Bradley has shared that this will be the last article from him on this subject. I’m releasing it today so you can read and study it as it feels right to you to do so. Your comments — so very genuine, are important to us all. Please do not hesitate to share. . . Love and hugs to everyone, ~Jean

For those of you who like “images” and also like BIBLICAL REVELATION – Here is an “image” for you to consider. A gigantic wild and evil beast with many heads that is breathing fire and is being ridden by SATAN himself! If you can understand that this “allegorical beast” is the beast of the title of this piece – then I guess, my friends, we really are living in the times of Revelation!

I say that because that beast is here and that beast is NOW! The four heads of this fire breathing beast are: THE CHURCH – THE MILITARY – THE MOB – and ALL THE CORPORATE GOVERNMENTS.

For even more “imagery” – the large smashing tail that wrecks everything in it’s sight is the Scientific Community and the Educational Community which over the past 100 years has only served to destroy our lives and our civilization by creating nothing but machines of WAR and the literal dumbing down of the adult population to the level of 12 year olds!

(See Youtube videos of JayWalking with Jay Leno to prove my point)

Lastly – the part of the beast where the “fecal matter” comes out – is nothing other than the MEDIA! Yes, I can conclusively say that the butt hole of this huge beast – that craps all over our understanding of TRUTH is nothing other than the MEDIA!

(Oh and all of those human beings who work for the corporate media – they help to make up this one giant – “you know what!”)

Riding on top of this ALLEGORICAL beast are the SATANIC and LUCIFEREAN worshipping “Dark Occult Magicians” who care only for death – blood – and ritual sacrifice.

For Money – Fame – Position – Power – and Lust, they have gladly sold out the rest of us (you and me) – since they consider anyone who is not part of their group, useless.

How’s THAT for some images that even THE BIBLE seems to have missed!

Sadly, this is NOT just my opinion, friends, but is it fact? You decide!

I hope many of you took the time to watch the 7 hour long video that was done by Kay Griggs which can be found here –

Because if you did NOT do your homework, then much of what I say will not make sense here!

If you did NOT do your homework, however, you are in luck – I will only be talking about the first hour and a half of her video today! (which gives you plenty of time to go back and watch the whole thing)

In the first hour (or so) of this important video, she talks about how Army Intelligence is basically working DIRECTLY with the MOB! She describes how her husband Colonel George Griggs, as a very well connected and powerful Marine Colonel, was part of a very large group of military men who were heavily into assassinations, drug running, arms and weapons sales, and the cultivating of hundreds of secret groups (usually boys) that went around the world picking fights and starting wars in order to further the sales of guns and weapons to both sides. (She names dozens and dozens of names here – all of which can be cross-referenced).

In the first hour, she describes the “sexual deviancy” of this group of men, most of whom are/were homosexuals and “seemed” to have been answerable to no one. She talked about the Generals – the Politicians – and the powerful players who were all working towards this goal of deception and depravity as if it was “just the way things were” – and that as a military wife, she was told that she just needed to grow up!
She described them as: FREEMASONS – but also very connected to the Military.

She ALSO talked about a certain “special group” that was very well connected to this larger group that was located in COLORADO!

It was an “experimental group” that was being run out of Army Intelligence and Montauk (MK-ULTRA) that dealt specifically with ADULT and CHILD SEX! (Where have we seen this before? See my last Article)

At about 1 hour into the video she very briefly mentions how “that group” was being overseen by the ISRAELIS – And that it was also being over seen by psychologists at both Harvard and Yale! The Jon Benet Ramsey Murder was also briefly mentioned as well!


I watched a video interview once of a very candid Catholic Priest – (sorry you will have to look for that one yourselves – since I did not find it ) – where he basically said to a younger journalist who seemed to be quite NAIVE’ that in “Italy” there really was NO DIFFERENCE between the Government – The Vatican – and The Mob! He contended that at the very core, they were — and are — one and the same thing!

I almost fell out of my chair when he said this, but he was being very candid and very truthful to this reporter who seemed to be having trouble understanding how things could be happening in Italy in the way that they were.

In another moment of honest “revelation” it has been said that when Bobby Kennedy first approached J. Edgar Hoover (former head of the FBI) and told him that he wanted to “clean up the mob” – Hoover laughed at him and told him he was NUTS because the US Government “DID BUSINESS” with the MOB! They were partners!

In other words – there was going to be “no cleaning up of anything”!

For those of you who have followed, or understand history, you will realize that there was an epic battle between RFK – and HOOVER over who was actually who’s boss – and in the short term, Bobby won that battle – but gave up his life in the long term when he was assassinated by those very same – Church – Mob – Military – and Government individuals, who all serve the same MASTER!

Getting back to the last piece I wrote concerning the Religious Cult known as: THE CHILDREN OF GOD – which then changed their name to THE FAMILY – It was the leader of this organization’s sincere belief that “sex with children” was not only proper but it was very desirable – AND GET THIS ——JESUS THOUGHT SO TOO!

See this link to some of Bergs writings and drawings!

Berg on Pedophilia (

Here is different article written from the standpoint that THE FAMILY was literally nothing more than a cult!

Christianity, Promiscuity and Pedophilia Inside ‘The Family’ Cult (

There is a much larger point to all of this that I am going to make here and even though this is “speculation” it seems quite valid given what we know was happening within the Military – Army Intelligence – and that “special” COLORADO GROUP.

We know that the ’60s and the ’70s were a time of great sexual promiscuity. We also know (by now) that the MILITARY was “time traveling” future information and future data back from the year 2000 and beyond as described by both Andy Basiago – and by Alfred Lambremont Webre. Needless to say that Montauk would have easily gotten hold of all of this information as well as both Harvard and Yale!

It is “my contention” that this ALLEGORICAL four-headed beast – badly wanted – and still does want – to NORMALIZE SEX WITH YOUNG CHILDREN in our society!

I think that the CHILDREN OF GOD GROUP was also an experimental group that was possibly controlled at some level by those who were interested in “studying” the outcome of what would happen if young children (both boys and girls) were both allowed and encouraged to have daily sex with adult participants.

You see, this is the type of information that I believe that “SPECIAL GROUP” Kay Griggs mentioned which was located in Colorado – the one that Jon Benet Ramsey’s parents belonged to – was seeking to gain!

Not only that, but it was being both managed and overseen at the highest levels of the Military!

It was being studied by psychologists from both Harvard and Yale — and overseen by the Israelis and Army Intelligence! Are you kidding me? This sounds like a TOP PRIORITY MISSION to me – what about you?

My belief is that this “study” in Colorado, and most likely the Children of God Religious Organization — and all the other groups like it that we don’t even know about yet — were probably trying to find out this:

IS THERE A WAY TO NORMALIZE ADULT-CHILD SEX and then make it seem okay in every day daily life within the larger social and societal structure that they (they as in the NEW WORLD ORDER) are seeking to “mold” for us in the near future.

Who, but they, would want to know this? The NEW WORLD ORDER would certainly be interested in knowing how and by what process this type of behavior could be both NORMALIZED and then made acceptable to human beings!

Since this type of deviancy is what they are all about anyway – what they are looking for here is a type of MENTAL PROGRAMMING that would be accepted both by the children — and the adults — so that they could then apply this knowledge to the masses around the world through Education — Television — and the various Churches that would literally bring this part of their AGENDA out of the closet for good.

Here is a link to an article that describes “another” Christian Group located in Washington, DC – who sees “JESUS” in a whole other way than you an I do – and guess what – IT ALSO IS KNOWN AS — THE FAMILY! (Is this just an accident?)

Sex and power inside “the C Street House” (

So then — What do I mean OUT OF THE CLOSET FOR GOOD?

I mean that almost ALL OF THE ELITES who run our world are in fact – for the most part – practicing PEDOPHILES – and that this one thing above all is else is what they crave! (For many reasons)

It may surprise you to know that a CIA Asset told me personally that the USA has a secret “FARM” where young boys and girls of various ages are kept “specifically” so that they could always be available for use as sexual partners for both visiting politicians — government officials and high level ambassadors of other nations.

If you’ve read the book by Kathy O’Brian called: THE TRANCE FORMATION OF AMERICA, in which she describes in detail how both MK-ULTRA and MONTAUK were involved in the MIND CONTROL of both her and her young daughter, who was then used for sex by very high level officials in the US Government, you may now know only a small part of the total story!

I would most likely assume that any and all of those young children being kept at this special “FARM” would most likely be under MIND CONTROL as well.

There is a larger point here, and it is that these visiting ambassadors — these so-called officials — and military leaders or other such dignitaries of foreign countries are AFFORDED the “perk” by the US Government (if they so choose) of having a young boy or young girl delivered to whereever they are staying so they can engage in adult/child sex!

THIS IS HOW BUSINESS IS DONE! This is what the Asset told me!
I was horrified! It was said with such a casual tone, it knocked me for a loop!

He said that usually with heavy negotiations, or the signing of major treaties or the signing of major business contracts — the participating parties are “wined and dined” and then given ANYTHING they want to help grease the wheels to get that treaty signed! Even kids if they want them.

Not only that, but he said that EVERY COUNTRY in the world was doing this very same thing! Every major world government had a “place” where they kept a crop of young kids who were ONLY there so that they could be offered up as a sexual pastime for traveling dignitaries and ELITES.

What does this kind of information tell you?

It tells me that many, many of these so-called Business Elites are into this type of sexual deviancy. In addition, this information can also provide us with a real purpose, or a reason for the “four headed beast” to try to see IF IT COULD BE NORMALIZED AND BROUGHT OUT INTO THE OPEN EVENTUALLY.

Thus – we come full circle back to the studies being done by Army Intelligence – Harvard and Yale as told to us by KAY GRIGGS!

Not only is this behavior rampant all throughout the Government, The Church and the Military, this type of behavior is also RAMPANT all throughout Hollywood, almost ALL OF WHICH is controlled by: you guessed it – ISREAL!

This has come out recently where a former child actor: COREY FELDMAN said  this was Hollywoods BIGGEST SECRET – CHILD SEX!

What does David Icke say about Isreal? It is the fiefdom of the Rothschilds! Didn’t Jean just run an article laced with pictures from only one of the strange and Satanic Parties in the early ’70s participated in by some of the world’s Elites?

I guess here is where we can now “safely” conclude just WHERE the NEW WOLRD ORDER most likely wants to take us “if” they ever get to manifest their desired “police state”.

As if this isn’t enough – According to Kevin Annett and all of his work, which can be found at:

It is the Mafia, the Mob, or Crime Syndicate called Ndrangheta which “acquires” and then supplies an endless helping of “children” for all of the church’s SATANIC RITUAL SACRIFICES performed in their underground places of “worship”.

But according to THIS video that was run by Jean a day or so ago, the Movie Actors and Music Artists are also ritualistically sacrificing young babies in Hollywood in order to “pay Satan for their success”!

I wonder who it is that is “supplying” those babies? Once again, it is most like the Mafia, or Ndrangheta making money off of this unique “business venture”! And, isn’t it interesting that it ALWAYS GOES BACK to the Illuminati, Satan Worship, Lucifereans, Secret Societies, or simply the FREEMASONS that want to control the ENTIRE WORLD?

Here’s the long and the short of it! They are going to “manifest” what it is that they want as our collective “REALITY” unless WE THE PEOPLE say NO TO IT!

Unless we say that we do NOT CONSENT to all of this – then we are complicit in its creation by not going on record and saying that is NOT WHAT WE WANT!

Oh- and by the way – how can we say no to it if we don’t even know that it is happening?


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63 Responses to THE CHURCH – THE MILITARY – THE MOB – THE CORPORATE GOVERNMENTS – FOUR DIFFERENT WORDS – FOUR DIFFERENT HEADS FOR THE SAME ONE EVIL BEAST, by Bradley Loves . . . finally, Bradley ties it all together for us . . . ~J

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  2. Rose Day says:

    re: Sexploitation in media programming for children

    Jean I must make a distinction…in mentioning videos provided in the comments section of this article I can vouch only for the FIRST as I did not personally view the remaining three videos.
    (I was in complete ‘overload’ within ten minutes of the first video, ‘Illuminati Hypersexualization
    of Children Exposed’.)

    That said, those first ten minutes alone are powerful and paint a graphic enough picture that parents and all charged with child care can see just how subtle (and not so subtle) is the pervasive media sexploitation of children.

  3. Birgit Jonas says:

    Several of the links do not work here in Germany 😦

  4. Birgit Jonas says:

    I just read the article on the “family” ( and I have been a member for 25 y. of another so-called family, the one of Sun Myung Moon and his wife, calling themselves True Parents) from the link provided by Bradley, here is my comment:
    The whore of Babylon = vatican (meaning: place of demons) is ruled by those practicing not the thora but the babylonian talmud. Anyone can watch rabbi Abraham Finkelstein bragging about it like in the clip on McDonald´s. And the family is definitely one of the bastards of this whore, as there is no consideration for the highest good even of their own children. And the talmud clearly states lots of horrendous practices with baby-children. Putting us into fear and making us mind-controlled slaves has been practiced by demons / annunakis / so-called gods for many thousands of years and really, it is time to wake up and stop feeding those monsters !

  5. Deborah says:

    The Pornification of the West (Part II)
    Posted by Jonas E. Alexis on December 10, 2014
    The sex industry has literally exposed itself to be an emperor with no clothes.

  6. roderick410 says:

    Sorry h that is the truth sorry as that is it u should know

    Sent from my iPad


  7. DavidJ says:

    Jean, Bradley,

    The clear ring of truth is distinctly different than the dull thud of bs.

    Bradley, your writings certainly have the ring of truth to me — true, true and true again.

    As for me, I am not a “down the rabbit hole-er”, not a blogger, not a truther, don’t claim to be an empath, haven’t been to Tibet, etc., etc. (read: regular guy type of person with family, career, college tuitions and so on).

    I have to say that over the last few years I have been experiencing a welling up inside me of “what the bleep is going on on this planet???” Evil overshadows everything everywhere. There is just no getting around it.

    Bradley, your written works posted here have brought a sharp focus to so many of my innate suspicions, and then some.

    So, if a planetary control grid of horrific evil fueled by inconceivable and ongoing activities is indeed taking place as you have stated, then how can any other issue in the world be even remotely as important as the global web of horror that you are drawing attention to?

    How can any change take place until the all-enveloping grid is destroyed?

    I can’t really go along with “The truth will set you free”. Hearing or reading truth won’t really make a difference if no action is taken as a result of knowing.

    Okay, individuals declaring I don’t consent may well be beneficial on certain levels, but I’m thinking that something needs to be done that provides some out-in-the-open proof in a seriously big way — for starters. Technically, anyone can say/write anything about anybody, but that in itself doesn’t make it so.

    As always, all the best to you both,

    • Jean says:

      Thanks you David! Hugs to you, ~Jean

    • Bradley says:

      How fortunate you are! Consider yourself lucky! You are now closer to the truth! Do any of us have all the answers? NO! This has been going on for thousands of years – and has really ramped up only over the last 100 or so! Here’s the thing – this was going on long before even your parents were born – it’s just simply gotten worse!
      None of us have all the answers! This is why were are here – we are trying to put all of the pieces together of a puzzle that is BEING KEPT SECRET by very highly placed people on our planet.
      So how do you live with that? Just like the rest of us do! You understand that you are not in Kansas anymore Toto! There is a big evil wizard pretending to run things. Is he fake? Yes, but where is the curtain? No one knows for sure! Partly in Rome, partly in Washington DC – partly in London and partly off world! It’s huge.
      What do we do? Help each other (in love) to see that this is going on and then lovingly try to change it. Some people learn meditation – some take up yoga or prayer – some learn to go within – some walk among the flowers – but all of us know that what we are being told is a lie! Therefore we focus on the GOOD we can do – and stay away from all of the pitfalls which actually are there to trap us deeper.

      We are a collective and if our minds collectively can beam in love – those who are trying to keep us down may change.
      Nothing is certain.
      Many have been seeking truth for years and many claim to have found a part of it.
      Find your own part and KNOW who you are.


      • Jean says:

        Wonderful advice, Bradley. . . thanks and hugs, ~Jean

      • DavidJ says:

        How did you know I’m from Kansas! …and I have a sister named Dorothy — ha!
        Heartfelt thanks to you for your words to me.

        Your labor of love is invaluable.

        My warmest regards and deep thanks to you both,

  8. Rose Day says:

    Jean, a reader, Frank R, in response to this article, posted a comment and four videos, each a powerful exposure of sexploitation of children.

    The FIRST of the four entitled, ‘Illuminati Hypersexualization of Children Exposed’ is a you-tube video that truly is a MUST-SEE for parents. (Much of today’s ‘sexual-messaging’ is occurring on seemingly harmless venues such as Cartoon Network!)

    Be forewarned, the video is NOT easy viewing and is over 30 minutes in length but the first ten minutes alone paint a clear picture. I am forwarding this video to as many people as possible and I hope you agree that it is important enough to warrant a separate posting on your site.

    In the absence of an email address I am unable to directly forward the video to you but Frank’s
    comment is located within this particular comments section and dated December 9, 10:27 pm.

    • Jean says:

      Yes, I’m very aware of those four videos, Rose, and I’m glad you’ve taken the time to look at them . . . I will look for them and post them so they are more available to others, who seem to have missed them . . . Thanks and hugs, ~Jean

  9. Karen says:

    More great information. I spend most of my days removing my consent its amazing the things that come up when your are pro-active in this. I always protect and ground myself, my home and my family including my dog. Its time for us, lets make things so unbearably difficult for them, nothing to feed from, starvation may send the whole lot of them packing. Hopefully soon.
    Thank you.

  10. Andrew says:


    I have been reading and rereading the Book of Revelation of Jesus Christ for about 2 years now. What you say here is really interesting. I just told my wife last night that I believe one of the beasts in this book to be the catholic church. You can imagine what I thought when I read your article. There is an awakening happening. Remember that the reformation was all against the catholic church. I believe that this is one of things happening right now. I do not know if you have studied Dispensational Theology but it so far off from what the New Testament says. This theology destroyed the Christians from standing up to this system for an entire 2 centuries. Also it degrades Christians below Israel and causes Christians to really want to be Jews. It is really a crazy Theology but that is another topic.Now even Christians are starting to wake up and realize that something is seriously wrong with the world we live in right now. The only way to change this world is by us doing our part. Thank you so much for writing this article. It is just real truth.


    • Aron says:

      The King James Version is known in Britain, where it was translated, as the “Authorised Version.” in 1611
      It is over 400 years old and known worldwide as the “Authorized Version”.
      “By definition, any Bible version that is not the Authorized Version of the Bible is an unauthorized version;
      all modern Bible versions are unauthorized versions…”
      And that still doesn’t change the fact that they invented religion and their books aswell

  11. Di, Cerrillos,NM,USA says:

    Wow, where to start?
    Don’t assume that the 99% are all the same. The slaves, descendants of Adam/Eve, are 80% of the population. This number is the latest that I have come across. These folks were created to take orders. It has been pounded into their minds that they MUST OBEY or suffer.
    The Annunaki, after being gone for 3600 years, came back to see that their slaves/creation had exploded in population and were unruly and disobedient. Thus began the DE-population programs.
    The Pharissees are the controllers, they follow the Talmud which PROMOTES sex with children. It also gives its believers the RIGHT to lie, cheat, etc, in order to gain control over the earth. Every control program including communism and religions(Vatican) lead back to these parasites.
    The only way to stay out of their clutches is to have a direct connection to the Source/Creator. Toss the Bibles and other so-called religious texts, they keep one in the control program.
    They may focus on you at any time when they realize that you are resisting, but stick to what is HU-man. The Hu-mans scare the parasites, they are strong within and are connected to the Spiritual Hierarchy. If you read this site, you may be Hu-man and are awakening to how you have been used. The parasites are concerned about Hu-mans who band together to resist their control.
    Jean is spending way too much of her valuable energy bouncing trolls and dis-info crap from her site. Her site is a welcome beacon for those of us who see through the crap of the so-called New Age sites. Bless folks like Bradley and Jean who are willing to stick their necks out to bring truth and a place to share it.
    It is timely, at the END of several major cycles, to know the truth so we can begin the new cycles. Don’t be surprised by anything that happens to bring that about. Sometimes I feel like barfing on my keyboard after learning of the depth of corruption, but I find my balance and begin anew. It was a long time ago that I promised ‘myself’ that I wouldn’t accept anything but the truth however ugly and I’m still here and still learning. Transitions can be hard on one but there is an end to them. I see the end developing and it is well worth it to stay the course. WE are worth it.

    • Jean says:

      Di, I’ve just put out the most important info I can think of. . . So maybe it’s time to shut down my blog and walk away. I’m very tired, and now that people have this info, they can do with it what they will. While I appreciate your words, I’m tired of all the negativity – of which you all apparently haven’t been aware, running around in the background. I don’t need it anymore, because I feel like I’ve done my part. If people want to continue to be duped, that is their choice. Maybe now is the time for me to simply bow out. I’ve got other plans for when this is over, and they don’t have to do with running a blog. Maybe I need to take a break until we get through this, rest up, and be ready for what is to come. There is enough info on my blog to keep people busy for months 🙂 It’s something like a library. 🙂


      • Tracy says:

        I just woke up (long hard day yesterday) and read this post. I just want to say that although you will be missed sorely by we whom look forward to your daily sharing. Perhaps it is time for you to take a “long and well deserved break” to determine if you really desire to walk away from the daily “blog” obligations?? I know I have no idea what you’ve had to put up with “behind the scenes” but it does indeed sound like a lot of “pressure” much of it probably negative; and I can only imagine it’s become a full-time job. Maybe you need to take time to decompress, act like an “every-day-people” for a while just enjoying the simplicities of life. I think this will help you get clear, focused, a gain new perspective and plain enrichment for your spirit.
        If you do decided to do so take a long break, I will support you. (Yes I will miss you too) —
        I’m just saying out loud what I think needs to be said.
        Love to you, ❤

        • Jean says:

          Thanks, Tracy, but as I have considered this option, I realize it isn’t an option – not right now. . . . though I do appreciate your kind words. . . Hugs, ~Jean

      • Andrew says:

        Hang in there Jean! You are a great woman and are starting to get a bigger crowd. Bigger crowds always bring problems. I hope that I do not cause any issues for you. But I still read your blog and find new things like this article every time I come here. You make a huge difference. It is only people like you that bring change. I would not have found Iraq Veterans Against Wars if wasn’t for you. You have a great heart. Let trolls be trolls. Your normal followers know what you believe. Continue to fight Jean. Lets finish the race! ^_^


    • Bradley says:

      Thank you – for this! It seems to me that this is “on track info” Can you please post a link to where you found this so that we can all share it!

      All my love!!!!

  12. I helped organise the 4th International Conference on Child Abuse about 30 years ago in London. I learned where these babies came from that were used for Ritual Killings. Girls had to produce babies as soon as they were able, they did not go to Hospitals so there were no records. These were Army families, all part of the control system. I tried to get this out into the open, Scotland Yard insisted that they could not touch the people responsible, they were “above the law”. Now Bradley you are doing what I failed to do 30 years ago, and I thank you. The corruption runs much deeper than anyone can possibly imagine. The Vatican controls everything. We are just scratching the surface, we will continue , with your help Bradley we will remove PEACEFULLY all that is DARK and we will start again with a clean sheet. 2015 is an important year for exposing and removing those who are trying to eliminate the Human Race. Together as ONE we will do it. Jean, we are so grateful to you.

  13. Marilyn says:

    Bradley wrote: ……”I watched a video interview once of a very candid Catholic Priest – (sorry you will have to look for that one yourselves – since I did not find it ) – where he basically said to a younger journalist who seemed to be quite NAIVE’ that in “Italy” there really was NO DIFFERENCE between the Government – The Vatican – and The Mob! He contended that at the very core, they were — and are — one and the same thing!”………

    My opinion: Yes, to the above, but as one living in Italy, I would add “the indoctrinated population” to Bradley’s “list” and I whole heartedly agree to with “Secretariat’s” quote:

    “……….perhaps it was Bacon—has said: “You cannot by reasoning correct a man of ill opinion which by reasoning he never acquired.” He might have gone a step further and stated that neither by reasoning, nor by actual demonstration of the facts, can you convince some people that an opinion which they have accepted on authority is wrong.

    JFK said in this “President and the Press” Speech (April 27, 1961):
    ‘An error doesn’t become a mistake until you refuse to correct it.’ ……”

    So, I’m sure many are awakening, but what to do when you’re surrounded by the “unawakened” and worse still, ones who appear to have no desire to awaken ? Yes, we can continue reading and commenting on forums, but what are we doing to actually change mass consciousness ? What are we doing to stand by Kevin Annet and other brave ones ? Sitting at our computers and nodding our heads in agreement or shaking our heads at the “nasties” isn’t enough. I read over and over that one’s personal “example” is important…..I agree, but “one” is drowned amongst “the many” in the long run (I’m speaking from 30 years of caring for stray animals single handed which doesn’t seem to have made the slightest difference). Is there anyone else out there who is willing to actually DO something without being left on their own to do it ? Does Bradley or anyone else have a “programme” to bring us all together into a “new” mass consciousness ?

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  15. Thobias says:

    Jean… im so glad that you invite us to share.-)) Does that go for everyone??? And also us who have questions??

    • Jean says:

      I’m not putting up with trolls, who are coming now in droves. . . so much, but no more. . . Why do you ask? You haven’t posted here before . . . Hugs, ~Jean

      PS if you check you will see that I always try to answer questions, and my readers are generally very kind and will do so, as well! 😉

  16. lecox says:

    A lot of data presented here is probably accurate. But the overall picture is too pat for me.
    Yes depraved individuals exist – of that we can be sure. And yes some of them organize into groups that seek to dominate others using criminal methods (methods that involve theft and have no respect for human rights). And yes some of these groups are extremely influential on this planet. But to imply that they are all coordinated and working together on their plans I think gives them too much credit, and more power to be cause over us than they really have.
    I think that it is just as likely that these groups are trying to overwhelm each other as it is that they are trying to overwhelm the general population.
    I think it is important to realize that criminal tendencies in high places has been a problem for freedom-loving people for a very long time. That means we have all had our “hands dirty” at one time or another. Those past involvements tend to paralyze us. They also add up to thought patterns that are just not effective enough to handle this situation. I still hear calls from almost every sector for “justice” and “arrests” and “trials” and, of course, punishment. Yet this system of thinking basically comes from the very criminals we are trying to gain more control over, and it has never worked to control criminality anywhere. So those of us who are seriously interested in changing conditions have a lot of unlearning to do and a lot of innovative ideas to bring forward. The “old ways” of fighting against human rights violations and other criminal actions will not work well enough to make a difference. New ways must be developed, and a key element that must be present is turning our backs on our old ideas about punishment. These are essentially criminal ideas and won’t deliver for us – never have. I have studied a sort of compromise new system of justice, and its strongest “punishment” is to be expelled from the group. There is no violence involved in this system at all, though of course there must be some recourse to sufficient defensive actions.
    Creating a “fair game” in a playing field as rough and crazy as this universe is a very ambitious goal. Those who have this goal should be aware of that. Only such an awareness brings the possibility of success!

    • Bradley says:

      Interesting Comment. Who said anything about fighting or punishing these people?
      My only fervent urge was to get people to wake up and realize that they DO NOT CONSENT TO THIS.
      Perhaps you are reading MORE into the article than whats there! It was only placed to inform – and yes – to a very small extent speculate on the larger picture.
      If you have a better conclusion —- please post it. Oh by the way – did you in fact watch ALL 7 hours of Kay Griggs? or read all of the various articles that I used for my support?
      Lastly – once again – this silly thing about “dirty hands” comes from the channeling community. It a THEORY – unproven – that too many people quote as fact!
      Do you have personal experience that you can post here – that “we all have lived evil lives?” if so please post it now. If not – then remind everyone that you are “speculating” about a possibility that you heard somewhere.

      In perfect LOVE

      • lecox says:

        Bradley, I am a Scientologist and use LRH’s research data to help me understand life and situations on Earth. In the 1950s LRH and his first students processed hundreds, if not thousands, of people for the purpose of restoring self-determinism to the individual. Many forgotten past lifetimes were opened up and looked into that resulted in the more general findings which I mention in my comments. I have personally met several people who have recalled past lifetimes or helped others to do so, so for me the phenomenon is real. Since the 1960s when these techniques started to be formally taught (in classrooms) many thousands have learned them and received them and attested to their efficacy.
        One clear pattern emerges: The human experience includes much more than getting stomped all over by someone else. Per those findings, we have all done our share of stomping. Do you really think that if most of the population were not in some way complicit with all this funny business that they could be so broadly harmed by it? It is not a simple problem of “us and them.” Even with a less broad look, one can find examples of persons who were directly involved with these sorts of activities and had second thoughts, but had a very difficult time separating themselves from it.
        The calls for “justice” come from others who have also been working on this project of exposing evil in high places.
        I used to have more time for these sorts of studies and did watch most, if not all, of the Kay Griggs videos. I have seen and listened to many, many interviews and videos about this subject. Realize that even LRH had an investigation done on this subject and presented his findings to students and staff at our organizations, and also wrote articles about it. And that was in 1967. Much more data has been uncovered since then. And my church has continued to finance exposee videos, focusing on the activities of organized psychiatry.
        Whether one is only aware of what has been happening on Earth over the last few thousands of years, or in the general area of this galaxy for the last many millions, the question remains: What do we do about this, and how do we free ourselves from it? The work to expose the evil will need to go on, as there seem to be so many that don’t even want to confront it. But the question of how best to handle it is still open to discussion, and I have stated my views about that in order to further that discussion.

        • Bradley says:


          Are you aware that L Ron Hubbard – the founder of Scientology “advocated” pedophelia?
          I just happened to do some work at one of the most well protected and secretive installations belonging to the Church of Scientology – Golden Era Productions – and met and befriended some of the world’s “top” followers of the “Religion”.
          Golden Era Productions is the Rolls Royce of that Church and everything there is quite LAVISH –
          I asked what it would take to get to “live there” as many of his followers do – and was told by “my friend” that all I had to do was give EVERYTHING I OWN to the church and then to take an “OATH” (read Contract) to serve the Church of Scientology – which believes in reincarnation – for ONE BILLION YEARS!
          Your kidding – was my response!
          NO – this is absolutely serious! I was told.

          After finding out as much as I could – I also became aware of some of Hubbard’s more obscure teachings like pedophelia – (he was “suspected” of having interest in young boys!)I found out much more – but isnt this ENOUGH?
          It is my estimation that L. Ron Hubbard was part of the Freemasons and was only doing his part to start another “branch” that could be controlled for the purpose of the New World Order.
          Sorry – but I’d stay away from Scientology!

          • Bradley says:

            Here is a “informational video” In their own words about Golden Era Productions!
            This place is so state of the Art that it makes many churchs look like homeless people

            by the way – I helped to BUILD the CASTLE movie studio! So I KNOW HOW LAVISH IT TRULY IS

          • lecox says:

            In my opinion you have fallen for the anti-Scientology bunk that seems to flourish on the internet and among persons who were not willing to be honest about their intentions in joining the church or could not learn how to audit properly. I have been involved for over 30 years. I do no intend to lessen my involvement. I have personally worked with many people from Gold. They are good people just like most people are. I am well aware of how nice Gold is. I have seen the referenced video more than once. Some people I know are in it.
            Where do you think the anti-Scientology push originated? Among those very media and banking elites that you are trying to expose. Know your friends! The enemies of life will try to convince you that your best friends are your worst enemies. Look at who is making the accusations and think twice before trusting them as “being helpful.” Ron’s work hit a sore spot with the elites, that’s all that happened. If you study it you will see why. I’m not telling anyone they should join anything. I am suggesting that the subject called “Scientology” is worth studying.
            I appreciate your help with some of the church buildings. Realize that the quality that goes into them reflects the seriousness with which we take our work.

  17. Tracy says:

    I’m giving it a whirl one more time (4th attempt — this is my partial free-will declaration to cease & desist) ** As this article seems to correct place to post.
    Here goes…… starts in mid sentence ~
    eventually if you have the background and know-how you’ll connect the dots to find that in truth there is really only 1 global corporation but on paper it is meant to look like 1318 or more main companies with thousands of divested subsidiaries to keep the people sedated. (See:

    This is the real truth how we the Hu-manity of Earth have been duped and all products, services, channels of procurement & distribution, politics, finance, education, religion, science, agriculture, et al have been “controlled” by a global organized group who has been supplanting their ideology & programs into the psyche of Hu-manity for ages. Knock Knock….It’s time to Wake UP and do something about this false matrix.

    We the 99% have the power and authority from our divinity to “peacefully” verbalize our “Non Consent NOW in any form or manner of interpretation” for all crimes against the Free-will of Hu-manity, and Mother Earth & all her diverse Creations, and against ALL of Creation. Because we are Free-will Beings the “Law of Do No Harm” takes precedent in all situations. We will not be forced, coerced, threatened, intimidated, indoctrinated, mind controlled, or surveilled to infringe upon our divine free-will in any way, in all realms and kingdoms of Creation.

    WE the rightful inhabitants of Earth request for the immediate “cease and desist” of any and all free agency crimes by ALL groups, individuals, agents, corporations, representatives, contracted entities, rogue individuals, any and all beings of creation in all forms, all frequencies, all vibrations, all energetics, all intellects, and whom are within all realms and kingdoms of pre-existence, existence and creation are NOW to STOP any/and all crimes, schemes, plots, plans, ideas, instructions, presumptions, curriculum, or interpretations for any/and all attacks what-so-ever against the “free agency” of ALL Beings of creation upon this earth, and as in the Heavens of Creation and in all realms and kingdoms of the ONE SOURCE – our pre-existent SOURCE CREATOR the ONE GOD SOURCE. (Aka: PRIME CREATOR)

    We want our “free agency restored NOW along with ALL of our true knowledge and true history with 100% transparency, with proof for all of Hu-manity to have access to this knowledge and truth”. No more lies, no more plots and schemes, no more “secrets” of any kind or manner from any and all groups, agents, individuals, or compartmentalized secret beings of creation in any form within the all existence of Creation.

    There are consequences for failure to comply with this request immediately, you the perpetrators of all said crimes against Free Will of Creation thrust upon Hu-manity, Earth & ALL her sovereign divine Beings will be held accountable by the SOURCE CREATOR – the ONE (PRIME CREATOR) with the assistance of ALL CREATION, and with whom the ONE CREATOR shall choose the punishment deemed necessary for said crimes. You have been forewarned there are no excuses STOP ALL THE CRIME NOW. We are the 99% WE DO NOT CONSENT in any perceived form or manner neither in this 3D/4D + existence nor in our pre-existence of Creation.
    By the LAW of ONE (PRIME CREATOR) our SOURCE CREATOR you have been informed, thank you for your adherence.
    In Truth & Peace your sister of Creation,

    • Bradley says:

      Hooray! All my love. Ditto.

    • Birgit Jonas says:

      Tracy, thank you very much, it is great, short and sweet. As far as I understand it is best to state things without the “NO” for the universe to understand. So no more lies, no more plots,… I like to add: only truth, openness, clearity and respect for all. And instead of punishment I changed it for myself into tuff love, what they dished out may they live through it themselves to be able to grow beyond it. Namasté to all of us ❤

    • nadia says:

      I totally agree!!

    • Di, Cerrillos,NM,USA says:

      You have made the case for BEING as opposed to DOING. This is the key. Chasing our tails or making ourselves targets for abuse is nonproductive and what the parasites want. Jean talks about her inner work, she gets IT. This is the replacement of the lies with the truth. You write about consequences when we Hu-mans have no control over consequences. The Laws of the Universe spell out the consequences, such as the Law of Cause and Effect., the Law of Equal Compensation, etc, as spelled out in the Kybalion.
      Juries don’t have to worry about consequences, the statutes spell out the punishment for breaking the laws of each country, they just have to decide if the state has presented the facts to decide guilt or not.
      Remember this planet is still a freewill planet which means that Hu-mans decide for themselves how to BE. This is a learning experience for each of us. EACH meaning that we do it alone. We leave this planet alone and with nothing to carry except our BEING.
      For awhile now, I have thought that freeing our beloved planet would be the job of all of us uppity wimmen. I am frankly tired of the really awful decisions of the men in charge. Can we make the difference, I don’t know but I think that the Creator knew what ‘HE’ was doing when he gave women the ability to carry and raise children. I believe that we are more into BEING than DOING but we sure get the job done. Our peaceful future depends on us to raise the kids right. I am not a man-basher, I raised four boys, who are all law-abiding fathers and husbands. (Proud mom here!)
      Bless you, Jean, for giving us who have had too much coffee to vent. Venting is dangerous in the wrong venue, so I am cautious but feel safe here.

    • megan says:

      Brilliant! Well said Tracy! Have just recited this myself “I DO NOT CONSENT” either!

      Love and hugs

  18. Frank R says:

    Hi Bradley………

    I am so sympathetic to your cause that Synchronicity dropped these in my lap before I could comment to your last post so please accept them now. I don’t know if you have seen these but maybe Jean may want to post them as further proof of the abomination going on.

    Deep Respects…………………..Frank R

    • Bradley says:

      Thank you Frank – if even a few children can be saved by our efforts, if a few people can turn away from child torture – it is worth our efforts here!

  19. Aron says:

    Pretty soon in Australia you want be able to say a thing about what police are up to or intelligence officers as a new legislation is coming to pass and if you do talk or post anything on the net you can get up to 10 years Jail.
    Its no.6 in the link if you want more info

  20. Secretariat says:

    Greetings Breathren & Good Neighbors,

    Divisive controlled social orders….lol, which most call the press, the stage (social engineering), the pulpit or the Bar fostered by every religion, corporate statism or racial violence, are simply tools of control foisted upon all walks of life by the Hidden Hand that has run this planet for thousands of years.

    And, if you fall for these schemes foisted upon your cognitive senses to succumb thereby, you justify your own demise by every false-flag created to further your oblivion.

    As we have always stated for those seeking honor:

    SOME ONE—perhaps it was Bacon—has said: “You cannot by reasoning correct a man of ill opinion which by reasoning he never acquired.” He might have gone a step further and stated that neither by reasoning, nor by actual demonstration of the facts, can you convince some people that an opinion which they have accepted on authority is wrong.

    JFK said in this “President and the Press” Speech (April 27, 1961):
    ‘An error doesn’t become a mistake until you refuse to correct it.’

    So, if people are willing to face reality instead of the communistic scheme afoot, fostered by the Hidden Hand, why not unite in divine Unanimity via a shelter organization already creatively seeking good will with all walks of life able to remove you from the burdensome tax roles of pure communism parading as a new age religious democracy?

    How long has your Hidden Hand controlled your reality?



    How many comprehend in their beginning was their divine WORD creatively arising upon which and all Creation were made by their eternal WORD?

    And what is this divine WORD (Jn. 1:1) that is your only Divine Eternal Supreme Creator of both your firmament and form unto all things, for which all walks of life are creatively arising in eternal image & likeness thereof?

    None other than HONOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    For there have arisen amongst our eternal breathren in all ages honorably within your divine eternal firmament upon which each may justly arise in your divine honorable services thereof.



    But because of fear you have accepted sycophants as your prophets for profit’s of doom!

    How much longer will you slaughter Wisdom of Divine Law?

    How much longer will all walks of life surrender their divine entitles known only to your Wisdom of Divine Law (Rev. 2:17)?

    Once Man or Woman after Man’s own-kind find themselves perfectly posed to assume among their divine equal powers of Creation, they have no need for their servants of your Hidden Hands by whatever NAAM known and controlled thereby. As for any social paradigms purporting to deny you any just honorable access to divine Unanimity with all walks of life geographically anywhere in time, space or for any matter whatsoever both reasonable & rationally seeking good will as good neighbors similarly situated thereby, “is a puppet of the oligarchs!” PERIOD!!!!




    To suggest any demand as a compelled command in exercise of sovereign dominion without divine Unanimity, either by any particular Man or Woman after Man’s own-kind, as living or dead chattel or otherwise, wherever situated geographically in space & time anywhere throughout any Creations, is a total violation of Wisdom of Divine Law entail to all walks of life via Nature’s Law & Nature’s (Creator/Creative) Science of Right Reason,


    All walks of life are equally creatively arising exercising sovereign dominion via their Crowning Nativity that seals each sovereign unalienable absolute natural rights to exercise life, liberty and pursuit of Happiness throughout all of Creation without the controls of divine Unanimity via Wisdom of Divine Law in imagination or otherwise, as perceiving as so-called magic, seeking to beguile them into either subjugation or oblivion by such compelled force, is an absurdity and slavish to the greater good of all walks of life creatively alive in divine Unanimity similarly situated honorably eternally thereby. PERIOD!!!!!


    As we have stated before, the link provided above, in “no way” is proffering total divine Unanimity which is creatively living & breathing via our S.E.A. of Life. But, it does give you an excellent toehold to create a beachhead upon which to begin questioning certain ideologies into question and possibly, and hopefully, ideas other than allowing themselves to be abused by people claiming to “re-present” new eyes to see, and new ears to hear to cooperate, and advance new world where his-story of “miss-creations” from their past cannot follow! PERIOD!!!!!!

    SOME ONE—perhaps it was Bacon—has said: “You cannot by reasoning correct a man of ill opinion which by reasoning he never acquired.” He might have gone a step further and stated that neither by reasoning, nor by actual demonstration of the facts, can you convince some people that an opinion which they have accepted on authority is wrong.

    JFK said in this “President and the Press” Speech (April 27, 1961): ‘An error doesn’t become a mistake until you refuse to correct it.’

    All walks of life are constantly locked in an eternal his-story & miss-taken belief system foisted upon you by sycophantic control agents more ancient than you can imagine. But there is an easy solution as we state……Unanimity via natural law as aforementioned.

    While we perceive this natural law to be the only divine power necessary for the better ordering of all walks of life as stated above, we also, only believe the only divine power to enforce divine natural law is HONOR created via variation by agreement in divine Unanimity thereby. One at a time, which creatively empowers all walk of life to both administer their agency’s of either religions or governments in honorable statecraft, as they deem prudently each to their own reasonable & rational dictates via divine natural law respectfully.

    All our most precious regards to our breathren & all walks of life seeking honor.

    Until then, I AM…

    Your friend In law!
    Most graciously….’In Honor We Trust’

    Magnus Regnant of Sovereign Earth Alliance

    Notice: U.P.C. Applicable.

    P.S.: Please forgive any incorrect scripture, syntax or grammatical errors.

    P.S.S. Shall our breathren share amongst their associated or delete our exhortations reflecting whatever moderation otherwise, than our S.E.A. of Life predisposed seeking honor amongst those similarly situated eternally thereby? Humbly we strive only in honorable unanimity what you may justly will as good neighbors via the Wisdom of Divine Law. Or as each may reveal as you freely choose & serve otherwise. Shall our breathren once again find us peacefully amongst them in good will as good neighbors by the Wisdom of Divine Law via Nature’s Law or Nature’s (Creator/Creative) Science of Right Reason equally similarly situated honorable eternally thereby? Time will tell all breathren, time will tell all!!!!!!! For time serves all equally and honorably in accord with the Wisdom of Divine Law via Nature’s Law and Nature’s (Creator/Creative Science of Right Reason all walks of life seeking good will as good neighbors similarly situated honorably thereby!

  21. inlakesh says:

    This group, be they the illuminati nazis zionist jesuits satanists archons dark ones- or what ever biblical or new age name they are given, the simple fact is that they are organized, focused, determined, clever, calculating yada yada. Where is their counterpart, their equal opposite? Lightworkers? Galactics?Truthseekers? New Agers? Channelers? Nope- sorry, don’t think so. Too many conflicting concepts, ideas, and convoluted schools of thought out there that could never unite those groups as one and become just as organized and determined to triumph over the beast.
    Fighting fire with fire. Turning the other cheek. An eye for an eye. Karma. Collective meditation. Celestial alignments. Herbal colonics. Hopium dealers. Spirit molecules. Messages from the Ether to us little Dear Ones. Elders. Gurus. Wayshower bloggers. There is no unity. If such a force exists that matches and rivals the beast then please- start sharing that with us. Wait, I forgot the biggest one yet. “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for”. No offense but when do we stop pointing at all that’s wrong and bad and start pointing out whats right and good?
    Naive? Yeah probably. Flipping the negative? Definitely.

    • Inlakesh says:

      This is a rant, a venting of frustration I suppose that I hope will soon pass but cathartic none the less. I will leave it up to you if you wish to not post but I appreciate you allowing me to put it out there. I did leave one other group out. The Star Seeds.
      Day after day, week after week all of us wanting more visit all of the sites on the circuit hoping for the big announcement. The Light. The Absolute Truth. Yet since my first step down the rabbit hole nothing new has happened except for what you had to go through, what Denise went through. Wilcock’s dumping all of his Financial Tyranny on our laps and high-tailed it as soon as he got what he really wanted. Even the poor OPPT sods that were sooo pro Heather Tucci Jaraf- wow- that’s the big one- they were so convinced that she was it. She was the one and you could never say different. Boy that had to be a real rude AWAKENING. Look at all the time and money they spent on her Magic Spell. Yikes! Lesson learned especially when it comes to intuition and discernment and it not being as fined tuned as one would think. And the ones that scare me the most are those who claim to be “AWAKE” and feel the need to wake everyone else up. Have you ever been jerked out of restful nap with a great dream? Not much fun is it? But the scariest part of those who are “AWAKE”, just from what I have experienced, they are arrogant, condescending, self-righteous, elitist and can be out and out cruel- but how would I really since I’m a dumb little- oh, what’s the word they call me- a “Sheeple” that’s it. Seems more like a state of sleep paralyses where you imagine you are awake rather than actually being AWAKE. Toto may have pulled back the curtain but something tells me Toto may be a double agent and that there may be a lot more curtains past the first one. The frustration is subsiding with each word I type. I will leave it with one puzzling question. How do we keep going to sites like RMN and MacHaffie’s site and all the others day after day? Isn’t the definition of insanity repeating the same thing over and over again expecting a different result?
      Many hugs and gratitude for all that you do and for letting me work this one out here.

      • Jean says:

        Inlakesh, here’s my answer to you: I never visit these sites. I just follow the news and look for spiritual items that resonate . . . I gave up on all the sites you mention here a long time ago, maybe because I had a lot of inner work to do – and thank God I stuck with it, because I’m being attacked now left and right. It seems if we get even somewhat near the truth, the trolls and ‘uglies’ come out and go after us. I’ve learned as part of my healing that this is more about those folks than about me, and so they and their words don’t really bother me anymore. I’m doing what I think I should be doing, and I when something new comes my way, I look inside for inner guidance. If I were to visit these sites all the time – it could become like an addiction – and you know what, there aren’t any easy answers. I have my own small, private life, my work, and my inner work, and this keeps me busy enough while I wait and watch . . . I hope this makes sense.

        Also, I think your honest expression of this could be helpful not only to you, but to others who find themselves walking what appears to be the same treadmill. Try to get off it! Get a life. Find your purpose! If you don’t know what it is yet, get involved in your healing . . . there are groups of ‘real’ people out there working on theirs . . . follow your own path is what I am trying to say, and don’t let others dictate it. I hope this makes some sense. It is what keeps me going, even when I’m experiencing difficulties, like the problem with my leg. Hugs, ~Jean

  22. Martha says:

    Thank you Bradley for telling the truth..And to you Jean for this forum.

    I learned more about the mob from two books than anything I have ever read. One is Double Cross by Chuck Giancana. Chuck was Sam Giancana’s brother and in the mob. ..He did not like the torture and murder so he was a lower level member. Sam was 2nd generation Italian and beaten daily by his father growing up in Chicago.He soon found out how to survive as a teenager by way of the mafia… Was so brutal that he quickly rose in the ranks. Later in his life he was working with the CIA and traveling all over the world meeting with heads of state. Doing business. Chuck quotes Sam as saying the CIA and the mob were one and the same.

    The other book was His Way about Frank Sinatra by Kitty Kelley.This book tells how the mob controls Hollywood.. Never particularly liked Frank Sinatra, but do like Kitty Kelley for her research.Frank Sinatra;s mother was very very catholic and into state wide politics.She had her own private nun in old age… Also had mob connections. The mob made Frank Sinatra a star..when his reputation got so bad for brutality, he mostly worked Las Vegas and had as much money as he ever wanted or needed.

    In the book about Sam Giancana , Chuck says Marilyn Monroe was also a star made by the mob. Her mind was going and she knew too much.So the they killed her. They also killed Kennedy. There was a hit out for Joe Kennedy and the Chicago mob saved his life. So he owed them.Jack was also very friendly with the mob..but for some reason turned on them. Chuck says there is no president elected or the votes stolen to make it look like they are elected unless the mob vets them .

    The world has been run by Rome for a very long time.

    • Bradley says:

      I appreciate your honesty!! This is what I was hoping for! I prayed that ANYONE who reads this article and truly has supporting information will post it here in the comments section! Lets make that our goal! IF we fill this one article in the comments sections with hundreds of pages of supporting documents – videos – radio podcast and broadcasts then NO ONE will doubt this and action may then be taken! This is my request to all who read this article – PLEASE ADD LINKS AND TELL YOUR SUPPORTING STORIES here!
      PS – Government trolls are NOT WELCOME in the discussion – According to my contract you will pay the entire cost for any lies.
      All my love to the rest of you!

  23. Bradley says:

    One thing I forgot to mention is the TOTAL AND COMPLETE “hypocrisy” of the “justice system” in the United States and through out the Entire World which actually “protects” all high level elites and all high level pedophiles from any consequence of their actions through the bought and paid for POLICE – COURTS – and JUDGES – etc,
    but — but — they will use every method available to try to catch and imprison “on-line” porn viewers (most of which are first timers) so that they can CLAIM to the public that they are doing something about this.
    Any arrests made and put out for public consumption are a total scam and meant only to make it APPEAR as if they care!
    Unless and until the BIGGEST PLAYERS in CHURCH – MILITARY – GOVERNMENT – are brought down, then rest assured YOU ARE BEING TOTALLY LIED TO ABOUT ANY KIND OF CLEAN UP!

  24. Donnie says:

    Bradley, do you think it is enough for us to just NOT CONSENT in our minds and hearts or should we be more “pro-active” and start to write these senators and congressmen and tell them verbatim that we know what they’re up to? I mean, holy cow!!!, the stuff you’ve revealed thus far has been hard enough to look at but now FARMS with children being raped daily!!!!!?…..I am so frickin torn right now!!! between my love for peace and my indignation that I swear I’m just about ready to start exterminating these scoundrel!!!!, and seriously Brad, I’ve never killed anyone in my life nor ever wanted to but my god, i feel so hopeless hearing this stuff and of course the mind races with the question, “what are we to do to STOP THIS?!!!….I really do wish to trust god that something will be done soon but I have to wonder if I’m fooling myself. Our fore-fathers I’m sure didn’t want to kill redcoats, but eventually they DID, else they would have all been lynched!!!……At what point to we stop being pacifists and start being the solution to our problem??? I am seriously vexed here Bradley. When I think about those poor children, I think about MY OWN two daughters and god help anyone who would even think to subjigate my girls to such things. I am not violent but I would kill such ones with extreme prejudice and hope to appologize to my creator afterward. I mean, do we really desire to be sheep led to slaughter? Does it have to be THAT way?…..I am so torn I just can’t get my head around this. God help us all.

    • Bradley says:


      Listen – my purpose in writing all of these Articles is to show how much I care! I care about the planet – the people and believe it or not about LOVE! VIOLENCE IS NOT THE WAY. I dont know if you ever saw the movie Ghandi – but it might help. He preached non violence and even though it was a different time – he managed to get a major part of the Country of India to stand up against the British Occupation of that country.
      A very sad part of that movie is how hundreds and thousands of Indians walked up to the very brutal British soldiers and simply showed how they did NOT CONSENT to their being their. Each one of them took a beating! But after the British soldiers had literally beaten hundreds and thousands of Indians and they still kept coming – they gave up because they could not stomach hurting so many people.

      This was a lesson to the CABAL which has since made certain that their soldiers are trained to have NO MERCY WHATSOEVER! They are trained by Israel and most likely injected with enhancing drugs. Im not certain that this type of thing would work any longer – but Violence will not work either.

      NON CONSENT is a supernatural thing- It only works IF YOU’VE ALREADY done the work to nullify all of the contracts that you signed or agreed to since you been on Earth or before you got here.
      It takes work – but once you do that – according to Cosmic Law – they are no longer allowed to choose for you.

      Once this happens when you say you do not consent – and they do not honor that – According to COSMIC LAW they are held accountable and have to make it up to you.

      We are playing the game in a different way now! Sadly it has to be this way.

      Here is an example:
      If you’ve ever watched the old version of Star Trek you may have seen Spock playing chess on three levels.

      This is what we are now doing. Chess on only one level is the 3d version – but there is a higher level that is still very valid and can cause the CABAL to lose just as fast! Move your chess pieces up to the second and third level!

      This is why I preach NON CONSENT and getting rid of all contracts! Remember there is NO TIME outside of the Matrix of 3d and if the CABAL makes a mistake here inside time – you know what they are doing? They immediately time travel back in time and try to cover it up and do it over again.
      We have to use the Super Natural version of the chess game to play against that!
      We have to be in it for the long haul and stay non violent and remove consent which is very valid because PRIME CREATOR SEES EVERYTHING.
      Just as the NSA is recording every second of our lives here on Earth – Every second of what the CABAL does is being recorded outside of Time and they will have to pay for any mistakes they have made. IF THEY DID NOT HAVE OUR CONSENT.
      The Declaration Jean posted was written very specifically for a REASON. It takes time travel into account.

      There is so much more and if you want to know more just ask.

      • lymerick48 says:

        Bradley, I truly thank you for your series of articles. As upset and angry as it makes me, I am driven even more to learn anything and everything I can. It seems the further down the rabbit hole I go, the more avidly I want to learn more and more! I welcome the information you publish and anything more you provide – PLEASE do! I don’t know what I don’t know, and I am trying to reshape my reality with each piece of the puzzle and each dot that is connected. As you said, we aren’t getting out of here until THIS is settled. So, such information must be collected and spread as widely as possible to all the rest of humanity who really don’t know what they don’t know. Also, the information on contracts we don’t realize we have made and how to nullify such is GREATLY appreciated, and must be provided with the dissemination of this information. Great thanks to you and Jean, who are doing a great service for humanity!

      • TCR says:

        I think these articles are very important and humanity needs to know what’s happening behind our backs (or often right in our faces). I also think it is up to us to change this dynamic here on Earth. And those who perpetrate such atrocities are fair game for punishment or even extermination if they don’t voluntarily change. From what I believe Source is all things and cannot make laws. Nor does Source personify into an entity that holds people accountable. It can’t because Source is all things. From what I have read and feel is true:

        “Source does not demand obedience. Source requires nothing of you other than your best attempt to live according to your free will. Source will never issue edicts, demand obedience, put someone else above you, order you or anyone else around, or send ‘special servants’ to rule over you and tell you what to do.

        Laws are creations of societies. Some are more closely aligned with natural living than others, but they are all creations of societies. That means they can be changed, and that means that they can be chosen. Source does not make laws. Those things claimed to be “God’s Laws” don’t come from Source. Yeah, they include some good ideas, but they’re still not from Source. We will likely require some form of law in our society yet; until sociopathy no longer exists and people no longer feel the need to commit crimes against one another to attain an advantage over each other, we’ll need some codified system of reparation and restoration.”

        I love the idea of nullifying “soul contracts.” I do believe our souls are “captured” after death and tricked and manipulated into coming back into this reality because ultimately we are a food source here. But the reasons souls are told that they “have” to come back are all lies – there is no karma to pay, no amends to make because some entity tells you that you have to. Since we are zapped with amnesia before returning here how can we possibly make amends? Source is not keeping tabs on all the good and bad a soul does. Source will never punish. I think humanity – those of us that are still fully human – have to fix this problem on a 3-D physical level.

        • Jean says:

          TCR, I’m in agreement with your words here. I’ve read abut and studied shamanism, and they believe the trick is to die consciously so we can control what happens at the time we leave our bodies. Hugs, ~Jean

          • TCR says:

            I agree completely and I almost wrote this concept in my original reply. I also know I am not going anywhere near the light. I plan to head straight to Source. It’s the only way to die.

      • Nancy C/Seattle says:

        **If you’ve ever watched the old version of Star Trek you may have seen Spock playing chess on three levels.

        This is what we are now doing. Chess on only one level is the 3d version – but there is a higher level that is still very valid and can cause the CABAL to lose just as fast! Move your chess pieces up to the second and third level!

        This is why I preach NON CONSENT and getting rid of all contracts! Remember there is NO TIME outside of the Matrix of 3d and if the CABAL makes a mistake here inside time – you know what they are doing? They immediately time travel back in time and try to cover it up and do it over again.

        We have to use the Super Natural version of the chess game to play against that!**

        Bradley, thanks loads. I’ve been struggling with this consent thing and frankly just didn’t understand it until I read the above excerpt. The analogy of moving your chess pieces up to a different dimension because of time travel tinkering makes perfect sense.

        I’ve long been aware of satanic ritual sexual abuse/sacrifice of children. What’s happening now tho is there seems to have been some sort of quantum phase shift. Your work, Kevin Annett’s work, a whole plethora of videos on satanic rituals among musicians posted on YouTube within the past year and of course David Icke has been talking about this for years, David says the sheer numbers of missing children is in the millions. I am now beginning to think that satanic ritual sexual abuse/sacrifice of children is the core element of cabal/Illuminati power.

        Here’s the link to David Icke’s November 17, 2014 1 hr 44 min interview on the Richie Allen Show on the on this very topic. “Royal Political Paedophilia: How the Global Pieces fit”.

  25. DavidG says:

    Contracts require equal consideration. Tacit was an instrument to deceive and can not stand when truth is learned. Tacit is a flimsy platform for immoral conduct that will never withstand the force of creation.

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