NEWS from Readers, January 29, 2015


Obama White House behind Vatican scandal

By Wayne Madsen

Posted on June 7, 2012

WMR’s well-placed sources in Rome report that the current scandal involving the disclosure of sensitive Vatican documents to “VatiLeaks,” is largely the work of White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs chief Cass Sunstein. The effort by Sunstein, who has been dubbed President Obama’s “information czar,” is to weaken the Vatican and subject its inner workings to greater transparency.

WMR has learned that some three weeks ago, Sunstein stated to his inner circle, “After the Arab Spring, we will have the Vatican Spring.”

According to our sources in the Vatican, the arrest of papal butler Paolo Gabriele by Vatican authorities for allegedly leaking the documents is a diversion. “When have you last heard the butler did it?” one Vatican insider told WMR.

The Vatican is being subjected to a full-scale assault by the same nexus of George Soros-funded non-governmental organizations, Sunstein’s “cognitive infiltration” operatives, and controlled media elements that helped bring about “themed revolutions” and the downfall of governments in Serbia, Ukraine, Georgia, Tunisia, Egypt, and other countries.

The controversy surrounding the Vatican Bank, formally known as the Institute of Works of Religion (IOR), began when J.P. Morgan Chase closed an IOR account at its branch in Milan, citing a lack of transparency. That was followed by the firing by the IOR’s supervisory board of Ettore Gotti Tedeschi, a former Banco Santander executive, for pushing for more transparency for the Vatican Bank and compliance with the EU’s laws on financial transparency. However, the J.P. Morgan Chase action was, according to our sources, prompted by Sunstein and his colleagues at the Treasury and State Departments. On March 7, the State Department, for the first time, added the Holy See to its list of money-laundering nations. That move triggered a wave of financial pressure on the IOR and Vatican, which was aided and abetted by Tedeschi. The IOR board then ousted Tedeschi.

WMR has been told that the Vatican came under pressure after it had backed the initiatives of the BRICS bloc of nations—Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa—to seek a realignment of the world’s financial system to provide greater influence for the emerging economies of BRICS and a reorientation of financial control away from London, Frankfurt, New York, and Washington. The Vatican’s policy placed it on the list of de facto enemies of Soros, the Rothschild baking cartel, the European Central Bank, and the World Bank/International Monetary Fund.

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4 Responses to NEWS from Readers, January 29, 2015

  1. Ken Harris says:

    Could this be a ruse to make the Vatican Bank look like a good guy, allowing them to transfer power from the old cabal influenced banking scheme to the new BRICS Alliance, therefore allowing the fox into the hen house?

    • Jean says:

      Ken, this is what I have to consider . . . whether or not I want to . . . the chaos will be terrible when the fiat dollar collapses, and will we all run willingly into the arms of China and Russia?

      Here’s my latest thought about how to tell on whose side they are: If the destruction stops for a decent amount of time (?) maybe they are for real. If it doesn’t, we will know they are still trying to keep the frequency down so that we cannot ascend.

      Any thoughts?


      • Ken Harris says:

        Only one thought comes to mind as a means to get through the chaos after the dollar collapse……..Buy physical gold (bars or coins) now while the price is still low.

        As for keeping the frequency down, only those who allow themselves to be pulled down by the circumstances will have issues. What we are seeing here as well as other assorted news articles are the signs many of us have been waiting for for years. Look at the big picture and try to stay away from the minutiae. Things are about to start changing fast, and for the short term it may be a bumpy ride unless one prepares themselves mentally and physically. Chaos may reign for a bit, and the best action is to hunker down, keep an ultra low profile, and stick with those you know and trust. Stock up on what ever foods you can that don’t need refrigeration and most of all, have a plan.

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