Not ‘in spite of all the news coming out now’, but ‘because of it’, Bradley has asked me to push to get this out to you today, with hopefully Part Three to follow asap – maybe even later today or early tomorrow. In light of the events now taking place on Planet Earth, the information that Bradley has unpacked for us here couldn’t be more important, perhaps even more important than actual in-depth knowledge of the news itself  BECAUSE IT GOES FAR DEEPER THAN THE NEWS! 

My experience with profoundly new information like this is that it has taken me up to two weeks, or even more, to integrate it into my being. I ask that you all please keep an open mind and give yourselves time to think about and contemplate what you will read here. 



Frequency – is the “buzz word” that everyone should be most concerned with as they step up their game, and try to sort out the truth from fiction — and ultimately what is important from what is not!

All of the “shadow militaries” most “secret” weapons are in matter of fact – FREQUENCY BASED WEAPONS. Their most sensitive military creations these days are dealing with “waves”, “plasmas”, “vortexes” “infra-sounds”, and other frequencies too numerous to mention – which also include pills, medicines and vaccines!

When in the form of waves – they are dealing with both “micro” and “macro”, while when infra-sounds, they are dealing with the whole gamut of ELF, ULF, VLF, UHF as well as newly created “synthetic” sound waves that can be both directed, manipulated and controlled. When pills, etc., they are targeting your DNA — but even pills operate within a known frequency band and thus can be controlled just like a weapon!

We as a people – are under the “CONSTANT” bombardment of these waves, and thus the constant “attack” of these silent frequency weapons, which are literally changing the very nature of our “reality” in front of our eyes.

I wrote this article: SILENT WEAPONS FOR QUIET WARS as an “introduction” to what is to follow this year.

From microwaves and cell towers to ground-based radar and satellites; from the infamous GWEN TOWERS to HAARP, and from the chemical dumps of aerosol spraying into the atmosphere to the planned releasing of radiation into the oceans via Fukushima, we as a people are under a massive, massive FREQUENCY ATTACK by those who desperately want or need to control us.


Weapons that you can see are for “losers”! Those old and outdated weapons are for the likes of ISIS, or for “patsy” false-flag perpetrators, who can then step in front of the television camera and “pretend” to shoot a guy in the head with blanks! Those weapons, both super old and outdated are ONLY tools for the propagandists to use in order to claim we are being threatened by terrorists.

They are a CON – a JOKE – a LAUGH!

The “invisible” weapons now being used against us are the updated weapons-of- choice for the shadow military and all black ops of today! Mind Kontrol: neural implants – astral implants – mood control of the masses — these things are all done to us by using weapons of frequency!

In keeping with the true nature of the DARK CABAL — or as Preston James calls them, the OCC (Organized Crime Cabal) — they truly are spineless cowards of the worst sort, who see stabbing someone in the back as preferable to an honest face to face duel! These frequency weapons are the perfect answer for them. Remember that those who are dark have no, or very little “if any” soul left; that is, they have no courage and no honor and are (in my opinion) destined for the darkest part of the Universe!

Their modus operandi is the COWARDS HANDBOOK! They are pirates, and thieves who operate in the dark of night, and only attack from the shadows. They are cold, calculating, and unflinching in their resolve to be perfectly evil. In my opinion there is NO HOPE LEFT for these souls, and their “extermination” is the best possible outcome for all of the rest of us who are still salvageable as humans!

I believe that this is why so many of them have become SATAN WORSHIPPERS or LUCIFEREANS. They recognize that the only real help they will ever get now is from the already fallen ones, those already discarnate souls that are “vampiric” and have been left with no real connection to “source” as we know it. Because of this, those souls must steal the very energy they need to continue to survive as discarnate beings.

Even countless members of the military have strangely turned toward Satan Worship in the last few decades, probably realizing that the endless murders and tortures they have inflicted upon countless others have earned them a place as one of the fallen ones!
And – whether you believe me or not, Satan Worship is now a “recognized” and legitimate religion within the US Military!

And yet – after ALL of these very negative things that I have said about these “sick” and twisted beings – because they are “pirates” and all they know how to do is lie, cheat, and steal, they have now come quite alarmingly to understand, very ESOTERIC THINGS that you do not have a clue about!

This knowledge that they have “stolen” by infiltration, concerns the nature of FREQUENCY and how it affects all of the COSMOS!


How can I explain to those who are not scientists, but instead just the regular guy and gal on the street, how something as “intangible” as frequencies can be so deadly and so threatening to their minds, lives, bodies and even their very souls?

Since most of you readers are NOT in fact scientists, this presents a problem for people like me that has profound significance.
If I were to launch into a long-winded scientific garble about the nature of FREQUENCY — ELECTRICITY — and it’s affect on living organisms, well then I’ve lost 99 percent of the readers. But slowly, it is going to have to be done — if those who need to know this — which is everyone – are going to get a clear picture of how this works — and what they are doing to us as a species.


I am going to have to ask the readers for some slack when addressing this information since so much of it depends on a very solid base of understanding of things like waves, electricity, magnetics, and the like.

It’s far easier to tell people they are in danger if you can point to a gun, and show them something very tangible, and something that they can also recognize. It is far more difficult to explain the serious danger of something “invisible” that was created to be a far more sinister weapon — because it was created specifically to be both SILENT and COVERT.

This is the type of article that gets a well-intentioned person like myself LABELED as an “alarmist” or a “crazy” because NONE OF THIS can be physically seen! To many people, if they can’t see it —  it does not exist!

I wrote in PART ONE of this new series that the entire goal of the DARK MAGICIANS — those who are working behind the scenes — is to manipulate the FREQUENCIES here on Earth. You may now only be starting to get the most basic clue, or the most basic idea, of what I was talking about, and of how vast and of how pervasive this problem really is.

In addition, you may only be getting the smallest clue as to HOW magnetics becomes truly important to those who want to control things when dealing with frequencies! In the grand scheme of things — you may also be able to appreciate how the word MAGNETICS got shortened to the word MAGIC in order to hide the true significance of just what type of power “magicians” were actually using in their “spells”.

It is important for you to know that it is ALL ABOUT MAGNETICS! Without magnetics, there would be no ability to steer, or control the Earth’s and our own bodies’ frequencies.

Frequencies by their very nature are invisible — but certainly NOT MAGICAL!I would also like to point out that not only is the science of “magnetics” hyper-important in the manipulation and the directed focus of frequencies, it is BASIC to the science of frequency itself.

Those who believe in the new age understand both vibration and frequency on a certain level. They are also actively doing everything they can to raise up their frequency and cleanse their vibration! This is not without a purpose, because if they only KNEW where the “new age” really started, they would also understand why those who are the followers of the “new age” would want them to raise up their frequency and vibration. Those who are “instructing” them already know about the serious attempts being made to use hidden technology to LOWER both the frequency and the vibration of the planet, but they may NOT be aware of the attempts to literally HACK the frequency of their minds when their minds go silent.

Since the study of frequency is an ESOTERIC SCIENCE — or an ANCIENT SCIENCE — it was thoroughly studied in the “ancient mystery schools” of Egypt and Babylon. Therefore it stands to reason that those who are the “inheritors” of this occult knowledge — the highest members of SECRET SOCIETIES such as the FREEMASONS, THE JESUITS, and the KNIGHTS TEMPLAR — would have complete access to this very secret and esoteric knowledge.

It is also quite easy to understand why knowledge such as this, would be kept secret in the first place! This is the type of knowledge that could not only destroy all life on EARTH, but also all life within the galaxy, and perhaps unwrap the fabric of the galaxy itself!
This is why it was KEPT SECRET in the first place! But as with all things secret, NOTHING is immune from the covert infiltration of pure evil, if that evil is desperate to gain the knowledge!

Over the course of the last two thousand years, ALL (and I do mean ALL) of the so-called secret societies have been hi-jacked by those with very dark intentions , so that there no longer stands a viable BROTHERHOOD OF THE LIGHT, which protects things like this for the benefit of we the people.

The very knowledge that can DESTROY everything is now sadly in the hands of those who are terribly INSANE — many who literally want to control the entire UNIVERSE.
For us to ignore this breach is akin to asking for our own demise. To turn the other way, and to not want to look at this, is not only foolish – but is the LEAST RESPONSIBLE and farthest thing from spirituality that mankind as a whole can do!

Far too many people have succumbed to the brain-washing/mind control tactic that a savior will come soon, and will correct this mistake while we just continue to live our lives and look on helplessly from the sidelines without doing ANYTHING.

Nothing could be farther from the truth!
We may get HELP eventually – but it will not be done totally FOR US.

We as responsible beings, are REQUIRED to take part in our own salvation and our own saving. There is NO LESSON LEARNED when a person, who foolishly allows their home to be over run by thieves, makes NO EFFORT to assist in the expulsion of those thieves. The idea that ‘someone else will DO IT FOR ME’, is a mind control “stand down” tactic that has been inserted into the mental programming of human beings so that they would DO NOTHING while the take over was being completed.

I have already laid out in PART ONE of this series the continuous distractions that are being placed in front of us on television, so that we CONTINUE to do nothing, while this take over which has pretty much already occurred — goes to a whole new level.

Now, if after being told this, you as the reader, go back to watching three or four hours of television each and every day, and literally WASTING your valuable time here on Earth in DISTRACTION, then nothing I can ever write will help!

This is a global problem — and to solve it REQUIRES that “all hands are on deck” to help with the solution. The solution is that this information has to be spread — and spread to everyone who is willing to listen, anywhere they are willing to listen! We all have e-mail lists and friends on those lists! We all know how to send links by now. Articles such as this one – and other important articles from sites like VETERANS TODAY should be spanning the world like wildfires! Whether you think your friends are interested or not, send them a link! We need to come together in UNITY – AS ONE – to stand against this covert takeover of our planet and species by saying NO – WE DO NOT CONSENT TO THIS!
If the NEW WORLD ORDER, the next version of control, gets a more firm foothold upon the planet, it is game over and it will affect every living being for the next countless millennia! We still have time to SAY NO to this and to retrace our steps back to sanity.


The list of products and the ways these things AFFECT living organisms through their frequency is endless! Things that you do not normally equate with frequencies – on an atomic – or genetic – or even chemically “unseen” level are in fact having very real frequency affects upon our DNA and all our living and breathing tissue. This includes all living animals: the plant life, the fish in the ocean, microscopic organisms, the air we are breathing, the food we eat, and the water we drink.

These are all AFFECTED BY FREQUENCIES on the unseen levels.
GMO’s = frequency alteration
Floride in the water = frequency alteration
Chem-trails = frequency alteration
GWEN TOWERS = frequency alteration
Mind Kontrol = frequency alteration
Psychotronic Weaponry = frequency alteration
Hard Radiation = frequency alteration
HAARP = frequency alteration
Pills, drugs, vaccines = frequency alteration
Nanites or nano-bots = frequency alteration

All of these seemingly “unrelated” things are in fact working IN TANDEM and together to actually have an AFFECT UPON all living organisms that is COVERT. The ONE THING that aids in the steering and the driving of these seemingly unrelated technologies while doing their dirty work is APPLIED MAGNETICS!


The study of magnetism and magnetic fields is something that very few scientists go into, and are usually steered away from, because it is actually the KEY to most of the secret and sensitive technology that the DARK CABAL HAS.

No one who goes to any University is taught the true nature of MAGNETICS because that would be giving them ANCIENT KNOWLEDGE that they are not supposed to have. Therefore most of the “good stuff” is left out of their education.

Sorry College Grads – you’ve haven’t been taught half of what is really known!
Why do you think that the organization that controls all of the secret space program, and also anything to do with UFOs was originally called OPERATION MAJESTIC?
And why were the twelve people on the council called: THE MAJESTIC 12?

Anyone who works for this secret group has ID badges that are very clearly labeled: MAJESTIC or MAGIC for short.

These words all become inter-changeable, once you understand the cross-references to the original “MAGI” – the three wise men who purportedly were the three kings who visited the baby Jesus at his manger. These MAGI were in fact old world MAGICIANS!

As the so-called “wise-men”, they were keepers of very important ESOTERIC knowledge that goes back to the MYSTERY SCHOOLS. In those types of schools, these wise men would have been taught the secret knowledge of MAGIC or MAGNETICS (and thus frequency) and would have been given the coded name of being “magicians” – MAGI or MAJI for short. In Astrological terms – the Three Kings – or the three wise men are nothing more than the 3 stars in Orion’s Belt. Together they point to the “dog star” which is SIRIUS. The word DOG is an anagram for GOD – where DOG is simply god spelled backward – which is a favorite trick of all magicians.

In the Hollywood movie: MEN IN BLACK – the whole hidden message in the plot was that THE SECRET TO THE GALAXY IS HIDDEN ON ORIONS BELT.

This, again, is a “wink-wink” reference back to the three stars of ORION . . . which make up Orion’s Belt . . . which then refer us back to the 3 Kings or the 3 wise men . . . which then refer us back to the MAGI – or the MAGICIANS . . . which refer us back to OPERATION MAJESTIC itself, which does, in fact, in real life employ – THE MEN IN BLACK.

The circle is now complete – “wink-wink” – the “useless eaters” will never figure it out, or so they thought.

The DRACO LIZARD race actually comes from ORION and it is in ORION that the DRACO LIZARD QUEENS AND KINGS have launched their take over bid of the Entire Galaxy.

Those who know about this have joined the “ranks” of the MAGI – and have become MAGICIANS in their own right – although the original DARK MAGICIANS are those very beings that have come from ORION and are DRACO REPTILIANS.

The three stars on ORION’S BELT point to the “dog star” – because it was the SIRIANS who originally were given the right to rule over our Solar System or “Sol” system in a treaty that was signed with the Orion’s in the first place. Thus, those who came from the “dog star” became our “gods” a long time ago.

“Sol” is the name of our star! The sun we see daily is named SOL – which is why our “system” of planets is named THE SOLAR SYSTEM.

This also connects back to a radio interview done years ago by RICHARD HOAGLAND, who said that it was his firm belief that there were three separate factions running the USA corporation! Two of those known factions were the NAZI’s and the MAGICIANS.

Listeners to that program were dumbfounded and wondered who these magicians actually were.


The “nature” of HOLOGRAPHICS, and why our planet is really more like a hologram than you think, needs to be explained, most especially for all of those who are “sick” of people like me saying that the Earth is a “magnetic hologram” without further elaboration.

For those of you who don’t have the “science gene” please take it easy ahead, since a lot of what you are about to read may make your head hurt terribly!

For those of you who do have the science gene – please take it easy on those who don’t.

The question now before us is HOW could any being actually “imprison” another’s eternal soul, and force it to go somewhere it did not want to go? You have to think of this more in terms of being a trap – or a trick – than an outright kidnapping. You first use bait – get the soul inside of the trap – then wipe it’s memory clean, and finally “trick” the memory-wiped-clean soul into asking for something you want to give it — like endless incarnations on planet EARTH.


The ten-dollar question to anyone who understands this, is how could anyone even begin to imprison something that is made out of LIGHT? Those with the knowledge and capacity to do this would have to not only be very clever, but also very technologically advanced, indeed — perhaps OFF-WORLD magicians or Draco Reptilians.

In order to better understand this, it would be best to know that even our own military and technology corporations on Earth today have made great leaps forward in holographic technologies! Not only are they capable of “projecting” holographic IMAGES – they are doing it quite regularly now.

See this:

They also have developed the ability to give us holograms of dead people dancing on television as done here with Michael Jackson:

— and interviews of living people sitting on the stage with the interviewer as a virtual hologram as was done in the case of the interview that was done with Wiki-leaks Julian Assange here:

The even more interesting tidbit of truth is that they have made great strides forward in the development of holographic projection technology, which can literally cause a hologram made out of light to feel SOLID TO THE TOUCH.


Easier than you think, and it has to do with “interference waves” which come from different angles that cause the light to create a “pattern” of spin. The light photons within the projection must “spin” in order give the affect of solidity.

See this:
And this:
Finally this:

So now, what is simply a “projection” of light, all of a sudden has the feel of solidity to the touch!

But it’s only LIGHT!

And, furthermore it’s only a projection!

It is also very telling that this very technology comes from a “gaming” company, one which is also highly interested in robotics – virtual reality – as well as human/computer/mental interfacing – all of which just SCREAMS the words: TRANS-HUMANIST AGENDA!


On a much larger and grander scale, in order to get anything — including “light” to spin via “interference waves”, one must first deeply understand frequency and magnetics! Both are necessary in order to get light or light projections to behave in certain ways.

If however, one has access to TOP SECRET ESOTERIC KNOWLEDGE, then it is not impossible on a very GRAND SCALE to put LIGHT inside of a cage and keep it there! To do so, all one has to do is understand the true “nature” of LIGHT.

LIGHT IS ELECTRICAL when operating “here” in the lower frequencies. Or, raw electricity will always manifest as light! Both are true.

All you have to do to know how much LIGHT is being produced by a lightning bolt is to observe that a single and solid “bolt” of lightning spreading out across the entire night sky LIGHTS UP THE ENTIRE NEIGHBORHOOD!

However, lightning is extremely ELECTRICAL as well! A single bolt of lightning can start fires, or can literally fry a human being to death!

So LIGHT expresses itself electrically!

(With me so far?)

Our planet has a huge “magnetic field” around it at all times which is called:
THE MAGNETOSPHERE! It operates within a certain bandwidth and is classified as a frequency – a frequency that can be measured and tracked.

So our planet is literally encased within a MAGNETIC FIELD! There are those people (of the NEW AGE persuasion) who claim that our planet is in fact a living being, which I am not able to find fault with. I can “go there” and agree with that, because of what I know about the nature of living SOULS!

In order to “capture” a soul – a soul that is made of pure electricity and light, you must wrap it or enclose it inside of a magnetic field! If you can do this – then just like any conventional motor that is based on the SPIN OF ROTATING MAGNETS AROUND POLES – Power is generated!

When you generate this type of power – you can then harness that power and use it in any way you want! What does this have to do with “trapping a soul?”

Well, what if what you wanted to do was to incarcerate or imprison the SOUL of an infinite or immortal being inside of a magnetic field?

You would simply use the power that is being generated and turn it back onto a technological casing which could utilize that power to produce a certain type of magnetic field — and then use that newly created power generator’s own continued electricity production as the source of the power that keeps it inside of the magnetic PRISON.

You’ve asked how it could be that WE who are living beings here on Earth could ever be here against our will, or against our wishes — but the insidious nature of the way that our human bodies or body “vehicles” were genetically manipulated and constructed, allows for our own souls energy (electricity) to be used against us in such a way as to keep us imprisoned within the body vehicle — and also keep us from leaving the human body at will, which is something ANY FREE SOUL SHOULD BE ABLE TO DO AT ANY TIME ACCORDING TO ITS OWN WISH.

Not only that, any excess energy that our bodies do produce can then be siphoned off and used for other nefarious purposes, for instance:



Just like the message of the Movie: THE WIZARD OF OZ was always meant to convey to us – WE are very clearly living inside of a dream! And the reason that we don’t recognize this is that “we” just like the Scarecrow, Tinman, and Lion, have no brains, no heart, and no courage to do everything we can do to find this stuff out for ourselves.

Therefore the EVIL WIZARD/LIZARD keeps us believing in the lie.


Because we refuse to try to “find” the real man behind the curtain, and instead keep chasing all of the “dis” “tractions” they simply feed to us on their: TELL-A-VISION.
However, according to COSMIC LAW, we “must” be told what is happening to us, and this movie (WIZARD OF OZ) was the way they did that!


It’s all about raw power or energy! Those that are the “fallen ones” or the “fallen angels” either by their own choice and design, or by the decree of PRIME CREATOR himself, were cut off from source energy, and thus left to slowly die in the emptiness of the void. They are “no-longer” connected to HIS source energy, which is pure LOVE —and without another source of fuel for their continued existence, they will literally END.

The “idea” of using an entire planet or even “many planets” for that matter, as a direct source of harness-able fuel to continue their existence, is not without substance. These beings would have to be very smart; they would have to understand the nature of the cosmos; and they would have to understand the nature of many of the esoteric sciences.
By ENSLAVING OUR PLANET, these beings thusly are being “fed” by the energy production of all of the captured or imprisoned souls upon the planet. Is it any wonder they “claim” to own us all? This is not a joke: the VATICAN literally claims to own the entire planet!

Now can you see that these beings are more like VAMPIRES or PARASITES than anything else? They need to live off of the life of another being to survive! The energy that they are stealing from us daily IS THAT ENERGY! And, I don’t need to point out that they STEAL EVERYTHING FROM US: money, homes, children, time, energy.

It does not get any clearer than this my friends!

Ask yourself WHY these people literally eat the flesh and drink the blood of young children!


And why are they all pedophiles? It is well known that young children generate far more raw “energy” that a fully-grown adult does. Their young body batteries are fully charged and have a tremendous over abundance of raw energy that allows them to run around endlessly, bouncing off of the walls and upsetting their parents.

Yet this ENERGY – is what the ELITE VAMPIRIC PEDOPHILES WANT, besides a child’s flesh and blood! When they anally rape young children, they are “extracting” the child’s excess energy from their root chakra, and taking it into their own bodies’ fields in order to survive and “regenerate” their dis-connected body, which has no connection to source.
The stories of VAMPIRES from medieval times are not without substance. They have just hidden from us who these “beings” really are – and why they do what they do.

And what do we see in HOLLYWOOD and on all the movie screens these days, which are nothing more than the Illuminati propaganda telling us what we should believe?

These movies tell us that VAMPIRES are really cool people! VAMPIRES have magical powers, and VAMPIRES are really just misunderstood!

The endless children’s books in the bookstores these days make vampires look both impressive and desirable. Those books are there to deceive the masses and program them into accepting the people who do such things!

If indeed all of our past Presidents and Prime Ministers, Kings and Queens, and Popes and Cardinals are doing this – THEN WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE REALLY?


As usual, under COSMIC LAW these beings are always required to tell us in multiple ways what they are doing here, and each new generation must be told anew! Thus, the movies about this will never end!

While it is up to us to figure each movie out, the story they are telling us WILL NEVER CHANGE, because there is only ONE STORY – WE ARE ENSLAVED!

We are being used as batteries! Our energy is being harvested! And upon our death our souls are recycled back to the Earth in order to do it all over again.


Part Three is soon to follow.

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  2. Brent Ritchie says:

    Please have Bradley Loves contact me via email! I would like to offer some info and have some questions!
    Thank you
    Brent Ritchie

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  8. demetrius13 says:

    Reblogged this on demetrius13 and commented:
    Essential information for all of us. I’m still playing catch up in reading/viewing all of Bradley Loves’s articles and “data dumps,” as he called them. I am ever grateful for the education!

  9. Jean says:

    Cliff, I have no objections to your efforts, but my blog is not the place to advertise them 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

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  11. Jackie says:

    Dear Bradley, Thank you for this information. This is my lst time on this site, and it certainly very informative. Wanting to learn more, looking forward to part 3 for sure. So much to learn and understand. Thank you again.

    • Jean says:

      Jackie, Part Three is up 😉 Bradley is almost ready to publish Part Four 🙂 Also, see his earlier posts by doing a SEARCH on my blog, using his name. . .Hugs, ~Jean

    • Gale says:

      Orgone is a key to all this! it is a life force energy that they do not want out into this world. It helps with the lower frequencies and brings them back to a high frequency or atleast a balance. I have been working with orgone since 2000 and have seen what orgone can do or change. I know this life force energy is like Chi, Prana or QiQuong and every living being needs this good energy. I will be getting more and more out into this world to help! Great info, it was said way back in 2000 and we can make a difference. There are way more of us then them 🙂 Stay positive and keep your focus and intentions on the good things in your life!

      • Karma007 says:

        I have all the items required to make Orgonite, I am anxious to make the pucs and pyramids. Any suggestions for format and do’ sand don’ts?

        Also how about actuator blankets made with wool and steel wool combinations?

        Any help you could give me will help a host of family and friends, I’m giving them away for free, ( good karma).

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  14. Kim says:

    Here is a blast to the past, yet so timely!
    Another example of ‘frequency’ control.

  15. All is Well says:

    Bradley, well done as always…just a few things….Everyone seems certain with the Lizard tales…Eyewitnesses, real pictures ?…Anyone? Lot’s of stories circulating….And the ones who are saying it, are still alive, kicking and making money…..just a thought….
    As far as the EL’s go…The Grey’s, that’s a resounding yes! Everyone’s seen them…
    In their own history, they worship a group called the Progenitors, that were similar in nature to them, but very advanced(possibly being discovered all over Peru/Bolivia/Egypt, Sumerian, big heads)
    The EL were a slave class way before we were. And genetically created. The Progenitors(their creator gods) came THRU the Sirius constellation gateway, thru being the operative word.
    First to Mars(made a mess there) then here, hence the Orion Belt worship.
    The El were created along the way.
    Read Tony Sanchez’s, UFO Highway, for a vetted eye witness testimony on these facts.

    You asked how they did this…got away with spinning our electrical systems back on us, like a faraday cage projection camera?
    CONSENT…plain and simple.
    But, they broke the law. They pretended to inform us, thru cryptic story lines and mysteries. Pointing out to all the councils they revealed everything….NOPE! not everything……
    They never mentioned that without our 10 missing strands of DNA the Progenitors removed when they came here and spliced out of mankind for their greedy selves, WE’D NEVER GET THE PLOT. Rigged from the start.
    The Progenitors, removed 10 out of 12 strands and implanted a Reptilian snake baby sitting coiled up inside everyone called the kundalini, highjacked us from the start. Think GARDEN OF EDEN FAMOUS PICTURE…Who dat snake?

    So verbally harassing people who have been implanted repeatedly lifetime after lifetime, basically crawling from within, telling them they are not getting with the wake up program is not exactly kosher….. their 4 to 5 hours in front of a TV, getting away from their inside thoughts, may be the only thing keeping their sanity in tact…

    And it’s the old story of…”You did it to yourself”…Slide of hand….There’s the real “magick trick”
    They are free and clear, plausible deniability…….

    It was never fair, they never honored universal law. They are vampiric criminals as you stated. The prisoners can’t see it, because they are scrabbled behind mental bars.
    Yell all you want.
    And breaking out?….you think meditation, and elevating you energetic electric magnetic field of knowledge does it?….I really wish is was true…I tried…got my kundalini all the way up into the light….
    You think they didn’t take that into account? They built us.
    We’re talking Super Duper Saturnian Black Hole folk….
    Who do you think is waiting for you when your kundalini goes up? Or you climax in sex….?
    You just graduated into giving them all your juice and they are grateful…”grin” wether it be meditation bliss or sex bliss…it’s all the same to them….

    Naively we all thought we could find “a way out” ….Everyone gets trapped here or there, when leaving the body….unless they’re extremely clever in the astral. Know how to travel and navigate…that’s worth a study…
    I hear only 74 have gotten completely out of our matrix….Think of all the so called masters and teachers of light that have come and gone….only 74…..That’s from a good source….

    Here’s a tip….if you die…absolutely DON’T GO TO THE LIGHT, WHATEVER YOU DO….Go back to earth, or thru the sun….or to an astral plane you have created for yourself(Robert Monroe, Monroe Institute)

    Until way bigger guns show up to help. Maybe those bigger guns will be a collective heave suddenly, from within everything, like in the movie AVATAR, coupled with Allied Forces help, who knows….Let’s pray on THAT …. 🙂

    But, you are on target with the road map….Just as you said, if you pursue magnetics they will track you fast…You give off a wave form that lets them know what you’re up to, that’s why so many poor scientists, who reveal these discoveries, are whisked into black projects, become double agents or die….only a few choices to survive.

    It’s because The Net is alive and is an Entity.
    What you’re calling the magnetosphere….is alive and their creation.
    Watching all the time….Until the veiled net comes down…game on….
    So what’s the plan…become a martyr…..?
    We just had another one….Some guy who did a movie called, “Grey State”…military fellow, saw what was coming, had good sources…… made a movie….
    He and his whole family dead in their house…suicided….
    If you get close….they know, if your not close they don’t bother….sorry to say…
    I’m all for the collective heave… 🙂

    • Kim says:

      Hello there, please find a link to some proof for Lizards/Reptiles.

      I’m hoping this is the sort of proof on the ‘Lizard Tales’ you are looking for. Here is a link to a fabulous interview / round table discussion that Alfred Lambremont Webre hosted on his site, the guests were USMCss Capt. Randy Cramer and UK Town Councillor Simon Parkes. Both of which have been interviewed separately on the same site as well.
      Capt. Randy Cramer has the ss on his name which is a special section in the Marine Corp. and he has been granted permission to speak out about his years of active duty on Mars. The Mars Colony Corporation which is run by none other than Big Dick Cheney works with US military on Mars. They use a ‘jump room ‘ to travel back & forth. If you watch the single interview with Capt. Cramer he explains the conditions set forth in the Marine manuals that allow him to speak out.
      He interacted with the Mantis (Insect) faction on Mars as well as the Reptiles (Lizards) on Mars.
      There are also Humans on Mars that are native as well.
      Simon Parkes comes into the picture since he grew up with his Grandfather & Mother both having worked for ‘ABC’ organizations and Simon made a deal with extraterrestrials as a child. His soul is 1/3 human, 1/3 Mantis & 1/3 Reptile. He made the choice to identify with the Mantis portion of himself , a decision That he was told he had to make. He had to pick between Mantis or Reptile. He exposed himself and his background prior to running for a public office so no one could out him later. He comes across as a calm steady logical calculating voice.
      I’ve only scratched the surface here, please do watch the interview at the link provided or better yet, go to Alfred’s site and watch the 2 solo interviews first. It will give you a good backgrounder for this round table discussion.
      It is quite eye opening and does have a positive vibe to it.
      I hope I’m not out in left field and this is in fact the sort of thing you were looking for regarding proof. Good Luck!

      • Jean says:

        My question, after reading this Kim, is are you talking about off-planet? Because I have no trouble with this – and you’ve suggested a terrific interview, but I thought they were pretty much gone from on-planet; that is, our planet 😉 Hugs, ~Jean

        • Kim says:

          Yes, Jean you are right, good catch! I was talking off planet and some how I got it in my head that the person was requesting some proof period, not specifically on planet. Yes, again it was a enlightening interview. Simon is the real deal and asks questions he already knows the answer too, just to check Randy’s accuracy. Then in the process got Randy to open up even more. The split screen was fun because you can see the tranquility in Simon and the juxtaposition of nervousness, fidgeting and assertiveness in Randy. Mantid versus Reptils. Thanks.

      • All is Well says:

        Thank you Kim…sorry I wasn’t clearer, but yes, I’ve seen both these men, when they first hit the scene. Simon and Randy….I heard their stories.
        Stories being the operative word.….What happens to people, what becomes real I think Bradley has made clear above. We really don’t know if it’s real or MILAB….

        As sad as that may seem, Carol Rosin, was very clear on this point, when she was told by Wernher von Braun, who she was a scientific assistant to.
        He told her on his death bed, about the aliens, the ships and blue beam holographic technology. She already knew, she could hear him talk in her head, because he used that tech with her. this was in the 60’s.
        He told her….,”You’ll hear about all this in the future, and Carol….
        So, the jury’s still out for me.

        I know that we call it, the reptilian brain, and it’s planted at the base of our skull.
        But the “families” that rule, refer to themselves as “The Snake Families”, or just
        “The Family” for short.
        You may have seen the snake biting it’s own tail symbol…The Ouroboros is mistakenly thought only to be only Greek…nope….it’s everywhere….China, Egypt, West Africa, all thru the middle ages…
        There’s the stock answer of it meaning infinity….but…why not use the infinity symbol?
        Anyway….it’s not a lizard biting it’s own tail….it’s a snake….
        They don’t call themselves the Brontosaurus Family, The Crocodile Family, The Lizard Family….….
        And hey, as I said, there’s the famous Garden of Eden picture for thousands of years…
        No lizards there, just a snake….

        Apparently as far as the family reptile branches go, it’s only been one branch that has committed universal high treason here on earth..

        Not all the reptiles are evil. In fact, many Dragons better know as Raptors are not…Probably why they’re depicted in our stories as friends…How to Train Your Dragon, Avatar, Dragonheart, Spirited Away, Eragon, The Never Ending story…etc etc….
        The Raptor haven’t always liked humans, we see that is other stories…but that has changed….again allegedly. 🙂

        With all these alleged stories available, this has to be clearer for me, just a personal choice.
        Also I”m not so sure about Alfred, sorry to say. Look into his history, it’s very very long before he arrived at this new incarnate of himself for the new age public….
        His history allows room for being a double agent. Not saying I know, but there’s a question mark for me.
        Many are finding out lately, that this movement is littered with double agents appearing good. They are here to control the narrative, nicely…
        When someone wields power and notoriety at the level of press, and hasn’t been knocked off their pedestals?
        There’s a possible smoking gun hidden somewhere, because the veil net has not come down yet. That means, they are playing ball, and receiving kick backs 🙂

        Look what happen to Jean, just a gal with a blog….she got taken for a nasty ride….
        It’s smoke and mirrors out there….
        Stay in your heart only. Love that which is around you and nature daily. Don’t give you power away….if you can help it… 🙂

        • Kim says:

          Thanks for the info and advice. You are right on all counts. As the visionary astrologer, Carolyn Casey always says…..’Entertain Possabilities, Believe Nothing’

    • Bradley says:

      All is well,

      Thanks my friend. I know I’m getting closer and closer to the truth. Yep, pissed off a lot of em too! The dis carnate ones. Those that support the matrix. Apparently they want me shut down badly. Best tactic I’ve found yet is to remove consent everyday for everything,
      I don’t know why, but it really pisses off those who are assigned to watch us.
      I know for a fact, because I am sensitive enough to feel and understand the reactions I get to know how much they desperately need our consent to do what they do here.
      They are on very thin ice with Prime a Creator, that much I do know.
      As you pointed out, they are pathological liars, and are claiming to the higher councils they told us everything, and we chose this. I figured that one one a long time ago.
      The trouble I have with the “higher ups” is their continued persistent belief in these liars who must be telling whoppers each time they are called in to explain.
      If I were to formulate a guess, I’d say they’ve higher ups watching them now – and the rucuss I’m causing them is epic.
      I get it though, too many humans consent to every little thing.
      But I got my ticket out. It’s Non consent! They can’t explain that away to the higher councils. And I’ve got off world records!
      No consent, each second of every day is their downfall.
      They have to prove that each second you were here, you consented to it!

      I have em there- just need to hold on.

      • All is Well says:

        That’s very good…non consent….maybe you could formula something on this.
        A daily list…with the most important items….
        Then again, I don’t want to get you hammered….I know how it is… 😦
        And as far as the higher ups go….I’ve heard their DNA has been altered to the point that they themselves are already trans-human. Not like any of us.
        So, to expect them to act human is unrealistic….because they are not…
        And yes…it’s a hive mind pecking order.
        I just watched “Journey to the West” last night….Steve Chow’s latest.
        It’s really good, and deals with similar problems…
        Who or what is trapped inside these very evil entities and how to get them out!
        Once out the surprise of who they really were….
        Great movie…you can find it on NetFlix….

    • Ray Parkes says:

      One of the things the dark does is to confuse the issue using names of Divine entities for dark beings. IS:IS for instance the terror group and the Divine goddess IS:IS. Opposites in every way…. It creates a rejection in the human collective at a deep level. Very clever.
      The same goes for the El’s who I have met and worked with for 8 years. They are a sub group within the Elohim and are multi dimensional Beings of Light and are way beyond form. Wonderful to Be with as are all the Elohim. There is very little knowledge about them because humans rarely interact with them. I only know of a handful. They are extremely powerful Beings.
      I died in this life when my heart stopped for a while when I was under a massive psychic attack. I saved mySelf by travelling in time and jolted myself which restarted my heart. Time doesn’t really exist and you can use that. I came back but understand the reference. I did not go into the light. But when you die you loose your free will. You do not have a choice, you are drawn where you are drawn. Who you are dictates what you experience. It is not like here where we can make choices and decide to go this way or that way. Your Being is what creates your journey.
      As for technology because we live in a hologram you can interact with it in any way you like. It is only restricted by your imagination. You can create an interface to anything and adjust it, nothing bad will happen unless you fear it. Fear gives your control away.
      Love is all there is and when you know that at every level of your Being it will protect you.
      You could say that love and magnetism are the same thing.

      • All is Well says:

        Very interesting…Thank you Ray… Glad you survived and saw the time loop for what it was. Not sure many would. This I’ve come to understand is one of the greatest tricks going on here.
        Locked in a loop….on so many levels.

        So the joke is, when you die, let’s say your a Buddhist monk, you may not make it to Buddha’s domain, because you haven’t gotten the whole picture about yourself?

        Pity we spend most of our lives, creating ourselves instead of discovering ourselves….
        But, we were not in charge of the curriculum here, now were we 🙂

        How did you have the “were with all” to “intend” yourself back to life? Because you are who you are? Seeing choice is not available when we die…..

        Can you mention, how you knew the El? Thru your job, or thru private means?

        Such diverse reports about them. Some positive, like yourself, and others extremely negative.

        What I’ve come to understand is…When too much of the “oversoul’ goes into the vehicle(avatar), that’s when the term “fallen” applies.

        That indeed a being may be extremely advanced, but the part of them that should been linked in the higher realms, is all contained in the vehicle.

        So what’s your understanding of darkness?

        • Jean says:

          I’ve been withholding this comment because I want to add something to the thread. Several years ago I studied shamanism and how it works, during the course of which I read several books by Albert Villoldo. In them I believe he says that if we die in a fully conscious state, then we will not get sucked into karma. We can choose 🙂 This is the goal of many enlightened beings . . . Hugs, ~Jean

          • Ray Parkes says:

            The fun part of times that it is very flexible. I actually had to evolve quite a lot before I was able to travel in time with my awareness. I did not do this until quite a number of years after the event. It hurts your head to try and understand such things but because I had already done it I was able to do it later as it were.
            The El manifested himself in the room I was in. It is quite a long story and you can find it on my blog
            As I said the dark loves to play games with names to try and change the energy. The internet is rife with disinformation. It’s pretty easy to spot anything fear based.
            Darkness is simply lack of light, a disconnection from the Source of all that is.
            I have met a master of dark who was similar in status to an ascended master – it is just a choice.

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  18. bluefeather6 says:
    This site shows us how to deswitch our brain, from effects of frequency, and also shows the levels of frequency from devices, and at which point we may disconnect from source. A most inspirational site.
    Barry Trower has done and continues to do, outstanding research and articles relating to the effects of microwave radiation emitted from devices that people are having to use in their everyday life, without having knowledge of the effects longterm. Tetra is used by those working in emergency services, security and other occupations. People may indeed find his interviews on you tube of great interest, and also reading his research papers will give further insight.
    Mike Mitcham also deserves a mention – for promoting and highlighting the dangers that humanity faces by using wifi devices and being exposed to microwave frequencies. Take Back Your Power – an amazing documentary, worth seeing.
    Li Fi ( Light Fidelity) may be the way forward, and provide a solution – who knows?

  19. bert broere says:

    This article is an eye opener…I know everything is based on Energy..Frequency..Vibration another reason why Tesla was killed…I have an interesting ..and verifiable situation..I have AB- blood…my body temp is 1° lower than the norm…I have a Reverse Magnetic Field…can stop/ start watches….my body kills any battery on or near my person…my watch has to be self winding..I am a Certified Reiki Practitioner…can ” feel” cancers in the body…Energy coming from my hands is triple of the norm…the other hypothesis I have is this. Like my self and others thousands of people I have Tinnutis…the Medical field is always trying to give people medicine to stop this or getting them to use ” white noise ” at night when the mind is quiet and trying to sleep..well I Believe that these frequencies ( tinnutis ) are Creators safety mechanisms to help awakened humans ” block” the Negative Frequencies we are being exposed to. I did a test and I have 2 frequencies @ the same time and the correspond to/close to 432 HZ. which we all know by now is the frequency of Earth. So that is why I believe the Dark Forces are panicking. All the LightWorkers are I believe like myself and our Combined Energy is Unstoppable and they will be defeated…..NAMASTE’….,.ESPAVO….

    • Jean says:

      !!!!! WOWOWOWOWOW!!! This info is so important!!! Hugs, ~Jean

      • Kieron says:

        Now *this* is an astonishing new look at something I always thought was a curse. I have had tinnitus (correct spelling) almost my entire life, sometimes so bad I thought I would go crazy. Tinnitus is currently thought to be generated by the brain after hearing loss in the ears has occurred, so this kind of “fits.”

        Maybe this is one reason I have been able to withstand the interference from the controllers. 🙂

    • Ethyl says:

      Bert, I have tinnitus too. BUT! I got it from taking Ormus. I think it was like the 5th day I took it (in a row), and I stopped taking it then and there. I had read on education-yourself, that taking the ormus gives you ear ringing that can get worse and worse. From what I’ve read, I stopped taking it before it got to the point where it’s all that bad. If what you say is true, maybe that is WHY the ormus gives you tinnitus? I got used to it after a while and don’t notice it as much. I got it about a year ago, I think it was. I kept hoping it would let up, but it hasn’t!

      How did you do the test to figure your frequencies from the tinnitus?

      • Ray Parkes says:

        I have had tinnitus after too much loud music when on the road in the 70’s. It took years before it went. There is also another thing which is sometimes mistaken for tinnitus. It is a high pitched frequency and can be quite loud but is not unpleasant. i found it increased in volume when I was in special places, higher frequency spaces. It is actually a download of light packet information. A program if you like, an upgrade. I had this for over 20 years for one such upgrade I received. I was a big surprise when it finally stopped. I get them all the time but they are now much shorter. After they are installed you may receive a huge amount of knowing.

        • Ethyl says:

          Maybe that IS what I got then, instead of tinnitus! I know the ormus IS supposed to really pretty much upgrade you! It doesn’t drive me nearly as crazy as I’d have thought. Makes me wonder what would have happened had I kept using it. My understanding is that it just keeps increasing more and more.

    • Gayle says:

      I wonder if Reverse Magnetic Field causes fibromyalgia? I know someone who also stops/kills batteries by just walking or being near anything run by batteries? I understand Magnesium defency can resolve fibromyalgia but I had not heard about Reverse Magnetic field.

      You had a very interesting post. Thank you.

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  24. pupma says:

    Check this out!
    Just bumped into this important information, immediately, after reading all about frequencies!
    Coincidence? LOL, hardly! Enjoy!

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  29. Nancy C/Seattle says:

    I’m fortunate that I signed up for David Wilcock’s Wisdom Teachings Gaiam TV series about a year and a half ago and have now viewed more than 90 half hour weekly sessions. This sentence of David’s in a session on holograms, the holographic universe, energy, vibration and matter was the first time I really understood what he was talking about.

    **The thing to understand about “spoon bending” is, there is no “spoon” – it’s all vibration.**

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  31. amber says:

    Hi Bradley, read these last two articles with great interest but puzzled by two things:- 1) we are at the mercy of these fallen angels or kicked out angels, why hasn’t the prime creator rescued us because we seem to be the innocents who are being gifted to these beasts! 2) why are they trying to kill us all so that when we die we are trapped and forced to reincarnate here, doesn’t make sense to me but I could be missing something! thank you for the articles, it does require some serious thinking ! lots of love and blessings to you all xxxx

    • Bradley says:

      Good Question:
      It’s all about FreeWill! We DO have a choice. The trouble is that so few understand or realize their own power any longer. They simply just always “consent” to everything the athorities ask of them. This is NOT HOW IT IS SUPPOSED TO WORK.
      We are supposed to question everything! Take nothing here for granted, and when anyone comes up to you and asks for “power over you” as in government and legal terms – you have the choice to say no – if you so choose. The trouble is all of the distractions which have taken peoples attention away from LEARNING what is going on.
      Im not saying there is no hope. Im saying there is abundant hope! Im saying we need to come together in UNITY and CARE ABOUT EACH OTHER. To many still prefer their own separate lives and choose to ignore most other peoples sorrows.
      The crimes committed in GAZA are a perfect example. The entire world should be very concerned about this – and any leader who makes excuses should be thrown out of office.
      Why should we be “rescued” if we are continually consenting to very bad things?

      The good news is that things ARE CHANGING! Slowly. Im just trying to get MORE people to take an interest in their own future. READ BELOW what my brother did with NONCONSENT and how he affected his entire company!

      • amber says:

        Thanks for your reply Bradley, I do understand what you are saying and I have the same thoughts about Gaza! sending you lots of love xxxx

    • Donnie says:

      Here’s a thought on your questions Amber. Why would not god rescue us from these beings. If you’re a parent and you see another child bullying your own on the playground, usually you do not react. You are a responsible adult and you KNOW you will not ALLOW the abuse to go past a certain point before you step in to diffuse it, but before you do, you might just be curious to see how your child deals with the experience on their own. Perhaps they will grow stronger and more aware from the lesson of dealing with the bully?

      The other question still leaves me pondering myself. I have read from some NDE accounts that we will always reincarnate to continue learning to love in different situations and that does not confront me in the slightest, but perhaps we have the god given right to incarnate ANYWHERE IN THE UNIVERSE if we so choose, AS LONG AS WE HAVE DISPENSED WITH THE KARMA WE MADE HERE ON EARTH FIRST? It’s just an idea but if I were an evil SOB demaon/alien and wanted to keep souls coming back I would simply trick them into creating endless karma via war, poverty, competition, division by race, creed, religion….etc………i don’t know if that makes sense to you but I offer it as just my hypothesis………peace

  32. There are many nefarious “frequencies” that I could talk about that are already known about to most of us. Like fluorescent lights, for example which have been a serious problem in my life since I was a child. There is one “frequency” that is a serious problem in my life right now that I don’t personally know of anyone else who understands it’s harmful effects.
    That frequency I think is technically called “sub- base” sound. I coined the term “thumpers” for the equipment that makes these obnoxious sounds. It started out years ago with “on the fringe” people saving up all their money to install these in their cars. I call these “thumpers” because they have nothing to do with music and can be heard up to a half mile away with absolutely no sound of any music.
    I can feel these frequencies harming my brain. I can’t even think straight when I am around them. When the thumpers are near my house I think of selling my house and moving – but move where, they are everywhere now. They are in most, if not all, new cars now. They are now even in most peoples home stereos. It is obvious that whoever planned this sound is succeeding at destroying peoples brains because people are so unconscious that they actually go out a buy them, when I can’t understand why people aren’t running away from them to save their lives. It’s obvious to most people that it’s not okay to shoot someone on the street, but they seem to think that it’s okay to totally destroy the sonic environment of the world and harm everyone.

    • Jean says:

      Great link! Shows how impossible it is to tell what is really going on. I know Ben Fulford has CIA sources – so what are they feeding him? The truth, or what they want us to know, or a bit if bith. Same for Duff. Wanta’s money comes from tearing apart a country do we want to use blood money? What is truth, and what is not?


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  35. Karen says:

    Hi Bradley. Thanks again for another insightful article. I’ve been researching this for what seems like eternity. But when it’s all written down in one place you can absorb it into your being more effortlessly. I really get it and I post things regularly on my Facebook page etc , there are so many people who don’t want to get it. They want status quo and don’t understand how bad things really are, yes I would like to shake them but I know it their journey not mine.
    I had an experience last summer in the airport, I hadn’t been overseas for a few years so had not experienced just how corralled that it is now, I was herded from one place to another and I cannot explain how violated I felt. I wanted to scream at people are we out of our minds ( the answer of course is yes) allowing this. And this is just one aspect of it. On my arrival back home I started to discuss this with people and they found me irritating, you can tell when they think you’ve gone to far. Anyway the question I have is , how many of us do we need awakened to shift it?
    Thanks again to you both Karenx

    • Bradley says:

      Thank you so much for your support and for you loving reply! Yes, so many of us are starting to get it. We do “see” the insanity! Those of us who see it are the ones who are more sensitive and filled with LOVE! Others see it – and becasue of the “stand down” code being delivered by the channelers – are literally willing to be herded arournd like sheep and cows – without realizing that to PERMIT this to continue is to CONSENT TO IT.

      We actually do have to get this! I have a story to share, and here is as good as any! My youngest brother works in the San Francisco area and for a dot-com company. He reads my articles and spent time with me on my birthday last year. He started really getting consent and when he was faced with serveal issues that came up in our own family – he was so angry about it he wrote an entire essay about secrecy and put it up on his wall.
      Basically he was so pissed that he wrote that he REMOVED ALL CONSENT to be lied to about anything – anywhere – at any time – and whoa be it to anyone who did! He then signed it! He looked at it daily. (THIS IS A SUPERNATURAL MOVE ON THE CHESS BOARD)

      Last week – his company recieved 8 million dollars of venture capital – but those who were investing wanted stock options in return – and as a result all of the companies employees
      who already HAD STOCK had to sign off on the dilution of their shares. Well, the CEO of the company put out a 350 page Financial Report to each employee to sign which showed EXACTLY what each and every person in the company was earning AND how much stock they held!
      My brother read it and found out he had been lied to big time about his position in the company.
      Here’s the really funny thing. First the CEO who put out that report never thought anyone would read it – and just sign it.
      Secondly – It is almost unheard of in the business world to EVER REVEAL that kind of information to the employees – because once everyone knows what everyone else earns – it causes problems. Anyone in business will tell you this move is NEVER DONE.
      Yet it was done here!

      The CEO of the company had no choice! He was compelled on a higher level to tell the truth – according to my brothers FREEWILL! He could not go against it! He may not have understood why he did what he did – or that he HAD TO – but it was done just the same
      all because my brother DEMANDED NO MORE LIES – and meant it.

      Does the supernatural chess move work? You bet it does!
      And when we collectively remove our CONSENT FROM THE CABAL – They are screwed!

      All my love.

  36. Rebecca says:

    Wow I am going to print these all up. This is amazing intel Bradley
    Thank you so much for taking the time to write this up
    In light and love

  37. vegemite says:

    I am always perplexed whenever the hologram is mentioned, if this is a hologram then why do we have to feed theses holographic (i.e light bodies) meat suits to maintain the manifestation.
    I have been a vegetarian for some time as I find it immpossible to consume flesh without gagging however I am also concious of the fact that I have to consume the physical manifestation of other life forms such as plants etc who do equally deserve to be left alone,it is generally understood that plants are sentient in their own right although not in a way that is easily understood.

    Why is it that we have to destroy sentient entities to survive. I am of the opinion that this is not how it was supposed to be, it must be the ultimate antithesis of commpassion to destroy for selfish purposes.

    It is obviously a fact that this human form will wither and die without the ingestion of gross matter,
    can someone explain how or why a hologram would require this necessity.

    • Alleghany says:

      YES, Vegemite! I had this same conversation with my husband a few weeks ago. I told him I thought it was a cruel joke that we had to constantly take lives to eat and that I didn’t want to be a part of it. His response to me was (and always is), “Circle of life”. I have moved my plants out of the kitchen because I felt guilty chopping salads, etc. in front of them. I say sorry to my meals and thank them for keeping me alive.

      Thank-you for you words as it’s so nice to know I’m not alone in my thinking!

    • Ray Parkes says:

      We do live in a hologram and are a living light being inhabiting a physical body but our human body has enormous potential. It can experience all of creation and because it is holographic is not confined to 3D. The key to unlocking your full potential is your imagination. A breatharian for instance is simple someone who resonates at a higher frequency and lives directly off light. I know having lived with one that this is real. We all have unlimited potential. Our human body does not have any limits other than the ones we impose ourselves but there is also a technical solution which will solve this problem and many others at the same time, without destroying any life. This article is about frequency and it is possible to create the frequency of any food, or absolutely anything, directly and without harm. The device has been shown to us in science fiction but at the moment it is one more of the many suppressed technologies. Star Trek for instance was an inspired series. Today nearly everyone has a communicator or smart phone which far supersedes the limited device that captain Kirk was using. If you talked to someone in the sixties or seventies they would have considered you crazy if you told them that everyone would have a portable hand held communication device that could reach anyone, anywhere on the Earth. The series also gave us replicators and they are just as real. It is a frequency based technology. It will remove the need for agriculture, transport, storage and manufacturing in one fell swoop. The blessings are many. You can eat what you like and the food is produced from the pure energy that is all around us. It can be completely assimilated and therefore there is no waste, no sewage, no disease. I know this sounds like fantasy but so was the communicator only just a few short years ago.
      Removing the frequency interference is just a thought away. You have free will, why not use it.

      • vegemite says:

        Hello Ray.
        Many Thanks for your reply.
        I am intrigued by your level of understanding unfortunately I am not at your level just now.
        What is frequency interference? is it enough to believe that I do not need to ingest matter to survive?

        Kind regards.

        • Ray Parkes says:

          We are each able to Be far more than we think. You only need to desire something with a pure and genuine heart to bring it into our reality. Understanding is not required. That comes later. None of us really know anything – yet.
          Frequency interference as this article indicates is multi level and quite complex but you can remove its influence quite easily. There are many ways to do that and it is only a question of finding the appropriate one for you. I am not going to do that for you. Self empowerment is very important at the moment. Perhaps manifest this as a way to show yourself you can do anything. Hint – do a search and see what come up.

    • Andru says:

      Hey vegemite, obviously your an aussie so I will put it like this, Aboriginal people from Australia have got a soul contract with the kangaroos. As long as they do certain things to them when they catch and kill them and cook them whole with the fur left on its all good. The kangaroos, on a soul level have agreed to this and as long as this is done a certain way the kangaroos are happy to be a food source for them and help them survive in the bush. Most animals know that we all live eternally and have no fear of dying. That’s why with traditional Aboriginal people they will never eat a kangaroo that has not been cooked the proper way. At the end of the day as long as you bless the animal or plants that you eat and be grateful for their sacrifice (so to speak) they are quite happy to be of service to us. I did grapple with this same thing years ago until I heard about this and then it resonated with me and I was able to eat meat again.

  38. YouMa says:

    Great thanks, Bradley and Jean, for bringing all of this out. What about the WingMakers materials, about Neruda’s interviews, PARTICULARLY Interview #5? Yes, this is hard for people to ‘get’ as well, but then again, now is the time to help everyone to the buffet of disclosure.
    The underlying message of the WingMakers is equality and unity. Just saying ….. and

    More wake up for all 🙂

  39. Pingback: The Ambassador’s 555 Birthday Message | I am a Malaysian

  40. Jean-Michel says:

    I can contribute some YouTube videos I’ve found that go into deeper details about what Bradley is talking about. For those who are desiring more. Please treat this as an information smorgasborg. Enjoy only what interests you.

    1. Magnetics. More specifically, the math of magnetics in its most powerful form is vortex mathematics. This describes the flow of energy through a toroidal field. There are three main names to research for a greater understanding.

    1a. Marko Rodin. WIthin the Baha’i faith is the most high name of God. As Arabic is a language based on math (explained within), he decoded the most high name of God to be AHBA. When this was further decoded, it became the symbol used for Vortex Mathematics. There is a TREMENDOUS amount of information within that symbol. (YouTube 4h35m).

    1b. Randy Powell. This fellow took the symbol and the math, then advanced out understanding of it to levels that cross science fiction to the realms of “holy post-digested-burritos”. When this additional understanding is applied to the work done by Mehran Tavakoli Keshe, a much greater of his work is also gained. (YouTube, 21 short-ish (10 min or less) videos)

    1c. Daniel Nunez. This young man from the Bronx (New York) is actually building stuff with this science. While it may seem underwhealming to those with grand schemes, look at what he’s accomplishing on his own. 3D speaker without a diaphram. 1380 lumens with 3/4 of a watt. Monopolar magnetic fields. And much more! (YouTube, Lots of cool stuff!)
    And once you’ve absorbed some of the possible real-world applications, advance those ideas by about 200 years. Maybe more. And then you’ll have an idea on where the cabal is technologically (some factions, not all (thank goodness!)).

    2. Documentaries describing the hidden and unseen. And sometimes the blatently obvious when you notice it. Be aware. Some of the information within these documentaries (2b part 10 in particular) is beyond disgusting and horrifying. It’s actually happening. Until we can face this horror, it will continue.

    2a. Secrets in Plain Sight (
    2b. Holographic Disclosure (
    2c. Soul Travellers (
    2d. Spirit Science (
    2e. They Live (
    2f. Ancient Knowledge Parts 1-6.3 (

    That’s about 40 hours of viewing material. There’s more. A LOT more. The additional suggestions to the right of the various vids can lead you in any number of directions.
    Once, long ago, there was a tiny website called YouTube… A place where juvenile neanderthals could gather and share their efforts to light their flatulence on fire and fail… Slowly but surely, the playground was infiltrated by the light, and an infection took hold. Without meaning too, people kept finding good information. Their minds grew and expanded, and questions began to stir…
    Why the hell is “reality” filled with so much horsesh… post-digested-horse-feed?
    Why is it that the only thing that comes out of a politicians or news casters mouth is post-digested-bull-food?
    Why is everything about post-digestion? Oh wait… That’s answered in the vids above… Right! And another point of view is that we get source energy directly. As we process it (digestion), it’s stolen when in the right “form”. They think of fear. I think of poo sticks.


    3. Open Source
    One decent way I can think of to describe open source is collaborative cooperation. An individual or group creates a widget, but does not claim ownership to the creation or idea. It’s released into the wilds of the world, where anyone with talent and ingenuity can improve on the idea, and release that back into the wild for further improvement.

    An example of this is 3D printers. While the tech has been around since the 70s (publically anyway), the real advancements have come through the open source community. Now, you can get a $100 3D resin printer. Can you imagine a widget? If you can sit down for 10 minutes, you can learn to use Google Sketchup, easily the easiest 3D modelling software I’ve seen and used.

    Open Source energy generation systems are starting to pop up world-wide. Health technologies built on old technology (Rife, 1934) is now the size of an iPod. To anyone who wishes to do the research, and is willing to actually build something, you can achieve anything!!!

    I’m quite certain I could add lots more. However, if the above is not enough to begin some research and learning, then no amount would ever be enough. And I guess that’s enough.


    Thanks for another great article Bradley, and Thanks Jean for continuing to give him a platform to express his Truth!

    • Jean says:

      Oh, my, Jean-Michel, my thanks to you . . . and hugs, ~Jean

    • Bradley says:

      Thank you Jean-Michel! If only those people with the “spiritual” gene – were as receptive to my articles as those with the spiritual gene and the science gene! The “language of the Universe – a language with can not lie is mathematics. Unfortunately most scientists and even mathematicians never “get” the most advanced science or math taught to them.

      That is why they always try to debunk things before they reallly look at it.
      Holographic Disclosure video number 15 (trailer) says that ONLY 4 percent of all the worlds knowledge is actually taught in universities which means that a whopping 96 percent is being held back!

      Now does this number sound fair or accurate? Well – knowing what we know of the CABAL – the 1 percent who control 99 percent of the world’s wealth – yea, pretty much sounds like something these guys would do. They are not just greedy – they are INSANELY and PSYCOPATHICALLY GREEDY! Holding back 96 percent of all the worlds actual knowledge sounds like their style.

      So there you have it COLLEGE GRADS! You paid 100,000 dollars to learn only 4 percent of the actual knowledge available on any subject! The other 96 percent was kept hidden from you!

      What I am trying to do in these articles is simply say: Look – everyone thinks they’ve been told and taught the TRUTH. Sadly – NOTHING they are taught is the truth.
      Thus the title of the series: THINK BIGGER LOOK DEEPER!

      Love the “rodin coil” video! My brother Tom has watched it several times in the last 6 months and sent it to all of his friends!

      All my love

      • Andru says:

        96% of information/ technology held back, Sounds like the DNA manipulation( 2 strands of DNA instead of the original 12) they have been doing on us for eons, so even the smartest people can only use 5-10% of their brain 90-95% held back, I can see a pattern here!!!
        Great work Bradley keep it up brother, the world would continue to be a dark secretive trap without people like you and Jean, the more people that know the truth the quicker we can all live in harmony with each other and all living things , love to you both.

  41. Georgiamaebrown says:

    Jean or Bradley,
    I wonder if you are familiar with The Hidden Hand?

    I’m really eating up your work Bradley, thank you so much. I’m a newcomer to your site Jean and am enjoying it very much. Thank you

    • Bradley says:

      Thank you so much for posting this! I actually had an opportunity to talk with this guy – On line. I had no idea who he was at the time – and still do not know, but for some reason he felt he could say a few words to me personally. He did at the time seem very knowledgeable! All I can say is that for my part – I did not like either him or his arrogance – and I told him so! He was very certain then of where the planet was headed, and I told him that PRIME CREATOR had “other” plans – and that the being he was calling Prime Creator was not who he thought it was! If you read the discourse – this man seems very knowledgeable about many of the things I’ve talked about – BUT surprise – surprise -so many of the things he thought were going to occur and when – DID NOT HAPPEN! What he did not know – is just how many loving beings were coming “ON LINE” just at that time! I told him so – and he laughed! NO WHOS LAUGHING? It threw these guys for a total loop – because everything they do requires “energetics” to be in place first.
      Their hands are literally tied – and they can NOT do bad things without the “FREQUENCY” (there is that word again) being right for them to do so.
      Again, he is CORRECT! It is all about the choices of the people! I would say that alot of what he said here is good “historical” information. But once again – because he is part of the DARK ALLINACE – they can’t know what those of the LOVE VIBRATION ARE UP TO.

      All my love

  42. Debbie says:

    I am beginning to understand this and sadly enough I see how desperate the situation is for us, but what I would like to know is this – since they need us for energy – why are they killing people off with all these diseases aimed at people of all ages – and why do they talk on one hand about depopulation and then on the other hand conspire to herd our departing souls back into yet more bodies – evidently they think there are too many useless eaters here already – I am a bit confused on this issue. There are unlimited numbers of people in India and China to use – on one hand they want us all back here to suck the energy out of us again and then on the other hand they want to kill everyone? Wouldn’t they ALL be against abortion? Why kill people by poisoning their air, water & food and shoot them full of toxic medications? Can they vampire a sick and dying body? WHy not keep it healthy for as long as possible? And all these changes in our DNA – are they trying to develop a supercharged human for a host? If we are simply their food and energy source why poison us?
    They are clearly right now engineering the earth so it will not support people – Fukushima, the BP blowout in the gulf, the drought in California, chemtrail destroying soil – all of these are engineered to hurry along their plan for a big famine for all of us. If one is raising beef to eat one doesn’t try to starve them into extinction. There is obvious more to this sick story.

    • Jean-Michel says:

      Yes, there is more to this story, or perhaps more accurately, layers.

      There are many factions within the world stuctures. Consider a faction to be a collection of like-minded people working towards a common goal.

      There is the faction of the illuminati/cabal/OCC that does desire depopulation. They believe they can rule the world best with 500 million slaves on it. These types would be your billy-the-gates-types.

      There’s also the non-physical factions. These are the energy parasites. They can be called ankle-biters, archons, fliers, vampires. What they do is feed on low vibrational energy, all fear based. This would include jealousy, greed, and such.

      There are two primary emotions. Love. Fear. All other emotions contain degrees of one AND they other.

      Jealousy is love tinged with fear. You have a significant someone and you imagine them having a grand time without you, and probably without clothing. If you’re going to imagine your significant other without clothing, PUT YOURSELF FRONT AND CENTER IN THE PICTURE!!! It’s just an idea…

      Greed is love of self and fear of not having enough or being good enough. It’s an insatiable hunger that can not be filled. No matter how much money or things and stuff they acquire, they’re never fulfilled/filled full.

      As to the parasites that feed on fear, the more pure the fear (less love), the more pure their food. A child being tortured and raped is about as vile an act as can be achieved. Pure “food” for them. Vile and disgusting.

      There are other factions. There are a LOT of other factions. Few (if any) governmental structures are truly homogonous, or unified in purpose.

  43. Kim Hayes says:

    Thank you for taking the time & effort to research, put together & present these series of writings you are so generously gifting to humanity in hopes of educating, uplifting and awakening the planet.
    It is much appreciated & let me be so bold as to speak for others, we are very grateful.

  44. Bradley, you have painted the picture perfectly, this is exactly as it is. Everyone reading your words must now ask themselves what are they prepared to do about it. We are many, they are few.Courage is necessary, we can do it. The Vatican has been stealing Frequencies for years, they were held there and heavily guarded. Every Hospital has a special sealed room where blood is harvested, vans collect this blood every night and it is used for these creatures to drink so that they can hold their “human body”. It is important to understand that everyone that we see is NOT THE SAME AS US, THEY JUST APPEAR TO BE LIKE US. This has been our BIG MISTAKE, it is time to digest this information , come together and decide a plan of action. Help is available. The ENERGY of our Sacred Places, as Monty wrote about today must be utalised for the release of the Human Race from captivity. The Ley Line work really upset “them”, put your Heart and Soul into this work. Our future depends on it. Thank you once more Bradley and Jean, we are in your debt.

    • Bradley says:


      Thank you so much! All my love and appreciation to you also for the endless work that you do! Blessings! The TRUE “Light” is winning – and the false light is dying.
      Before we came here – I’m sure we were told it would be interesting – well now we know just “how interesting” it is to wake up the masses of Earth! I think my next “assignment” on “planet waking” is going to be put on hold – and I’m going to take an indefinately long vacation!

    • Tom says:

      Hi Veronica, I have a question about blood donation. Having just read your reply and you mention blood harvesting in hospitals then are we being duped into voluntarily donating blood? This year I have decided to become a blood donor again and since registering I have had to re-schedule two appointments due to falling ill. I’m normally never ill. Is something or someone trying to tell me something or is just my imagination?

      • erdoshk says:

        Dear Tom, Thank you for bringing blood donation issue. I have been a blood donor for years and I have stopped doing it. I got a strong intiution about something going on behind scenes with our blood. I stand to be corrected on this. Thanks

    • Di, Cerrillos,NM,USA says:

      You are right, Veronica, not everyone we see is a HU-MAN. Slaves were created to help the Annunaki, Adam and Eve story, and they multiplied like crazy. They are now much of the population. They cannot be changed in their thinking, they were programmed by their creators. We have been fooled into thinking that they have to be saved. We HU-MANS have been targetted because we are not programmed.
      TThe Cabal has programs to suck us into their control. They are killing off the slaves because they are unruly and hard to control and they are not the best source of energy.
      If one has not been raised in isolation, one knows what happens when one produces a child with one’s cousin. The Cabal has been trying to protect their boodline by marrying within their bloodline and each generation is weaker and takes more victims to keep going. This is something that they didn’t understand. A civilization however smart can have gaps. The important thing to remember is that one must help oneself first and then can help another. Frequency will and is separating the Hu-MANS from the slaves. The slaves cannot raise their frequency apparently. But they can be educated if they want to be. They can connect to Source. The Cabal does not want knowledge to be given to the slaves. The shear numbers of them frighten the Cabal, the numbers must be reduced to what can be controlled. But like the rest of us, it is the individual that has to do the work of connecting.
      I know that there are threads here that are hanging but I also know that Jean’s readers can connect the threads. You are all awesome.

    • erdoshk says:

      Thank you Bradley, Veronica and Jean. I have great respect for you all. Montague’s weekly messages are very important as well (
      With love and gratitude

  45. ElveTwelve says:

    Thanks Bradley and Jean for giving this information but i could do with some good news and tips like how to’…..

    [ beside withdrawing your consent. which i did and made publically, just to be on the safe side]

    • Bradley says:

      All my love! Hope is coming! In part Three! For a “sneek peek” at a Holographic Disclosure Video that is “integral” to THINK BIGGER – PART THREE
      Watch This:

      • karma007 says:

        Think about that song that’s out now, “It’s all about that Bass”. Coincidence?

      • karma007 says:

        Started watching all the Holographic videos on YouTube, something very interesting happened, I started to get drowsy while watching them in the middle of the day. Someone didn’t want me to continue to be enlightened. I’m up to video 9, taking a break to refresh.
        Thanks Bradley and Jean for your perseverance to deliver us from evil. We are one and will prevail if we can pass this series to all we know and LOVE.

      • ElveTwelve says:

        Dear mr. Loves,
        Thank you so much for your personal response, and thank you so much for your disclosing of the mechanics and energetics used to uphold this matrix by parasitic forces. i.v come to the understanding that the universes are some sort of organic tissue and as above so below we are festered with parasites. During my life time i had my own experiences with these energies in different ways but they put me on the trail that there was something terrible wrong with this reality we are all living in.
        I’m upset with the evilness of the shapese these parasitic forces manifest themselves downhere “in the Hole’ and most of all that is is all really true, hidden but true!
        Thank you for stating hope is to come , but i think you are right and it is to come mainly from ourselves and the understanding of true nature of basic Universal laws.
        The law of holy geometry and sound. One of the most reveiling moments in my life was when i quite unintentionally fell in to an tv interview and the person interviewed requested a documentary to be broadcasted and it was about the shapes of sound by Royal Rife and Lakovsky, Tesla and i immediately recognized the shapes of whole Mountains being draw out of the earth by sound patterns.
        Of course a sound of slaughtering is also what the parasitic forces need to survive and our reality is milked fort hem.
        May be these combined principles can be usedto start healing and reversing certain points in the grid.
        I like to draw your attention to the Works of Yannick van Doorne an agricultiral engineer and his Works on the influence of sound an geometry on Plants and farmlands. I met him in a lecture an he is an impressive encyclopedia about sound frequencies etc
        And at an “energeticsprogramming mechanisme called ‘new homeopathie’.
        It was invented by i believe an Austrian radioengineer who had a daughter who was very sick and he healed her by using more or less mathematical technical signs which are now called “Korbler symbols’.
        May be the two of them could make an potent mix of energies to clear up some of the dark energies by the law of resonance as in Bio resonance also often used for cleaning the body of parasites.
        With the utmost respect and greatfullness for your work and jean’s, and all of us Loving Life on Earth

        Elvira;living breathing born;
        as a daughter from Kitty
        st. andreas straat 7
        melick, Netherlands

  46. Frederick Greavea says:

    I hope part 3 has something good to say. Those of us who are awake know you cannot fight fire with fire, this is the reason we are still in this “prison” after all these years. The key is to envision what we want, and not dwell on what has been done to us. Shine a light on the the dark and it disappears. It is that easy. So how about some solutions (happy thoughts) as opposed to the fear mongering, because as we know that only feeds them.

    • Bradley says:

      Hi Frederick,

      I tend to “agree” with some of what you say – in that you can not fight fire with fire – and that happy thoughts are really the KEY to setting us free!

      Shine a light on the dark – and it does disappear – BUT waking people up is anything but easy!

      If it were easy – all of our problems would have been solved long ago. The truth is that people DONT want to know the truth – and for those that DO want to know – they dont want to do anything about it.

      In addition to that – the LOVE approach only works when you already KNOW EXACTLY WHAT HAS BEEN DONE TO YOU – have taken concrete steps to put a stop to it – and then and only then (forgive it)!

      It does not work the other way around. Too many NEW AGERS channeling utter garbage! Sorry to have to be so blunt! Those running around with FAIRY WINGS and forgving EVERYTHING under the sun before they do anything about it – are simply “confused”!

      I am writing these articles in a progression – and am first “laying out the problem” – Most dont have a clue what the problem is!
      After it is totally laid out – the solution can then be presented!

      The biggest problem people like myself are dealing with is the NEW AGERS and their false channelers who are continuing to tell everyone there is NOTHING THEY HAVE TO DO! Soon they will be saved by someone else! This is blatantly false! If everyone continues to “do nothing” the NEW WORLD ORDER will manifest it’s goal. Only when we as a collective group come together in UNITY – as one – with total understanding of what’s been done to us – can we put a stop to their forward march.
      Knowing what’s been done means looking at the mess! The reason it’s hard to look at it is that we have ignored it for far too long.

      All my love!

  47. Hildegard says:

    The most devastating interruption of all not mentioned: man made electricity
    “You are a frequency. You are being interrupted.”

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