Johan Engelbrecht EXPOSES Michael Tellinger live on CCN

CCN says: In the first few seconds there is no volume, please be patient, it kicks in shortly after first speaker begins.

Published on Jan 15, 2015

This is a recorded version of the LIVE broadcast that went out on CCN on 14 January 2015.

The following material is the disclosure of South African author Johan Engelbrecht, who gives a full account of his dealings with Michael Tellinger.

In the wake of the Credo Mutwa disclosure about Tellinger, further evidence is coming to light that will show a pattern of deliberate behaviour engaged in by Michael Tellinger, which has resulted in fraud, theft, deception and financial loss for many who have worked with him.

I’m also uploading an accounting record (for those who can understand it) that shows Tellinger’s fraud. I am told that “The forensic report is not just a few accounting errors, It is rife with fraud, miss-interpretation, exploitation, etc.” :

Click Here to view the Forensic Accounting Report

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8 Responses to Johan Engelbrecht EXPOSES Michael Tellinger live on CCN

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  2. I am saddened to see Michael’s name being being tarnished in this manner by the supposed champions of unity consciousness. Regardless of any alleged negligence by him and Zulu publishers this is a one sided account. It wasn’t until the end, that the interviewee very rightly provided an opportunity for Michael to have his say. Perhaps he sound have been able to been given the opportunity to defend himself prior to this damaging piece being put on air.

    My opinion is that this is a private matter between Johan Engelbrech and Michel Tellinger. The article title ‘Johan Engelbrecht EXPOSES Michael Tellinger live on CCN’ is wholly unfair and any good journalist would bother to obtain the facts from both parties before ‘exposing him’.

    Yes, it’s true there are always two sides to the story but I choose to focus on the good work Michael is doing both in his community of Waterval Boven and on the global stage. How many spiritual or awakened folk are actually getting on with things? Most folk these days are all talk but when crunch comes to it fade into obscurity.

    I have travelled South Africa last year and got to see firsthand how his community project is coming along. I have been gratified hearing about the gala grand opening where artists performed which instills much needed community spirit into the impoverished township. This community will provide meals to the homeless and orphans and provide a sense of belonging. Michael’s tireless efforts include plans to revitalise the local trout farm, organising local soccer matches, and repair work on various community buildings and facilities.

    I am proud to be a supporter from Sydney, Australia and am testament to how he has inspired me to work towards transforming my country from one of competition and divide to one of unity and contribution. I think we have to leave these issues raised in this article alone and focus on the energy Michael is bringing to the world.

    I do find it funny that CCN airs these allegations when through Sasha Stone has been a vocal champion of his work. Again, I am not saying they are unfounded but an objective article would have illustrated Michael’s hard work and made CCN sound more balanced and not into take sides. Presently, CCN has lost quite a bit of respect from me. I hope they take this onboard when conducting their next character assignation.

    For your perusal:

    • Jean says:

      Apparently, because I disagree with your take on this, I”m to be called names, etc., not necessarily by you, but I really don’t intend to put up with the immature comments that your statement brings. Please do not comment here again on this subject. I will not publish it. . . . Hugs, ~Jean

      • Martin says:

        So I get the attached email today, though I’m not subscribed to any of Michael Tellinger’s email lists. He must have pulled my information from the 2013 Global BEM conference in Boulder.

        The gist of this email is that he needs money, $120,000 to get a 7 year tried-n-true 600kW alternate power system delivered to some little community (Waterval Boven). He won’t reveal any details of the device until after six weeks of operation.

        I spoke with Michael at this conference and never figured him to take such a poorly conceived tactic. With crowds of OpenSource energy researchers around, he decides the best way to move forward is to emulate a cult organization. Catherine Austin Fitts of The Solari Report specifically told him a workable approach and now I see this email. It is just mind boggling.

        If such a technology exists, Michael could have easily brought it to this forum for testing and evaluation. If it panned out, funding for such a project would have been a no-brainer. The blessing of ION, verpies, TK, Tinman, PhysicsProf would be more than enough for me to chip-in $500 to this cause. I’ve spent far more than that already on test equipment.

        The only thing I can think of is: There is no alternate energy here, only ulterior motives. To bad. Another case of “everyone loses”, except maybe Michael, but in time, that will catch up to him.


        This is the PERENDEV device. It is a proven scam. Please google it and you will see for yourself. Why is he soliciting money from people for this scam?

        • Jean says:

          Yes, I’ve had a copy of the letter sitting on my desktop for a week, but I thought I’d wait to see what others were thinking. Here it is:

          Free Electricity Generator – For the UBUNTU Village
          $20,000 needed to deliver our first 600 kilowatt FREE ENERGY Generator.

          Hello Richard
          After five years of talking about new, alternative and FREE Electricity, I am delighted to announce that the UBUNTU head office in Waterval Boven is about to obtain such a device as an example of this new technology – but we need the help of our members around the world.

          This unit will be installed by a willing municipality to test and evaluate its efficacy after which it will form part of the electricity supply to our town and community. Our plan of action is to use the electricity supply as a tool to unite the people and not divide the people any further.

          We are of the belief that a single supply of free electricity to everyone in town is more beneficial to unite the people than individual small generators that would only be obtained by those who can afford them. Such a situation would simply divide the community even more as those with money would once again benefit while the poor would be left behind.

          The generator is already on its way. I have paid for part of the transport from my own income and the donations made by a small number of monthly donors. But we need to raise more money to complete the delivery. Please help us in this critical time of change and be part of this historic event – this will be THE REAL GAME CHANGER for freeing the people from economic slavery.

          URGENT ACTION: This is an urgent situation as I have to pay the full transport costs of $20,00 by the end of next week. The full price of the unit is US$ 120,000 – which will be paid from the monthly income. More details will follow as this exciting event unfolds.

          Please send you donations via PayPal to:
          Bank transfers: MJ Tellinger – ABSA BANK – Cresta Branch – Randburg, South Africa – Account number 4050410558 Branch code: 632005 SWIFT Code: ABSA ZAJJ

          The Technology
          I have seen many amazing discoveries and free energy generators over the past 2 years – but we have chosen this specific unit because it has been tried and tested in the EU for over 7 years with no problems or failures. It is also the only large unit we found for this purpose. For the sake of protection and security, we will keep the names and device details secret until it has been installed in about 6 weeks after which we will disclose and show everything to the UBUNTU members and others.

          Plan of Action – The Launch of True CONTRIBUTIONISM
          Everyone will pay a set monthly fee for their electricity, based on the size of their house. We aim to set this fee at 50% of the current cost of electricity, and reduce this fee annually over 3 years after which the electricity supply will be free. This action will immediately provide a huge financial relief to everyone in the community and allow people to survive with much greater ease.

          The monthly income from the electricity will go to the community trust account managed by the elders. We will use the income from electricity to fund the many different community projects and to launch many other projects on an on-going basis. The funds will allow us to bring in experts in every field of activity to become the master teachers that will transfer their skills to all those who participate in community projects.

          What’s the catch? Everyone who wants to receive this cheap electricity will have to contribute 3 hours per week in any one of the community projects. This will develop unity in our community allow people to mingle and get to know each other while learning new skills. Those who choose not to contribute towards the community will continue paying the full price for their electricity. We trust that very soon everyone will join in.

          The projects will start to generate a very good income which will make our town independent and able to achieve anything – while we are still trapped in this money driven system. We trust that once this has been implemented every other town will want to emulate this model and this will be the beginning of the end for the capitalist enslavement of humanity.

          In love & unity
          Michael Tellinger


          • Martin says:

            What do you think about it? Mike Brady the Perendev guy was jailed in Germany for theft of people’s money. Why is Tellinger asking for cash for this known scam? Is he scamming or being scammed?

          • Jean says:

            I think in this case, where there is smoke, there is fire . . . Hugs, ~Jean

  3. Duncan Roads says:

    I read and understood the ‘forensic accounting report’, which basically reveals an author who expected far more returns than he got from a small book publisher. It is a nonsense and you should be ashamed of yourself for being USED in an attack on Ubuntu and Tellinger. That ‘report’ is long for a reason – and it is because most conspiracy ‘researchers’ have an attention span as short as the ‘sheeple’ they like to look down upon. It was NOT hard to read that report at all. It is a pathetic tedious SMALL dispute between a small author and a small book publisher. If you are NOT able to discern something as simple as that, what the hell are you doing publishing it? I am very disappointed to see all this bullshit being used as ‘evidence’ of Tellinger being a bad guy. Truth is, he is a threat to the system, and YOU have been duped into attacking him. Hope you are happy with yourself! Duncan Roads, owner, editor, NEXUS Magazine.

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