The Skeleton In Alan Dershowitz’s Closet: The Resurrection Of Sue Barlach, His First Wife

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Dershowitz’s First Wife SUE BARLACH: Victim Of Tragic Domestic Abuse,
Divorce, Stripped Of Custody Of Her Children And Her Subsequent Suicide

By Jessie L. Leon

According to an article written on March 25, 2007, by internet author Myles O. Morales, the controversial lawyer Alan M. Dershowitz has a big skeleton in his closet.  It is the story of his first wife Sue Barlach, whom Dershowitz had been completely successful with hiding in his closet until the publication of that article made the rounds on the internet in 2007.  Until now, an internet search to find Dershowitz’s first wife’s name came up empty.Some of the websites where the original article shedding light on the dark past involving  Dershowitz’s first wife may be found are:


The article by Morales details the alleged events surrounding the apparent suicide by Sue Barlach, who had been divorced by Dershowitz after she endured a beating by  Alan Dershowitz, after which she required hospitalization. Soon after, Dershowitz stripped Barlach of custody of their two sons, according to several sources who wish to remain anonymous due to the highly litigious and vindictive nature of Alan Dershowitz.

Dershowitz then obtained a divorce from Sue Barlach in 1975. The beating incident allegedly happened after Barlach, upon learning of an extramarital affair that Dershowitz was having, scattered some of his important case documents in the wind.

An original source named in the article by Morales is a San Francisco-based lawyer who has since recanted that he ever said or knew anything about Dershowitz and his first wife, and he pleaded with to delete the story, which is what subsequently happened.  It’s very possible he inadvertently spilled the beans about Dershowitz to a source whom he never thought would spread the word about Dershowitz’s spousal abuse and the subsequent events after that. Of course it’s possible he never discussed Dershowitz and his first wife with anyone at all.  The fact is that the news had broke ground on the internet to make way for further investigation.


Other independent, anonymous sources have now come forth to corroborate the story of how the ambitious, controversial lawyer, known for defending wife-beaters, wife-killers, the use of torture, and the apartheid militant Jewish state of Israel, was responsible for beating his first wife Sue Barlach so badly that she had to be hospitalized, and how Dershowitz then used his formidable litigious clout to intimidate local and nationwide news sources, including CNN, from publicizing the wife-beating event and her subsequent suicide, apparently by jumping off a bridge in New York (the Brooklyn Bridge, to be exact, according to one anonymous source). on Robinson Court in Cambridge, MA, he also alleges that Alan Dershowitz beat up his wife, which landed her in the hospital for treatment. Dershowitz also allegedly stripped Sue Barlach of custody of their two young sons, and divorced her. The tragic story of her subsequent suicide by jumping off a New York bridge is also alleged to be true by this and another anonymous source.  The anonymous sources also allege that Dershowitz used his litigious skills and prestige to threaten and discourage CNN, which was then owned by Ted Turner, from broadcasting the unsavory news of either events.  Thus Dershowitz’ attempted cover-up of the big skeleton in his closet has largely been successful – until now.

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2 Responses to The Skeleton In Alan Dershowitz’s Closet: The Resurrection Of Sue Barlach, His First Wife

  1. Ethyl says:

    WOW! A bridge jump suicide! Now we KNOW that could never be faked don’t we! I don’t see how SHE gets beaten and put in the hospital, and then HE gets custody of their children! This definitely sounds like stuff straight out of the Franklin Scandal. They OWN the lawyers AND the judges. I’d say the lady was offed. But if she DID jump on her own, then he still ”pushed” her. Poor, poor lady!

  2. Maggie says:

    Excellent information.

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