Is Davos 2015 Part of a Satanic Ritual Culminating in the Auschwitz Memorial Ceremony on January 27th? from a reader, SP. What do you think? ~J


I held back on sending this information to you until I read Bradley Loves’ latest post because I think there is a strong correlation between his comments, the Davos conference, and the Cabal’s need to maintain a low frequency. It is my hope this information will serve to expose and prevent these possible activities and empower us to free ourselves from this evil. (I’ll let you decide whether you want to share this with your readers).


Is Davos 2015 Part of a Satanic Ritual Culminating in the Auschwitz Memorial Ceremony on January 27th?

January 20th/21st, 2015 is the start of new moon and is a Satanic ritual date. (Note: Many Davos attendees flew in the day before the start of the conference).

Some of the high profile Davos attendees include many alledged Satanists such as George Soros, Bill and Melinda Gates, Prince Andrew, Tony Blair, Larry Summers, John Kerry and Dublin’s Catholic Archbishop Diarmuid Martin and the CEO of Cargill, David W. MacLennan. (Several are also connected to the Jeffrey Epstein case).

List of JANUARY Satanic Ritual Dates:

January 7 – St Winebald day: Blood rituals, dismemberment. Animal/human sacrifice. (Charlie Hebdo attack)

Janaury 17 – Satanic revels: Sexual rituals. (Also date of Shabbat – The announcement of the precise time of the molad, or the “birth” of the new moon).

January 20 – 26: Sacrifice preparation: kidnapping, holding and ceremonial preparation of person for human sacrifice.

January 26 – The Da Muer ritual: Grand climax. Sex rituals and human sacrifice of woman/child.


Is there a connection with attendees at the 70th Auschwitz memorial January 27th ceremony? Why were these particular attendees selected by the Auschwitz Foundation?

From an excerpt RT article entitled, “Auschwitz memorial: Solemnity turned into a diplomatic snub”. Published time: January 20, 2015 17:19:

“As reported, both the Polish Government and the Auschwitz Commemoration officials denied sending out invitations to anyone including Russia but mere information notes about the event to other EU countries and financial contributors to the Auschwitz Foundation, making it look like an event at a membership-only night club. As of today, the preliminary list of attendees and invitees includes President François Hollande of France, President Joachim Gauck of Germany, President Heinz Fischer of Austria, King Philippe of Belgium, King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands and Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark and Petro Poroshenko, oligarch-turned-President of Ukraine whose rise to power was initiated by an extreme-rightist coup last February, but not the leader of the nation whose forces liberated the camp.”


From see ley lines and their connections to Auschwitz:

“Now traveling West we come to the vast Auschwitz-Birkenau Vatican Human Sacrifice Temple Complex which resembles the greatest of all ancient satanic temple complexes- the Temple of Baalbek- the home of Moloch.”

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20 Responses to Is Davos 2015 Part of a Satanic Ritual Culminating in the Auschwitz Memorial Ceremony on January 27th? from a reader, SP. What do you think? ~J

  1. says:

    Superbowl the Largest Yearly Human Trafficking Event say Law Enforcement Posted on January 23, 2015 by Admin   ACTION PLAN NEUTRALIZE-Super Bowl Satanic Ritual Sinister Intent  

  2. ElveTwelve says:

    So its an actual parasitic/antfarmlike magnetic holodeck, there fore the cubeshape symbolism as broadcasted from the [not ice but crystal] antenna rings of Saturn.

    a cube like containment in the organic tissue[ flower of life and law of vibration etc] of the universes.

    a black magnetic energetic box. Not visible to us but visible frome another dimension. A ‘real live nintendo gamecube’ We should all remeber the mechanisms behind the wall of jericho. and we together as childeren of Gaia can pierce a whole in this box with sound.[our Heartsong]

    we have to remove the false sounds of dying bloodcells here on earth as much as possible because this is the frequency that the parasitic creatures need to feed themselves on.

    [ Antfarmers dimension millions of years old, a in between galactic field or plne of some sort the perfect hiding place if your a parasitic creature]

    we do not hear these sounds but every dying bloodcell produces a sound!
    all these sounds together, day in day out produce an [ i think negative]
    electic magnetic current in an other dimension .

    you might think for instance of the infrasounds elephants have, to talk long distance. Or creatures living in an other element like water and think about whales.
    We dont hear these sounds but they are there day in day out.

    This is why the whole hiearchies and religions were installed. to ensure a continue supply of endless suffering , war and bloodshed and the elector magnetic current it creates to be feeded upon.

    Le’t start by all trying to be as much vegetarian as possible because the daily bloodshed of animals for food and cruelty[ bad energy harvesting] is horrific and in this day and age totally unnessecary as we have enough means to procue high kwality vegetarian foods from All the plants Prime Source created. and that encludes the Hemp

    The great competionner for oil as in’ possibilities to make bio degradable products’ like, food, paper housing cloathing essential oils, sails, paper to right an new constitution on …… this is why randolph hearst the great paper business man tried to eliminat this compettitor way back in the early 19 hundreds as he himself had heavily invested in woods and chemicals for his printing bussinnes.

    And he succeeded and to this day and age many people suffer as a result of these
    ‘Service to Self interest people’

    Many deserts could be flourishing agricultural regions creating hundreds of wonderfull products and millions of new livelyhoods, new biospheres that bring back forth healing rains.
    We got Haarp !!! but of course it is used by the Henchmen of the antfarmers [ the corporations, elites, military] to create quite a different frequency and tune.

    it could just as easily be tuned to 432 H or shuman frequency or whatever benevolent frequencies there are or might be.

    Thus all these so called instrumentarium in the hands of the ‘ruling’ elites are specifically
    callibrated to do as much harm as possible.

    [ by the way WIFI was invented as stealth weapon to do as mach harm as possible to a targeted populus. ‘Barrie Trower wifi-a-thalomide-in-the-making-who-cares’]

    For WHO do “They” rule, that is the big question?????
    as it is my opinion it is an ‘slave energy’ trading platform of some sort for multiple intergalactic or
    inter dimensional species that all tamperd with our DNA [ providing only in a certain programmed Human Vessels [batterie storage] long long time ago for private agenda’s

    Let’s not be spelled and bewitched upon by the 24/7 black pied pipers tune.
    ‘who comes to save you from the rat’s’and takes your childeren away to be never seen again.’
    [ it is a false flag, he send in the rats first anyway] as was the intention all along of the’ black pied pipers’.

    • ElveTwelve says:

      sorry to the’real rats’ for this insult. I once had tow of the cutest ratgirls there where.bless their little hearts

  3. Ethyl says:

    Jean, here’s more on the Epstein scandal. Hope they do better on this than the Franklin Scandal, but somehow I doubt it! Hopefully this will get out BIG, whereas the Franklin was swept WAY under the rug!

  4. Jean-Michel says:

    That is some brilliant research, dear reader! That calendar you pointed us to helps make the unwinding so much easier!
    Another point of view: While the “elite” tend to think of themselves as uber-special and more privledged than “normal” people, this short article shows they’re more gullible. LOTS more gullible. They got beaten with the gullible-stick, and then asked for seconds. And thirds.

    These people do not deserve our respect. They do not deserve our admiration. They do not deserve our consent.

    Some deserve jail. Many need severe psychological intervention and assistance. Far too many deserve execution for their PTMC crimes (Pedophilia, Torture, and Murdering Children crimes, any number over 0 is far too many).

    Could it be that the decline in oil price is not aimed specifically at the US shale gas industry (which is an environmental catastrophy)? It’s not aimed at Russia, who’s decrease in ruble value is nearly on par with the decrease in oil price, meaning darn near the same number of rubles traded for that same barrel of oil? That this isn’t a move by Saudi, who’s 10 million barrels per day are losing $60/barrel? For those who are bad at math, that’s $600,000,000 PER DAY in lost profit.

    I have been postulating that the drop in the oil price is defunding the pedophile network. 4 years ago, Keshe began to give 2/3 of the world his USB flash drive (at their request). We also have the huge advancements in torroidal energy coming through, and our understanding of Birkeland Currents is reshaping our world and how we view it technologically. We don’t need oil as a source of energy. We haven’t needed it since the 1930s.

    I’m not certain if a frontal assault on the pedophile network would do the job. Those assholes are too rich and can buy too many goons to protect themselves. But we can remove their profit schemes. Without the profit from oil, the war machine grinds to a halt. Without controlling the flow of drugs, they can’t afford goons. Without goons (3000 security personnel for Davos?), they have no protection. At all.

    Their time is near over. I pray for sooner rather than later.

  5. lorrieloudon says:

    I agree with above definately , and on that note would like to ask how many people are helping Veronica Keen in unblocking the Ley Lines at Tara , I think this is so so important as it is also connecting with the Stone of Destiny being found and rightfully returned their from where it came , the one that was meant to be given back from westminster to Edinburgh is a fake , I am helping some people who are searching for it and have put them in touch with Veronica perhaps Jean you could look into this as the ley lines there in Tara are very important yet not in the public eye as we know why , neither is the history behind the Stone of Destiny being looked into , and I would say the urgency to get it Home this Year is Paramount for all.

  6. Anisha says:

    Again, Jean, I just want to thank dear Frank O’Collins for all his dedication these past 25 years of his life to such an extraordinary ‘world project’ model. His is such an indictment from the record and keeping in mind he knows a lot b/c his old uncle IS a Jesuit and he himself almost joined their society but took another turn.

    There is also another document, a book on Jesuit conspiracy called, ‘The Vatican Assassins’ by Eric Jon Phelps. (Warning: Eric is a fire and brimstone multi-generational, Huguenot, Puritan Baptist and he is likely THE most outspoken against Jesuits. He considers Alfred Lambremont Webre and Frank O’Collins Jesuit coadjutors)…lol ;o

    If you can ignore his ranting and biases, his research is really good. It is an 800 page of amazing skullduggery of all things ‘Jesuit’. There were parts that were hard to read just like One-Evil where the darkness is just so damn evil. I recall how all these unearthing of facts from the record helped to flesh out my own intense focus on English/European and American history from 16th century to present. The Jesuits are always there in the background somewhere orchestrating the latest ‘plot/false flag in the world stage…always keeping in mind it was the Society of Jesus that was given the banking charter from Pope Alexander IV in mid 16th century…

  7. An ” Auschwitz memorial” is the same as a 911 memorial. Pride and arrogance about “the bad things that have happened”. Whether those things have really happened or not is immaterial. The controllers just want to maximize our arrogance and anger in any way that they can.

  8. Kieron says:

    To add to this, I noticed that the “holocaust remembrance day” (lowercase intentional because my ancestors endured a holocaust as well but they don’t guilt-trip the world over it day in and day out) is April 16, the day after “income tax” payments are “due” to the Infernal Revenue Service in the United States. A celebration of the annual extraction of our current/currency (energy), I daresay.

    Let this be another way that Americans, in particular, can withhold (pun intended!) their consent to the perennial cash grab from the offshore racketeering operation said to be based in Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico means “rich port” or “port of riches” in Spanish, but a port or portal is also a doorway, a door for our wealth/energy to be sucked out of the country. Interestingly, a law called the RICO Act stands for Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act. Coincidental similarity in name? Doubtful! See Cornell University Law School’s definition of racketeering.

    We’ve been CON-ned long enough.

  9. Dasa says:

    This idea that Devil worship permeates world leadership and the “elites” reveals a pathology in the West that has to play itself out by reaching the point of absurdity. It is the core belief in the existence of a Devil within certain societies projected with the hysteria of our times that we are helpless creatures in a universe torn between good and evil, and evil may be winning. This same broad brush of “devil worship” has become a facile but useless method of explaining our plight while relinquishing personal responsibility for managing one’s awareness and state of mind. It is a core meme of the Judeo-Christian/Islamic era that has burdened humanity long enough. Once the individual becomes centered enough to contemplate his own creative responsibility for his moment to moment state of mind and living experiences, such juvenile rationales as “Devil worship” lose their hold. The devil worship concept and fear is a tool of the manipulators. Let those who keep repeating it and referring to it reflect on this until they claim their mental and emotional sovereignty.
    Then, with their birthright of freedom, they will walk in peace and relieve others just by their calm presence.

    • Jean says:

      Dasa, I respect your statement, and I think there is a great deal of truth to it, but I do not agree with it fully.

      The fact is that we do have these beings here on the planet who do worship Satan, and they do this in an effort to keep our vibrations low and to keep us from understanding all the truth of which you speak. There is more than one way to solve a problem, and I think you have provided one, but I think we must acknowledge the very real existence of this situation and take back our power and assume responsibility for what is going on in order to stop it.

      Does the cart have to come before the horse in this situation? I think not. I think it could be a ‘whatever works’ situation, because humanity has really had a tough, tough of it. . .

      Here is a story that explains what I am saying . . . .

      Traditionally, in the past when the merkaba was taught all the right brain and emotional work was done first before the left brain work was introduced. When Drunvalo began to teach the merkaba, sometime in the 80s I think, he had very little success with it. After consulting with other ascended masters and the like, he decided to teach the left brain history of humanity in effort to open the right brain. His thinking was that if the left brain had a handle on the reality of our existence, then the right brain would be more willing to open up and do the emotional work — and he has been proved correct!


      • I concur with this –“The devil worship concept and fear is a tool of the manipulators.”
        You can not “fight for peace”. If devil worship is there, and is a problem, you can not fight against it. It is good to be aware of it, but the manipulators are using our attempt to be more aware of this against us, by creating organizations and movements to fight against it instead of just seeing it and letting it go. The manipulators thrive on our anger. They can not survive when we are at peace and when we broadcast Love and Compassion.

        • Anisha says:

          I agree Hamilton, you can’t “fight for peace”. I have discovered for myself that unless I seek, claim and practice the Maxims of Equity, I will never have this state of being called, ‘peace’ on earth. I also notice particular pseudo religious institutions constantly spreading this ambiguously unauthentic social “meme” called “peace”, yet are NOT interested in giving their focus to American Equity Law (Golden Rule), is my litmus test between truth and self deception…

    • will iam says:

      Thanks for this thread of comments! The powers that think they are must be having a deep dark guffaw as ‘they’ think of those who visualize their blood drinking human sacrificing rituals.

      That is what makes for real celebration for them as they propose their toasts to the ‘newly enlightened’! LOL…… and the beat goes on

  10. Bradley says:

    Wow, Im really impressed! We’ve got a reader who really is starting to “get” what is happening behind the scenes! Never have we collectively gotten so CLOSE to the truth as we are now getting! That the WHOLE of the ELITES who control the world – and those in power in the CATHOLIC CHURCH are indeed “old world” pagan religious fanatics who still practice SATANIC SACRIFICES – MAKE OFFERINGS TO DEMONS – DRINK BLOOD – MURDER AND KILL in order to “send” corrupted energy into the grids and the ley lines of the Earth.

    Only NOW is it starting to make sense WHY they do this! Before the fall – we lived in a much cleaner – purer – reality where these so-called ELITES could NOT EXIST! They literally had to re-create the 3rd dimensional zone into a dark reality based on horrible satanic practices in order to cause it to fall to a low frequency vibration where they could stay in bodies and rule over us!

    This page, as pointed out:

    . . . shows the lay lines and the grid and where the actual concentration camps/death camps were located – precisely located in order to SEND AS MUCH DARK ENERGY INTO THE GRID AS POSSIBLE! Once in the grid, it immediately reflects back into the energetics of the planet – and thus to those magnetically connected to it.


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