WHAT WILL IT TAKE? by Bradley Loves

Bradley wrote this article some time ago, but I was unable to publish it at that time and am doing so — belatedly — now. It may be a little out-of-date, and I ask you to forgive me for this. ~J

After writing my last article – I am wondering what MORE I could say that would make people stand up and take NOTICE! Would it surprise you to know that most of the world’s TOP CORPORATIONS are involved in the development, advancement, and “deployment” of super secret and highly advanced technologies that are NOT being given to the general public or what is otherwise KNOWN as the “surface population” of the Earth?

The technology that I’m talking about is so far beyond what we can imagine and IS BEING USED right now – by what is known as: THE BREAK-AWAY CIVILIZATION.

This “break-away” civilization is also located on the “Moon” and on “Mars”.
The “Mars Colony Corporation” which is a large grouping of corporations which manufacture and develop advanced technologies for the moon and mars are located right here on the surface of Earth! And are making things daily that could make our lives “so much better and easier” if only they were available us.

I know that this is hard for many to understand and equally as hard to comprehend. Since “YOU” are not part of it – then you ask “how can it possibly exist?” How can it be happening behind my back?

Remember however, the boy named “Anthony” in my second to the last article – who was raised in the CHILDREN OF GOD CULT? You didn’t know about him until a few days ago – did you? OR – even know about his “REALITY” which was entirely different than yours? His reality was this:

—-That adults and kids can have sex with each other – any time they want to – from ages as young as 4 and 5 years old! He thought that this was NORMAL! He did NOT UNDERSTAND how other kids his age could be acting so strangely! When all he was doing was asking them if they wanted to have sex with him. River Phoenix – an actor you only know all too well, was “part” of this group as a child! He said in an interview that the very first time he had sex was at 4 years old (I posted the article – you can find it) —

Now – what about the “REALITY” of “ALL OF THE PEOPLE” who live and work in the underground DUMBS – (Deep Underground-Military-Bases)- which we are told has technologies that are so far advanced we would probably not understand even how to use them!

The daily “reality” for those people living underground is so very FAR REMOVED from ours it boggles the mind! So far removed – that we would probably feel like ALICE IN WONDERLAND if we were to get to visit a “DUMB” for just a week.

I’ve been told that once you are assigned to the underground – you hardly ever get to come up to the surface (for obvious reasons of secrecy) and that there are actually MARRIED couples who have had children BORN UNDERGROUND who have NEVER SEEN THE SURFACE!

Some of these kids are now teens and older – in their early 20s – and have been using technology that you and I cannot fathom – for ALL OF THEIR LIVES!

If they were allowed to come to the surface – what do you think they would “think about us?”

What do you suppose that they are being “taught” (yes they do have classes down there) about those of us who live on the surface?

Perhaps that we are barbarians? That “we” are little more than advanced cavemen?

Since the Underground is overseen by the MILITARY – then every person (even the children) are under the control of the UNDERGROUND GOVERNMENT.

It has been both said and written – that there are in fact TWO GOVERNMENTS in the continental USA. The one above ground – and the one below ground! They have different presidents and different leaders!


NOW – ask yourself (and be honest) WHO is making all of this technology? Do you suppose there are secret factories underground? HMMM? Not really – This stuff is being “made on the surface” by very large multi-national corporations that are standing in “plain sight” and then being “selectively” given to ONLY CERTAIN PEOPLE! (Those who matter).

Why do you think there is so much CONTROL on Earth now? Why do you think regular human beings who work on secret projects are required to sign “NON-DISCLOSURE-AGREEMENTS” which – I was told personally say that –  if you disclose any secrets to anyone, you are giving them permission to kill both you AND your family!


But before I get into that – another important question is WHO – (IN THEIR RIGHT MIND) would even sign such a CONTRACT – (read – MAGIC SPELL) which is always of “satanic origins”.

Please go back to what you read in the Great Con of Man – All Contracts are Magic Spells which are/were designed to LIMIT and BIND an immortal souls FREEWILL- which is a non-revocable gift of PRIME CREATOR!

By signing any CONTRACT and giving your CONSENT – you are freely handing over your freewill and agreeing that you are giving it up!

As I stated in the G-CON – the Dark Magicians are literally giddy when a human being does this! On a multi-dimensional level – this allows them to control you in ways you CANT IMAGINE YET!

Look – I know a lot of people who read this can’t understand this – and sometimes my intuition tells me to just give up on this subjeect – but IF ONLY ONE PERSON can finally just get this – to me – and for my love for humanity – it’s worth the effort to keep writing these articles.

Getting back to the larger picture – It is becoming more and more clear that the “surface population” has been given up on AS USELESS!

Read this article – on Alfred Lambrmont Webre’s “new site”, NewsInsideOut.com:


Which basically says this very thing! The surface population is NOW EXPENDABLE AND NEEDS TO BE GOTTEN RID OF!

Are you going to “consent” to this too? You do have FREEWILL you know.

Although this is a slightly different viewpoint from what I wrote here:


It is still basically the very same thing! The only real difference between Randy Cramer’s point of view, and mine concerning the NEW HUMAN BODY FORM – is that his view states it is a “better” more elite body – and mine simply says it will be a MORE CONTROLLABLE FORM – with advanced technology!

WE are on the same page here – and he and I have never talked to each other – AND my ARTICLE was published before his was! Now – either what he is saying is absolutely TRUE – or – it is meant to side-track everyone from what I wrote. If he is telling us the truth – then what I wrote in my piece is JUST as valid and probably even MORE SO.

(This means that Jean is now publishing some of the most CUTTING EDGE information that can be found on the web )

I plan to writemore and more about this – it is the most pressing issue of our time!

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13 Responses to WHAT WILL IT TAKE? by Bradley Loves

  1. YouMa says:

    Indeed, a breath of fresh air to know you both are back, Jean and Bradley. I am very happy to hear you have support for healing, Jean, so happy!

    Bradley, keep writing and sharing, your ideas are slicing through much that must be transformed.
    Thanks to both of you, from my unfathomable appreciation and love to you and anyone inspired to uplift with Love.

    YouMa 🙂

  2. Linda Torgrimson says:

    Yesterday I read this and your entire contract series. I have a question regarding baptism. My Pakistani daughter-in-law and her mother are making plans to have my grandson baptized, in a Catholic church in San Francisco. He will be three in March, but he was premature, due in June. I have no say in the matter, but when I heard them discussing it on Christmas day, I felt I had to say something, so I just said that I am against baptism, especially of babies that have no say in the matter, and that they are giving his power away. They looked at me blankly, and then my daughter-in-law said, “does this mean you won’t come to his baptism?” I told her I will be there. And I will, even though I feel as if I’m going into the devil’s lair. I would like to ask you is there anything I can do on the spiritual level to block this. I myself have been baptized, twice. The second time was on the family plan and I got all my kids baptized. My son was nine and the youngest. I was trapped in religion and ignorance. It hurts me now to think this will be done to this child. I cannot say anything more about it to them, so anything I can do has to be done quietly. My daughter-in-law was raised with a Muslim father and Catholic mother. So, with all this, am I helpless and simply have to watch this abomination being done to this precious child, or is there something I can do. And speaking of doing; months ago I read Andrew and Veronica’s advice on revoking contracts, and Andrew says that to revoke baptism, the original participants must be involved. This is impossible, for many reasons. I tried revoking on my own, but I wonder if it is possible to revoke on my own? Yesterday when I was reading on sacraments, I got to wondering about the meaning of Sacramento, where maternal grandma lives.

    Thank you for your help.

  3. Paula says:

    Welcome back Jean and good health for the coming year. Thanks Bradley for latest upstairs/downstairs news.

  4. erdoshk says:

    Welcome Jean and Bradley. I missed you both. Bradley, this is another wonderful article. Thank you.

  5. weldr1 says:

    Welcome back Jean, Glad to see you active again, I know I have missed your daily postings. I hope you are well & remain so. 🙂

  6. Ron says:

    Great information, Bradley. As I myself have plunged down the rabbit hole over the past few years, I came across this conference, which I attended this past summer: http://secretspaceprogram.org
    It was a mind expanding experience that added a new dimension to my understanding of how the puzzle pieces fit into the big picture. The same technologies that the surface population has unwittingly been duped into financing for the benefit of the Cabal and their controllers, can instead be employed for the benefit of the human surface population to create a paradise on earth.
    I was heartened that the attendance was quite good and that more and more people are waking up.
    Welcome back, Jean, and Happy New Year!

  7. xfiles says:

    Ok,Bradley ,
    suppose here on surface some are awake,suppose they live in different countries,but they cannt make so,that the rest of humanity get awake too now..
    Suppose colony on mars will be get some “”invasion”’ of very small beings ,like fleas,who like sand and humanoids will be gone,the rest of beings get much problems …
    Meditations can hold on war for while and help with awaking process of humans,but all have to happened and on physical and etheric levels together ,with other words need more then just all what are here on surface present in this time…
    All have to take global awake of the collective consciousness of humans and them Free Will …
    so let see what we get : 2/3 of the population on this Planet don’t have internet; half of all cannt read; sit all time in meditation and doing nothing to ascend may a few people can,but the rest no; some, who get luck to escape from this local matrix don’t rush to help to the rest here..
    even if win the war on surface came all hybrids and rest from underground world and take the game over in own hands..
    so ,what are your ideas to fight this? What are the proposals ?
    and it is not “”fear porn””,it is what it is … Every one have a free choice or to see just “” fear”” or read between the lines and looking for solutions..
    big problem of this world, that people see what they WANT to see and only “”hear””, but not listen…
    anyway, thank you for your job

  8. KH says:

    Very good article, thanks Bradley.

    Good to see you back Jean 🙂

  9. Giftoftruth says:

    Hi jhaines6,

    welcome back !!! we missed your posts; We believe it was health related; please check out a dear friend’s website on natural health that can ‘cure’ anything: http://www.tinevandermaas.com

    Relating to this post: they are harvesting our negative emotions; we are like cattle; singing, music and dancing keeps us elevated and then they have no hold over us; always protect your being from unwanted lurgies; read “Why i am no longer a lightworker” by Cameron Day at http://www.ascensionhelp.com; there are energy clearing meditations etc; it works!!!

    This message is intended for your eyes only; we are one; in peace

  10. Frank R says:

    Hi Jean………..

    IT IS SOOO WONDERFUL TO SEE YOU ARE OK! I have been so worried about you. It has been like no Sun without your guiding efforts. It has forced me to independently go to all the sites you use but without those “Words of Wisdom” you provide, life is just not the same. I truly wait for the day when you are well enough to come back full time….even PART TIME would be great.

    I am healing as well and when you have been close to death you never ever look at life the same but my nutritionist said it may take 2 years for my recovery at age 65. PLEASE take care of yourself…were all waiting patiently for you.

    More hugs than you could handle……………….Frank R

    P.S. Another “Knock Out” article from Bradley….I would still love his possible ideas on as new rapid communication system that cannot be controlled as well as a rapid system of bringing the sheep up to speed. He is smart enough to find people to help him with these TOP ISSUES.

  11. In the late 1980’s I was hooked on The Ra Material that described in a simple way the two choices that we can choose to be. Either to be part of the STS (Service To Self) or STO (Service To Others). We have been living on this planet for 4 cycles of 26,000 years each and in the past three cycles we never succeeded to graduate. We are now at the transition point between the 4th and the 5th cycle, where each of the group (STS & STO) will ‘harvest’ their members / followers. It’s graduation time.

    The STO is based on Unity Consciousness operating on cooperation amongst equals (hence no leaders, no Head Honcho, no ‘harvester’), while the STS is based on individual Power and Hierarchical structure, where everyone has to compete to have control over others.

    This article of Bradley Loves, especially the last one on The true Agendas of the Archons, Anunnaki & Draco gives out the details (kind of filling the blanks) about the STS system, where the Head Honcho is the Archon, the Anunnaki & Draco represented by their pawns on this planet – known as The Cabal. The article also shows that the STS group is loosing its grip and is in a desperate situation.

    What actually tickles my mind is the term “USE-LESS” (to the STS Hierarchy), that made me think on how can we (amongst equals) made ourselves useful to each others. Not giving a consent is the first step of getting out of the current STS system. The next step is how to consolidate the STO group? Any idea?

  12. Bradley says:

    With all my Heart,
    Welcome back Jean!

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