Sex with young children is very much a part of the New World Order Dream! It is part and parcel of their philosophy – and if they get “their way” it WILL BE INSTITUTED worldwide whether we like it or not! You may think I’m joking or l have lost my mind – but perhaps you know very little of what has been going on behind our “collective” backs for 50 years!

In the early 1990’s – I had the unfortunate pleasure of meeting a young teenager (only 15 years old) when I was in my 30s – and in a teaching position where I met hundreds of kids his age. This is all I am going to say about that particular “job” I had at the time – since it is immaterial to the subject matter at hand.

Suffice it to say that I was commissioned to help tutor this very young man for a brief period of time, and that it was very clear to me that he was distressed about something really huge! Since his lessons were not progressing very well at all, we – or I, “side-lined” his lessons and decided to “talk” about what was really bothering him – and what actually came out, was NOT what I was expecting at all.

For the purposes of this article we’ll call him “Anthony” (although that was not his real name).

Anthony was a very good looking boy, and had an awful lot of talent as far as I was concerned in both art and music. He was also a very talented “sketcher” – and by using only pencils – could produce images on paper that were very worthy of artistic notice.

Unusually bright for his age – I asked him where he had gone to school. Anthony then told me that before twelve months ago, he had never actually been to a regular school – even though he was going to a very normal High School now.

When I asked him why – he told me that for the first fourteen years of his life – he had been part of a group of traveling “Christian” Missionaries called: THE CHILDREN OF GOD –

More commonly known today as: THE FAMILY


For a “plethora” of background information on this group – see this article:


See also what Wikipedia says here – (although much of this is patently false and very “whitewashed” – the truth is far worse)


See also this ABC News Article:


Finally see their groups “fantastically” designed propaganda page:


And another propaganda page here:



We both sat on the concrete steps in front of a local library while he recounted the sordid story of his early life during which he – and his parents – traveled around the world talking about “Jesus” in a whole “new way” that I had never heard of – and could not have imagined.

He said that the group that he and his parents belonged to was very much into the Christian Religion, (or what he thought was the Christian Religion) – but he added that the MAIN FOCUS OF THE RELIGION behind the scenes was always about SEX!

He told me that he had been “having sex” since he about about five years old and that this sexual activity was not only encouraged by both of his parents (as well as the group they belonged to) – but “required” to some extent!

After “digesting” the huge revelation that he had just sprung on me – and not wanting to back down from digging to the core of what was really happening in the world – I questioned him extensively on what he meant by what he had just said – and what had actually happened to him while living with this so-called Christian group.

He seemed only TOO HAPPY to share this information with me because apparently NO ONE else either cared to discuss it with him – or possibly even wanted to hear the story at all. He seemed so sad – that I knew I just needed to listen.

I was also very appalled that there was a “Christian Group” traveling the world and preaching both the Bible and Jesus – but at the very same time – teaching their own children to have SEX with both other children AND adults.

He explained to me that the “core group” of their “ministry” was fairly large and included many adults – both husbands and wives – and all of their collective “children” who were of various ages from very young to older teens! He further explained that after a certain time of the day – usually in the early evening – all of the children were encouraged to go NAKED.

Regardless of their age – or what they were doing at the time – it was part of their “religious evening ritual” to have all the kids remove every piece of clothing they had on – which according to Anthony seemed quite normal since he had never known it to be any different!

They were then encouraged to play for the next hour or so while the adults watched on the sidelines both visiting and talking about “RELIGIOUS MATTERS”. After an hour or so – he said it was DECIDED who was going to sleep with whom that night!

I asked him what he meant by that – and he told me that it was never the same person from one night to the next! It was always different! He told me that some nights he would sleep with adult men – other nights he would sleep with adult women – other nights he would sleep with boys – and still other nights he would sleep with girls. Further more, he added: Everyone always had to sleep in the nude – and regardless of who you were sleeping with that night – there was ALWAYS SEX INVOLVED!

I asked him if his “parents” knew what was going on – and he said: “OF COURSE! They were part of it!”

He told me that all of the children were very encouraged by the adults in their group to freely express themselves and to “have fun” with sex (regardless of their age) and to enjoy whomever they were sleeping with at the moment.

Red Flags were going up all over the place for me and I told him that this was NOT part of any CHRISTIAN TEACHING ANYWHERE and that it was probably going against EVERY TEACHING OF GOD that I could possibly think of!

He simply nodded his agreement, but explained that this was how he grew up! He told me that his Uncle – (his father’s brother) had literally come to take him from a foreign country once he had “found” out about the deep depravity of the Religious Group called THE CHILDREN OF GOD – and brought him alone back to California and placed him into a regular school with regular kids.

I personally was very happy to hear of this, but then I found that this was the source of his biggest problem. Apparently he had taken a liking to me and saw me as some sort of TRUSTWORTHY adult figure and wanted some advice that I could not possibly give him.

He said that although being in a regular school with kids his own age made him feel happy – that there were lots and lots of pretty girls whom he liked a lot. I told him this was very normal and that he should get to know them and maybe ask them to a movie or something like that.

To that he replied – No – I don’t really want to take them to a movie – I just want to have SEX with them! I’ve tried several times (he explained) to ask many of the girls that I liked to come over to my Uncle’s house to have sex with me – and was AMAZED at their frigid and hostile response to my request.

(I really had to be careful not to laugh at this)

Then he asked me how he might better handle asking girls his age for what he wanted! I realized that this poor boy had NO CONCEPT OF NORMALCY – and further found out that when and if he saw someone he liked in his High School – the first words out of his mouth were usually: “LET’S GO HAVE SEX”. I then told him there was NO ADVICE I could possibly give him that would make sense.

Sadly, while he may have been “out” of the cult,  his Uncle had not really saved him at all, since now the boy had no idea how to operate within the “normal world” or the “reality” that everyone else was living in. He was very confused because his “reality” was so totally different from everyone else’s “reality” that he could not fit into anything like a regular daily routine!

He had been taught since he was very young that SEX was the best thing in the world – and that doing it with anyone and everyone was part of GOD’S TEACHING! That was his “REALITY”.

Before I go any further into this article, there is a real purpose for me to be telling this story! I would like to take this sad story and turn it into a TEACHING MOMENT for you, the readers:

This is partly what ALL of my previous articles are literally meant to teach everyone and that is that REALITY is not what they think it is. REALITY is what you are taught to believe it is!

“REALITY” is never a static thing – and is NOT pre-set by any means of the imagination!

“REALITY” is freely “created by” and molded by – those living beings who participate in the creation of that “REALITY.” This poor boy was literally raised and taught a different “REALITY” that ultimately became for him – the way the world was, or as he thought, should be.

At fifteen years old – he was quite mentally “programmed” to think that the way he had been raised was both NORMAL and NATURAL, and that asking any girl he seemed to take a fancy to in the moment for IMMEDIATE SEX was simply doing what was NORMAL.

Now can you see PARALLELS with what happened to this boy and what is happening all over the world today through the “programming” of the MEDIA-SCHOOLS-TELEVISION?

The mental programming (which is literally everywhere) – and is still mostly covert and sub-conscious – has to do with “creating” a different kind of REALITY ON PLANET EARTH. I’ve said this over and over and over again!

They want to create a DARK REALITY – the only way to do this is to get everyone sub-consciously on board with their dreams. This, they are ALREADY DOING.

Our children are being both conditioned and programmed to think in ways that are more and more “tuned” into the dark and ritualistic behaviors of the CABAL – because THAT is the direction that the NEW WORLD ORDER wants all of the planet to go!

THE CHILDREN OF GOD – or “THE FAMILY” – as I see it, was simply a “beta test”, or an experiment with adult men and women and their children to see what would happen if the little children were overtly (within their own group) exposed to daily sex with anyone and everyone.

You may not think so – but I’ve since done the research and found that the roots of THE FAMILY have serious ties to both HOLLYWOOD and, therefore, TIES BACK TO THE ILLUMINATI, itself. It is my estimation that these men and women were not just “crazies” looking for a good time but most likely hand-picked assets of a much larger group who were “interested” in running a “test” or an “experiment” to see what would happen.

The young actor – RIVER PHOENIX and his family were part of the CHILDREN OF GOD CULT and this excerpt from Wikipedia talks about that briefly:

– The family had settled in Caracas, Venezuela, where the Children of God had stationed them to work as missionaries and fruit gatherers. Although John Bottom was later designated the group’s “Archbishop of Venezuela and the Caribbean”, their family received little financial support and lived in poverty. Phoenix reflected later in life that the missionary work was undertaken “not out of choice, but was more like a desperate situation”.

On July 5, 1976, Phoenix’s sister Libertad Mariposa Bottom was born. Phoenix often played guitar while he and Rain sang on street corners for money and food to support their ever-growing family. Arlyn and John eventually grew disillusioned with the Children of God; Arlyn would later tell a journalist that she and her husband were opposed to the group’s practice of ‘Flirty Fishing’, stating: “The group was being distorted by the leader, David Berg, who was getting very powerful and wealthy.

He sought to attract rich disciples through sex. Fearing the group was moving in a negative direction, the Bottom family left and stayed for a period with a church in Venezuela. It was during the last years in South America that the entire Phoenix family became vegans.

The family eventually made the trip back to the United States by a cargo ship. Upon their return, they moved in with Phoenix’s maternal grandparents in Florida.-

In my opinion most of this Wikipedia Article “whitewashes” totally what was going on in the group at the time – and Phoenix’s sexual participation as a child – especially after hearing what Anthony had to say about it.

Here are several articles to read talking about other HOLLYWOOD actors and actresses who spent “time” in the CHILDREN OF GOD CULT.


Read this Article about where and how River Phoenix died – what other actors where there at the time who knew him and therefore obviously knew what he had been through in his early years.


There is a lot more going on here in the seemingly random”connections” between all of these young actors who knew River Phoenix – then what is being let on in these published articles. It is my estimation that almost ALL of the young hollywood actors who grew up to be ANYONE of importance in the industry today were most likely exposed to sex as a child – and they most likely had repeated sex with adults in order to get their career off the ground. You can see this connection clearly if you are willing to “read between the lines” of these many articles.

For instance: Leonardo di Capprio – was up and coming as a young child actor and used to “frequent” the Viper Club (where River Phoenix died) – and he knew River Phoenix personally at the time – later it was revealed that his (di Capprio’s) “agent” was accused of having sex with young boys – and although a connection was never made between the agent and Di Capprio himself – you have to at least venture a guess that there may have been something going on there.

Also frequenting the Viper Club apparently owned by Johnny Deep were: Tom Cruise – Brad Pitt – and many other young actors who seemed to do very well after their youthful child actor careers had ended. It seems only logical to deduce that many of them were involved with those same Hollywood Directors – Agents and Producers in Hollywood who are in fact really PART OF THE GREATER ILLUMINATI and simply have come to believe that sex with children is a desirable pastime.

See this Story:



There are many more “speculative” articles that have been written and are out there on the web – but are unsupported! They suggest that many of these now adult – and very famous actors who were molested as children are NOW IN FACT having sex with young kids themselves. I will not list them, nor get into the who and the why. These articles are out there if you want to look for them – and there are MANY OF THEM!

The ENTIRE POINT of this piece is to WARN you that this is where the NEW WORLD ORDER really wants to go – by means of their constant mental “programming” through education and television! This is the type of “REALITY” they want to manifest on the EARTH. A dark reality.


All my love

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  4. Good response Jean. I agree we need to preach love and peace, but it’s obviously required for a lot more to become aware of our global situation ( NWO) for the masses to really desire changes for the good. Otherwise it will continue and their agenda will be met because there’s no real opposition.

  5. GREAT GOOD Work Thank YOU LOVE Always John xxxxxxxxx

  6. demetrius13 says:

    Reblogged this on demetrius13 and commented:
    It is said that we’re either part of the problem or part of the solution. By avoiding reading posts on “unpopular” topics such as this,you are failing to become part of the solution. Read on so you can be, even if you need to do it in small doses. Many thanks to Bradley and Jean for daring to share!

  7. Jean says:

    Bill, I can’t publish this. it is hate-filled and it is the kind of thing that can cause innocent people to die. You are saying no one is an individual and that an entire group is guilty. I’ve said time and time again this will not bring about a peaceful resolution to our shift to a higher dimension. Hugs, ~Jean

  8. Pingback: THE CHURCH – THE MILITARY – THE MOB – THE CORPORATE GOVERNMENTS – FOUR DIFFERENT WORDS – FOUR DIFFERENT HEADS FOR THE SAME ONE EVIL BEAST, by Bradley Loves . . . finally, Bradley ties it all together for us . . . ~J | SweetWillowman

  9. Rebecca says:

    I believe what Bradley has to say………………I have read enough of this sort of thing. I am so blessed I was never a part of this evil.
    Some how in the name of what is good this has to stop!

  10. eliane says:

    If I were in America,I would go with a placard written on it for the Pope visite .That he can pay his visit with the money suddendly found in the Vatican bank and as well to ask to pay for the abused. Asking for chastity belts for protecting the children unless they put ones themselves.
    I don’t believe he will be arrested (why the warning before).The funds should be frozen ( to give respond to his nice talking about helping the poors).

    • Jean says:

      🙂 My feeling is that this may well come to a conclusion before then. . . but who really knows? I think I’m the enteral optimist 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

  11. Candice says:

    Jean, I want to say that I am sorry for what you had to endure from those you thought you were to trust. I am so thankful that you found the right path to awaken and heal. I am starting to wonder if this is your true path. Awakening the world to the sexual distortions and what is really happening. If you did not experience this first hand you might not have had the experience to help others with this information! Bradley found you at the right time in your healing to tackle this. Bless you both for your courage. Thank you for trying to help me understand how God could allow this ugliness. Still trying to wrap my head around it all. Would it help to organize a meditation on helping these innocent children? Just like you , I see the shades go down on my husbands eyes and anybody else I try to share info with. Once again, thank you both for this information…I DO NOT CONSENT.

    • Jean says:

      Candice, I’ve just prepared the last article on this subject, an article in which Bradley ties it all together. I’m sure that my history is helpful in this matter, because it is a very tough subject to deal with, but I’m not sure it is the only thing I am here to help with. I do not know yet, but I do have other dreams . . . It is hard when you see the window shades close. I know, because I had to leave behind a whole group of people whom I still dearly love. . . but I had to realize they have a right to choose their own path, and clearly they weren’t interested in hearing about mine. Life did not require me to live among them to the point of my soul’s starvation. There is no doubt in my mind that I was guided to the appropriate place for me to do the work I am presently doing . . . and that my cries for help – and they were cries – were answered. The answer, at my age, wasn’t easy . . . but I do believe I’ve made it and will be okay . . . 🙂 As far as a meditation is concerned, I don’t have anything against it, but I myself do not have the time or energy that is required to organize it . . . I hope you can understand this. . . again, many hugs to you! ~Jean

  12. Martha says:

    Wow..this is a mind boggling post as to how pervasive pedophilia .is in Hollywood and our general society. I love you Jean for rising above your hardships and helping your brothers and sisters all over the world.

    Wonder if the Family,in this post, is connected to the Family in Washington DC which is a big influence on our politics. They sponsor the prayer breakfasts. Mostly men + hillary clinton.Have read a little about them and they seem to be fascist to me.

    I was sexually abused as a child also. My father was in a ring of pedophiles .Have been told as an adult that my mother procured for them. Just glad that I did not know this until after her death.

    Could you please leave my last name off my posts? I am not very computer literate .AND a lot of people in my family have seen me as the problem . I told on my father at the age of 12. One of the men in my father’s group was a prominent doctor who delivered babies by hypnotism. I remember visiting them and was surprised that all the children were going around their parents in only underwear. I never went back. Also think that I was hypnotized or something because most of it is blocked out of my memory. Consider that a blessing.

    At the age of 12, I went to a church camp and was introduced to Jesus. I came home and told on my father. Have heard that I busted up the ring. Never thought that a child could have that importance. The only way I could see this happening is that the hypnotism did not work. And these people were very open about abusing children…Pedophilia was on both sides of my family…I think for generations. My great grandfather was 32nd degree mason as well as his 3 sons.

    • Jean says:

      Your honest words just add credence to Bradley’s words, and I thank you, as does Bradley, I feel certain. I remember in my own healing process when I learned that if my family could present me as the problem, the troublemaker, etc., then THEY WERE NOT THE PROBLEM!!! This is a sick way for people to survive and I have seen it being played out elsewhere in my family. I was the one asking why we had to close the windows and door (on a hot summer evening) when we fought. I wanted to know why we just didn’t solve the problem so we wouldn’t have to do that anymore. They turned on me, and I became what I’ve called since ‘the whipping post’ for them all . . . now either dead or out of my life. I remembered nothing of my abuse until I was strong enough psychologically, which means I was close to 60 years old before I opened that door. I’d blocked it, because it was too terrible for me to deal with. Somehow, I’d realized my ‘reality’ was a very dangerous one, and that I wasn’t safe – so there was no way I was going to look at it, until I began to awaken . . .

      When it asks for your name in a comment, just don’t put in your last name, or remove your last name from your ‘profile’. You can even use another name. . . It’s just fine to do that 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

  13. Lew Levenson says:

    Flabbergasted that only one comment has been posted so far, and that was over 24 hours ago.

    Whether one agrees with the Children of God or are horrified by Bradly posting this is immaterial. It strikes me that it is F E A R that one should be identified with this in any way!

    Jean, love her, knows better. She is stronger than most.

    Thank you Jean. If this is always kept in the shadows it will ALWAYS be in the shadows.

    • Jean says:

      It simply CANNOT REMAIN IN THE SHADOWS ANY LONGER. TIME IS RUNNING OUT, AND WHILE I KNOW MANY PEOPLE DON’T FEEL IT FITS THEIR COMFORT ZONE, IT SIMPLY HAS TO BE STATED, and they will have to do with it whatever they must do. . . some will hear, and some won’t, but everyone will know it is ‘out there’ waiting to be dealt with in one way or another . . . Thank you Lew! Hugs, ~Jean

  14. Aron says:


  15. Candice says:

    I watched the video you posted a few days ago about Hollywood and the rituals and have read Bradley’s articles. I would say that most of us who read your blog are more aware and courageous souls. That being said, I have turned a blind eye to this “part,” the monarch child piece when an article would appear. Forgive me but this is all fresh to me and I am trying to process. I had nightmares last night and have walked around in a fog for two days. My God, where are all of these children who were encouraged to travel to the states? We can be pretty certain that whatever number they told us is probably doubled. It is pretty safe to say that these children are no longer here with us. I have to question where is God in all of this? Is this too simple of a question? Because I am questioning everything. Why is this allowed? Why on earth should this society continue if this is where it is leading? Atlantis was wiped out for their corrupt ways, this is no better and probably worse. I am trying to find my footing, I am angry, I am confused, but mostly I am so sad for these children. I am sending ho’oponopono to the situation and reiki but feel so powerless and disgusted at the moment.

    • Jean says:

      Candice, I hope I have a very simple answer to your question, to your cry of pain. It is what has enabled me to continue on: God isn’t turning a blind eye to us. It is the absence of the ‘real’ God in our lives that has enabled this to continue. “Religion” as we were taught when we were young has little to do with any connection to God, and my personal experience has proved it to be so. I was sexually abused, and then I was abused in many other ways so that I was told my healing process was most unusual: I had to begin my life all over again. What I learned is that even if I had nothing to do with this abuse – did not invite it, etc. – I mean at the age of three, how could I? – I was the only person who could get myself out of it. Like it or not, these are the facts of the matter.

      Humanity did not invite this, but it happened, and now we are the only ones who can change it around – individually and collectively as a species. It is tough, tough work and not for the lazy, and not for those who keep wanting/hoping someone is going to come to save them. My personal experience says it won’t happen that way. BUT, what does happen in the process is that we grow up, and if we are careful we grow up in a healthy way!

      I know all this information can be totally devastating, but there is good that can come from it – and hopefully you will see this in time!

      God/Source/Creator is calling humanity through our pain to awaken. I’ve known that the pain had to get worse in order to awaken the sleeping masses, and for many this will be the call . . . I hope and pray it will be 🙂

      Be gentle with yourself! I can’t say that strongly enough! Hold that little child within you very gently and tell her this understanding will eventually help to free her – and all of us – but it is so difficult to take this in, because it means our reality is totally flipped. I used to find routinely that I didn’t have any place in my ‘being’ for this information, and I simply didn’t know how to handle it. I would babble to people about the various things I discovered as I went down the rabbit hole, and I could see the window shades in their eyes come down. They weren’t willing to listen to me . . . it was tough for me, because then I was left alone . . . and that is why I finally moved to a place where I can be more myself. At my age, I believe I would have died without some friends who genuinely understood what loving someone else means – even if they don’t quite agree with you.

      We need to have diversity in our UNITY in such a big way. The cabal wants us all to be generic – look at our stores, our shops, our towns, our clothes – same colors, same shades, same goods – nothing creative. Stop at the door and pick up a BIG cart to BuY what they sell in order to give them your money. Even though we know full well where those goods were produced and how very cheaply they were produced and by whom.

      Well, Candice, I’ve gotten off track here a bit and seem to be ranting, but maybe I’m also allowed to do this once in a while . . . I hope so!

      I said a long time ago that the root of our problem was with the distortion of our sexuality, but at that time I had no idea how deep it went.

      When our sexuality is distorted, then we marry for the wrong reasons. We create a family that grows up in a distorted world of relationships, and we as children take this on, if only unconsciously, and so it continues through the generations. I remember recently becoming angry at all that I have had to endure as I healed, and at the time I was standing by the lake alone, and I screamed out that it wasn’t my parents who abused me! It was the cabal who down through the generations created such sickness that caused my parents to do so! I can’t tell you the rage I felt at this discovery! My parents were very bright, essentially good people, whose lives were stolen from them, and they never understood it — and at that time, there was no way to help them understand it. I, myself, was told I was lucky that I was warehoused on medication for all those years – about fifty – because I surely would have gone insane had I not been. It wasn’t until maybe thirty years ago that they had any idea about the ‘real’ healing process. . . and I went through seven therapists in short order, because I sensed they didn’t have a clue, not a clue. I can’t tell you how empowering that was for me! When I heard the woman’s voice – just the vibrational level of her voice on the other end of the phone (although I couldn’t have used those words back then) I knew she could help me, and she did. All she said to me was, “Jean, I believe I can help you”, and it was enough. . .

      Now, let me stop before I just explode! 🙂

      Hugs, ~Jean

      • Di, Cerrillos,NM,USA says:

        Bravo for firing incompetent therapists. Drugs get in the way of healing. I wrap my loving arms about you for being so brave and courageous to keep going.
        You understand that your parents were passing along what they had been taught, they were also victims. And so it goes.
        I believe that this system has been in place probably from the days of Atlantis. Blame doesn’t really help but understanding the BIG PICTURE does. Awakening to the BIG PICTURE is happening now. It is stunning in its scope and history but timely if we are to save our planet.

      • mary says:

        Hi Jean, I too have thought the root is in the sexual distortion, I was startled to see you say this! As I thought no-one else thought that. I have thought long and hard on that, as it pertains to my life and I guess you could say healing, I think all of us are healing, and that is part of this waking up process, each one has to face it in their own way, but face it we must because for some of us it is our time. :).

        Candice I feel your pain, one of the hardest for me was that same question, where is god? ..Somehow this question is all part of the awakening process. Since you are asking, you will get answers,. Like Jean said, be easy on yourself, awakening can be unsettling.


        • Jean says:

          When I can find a bit of time, I would like to write a short article on this topic and provide some reading materials. I have brought this up before, but I guess people weren’t ready to hear it 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

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