Alfred Webre: VIDEO – SevenGate Update: Charlie Hebdo was unsuccessful SevenGate false flag to start WWIII-Next Steps

If you gave up on the first five parts of SevenGate, Seven summarizes the long story here. Take the time if you can, because you will find it fascinating as Seven talks about the creation of False Flag attacks by the entertainment industry. . . ~J


VANCOUVER, BC – In her exclusive interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre, and in two subsequent evidentiary videos of her own demonstrating an ongoing SevenGate Psyops outside her home in London, UK, Seven reveals for us an in-depth analysis of the January 7, 2015 Charlie Hebdo event in Paris as a SevenGate false flag to start WWIII.

Seven also updates on next steps awakening humans can take to deconstruct the world-wide SevenGate psyops so as to stop WWIII and prosecute a global war crimes racketeering syndicate behind these.

Seven (Charles Seven), a musician and concepts innovator for TV/Film/Media., has singlehandedly won one of the U.K.’s largest Intellectual Property theft cases against a psyops theft racketeering syndicate operating within major corporate law firms and media giants, including BBC, ITV, Virgin Media, Channel 4, Scottish TV, notorious syndicate London UK law firms Russels,  Bindman and Partners, and Ronald Fletcher and Co, as well as major networks in 26 nations around the world showing programs that were stolen by the syndicate from Seven including the blockbuster and profit center “Dancing with Stars” on ABC-TV in the USA and CTV in Canada.

The Charlie Hebdo false flag was an unsuccessful attempt by the Matrix powers to spark WWIII using the SevenGate Psyops and its world wide syndicate of compromised heads of state, government officials, main stream media news & entertainment networks, court officials, police, intelligence agencies involved in SevenGate.

At other levels of the “Charlie Hebdo” false flag, the UK and US clandestine forces false flagged France and the French President for his Jan. 6, 2015 overture to Putin and the BRICS nations using SevenGate memes.[1]

SevenGate & the Rothschild global syndicate

Seven’s name is Charlie Seven. Not surprisingly, the Rothschild family bought the “Charlie Hebdo” office building in Paris France where the January 7, 2015 false flag was staged in December 2014, in order to facilitate staging of the event.[2]

Charlie Hebdo means Charlie Seven, which is Seven’s name and is part of SevenGate, one meme the Matrix is using to run its false flag prison planet. The French False Flag = Charlie Hebdo = Charlie Seven = It’s part of SevenGate.

Definition of hebdo


SevenGate Update: Charlie Hebdo was unsuccessful SevenGate false flag to start WWIII-Next Steps

Turn Your News Inside Out

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4 Responses to Alfred Webre: VIDEO – SevenGate Update: Charlie Hebdo was unsuccessful SevenGate false flag to start WWIII-Next Steps

  1. Truthspeaker says:

    Another new Sevengate article to share!!
    SEVENGATE – Massive UK Intellectual Property Theft Coverup – Connection to some False Flags

  2. Anisha says:

    U.S. District of Columbia is one of the Vatican sovereign City States next to the Crown’s City of London, and Vatican City.

    The entire world is divided into PROVINCES each headed by a Jesuit Superior who in turn reports to a Jesuit General (Black Pope).

    Do NOT be fooled by these ‘corporate front organizations’ called Israel and their boogey men. Its all a ‘fictional’ plot unfolding for a ‘fictional’ world. Think about that just for a minute.

    Everyone’s statuses are presumed PUBLIC b/c we never declared otherwise. Until we do, the psychopathic fictional world is given life of its own b/c people ‘believe’ it is more ‘real’ than nature itself therefore GIVING LIFE to a fiction!

    Whoever thought this up is diabolically brilliant. All it takes is to create the ‘conditions’ for somethine destructive to unfold. That is all it takes, then, it occurs in ‘time’ which is also an illusion.

  3. sheryl99 says:

    This is very bizarre and she is hard to listen to at times but her story is unfathomable. The depths the cabal will go to. I have only listened to the first hour and it blows my mind. The video I sent you yesterday too is awesome. It explains the matrix, stuff you already know, in a concise way.

    Sent from my iPad


  4. Spud says:

    this article is on : Zionist Hand Revealed: Rothschild Family Had Purchased Charlie Hebdo In December 2014 (Video)
    If true, its rather like Silverstein in NYC leasing both WTC towers two weeks before 911 bombings. (WTC was considered a money-loosing white elephant at the time). Now he collected billions in insurance, controls the entire site (originally a NY Port Authority property!!), and runs it like militarized Israel, and has gotten WH and Congress to change laws to create their gestapo HLS, and the NSA which routes ALL information through Israel!!

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