because everything we have been taught has been given to us by those who “LOVE” us!

Like the CATHOLIC CHURCH! They LOVE US! Because of them – we can “go to heaven”. Or, like the GOVERNMENT! They LOVE US! Because of them – we get to live in the best – richest and smartest country in the whole WORLD!

The police LOVE US! They protect us! Because of them, we are safe! The MILITARY LOVES US! The Generals all want us to be safe! They never waste a single life unless it is to “protect” our country which is the best in the world! My military friends coming back from Afghanistan have never told me that all they ever did was guard poppy fields and then load planes coming back to the United States with opium. I KNOW THE TRUTH! They never told me that!

I KNOW what I’m talking about because every school and University tells me what is so! I’ve got a MASTERS DEGREE – SO THEREFORE I’M SMART! So I can safely conclude that what I’m saying here is not about beliefs! IT IS ABOUT FACT!

I’ve never been “told” what to believe – I’ve been TAUGHT! There is a difference my friends. So this idea about “propaganda” and this idea about MIND CONTROL – I just don’t understand where all of this is coming from!

When I watch the television news like CNN, or MSNBC, or FOX – my true hero’s tell me EXACTLY what is happening in the country and around the WORLD! And after watching several hours in an evening – I can safely say that I am “totally up to date” and have it all down! I don’t have ANY beliefs – JUST FACTS!

Anyway – I’M A NEW-AGER! Just to be clear! Sure, sure – I know that what the church says is true – but I wanna be safe! I’ve got FOUR really good “channelers” who are teaching me now! They are “teaching me now” about the other side and heaven! They are basically saying the same thing the church said – only with a slight twist! IM NOT MIND CONTROLLED – I’M BEING TAUGHT, DAMN IT! There’s a difference!

They tell me that EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENS HERE ON EARTH – WE WANTED! Sounds good to me! Like all of the wars – we wanted that!
Anyone who gets killed? – They had it coming! – It was their KARMA!
I chose my parents – so when they beat the ever loving CRAP out of me every day – THAT’S WHAT I WANTED!

I chose that pain, because I needed to hurt every day! My channelers said so and they would never LIE TO ME – THEY LOVE ME! THEY TELL ME SO! Just like my priest – he used to tell me how much he loved me – and now my channeler DOES THE SAME THING! MIND CONTROL? PHOOEY!


My channeler tells me I’m going to ASCEND soon! I don’t have to do anything either! Just like my priest used to tell me! All I had to do is BELIEVE in the church, and I was going to heaven! Now, all I have to do is believe my channeler and ask for ASCENSION and I’M GOING! SEE HOW EASY IT IS?


My channeler now tells me that all I have to do is pay attention to myself! All I have to do is to take care of MY OWN LIFE! I LIKE THAT – BECAUSE IT REALLY REQUIRES VERY LITTLE EFFORT TO DO THAT!




Now, that I’ve finally cleared everything up for you – you can rest easy! Its simple – there is no such thing as belief – propaganda – or mind control – JUST FACT! (My Channeler told me so!)

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  2. Trisha M says:

    As the author of the article, Mr. Love is certainly entitled to use whatever writing style he desires. But I for one had great difficulty understanding the gist of the article and had to reread it twice. Then again, Bradley’s writings are totally foreign to me- with the exception of the recent few that Jean has posted on her blog.
    Once I understood the direction the article was going in- I could then easily follow the sarcasm. I wasn’t offended by it, but it didn’t move mountains either.
    It was a good jumping off point, but I feel as tho half the article is missing. Not sure why that is… I’m just being honest. If I can ask Bradley Love anything, please continue this line of thought, but address it in another way for those of us who are new to your thinking. Thanks 🙂

    • Jean says:

      🙂 Trisha, we’re all learning so much that is new and it is mostly very unpleasant . . . and I’m glad to know you are keeping an open mind. I’ve just viewed the video on satanism in Hollywood, and it is a tough watch. . . but we’re come so far in our understanding, and now is not the time to turn away. While we need to decide on an individual basis how we feel about these things, we need to have information on which to base our decisions. Maybe Bradley was just ahead of some of us . . . I don’t know for sure . . . I had no problem with his words . . . Hugs, ~Jean

    • pat says:

      i just thought that Bradley’s point of view taken was the point of view that everything is the opposite of what we have been led to believe-and that to state things the way he did just pulls the rug out from cognitive dissonance–by stating what we are programmed to believe–which is so–INSANE!!!!–making it easier to see just how insane the mind parasites and these lines of thinking are. Now the next step might be to sit with this for awhile…because as reality sets in–IT AIN’T PRETTY and then owning the truth instead of staying comfortably numb leads to a change in perspective-hopefully a heart centered one–not a dopey happy victim one–(again, my new age cop out-it is your karma i am an as–ole and vs versa).

  3. Aron says:

    Has anyone else heard of the Rod Class Court Case I suggest you check it out if you want to know more about word magic used in courts and laws they bring in and dont even follow them

    Have A listen to the 11/25/2014 at 9:57 episode 902 called Know their language Know their Rules

  4. Frank R says:

    Hi Bradley…………

    Well done mate! As usual you hit the mark once once again……….and I for one thought you were being way too kind and not a bit offensive……keep it coming sir…that’s exactly what sheeple need to hear OVER AND OVER! We need allot more.

    Deep Respects…………….Frank R

    • Bradley says:


      How does the saying go? You can please some of the people some of the time, and a few of the people all of the time, but you can’t please all of the people ALL OF THE TIME.
      That about sums it up! 30 years ago, I was a people “pleaser” and lived to try to please everyone. Then I learned it was IMPOSSIBLE to do. Now what I do is to LIVE and BE MY OWN TRUTH – while at the same time using that truth in the best way that I can to assist and help the most people that I can, in any and every way that I can.
      There will always be those who are not pleased! HAPPILY, today I can say that IM OKAY with that! I perfectly okay with another being not agreeing with me or my teachings! In fact its totally wonderful – until it degrades into a “personal attack” of some sort. WHICH is not okay and is not spiritual. Funnily, everyone is sensitive in different ways, and what one person sees as totally just satire and a broad generalization – another sees as overboard. I can only venture a guess that those who are most sensitve to things like this are inwardly kicking themselves already for something and are thus very sensitive to it being pointed out.

      Frank, you are quickly becoming my best fan! Thanks for the unending support!

  5. Col says:

    Really! So sensitive. How ever will we handle the minions banging on our doors, shooting our animals and transporting ourselves and everyone we love to the nice concentration camps. No worries! We’ll have the pigs to keep us company… This is sarcasm.

    Love the work Bradley. Thanks Jean for sharing this kind of information. Truth in the an the age of controlled opposition and new age religiousities.

    How refreshing..

    • Jean says:

      Oh, my! Thank you! Hugs, ~Jean

    • guardianmc says:

      Jean…. I’ve writen a few responses and for some reason they were never posted. Were they sensored?

      • Jean says:

        Yup! Hugs, ~Jean

        • guardianmc says:

          I’ll try to be a little more sensitive in my response. I was picking on Bradley’s sarcastic approach to making people think because it reminds of teachers, preachers and drill Sargent’s who belittle those who want to get it but still can’t comprehend the picture that is being presented. I’ve been in that place as dyslexic child when I could not comprehend reading writing or spelling and believe me its no fun to have others laughing at you because they get the joke and you don’t. Others have expressed this eloquently…. But what really got me going earlier this week was Bradley’s comment that no one had any karma left to work out … OK … that sound really cool but I don’t get it and wish he would explain with greater detail when he makes such comments that go against just about everything most of us have learned over the last 40 plus years. OR was that more sarcasm?

          • Jean says:

            Well, I understand what you are saying . . . and I’ve shared with another reader that dyslexia is very possibly caused by abuse . . . we learn to respond intuitively, which is much quicker than the written word. For both of you, I will look to see if I still have the book that discusses it. I think what you were doing was responding from an unhealed place, but until your open-ness now, I could not have begun to determine that fact. What you said, IMO, didn’t contribute to the conversation, but now I do understand your words.

            If you don’t understand about karma, why don’t you just ask him?

            I’m sure there are others who also don’t understand, and might like more of an explanation. . . What I understand is that karma is an idea/concept that has been ‘sold’ to us by the cabal. When we die, because we don’t do so consciously, we get caught up by entities into the karmic return here to earth, always trying to work our way out of it, but never really succeeding. I’m sure Bradley can share better information with you in this regard . . .

            Thanks for your honesty! You can see, now, what has come out of it.


          • Jean says:

            Okay, here is the title of the book . . . by Ronald D. Davis . . .The Gift of Dyslexia, 1997. It is not a new book, and there may be something better by now. . . . it is available on audio cassettes. It speaks of dyslexia as being a gift. You know, though, from personal experience, anyone who is ‘different’ in a Duality consciousness is labelled and abused. . . I also suggest you try to read – it’s not a complex novel, but it will help you to understand the world to which we are returning, The Girl Who Sang to the Buffalo: A Child, an Elder, and the Light from an Ancient Sky by Kent Nerburn. The new world is one where differences are not looked on as bad, and where they are honored. 🙂 Hold tight, we’re getting there . . . Hugs, ~Jean

          • guardianmc says:

            Jean… thank you for writing and send sharing the title of the book… the subject is huge.

            Although it might be that being dyslexic can be caused by abuse, from everything I learned it is inherited. Two of my kids were dyslexic or about 10% of the population. Kids who are dyslexic need to learn how to read differently than other kids and require special tutoring. A child that is Dyslexic can now get all school books on tape with a control on the recorder to slow it down or it speed up so they can follow along in the text book. This service was/is free from the national program called Book recordings for the Blind and Dyslexic. Dyslexic kids also get other special privliges such as no time limit on taking tests and >this is a big one< cannot be marked down in grades because of mis spelling words!!!
            I’ve been to weekend conferences on the subject and learned much over the years, but the one thing that stands out this morning is 80-90% of the people in prison are dyslexic.
            I was lucky to have parents that never told me I was stupid but other kids were not so lucky and thus they acted out in multiple ways which eventually got the labeled as “trouble makers” Thus I do understand how abuse and being dyslexic can be easily intertwined.

            On the subject of Karma I will put together my thoughts and questions and ask Bradley as you suggest, I assume through this post…. Thank you much…

          • Jean says:

            🙂 Still, if you can find the time, take a look at this book . . . what you and your children have suffered with is really a GIFT, and our strange world of DUALITY hasn’t been able to recognize it. . . This books talks about your gifts, as well 🙂 Anyway, for what it may be worth, I offered it to you . . . Hugs, ~Jean

    • lozzafun says:

      I appreciate that you noticed that I possess sensitivity…I am told it is a rare quality!

  6. lozzafun says:

    Mia…I am happy you found the VALUE in what Bradley has been sharing!..Sorry to hear that you are checking out of reading more of his material, due to the ‘in your face kind of quality’….

    This is WHY I was attempting to offer a BUFFER, of sorts, in the first place…So that people, would RECONSIDER before they kick out the good info with the bad….

    Consider this, Bradley is offering thought provoking, personal growth material….At least I feel he is….I wish his words had been less harsh and MORE supportive….BUT don’t let it stop you from exploring his coming work…His next article MIGHT be of benefit to you!…you are a GEM Mia…Your short but sweet post, portrays you as a well balanced spirit….

    • mia feroleto says:

      Dear Lozzafun,

      Thank you for your sensitive comment. No worries I am no shrinking wallflower.

      Beginning in my early teens I have read everything I could get my hands on. Books I needed to read would jump out at me at bookstores or be given to me out of the blue. I am about to turn 59 and continue to read endlessly including what I find on the internet for a good four or five hours per day. I don’t miss much.

      We all choose what vibrates for us based on where we are at any given time. And I can assure you, in addition to my own sensitivities I have a warrior spirit which inspires me to action. If Bradley’s writing is his way of expressing action (which clearly it must be) then Bravo.

      In ten or twenty years we will see what was true and what was illusion. My guess is we are in for a few surprises. Do pay attention to the group dynamic surrounding this material. That in itself is revealing.

      There was a reference to the film Gladiator in one of the comments on Jean’s blog. One of my favorite films. Notice the constancy of Maximus’ wonderful dog. Part domesticated, part wolf.

      Strength and Honor,

  7. Bradley says:

    Dear Friends,

    Thank you all for your loving comments! And thank you for “getting it”. This was not only meant to be “sarcastic” it was also a deep satire and meant to make people THINK!

    I actually started to write this like I normally write – and something told me it would not even make the slightest “dent” in those I was trying to reach!

    So I switched gears and “went the other way into a sort of funny sarcasm!”
    Perhaps not everyone found this funny – but I was actually giggling the entire time I was writing it!
    Okay, so my sense of humor may not match everyone else’s. I admit it, it’s sort of “dry wit”.

    But the real question is: Did this piece raise eyebrows?, and Did this piece make a point that was almost impossible to miss?

    Mission accomplished!

    Once again, I must say no one was intended to be hurt, no toes intended to be stepped on, and if you’ve read my other articles – one of my best friends as a young man was a psychic and a channeler! SHE would have fallen out of her chair laughing at this one! She NEVER took what she got in channel too seriously. She could also see spirit if you’ve seen that article.

    As always and forever – to all those who really CARE about humanity –


    • lozzafun says:

      Thank you Bradley for your explanation….I for one appreciate your efforts…I am writing from my heart so I am asking the Universe to give you understanding of my words…Please hear me from those parameters…

      By your own admission you feel compelled to bring certain things to light..You stated “if not me then WHO?”…. Would it be difficult to believe that I too feel compelled to bring a certain truth to light??..

      And so I say also, “if not me, then WHO??”…I do not offer these words for praise or recognition…I only want to draw attention to what SATIRE is INTENDED TO DO….

      By its very definition, Satire is UNKIND….’the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people’s stupidity’…Mission accomplished?…(Is this what you wanted?)

      Bradley, are we here for that?…To impose this on those who NEED TRUTH?….Those who are advanced and secure in their journey would be UNAFFECTED by your satire….BUT what about the NEWBIES you are trying to WAKE UP??..Advanced truthers do not need to wake up, they already are!…Yet, it is ONLY the advanced truthers that comment….

      I personally felt you were attempting to JOLT the sleepers to a higher truth?….But you state this is DEEP satire BUT didn’t mean to pick on anybody or step on toes… so it is confusing….

      noun: satire

      the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people’s stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues.
      synonyms: mockery, ridicule, derision, scorn, caricature; More
      irony, sarcasm

      I know you GENUINELY desire to help people, I do too but I can admit that I make many MISTAKES…Many people are just awakening…Please think back…Do you REMEMBER how unsure, how confused, how eager yet fragile your belief systems were, in the beginning?..

      Did you ever embrace a false truth, experience disillusionment and disappointment?

      Do you agree that we LEARN through experience?…As Cameron Day states “ask for an experience that will show you truth”…

      Bradley,do you feel that we EVOLVE from and progress from our beliefs and that, for many, channels are STEPPING STONES on a journey to HIGHER TRUTH?…

      I do NOT wish for you to feel attacked or criticized but in CASE you do, I will attempt to explain again…I am not writing satire, I am expressing on behalf of what is in my heart….
      From my original post….
      “Good info has been presented by Bradley and I HOPE it is not abandoned because toes have been stepped on in this article….”
      My words were INTENDED for NEWBIES….If you love then you care about them?….No??…


      “““““““““`….FIRST RULE……Do NO HARM…““““`

      ~~~~~This is WHY I ASKED any and ALL who may feel negativity, by your words, to look further and FORGIVE THEMSELVES for any mistakes they make along the way…embracing a false belief is only TEMPORARY during SERIOUS personal growth…~~~~~~~


      “ALLOW the positive FLOW of the universe to carry you” …This being the guidelines presented by a FORMER career NUN…(consider the programming she overcame in order to AWAKEN)….

      You are not the only one with a mentor….This sweet lady ADMITS that she was INSPIRED by a channel in the late 60’s…(she is the LAST person I would have suspected to embrace channeling)…Please note the word INSPIRED…She wasn’t stuck with wheels spinning…(Please give credit to humanity)

      After 50 plus years of being awake, this dear lady, does not consider herself an authority but RATHER ”student of the Universe”…IF one can judge by her many INVITES for speaking engagements, she is doing something right….She doesn’t claim AUTHORITY OR PERFECTION….She exhibits all the attributes of wisdom and people are EAGER to have what she has and learn what she knows…

      Her philosophy…”Sometimes the student and sometimes the teacher”

      I can see it is this state of being that you seek, don’t we all seek that wisdom, peace and truth?…

      Isn’t this where it is at Bradley?…A lesson for everyone in ALL things?…We ALL make mistakes and we are all ‘students of the Universe’…None are greater than the rest, right?…Nobody is totally right and nobody is totally wrong?….Isn’t our world colored with gray areas?….Isn’t it our job to assist and encourage?….

      Bradley, there is nothing harsh intended here….I am simply making an appeal so that YOUR TRUTH IS NOT OVERLOOKED by the very NEWBIES you are trying to reach….

      Let’s not dispute the definition of SATIRE or the cost of it….We NEED EACH OTHER….lets not chase anyone away…Especially those just grasping the truth…Is what I say really that difficult to understand?

      • Bradley says:



        How wonderful it is to be part of the GREAT JOURNEY! Love has many facets. I am grateful (as always) for any and all viewpoints which increase comprehension. I can see that you would not have written this piece the way that I wrote it. In fact, even “I” was not going to write it the way that I wrote it! (smile). Yet, my intuition, which I’ve learned to listen to, asked me to change gears on this piece. All of my work is given in love.
        It is CLEAR by your comment that you do not see it that way, and that’s OKAY. At this time, I am NOT going to “apologize” for what is – or what has already been done.
        The article is out there and it did it’s job! You seem to think that by pointing out my LACK OF KINDNESS that I will bow my head and in shame or something and give a nod of appreciation for being “called” on my lack of sensitivity! I do not see this piece as UNKIND at all. What I “perceived” is a lot of stuck energy that was being very STUBBORNLY supported by sleeping individuals who have been ANYTHING but kind in response (to me) when I “gently” and loving suggested over and over again that they may be a problem with certain channeled messages.
        IN fact I have been all too often ATTACKED in writing and in private e-mails by what “YOU” might certainly tell me are LOVING light workers. And for all practical purposes in the public domain – they do seem so. But get just one of them in a private e-mail, and the claws and fangs come out all too often.
        This is not my first rodeo!
        What may have escaped your attention – even though you feel your are doing this with a good heart – is that YOU ARE TRYING TO SCHOOL ME IN MANNERS – and ETIQUETTE – sort of like the uncouth school boy who walked into the classroom with muddy shoes. And doing it quite publicly! Is that an accident? Is there a larger point to your comment? Perhaps a primer class on how best to be LOVING and how best to be concerned about my fellow man will be next? Just a thought there my friend –

        I get it! Your point is quite clear. YOU would never have written this article the way that I did! BUT you didn’t write it – I DID! It was written to cause people to think! So – Lozzafun – the best we can do at this point is to “agree” to disagree on how best to make a point of this magnitude. Perhaps you indeed are endowed with more patience than I am. OR – perhaps you don’t see coming what I see coming. BOTH are possible. My articles – as already explained are given IN LOVE – I make no money off of them – and IN ADDITION – am looking for NO RECOGNITION!
        I choose to teach because what I know can save people eventually.

        Thank you for you KIND attention to the articles that I have written thus far! You are a wonderful person and I hope that many more wonderful people will continue to read and learn from my Articles!


  8. At the end of the day, it is not about priests or channelers or politicians. The template – the root of the problem – are these massive cons that we’ve all experienced at one time or another. They hurt, they’re emotionally draining, and we’re tired of them. So many lives destroyed because one person has to be the top of the heap. And the kicker is, those of us who trusted them are often the ones who put them there. And then we feel powerless to stop them.

    I have noticed a broad theme that these things are revealing themselves… For what reason I’m not sure. Jean, you may have seen this, but if not you might find it interesting. You may have even talked to D already about this episode.

    Anyways, I expect another template playing itself out is the yin/yang symbol; a little dark in the light and vice-versa. The best cure for these things I can think of is to shine light on them. So keep doing what you’re doing. And the great con will end. ❤

  9. Tracy says:

    I have to say you made me chuckle; and I was reading this with the X-mas background song:
    A Marshmallow World – Dean Martin, which makes your sarcastic words even funnier.
    Thanks & good cheer to All! 😉

    • Bradley says:


      THAT is good to hear! You have my heart! I was hoping that people would see it with the same eyes I saw it with when I was writing it! YOU DID!


  10. Watcher says:

    Fantastic!!!! Thank you Bradley. Very much on point and factual.
    Appreciate the time you take to deduce these out and write them.

  11. phair2 says:

    Can’t argue or complain with this one. He uses sarcasm. But he used it well.

  12. Probably somewhat relevant – 10 spiritually transmitted diseases

    Now Bradley may come across as a bit sarcastic, but this is a good conversation to have, and I think it can apply to pretty much every religion. When I was younger I tried to fit in with with a few different religions but the blind faith thing that Brad talks about is what turned me off of each one. Even the newer ones have bizarre power structures and people trying to get you to think and act a certain way. Even the school PTA is like that, for Pete’s sake. Sorry, it’s not for me.

  13. Yep, that was a good end of the week tantrum right there! 😉 you really should think twice about listening to FOX though. They once told me to jump off a bridge and I just about broke both my legs. Fortunately, it was only a footbridge so I didn’t have far to fall…

  14. edkoken says:

    Love it. This is another MASTER piece of work. Thank you. This is very helpful for us to be aware of how much we are mind controlled and to become awakened… As a start, please turn of your TV. With gratitude

    • Bradley says:

      I am “HONORED” by your kindness and appreciation of this piece! The pleasure is all mine! I used to tell my son as he grew up that “HE WAS A PERFECT BEING”!

      Now – when I feel down – he comes to me and says – Dad – You are a “perfect being”

      I could ask for nothing more!

  15. Bradley says:

    It was NOT my intention to be “hard” on anyone! Simply to call attention in a very “profound” way to what I “percieved” as STUCK ENERGY that was refusing to move!

    I did it in a way that was more like a “SATIRE” or like something very “FICESIOUS”
    I am very sensitive to those however who MAY have thought this was “coming down hard” on individuals. Therefore – simply know that it was not my intent to “single” anyone out! Just to paint a picture that could not be mis interpreted.


    • Jean says:

      Yes, I thought it was satire, too . . . people are taking things so seriously . . . aHugs, ~Jean

      • Kieron says:

        Do you mean facetious, Bradley? You got me to look up the origin of the word, for fun and to see if there’s any obvious spellcasting in it.

        Word Origin and History for facetious (adjective)

        1590s, from French facétieux, from facétie “a joke” (15th century), from Latin facetia “jest, witticism,” from facetus “witty, elegant, fine, courteous,” of unknown origin, perhaps related to facis “torch.”

        Nothing immediately obvious, but good word to know. 🙂

  16. Aron says:

    How to catch wild pigs

    You catch wild pigs by finding a suitable place in the woods and putting corn on the ground. The pigs find it and begin to come every day to eat the free corn. When they are used to coming every day, you put a fence down one side of the place where they are used to coming. When they get used to the fence, they begin to eat the corn again and you put up another side of the fence. They get used to that and start to eat again.

    You continue until you have all four sides of the fence up with a gate in the last side. The pigs, which are used to the free corn, start to come through the gate to eat that free corn again. You then slam the gate and catch the whole herd. Suddenly the wild pigs have lost their freedom. They run around and around inside the fence, but they are caught. So they go back to eating the free corn. They are so used to it that they have forgotten how to forage in the woods for themselves, so they accept their captivity.

    Government keeps spreading the free corn out in the form of numerous programs such as supplemental tax credit for unearned income, tax exemptions, subsidies, welfare entitlements, medicine, drugs, etc, while we continually lose our freedoms, just a little at a time.

    And when the government slams the gate shut – many will be squealing, but too late. Suddenly, tyranny and martial law overnight … But it really took years and years, Humans just didn’t bother to do anything about it?

  17. tim says:

    Thank you Jean and Bradley for your work
    I enjoyed it, merely a different way to make the point.
    I was listening to a comedian the other day talking about how no one is allowed to offend anyone any more and he was making the point that it was just ‘being offended’ it won’t harm us, as in ‘if something offends you, so be offended, then get over it’ where’s the big deal?
    Which I thought was a healthy perspective.


  18. DavidJ says:

    Hello Bradley,

    I find your writings to be most interesting, and I very much appreciate your efforts to freely share your perspective and knowledge.

    If everything taught has been and continues to be lies and deception, then I’m wondering, how do we in turn respond? How can it make sense to act from a mindset that “standard information” is deviously destructive, so the need is to now pursue information that isn’t deception? For example, all religion is lies and deceit, so look to Gnosticism for truths? It’s a strange situation.

    It has taken decades of my adult life to finally get outside my upbringing and look at Catholicism with a cold eye. The fulcrum point for me was when I finally had the nerve a few years ago to look into “Black Mass”. Like most adults, I’ve known of the expression Black Mass for a long time, but kept such a notion out of my realm of thought, dismissing it as nothing I would ever want to know even a single thing about, or think about in any way. After all, there are always a handful of totally insane lunatics out there doing things that have nothing to do with normal people, right? And to think that the sole purpose of such activity is to defile the most scared of things, The Holy Mass! The most meaningful element of Catholicism, which of course is the greatest, best religion in the whole world!

    This is weird, but when attending my Dad’s funeral several months ago at the neighborhood catholic church that he attended daily, I looked at a framed picture I’d seen so, so many times before, and I felt a deep jolt. There on the wall was the “Sacred Heart”, hovering over a chalice. Pierced. Bleeding into the cup. It is difficult for me to write this, but from that moment forward, my perception of Black Mass and Holy Mass flipped around: Holy Mass being the socially accepted acting out of the actual Mass — the Black Mass. Holy Mass being the ethereal version of the physical version. Millions of millions of people actively participating in, pouring their energies into, over and over and over. And I can tell you, I have loved ones that would turn away from me if knowing my feelings about this.

    But enough about that for the time being. Continuing forward with everything, and taking note of the word play in your writings, I’m wondering if:

    – We are existing on (under) a pla-NET.
    – The SOUL-er system here is a construct, purpose built to provide soul energies to an entity that knows itself to be GOD.
    – This GOD entity is wrong-minded, a distorted male energy, dominating, fears female energy, and actually is without soul.
    – We always live in the shadow of evil here because of the nature of the imitation-god-entity that has taken up residence in this location of the universe.
    – This GOD is the prideful owner of all it perceives. Maybe somewhat akin to how a farmer feels about the carrots he grows.
    – The sun/SOL that we see is not the source of all life, but the source of all death, being a construct that effectively blocks the true sun from our pla-NET and SOUL-er system, resulting in death and decay here.
    – Are the (regular) people here then actually a collection of mega-super heros, who volunteered to live life here, for the purpose of doing whatever they might be be able to do to undo the horrific SOUL-er system construct of deceit, knowing full well in advance that they wouldn’t know?

    Anyway, just some thoughts at this point in time. Please do keep the very valuable writings coming!

    All the best to you,

    • Very good of you to share this most awakened revelation. I was raised catholic too, even went to a catholic school as a child. One of the bribes my dad used to get me to want to come to the US with him and mum(florida) was the promise that if we could get there inwould be allowed to go to a public school. That was one very small consideration on a very big scale, but it shows how bad i wanted out of that school! I have come to see all religions as false and am on my own, except for people who have also awakened. It gets easier as you go on and “seeing” the truth of the so called ” sacred heart,” was obviously a very real and necessary part of your awakening. The heart is the main chakra that is activated in an awakening, probably the reason why the bloodthirsty Aztecs cut out the heart of their victims as well, it all ties in and there are no coincidences, everything is indeed hidden in plain sight. Wonder how many elites are laughing at us now? Still we have our work cut out for us but with we are not alone, in fact we are legion. Blessings!

  19. lozzafun says:

    Yes Jean….I cut him slack from the get go….As I stated in my post …
    Good info has been presented by Bradley and I HOPE it is not abandoned because toes have been stepped on in this article….”

    I feel this could presented without sarcasm and belittling….Surely, it isn’t difficult to reinforce that ALL of us make mistakes…As I stated in my post …

    • lozzafun says:

      (I somehow posted before I finished my post)…

      I was speaking to those who are bound to feel belittled or criticized….I read it at least 5 times!…

      If you read my post again, with understanding from that standpoint, you will see that I am ASKING those with those feelings to be EASY on themselves…forgive themselves and move forward….

      I DO WISH Bradley had included that with his writing….Without presenting that understanding, and sensitivity, it makes his words look very harsh as I didn’t find any loving statements….

      • Jean says:

        Lozza, I didn’t feel belittled or criticized 🙂 We have a choice you know. As Bradley has now stated clearly, it was meant as satire. With such a strong emotional response, you might want to look inward 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

        • Light I AM says:

          Ditto and I will use Aron’s “Wild Pigs” foray in my emails, as an intro to Brad’s Post for some of the “Stuck” thinkers I know …just to use a bit of the …”Get the full Sarcasm Post here …”
          When you see the “Serious” players, talkers and their ilk, you know it is fallen consciousness operating…..just attempting to impose another “standard”.
          Which reminds me now, as yesterday, I watched the opening sequence of “Gladiator” with R Crowe and what is it they have at the “Head” of the Legions going into battle?…”A Standard”….so be alert to “Standards” …Also, whilst on a roll, “Be Alert”, your country needs Lerts!
          Many tools available to “Rattle the Cages” …this is another.

        • lozzafun says:

          H Jean….It is the satire that forced me to look inward ….Looking inward is what prompted me to respond….

          Definition of satire….the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people’s stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues.
          synonyms: mockery, ridicule, derision, scorn, caricature; More
          irony, sarcasm

          I do NOT think Bradley intended satire, look at the definition…If he still maintains that he did intend those things as satire, it is concerning…He deserves the benefit of doubt…

          I believe he was attempting to wake people and it went south….I think he got carried away AND FORGOT the cost to NEWBIES who may choose to go back to sleep….Why wake up and be ridiculed by the people who are claiming to love and assist?..

          I have made this SAME mistake Jean…It was NOT right when I did it and NOT right no matter who does it….I was forgiven, I forgave myself but I will NEVER forget the lesson…

          Please think back…when people used this approach of ridicule and criticism, on you… did you listen and what did you hear?…I am NOT picking on Bradley Jean…..I am asking him to be kind to the people he is ATTEMPTING to reach…He says sooo much that is good but if the seekers are insulted, who will listen?

          The Oracle Report you just posted may be HIGHLIGHTING what prompted me to respond to Bradley……This portion pertains….

          Skill: come together
          Negative Imprints: unsophisticated viewpoint, excluding others, prejudice, blaming or scapegoating others, weak attempts and empty shows, aggression, pressing opinions

          Positive Imprints: free spirited, sophisticated understanding, in-depth communication, insight from past experience, convictions, freedom, alternatives, changes to the status quo

          • mia feroleto says:


            My reaction to this article was similar to yours. Truthfully, I have more or less “checked out” to Bradley’s articles because they aim to hit the same tone, the same in your face kind of quality that works when needed but becomes diluted when that is all there is. I applaud the tremendous volume and depth of understanding Bradley has achieved and the generosity of spirit his contribution has shared. I prefer more subtlety and less bombardment, a little more nuanced in total. We all learn from each other and that is what makes the world go round. I have learned a number of things through reading this series on Jean’s bog.

            I do think there is a book in all of this for Bradley and I look forward to seeing that one day.


          • Jean says:

            🙂 Yes, Mia, we all have our preferences and are entitled to them. Thank you for expressing yours here. Our different preferences are clearly what makes the world go round, and I am glad you have learned ‘a number of things’ from Bradley’s words. I’m sure Bradley’s intentions are only to be helpful, and he has at least taught us something . . . I know, I for one have learned a great deal from his words, and I am grateful for them. I’m sure he didn’t intend to offend you – or others – in the ways you suggest, but that is what we risk when we as imperfect humans dare to speak our truth. . . I think I would rather read his words – than not have them available to read. . . we all have a choice . . . 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

          • mia feroleto says:

            Thank you for your comment below, Jean.

            I was not offended by Bradley’s words or work. Reading his articles and all of the comments including yours are what provided insight and understand for my experience. It is not just about preference, but about where we find resonance. And that is personal for sure. As are you and everyone here, I am committed to my ongoing education.

            Thank you for all you do.


          • Jean says:

            Mia, I felt that it was necessary for you to state publicly your preferences, and I cannot imagine that you weren’t aware that such a statement sounded like Bradley’s words were, thus, offensive, or maybe, at the least, not pleasing to you.

            For myself, I try to see things from other people’s points of view, and I know well that no one can appeal to everyone’s sensitivities. Although I don’t always succeed, I try my best to see beyond that to the larger picture.


    • Jean says:

      Satire? Maybe? 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

  20. lozzafun says:

    Good golly, should we really beat ourselves if EVER we listened to a channel or made the mistake of accepting an untruth??….

    I feel this is being way harder on people than they deserve and may backfire….This may feel like a personal attack to many…

    Good info has been presented by Bradley and I HOPE it is not abandoned because toes have been stepped on in this article….

    I hope people understand that we need to ‘be gentle with ourselves’ as we are learning TRUTH….Jean has repeatedly reinforced that we need to ‘be gentle with ourselves….forgive ourselves…forgive others’….

    To take a good hard look at ourselves, our reality, our beliefs and our mistakes is one thing, (Jean calls this ‘inner work’) ….To believe we deserve to be condemned and belittled is something else …Neither of those actions are CONDUCIVE to POSITIVE CHANGE …If we are to feel HOPELESS and INCAPABLE it will HAMPER the will to go forward….

    What WAS is DONE …..what is NOW and in the future is important….I hope all will forgive any negative feelings and move right past them….

    • Jean says:

      Lozza, I don’t know anyone who loves and cares for us more than Bradley. I think perhaps he was trying to make a point. . . Haven’t you been away? There were lots of people who didn’t want to hear what he had to say . . . and sometimes, well, tough love is where it is . . . I don’t know if this was the case for Bradley, this time, but I do think he was trying to get people to listen . . . maybe you can cut him a little slack ? ? ? 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

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