Bradley Loves sent me this personal letter this morning, and I have his permission to publish it. ~J

June, 2014

June, 2014

Let me say to those people who seem to be having trouble with Bradley’s recent post that we all need to learn that we can’t please everyone all the time. Sometimes there is no gentle, easy way to say something, and I for one think Bradley has done a terrific job of sharing some pretty sensitive subjects with us all.

In spite of my trepidation, I’m not going to back off presenting what I believe is ‘real’ truth— via Bradley Loves.

His private email to me this morning has helped me to get passed those worries. WHILE WE DON’T – AND SHOULDN’T – WALLOW IN THIS INFORMATION, I BELIEVE WE DO NEED TO KNOW IT. Personally, as a person who suffered sexual abuse at the hands of my father and uncle and even as someone who has also healed from it, it still isn’t easy for me to take this information on board, but I have to ask myself what will happen if we get this close – and duck this huge issue?

You are right if you think my blog isn’t a happy place right now. How could it be? Thank God most of us have already learned that life isn’t always about ‘sweetness and light’. What you can’t know is that as a result of Bradley’s articles, my blog suddenly has been hit by numerous trolls, some of which may have gotten by me, but most of which did not. This tells me that without doubt, Bradley’s words are important and they don’t want people reading them.

While there may be many people who will choose to duck the information and who will become angry at its manner of presentation, I say to you that you have a choice, but please do not defame Bradley and me because we are trying to bring you this message. At least learn the lesson that judgment on your part is not the answer. Be honest with yourselves and say you don’t agree, or maybe can’t take this information on right now – and simply move on. 

I’m also posting at the bottom of this letter a more than seven hour interview with Key Griggs who talks about much of what Bradley addresses to me. I know it is very long, and since I watched it a long time ago, I don’t have notes on it to tell you where she addresses some of the specific sordid details concerning children. If anyone, therefore, has the time to make notes, I would appreciate it if you left them via a comment 🙂 

Thanks and hugs,

When I asked Bradley if I could publish his email he asked me to share with you that an  understanding of harmonics, magnetics, and frequency wave induction is necessary to explain in principle how this works. So, now . . . here is Bradley’s letter:


I hope this finds you well!  I pray and INTEND for your healing!  

Much Love today!  

I’ve been thinking a lot about the articles I write and about how best to proceed.  It seems that we’ve hit a wall.  The truth is that in all practicality everywhere we go from here HAS to deal with the issue of child sex.  It’s the largest piece of the puzzle that’s missing, and the one that ties everything together.  I know you think that many people are not ready to hear this stuff, but then if so — they are NOT ready for Ascension — Liberation — Resurrection or anything else. They need to be willing to understand what took place here — as I wrote earlier in SEX IS THE KEY –

[Let me intersperse here that in Drunvalo’s recent video he also says that our sexual energies used in a positive way are the key to our ascension, and he is now actively working with HeartMath in Stanford on this. Let me add, our sexual energies are a very powerful creative force. The kundalini energy is closely related to them, but it simply travels a different path in our bodies. ~J]

What most people don’t understand is that our “sexual” energy is actual the Liberating force!  The raw Kundalini energy activating the highest chakra will allow that soul and spirit out of the body prison.  Jean, you are probably aware of how this works, so explaining it to you is needless. However – because the sexual energy is the LIBERATING FORCE for humanity, it is also it’s enslavement force if turned upside down.  
This is where child sex comes in.  

Those OFF WORLD FORCES who wish to enslave humans and take over the planet also know this!  Jean, you may not be aware of how extensive and how pervasive this child sex stuff really is!  Would you be surprised if I told you that it RUNS THE ENTIRE EARTHLY SYSTEM as we know it! Would you be amazed if I explained that this one thing, and only this one thing, which is not only everywhere, but has its roots absolutely at the base of what we call our SOCIETY or SYSTEM — is all that keeps us enslaved.  The how and the why of it is very complicated — but it is only when you understand who we are — what this planet is — and how it functions that can you possibly understand why this is so.

For crying out loud Jean, sometimes I feel so useless because I want to help people to get it, and they just can’t bring their minds up to the task. If they don’t choose to wake up, THEY ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM.

If humanity will but look at the truth of this, our own cells and our own DNA on a massive scale can free us from this scourge — IF WE DO IT COLLECTIVELY.

The problem is humanity does not “want to see” the extent of the evil they supported and still DO SUPPORT because our entire system is based upon an energetic “hijack” that has to do with our powerful SEXUAL ENERGIES!  Why do you think the Catholic Church NEVER wants people to learn or talk about sex in the positive — or in the negative?  Because that is the KEY!

When I say our entire Earth Society is base on SEX – I’m not kidding!

THE ENTIRE blanket of lies – secrecy and deception – tax – money – government – and religion is there to HIDE ONLY ONE THING from us: 

It is there to “hide” The food that feeds those beings that keep us in their prison. What is that food? CHILD SEX – CHILD SACRIFICE – CHILD TORTURE!  

There is no other reason for everything you see around you, Jean!   It’s all a smoke screen and is in support of only this one thing! If you lift up the rug of everything that exists in what we call our reality – this is ALL THERE IS!  Pages and pages and pages could not possibly be enough to explain every little in and out of it.  And that’s what people want – but that’s what they DON’T want as well.  

Tell me how it works they say!  Oh, but skip the child sex part!


NO ONE is going to leave the planet BEFORE they really understand how this was done to us: 

When very young children and babies are sexually raped and tortured and then sacrificed daily — that creates tremendous TRAUMA in their young, physical bodies. Those physical bodies then translate that TRAUMA into energies!  Astral — Etheric —Magnetic, and others  – and then that translated energy IMMEDIATELY gets sent into the planetary grid system (which is also highly magnetic) and is a system we are ALL hooked up to — WHETHER WE LIKE IT OR NOT.

Because OUR COLLECTIVE SUBCONSCIOUS MINDS are all hooked up to this grid system — we are constantly being downloaded DAILY with this extreme sexual trauma of innocent babies who are sexually raped, tortured, and then sacrificed.  

Our subconscious minds then interpret this energy as BASE EVIL, which is not being addressed by the collective and then the subconscious proceeds to GIVE US AN OUT PICTURING of unhappy and disharmonious lives which is WHAT WE DESERVE according to our own subconscious minds which are all connected to one another in ways we don’t understand.

The CABAL knows this!  They don’t care!  They have all the money and don’t care if every human being on the planet is suffering as a result of these constant daily acts which cause TRAUMA.

Jean, I could go on and on, but maybe you get the picture. We are not going anywhere until this is addressed!

Sorry for the bad news — but unless PRIME CREATOR changes the rules — we have to look at this. Maybe I just need to take a break!  I love everyone so much!  I can’t stand it.  But it will not matter if no one cares enough to learn anything.

Channeling will not help them!  This is the truth.  But they don’t see it.

If they wish to understand energy dynamics – harmonics, and magnetics THAT WILL HELP THEM!

All my LOVE


Published on Jul 21, 2014

The Kay Griggs Interviews
Download this full interview and keep a local copy as reference. You will never find such revelation of the truth at the top levels of the US Military anywhere else.

Kay Griggs is the famous Christian woman (American patriot whistleblower) interview session (7.5 hours) conducted with her by Pastor Rick Strawcutter in 1998. Kay was the wife of a high-level Marine Corps colonel who revealed to her the DARK underworld of top level military and its secret elite training programs, mind control tactics, psychological warefare, drug & weapon running, and assassination squads. The unedited nearly 8 hours of material contained here is epic. Download it and keep a local hard drive copy. These interviews were conducted in 1998. Kay Griggs’ recounting of how key people among us, including world leaders, are marked as rising stars and groomed for their positions is some of the most striking whistleblower testimony to have emerged, and forms the basis for a deeper understanding of global agendas in place today.



Zionism 101 Part 1…

Zionism 101 Part 2…

Zionism 101 Part 3…

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60 Responses to Bradley Loves sent me this personal letter this morning, and I have his permission to publish it. ~J

  1. Janie Boxer says:

    Hello Jean, I so miss your blog, didn’t realize it until your absence that I relied on you for information….I am so sorry to hear of your ailments and I hope you mend soon and can return to your many devoted fans and followers. We love you emensly, get well soon! Janie from Vancouver, Wa.

  2. Michael says:

    I read a book, the journey of souls,the guy that wrote it used ( or maybe) still is a regression hypnotherapist and he always thought that the past lives thing was nonsense….until he started to notice similarities . But one of the main points was the demise of Atlantis , what became clear was the addiction they had with sex in all it’s perversity ( too much to list but I’m sure you get the idea) point being they we’re destroyed ,and so I feel will we . ..I watched the film Noah last week…. From the beginig it looked like they were living in a post nuclear war scenario …..I think we’ve been going round an round for a half billion years! And still not learned anything ….. The strong rule ..I don’t see how we can change things… I talk with people in my local pub all the time, no one seems interested! I wrote my antiwar song ” bad things knockin on our door”. ( bawn wild) but a small amount are interested! It makes you wonder. Doesn’t it ! Tho I must admit I had a good response from your readers jean, so many thanks to them…Michael

    • Jean says:

      Michael, how much light does it take to reduce the shadows and bring light into a dark room? We may not be many, but our energy is very powerful . . . I’m trusting the Universe on this one, even though sometimes it is very hard 🙂 Hugs, ~Jena

      • guardianmc says:

        Dear Jean, Bradley and everyone else..

        If possible I would like to open a conversation on… karma/reincarnation/soul age.

        Here are a few of my thoughts….

        What is Karma exactly and how does it relate to reincarnation and how many life times in general does a soul need to experience before the soul reaches a level liberation from the birth and death cycle?

        To get things stated…
        Do we believe in reincarnation/karma? And if so how many life times on average does a soul need? 5-50-100-200?

        My understanding is: there are 5 levels all requiring x amount of life times to get through. They are : infant/baby/young/mature/old.

        As an example (generally speaking)

        INFANT souls are the ones being born into war torn countries, these are the babies we see starving to death in Africa or the ones getting killed in Gaza.. these souls simple need a life death experience… they are not born into this situation because of BAD karma.
        BABY souls…. These souls are the ones who like to be told what to do and think. They are the followers for better or worse…
        YOUNG souls…these are the soul who want to win at any cost… think corporate America and the general mindset of materialism
        MATURE souls.. these are the souls who are finally waking up to the fact that we are all here together and want to make things better for everyone
        OLD souls.. these are the wiser souls who have had enough life times to understand what’s going on. These are the spiritually minded souls who can see the bigger picture and help the others along.

        Over the course of these lives we create karma and then work through it, becoming more and more conscious and eventually become free of the birth death cycle.

        As an example…America is a country that is mostly YOUNG SOUL on the verge of becomeing MATURE…. In the Past.. India was an OLD SOUL country and now with the huge population explosion it is closer to infant/baby…

        Does this make sense to anyone?

  3. Paula says:

    Whilst reading through these comments, I have to admit that I felt very ill at ease, a mixture of hopelessness and anger surfaced to which I mentally repeated I DO NOT CONSENT. By the time I had read all the comments, my mind had created a picture of human heads bobbing up out of the ocean and looking at each other, not many at first, then more and more surfaced in great number. Whatever else it may mean,( if anything!) one word came to mind…VICTORY.!!!

  4. nadia says:

    sex is a way to put cords and trough these cords they can suck energy and transmit despatch demons and other things.And of course,control.All the cords create a net demons can travel through.So we need to cut the cords and clean the energies of the people who had this kind of trauma.Children are pure and connected and this disconnected beings use the children energy to live as they cannot take directly Creator energy.So is good to seal the energy of human beings and any being,the energy of Creator from them.If they hate creator and do not want to live as Its basic rule of respect and happiness says is not allowed them to trick anything in giving them energy to go on their way.This is the other aspect of the coin.Is not only the fact of putting trauma and lowering the energy is also direct virus spreading like control.As virus work so they work.Think about and you will see it.Also when we heal we seal the energy saying or wanting this healing energy to be used ONLY for healing purpose and for the people we are helping and in the Source will.In this way we seal the energy.Everybody lives on chi energy but not everybody uses it in love!!!WE can use our creative energy to cocreae different realities out of self condamnation for just being ourselves.Judging our sexuality is the first step to live it demonically and this is what church worked for,then this creative energy is compromised and we are divided inside.Schizoid.We must,sorry Bradley but this is a must,learn to reconcile spirit and sex and live both in joyous respectful balanced way.If we create loving relationship and live in love we need also much much less stuff to eat and consume and another head is done…

  5. Jean says:

    Your choice, Tony. 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

  6. Karen says:

    Thank you Bradley for taking the time to answer my question. I appreciate you time and your answer.I Know that Im here to we are our own saviour but I still feel so helpless when im reading about helpless, innocent babies being abused and killed, If something like this was in a movie or a Tv program I would have to switch it off, I would not be able to handle it. But I have read and listened to all the information that you and Jean have been putting forward as I know that it is important that we assimilate and remove our consent and it has to be stopped. This year as it comes to a close has been the fastest and most informative so far in my lifetime, It has got to mean that we are nearing the end of the linear control system, which means that this information is gaining mass conciousness Level. This is the hope thats in my heart for this precious moment in time..
    Thanks Again

  7. Elvetwelve says:

    Dear bradley and jean, thank you so much for being so courageous as to lift the shroud that covers one of the darkest and deepest secrets of the system on planet earth. public announcement. I DO NOT CONSENT.
    Thank you so much for helping me to put the pieces of the puzzle gathered along my lifespath together. [ i think ican go home now home ]

  8. Trina says:

    ~ Dearest Jean and Bradley ~ Both of you are the most caring, loving and bravest of souls addressing one of the most horrific and main root causes of why Earth is out of balance, crying out in agony, and how satanic energy patterns of child sexual abuse/torture/homicide keeps this malevolent matrix in motion. **Positive change can only occur if this pervasive issue is brought out in the open, confronted and dealt with, not secretly hidden or buried. I am thankful every day of my life, I have never experienced child abuse.

    I worked with a female employee and her father brutally raped her and all of her sisters systematically. Hearing her agonizing personal story and other personal stories along the way, changed me to the core of my being. Our work group took our female-friend/employee under our wings and we shared with her that anytime she wanted to talk or get additional help we would support her 100%. Sadly, she abruptly quit work and none of us were able to get in touch with her, in spite of all of our efforts.

    ~ Love & Hugs for Jean, Bradley and Human-kind for sharing information we must know now for change and progress. ~

    • Jean says:

      Thank you, Trina. Sometimes, as in the case of your co-worker and friend, we have to realize we can’t do it all, and we have to trust the universe . . . and let people find their own path to freedom 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

  9. Sacredpeaks says:

    Jean, I couldn’t agree more with you and Bradley on this topic. As a survivor, now researcher of these crimes against humanity I can tell you it is rampant and definitely going on world-wide. The truth must come out and there are many wonderful people (including Bradley and yourself) who have been trying to get the truth out for some time. For those who are still on the fence I would highly encourage you to do your own research because you will be shocked at just how wide-spread this truly is. Others have already mentioned David Icke’s and Thomas Sheridan’s work. I would also highly recommend the following to your readers:

    Keven Annett’s work/documentation with the Common Law Court in Brussels and the International Tribunal of Crimes of Church and State at:
    Cisco Wheeler and Fritz Springmeier’s writings on MK Ultra Mind Control:
    Cathy O’Brien’s book, “Trance Formation of America” and website:
    Bill Maloney:
    Aangirfan’s Blog:
    Brian Gerrish and Lou Collins:
    Field McConnell and David Hawkins on-going work: Abel
    Dr. Sean Hross youTube channels to “Stop The Criminal Swiss Nazi Templars of Octogon”: Chatzefratz and Giureh (See the Octogon Series and the Pharaoh Show).
    Janice Barcelo: Birth of a New Earth:
    Dr. Preston James and Stew Webb’s articles at Veterans

    Love and Blessings to all,


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  11. guardianmc says:

    David Ike has written much on the subject of sexual abuse that takes place on the planet. its very powerful stuff and hard to hear… none the less it is happening and has been happening on the planet for a long time… It is importain knowledge. There is no doubt these dark forces are working against us. But there are also unseen forces on the light side waiting for us to become aware of their presence as well. In my way of thinking, its where we individually put our attention/focus that is most important if we wish to >rise above the darkness and leave it behind.<
    So yes it is important to be aware of such practices in the same way it is importain to be aware of what our government does….. BUT on the other hand i believe it is important to not to remain focused on such things because when we give it all our attention it pulls us into the web. It is a very fine line to walk. It's the swords edge. So yes please be aware.
    If anyone is interested in turning our sexual energy into a positive force in our life then we should start practicing the "sacred Daoist sexual practices" that are also available to us if we should choose to look. Men can learn to hold their orgasm, men can learn to have internal orgasms and use this energy to awaken. These practice have been around for thousands of years… so IMO if we want to point out the Dark Side of Sexual Energy…. We need to also present the LIGHT side of sexual energy … which reminds me of a comment a few days ago … when they said they had the feeling Bradley was only present half the story…….

    • pat says:

      spot on-this is SO TRUE-i had a friend who was the head of a Tibetan buddhist sect-he was traveling with a woman who looked like a Victoria Secret model. I asked both of them point blank if they had sex together…he laughed and said celibacy amoung Tibetan monks is mistranslated-what it really means is just that the monk does not ejaculate into the woman but recirculates it to lift and create more love-tantric sex–it is GROWN UP sex that most in the west have no clue about because the ROMAN catholic church has kept sex dark and dirty and for procreation only etc. for thousands of years…easier to manupulate and harvest that energy…than to acknowledge it and lift by it…so all those who still think Bradley’s comments are nasty and not be spoken of–congratulations–you are being a good little troll for the cabal–fell right into the trap. It is not appropriate to kill the messenger or to blame him for not giving advanced tantric sex lessons instead–if you don’t see what is broken–how can you possibly fix it? First step is to get over cognitive dissonance–by just letting the truth in all its disgusting glory be–until you are no longer controlled by the programming–then you will be ready for the bright side of real grown up sex….and it is GREAT…not NASTY.

  12. ann says:

    If we all focus on a way forward to help these children and all of humankind, I feel certain that a way will be shown to us. At that point, it will be up to us to use our will to ACT to put an end to this.As A start, could we as a group make our own white magic ritual to open up up a door ?

  13. edkoken says:

    Dear Bradley, Jean and all those people leave comments here;

    All of you are doing a wonderful job in awakening humanity and I am eternally grateful for this. Please persevere as this path may not be easy but necessary one. If we want to grow and evolve we need to face the ugly reality so that we help ourselves and others to free us from this prison.

    Your articles and comments are helping us to learn the TRUTH to set us free. Please do not give up…

  14. Karen says:

    Hi Again, I meant to ask a question. If the Prime Creator is all knowing and all seeing and in all of us and I do get that. Now it is also my understanding that the Archons have been abusing us for thousands of years and we have been in the disadvantaged position of our memory being hijacked. I have obviously removed all consent from this. Now the babies of this world are helpless in more ways than I care to list. So why if the power is there has this been allowed to happen, its okay saying that we have the power to change this but as we keep saying alot of the planet are still sleeping and this Prime creator is still allowing part of the whole to be abused. Now I would understand is it was and Adult who can choose to wake up. But Babies who have been robbed of there memory and therefore dont know they have the power and also do not have the physical capacity. We are awake and can remove our consent and we will get on with it but for goodness sake save the Children. Surely if its about the experience the prime creator is sick of that one?????

    • Bradley says:


      A truly “great” question. WHO is PRIME CREATOR if not “all of us together”. His spark of life resides within each of us. SO – we are the arms and legs of PRIME CREATOR here on Earth. So you asked a very good question!!

      Why are WE – the arms and legs of PRIME CREATOR “allowing” all of this to occur! Why
      Why – why are we turning our heads and not stopping it!

      GREAT QUESTION KAREN – Why are we not stopping it?????

  15. Karen says:

    Thanks for this information, yet again an informative and harrowing read. As I watched David Ike last week he speaks very clearly about all of this but he also stated that unless people as truly heart centered there is only so far down the rabbit hole they can go and after reading this last night I understood what he meant, I think you have to know who you are and the power you truely have before you can accept that this is going on in the world. If you arent there yet reading this info can be too much, I know that we all need to wake up but I think we can assimilate the information better when your head and heart are in communication. Its still distressing but you can cope better with the emotions as they arise.
    My deep concern is that many of my clients have libido issues. This is common in both men and women now. It used to be mainly women. Thankfully my job is to clean out their diet and toxins from products they use thus making their body stronger. But at the moment if its sexual energy we need to save this world we had better start looking at what we are eating and drinking(filter your water remove caffeine, alcohol and fizzy drinks) and medication and skin care products. I
    know on here Im probably speaking to the converted and I know that environmentally there is also alot of interference, but if people could help themselves internally they would be able to cope far better with the external barrage. You are both a great help on my journey Thank you

    • guardianmc says:

      Karen…Interesting that you are seeing both men and women facing libido issues. I totally agree that cleaning up the diet is at the top of the list. But there is more. (generally speaking) If a man gets to far into his head/thoughts it becomes more and more difficult for the man to return to his sexual center in his physical body. It appears to me that the man sex pill that is available short-circuits the brain and body to make a man hard whether he wants to be or not. A 40 year old business man told me his friends use the pill so they can have sex after they party all night. I’ve been told that certain monks in China who practice sacred sex have zero prostate issues. And both male and female can remain sexual well into there 70 and 80’s.

      So how do we take back our power sexuality? As a man I can say we need to learn how to control our release. This is ever more important as a man goes from 40 to 50 / 60 / 70. Our culture gives men the pill so they can waste what little sexual energy they still have.

      I’ve spoken of this to most men I know and only one or two were willing to try. There are practices for the female as well. It’s a powerful practice that becomes a way of life. How many are ready to start such a practice?

      • Jean says:

        I remember reading that our bodies are incredibly toxic – and that is one good, solid reason why our sexuality has been destroyed. (I think maybe this was from Bill Moyers.) As I came to understand that people need to take pills in order to have sex, I then saw what was being done to us! This is absolutely crazy!!! There are also psychological aspects going on here . . . and perhaps someone can find some articles that talk about this. I’ve come to believe we will heal our twisted sexuality one loving, hard-working, committed couple at a time. As we do, our families/children will become healthier. It will take time and effort and work on all our parts, men and women, but I think this is why so many adults prefer to stay out of relationships . . . As I learned it, there is most often one partner, who is at the center, and the other who (like a planet) revolves around them and their needs. When the revolving partner begins to tire of this and wants to grow, it seldom works. The person at the center is quite willing to let go, because they are secure that someone else will arrive rather quickly on the scene to take the place of the one who has done the revolving. I guess what is needed is two people, neither of which needs to be at the center . . . 🙂 Not easy to face this fact 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

  16. DELO says:

    Thanks for sha(r)ing the fundamental key, to the masters of our Universe dis appoint ment

  17. mary says:

    also Jean, I am sure Bradley and many know this. But bears repeating..Everything we are and what we read is in our consciences. All the Horrible stuff, and our conscience connects, so the more we become aware of, the More everyone becomes aware of..This is exactly what the evil does, they put it out there, as described by Bradley and others, and we “find it”, that is their goal in all the horrid stuff…that is why they do not want blogs like this…The only way to fight them it to put it in the consciences, just like they do to us, but we do not consent we fight it,. We bring the truth, they know how it all really works, and they kept it from us. Our united consciences can defeat them, so Bradley, us, and all the others are uplifting humanity….

  18. mary says:

    I had a longer reply, but its all been said above. I have trouble getting who I consider sane intelligent people to recognize chem-trails, and those are right in their face. To face the horrible truths in this world is to admit we have been compliant, and other than the trolls, I feel that is the main reasoning of the deniers. I also have felt that to remain sane in this world is a fine line, and a lot cannot look at the insanity we live in. We are set up from birth in a web of lies, and a lot refuse to see it, they have to or they will go insane. Bradley has stated truth, The reason sites like this are active is because some know the lies we live with.. duality exists and their success comes because we deny this. ,

  19. Anna Swanson says:

    As a bodyworker we strive to eliminate physical or emotional pain or trauma from the body. There is a body mind connection and even when disease such as hard tumor has been removed, sometimes the body mind stores that in the energy field. Human touch and energy work such as reiki or eden energy can help clear the aura. When I use cannabis in the topical as a lubricant, the aura on the client glows three times as bright and has more depth post massage.

    With the release of the negative energy stored in the body, does that contribute to the collective consciousness also? There is immediate peace and relaxation post session, so I would hope that the release is optimal.

    With the sexual energy from trauma imposed through sexual acts on children, it confuses me as to whether I am or am not doing any good with my work.

    Is it better to release the negativity from the body to the universe, or keep it trapped inside the body so as to not affect the collective consciousness?

    We are all victims of trauma.

    • Jean-Michel says:

      If you wish to understand just how beneficial your contribution is, I would suggest two points of further research.

      Lada Ray’s two Project EarthShift (

      David Hawkins “Power vs Force”.

      The “sound-byte version” is thus:

      The higher the vibrational frequency of your actions, the greater the overall effect.

      The scale is not geometric (straight line), it’s logrithmic (shallow curve to a steep curve upwards).

      The reason the cabal must do SO much evil to children to maintain the matrix is because it’s a very low vibrational energy, and must be constantly fed to be maintained. It also takes huge amounts to have an effect. Below a calibration of 200 (see above), the energy can not be self sustaining.

      The reason you are having such a positive effect is because your base vibrational rate is SOOO much higher. Above a calibration of 200 (see above resources), the energy is self sustaining and does not need feeding. A person acting in courage (200-250) has more of an effect on the world as a singular entity than a dozen cabalists.

      A person like yourself who works as a healer in service (500-600 usually) has more of an effect than 10s of thousands of cabalists. This is because to really assist in healing, we have to be plugged in to the Divine. And don’t forget that your client enters your vibrational rating while being worked upon.

      I’ve regularly pondered how to handle negative energy. More specifically, anger (currently dealing with a nearly broken fist from punching a steel doorframe. Seems to be more of a guy thing). Keeping it within is killing us. Releasing it willy-nilly is unconscionable (and hurts a lot, but at least that doorframe will never piss me off again). Consciousness seems to be the key.

      There is always a right place for all healing to take place, and that includes our negativity and that of our clients. Intention for healing to occur for all energies has always felt right for me. Follow your heart. You know you’re on the right path when the smiling happens without trying.

  20. Dee says:

    These are unspeakable acts against innocents. It is no wonder that people feel they cannot fathom such things and do not wish to be exposed to them…BUT…we must become awake and aware of what has been going on for millennia. Back in the early 1980’s when Pres. George H.W. Bush was in the White House and hosting pedophilia parties…The Washington Post actually reported on this and put it on the front page! But, people just did not want to see it or believe it. What about all those missing children on our milk cartons? This has been going on all along. The Catholic Church’s blind eye to the rape of innocent children…this is systemic!
    It exists in government, schools, churches, families…and in order to root it out it must be exposed. Bradley is doing an excellent job of getting the information out. Yes, it is sickening and deeply disturbing but it cannot be rooted out if people keep looking away with disbelief and just keep going on with ‘business as usual’.

  21. Jean-Michel says:

    I also feel the need to give Bradley my support in his excellent discourse. The articles are VERY well written, and have been talking about things that have needed to be said for a long while.

    As for the issue of bringing up the sexual abuse of children worldwide (estimated that over 2 million kids are in cages in any given moment ready for rape, torture, and murder), it is an issue that DEARLY needs to be brought up and discussed openly.

    If we are unwilling to face humanities darkest secrets, things will never improve. If we know (and we do know) that any given politician is:
    a rampant pedophile who delights in the raping of children
    who feeds off their agony and torment
    and sees their sacrifice as necessary for the good of a chosen few
    It will be unlikely that any sane person would vote that homicidal psychopath into office. It is more likely that the politician in question would never, ever show their face in public as scraps of lead would approach them at high velocity.

    It is ONLY because the general population is too… I can’t call them chicken or weak, since facing the horrific evil takes tremendous inner strength…well… Pick a description of your choice to describe the population that won’t face this. It is their ability to “hide” their horrendous crimes against the entire Universe from the general population which allows this to continue.

    I know Jean has put several Holographic Disclosure videos on her blog in relation to Bradley’s writings. There’s a huge amount of great information in them. I believe it’s number 10 that talks about the sacrifice of children, the huge number of blood ritual sacrifices and all the pain necessary to maintain the matrix. It’s one thing to read about child sacrifice. It’s another to see piles of children’s dismembered arms, legs, torsos, genitals, and other various bits for sale after their blood rituals.

    No, the ruling elite are not that evil. They are much, much, MUCH worse.

    Part of me things lead poisoning is the way to solve the problem. However, further research into this shows the abuse is multi-generational (anywhere from hundreds to tens of thousands of years). This means that those children who survive the rape and torture often become the future abusers themselves, having known no other life at all.

    Smarter people than me will have to figure out a solution. However, until we can see the problem clearly, any solution would be nothing more than a band-aid treatment.

    Thanks again Bradley. And thanks Jean for giving Bradley a great place to put his writings.

  22. Donnie says:

    OMG Jean!!! Thank you soooo much for printing that latest letter from Bradley. Before reading THAT, I was tempted to think that he was blaming our sexuality for our own imprisonment and I took personal offense to it because I have always loved my sexuality and have garnered great joy from it. I have intuitively known for years that the Catholic church demonized sex because they didn’t want us to feel joy. Now I understand fully what Mr. Love is saying, and I have to agree with him, because his explaination of how the trauma is anchored in the earth grid makes perfect sense to my scientific mind. I remember reading somewhere that at the end of this whole affair we shall look upon our tormentor satan and laugh at how puny he is, and this information seems spot on with that premise. It would take a true coward and liar to create a system like the one he created to enslave our minds while the FEAR seeks to enslave our hearts. As Drunvalo says, the key to our liberation is in our hearts, and our enemy is terrified of our awakening because the love in our hearts will obliterate his false creation. Now, while I am glad I finally understand Bradley and where he is coming from, I must confess I am still at a loss for how I can affect any change to this child sexual abuse problem save to pray for their liberation and the swift coming of the christ consciousness that will truly awaken all humanity, for this topic is sooooooo foreign and strange to my personal experience and history as to seem from outter space. I think perhaps it is a very small minority who has had to actually deal with this horror close up in their personal lives and my heart cries for them all. I guess all I can say is I choose to be brave and look at this horror, and I choose to denounce it for I believe in the dignity of mankind and my prayers will always be intending creator’s love to heal this situation. Again, thank you Jean, and god bless us all.

    • Jean says:

      Donnie, it is so good to hear your wholesome response to this. For a long time, I have been telling people intuitively that the problem at its most basic is with how the cabal has twisted our sexuality. . . destroying relationships and families, but no one would listen to me. I’ve recommended several books that I have run across . . two by Riane Eisler 1) The Chalice and the Blade and 2) Sacred Pleasure: Sex, Myth, and the Politics of the Body. This last is written in the style of and influenced, I think, by an earlier time, but it is extremely well researched. Another interesting book about marriage and what it really is – was written by Elizabeth Gilbert, the woman who wrote Eat, Pray, Love, and it is called Committed.

      I keep sharing, and one day people are going to become interested 🙂 or, at least, I hope they will


  23. Jean, like you I was subjected to sexual abuse as a very young child by my stepfather, his brother and also his uncle. As a result of this, though we were not at all ready for this experience, it nonetheless happened and we have had to deal with the truth of this. Likewise I feel that there are many things humanity has not been ready for, yet these things happen and continue nonetheless. Being traumatised at such an early age by such sexual abuse has perhaps woken us up in a way that others who did not have the unpleasantness of being introduced to things we were not developmentally ready for, have not had to and it gives us an openess to such terrible horrors and is a subject we cannot just turn a blind eye to. I was first introduced to similar teachings as Bradley Loves by David Icke who is very much on the same page as Bradley when it comes to the Archonic hijacking of little boys by peodophiles archonically infected, (or demonically possessed) who knowingly rape little boys specifically in the area that they do since at the base of the spine there lies the sexual chakra where sexual energies are at their most powerful in order to feed off this most potent of energies which is then transferred vibrationally/energetically to the evil entities David Icke calls the Archons/Annunaki. Without this feeding off of human sexual energies, trauma and terror, these beings would not be able to exist. So as unpleasant as all this is, it is vital to wake up to this archonic feeding and their preferred way of getting this feed, i.e. Sexually from little children, or this will definitely, no doubt continue and yes, I am afraid to say, by our silence or refusal to address this terrible, and for some, (unspeakable) crime against defenceless children, we would be complicit in it. I don’t know how we are going to UNITE and collectively do something about this because we all seem to be on different sides of the planet, but we have to find a way to come together and be UNITED but first we have to look at this issue head on. I do not have the link to the video where David Icke talks about this issue, but if I remember correctly it was a 2010 or 2011 Wembley Arena ten hour talk he did, it could well also be in one of his many books.

    • Jean says:

      Thank you so much, Janice. I know that Bradley holds David Icke in high esteem . . . and I’m trusting the universe to bring us all together to put a stop this . . . WE DO NOT CONSENT. . . WE . . . DO . . . NOT . . . CONSENT!!! 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

  24. Russ says:

    To me personally the article Bradley wrote was a breath of fresh air, meaning it fit a missing piece to the puzzle i had not yet figured out. I had understood it was about energy harvesting somehow, but thats about all. Having listened to and read countless articles on this subject It instantly rang true and I am truly grateful that there are those who are brave enough to tell the truth and stand out to move the pack forward with this process of ascension. All i can say is in my experience and research it is completely congruent with the operating mechanisms of the dark. I would pay no worry over those who do not get it. In time all will have to face the truth. There will always be those who are more advanced in understanding than the next. When we all get it i expect is when our collective consciousness will rise sufficiently to move us all out of this prison we have all aided in creating. Although we had A LOT of help through deception. All will work out in the end. Thank you Jean and Bradley.

  25. hannacora says:

    Dear Jean,

    I, for one, would be ***EXTREMELY*** disappointed if Bradley’s articles would be discontinued. The material he has covered is absolute gold to me.
    —Don’t get me wrong! I understand that harming children is a most horrendous and excruciating topic and, moreover, it is almost impossible to fathom that some people get pleasure & enjoyment out of it. Yesterday, I watched the video on how widespread satanism is in Hollywood and in show business. I knew beforehand it was not a pretty picture…but only after watching the WHOLE THING did I fully comprehend the scope and the depth of that plague.
    —If we do not get the whole picture, we will never be able find our best solutions to cope and to outsmart the Game Planners (I’m being polite here). A puzzle would never be complete without all of its pieces – missing even one piece would be like standing at the edge of a crater without a means to bypass it.
    —Let me also add here that my awakening took place about 3 years ago. So all of this material is relatively new to me. My brother was a high ranking RCMP officer before his retirement: he was the only Canadian expert on biochemical warfare and attended meetings with other experts from all over the world. He was THE only Canadian! (that was only one small part his work). He was aware an awful lot more than what he let us know. I remember one time how he let me know on no uncertain terms that I had NO street smart and that I’d better understand that not everyone in my world is my friend. He was just about to disown me! I had gotten myself in a couple of situations where it could have been very dangerous for my safety and I was very lucky that nothing untoward took place. That was before my so called awakening. I think today he would be reassured to know that I have acquired some maturity and awareness as to how things work in the world.
    —So please let’s continue so we have the full spectrum picture. For the readers who find it too difficult an area to look into, skip these articles. Certainly, there have been other articles posted on this blog that you chose not to read because of your lack of interest on the subject.
    —As I said to Jean earlier, I have the highest esteem for Bradley. It would be indeed be very sad and even detrimental not to continue this investigation.
    Well, there you have it, my two cents worth!

    Wishing you all Endless Blessings!

    • Jean says:

      Thank you, Johanna! Hugs, ~Jean

    • Alleghany says:

      Ditto what Johanna said…WE SHALL UNTURN EVERY STONE no matter how nightmarish it looks when we finally see it for what it really is. I rarely comment anywhere but I really need to let you know, Jean and Bradley, that I am infinitely grateful to both of you (as well as all the astute commentors on your blog!). Everyday, I give silent thanks from my spot in the world to you as I read though the posts. Bradley, carry on, Sir. Please don’t worry about being easy on us. There is just no way around this stuff and will need to take it head on…the sooner, the better!

  26. LMSK says:

    The immense work of Abel Danger, military whistleblowers, have filters it down to this common theme of pedophilia and perversion. The company that is behind carrying out horrendous acts is Serco. Many of our elected officials are set-up up, booby trapped in compromising situations in hotel rooms. While many are innocent, the people that set them up now have “dirt” on them and subsequently can control the people they set up.

    Awful as it is people must know the wide sweeping abuse that is going on.

    • Jean says:

      Thank you! Yes, Abel Danger has been exposing this for quite a while. . . ugly stuff, and Serco is involved in it . . . Thanks for your supportive words . . . Hugs, ~Jean

    • hannacora says:

      I have also read some of Abel Danger’s writing on Serco. It is very dreadful.
      It is a bit of a technical stretch for me to fully comprehend, but I know enough to realize that Serco has tentacles EVERYWHERE, in every country and every government. nothing and nobody escapes them!

    • Lauraidh says:

      I would suggest to anyone not familiar with SERCO, that you follow this link or one like it. Only then can you truly comprehend the massive influence this “company” wields over the lives of us all.

  27. Bradley, Please do not give up on us, you are needed now more than ever. Humanity needs you, you have the knowledge and the ability to share it in a way that is easy to understand. Sadly there are some who will refuse to even look at the truth, this would apply even if the Prime Creator was standing in front of them and actually showing them. DO THEY NOT REALISE THAT BY REFUSING TO SEE THE TRUTH THEY ARE GUILTY OF ALLOWING THE HORRENDOUS DEATH’S OF INNOCIENT CHILDREN TO CARRY ON EVERY DAY. Their silence is giving consent to to the Satanists to continue. Remember the Bibles were written by “them” so cannot be quoted. Their Jesus DID NOT EXIST. WAKE UP BEFORE ITS TOO LATE.

  28. Rich Pack (bamboo-water) says:

    I am walking down your Path . . .

    and I believe this:

    My brain is only a receiver.
    In the Universe there is core
    from which
    we obtain
    and inspirations.

    I have not penetrated into
    the secrets of this core,
    but I know that it exists.

    Nikoli Tesla

    and I believe this:

    If you want to understand the universe




    and vibration.

    Nikola Tesla

    and I believe this:

    If they wish to understand energy dynamics – harmonics, and magnetics THAT WILL HELP THEM!

    Hence, if you have reached The Wall, perhaps more discussion of
    energy dynamics–harmonics–and magnetics
    might prove fruitful . . .

    Jai Gurudev,

  29. pat says:

    Bradley-i don’t know who you are or why you have the last name of “Loves”–assuming it is a pseudonym–but i do know from very personal experience you are spot on correct about what you write-and it IS necessary to clear those sexual energies so as individuals and as a species we can NEVER be used this way again. I also understand cognitive dissonance. It is the terror of not being able to wrap your brain around an idea because it is so shocking and has been shoved so deep into the subconscious and unconscious that you feel like you are going to explode like an atom bomb of SHAME–and be exposed to all. It is maybe the most horrible and overwhelming feeling. It is ALSO HOW THE BAD GUYS MANIPULATE US–and actually INDUCT us into their ways. Basic psychology–basic mind control. It is really capitulating to the dark side to retreat to new age baloney —the ROCKEFELLERS wrote and promoted MOST of that baloney–and the channelers of peace, love, and hopium, are in THEIR service-the service of the dark, not of humanity or Source…and it is the fast track to parties like the one Jean posted pictures of…first you mock the evil–then you play with the evil–then you do the evil–then you ARE the evil. My message is feel the feelings but don’t blame the messenger–just sit with them-they eventually subside if you don’t feed them with blame and avoidance–then you may be ready for another step down the rabbit hole. I was BORN in the rabbit hole and i have to still do the work too. When your earliest memory is of a bright shiny silver german GLOCK pistol pointed at your head and the feeling of someone’s other hand around your throat –and that the person with the gun is one of the most famous people in the world…so you can’t really talk about it. So buck up folks, the horrible feelings go away–then you have to dig more for more truth–and then try to figure out if there is ANYONE out there you can trust–when you can’t trust your own knowing–I figure if i just observe and stay present and keep going–eventually, it all will start to come together. maybe. MAYBE…worth a shot (could not help myself with the irony! LOL!).

  30. Sonara says:

    Thanks to both of you for having the courage and strength to share and ‘put out there’ that which may not be easy to digest; yes, if we are to be free we cannot hide from anything. That which we are afraid to face, to look at, to find out about, or to be aware of, will keep us trapped and enslaved.

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