The Gathering of Elders in Sedona in April of 2015 in the Context of the Mayan Calendar

January 20, 2015
by: Carl Calleman

The shift in the Mayan calendar that took place on October 28, 2011 (according to the archeologists on December 21, 2012) has not yet been adequately debated. As the consequences of this shift did not conform to the expectations many people had, the discussion about the meaning of the shift was simply dropped by a large number of people and some even questioned whether the shift had had any consequences at all. Because the shift was so multifaceted, and occurred simultaneously at nine different levels, the expectations of people with modern worldviews were often thwarted and it may be only now that we can fully see its implications. In my view, the Mayan calendar remains the most important tool that humanity possesses to understand its past and future and the fact that this calendar was terribly misrepresented in the years prior to the shift does nothing to detract from its importance. There is indeed massive evidence from the course of history that shifts in the Mayan calendar lie behind all evolution of human civilization and its significant changes in thinking and acting. It is a calendar unlike all others in that it is not based on the material or astronomical reality, but on metaphysical changes affecting a global mind that human beings are in resonance with.

The fundamental fact that was missed by many was that the Mayan calendar describes a system of nine evolutionary waves running in parallel. Thus, the only ancient Mayan inscription describing the shift that we have now recently gone through, the Tortuguero monument 6, states that Bolon Yokte Kuh, the Nine-support entity or Nine-step entity, would be “witnessed in its full regalia.” Bolon Yokte Kuh is then the name for the metaphysical entity, or if you like Creation god, that in many Mayan temple sites are symbolized by a central nine-storied pyramid. Each of its levels, or steps, then develops a specific frame of the global mind and the sum total of these is referred to as Bolon Yokte Kuh. The purpose of creation is to bring humanity collective speaking to the ninth and highest level of the pyramid. The meaning of the inscription above is then that we will now be able to be in resonance with all the nine waves, “the full regalia”, of creation. The shift we have gone through was a multilevel shift affecting nine different waves of evolution simultaneously each of which affects specific aspects of human life. We should not be surprised that it brought us into a multidimensional reality and that its consequences were complex.
Fig. The Nine-storied pyramid, Bolon Yokte Kuh, with the different polarities of the human mind and their times of activation. Note the absence of filter on the 9th Wave allowing for the emergence of unity consciousness.

The appearance of “the full regalia,” of this creation god was thus not the result of a shift in a single calendar, where everything would suddenly change for the better (or the worse). Instead, it was a change affecting nine different creation waves simultaneously and the results of this shift may often seem contradictory. Hence, while there continues to be eruptions of terrifying violence, a spiritual awakening is at the same time going on that affects large numbers of people. The background to these conflicting effects of the shift is that people are in resonance with different levels of Bolon Yokte Kuh. Some are for instance in resonance with waves carrying a dualist global mind (see Fig), whereas others are in resonance with the unfiltered, and highest, ninth wave of the Mayan calendar system. This ninth wave, which was activated as recently as 2011, is what has brought an entirely new possibility of manifesting unity into existence and as it continues to run it will over time increasingly attract the world to this possibility. So far however the ninth wave has only been active for a few years and only toddlers have been fully born into it.

In some cases, people that have been spiritually prepared may just spontaneously find themselves in resonance with the Ninth Wave and manifest the divine will of unity consciousness that is now for the first time in history available to us. But overall, such a shift in consciousness, the transcendence of the dualist minds created by lower Waves on the nine-storied pyramid, will have to be actively intended. Then again, intention is not enough, most of us will fall short many times to attain ninth wave consciousness. Yet, we have to continue to attempt to reach the top of the pyramid and be in resonance with the high-frequency ninth wave of unity that creation is striving for. It is on this level that we may unify with All That Is, the Divine Spirit, and gain the insights of how we are to act as individuals in concert with The All and the Divine Plan. Only such a unity will provide the collective path for the Return to the Garden of Eden, or Happy Hunting Grounds, depending on our particular cultural backgrounds.

Hence, things will not suddenly change over night at a particular date. For a world of harmony to be created from this multidimensional reality, and humanity to Return to the Garden of Eden, it will be necessary that people intend to be in resonance with the Ninth Wave and create a new social and mental reality based on the unity consciousness that this Wave carries. This, I believe, is the context of the gathering of elders in Sedona in April of 2015, a metaphysical context that is different from what it was like before the shift in the Mayan calendar.

Exactly how to attain this state of unity will depend on where we are as individuals, but some awareness of an otherworld guiding us humans may be helpful. Another thing that should be pointed out is that a mental state of unity, or Oneness, does not mean sameness. Instead, the gathering in Sedona in April of 2015 is about diversity is unity and honoring the varied cultural expressions that humanity has produced in different parts of the world. It is about coming together as one and leaving behind, or at least set aside, the kind of rejections of or condemnations of “otherness” that for millennia were generated by lower dualist levels of the nine-storied pyramid. In my own understanding, we at least now, after the 2011 shift in the Mayan calendar, have a possibility of manifesting diversity in unity with full appreciation of our individual differences that never existed before. The activation of the ninth wave meant the beginning of a new possibility of unity for humanity, and as we work towards it, we will over time increasingly become able to manifest it as a reality.

Reaching the ninth wave consciousness, where because of its high frequency things just seem to manifest very quickly, is about what shamans would call removing the veils to the world of spirit. It is about unifying with the divine and following its guidance and setting the will of the ego aside. The ego is not an eternal part of the human being, but a product of lower waves of our climb of Bolon Yokte Kuh. Now, after the activation of the ninth wave, we may begin to transcend it. You may say that the ninth wave is about experiencing that all things are connected and follow through on this insight in all of our actions. This is all possible, but what it will take of us is to perform ceremonies and other spiritual practices that honors, and help us attain a state of mind beyond the dualist and the downloading of energies that are truly divine in origin.

As part of this collective process the Sedona Gathering will be part of, and help organize a global meditation: “Spirit of the Earth” on Earth Day of April 22, honoring unity in diversity by manifesting a global medicine wheel including the four corners of the world. The global Medicine wheel will provide a common context for people wherever they are in the world to participate in the Spirit of the Earth Meditation. It is a means for everyone to be connected with everyone else as well as to the Spirit of Our Earth. In some places Medicine wheels may also be created locally or regionally, but a wide variety of ceremonies may be created to honor the Spirit of the Earth depending on what feels right to local organizers and individuals across the world. A map has been created for this purpose at where participants may find out about locations where ceremonies are taking place.

But for unity to become durable, and continue to manifest as parts of our everyday lives, it will need to be grounded in our physical reality. The transformation we undergo must not only be an inner one, but also manifest in the external world of our social and technological reality. The state of consciousness of the Ninth Wave must be anchored in us and continue to be manifested in unison with others. For this reason the elders at the gathering in Sedona will also discuss the future of energy technology (see to solve the climate crisis. Another initiative is the One People Tribal Nation Charter (see ), open to everyone favoring true sustainability. To give structure, and permanence, to the honoring of the earth a clan system, with clan mothers as leaders, is being created for those adhering to this tribal charter. This again allows for diversity in expression with a primary loyalty to the common earth of the human race.

It is because the ninth wave now has been activated and Bolon Yokte Kuh, that is the calendar system in its totality, can be “witnessed in his full regalia” that time has come to manifest projects such as those above. The possibilities of the world have changed, but it is up to us to choose the possibilities that are the most aligned with the Great Spirit, or the divine. In the final analysis, this will not happen without our intentions to create something new that consistently serves the Earth and the spiritual unity of humanity.

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4 Responses to The Gathering of Elders in Sedona in April of 2015 in the Context of the Mayan Calendar

    • Jean says:

      Captain, in the future you can really help me out if you will also leave the title . . . I know, yes, that it is already in the link 🙂

      Thirty Things I Learned As a U. S. Marine

      Hugs, ~Jean

  1. Dasa says:

    The moment “Divine Plan” is included in our thinking, we place ourselves once again in the position of being lesser or lost creatures trying to figure out what the “Divine Planner” has in mind for us. This is accompanied by repetitions of the idea that the individual ego is a less than helpful product of our lower nature that we have to subdue and overcome or even renounce if we are ever to “rise” to that higher plane where we realize the unity and are free of the divisive, selfish ego. (that we regard as almost a cancer on the individual and the world.) Both of these lines of thinking are continuations of the externalized focus and separatist mentality that want to be accepted as sincere efforts at seeking the unity. On the one hand, we look to some supreme being to reveal His wishes to us because we are sure HE wants us to achieve something wonderful. On the other hand, we are sure a part of us, the ego, is to blame for our difficulties in finding oneness with the Divine Planner and His Plan.
    Noticeable in these concepts is a lack of personal responsibility and individual knowledge of the spiritual essence that is the individual. The Divine Plan and ego as enemy ideas are still looking “out there” for the Super Person who designed us and our universe and to a selfish part of each of us that we need to strip away if we are ever to be happy and realize our true nature. But, the out there is only another fiction we become enmeshed in to avoid looking within to the creative being resident in each of us – the very “planner” who is unknowingly using his/her godlike powers every moment to create that moment’s contents.
    We have been using those powers by default, stumbling along through our own creations all the while convinced we are being buffeted by external forces and mislead by our own petty ego and in some cosmic struggle to somehow break free so we can realize what the “Divine Planner” wants. This kind of thinking can be recognized as another form of the same up/down, we are stained by karma/sin, we are damaged goods, someone has to save us perspective that has ruled, especially via the monotheistic religions. It has led to the surrender of individual sovereignty and personal responsibility to elites and rigid (one way only) religious/political ideologies those elites claim only they can interpret for and dictate to us if we have any chance to “get off the wheel of karma” or be included in the Rapture.
    The ego is in fact our own creation and integral to the awakening we long for. It is far from being a rigid and destructive add on we must catch each time it tries to get us into trouble and one day cure ourselves of. It has become popular to regard the ego as an enemy the individual has to defeat in order to advance spiritually. Instead, the ego is a partner and a necessary one. It has the capacity to expand to include any and all inner realizations the individual achieves. It is the very identity that changes constantly with each personal experience, “inner” or “outer.” Yes, it can become dreadfully overfocused on the external. But there is an inner counterpart that is not so focused, but rather fully aware of the much larger identity of the individual. It is constantly sending messages to the outer ego to assist the individual in every small and grand detail of that person’s daily life. It guides us in so many subtle ways just beneath our conscious awareness. It can be recognized as an intuitive impulse we choose to follow, or ignore. It can speak to us in our dreams.
    We are, in a way, like a person with two faces, one facing out and the other facing in. All the meditative and spiritual practices are for the purpose of quieting the face looking out long enough for the outer to realize the oneness with the inward looking face and that the idea that only the outer world is real is quite incorrect.
    We are actually much more alive and active in inner dimensions – an aliveness and identity we are destined to one day embrace joyfully. We can become intimate with it by our dreams and meditation.
    Let us put aside trying to fit into a Divine Plan. The creative impulse of All That Is energizes our every moment of existence from deep within as us and effortlessly creates the world around us as easily as we breathe. It flows out of us and then we experience it with our senses and react to it. We are not here to struggle to understand a divine plan and slay our pesky ego.
    The plan, if one must be described, is to encounter experiences until the realization dawns and deepens that ALL experience is one’s own creation, and, that the joy we are here for is to fully embrace each moment as our own and to create experience consciously rather than by default.
    Then, the physical world and the externalized ego will have served their purpose and the individual is free from this plane to go on to another where he/she continues to grow and to learn.

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