Michael Tellinger Hits Out Against Attacks By Alternative Media

Published on Jan 17, 2015

The Ubuntu Movement Is Working! Michael Tellinger Hits Back Against Criticism By Alternative Media

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8 Responses to Michael Tellinger Hits Out Against Attacks By Alternative Media

  1. Jo-han says:

    Herewith the confession of Johan Heine that discovered the ancient calendar site in Mpumalanga South Africa.
    He ALSO has a contract in place and was supposed to receive royalties on the sales of the book “ADAMS CALENDAR” and was to be paid for the use of his pictures in the book.

    Nothing came of it.

  2. Jo-han says:

    The Sunday Sun newspaper in South Africa has 2.5 Million readers.

    SUNDAY SUN 18 Jan 2015
    By Sihle Hlatshwayo

    SOUTH African author Michael Tellinger recorded a DVD with one of Mzansi finest prophets and traditionalists, also known as iSanusi Credo Mutwa.

    The DVD was titled Michael Tellinger: In conversation with Credo Mutwa.

    Tellinger had promised that the DVD will be for sale and 50% of those sales will be handed over to the Mutwa’s.

    However, years have passed and the Mutwas are yet to see a cent from Tellinger.
    Tellinger had said he had made an agreement with Mutwa to sell the DVD in order for him to try and rectify in a small way the massive exploitation Mutwa has experienced for most of his life.
    But now fingers are pointing at Tellinger for being the one exploiting baba Credo and his wife.
    Since the DVD was made in 2008 and released for sale and distributed in 2010 allegations have come forth that the Mutwa’s were left hanging and waiting without hope for the money generated from the sales of the DVD.

    As if that was not enough sources known to Sunday Sun have revealed that the traditionalist Mutwa and his wife Virginia feel used by Tellinger who came to their home in Kuruman.
    “Credo Mutwa even blame himself for trusting Michael Tellinger. Michael did the unspeakable by making himself the sole beneficiary from the DVD sales,” the source said.

    Speaking to Sunday Sun, Credo Mutwa’s wife Virginia said her and her husband know Michael Tellinger and confirmed they never recieve any money from him.

    “We are very old now it is not easy to remember things but I remember very well signing a contract with him concerning the sale of the DVDs he were to sell. But nothing has come out of that,” Virginia said.

    She told Sunday Sun that they prefer not to talk about anything that has to do with Michael Tellinger.

    “We had people coming to us and told us they will investigate on our behalf. We will wait for them to tell us the outcome. They understand that we are old and they just want to help,”
    Last week Michael Tellinger posted a letter to Alfred Webre on Facebook. Where he denied owing Credo Mutwa.

    “I am exhausted defending myself against this allegation.

    I respect and honour Credo for what he has contributed to humanity and I make my feelings known publicly all the time.

    I do not owe Credo any money and I have not dishonoured any contracts with him whatsoever. This is just a continuation of previous attacks and malicious lies that have simply resurfaced.
    I do have an agreement with Credo for the sales and I have payed him in full.

    Sunday Sun received an email from Michael stating that he received our mail but with no comment on the issue.”

  3. Ri-chard says:

    I’ll have to wait and see how this all shakes out. Too many that seemed to be good men have failed us.

  4. JDR says:

    Thank you Jean.

    It has saddened me to watch as Credo Mutwa is abused in a continued False Flag Attack to discredit Michael Tellinger. Tellinger poses a very credible, powerful and direct threat against those entities on and around this planet which crave continued control over the human species. I am very glad you posted this video.

    • Jean says:

      I’m not so sure he does, JDR! Without character – and listen to how he spoke of those who disagree with him . . . there are many others who can do his work. We need to stop thinking only one person can lead us, or that one person has the answers. We are all here for a purpose, bit I believe that if one of us fails, the Universe has someone else in place ready to go. There are probably dozens of people who can do what MT has been doing . . . character is everything to me! Hugs, ~Jena

      • JDR says:

        PS Jean: Separately and just so you know, I can see that Neil Keenan is without character. I’ve seen his distortions, lies and name calling on the record. I don’t doubt that he can also be capable of theft. You have my sympathies. I wish I could do something effective there to help you.

        • Jean says:

          Thank you, JDR. You know as I was doing errands in the car this morning, I had to wonder if David Wilcock, whose work in the spiritual aspects I have admired so much, had showed a little more character and been willing to expose Neil when he was asked to publish Financial Tyranny, I might not have been so gullible and fallen for the lies Neil was perpetuating. I might not be almost penniless now . . . as I go into the future. Still, as I’ve said, I’m willing to work and I have my health, and so I’m trusting the Universe to lead me in a solid direction 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

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