Montague Keen, Sunday, December 7, 2014

You are getting closer to your goal each day, as the corrupt and their corrupt practices are revealed. You can be in no doubt now about those who have held humankind in slavery. They are doing their utmost to hoodwink you so that you continue to serve them. The power they possess is what they have taken from you.

You are at the crossroads. You have to make a choice: slavery or freedom? They see you as “Useless Eaters” [Henry Kissinger]. They despise you; as to them, you are there only to serve them. Everything they have, they have taken from you, and you allowed them to do so.

The awakened Irish are taking to the streets on the 10 December. Listen to their call, it’s straight from the heart . . .

Published on Nov 29, 2014
Performed by Maximum Homosapien at The Revelry in Letterkenny on November 28th

Every country in your world will follow the Irish lead. Everyone who is awake should be with the Irish in spirit as they march to lead humanity out of oppression. On the 10 December, humanity should WALK AS ONE to demand the removal of all that is corrupt. This is the first step that you have been waiting for. Ireland will lead the way.

It would have been good if we had the Irish Centre available, but due to false accusations and deliberate obstruction, sufficient money was not available. So we’ll try to find another suitable building. Please bear with us, as we will succeed; this is too important to abandon.

The genetic grid is calling all those on Earth who are without souls, to prepare to gather together, in order to take their leave. They face extinction if they remain. They cannot take all that they have acquired on Earth with them; so their riches will be left behind. You almost allowed them to take over the Earth completely, and they used every conceivable method to prevent your awakening. People have been cruelly used to give false information that all is well. Some even said that a spaceship would come to collect you, to take you to the light. But NO: THIS IS NOT TRUE.

Remember, your oppressors have technology that is unknown to you. They can enter the minds of those they feel they can use. They want to get rid of you, as they want only the soulless to inhabit the Earth. The tax you pay to them is used to pay for the poison in your water, the poison in your food, and the poison in the air you breathe. Then, they KILL you with vaccines and medication when you become ill from all their poisons. You must wake up and realise this. You pay them to destroy humanity so that they can take over your planet.

The battle for Planet Earth has reached a critical stage. You must make a stand. The Prime Creator will become involved for the first time in the history of humanity. There are those on Earth who need your support. Forget race or creed, it is humanity as a whole that needs to survive. We cannot give you all the details, as that would leave Veronica and those who help her, vulnerable to attack. She has suffered too many attacks as it is.

Their removal was planned. It needed the right people to return to Earth, with minds that are open to the destruction and takeover of Planet Earth. There are those on Earth at this time, who have not shown themselves as yet. When they do, they will leave you in no doubt as to who they are. Everything will happen when the timing is right. We, in the world of Spirit, will do our utmost to help you overcome your oppressors. We will then help you to create a world without conflict. A world where thought will become the norm, as it is here. You have a lot to learn. When you come out of the control system and realise that your are beings of light, you’ll see that you are capable of so much more than you can imagine right now. It will be so exciting for you to learn who you are.

Look to the future. You will quickly forget this present life with all its doom, gloom, and control. When the control grid is lifted, the Earth will return to being the beautiful planet that it was before it was taken over.

Humans are beginning to recognise those who are not human; those who just appear to be human, those who are without a soul or empathy of any sort, and those who can kill thousands of people without a second thought. You witness this over and over again. The FEAR that this creates is the oxygen which they NEED, since they thrive on the spilling of human blood. Humanity facilitates this need without understanding that it is killing its own kind. Think carefully before you agree to wear a uniform. Look honestly at what will be required of you. You will be asked to oppress or eliminate your fellow man. Do you want to do the dirty work of the Cabal ? They NEVER go to war, since you do it for them!

Those in power are there, only because you, the people, put them there. YOU are responsible for putting them in power. You are fooled by party loyalty, etc. You must learn to think of yourselves as human beings; your loyalty should be to humanity, not to race or creed. You entered the world without labels and YOU ARE FREE TO MAKE YOUR OWN DECISIONS. Labels are foisted upon you, and foolishly, you accept them. But you are always able to free yourselves, and to think for yourselves, and to decide how you wish to live your experience of life on Earth.

This is a time of great change. Take a positive part in this change. Your future depends on the decisions you make at this time. Let the love of humanity guide you.

Send love and light to the Irish, as on the 10 December, they peacefully endeavour to take control of their country. Use WORDS, not bullets. It can be done. The time has come for action.

Ireland is the key that will unlock everything.

This is a difficult time for you, my love. I am always at your side.

Your adoring, Monty.

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21 Responses to Montague Keen, Sunday, December 7, 2014

  1. Jean, I thought that everyone by now understood that our oppressors are THE ONES WITHOUT SOULS, They entered Earth about 2000 years ago and began the TAKE-OVER, THEY INVENTED RELIGION, WROTE THE BIBLES, They INVENTED JESUS, it is based on CHRIST who lived in earlier times. Religion was created to instill FEAR and CONTROL, Through FEAR they have succeeded. They enjoy killing us and torturing us. They do not belong in the HUMAN RACE, they are not from our Universe, they are from deep space. The CALL has gone out to them to prepare to leave should they fail to take over. They are having problems holding a human form as the Light Energy is expanding. Bradley is needed to help people understand. Yes, Monty will fully materialise in public, he will be filmed. HE HAS MATERIALISED MANY TIMES, SPEAKS IN HIS OWN VOICE, IT ALL ON TAPE, SOME ON MY WEB SITE. HE CHATS, SHAKES HANDS, KISSED ME AND TALKED TO ME IN FRONT OF 28 PEOPLE . We need everyone to wake up, to be as one, to stand together and defend Humanity and Planet Earth.

  2. megan says:

    Why are we being used in this game of two sided chess and apparently cast aside by both as no more than collateral damage it seems? Seems like humanity is despised by both sides and therefore doomed either way.

    Just a few thoughts that others may be wondering about too?

    Love and hugs

  3. edkoken says:

    Please support Irish people in anyway that we can. I am thankful and grateful to Montague, Veronica, Bradley and Jean for all your wonderful contributions to humanity… Thank you.

  4. Donnie says:

    Hi again Jean, I just remembered something I wanted to share with you. After my father passed on in August of 2011, I had a dream the night after he died where I met him in the garage of the house he raised me in. I was so exicited to see him and I asked, “Dad, how are you doing?”. He replied rather matter of factly, “I’m doing fine son. I’m battling deamons”. Right after he said that I woke up and he was gone. So, you see Jean, I seriously DO NOT doubt that Mrs. Keene can talk to her deceased husband, and therefore, it makes me wonder if you could ask her to ask Mr. Keene if he could give us any imformation about the biblical account of these appocalyptic times and whether or not that book was tampered with by the same nefarious group that hijacked power from the christian church and started up the vatican?…..The best info I feel I have ever read about the Book of Revealation comes from a source I tend to trust and his name was Edgar Cayce. He claimed that the book was actually describing changes in our bodies and charkra system and didn’t have anything to do with war on the planet’s surface per se. But I also trust my beloved dad who blatantly told me he was busy fighting deamons, so it can get a bit confusing. It seems the more light I try to ingest, the more confused I get. I can’t help but imagine that Mr. Keene has access to the Akasha, so called, and if he is ALLOWED to do so, it would greatly help out humanity if somene from the higher realms could explain and clear up soooooo many of the seemingly dispartive information concerning these end times and what best we can do to help in a more concrete way. I mean, ley lines being cleared and what not just isn’t my thing. It sounds a bit to fantasy like for me to get enthused about. And only yesterday I remember reading that Monty had said there was NO CROSS and that he came and went as spirit. Then I saw on the NESARA website another individual claiming that a certain man excavated beneath the cavalry hill where Jesus was supposedly murdered and actually FOUND THE ARK OF THE COVENANT no less!!!! and that it had his blood on it even!!!! I mean woa!!!! who the heck do we believe here?

  5. Donnie says:

    Jean, sometimes I feel like such a spectator to all of this stuff on earth. My life easily rolls along between work, family obligations, and a small amount of time to relax and regenerate myself to continue the processevery day. In my heart I pray without ceasing that the kingdom of the loving one will come to earth and erase all this wanton satanism. It is ONLY because I am aware of the existence of this dilemma for mankind that I even frequent sites like yours. I can’t dial up Jesus on the phone and ask him directly what the plan is, so I search whatever resources I can to try and figure out the game plan. I don’t know whether to pack up and move to the woods or just stay put and hope for the best. Unfortunately, there are manifold stories available for our consumption that all tell different versions of the same story and discernment becomes ever so difficult in this affair. It is so hard to even get one’s bearings straight, let alone decide to ACT in any given direction. Perhaps that’s why you started your blog. I have taken a VERY sober look at this whole situation and I am firmly convinced that if we DO NOT get help from our creator to deal with this problem on planet earth then we are pretty much toast no matter what we do. We can march around all we want and these criminals will only laugh at us. It’s no wonder some of the more impatient of our number start to call for an armed revolt!!!!….it’s becuase they’ve HAD IT UP TO THEIR EYEBALLS with hoping and waiting. I will remain steadfast however, because my logic and my heart tells me that if creator doesn’t intervene on our behalf then this planet will turn into a place I don’t want to liveon anyway, and so they might as well come murder me now, because I will never capitulate to their agenda. Until it does change, I will do the only thing I believe I can do. I will focus my WILL & INTENT on the peaceful and loving restoration of earth after creator’s original plan whatever that was, and I will pray without ceasing; not in any religious way but with a heart full of trust that my creator doesn’t abandon his/her children in a cesspool and say “you’re on your own”. No way I will ever believe that rubbish. God bless us all hun, everyone

    • Jean says:

      Donnie, there is one thing we can all do – as we become conscious of what has been/is being done to us – remove our consent. Other than that, I’ve learned that we need to learn to stay in a place of love, and when the earth moves, she will find us because of our vibrational level, and we will be just fine. She will take us with her πŸ™‚ I pray all the time too, as you do πŸ™‚ Hugs, ~Jean

  6. Donnie says:

    Jean, after reading this latest Montague Keene post I feel I must ask a pertinent question to erradicate a seeming contradiction between one paragraph and the rest of the body of the text. In one of the first paragraphs, it is mentioned that, “a genetic grid is calling all the souless ones to gather in order to leave the planet”, (para-phrased but essentially accurate). However, almost directly thereafter is more suggestion on what we must do as a collective to rid ourselves of the satanic scourge before they can take over completely.Now, this beggars the question. What is the truth of the matter? They are either going to HAVE TO LEAVE apparently because they will not survive in the rising energies OR, they are doubling down in their efforts to take over completely? It doesn’t make any sense. If their doom is certain, and I believe it IS, because of rising energies then what do we need to get all in a dither about? If we REALLY need to be in a heightened “state of alertness” to contend with this menace, then are the energies really rising afterall? This points to one of the many problems with trying to glean a REALISTIC PICTURE of what is going on in the world from information disseminated on the internet. Is Mrs. Keene really talking to Monty or is she ardently hoping that she is? I have enjoyed reading his alleged discussions with her because I don’t mind admitting readily that I LOVE stuff that makes me feel good and hopeful for our collective future, but am I just being naive? Afterall is said and done this IS THE PLANET OF LIES and let the buyer beware!!!….I mean, seriously, I have read some accounts that presume this satan creature has gone back to god to be “uncreated” and then I see a video on YOUR site that seems to tell the story that Hollywood and government and business is still greatly rife with the influence of this negative jerk off. Perhaps it isn’t all so black and white but the bottom line I suppose will always come down to VERY PERSONAL experience., i.e., “if it isn’t right up in my personal space, why should I believe it even exists at all?”,,,,,,,,this world is a wicked conundrum for sure and I would appreciate it if you would kindly ask the esteemed Mrs. Keene to clarify that information from her last post, or perhaps you yourself have some insight that could enlighten me. Please?

  7. Kieron says:

    This reminds me of Faeth Fiada. In the Irish language (known as Gaeilge, but not Gaelic which is spoken in Scotland), this means “The Deer’s Cry.” The name refers to a cloak of invisibility. There are various versions, some attributed to St Patrick, some attributed to older, less-known traditions, but it is a documented medieval Irish poem or incantation. Sometimes it’s called “Patrick’s Breastplate” or “Patrick’s Lorica” which is Latin for “breastplate” which is a type of armor. At any rate, it goes something like this, depending on whom you ask:

    “I arise today
    Through the strength of heaven:
    Light of sun
    Brilliance of moon
    Splendor of fire
    Speed of lightning
    Swiftness of wind
    Depth of sea
    Stability of earth
    Firmness of rock…
    I summon today all these powers to stand between me and all evils.”

    Or this:

    “I arise today through the strength of Heaven the rays of the sun, the radiance of the moon, the splendor of fire, the speed of lightning, the swiftness of wind, the depth of the sea, the stability of the earth the firmness of rock.”

    A more modern version, which I use when it seems war is imminent (as now), is lifted right out of Madeleine L’Engle’s book A Swiftly Tilting Planet. I don’t know how much creative license the author took when she included the invocation in the story. I simply ignore “At Tara” and say, “On Earth,” and may use “Creator” in place of “God.” Here goes:

    “At Tara in this fateful hour
    I call on all Heaven with its power
    And the sun with its brightness
    And the snow with its whiteness
    And the fire with all the strength it hath
    And the lightning with its rapid wrath
    And the winds with their swiftness along their path
    And the sea with its deepness
    And the rocks with their steepness
    And the earth with its starkness.
    All these I place
    By God’s almighty help and grace
    Between myself and the powers of darkness!”

    In the story, the elements literally respond when the invocation is uttered, whereas in my experience, they do not. πŸ™‚ However, the tradition of calling on the elements of nature is a very deep-rooted one, reaching far, far back into the origins of the land now called Ireland.

  8. Bradley, how I wish that you and I could film a chat on Skype, we could share all that we know. I have been conscious of the fact that people need to be ready to hear what is said. Bradley you have opened so many minds to the truth, you appeared just at the right time.How I wish I could be in Ireland on the 10th, I just cannot afford it. The world will benifit from their effort to remove the corruption from Ireland. Between the Vatican , the Banks and the EU the Irish people have had to cope with so much. Ireland will regain her former glory, all will be restored, I have been assured of that. The people will need a lot of help to remove the shackles of the Vatican, I would love to help them do that. The Vatican ruled Ireland with a rod of iron, the Jesuits organised the HOLOCAUST that we were told was a famine, They have lied about everything but now we see through their lies and they are loosing ground fast. Monty and Dr John Mack (Harvard) intend to materialise and talk to the public in the near future, it will be filmed, I just need to do something first. They have so many plans, its very exciting. Thank you Jean and Bradley.

    • Jean says:

      Veronica, your part in this is extremely important! I thank you, as does Bradley, I feel certain! Hugs, ~Jean

    • I don’t get the Ireland connection in these communications, seems illogical as Dr Spock would say. The Irish have been at war with each other for generations. Will Monty and Mr Mack appear in spirit or materialised? That would be fun but it isn’t likely to be in a physical form, physics won’t allow it.

  9. Ireland is truly starting to awaken for sure. My guess is that a tenth of the people ( 500,000 out of a 5 million population) will take to the streets of Dublin on the tenth of Dec. Imagine if one tenth of the US population marched in DC ????

    • Aron says:

      That song was Awesome It gave me goosebumps
      and the hits are close to 40,000 and it was only published on the 4th of dec.
      “No Privatisation, Irish water, Irish nation”
      OH MY Its really happening people are taking their power back
      I will be there in spirit with them
      50,000 people
      100,000 people
      150,000 people
      Half a million people all marchin to the same beat
      awww, now I wish I could be there as well Veronica

  10. nadia says:

    Divine Intervention will happen anyway.Is not possible at the moment that everybody ask for it as many people is deeply blinded by falseness.But we can ask for it anyway and will happen.WE can withdrow our consent and ask for Divine Justice on Earth.

  11. Bradley says:


    I could not have said it better.
    Monty and I must have been friends on the other side before the fall. We tend to see things almost the same.
    Keep up the good work. When humanity finally sees for a fact that they indeed allowed all of this to happen (being led like Sheep) due to lies, they are gonna really get upset. But it was only with the help of everyone on the planet, that this overt take over was planned and executed.
    Sadly to this very moment, so many STILL do not want to believe they are daily supporting the take over by refusing to comprehend there is a supernatural method which will help.

    NON CONSENT. If each and every living being – in mind, word and deed – withdrew all consent from any and every plan, plot, and system of authority and ruling the planet, then THEY can not say we want them here. When that happens, PRIME CREATOR can force them to leave as a result of our collective free will.

    • Jean says:

      !!! Amen! Hugs, ~Jean

      • megan says:

        Bradley, how about prime creator asking US what WE want? Seems that creator only listens to the evil ones giving stupid and devious arguments about their rights and why they should be allowed to carry on this circus unhindered! What about humanity’s rights? We are on our own planet are we not? There only ever seems to be a two way conversation going on and it don’t include US! This does not make sense at all.

        So….. I wonder why these demons aren’t simply removed by prime creator and put back on their own planet and quarantined so they can never ever leave it. Yes this is a universe of free will but these dark ones do not come from our universe and so it does not apply to them. They have no right to be here at all. Therefore that cannot be used as an excuse for prime creator to give the ok to the dark ones to “do as you want to them” (us).

        Love and hugs

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