Predictions: The beginning of the EU End? When Will Greece Exit EU? Who Is Next?

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Bravo and congratulations to the left-wing SYRIZA party for spectacularly winning the Greek elections!

My brief predictions (I may expand on them later): 

This is the beginning of an end of the EU!

What is fascinating is that in this resistance to the EU and US dictate, the most unlikely forces get united: from far left to the very radical right; from spiritual people to simple farmers and big industrialists. This is because the present day US/dollar-centric ‘world order’ makes no sense to anyone, and just about anyone who has two brain cells to rub against each other wants change.

However, it will take perhaps a few years for Greece to exit the EU due to how entangled the economic and financial situation is and how much pressure Greece receives from Brussels, Germany (which stands to lose most), and France. And don’t forget the NATO pressure; plus, the biggest monster of them all – the United States!

I see Greece exiting the EU around 2016 or 2017. This event is set in stone and is just the matter of time: GREECE WILL EXIT THE EU!

More defections are on the horizon, including Italy, France, UK, Hungary, among others.

Many smaller Eastern European countries are desperate to exit the EU, but they are practically enslaved by Germany, as they say, and can’t get out. Even Italians complain that they had been enslaved by Germany, remembering with nostalgia the good old non-EU days, and confessing how much they hate Merkel.

The whole thing will implode and exodus out of EU will become a stampede by the 2020s. This will be an interesting deja vu of the implosion of the USSR.

At the same time, more and more countries will want to join a union with Russia and become part of Eurasian Union and SCO. Once 2020s roll in, you won’t recognize the world around us!

As I said in my last piece, West Invaded Ukraine: English-Speakers, NATO Troops Fight for Kiev Junta in Mariupol!, the deeper US/NATO/EU dig their claws into the poor Ukraine, trying so hard to destroy it in order to harm Russia, the harder they will fall in the end.

Incidentally, did I mention that both Greeks and Italians love Russians, and en masse support Putin and Russia. I just spoke with various people from both countries. They are also very much anti-Kiev junta, and anti-fascism in Ukraine and EU. An average person on the street understands correctly what is happening in Ukraine. Moreover, today, TV in both Greece and Italy is showing a pretty truthful account of the events in Ukraine.

The Italians are incredulous and angry that US/EU/Kiev would bomb people, blockade cities, deny pensions, and destroy infrastructure in E. Ukraine. My sister residing in Italy (who is originally from the Russian city of the ship-builders Nikolaev, located not far from Odessa – both for now a part of Ukraine), as well as my other sources, confirm that. Similar opinions are coming from the people of other countries, including Cyprus, Albania, Romania.

The people all over eastern and southern Europe know what is going on. They also hate the anti-Russian sanctions and confrontation with Russia. For now they think they can’t do anything about it. But the discontent is brewing and status quo will change!

As usual, for more of LADA RAY’s PREDICTIONS see the Predictions page on top bar.

Videos: SYRIZA wins Greek elections:

5yrs of humiliation over’ Anti-austerity Syriza to form govt in Greece

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2 Responses to Predictions: The beginning of the EU End? When Will Greece Exit EU? Who Is Next?

  1. Ken says:

    Hello The Energy Doctor,

    Some alterations will have to be made? If the Greeks do it right they will break away from the illegal Federal Reserve and their Central Banking System PONZI scheme. “The New Normal” is a further deteriorization and descent into the abyss. There is nothing normal about what is happening. The system is collapsing right in front of our very eyes. I dare say it has already collapsed, that is why we got rid of the debt ceiling.

    Do you believe any one thing coming from this administration or from their corporate owned presstitues? Like the Clinton and the Bush administrations, it’s all lies.

    We are in a state of chaos and why?

    Our economy is falling flat on its face. You can see the retail markets crashing. The stock market is an illusion and the true elephant in the room is the 1.5 quadrillion derivatives casino! We are in one war after another in a desperate attempt to keep the world trading in US dollars but they are moving away from the US dollar and are trading in their own currencies.

    Debt works the same way for a country as it works for any individual or a family, which is to say if you borrow too much, then your life basically craters. Everything gets harder to do, and you end up doing things in order to deal with your past mistakes that you would never do normally. You start trying absolutely crazy things, and that’s where the world’s governments are right now.

    The banksters headed by the Rothschild’s and the Vatican, using the US military, own and run the US and these are the psychopaths that think we can win a first strike nuclear war with Russia and China. The puppets in Washington and Wall Street will do as they are told.

    So what happened?

    The Federal Reserve Act!

    It’s not that hard to figure out. It started with the illegal implementation of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. The control of a countries “money” supply, monetary policy and forced usury relegates any country who uses central banks to an inevitable failed bankrupt nation and we are there right now. Only a blind man or one in denial can’t see this. Nobody is going to save us but us.

    A synopsis of key events were the Bretton Woods agreement (US dollar was given World Currency status)was removed when the US defaulted in 1971 when Nixon took us off the gold standard. To maintain the dollar as the world reserve currency, Kissinger in 1973 got Saudi Arabia and the OPEC countries to only trade their oil for dollars in exchange for US protection. We began our printing to pay our bills and fund our wars. The flood gates opened when Glass Steagall was removed by the Clinton Administration in 1999 and the banks went from commercial banking and began their investment speculation (derivatives gone wild). We have been bailing out the banks and printing out of control trillions of dollars (physical and digital dollars) exponentially. It has been a slow burn of Military and Alphabet agency Petro dollar coercion that has kept this PONZI scheme going until 2008 when we finally crashed. So instead of acknowledging our debt abuse what did we do, we added gas to the fire, QE1, QE2, Operation Twist, QE3 and now QE to infinity using our accomplice vassal states in Japan and the ECB. The world is tired of paying for our standard of living and enabling the debt addicts, us, as in the US. While the middle class and poor have seen a huge decline in their standard of living the 1% has seen the opposite meteoric effect. There are 85 people in the world that own more than half the inhabitants of the planet (3.5 Billion +). All the bailouts have only benefitted the rich.

    The debt tipping point in Europe, Japan and the US has been reached. It’s over, Qe1, Qe2, QE3, QE to infinity, tapering, unsecured bond monetization it has all failed. Our deficit is 18 Trillion and rising. If you include our unfunded liabilities, Social Security, Medicare, Fannie and Freddie, etc, it is over 200 Trillion dollars. This doesn’t even account for the 1.5 quadrillion derivatives casino which our top 5 banks own the lions share. The Federal Reserve balance sheet is 4.5 Trillion. The Federal Reserve is a Private Corporation and their losses are theirs not ours but their puppets in Washington privatize the profits and socialize the losses. We are truly living in Bizarro World. The longer we hang on to this failed system the further out in the cold we will be. We crashed in 2008 since then we have just been looking for a place to fall down. The stock market and dollar keep rising for no apparent reason.

    As the countries move away from the US dollar, the dollars have to go some place and that place is right back to the good ole USA! There is no way in Hades that we can inflate that amount away and this can only result in economic collapse. The BRICS and the 140 countries that have signed on are aware of what is transpiring and if you can’t see a significant move away from the dollar you aren’t paying attention. It will only accelerate.

    In the past, our answer to the severe crashes in the early 1900s and the great depression, we went to war, reset the debt clocks and started the debt cycles all over again. Currency wars, trade wars and then hot wars. Guess what is happening right now?

    You can see this desperate attempt being orchestrated in the Middle East and Ukraine. Will cooler heads prevail? We will see and see soon as we are agitating Russia and China who jointly hold Trillions of our debt and can collapse our system at any time.

    I know I have given but a brief overview of why we are in this mess but if you are willing to research The Act of 1871, The Federal Reserve Act of 1913, The Bretton Woods Agreement, Glass Steagall Act it will take you to the necessary understanding of why we are where we are. Question is, do you want to take the red pill or the blue pill? Very shortly you will have no choice. I think it’s better to see what is coming at you so you can prepare.

  2. The Energy Doctor says:

    Lada, I enjoy your updates and forward thinking. But All the europeans are going to learn the hard lesson that the world does not owe them a pension and if their government can;t afford it, some kind of alterations will have to be made. the Ukraine is penniless and people still want their pensions. All of us are recognizing the new normal, they will have to also.

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