Credo Mutwa heavily criticizes Michael Tellinger, Sept 2010

I have been attacked in comments on my blog, comments I will not publish, for calling Michael Tellinger to account for his lack of character. So be it. Character means everything to me. When we leave this earth, all we can take with us is our record of how we have behaved. Maybe this doesn’t mean anything to other people, who prefer to excuse Michael because of his work, but work without character means nothing to me. While how we treat others may not mean anything to those who attack me, I suggest I am entitled to my opinion here on my blog. ~J

Published on Jan 24, 2015

This previously unpublished video was recorded at Credo Mutwa’s South African home on 3 September, 2010, when David Icke and I went to visit the Great Zulu Shaman and Historian for three weeks.

The video records Credo critiquing Michael Tellinger’s second book, TEMPLES OF THE AFRICAN GODS.

Credo picks up the book, and says: “Here’s something that really makes me angry.” And he continues, in style, from there.

Credo concludes: “The world has got to know — before Africa is destroyed, as she is in the process of being destroyed — the world has got to know, what we know.”

I never released the video at the time, as Credo takes Michael Tellinger, and his work, apart.

The video is funny, evocative, fascinating, compelling and powerful. This is Credo at his very best.

It’s totally unedited — inasmuch as there are some interruptions, dogs barking, children playing, a radio in the background… this is Credo’s home. It’s totally real. As was always the case when talking with Credo, we never knew what he was going to say or do next, or what might happen around us.

Here’s an important note. I have no intention to make Michael Tellinger look bad. But I do think that this wonderful, unpublished testimony to Credo should now see the light of day.

Bill Ryan
January 2015…


Note: here’s an interesting little backstory to this release. I had been considering publishing it after all this time, after I had found all the raw footage together with a low quality export I had made a while back for a few people to see. Then, out of the blue, came this, from Alfred Webre:…

This entire page of background on Credo and Tellinger is worth reading. To my astonishment, and without my knowledge, my own e-mail correspondence was cited from 2010. I had written to South African journalist Mel Ve:


Hi, Mel:

This morning when I arrived at Credo’s place I found him sitting outside with Michael Tellinger’s TEMPLES OF THE AFRICAN GODS in his hand. He was exercised and irritated, and started giving a critique of all Michael’s work on Adam’s Calendar – going through the images in the book and explaining how Michael had got many things all wrong and that he had no idea about African culture.

He went into quite some fascinating detail – and when I asked him if he’d spoken with Michael about this, he replied (this is a paraphrase from memory- I have this all on camera): “Tellinger doesn’t want to listen to me – he only wants to use my name.”

Whatever really happened or didn’t happen, there’s clearly an immense wealth of accurate information about Adam’s Calendar that Credo possesses which Michael (for whatever reason) has not included in his book, going instead for interpretations which Credo insists are just plain wrong.

Credo was upset: “Someone has to correct this,” he said over and over again.

As you know, I’ve never met Michael, been to Adam’s Calendar, or even read that book – but I absolutely trust Credo on this. You have to be with him for only 10 minutes to realize that he’s a walking encyclopedia of African history, symbology, mythology and legend and cannot be swept aside.

Credo stated, in fairness, when Michael was right. The impression I got from Credo was that the book is 50% right and 50% wrong. For Credo, one of the few remaining guardians of traditional African history and mythology, this is highly upsetting and almost a desecration of all that he feels he’s trying to stand for.

These discrepancies are problematic and are hard to explain. But they’re real. I have this whole episode on camera.

Love, Bill


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14 Responses to Credo Mutwa heavily criticizes Michael Tellinger, Sept 2010

  1. Anisha says:

    Here is a 5 hour video by David Icke regarding Credo Mutwa. Very very good stuff. Nice documentary.

  2. Anisha says:

    To all of those who would like to connect the dots to what Credo Matwa is trying to say is that at one time on earth, we all shared the same language and “the cradle of all civilization” began in Africa. THIS is of course THE TRUTH!

    I would strongly encourage everyone to look into Dr.Isaac Mozeson’s great discovery and his continued work on what he calls, ‘Edenics’ language that we all once shared without divisions in language and thought, before it was deliberately messed with so the people could be ‘compartmentalized’ and easily controlled. By whom?

    His sought after book called, ‘The Origin of Speeches’ ought to be read by those of us who seek the truth of our history on earth.

    Also, highly recommended, read ‘The Earth Chronicles’, by Zacharia Sitchin, a linguist like his father. Sitchin continued the work of his father who was tasked at translating the thousands of Sumer tablets found in a dig in Iraq in late 19th century.

    Mozeson was tenured professor at MIT in Linguistics dept. Once he made his discovery of a common, universal language he calls, “Edenics”, a ‘PUBLIC’ presentation, his entire career was utterly destroyed. He lost his tenure. And WHO destroyed him? It was fellow Linguist, Noam Chomsky, (likely acting as an agent for powerful entities behind the scenes) who wrote a PUBLIC letter refuting Mozeson’s work making him out to be a complete nutbar.

    Mozeson later went to Israel where he was met with ‘Intelligence agents/thugs’ who took him to deserted place in desert and beat the crap out of him leaving him to die. Some Arab children found him and he was taken to hospital. All of you must know this. There is ONLY one organization on this planet that would seek to destroy all notions of this discovery and that is the private militia of the Vatican itself.

    Mozeson quietly continues his work and many have joined his army of linguists bringing words to him from obscure tribes and isolated peoples and sure enough ‘Edenics’ is discovered by the consonants and the sounds.

    Mozeson’s websites and to order his book go here:

    When one takes in this ‘real’ food, one then is in a position to truly discern. Enjoy!

  3. Jean says:

    Maybe not! I’m asking for info on this. . . he has not addressed the topic of plagiarism and using other peoples photos . . . There is another fellow who never received a penny from MT, as well, and since I know there is a civil action taking place. . . I’m waiting to see the final outcome . . . Hugs, ~Jean

    • JDR says:

      “There is another fellow who never received a penny from MT, as well, and since I know there is a civil action taking place” – Jean

      Who is this other fellow? You discredit yourself by publishing innuendo. Civil actions are filed on the public record. Please divulge!

      Everything about this Credo Mutwa – Michael Tellinger conflict smells of a False Flag attack on CM by forces who for centuries have cultivated the skill to plant lies and manipulate opinion (the press) to create and amplify conflict between two previously peaceful (and loving, I might add) parties and, blame MT for this conflict.

      Sound familiar?

      I saw Alfred’s interview of CM. CM reports that in 2010 someone tells him that MT owes him money, money supposedly directed to CM but entrusted to MT. In my opinion Jean, that’s HORSE SHIT right there. On Alfred’s part, the interview shed no light and was pure drivel. He amplifies this False Flag attack. You and Alfred are so much better than that.

      Tesla said, ” The Earth rings like a bell.” MT is uncovering and sharing how a civilization a quarter million years ago used the fact to harness its energy. Carmen Boulter, David Ike, Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy have each gone to South Africa, met him and seen his dicoveries. None of them are calling MT a crook. To the contrary. In addition he has the attention of scientists who can listen to and measure what we can not sense with our naked ears and eyes.

      Who benefits from the casting of MT as a cheat and liar? The suppression of how to harness Earth magic wins. Humanity.looses.

      • Jean says:

        Okay, I shouldn’t have said what I said. I believe there are about 18 people involved, but I don’t want the flack I will get if I go there. I’ve been receiving emails about this . . . and if/when the time is right, I will say something . . . I made a big mistake. . . I should have kept quiet . . . and not said anything . . . when people are ready to open up, then I will publish, and not until then . . . Hugs, ~Jean

  4. Anisha says:

    I am overjoyed by the way you champion ‘character’ and therefore, ‘honor’, Jean. Its part of the overall healing of this world.

    We see the rise of these opportunistic people who attempt to co-opt and misdirect indigenous memory when an elder entrusts them with such sacred knowledge. By the time it got presented to the world, its as if some white guy ‘discovered’ it. Typical pimp and sleaze. It is simply not theirs to control and share in the first place! The memory that Credo holds is an African curltural Trust not meant for profit. This is something opportunists fail to understand b/c they dont’ give a damn about any one but themselves.

    If Michael Tellinger was earnestly attempting to assist Credo in creating a legacy for his archival memory, he would have worked WITH Credo step by step at his house organizing the layout and the content every step of the way. Michael would have only ‘assisted’ but refrained from controlling ANY of this material b/c it was not his to ‘tell’. It was Credo’s.

    As if this isn’t bad enough, not only is there corrupted information in Tellinger’s book according to Credo and details of things that ought to have been written about, is omitted, but Tellinger hoards all proceeds and has not shared a dime with the elder.

    Such material is naturally given to the world by ‘natural’ people who live there and whose ancestors were there for millennia. These elders are the memory banks for their own people out of pure love and care for all those yet to come.

    • Anisha says:

      I cannot help but suspect the Jesuit’s shadowy hand behind all of this ‘Michael Tellinger Ubuntu movement’. There is always a front, a fall guy who takes the blame but in the end the actual true, important content does not get archived properly as the elder envisioned it should.

      I would strongly encourage Bill Ryan to step in and fill that important gap. An African Cultural Trust needs to be established to protect Credo’s book of memories.

  5. Ri-chard says:

    Jean, let those that attack you for reporting what others have reported that actually know Michael go to his site to support him. I would rather see you not spending your time trying to debrief people with a close minds for considering other possibilities.

  6. Ken Harris says:

    Funny thing. This video has been posted on a few other blog sites, and the commentary is quite interesting. So many comments sided with Tellinger and condemned Credo Mutwa for his belief in the “mythology and fables” that were handed down through the ages in the traditional Zulu way. Like you Jean, I strongly feel that the character of the individual leading any organization is important to the integrity of the movement. The Ubuntu movement, on the surface, has goals and ideals we all can identify with, but the character flaws the “leadership” displays make me question whether there is an ulterior plan or goal that will ultimately result in disappointment or lost hope for those involved. There is still more to this than meets the eye, and discernment is certainly the rule with respect to this ongoing saga. Integrity is everything in this day and age, and Tellinger is certainly showing a lack thereof.

  7. will iam says:

    I have been attacked in comments on my blog, comments I will not publish, for calling Michael Tellinger…….What can be said Jean, people want their heroes. You will be vilified for speaking the truth and getting in their way of searching for that ‘truth’. cheers! Will

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