Announcing – Deconstructing The ‘Matrix’ Through ‘Inside-Out’ Investigative Reporting

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December 8, 2014 – Vancouver, B.C. – …

A new online news portal launched today that deconstructs memes promoted as news by the mainstream. has begun its mission to expose a media-built matrix of fabrications being promoted against the public interest. The site hopes to achieve syndication into mainstream news outlets by early 2015.

Backed by a cooperative of Truth journalists citing contractual rights to mainstream access, offers investigative reporting, news and opinions turning the matrix of manufactured consensual reality inside out. Reports from the site deconstruct memes (evolutionary principles in the spread of ideas and cultural phenomena) whose ongoing production was identified as a de facto mission of the current mainstream.

ExopoliticsTV recently disclosed in a ground-breaking interview how Jon Kelly (a veteran CBS producer and former Vancouver UFO Examiner) and Alfred Lambremont Webre (an international journalist, war crimes judge and former Seattle Exopolitics Examiner) seek mainstream syndication of an independent “Inside-Out News” agency. Both had concluded their reporting accounts were previously terminated as a result of “covert censorship by a CIA/Operation Mockingbird unit at” represents a deliberate attempt to ensure that news from Truth movement journalists such as Jon Kelly and Alfred Lambremont Webre reaches a wider public arena in the mainstream media. Both Kelly and Webre have defined current YouTube, Facebook, and website presences known throughout the awakened communities. The site is focused on professional news publishing operations providing grounds for digital syndication (the means by which stories enter mainstream news outlets including radio, newspapers and television).

As reported on both Facebook and Twitter, exclusive once-secret truth-based news stories now available include:

·        World War II was designed as a false flag war, with Adolph Hitler, George VI (the sitting King of England), and the Duke of Windsor raised as half-brothers by their father, King George V of England.

·        America and the world as we know it is in danger of being replaced by a secret gene-pool colony from Mars.

·        ObamaCare has a secret guillotine provision designed for mass execution of the American public.

·        The LGBT initiative is a socially engineered mass movement to accelerate depopulation.

·        Russia’s Vladimir Putin is using HAARP to save the Russian people from depopulation by Fukushima radiation.

About: deconstructs memes propagated as news in mainstream media through “Inside-Out” truth-based investigative reporting.

Media Contacts:

Turning the news inside out.


Jon Kelly

Alfred Lambremont Webre



Text: 1-604-603-5422

Skype: peaceinspace

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2 Responses to Announcing – Deconstructing The ‘Matrix’ Through ‘Inside-Out’ Investigative Reporting

  1. Aron says:

    America and the world as we know it is in danger of being replaced by a secret gene-pool colony from Mars

    well that could be the same thing Andrew Bartzis talks about with Veronica and that they are trying to bring in the new skin suit that severs most of our connection with prime creator and can be controlled completely or Something like that anyway

  2. Kieron says:

    ” The LGBT initiative is a socially engineered mass movement to accelerate depopulation.”

    Wow, I sure missed that memo… *eyeroll* sorry, but we’ve been here along, and just because someone is a homosexual doesn’t mean their reproductive organs stop working.

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