A Statement from ~Jean, regarding the work of Bradley Loves

Christmas 2014

Christmas 2014

People are asking for a pdf or an e-book of Bradley’s writings, and I’m delighted to do this. Since this is going to take some effort for me, I’m not going to be able to spend as much time as I would like on my blog for several days.

Please allow me to share with you why I think Bradley’s efforts are so very important.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about Bradley’s very important words first expressed in Part Four that what we are actually involved in is a frequency war, and I agree with him. Then in Part Five, he begins to give us a way out, or solutions to our problem.

At the same time, I’ve been thinking a lot about President Putin, and the truth is when I really go down deep, I don’t really know if Putin is ‘with us or against us’.  I see two possible outcomes: that Putin will take us off the fiat dollar, yes, but then he could 1) flip the cabal on its ear, or 2) simply be a part of the take down of the West and the shift of the financial system to the East, at which time we read that the plan is to do the same to the East as what is in the process of being done to the West — decimate its physical resources and its people.

When I stopped my wishful thinking about Putin, I realized I don’t have the answers to how this will play itself out, so I then asked myself how can I/we stay somewhat in control of this situation, no matter which way it goes?

The answer that came to me is so very simple!

If we are not really fighting a financial battle but are actually involved in a frequency war, then we already have control of the situation. All we have to do is recognize it and act on it.

This brings me back to the work of Bradley Loves and why I’ve decided I’m going to support him and the interests of so many readers in having this material for themselves. In case you haven’t realized, Bradley has been giving us the answers all along.

His words also agree with the indigenous people’s words that WE ARE THE ONES WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR.

One at a time, our icons have been falling — and maybe this will eventually include Putin. I’m watching to see if gradually we are finally coming full circle to the fact that only humanity, as a whole, can stop this frequency war. There will be no saviors/icons. 

To fight such a war, we must be willing to become our own gurus and follow our own paths. The indigenous have told us we must be ready to change directions on-a-dime, and while I always thought this referred to the many traumatic and dramatic earth changes we were led to expect, I now think it may also include walking away from our so-called leaders – or not, as you choose to see these situations. 

Here is a statement Alfred made on his Facebook Page that caught my attention, and while Alfred uses the terms allies, I would go further myself and use the words friends and colleagues: 

CONFLICT WITH FORMER ALLIES?  There is some underlying dynamic at work here that for me began Dec. 9, 2014 and is still playing itself out.

THIS PROCESS of conflict with former allies may be driven by Matrix technotronic interference. It does involve stratification of frequencies and is very uncomfortable to participants and observers alike as it deconstructs perceived established relationships of trust, authority, legitimacy, hierarchy, and alignment. The New Testament verses that come to mind are those of “Brother shall fight against brother; two shall be working in a field. One shall be taken. One shall be left.” The nuances here have to do with stratification and ascension through frequencies of densities of consciousness. Graduation from prior classrooms and associations. Conflict can arise when the same event is viewed from two different densities of consciousness and one of the perceivers is triggered into the fear-anger cycle. IMHOA

We have all noticed the sheeple who refuse to look at the truth, but what I myself have also recently become aware of is a group of people I’m starting to call the spiritual sheeple, those people who choose to live in love-and-light without looking at reality. I have to wonder how they can ever possibly expect to be free of fear (a necessity to enter the higher dimensions) if they refuse to heal their own traumas and rid themselves of their personal, individual fears. I always thought the idea was for us to live a reality-based life while at the same time becoming enlightened. In other words, we are to lovingly involve ourselves in the reality of every day life, not withdraw from it to a place of so-called love that is not a part of the real world..

According to Chapter 14, from Nothing in This Book Is True, But It’s Exactly How Things Are, which I published last year, back in 1972 the shift was altered dramatically by an event that took place during that same year. If you have not read this material, I invite you to do so, because this material seems to explain why this shift seems so very different from those of the past, with none of the many predicted dramatic tragedies occurring, like the Great Lakes emptying into the Gulf of Mexico along the New Madrid Fault Line.

What this is all leading me to is the fact that I’m getting tired of being yo-yoed from one savior to another, and so I’ve come to the conclusion that we as a species are in reality going to be our own saviors. Many people are saying that we’ve won, and it’s over, but I must question if it really is over! Are we as a species awake enough to stop their frequency war on us dead in its tracks? I don’t think so. So is it really over? How have we then ‘won’?

For it to be really over, I think enough of humanity must get beyond looking for someone to come along and help us, must get beyond avoiding our own issues, must in short awaken to the truth of what is really going on here on planet earth — and be willing to do something about it in the real, everyday world.

Without doubt, I’m interested in following the news, but I surely don’t want to follow it from one negative catastrophe to another over the span of perhaps several more years. This is not something I could have stated a week ago, but back then I hadn’t read Bradley’s amazingly informative articles and had the chance to consider them. As a result, it is my intention in the next few days to backtrack on editing his material, clean it up, and try to make progress towards helping him publish it for all who might find it of value.

For the next days, if  you choose to leave comments, please leave only those which will inform and help us move forward in our understanding — and I include here 3D information that helps those just awakening and/or new to my site. If you leave a link, it is really helpful if you take the time to also leave a title, so people know what the link is about. Many thanks!



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25 Responses to A Statement from ~Jean, regarding the work of Bradley Loves

  1. Thank you Jean. I must say, I enjoy reading your well expressed and clearly written articles. i feel the passion in them as well. I look forward to more of your wonderful writing. Hugs, C.

    • Jean says:

      Thank you! I had to do an early morning errand, and as I drove I had some thoughts that I might just put out into the Field . . . Your words encourage me 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

  2. Paula says:

    Brilliant article Jean…….just brilliant – you have said it all. Thank you.

  3. Rance says:

    Hi Jean.

    I was pleased to read your latest thoughts on Putin. Personally, as much as I would like to believe that he will be the ultimate good guy, we all know how disappointing heros can be when they don’t deliver. When the plan for our “saving” has to do with the money system, we had better be sure that we really understand it, and I truly don’t think we do. For instance, the existence of old bond issues and heaps of gold and resets and revaluations and global accounts, etc ad nauseum ARE IRRELEVANT if we understand where real economic value comes from- the effort of people in service to one another. Forms of money and financial arrangements are secondary and dependent on those who set the agenda. Any world wide structure is primarily a control structure! The only criteria I would use to finally decide the motives of any leader would be an admitted recognition of this fact. That would entail a DECENTRALIZATION, not a further movement to a global apex. Any new technologies should support this decentralization, which is the main reason they are suppressed, in my opinion.

    I think Bradley Loves has a lot to offer to the discussion in general, but like Putin, I have to reserve judgement. (As I’ve said before, I will take the best and leave the rest.)

    Without wanting to be too critical of someone who (also like Putin) has played a valuable part in our own “light processing” (as Max Igan has said), I have serious questions with regard to the central idea of “consent” and “tacit agreement” as the glue which holds us in place. I have often felt exactly the same about this, and about almost all of the ideas he presents. Nevertheless, it is really an interpretation of the way things are as opposed to a presentation of indisputable facts and conclusions.

    With the understanding that Bradley may be completely right about everything and that my thoughts on the matter may be out in left field, these are the thoughts that have come to mind:

    Since we are compromised from birth (at least) and manipulated in almost every way, are we truly conscious? If not, how can we bear (total) responsibility for our thought processes and decisions?

    Inasmuch as we are conscious, we must certainly be responsible- but only up to that point, right?

    In law, we have concepts of competence and right-mindedness as measures of responsibility in legal matters. This speaks directly to the issue of “consent” in contracts and agreements, does it not? How then can one be held responsible for conscious actions by those who have done everything in their power to eliminate the capacity for clear thought and intention and consciousness?

    Can a child blown up in Iraq make a decision to alter its fate? I know some would say that this child is here to teach others about what not to do.(!!?? An expensive and unnecessary lesson, surely.) In any case, the child is in this world now. Has it the capacity to change its fate?

    Parents recognize the lack of capacity in their children and that they must be taught up to the age where they can be responsible for themselves. Why does this lack of conscious capacity not apply to the human race that has been dumbed down, manipulated, abused, poisoned to within an inch of their existence?

    It is certainly a fact that we must regain this capacity, but the topic now is with respect to whether or not we are really giving consent to our own demise.

    In our own agreements with one another, and reflected in common law (we hope) are ideas which make contracts binding. When any or all of the terms and conditions are found to be faulty, the contract is null and void. A sane person will not fulfill the obligations of a contract in which certain conditions have not been met. Without getting into a philosophy of contract, I would like to illustrate by a very simple example: Would you hold a child responsible for its own life after you have given it a gun to play with? Is a Manchurian candidate responsible for his actions? If so, why did he need to be programmed? If you don’t know the law (statute) and can’t understand the language, how can you be responsible for actions you may take that may be judged as unlawful with respect to such laws, hundreds of thousands of which have not been read by the judges, let alone the population?

    The human race has been essentially disabled in many ways so that the idea of conscious consent may be somewhat nonsensical with respect to many issues.

    It is very useful however, to have those you would control believe that their ironclad consent HAS been given if you want them to fulfill the contract or submit to contracts imposed upon you.

    If we have free will (and that may be questionable based on the same criteria), then surely it begins with knowing what to consent to, knowing and understanding all of the implications of your actions (which is really only possible if you are FULLY conscious).

    Those who may believe we are duped into binding contracts don’t know the criteria for a binding contract, in particular one in which you have been duped. The overlords of human manipulation may believe that they are holding a “get out of jail free card”, and we may buy it. But I don’t think a wise Creator is fooled by board game rules, do you?

    In the end, it’s quite simple. It’s time for the people to make the rules they consent to follow. Throw out the rest with the garbage, where it belongs.

    (Understanding the fraud in financial matters is an essential step in this direction.
    http://www.forallyoureworth.com/ )

  4. Karma007 says:

    Stay neutral, that is the name of the game. Don’t let emotions get the best of you and your vibration. Look what they have done with the snowstorm Juno, this shouldn’t be breaking news.
    We’ve seen snow before, go outside and enjoy it, ski, toboggan or sled ride. Don’t fear the snow, we need it in our aquifers to replenish the water we’ve wasted.

  5. Ian MacLeod says:

    Jean, and everyone – just a quick summary if I may? What I take from almost ALL of this here, and it’s an idea that’s spreading llike wildfire all over the Net – is that where we are now and where we’re heading is about CONTROL: do we allow “Them” (self-described teachers, saviors, saints, prophets, materialists, spiritualists…) to control us, or do we control ourSelves? That seems to be what it all boils down to. After all, what is choice anyway? And every spiritual idea I’ve ever read emphasizes that WE HAVE CHOICE! That is control, and we’ve owned it from the Beginning. For what it’s worth, while I enjoy learning from others who’ve been around longer than I or who have learned something I haven’t, I’ve never felt good about turning my own internal Power over to someone else. I don’t like being led around on a leash, or having people attempt to FORCE me into some other shape. I learn quickly when I want to, and while I’ll never be pretty, I’m told I CAN be pretty doggone stubborn!

    There are just too many people, organizatons, etc. that are trying to shout “I’ve got the answers! Do what I tell you!” Bullfeathers. We ARE the answer, and being there for each other is part of it. Being there for ourSelves is the Beginning and the Continuation, and THEN we can be there for others. Or so it seems to me. Thanks for all your hard work, and you and All, for your caring! Be well, Be True, keep centered and keep all THREE eyes open if you can, be careful about taking things at face value (there are lots of power-hungry liars out there these days), and we’ll meet when and where we’re supposed to!


    • michelle ward says:

      You wrapped it up. And as for all the teachers out there good and bad (to coin our expressions of duality, positive negative. The ultimate answer lies in taking your power back and to as your put it and hitting he head directly on the nail “control ourSELVES”.

  6. Sacredpeaks says:

    Jean, I will convert any of these articles that are requested to a pdf format. Just let me know how you would like me to proceed with that and I will do it.

    • Jean says:

      I believe I can do this in Word . . . and someone else has also offered to help, as well. Thank you so much, and I’d like to put you on a ‘list’ in case I should need your help . . . 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

  7. Duane says:

    I just came across this article – haven’t even finished reading it and already I know this is what we need an understanding of – right now!
    I have been following the author for a long time and I trust his insights – especially concerning this.
    If – you have time, check out his previous posting of articles by “G. W. Hardin” where our multidimensional nature is discussed.
    The Title of this link is “How to “Spin the Light” and increase the flow of light from the Creator Source into a Human Being”.

    I don’t especially want whats added below listed in a post but if you would like to discuss this more please contact me. Additionally I would like to recommend that you personally check out http://www.zptech.net – what they offer will help to heal you faster and to enhance your connection to “all that is”. The only way to describe what these materials are is to watch a video on the subject given by David Hudson (an Arizona farmer (the rich kind – but very down to earth)) at the following link for YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0IgYp4Noz90 Titled “David Hudson | Ormus Conference Enota 2011 [Full Video] this is “long” but gives a very good overview of the product. There is a good excerpt (10MN) with the following title and link follows – Ormus – The Transformation Powder ! 11/13 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VJSG0EWbIjQ
    email if questions or can also Skype or call as I have VoIP phone. I personally use the products described at zptech and can recommend either the Kinetic powder or the Zenergy+ liquid or anything that they sell that you are attracted to is always good.

  8. lecox says:

    This is what I have been taught, but it’s a hard lesson to learn, isn’t it?
    It is one thing to understand the situation intellectually and another to act on that understanding with total conviction. After all, what we are waking up to is the requirement that we begin to trust ourselves if we are to retain any amount of control over our own lives. And the realization that more involvement in life and living seems to be part of making this happen, not less.
    It’s been hard for me, but I’m glad I ran across someone who was willing to tell it like it is. At least it gives me a place to start from. Bradley’s work isn’t bad, but my teacher got to me first, so I will stick with him.

  9. libra says:

    Jean can you contact me via email i have converted my odt doc to a pdf. have a look over it, not sure if everything is there but it’s something to work from.

    • Jean says:

      Libra, I will do my best . . . but I’m not ready to do so yet . . . Let me make some progress here first . . . 🙂 Thanks so much and hugs, ~Jean

      PS I can also save word documents as a pdf, which is where I do my editing for Bradley . . .

      PPS If I don’t get back to you in a few days, please remind me . . .

      • libra says:

        LOL will do !

        • Jean says:

          Libra, if you are still interested, please let me know. I think in a couple days I will have it edited. I can’t – and don’t have the time to learn – set it up as an e-book, and I think that is what it will be – likely one. I now there are templates that can be used, etc.. . . If you still want to help, please let me know. I do want this to look professional for Bradley, and I think there will be more to follow . . . Thanks and hugs, ~Jean

  10. Ilex says:

    I wonder if what Monte was talking about – the ley lines in California and surrounding area – once they are freed or unblocked may help us in this endeavor? Time to get to work folks. 🙂

  11. mary says:

    Jean In my opinion you are correct.. it is about frequency, which in turn is about us being the only ones who can get us there.. I fought against this for years, but when you finally realize it all the pieces of the puzzle fit.. the constant stream of negative news. What does it do? it makes one angry afraid, and very sad, along with a feeling of helplessness. That is a low frequency. I believe every thought we have vibrates to a frequency, and we are all connected in consciences, so if we continually try to have positive thoughts, so will others. And if we send out thoughts of we are one, we will rise above this, they will not win, that goes into a frequency and others pick it up.. I believe this a the great secret they keep from us. All the destruction is not just about blood sacrifice, it is about keeping us in a lower frequency. They have made us so afraid, that to think we have to do it ourselves is unthinkable . Please Please if anyone reads this, everytime you have a negative thought stop it immediately. I am guilty of it, and when I catch myself I say, no all is well, we will win .Sometimes I “see” my good thought go into my pineal gland, and like a “email” I send it out to all. Sometimes when I am driving, out loud I say to others in cars, Passing, awake, look at what they are doing, and I “see” us rising up in unison, away from the low frequency of earth, on to a higher dimension, and I get in a better mood!! Sometimes I see the world in spirit, holding hands and rising up and out together. There are so many ways to visualize it. when a song of love and good feelings come on the radio I sing it to the world, and I see us raising up. You have touched so many people, lets rise up out of here together!!

  12. Secretariat says:

    Lady Jean,

    Your own thoughts (or words as most would have it), germane to “we as a species are in reality going to be our own saviors,” are more true in this reality than most are willing to face.

    And, until they do, none shall eternally demand of us, what we are eternally required to perform.

    That is, to judge even the mightiest of Creation even unto the smallest things of this reality!

    This is our living stewardship in honorable statecraft to perform! And we shall continue to perform, until all passes before us honorably forthwith & eternally afterward forevermore thereby…:).

    This reality has no hold on us except our own choices to do our honorable best to stand in the Wisdom of Divine Law and to defend all walks of life seeking good will as good neighbors thereby!

    Once anyone begins to realize what you now know or have expressed in both your heart, mind & soul (body), you will forever be challenged by those who are ignorant of this Wisdom of Divine Law! But, at the same time be strengthened in true knowledge, if you remain steadfast in Lady Wisdom’s care for service of the Wisdom of Divine Law.

    All our best for your continual advancements toward exercising Wisdom of Divine Law and prudent judgments required to maintain good will toward all walks of life via variation by agreement thereby.

    All our most precious regards to our breathren & all walks of life seeking honor.

    Until then, I AM…

    Your friend In law!

    Most graciously….’In Honor We Trust’
    Magnus Regnant of Sovereign Earth Alliance

    Link: http://www.seagov.net/.
    Notice: U.P.C. Applicable.

    P.S.: Please forgive any incorrect scripture, syntax or grammatical errors.

  13. Kate says:

    Thank you Jean, You have never said a truer thing. Its is up to every individual and the more that do so, the better we will achieve what is meant to be – The Golden Age. Its certainly not here yet and we really have to deal with and release ourselves from the pettiness of our lives. Its the 100th money principle at work. The more enlightened people share and show the way (not exactly help) the quicker our vibrations will attune to the higher dimensions.

  14. DavidG says:

    In all of the seeming complication, the reality is very simple and it involves MONEY and it must be gone. There is nothing more frequent than the problems of money and how money holds back everything. It is the root of all problems.
    This is a frequency war but not of the sorts we generate within us, naturally. It is a money war like all wars and our frequency links to that void concept of money.

    We can do so much better!.. and that is upto you.

    • Jean says:

      NO, David, here I must disagree. While a huge amount of it is about money, it is also about our living in a higher frequency . . we must learn to be in charge of our emotions so that we don’t react, but are able to stop, consider, and then respond . . 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

      • DavidG says:

        Health, Wealth and Happiness.

        When we first enter this world these things are inherent to us up until around the age of 9-12 when we realise the instability of these primal factors. We had them then we had them taken away. (The hard knocks of life). We are coached to search for these 3 key ingredients through education and our quickening awareness that our parents are searching for these things too so off we go on the eternal external quest.

        At the age of 16-18 we are so indoctrinated into the external quest for the basic energetic principles of health, wealth and happiness, it is all consuming.

        Each of these three principles hold a unique energetic signature while connected inseparably, one does not come without the other.

        Wealth is the most intriguing aspect of the trinity and the external search for it the most elusive. Some would argue that happiness is the most elusive while they quest for wealth, if they could obtain wealth then they would be happy. This is a spiral to oblivion.

        Non of these three things ever left us, we just lost sight of them in the complication that exists in our artificial lives.

        We do not need money to represent wealth. We do not need poison to fix our health… AND Happiness was never an external quest.

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