Lilou Mace: COSMIC GRACE! RETURNING TO SOURCE – Drunvalo Melchizedek parts 1 and 2

January 18, 2015
January 23, 2015
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LIVE INTERNET WEBCAST – March 9 – 13, 2014


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Sedona Online

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You are reading the description for the online broadcast of March 9th -13th 2015 Cosmic Grace workshop. Online tickets include all event days with 48hrs delays for all time zones and flexibility.

This is an advanced workshop for students that have completed the Awakening the Illuminated Heart workshop by any Global Teacher. Please contact an ATIH Teacher through the School of Remembering to complete this course of study prior to the Cosmic Grace Workshop date. You must have claimed a certificate of completion in your School Membership system in order to qualify for this workshop.

Purchasing a Ticket:
If your already a Member of the School of Remembering follow these simple steps.
a. Log into the Membership System
b. Select the main menu item called Workshops & Certificates
c. Select “View All SOR, Drunvalo Online Workshops”
d. Select the Cosmic Grace Workshop read more and complete the Buy Your Ticket Now Purchase

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NOW READ MORE or WATCH MORE about Drunvalo’s Newest Body of Work!

Cosmic Grace!
Returning to Source
Bridging Science & Metaphysics through Meditation,
Imagery & the Expanded Mer-ka-ba!

March 9 – 13, 2014 – Sedona, Arizona

From Drunvalo:

The scientific mind struggles to comprehend the whole universe, but now in 2014, science is coming of age. The carbon/silicone bond and high-speed computers have forever changed how we see and know the heavens.

Scientists are beginning to see how everything is interconnected, and amazingly, time and space do not play a part. The new view of the whole universe is a Living Being where all manifested and unmanifested Reality are connected consciously, and through electricity the Universe becomes alive, very much like the human body. Remember the book “Body Electric”?

Remember Hermes words, “As above, so below; as within so without”. What we can know and see within the Universe, we can apply to our own bodies and consciousness. And what science finds in the heavens, you can find within yourself. Our bodies produce these geometric scalar proportions within the Mer-Ka-Ba that allow us to link back to the heavens in the same way the heavens link to us. We simply have to remember how this Cosmic Grace works and live it.

To begin this adventure, you will discover the biomagnetic fields around your body generated by your heart beat, and how you can access them and connect with other people in ways that have been long forgotten. Then, according to the Institute of HeartMath’s research, we will endeavor to connect you directly with the Earth’s geomagnetic field, where you can experience every living thing on Earth from within. It is just the beginning.

As we are expanding the HeartMath science, we will begin to explore the New Science that is emerging in the world and how it is now possible to connect directly with the entire Universe through personal meditation. It means a study of the expanded Mer-Ka-Ba, and sacred human tantric
energy to expand the Mer-Ka-Ba experience into a realm of electrical/magnetic and plasma field synergy that will, once understood, connect you intimately to all life everywhere.

This is important, for once you are consciously connected to the universe, you will find that the universe has been connected to YOU all along. With this realization, everything in your life changes. This is not faith, this is direct experience. It is the second hidden part of the Mayan Prophecy, which still has 14 months before it is over. Mankind becomes free of the quarantine restricting us to planet Earth.

On the second day Claudette Melchizedek will give you the female way of expressing this male understanding. This gives students another way of perceiving the Reality, and when the male and female way of “seeing” are known and used at the same time, everything in meditation becomes easier and clearer. For certain people, her work is actually necessary or it is very difficult to embody this male information.

On the last day we will experiment with your new found knowledge and go within the Earth to visit the 4th dimensional Plasma Beings. With your newly expanded Mer-Ka-Ba, this will be easy and hopefully very enlightening.

I realize that this new way of perceiving yourself and the Universe is on the cutting edge of science and consciousness. But, what it reveals about your true Self cannot help but open your heart and reveal your heart’s deepest desires.

So I invite you to become aware of an awesome part of Yourself that actually goes beyond ascension.

From my Heart

This event will require you to enroll as a member with the School of Remembering and then Register for the event. There is a step by step video on the help page: Help Page

For support email
Or call 909-378-5247

This is an advanced workshop for students that have completed the Awakening the Illuminated Heart workshop. For information on ATIH Workshops before March Cosmic Grace please go toATIH Workshops
or click on the School of Remembering tab at the top of this page.

Cosmic Grace – Returning to the Source Prerequisites

Drunvalo’s Advanced March 9 -13 “Cosmic Grace – Return to the Source” workshop requires a Certificate of Completion from any of the Global Awakening the Illuminated Heart Workshops. (ATIH)

Certificates of Completion are only issued to ATIH workshop participants in their School of Remembering (SOR) Membership system. You do not need a printed version but you will need an activated version of your Certificate in the Workshops & Certificates section of your Membership tools.

The ATIH Teachers, Event Coordinators and Event Mangers are responsible for ensuring each participant is issued the Certificate of Completion upon completion of the workshop. However, each individual participant is responsible for evaluating the workshop and activating the Certificate in their SOR Membership account.

** Important Note** Email matching between the ATIH workshop record and your Schools Membership Username is used to confirm accuracy for the issuing of a Certificate of Completion. The email of the workshop record must exactly match the email of the SOR Membership login. If the email used to register for the ATIH Workshop is now different than the email used to create the SOR Membership account the Certificate will not issue and you will need to contact the ATIH Teacher and request they change the workshop records to match the SOR Membership email.

Only the ATIH Teacher can access your workshop record and modify the email and name for your Certificate and all Teachers contact information can be found on the “Find a Teachers” link:

For detailed steps on how to retrieve your Certificate of Completion, the Help Page of the School of Remembering provides a Step By Step video.

Help Page: Help Page

The Certificates of Completion video is also available for review on YouTube.

If you attended an ATIH Workshop with Drunvalo and the Certificate is not available you will need to contact the Schools Event Manager.

SOR Event Manager
c/o One Heart Productions LLC
PO Box 687
Sedona, Arizona 86339
Telephone: 928 204 0874

** Don’t Forget** ATIH Certificates of Completion also work with the Schools Tuition Membership program and trigger the activation of an exclusive private “Education” link. The Education link provides 28 special videos created by Drunvalo just for ATIH graduates. If its been more than 5 months since your ATIH workshop these 28 videos discussing the primary ATIH Subjects and Meditation Strategies are highly recommended viewing prior to attending the new Cosmic Grace workshop. Instructions to activate the Certified Tuition Membership Videos can be found at the bottom of your Membership home page: Log In Now

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