Riders on the Storm – The Doors HD

Published on Feb 17, 2013
Thanks to J, who shares: We’re rising. We’re taking a stand. We’re mounting our offensive. We’re breaking through when you least expect us.

Rest in Peace Ray, you are with your old friend now
MUST SEE for Doors and Jim Morrison Fans Live Video Performance in HD
The song was recorded at the Doors Workshop in December 1970 with the assistance of Bruce Botnick, their longtime engineer, who was co-producing the recording sessions. Jim Morrison recorded his main vocals and then whispered the lyrics over them to create the echo effect. This was the last song recorded by the members of The Doors, according to Manzarek, as well as Morrison’s last recorded song to be released. The single was released in 1971, shortly before Morrison’s death

I put this video together to get a sence of how it may have been, the live video was taken from a concert in Toronto Canada 1967 the song, the end.

Another great concert, try this – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y-2Tz…

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2 Responses to Riders on the Storm – The Doors HD

  1. Bill says:

    Had this on a cassette in my old 65 Dodge van back in the 70’s! Probably listened to it 800 times! Sometimes when I was sober! Still great!

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