Critical Analysis of David Wilcock | A Resource for the Awakening Human: David Wilcock and the Real NWO (part 1 and 2)

I don’t really see this article as being about David Wilcock. I see it as being about you and me and how we might ride out this crazy storm. That it should appear tonight on my desktop, right after I put out an article this afternoon that was essentially saying I want to stay out of this nutty world of info/disinfo and yet still help positive change to arrive on the scene seems incredibly synchronistic to me.

It has finally hit me that we need to stop running around in circles from one disinfo story to a different false flag story, and simply work to raise our frequency! I hope you will see that this article lends credence to my thinking. ~J

Monday, January 26, 2015
hanks to L. 

Julian and I ran across this information about David Wilcock, and we felt it would be good to review for all involved.

It is far too easy in this day and age to accept things we want to be true, even if they are not. It helps us feel better about our beliefs, if we don’t question them too much. Sometimes we may go as far as to get angry at someone who is sharing an idea that conflicts with our accepted world view. But if the Truth is Singular, if there is but one truth, then if our beliefs reflect it accurately, there is nothing to fear by reviewing data that is potentially false. Matter of fact, it empowers us with even greater abilities to see the truth more clearly.

On this blog we share data from an eclectic array of sources, because we are constantly reviewing information hoping to expand our knowledge. Instead of holding ideas in the realm of absolute certainty – that “mass arrests will definitely happen, because someone said so” – we hold an determine an ideas probable accuracy depending on the data available to support it. In this way, we do not identify ourselves with our beliefs, and it leaves our minds open.

I think that reviewing data from many sources educates us with a holistic perspective, so that when we encounter someone pushing falseness, we know enough about it to offer a premise we feel is more valid in a way that critically addresses the false idea. In this way, holding an idea as possibly true, and searching for all data available on that idea, empowers us to know it completely, and help others when sharing it.

In light of this, we have the following post to share.

David Wilcock, along with Benjamin Fulford, and many others, all represent people who are presenting information many have accepted as fact without verification. But only through verification, do we take an idea that is offered, and make it our own, something that can empower us. Much like learning how to be a chef vs following a recipe, we are not dependent on the credibility of the source if we verify it ourselves, we become our own experts.

The following critical analysis may shock you, but will exercise your personal discernment skills, and help develop the critical thinking needed to see the truth in this age of constant falseness. Ultimately it is ignorance that has gotten us to this point and only true knowledge (personal knowledge, not blind belief in expert opinion) that will empower us as individuals to become truly free, and heal the planet.

– Justin

SourceRedefining God (Archived)

(Part One) Today I’ll continue my “Cru-sade against Kool-Aid” (and my attempt to uplift all those who have been drinking it) by addressing David Wilcock’s latest blog entry. He titled it Financial Tyranny Collapsing at Free-Fall Speed, and it offers what I view as a very fanciful and inaccurate analysis of what’s really happening in our world right now. As I address some of the key points in his article, I will attempt to lay out an alternative interpretation of events: one that shows the Cabal is deliberately imploding their old control structure in order to erect a new, far more robust system in its place.

Our new management team was debuted back on 3/22…

…Did you notice?

And here we go…

Early in his article, David attempts to support his argument by touting the quality of his “insider” contacts…

“Even within the classified programs themselves, there is so much compartmentalization that very few workers with a security clearance ever get to see the Big Picture.

I have had extensive, personal access to at least four major insiders who DO see the Big Picture — or at least a majority of it.

Each of them have worked at levels where most of the hidden information is common knowledge — and they have access to many of the compartments.”

The unfortunate truth about “insiders” is that the overwhelming majority of them are disinformation agents. To establish this for yourself, just do a quick mental calculation: imagine how many true whistleblowers are going to risk losing their livelihoods, going to prison, and possibly being killed in order to feed information to a relatively powerless alternative media person, and compare that number to the number of agents the various agencies will send out to mislead and befuddle us. The first number is likely to be quite a bit smaller than the second, is it not?

In an effort to screen out such disinformation, some alternative media people use a three-source vetting technique. They figure that if they can get the same information from three separate sources who don’t seem to know each other, the intel must be correct. Not so. The three-source technique works only if you stalk the information sources yourself. If the sources stalk you, the technique is useless. Disinfo programs could send you a hundred different sources saying the same thing; it still wouldn’t make their lies true.

To gather accurate intel, the targeted entity must not know what you’re looking for or where you’re looking for it; if they know those things, you’ll be fed disinfo all day long. And if they hand-deliver both the source and the intel to you on a silver platter, such as with the “insiders” who initiate contact with the alternative media people, you’re totally screwed.

That being said, David’s handlers probably give him very consistent info that seems to check out fine, but it is the flavor of interpretation they offer with their revelations that is the misleading part.

And David continues…

These ‘leaks’ are not random. They are not arbitrary. There is a very strong, focused, coordinated effort underway to reveal the truth — with exacting precision.

He is inadvertently accurate with this statement, since the Cabalists engineered the truth movement as part of their strategy to build up the emotional energy needed to tear down the outmoded system and embrace the new system they are preparing to offer.

This disclosure is NOT being orchestrated by the Cabal / New World Order / Federal Reserve / Illuminati / Bad Guys — which is centered in the US, UK and Western Europe.

This is a rather silly statement considering that his own sources are Cabal agents who he says “have access to many of the compartments.” And with this statement, he accidentally stumbles upon the reason for the deliberate disclosure: to establish in the public’s mind that the “Bad Guys” are “centered in the US, UK and Western Europe,” and that the Good Guys are centered in China and Russia.

This is much like a Hollywood production, in which the characters of the drama are being established before the action begins. The Western power elite are being cast as the evil villains who are out to murder us and destroy our world (true enough), and the BRICS power elite are being cast as the altruistic heroes who are doing what they’re doing to save all us little guys ( GMAFB ). This narrative was designed as a mind-screw to put you in a mental state in which you’ll welcome the new financial control system with open arms.

Isn’t it interesting that Snowden ended up in Russia — and is still there — given what we revealed in the last article about how Russia is the geopolitical center of an international alliance that is defeating the Cabal?

Yes, that is interesting — just as interesting as this picture of Putin’s pal Medvedev proudly showing off a prototype coin of the One World currency…

…He did this while hobnobbing with the “evil” Western globalist leaders at the 2009 G8 Summit.

A harbinger indeed…

This is a close-up of the coin he’s holding…

And here is an interesting pattern found on the back side of the coin…

The globalists’ plan is to bring all of the national currencies under the control of an international body in the new financial system (to “stop all of the undisciplined money printing and currency wars“: a problem they created so they could offer this solution), then they’ll slowly transition us to a common currency (still controlled by the banksters from behind the scenes of the supposedly “transparent” new system).

I’ll continue this analysis in Part 2. In the meantime, you might wish to view these related entries:

Lightworkers, welcome to the Borg: Basel III and Total Financial Control

An Overview of the Luciferian/Satanic Blueprint

Love always….


You will never solve this puzzle if you ignore the black pieces…

…and you will never discern what’s really going on in our world if you ignore unpleasant realities.

Well, well, well, Part 1 of this series seemed to stir up quite a little hornets nest. Good! If all the information I offer resides within your comfort zone, then you aren’t growing and I’m not doing my job. For those who haven’t noticed by now, it is not my chosen mission to comfort and soothe you by offering sweet-sounding spiritual pabulum. You can get that on literally thousands of other sites. I’m here to point out the lion that is stalking you so you have the choice to avoid being eaten.

Within psychological circles, there is a phenomenon known as “learned helplessness.” And from observing many “lightworkers” over the past few years, I’ve noticed a similar phenomenon: learned blindness. For many have been conditioned to believe that to challenge information offered you by smiling beings is an act of “negativity,” and that to feel fear in the presence of new information means the info is “of low vibration” and should be ignored. This has been taught to you so you’ll be unable to detect the actions of our adversaries. And it is not only a form of blindness, but of cowardice as well.

If I can tell you anything I’ve learned from a lifetime of making mistakes, it is this:

Flee your comfort zone. It is a prison.

Seek out what you fear, because that is the place where you need to grow.

When you encounter fear, don’t look away. Look it dead in the eye until you stop wanting to blink.

Stare at it until the fear melts away.

Gaze at it until it makes you want to laugh.

And look away only when you learn to love it.

If you are unwilling to look at anything unpleasant, you will be blind to much of our reality. And how can you make the right decisions if you ignore half of the information you need to consider? How can you master a course if you ignore half of the material? How can you solve a puzzle with half of the pieces?

All of the warm and fuzzy false-light stuff has been dished out to us with endless repetition for many years now, and during that time, there were very few offering a counterbalance. For this reason, my writings may be jarring for some. After years of being served nothing but whipped cream, finding a piece of broccoli in your bowl can be a shocking thing. But it’s good for you, so I invite you to consider adding it to your diet.

Let me also tell you something about the Illuminati, the Archons, David Wilcock, and Poof/Zap & the whole Clown Posse crew: I love them all, and more deeply than words can convey. I fear none of them. When all of this is over, I’ll give ’em all a great big bear hug. But while we’re here on this Earth and they’re putting out false information, I will call them on it. I will not stand idly by and watch my brothers and sisters sleepwalk into a snare.

That being said, if you can’t stand my perspective or if it is of no benefit to you, stop reading here and find something else to do. The last thing I want to do is waste your time. And there is no need to try to shut me up if the “good guys” are real and have already won like the Clown Posse says. The opinion of one lone blogger will not undo their supposed victory; they only need fear me if my analysis is Truth.

I’ll now continue addressing key points from David’s new article by offering my alternative interpretations…

We are not in a game of ‘problem / reaction / solution,’ where the Cabal creates the problem and then presents a ‘solution’ that takes away even more of our freedoms.

From my perspective, he is both wrong and right in this statement. He is wrong when he says we aren’t in the midst of a problem / reaction / solution scenario; the layout of it is very clear:

Problem – The evil Western power elite are out to steal everything and kill everybody!!!
(The engineered truth movement has ensured that we got this message loud and clear.)

Reaction – People are both angry and fearful, and are longing to end the old system and start something new.

Solution – The angelic BRICS power elite swoop in on white unicorns to save the day and give us a new financial system and all the money people need.

(The false-light crowd has ensured that we’ll look at our “saviors” in this light.)Pondering this problem / reaction / solution scenario begs the question…Why China? Why would the Illuminati, whose home base is in Western Europe, have the Chinese front the public face of their New World Order?

A clue to their motivations and strategy can be found in this article, titled “Colonial Elite Rules China for the Illuminati.” In it, the author states…

The Chinese people would revolt against overt foreign domination, but embrace their place in the NWO if they believed they were in control.

The Chinese have suffered greatly at the hands of Western imperialism, as has much of the world. As a result, the Illuminati would have trouble roping many nations into a Western-led New World Order, especially the nationalistic Chinese. Since you can’t have a truly global order without the most populous nation on Earth, the Illuminati opted to use their own legacy of destruction to their advantage. Their two-part strategy to do so is as follows:

1 – They set up a China-centered alliance as an opposing force to the Western alliance.
This part of the strategy was hinted at in the mainstream press in this 2002 UPI article, titled “China Wants Its Own ‘New World Order’ To Oppose US Version.” It is common practice for the Cabal to use opposing forces to achieve their ends, and they always make sure they have influence or control over both sides.

2 – They have been driving the world public into the hands of the Chinese alliance.
How have they approached this, you ask?

> They have widely publicized a heinous New World Order planned by the Western Powers while simultaneously publicizing a benign New World Order planned by China and its allies (thus establishing danger from one side and safety from another).

> They have instigated outrageous and provocative action, both economic and military, by the Western powers (this adds a new insight into the open-for-all-to-see Wall Street / City of London criminality and recent Western military boondoggles in Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt, Libya, and Syria).

> They have broadly exposed damaging information about Western nations, especially the US. This is the motivation behind WikiLeaks, Snowden, and a thousand smaller disclosures. And after Snowden outed the NSA’s activities to the general public, where did he run to hide? First to China (Hong Kong), then to Russia. So what is the psychological message? China and Russia (the BRICS alliance) is where you run for safety from the evil US, its Western allies, and all their horrible behavior.

It is really very simple: the Illuminati built a rabbit trap (in the BRICS alliance) that looks like a nice, safe hole to hide from danger. Now they are beating the bushes (with the Western powers) to drive the rabbits toward the trap.

Getting back to David’s statement, he is right when he says the solution phase will not initially take away any more of our freedoms. In fact, it will create substantially more freedom in the short term. They’re planning to loosen our leash and give out money to everyone on the planet so we’ll all welcome and participate in the new system rather than resisting it. And once we are dependent on it, they’ll start reeling in the freedoms little-by-little by switching off the financial lifeblood of those who dissent or who exhibit unapproved behaviors. For more on how they’ll do this, see the Borg entry.

Though there are at least three major, warring factions in the Cabal at this point, not including the Alliance, the one thing they’ve all agreed on is secrecy.

Incorrect. The one thing all factions agree upon is increasing their collective power over humanity. They will moderate the flow from the information spigot in whatever way advances this cause. And I suspect that any perceived infighting among Cabal factions is due to their jockeying for position in the upcoming New Order. Disinformation agents then sell this infighting as serious conflict to support the propaganda effort. Don’t forget that they have fought entire world wars in the past to settle internal differences of opinion and questions of position.

As soon as the public discovers the truth, in mass numbers, the Cabal can no longer maintain control. None of its factions can. It’s that simple.

This is true, but with an important proviso. If the public, in mass numbers, accepts the “truth” the Cabal is trying to feed them, the enslavement will continue. It is only if we see through their game to the real Truth that the herd will shift direction and leave the false shepherds behind. Fortunately, the Cabalists are already losing control of the truth movement. The fact that you’re reading this article is proof of that [and the screaming troll(s) in the comment board is further proof].

Furthermore, if you think that most of the ‘new information’ is over and done with, and life will just go on, all I can say is: You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

The changes these events will produce have barely even started. This will shock and surprise even the most battle-weary, hardened cynics and skeptics.

Thankfully, what we will get out of all this is NOT doom, fear, catastrophe and loss of freedom.

It will be precisely the opposite.”

He is accidentally correct again. The “doom, fear, catastrophe and loss of freedom” trumpeted by the engineered truth movement was meant to panic us and get us stampeding away from the old and towards the new. And when they open the gate of the current holding pen and usher us into the electrically-fenced prairie, they expect us to enthusiastically comply. If we are smart, though, we’ll break through the wooden fence on the other side of the pen and actually be free. In other words, we have to zig when they tell us to zag, and the antithesis of going global isgoing local.

“The biggest surprise — which very few people really understand at this point — is we are now living through one of the most exciting ‘plot points’ in a story that was written long before we ever got here.

This story keeps repeating, again and again, throughout all of recorded history.”

In this last quote of his I’ll comment upon, he speaks inadvertent truth yet again. Humanity is indeed stuck in an endless loop…

At each key point of decision, we keep following the script the interlopers have sold to us, and we’ll never break free until we learn to make different choices. When the false-light shows up to “save us” and lead us through the starting point of yet another cycle of the duality play, we must have the wisdom and courage to say, “NO, we have had enough of your sick script. It’s time for something new.” And when we pick up the pen and start writing our own story, we can finally move on to something better.

On a side note, I thought I’d also take a moment to burst the bubble of the shills who are claiming I’m some kind of Cabal disinfo superspy. Such claims could cause an impressionable person to turn away from information that might benefit him/her, and I can’t allow that. So just let me say that Ken is my real name, and I’m just an ordinary guy.

This is a picture of me with my son…

…at his high school graduation last year.

He was born two months prematurely and suffered complications that resulted in cerebral palsy, so I’m his 24/7 caregiver. I am no superspy. I am no Masonic Grand Poobah. I don’t go out of body to some high spiritual council when I’m asleep. I am no channeler of mother/father god wannabes. I am no reincarnation of someone famous. And I am no starseed, hybrid, walk-in, wanderer, or any other kind of exotic being. I’m just a home health aide (the most esteemed and highly-paid of all professions ).

Due to my limiting life circumstances, I have lots of time to observe and think. And as a result of all that observing and thinking, I sometimes notice things that may be of benefit to others, so I share it. That’s it. That’s all there is. If my writings drive you crazy, go read somebody else’s work. Nobody is forcing you to read this. But if I’m bringing you something you feel you need to hear, stick with me and I’ll share everything I see and everything I know. No payment required.

I love you very much….

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77 Responses to Critical Analysis of David Wilcock | A Resource for the Awakening Human: David Wilcock and the Real NWO (part 1 and 2)

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  2. Rebecca says:

    Hi Jean Your statement
    It has finally hit me that we need to stop running around in circles from one disinfo story to a different false flag story, and simply work to raise our frequency! I hope you will see that this article lends credence to my thinking. ~J

    Yes totally agree and it seems to be hitting a lot of people. Even those who are doing an excellent job of exposing the lies.
    Also the false flags of late, Canada, Sydney, Paris has been like a toxic dump into the human collective which now needs to be cleared. And of course people are on edge everywhere, inside or outside the alternative waiting for the next shoe to fall.
    We all need to come up for air and connect with who we truly are.
    light and love

  3. Debbie says:

    Great article – I’ve been reading Ken’s redefininggod blog for a couple of months now – he writes with great intelligence and I believe him………..I used to kind of believe David Wilcock but he is all about DAVID, over the top self-promoting and that began wearing very thin – no one thinks more of DW than David! And then claiming to be the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce…………I started to smell a sham…talk about service self – it’s all about the amazing DW and how great he is!
    What was the last straw for me was when Rumor Mills began running Ben Fulford disinfo followed immediately by David Wilcock response – back-up analysis – I began to get the impression that the CIA (or whatever disinfo group) was probably sitting a room scripting the two at the same time. I mean Fulford could just go ahead and change is name to Ben FULL-OF-IT, those imminent arrests have been NOT happening for some ten plus years –
    Anyway, Jean I remember a month or two ago I gave you a wonderful article that was very in depth about the Khazar Zionist Rothschild deep, deep involvement in China. But now I can’t find it…maybe you have it in you archives somewhere………
    Anyone supporting BRICS should take a look at how the general population lives in any of these countries – for the most part you are talking about ruling elite rich doing the dictating to a country of starving, poverty stricken slaves………I would sure never want to live in any of these poor and oppressive countries……….
    Rothschild owns it all…………..
    We simply must breakaway from ALL Central banking and the Khazar Zionist rules….

  4. will iam says:

    Its called divide and conquer Jean. Get rid of one false profit and replace them with the new and improved one. I am amused you are falling for it again with your investment in Gold (water), but at least you don’t have any more money to throw away, and thats a good thing! Cheers!!

  5. Visionkeeper says:

    Not saying anything bad or good about anyone mentioned in the article above but I do have one question however. Why should we believe Ken any more than DW? He writes as if the truth pours out his fingertips, but how the heck would we know for sure? Just saying….Time to stop listening to everybody and tune into yourself. If we are meant to know something it will get to us even if we are in our pajamas at the kitchen table. We don’t need to look for answers except inside ourselves and what we are meant to know will find its way to us…..VK

  6. ElveTwelve says:

    And when they open the gate of the current holding pen and usher us into the electrically-fenced prairie, they expect us to enthusiastically comply. If we are smart, though, we’ll break through the wooden fence on the other side of the pen and actually be free. In other words, we have to zig when they tell us to zag, and the antithesis of going global is GOING LOCAL


  7. darkStarAz says:

    David also said Obama would go onto national TV to interview an alien by the end of 2014

  8. darkStarAz says:

    Jean, are you absolutely 100% sure proof positive we should all watch the last Goldwater Report in which Scott reveals some factual information about David Wilcock’s association with Neil Keenan?? For real? Are you absolutely sure? For real? I feel like I just heard a late nite radio commercial that gave out an 800 number six times at the end.
    Great article TY for sharing.
    Should we all check that out though? That gloater thing? you sure?

    • darkStarAz says:

      That goldwater thing? I mean? OK Ill check it out.

    • Jean says:

      Listen and then you tell me! I respected David Wilcock! I’d listened to his lectures and realized how much he understood! When he came out with Financial Tyranny, therefore, I bought into it! What if, instead David had exposed Neil, instead of going for the almighty dollar? When Scott gives the full exposé, you will see how I was played and played and played! David was a big part of it! Financial Tyranny has been totally discredited, and David was forced to apologize back at the end of 2013! Did you know this? How many of us knew this? THAT was something he didn’t blast all over Divine Cosmos! And people speak as if character doesn’t matter! Are you kidding?
      PS Who introduced Drake Bailey to the scene and gave him legitimacy? David Wilcock! I kept telling Neil to stay away from him, but now I understand why he wouldn’t! All three of them were a part of the scam on me.

      Say what you will about Scott Pollack! He doesn’t look fancy, but he gives FACTS, and he doesn’t lie! He’s an honest man, and I can’t say that about any if the rest of them!

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    • Jean says:

      If you listen to the Goldwater report, you will understand that David Wilcock made a deal with Neil Keenan to ghost write Financial Tyrrany, a book that is a fraud. hugs, ~Jean

  10. John says:

    Dear Jean, on that same blog I think this is even more profound…so accurate.
    Best, J.

    • Jean says:

      John, I am going to have to count on my readers to find this story through you. Yesterday, I began to learn to walk with my lower back in the proper position, and after a lifetime of doing it incorrectly, I’ve had to get in bed early tonight. The muscles in my legs are screaming at me. Last night they spasmed all night and seemed to be saying ‘mske up your mind! 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

  11. John says:

    This post is tmho one of the most accurate one can find today. Pls check it out. It subsides all mist that whome ever out there is trying to spray.
    If this doesn’t wake up ppl nothing will I’m afraid….

    • Ron says:

      John, thanks for the link. It helped me answer in the negative the questions in my head about the validity of the meme of the “BRICS are the White Knights” which some in the alternative press are espousing.
      Additional clues are that Putin, as a KGB officer certainly has blood on his hands, and is pushing nuclear power deals with other countries. How could he after Chernobyl and Fukishima? Instead of releasing suppressed alternative energy technologies that should have long ago replaced coal, petroleum, natural gas, hydroelectric, geothermal, nuclear and wind turbines, he’s making deals for nuclear power plant construction! And by pushing more oil and gas, which Russia is rich in, he’s delaying the introduction of clean alternative energies which only helps the elite at the expense of the planet.
      What about China’s record on human rights? Ask the Chinese slaves working in Foxconn’s factories assembling iPhones and iPads how that’s working out. And I vividly remember the Tienamen Square massacre and the infanticide of female Chinese infants.
      Brazil? What a beautiful country, rich in resources but infested with blatant political corruption. Recall the demonstrations this past summer during the World Cup when Brazilians took to the streets protesting the billions of Reais spent on soccer stadia while they were told that there were no funds for adequate public schools, hospitals and transportation.
      Your link really helped put it into focus: watch what they do not what they say, so I have to conclude that Putin, Li Keqiang, and Dilma Rousseff are puppets of the Globalist Banksters.

  12. Anthony says:

    Hi Jean,

    Great article, even though it was published almost a year ago (or two?). It seems that Ken just keeps getting rediscovered, and that is a good thing!

    Another great, timely article on the world economy was published just today by Brandon Smith, and it sums up much of what is going on very well – link:

    This year will be like no other economically, and being able to step back and look at things from a holistic perspective will benefit people greatly. Understanding what is really going on is crucial, especially in light of what really IS important: raising our collective frequencies. Truth is the highest vibration, after all…

    • Peter S says:

      Anthony, I agree with everything you say here. And, yes, what a great article by Brandon Smith–his intelligent, thoughtful commentary ranges from insights into the onrushing police state on a par with John Whitehead’s, to articles like the one you cited which is similar to Ken’s great work on the macabre public “play” that is being orchestrated to induce intense fear then impose “solutions” which involve the end of human freedom–and the end of human freedom forever.

      But we in turn are not bereft of options–and in fact, we are the decision makers here, not “them.” They only have the power we give them, and it is time we withdraw our consent to their control over us, and to their control over anyone, and withdraw that consent forever.

      Human consciousness is a pulse wave. We can all feel it. We are all part of it. Everyone counts. Everyone has value, and dignity. It’s really that simple. And ALL of us know this–it’s just a question of whether we know that we know this.

      Think of when you first began to see this. Remember the sense of recognition, “I always knew this, I just didn’t know that I knew this.” And what was our response, our inner response, when we first realized this? Was it pride? Of course not–it was the opposite of pride. It was gratitude, and humility, and thankfulness.

      IMO, there are no “lightworkers” no “insiders” no “adepts” that are super duper special elevated above others. I don’t mean to be critical of the good-hearted people who believe this, who have devoted their lives to wanting good things for humanity, and often paid a heavy price for doing so–and they did so for us. I’m just pointing out how limited and limiting a view it is to then conclude that there are some more “elevated” people and some less “elevated” people. We are all human, all of inestimable value and worth. And we all know this. It actually takes work, hard work, to deny and suppress this awareness, and, conversely, is immensely freeing and empowering to simply accept what we all know to be true.

      So it all ends up a question of truth and love, and respect for the inalienable sovereignty of each person–ourselves, and everyone else–the authority that each person has over his or her own thoughts, feelings, beliefs and actions; respecting each other person’s sovereignty in turn. How easy is that to grasp? Very. How does that compare with what’s being offered as an alternative? Control, degrading, belittling, fear. Not a very hard choice being offered here.

      It’s as easy as that.

  13. Detlef Georg says:

    Someone predicted quite correctly that the informer and misinformer will be very hard to separate in times to come. And this time is her now.
    It is not very difficult for me to see who someone is, what s/he is on a soul/spirit level.(The terms are often used incorrectly, or most don’t know the difference)
    What is the level of integrity and the accuracy of the information provided.
    Are they service to self or service to others, would be the primary question.
    Alfred Webre I is mentioned on the top of my screen, he is according to my info heavily in service to self.
    Besides that I prefer the integrity level of David Wilcock then that of the author. And I have to say I don’t know who wrote this article. But every thing that is written has an energy imprint which can be easily traced back to it’s origin.

    • Jean says:

      I think you have it exactly backwards about David and Alfred, so when you speak of energy imprint, I must question it. . . I speak to Alfred frequently, and I know him to be honest. I trusted David’s spiritual efforts and when he wrote the book Financial Tyranny, I jumped on it – only to find out recently that it has been thoroughly discredited and David had to offer an apology to Russian TV. Now the Goldwater report says that Neil Keenan engaged David to ghost write this book . . . this is based on facts . . . I suggest you take the time to listen to it. . . If David had made other choices, things could have been very different . . . what if he had exposed Neil instead of going for the MONEY?


  14. Tracy says:

    Jean & Friends,
    Yes – Ken’s perceptive observations definitely resonate with me and with perfect synchronistic timing indeed.
    And, yes Jean I highly agree with you that we focus or: “raise our-individual” frequency; and therefore all “collective” frequency will be enhanced to elevate as well. Thanks for the share. 🙂
    Discerning in Peace,

  15. charlie says:

    thank you Ken that was written with heart. thank you for sharing your information with all of us.

  16. jimmy says:


  17. Alex says:

    I don’t think he is beating up David Wilcox and I personally don’t think David Wilcox is a Cabal shill. What I do think is this man is correct in his view that running out of the hands of the Western Cabal into the hands of Brics is just getting right back into another version of the same system. I also think correctly this author has identified that the opposite of going global is going local, that is the zag for the zig. Yes decentralization IS the key to freedom and the way to pull out of the game and disinfo. Naturally the new world order or Brics seeks to control via centralization. Centralization offers a single point of failure and a single point which captured creates corruption. The idea of a two party, two house government in the US was to create a series of checks and balances to avoid centralization and a single point that is vulnerable to capture and corruption. That is why all moves to federalize and centralize are a warning that we are moving in the wrong direction. We know that if we do not move toward centralization fast enough then the Cabal creates a situation (usually an unpleasant one) that pushes us in the direction they want us to go. Whether it is a false flag shooting on a mass scale to influence us to give up our arms or an outbreak of terrorism in a country to allow us to invade. So decentralization is your yard stick by which to measure all this confusion. Resist it and wake others up to this fact. Vote with your dollars, buy local and organic foods whenever and wherever you can. Try to resist Walmart and generica, is it evil? No Walmart is not evil, however it is a growing centralized superstore that could turn into a single point of corruption or failure. We have seen in the past when we allow centralization we are handing over our options and decision making to a group that essentially we are saying, is smarter than we are.

    As far as the ‘truth’ movement. I don’t think there are as many Cabal shills in it as may seem. It seems to me many good intending people basically make up the version of ‘Truth’ that they see and when someone disagrees with them they point the finger at that person and scream”Cabal shill!” When in reality it is just two somewhat similar people who know something is wrong, want something different and happen to disagree. We probably trip over ourselves a lot! As far a Fulford or Wilcock or Drake. They don’t really matter that much in the large scheme of things and may say whatever it takes to get you to follow. Maybe it is ego, who knows.

    • Jean says:

      Obviously, Alex, you haven’t taken the time to listen to The Goldwater Report in connection with David Wilcock’s work with Neil Keenan! Hugs, ~Jean

      • Alex says:

        Ill check it out!

        • Jean says:

          🙂 Good! Hugs, ~Jean

          • susan says:

            I had always loved DW. Went to one of his seminars, read his books, all that. However, none of his top insider info ever seemed to pan out and I kept getting the feeling that he was being duped. Until! Drake and Keenan came along, BOTH introduced by him. Makes ya wonder! Or at least, I wondered.
            In the end, as you said Jean, it doesn’t really matter. This is about us. We’re ALL in this together and WE Have to be the Change We Want to See in the World! xxoo

          • Jean says:

            Susan, David made a deal with Neil Keenan to publish Financial Tyranny, a totally discredited book. Like you, I admired David’s spiritual research and writings, but apparently the lure of financial gain was too much and he worked for Neil. If he’d been honest and exposed Neil, because I respected David, I might have been in a very different financial place right. Of course, I will never know . . . but I know I would have thought long and hard if David had chosen another route and exposed Neil. Hugs, ~Jean

            PS This is all given a factual background on The Goldwater Report, which I realize people did not listen to . . . ~J

  18. Karin says:

    I am scanning the internet to see from where the “back side of the coin” that shows the Lucifer picture is documented. Does anyone else find the source of that? Or have I misunderstood something. Why is that picture in the article? Where does it come from?

    • Jean says:

      I wondered,too, Karin, and came to the conclusion that it is not ‘visible’ in the sense that the symbol is the invisible basis of the design that we do see. . . Hugs, ~Jean

      • Peter S says:

        Jean, Karin, I wondered about that too. I think if you look at the images more carefully, what Ken is showing is the actual image on the back of the New World Currency presented by Medvedev in 2009 is a stylized Baphomet. He provided an actual Baphomet image to show how clearly that’s the case. That is, on the energetic level (Bradley, Ken, Zen, Jean, et al, all understand this and in their work help others see this) the stylized Baphomet (not a literal Baphomet) has the same impact subconsciously on the person who views it. Btw, this works both ways, just as Bradley, Ken, Zen, Jean and others understand and share with others. Respect for the inalienable sovereignty of every person (their thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and actions), not allowing oneself to be programmed at the individual or collective level by people and interests (and not consenting to them doing so to others as well), has an energetic impact that is life giving and humane, and is free gift to others. Btw, I don’t mean to single out Bradley, Ken, Zen, and Jean for praise though they are each worthy of praise–this is what virtually everyone does in many areas of their personal life, because most people are basically good and decent and want to do the right thing, not only for themselves and their families, but for others as well. That’s a powerful, powerful quality of humanity that when (not if) fully understood and fully acted upon will have staggering implications–and all for the good. But my gut tells me waiting for good ETs or good white hats or the good guys in the Pentagon or the good guys in China or Russia may be looking in the wrong place for the solution–if in fact there is any solution out there at all that involves us passively waiting for someone to save us (I don’t know if there is). The solution may be in our hearts, in the way we regard ourselves, the way we treat one another.

    • John says:

      It is clear if one “looks” for resemblance it becomes obvious. As usual it’s in plain sight…
      (tried to upload an edit of the two pics laid over each other, but it seems not to work. To bad, it shows pretty clear what they try to convey. )
      I also looked for more info about the coin. On the official site I found this interesting “detail” that there are plans for the NWO currency to undergo a public test run at the 2015 Milan Universal Expo. Check it out :
      The info is probably put up there around 2009. After looking into the site of the MUE I didn’t find any link to the fact fwc would be represent itself on the happening, but maybe I overlooked.

  19. Sunscape says:

    Bingo. I’ve already sensed for quite some time that all this chasing around to root out info/disinfo is a distraction and an insidious tool to keep the populace in confusion. Let’s not lose sight of the big picture!

  20. Oliver says:


    TY for the above piece I think there is a lot to it. David Wilcock is commenting a lot on Benjamin Fulfords Monday newsletter and I’ve learned to use my discernment when reading both of these lads comments etc..

    Nobody has the whole picture … which is very apparent when reading stuff.

    I’m not sure about the BRICS or anything…. but hang in there folks…

    Hugs Ollie

    • Jean says:

      These guys are both deeply involved with Neil Keenan . . . I suggest you listen to The Goldwater Report, which I recently published, for factual info on David Wilcock, who I think should have stuck with information regarding the spiritual world. I think his ego got the better of him, but he was quite willing to mislead all of us, wasn’t he? Hugs, ~Jean

      • Oliver says:

        I can’t do other than agree, David’s epic whistleblower’s are just too much to handle for me. I love his spiritual work but the rest… na leave that to others..
        Hugs Ollie

      • Ian MacLeod says:

        HI, Jean, Everyone!

        I wanted to add (and not that I’m saying David didn’t make a mistake, but which of us doesn’t, as you’ve pointed out too, Jean)… but in a society based on money, the blasted stuff is the ticket to almost everything, and take it from one who knows, WITHOUT IT one’s choices become extremely curtailed. Without it the phone and computer don’t work, you don’t eat, the inside of the house gets kinda chilly, your vehicle stops working (mine did recently, and since I can’t walk more than about 50 feet – very slowly – without my legs giving out, it’s a real inconvenience), and the only available food is mostly toxic. I suspect that David got sucked in because he wanted the freedom of choice, the greater reach that money allows – in his case he can reach more people. He doesn’t strike me as someone motivated by greed, though I’ve been wrong before (understatement). As for him blowing his own horn, if you don’t yell “LOOK OVER HERE!” sometimes, you message doesn’t get out, and if you’re good at something, if YOU don’t know it, how are others to? Isolating and only working on our own spiritual condition, maybe with others doing the same thing also doesn’t do a lot save for the individuals who are at that point, and are able and ready for it. That leaves out the majority. I guess we can hope for “the Hundredth Monkey” principle.

        Money in many ways equals freedom to make your own choices, but to gain enough becomes a treadmill, and those things are hard to get off of until they stop! You end up enslaving yourself in another way trying to gain that freedom. Lack of money in this society is simply the “freedom” to starve, get sick and find no treatment, etc. Been there too, and with the societal conditions now, I’m closer to that than I like.

        It’s really looking to me like this trap everyone agrees we’re in is more complete than most people realize. I mean that no matter WHAT direction we take, we still seem to run into the Cabal’s barbed wire. It all looks different, but it’s there every blasted time so far. The only real-looking (to me, of course, and at this time) solution appears to be to somehow rid ourselves of the people responsible for the trap, and they’re probably the LEAST vulnerable people on the planet! Gladio units might be able to do it, but guess who controls them. Look up film maker David Crowley and the almost-movie “Gray State.” It’s frustrating, confusing, and… of course it’s designed that way. They’ve had a long, long time to plan, and to set things up. Almost all of us came to even this much truth rather late in the game. Not too late, I hope, but at this point I don’t see anything that someone else can’t debunk, and there goes yet another layer of rug yanked out from under my feet. As for spiritual solutions, I’ve met some very impressive people who advocate this, but maybe I’m just spiritually tone deaf or something like that. While I pick up on things that make it almost seem like mind-reading sometimes, it could just be observation of minutia too. Well, I was awakened, as usual, by cats, arguments outside at three am, the phone ringing at 6:30 this morning, and just plain old pain (nerve damage; 7 back operations). Maybe a little more sleep (I unplugged that infernal phone! One day I intend to use it for target practice!) will make things look a little different.

        Be Well, All, and Take Care!


        • Jean says:

          Here’s what I’ve said about mistakes, Ian. . . It’s not the mistakes we make, but what we do about them, how we handle them. We’re going to see . . . 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

  21. qisukshaman says:

    Yes, Jean, a truly nutty world: I wish to give you this little insight that you may find useful – or not…

    I have done a bit of research re. Swissindo claiming to be a part of UN. and I have learned this: This is the UN entry page. Click on it and do a search on Swissindo/godskyearth and all that. It came up negative when I tried. Welcome to the new vision – Neo The United Kingdom of God Sky Earth UN-GSE (Capital letters)
    This link goes into what looks like the UN entry page – with a little addition: UN-GSE. If you go into any of the UN normal pages, you cannot find anything about UN-GSE, Swissindo etc. At least I could not.

    If you click on the UN-GSE link, it takes you to this webpage which claims to be a part of the UN and other UN organizations, using their logos etc.:

    I have not bothered to contact UN to hear what they think about this little addition that they have been gifted – could maybe be interesting to do. I just drew the conclusion that if UN and GSE are in the same boat, it would be found on the official UN website…..

    Big warm hugs

    • Jean says:

      What I’ve learned, sadly, is that many, many were trying to cash in on the coming shift . . . and they were/are all willing to tell us that someone is going to make it right for us. I don’t agree with this anymore . . . I’ve learned some tough, tough lessons . . . and the main one is that they will keep us dancing as fast as they can so that we don’t ever realize WE ARE THE ONES WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR!

      Thanks for sharing this info 🙂


      • I agree with this statement wholeheartedly. If you are not familiar with the Kototama principle I urge you to look into it, you may find it very interesting!

      • Oliver says:

        Spot on .. Jean … the SWIFT system is owned by HSBC which is the old mans bank and the RUSSIANS are developing their own credit cards with ehm MasterCard?!! For all of I know the US and Allies are playing bad cop and the BRICS good cop.. while their are dealing with each other behind the scenes.

        There is only one winner here and as always it’s the banksters. Just look what happened to the CHF when they suddenly de-pegged from the USD… their value hit all time high!

        The IRAQI DINAR the VND and the Zimbawe dollar are all pegged to yes you guessed it the USD.. so lets do a little test run with Switzerland and pretend that we are surprised!

        How stupid do they think we are… fortunately we have forces from within ourselves on our side as well as cosmic energy so sorry guys you simply need to leave this scene!

        Hugs Ollie

        • Jean says:

          Thanks, Ollie, it seems I’m finally getting the picture 😉 I’ve been working on it for years . . . now the question is – How Do We get Others To See The Truth? Hugs, ~Jean

  22. Shelia says:

    Excellent, excellent analysis! Thank you so much. I will definitely be sharing this one.

    • Jean says:

      Make sure, though, that you suggest they listen to the most recent Goldwater Report in which Scott exposes not only Neil Keenan but David Wilcock’s part in the whole debacle as well . . . Apparently, for money, David was willing to sell his soul and ours all at the same time. Hugs, ~Jean

  23. lvarrow says:

    Aloha and Good Morning. Yes I believe that the false Light is more gross than the actions of the Cabal. Within a very short time my discernment has grown and it is getting easier to see the threads of truth amongst the cloth of lies. Personally one of the ways I see the lies is through the way information is given. DW always talks about himself no matter what he is discussing. His arrogance shines through. This set a bell off but I bit into the information anyway. Thanks for this information and the love that shines through. In recent meditations I have been feeling that all the food lines of information are drying up and starting to rot as well. There are less channeled info and what is out there is the same carrot just dressed up a bit different due to channeler’s opinions and wants bleeding into the messages. I think my very first blog reply not understanding that this was J’s blog was my outrage about Ben F. Now I trust my reactions a bit more because it is the first bell of “watch it now.” We are growing up and learning. I feel that if we don’t get together and create some sort of Rule book on how to deal with visitors from anywhere coming to our Home then we are gonna get stuck in another bullshit drama. I for one will not go there. It is a very narrow path now we are on with just enough room to put one foot in front of the other and we are all walking single file. Be safe and thanks for posting your picture of you and your son. I feel the love from you and I give it back to you. Now is the time for True Blue Speak. Peace and love and understanding and respect, lvarrow

  24. beanie says:

    This is a great article he makes some interesting points.If you recall the teachings of Christianity in the book of Revelations there is the scenario of the Antichrist. Seven years of tribulation the first three and a half are to be full of prosperity the second half nothing but hell on earth.Look and see how this correlates with what he is saying in this article.The Bible is a book of symbols and allegories most Christians are taught to take it literally.I have been saying for a long time now we need to stop looking for a savior and look to ourselves and stop complying with this system.On the surface things are not as they seem and the stories are proving to be false Drake,Keenan,Fulford ect,ect.Even though I must say it is entertaining. All of this stuff is designed to keep us going down one rabbit hole after another even though some of what they say is in part true.Like I tell people there is enough truth in the doctrine from Christianities version of the Bible to make it believable.There is a song by the Who.There’s a new Boss same as the old Boss we won’t be fooled again.So beware of what you believe to be true.I put no faith in politicians regardless of where they are or what they are saying.

  25. Mansur Khan says:

    @Ken. The photo of your son really touched my heart, such a precious young man. Have you heard of Reconnective Healing? Please consider it for your son, it might help him in several ways.

  26. Alison Stewart says:

    Dear Jean:
    You are the best curator of the alternative view of world events! This article is spot on. Thanks so much for putting it out there.

    This writer has done an excellent job of putting together the colliding fragments of black and white, and then saying let’s just walk away from this too.

    When Nikola Tesla wrote: “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” ….He (Tesla) offered us the key to the door of the psychological prison.
    The author of the StilnessBlogSpot, just put the key in the door. Now thru love and persistence in keeping our vibration positive, we collectively will turn the key, and walk free.

    Best wishes for a lovely day, Jean………..much gratitude, Alison
    (thank you for just using “A”)

  27. Aileen Gallagher says:

    Interesting article. I’m a big fan of David Wilcock and know he means well but all the stuff about the arrests that didn’t happen made me wonder about his sources.

    • Jean says:

      Aileen, apparently you haven’t listened to the most recent Goldwater Report in which Scott details some of the relationship between David Wilcock, Neil Keenan and the writing of Financial Tyranny, for which David eventually had to apologize to Russian Television . . . It seems David was willing to be led astray for money – and he was also quite willing to lead us all astray, as well! Hugs, ~Jean

  28. Marilyn says:

    This article is an absolute “WOW”….definitely one to save, re-read, re-blog, pass around, etc …hope it’s ok to translate it into Italian. Hope part 2 comes soon !

    • Jean says:

      Yes, and I also ask that you take time to listen to the most recent Goldwater Report in which Scott details some facts about David Wilcock’s relationship with Neil Keenan . . . I think a translation into Italian would please Ken . . . 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

  29. Susanna says:

    Hi Jean , your comment at the beginning of the artical is just what i was thinking the other day , i feel i seen enought read enough went i can not believe this enough and then to do that that all over again with the next thing they seem to pull , as long as the cabal is doing what they are doing there will be disinfo flaseflags ect and i feel am getting tired of sifting through yet another guru’s wisdom who seems to know it all , this will only keep us where we are , yes raise your awareness, i feel we know quit enought to be and know where we suposse to go.
    This Ken has his head on his shoulders in the right way perhaps that comes from not being in the scene but carrying for another human being ,his son, keeps your grounded.

    • Peter S says:

      I think what everybody commenting here is saying, each in his or her own voice and from their own sense of what’s right, that serving this power structure in any way, even for “good,” involves a profound sense of “offness” or unease, where serving humanity involves a profound sense of “rightness.” Everyone appears to sense this. Someone asked me why everyone is so angry and upset all the time. I thought about it and replied that we are forced into acting as Elois or Morlocks by the power structure (if you will recall HG Wells’ The Time Machine–a masterful piece of predictive programming like much of his work) and we’re not meant to be either Elois or Morlocks. We’re meant to be free.

  30. kibitzer3 says:

    Thanks for this posting, Jean.

    It hits the key nail right on the head: Any financial system to replace the current one that is still
    based on interest-bearing money (& its other training wheel, fractional-reserve banking) is simply more of the same, keeps the same nest of vipers in place. It is the precise counterfeit (that’s how these things work; action-reaction and all that physical-laws stuff) of the REAL system to take its place: a global system of sharing/exchange based on Love (the stuff of the Creation), which moves ineluctably into a moneyless system. Not one based on someone profiting from it, except us all. As ‘spiritual beings having a human experience’. And then The Play is over. And we inherit The Real Thing.

  31. Stacey M. says:

    The problem with this plan is, We, since childhood have been indoctrinated to believe that China and Russia are the bad guys. Now, given the fact that We the People have a kind of infatuation with firearms and the 2nd Amendment and I don’t know about you, but most of the people I know don’t even want to think about the truth movement. I try to tell my own family what I have found out about why things are messed up, their response is “I don’t care”. So if China or Russia suddenly became our “masters” I don’t think they would be received with open arms at all.
    I have put a lot of thought into the trap theory. I mean we have been lied to so much that you can’t trust anything you are being told. However, if that is the plan it’s not going to be pretty in the USA.

  32. ohnwentsya says:

    Reblogged this on Spirit In Action and commented:
    Thank you Jean! This sums up exactly what I have been saying for the last few years tjough this gentleman makes it much clearer and easier to understand than I could. I started to feel in 2011 like so much of the new age/truth movement blogging, email lists etc were like fish weirs to capture the minds that were questioning but not yet free.

    One thing I noticed is the tendency to play everyone off against one another. Imho every group, organization, religion, philosophy, nation etc has always had within it two opposing forces. No matter what there are greedy selfish people and caring altruistic people. We naturally self-sort as we work toward our ideals and goals.

    So some Masons set out to control the population behind the scenes and directly some of their fellows set out to liberate humanity. I pointed this out in the discussion on Agenda 21. It was a grassroots movement to stop corporations and corrupt people in government, UN etc from destroying our planet and poisoning us all. The cabal/1% crowd of course acted at the last minute to cripple it by removing enforcement provisions and placing a twenty year delay to implement it. They spent the 20 years financing an anti Agenda 21 movement to prevent the local power that Agenda 21 promotes from ever coming online.

    More important than one UN supported peoples movement’s destruction is the lesson here about how the oligarchy operates. They create fake peoples movements to destroy real peoples movements. They spread disinformation to keep us polarized and reliant on false promises so we don’t rely on one another.

    I’m so grateful for you (Jean) and all of my other fellow bloggers because contrary to the plan of the oligarchy we learn and grow. We support and rely on one another. We share information and love. And the bonds of community and caring are stronger than greed-whether online or off.

    One thing that always inspired me and gave me hope is the integrity and compassion, the obvious caring and love that bloggers like Jean Haines and so many others blogging about the Shift have always demonstrated. I always knew even when there were episodes of drama and disagreement that underneath it we are a community and our determination to find the truth and make our world better is rooted in that-in love, caring and community.
    David Wilcock appears to be so determined to see the good that it sometimes makes it easier for people to trick him and use him. But he is a beautiful person acting from love so I hope when people read this they keep that in mind.

    We are all easily led when we are desperate to find good amid chaos, fear and despair. When I first started reading this type of blog, I chose to suspend disbelief as if I were reading a novel. I needed hope in order to survive the severity of my illness so I chose to shut off my intellectual abilities for a time.

    Whether consciously or not I think we all do this. Whether it’s to swallow the official version of “reality” sold to us on television and in the media, or to find hope in alternatives; we often surrender to survive.

    The key is we can choose at any time to make our own hope, to recall our sharpest intellect and use it to solve our personal and collective problems. That is exactly what I think this article is calling us all to do.

  33. megan says:

    Much food for thought! Liked this, thanks for posting Jean.

    Love and hugs

    • Jean says:

      Be sure to watch the last Goldwater Report in which Scott reveals some factual information about David Wilcock’s association with Neil Keenan . . . Hugs, ~Jean

  34. Secretariat says:

    Lady Jean,

    Thank you for reminding me just how much others have been used to deceive, while this article posted reveals so much we have learned over the past several decades germane to the social engineering afoot so to speak. And the Hidden hand’s design on all walks of life is we fail to work together.

    We keep moving forward as always via divine Unanimity.

    All our most precious regards to our breathren & all walks of life seeking honor.

    Until then, I AM…

    Your friend In law!

    Most graciously….’In Honor We Trust’
    Magnus Regnant of Sovereign Earth Alliance

    Notice: U.P.C. Applicable.

    P.S.: Please forgive any incorrect scripture, syntax or grammatical errors.

  35. Peter S says:

    IMO, everyone should read this. Read all the way to the end. You don’t have to agree with everything Ken is saying here–in fact, agreeing with someone because they are authority is giving away to them what doesn’t belong to them and cannot belong to them (your inalienable sovereignty to think, believe, and feel as you choose, while respecting all others’ sovereignty to do the same with theirs). But read this on an energetic level. And the words expressed, the ideas and thoughts, and the energetics are all one here. In fact, that’s the message being communicated by Ken’s work, Zen Gardner’s, Bradley’s, and Jean’s work in hosting this site, and in the assessments she provides on the articles posted here, and in her conversation with site commenters.

  36. Mandor Klungsu says:

    Agree with you..

  37. Michael says:

    Yes, Jean. It is all about raising our frequency. The TRUTH is within. It is illusion to constantly be seeking it outside ourselves. That is a trap of the third dimension. I was confused as to why you didn;t publish my comment about Michael Tellinger. When I said that all that was important is that he raised out consciousness about Star Beings landing n South Africa. What I meant is that the rest is not important because it does not raise our consciousness and we cannot judge. Because that lowers our vibration and serves no purpose. Now, a day later, you finally say that all that is important is raising our vibration. And, that is all I said in my comment which you did not publish!
    Please email me at if you want to reply.
    I am happy that you have finally reached the conclusion that you have reached. You are now a wise owl !!
    Thanks and Much love and appreciation,

    • Jean says:

      Michael, I’m sorry, but I think the rest is extremely important. Apparently, someone can appear to do good and may have a lousy character, and that’s just fine? I’m sorry, but I don’t follow your thinking there . . .

      Many of us came here with assignments, and many of us have failed at them . . . do you think the Universe will not supply someone else who can tap into the same consciousness that MT tapped into?

      I have had enough personal, close-up experience, one-to-one with Alfred Webre to think that he would not publish this information if it was meaningless!


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