Foreign Fraud Intelligence Cats Under 9 Lives . . . The Neil Keenan expose begins, and was I ever duped by the worst of the worst — all of them! ~J

Christmas 2014

Christmas 2014

I am sickened by what I have read here today. Not only Neil Keenan, but David Wilcock, Ben Fulford, and Michael Henry Dunn (who led me to believe he was a penniless, but talented person, only wanting to help Neil, and whose way I paid to Indonesia and to whom I also paid money to produce Neil’s first video), were all in on the bilking of me, Jean Haines. I knew it was bad, but not this bad! I thought it was basically Neil.

Toward the end, I emailed Neil asking him what happened to the fun loving guy with whom I’d so enjoyed working. Today, I have realized he never existed — and that all his cronies were in on it! Neil Keenan played me and played me and played me with his many lies. Even as late as last week, Drake published more lies about me on his own website. This has already been proved and will be exposed for what it is . . . more lies.

The lie that really disturbed me was when they said I was chased out of Raleigh for killing my ex-husband. Bill lived a couple days drive from me, and he had terminal cancer of the kind that Steve Jobs had, and he was quite a bit older than I and decided he wasn’t going to ‘kick the can down the road’ to try to survive it. I had made the effort to become friends with him since I wanted our son to know we were still connected as a family, and in the last months we talked every single day on the phone. (Incidentally, in those days he taught me much of what I know about the market.) I knew without doubt when it got bad he would take his own life, and he did. I didn’t see it coming as soon as it did, and it threw me into a deep shock. To have these shameless people freely tell such lies about another person is appalling!

Have these people no regard at all for another human being? It doesn’t seem to matter at all to them that they also have taken every single cent I had for the end of my life — they continue on with their lies, I guess to keep the gullible public sending money!

If you don’t understand all of this, Scott is coming out with a video which will explain it all in depth. I said I had records of everything — and now they are in good hands.

There are others who have suffered like I have from these people, and Denise Rednour is another one who has taken it on the chin, mostly because of Drake’s lies, as well. My deepest thanks to Paul Collins and Scott Pollack for taking the time to do the in-depth work to reveal the true facts of this situation. If nothing else, hopefully, Neil Keenan and his ilk will never again be able to go anywhere on this planet and hold their heads up. 
Maybe now my readers will understand why I believe character is everything!


Foreign Fraud Intelligence Cats Under 9 Lives
by Paul Collin
January 29, 2015


LOS ANGELES – January 29, 2015 – Perhaps, most folks are unable to pick-up on the ‘flavor’ of Keenan’s ‘last report’, for it may have been just ‘too subtle’ for most, it resonates very well with ‘some’ because Neil identified one ( 1 ) character ( Wilfredo Saurin aka The Philippines Phantom ) who the Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy ( Paul Collin ) had researched and published portions about, some of which are now archived, here:

Neil Keenan’s update continues by touching upon a now-legacy ( 2009 ) story ( The Chiasso Bonds Incident ) of which there actually was far-more to tell about than he ( Neil ) or any of his affiliates ever publicly conveyed; information he ( Keenan ‘did’ discuss ‘privately’, and although amidst a fanciful mix of additional other stories, only salient portions thereof were researched along with additional information compiled from an intelligence source providing an excellent cross-section of raw comparative intelligence for analysis by Collin, host of the legacy Unwanted Publicity Intelligence website ( Multiply.Com ).

Very little information was reported publicly about this foreign sting operation, and while only one ( 1 ) source ( Unwanted Publicity Intelligence, the website ) knew quite a bit, which the U.S. government did, it ( UPI ) never published all the names of individuals involved’; and, to-date, never has – nor any other media outlet to-date released much of anything.

Earlier data, much of which was ‘erased off the internet’ as well as ‘scrubbed even from internet archives’, was in-fact privately archived by Collin who provided limited amounts until his websites were all taken down in late 2012, however while that is being remedied, legacy data is being reassembled and added-to with even newer data, some of which is now reviewable here ( below ):

Unwanted Publicity Intelligence – Briefs ( Archive ):

Unwanted Publicity Intelligence – Video Library ( Archived Clips ):

However, ‘that’ ( immediately above ) is ‘not the complete story’ nor ‘rest of the story’…

And, on The Chiasso Bond Incident, there was actually so ‘much international data spanning several continents with so many players’ ( official documented and privately documented within the Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy’s database of files, which covered many operational transactions that actually began in “2004” leading up-to the “2009” Chiasso Bond Incident proving exactly what was actually occurring in the background ) the public never knew about, nor even Neil Keenan ( himself ), according to his early private e-mail exchanges with Collin who – as only an ‘internet acquaintance’ – tried shedding light-upon problems to Keenan, which even Keenan ( himself ) was unable to fathom; again, according to those e-mail exchanges initiated by Keenan to Collin shortly after The Chiasso Bond Incident.

Keenan, an affable individual, began an e-mailing Collin who provided cautionary Information alerts warning Keenan of some of the pitfalls dealing with phony asset Claims and the global bank paper tied thereto as well as trading fraudsters plus, promoters of such “intelligence information devices” ( i.e. sophisticated fraudulent investment games ) used to ‘garner intelligence’ on black-market “Trade Financing” propping-up, amongst other things, “Terrorist Financing” ( 9/11 type terrorist financing ) along with “money-laundering” and affiliate “money-laundering mules” used by ‘affiliates’ of the “Master Traders” purporting to be and in some cases ‘are’ certain philanthropists whom are the ‘financiers of black-market export trade’ for certain types of humanitarian Non-Governmental Organizations ( NGO ) whose “Export Trade Managers” arrange various types of ‘shipments’ specifically from where terrorist support supplies ( e.g. weapons, munitions and materials for improvised Weapons of Mass Destruction, i.e. irradiated wolfram targets from medical X-Ray machines, bovine anthrax strains from veterinarian laboratories, plus a whole lot more ), and so after Collin provided warnings to Keenan, what happens?

At the time, Collin was already working with DHS OSI, wherein “semantical operations” approached him as explained during his interview for The Critical Post ( Chicago ) and how it all began in an e-mail from his ‘last’ U.S. federal government “handler” with DHS OSI Special Agent Nicholas Jones ( also known as ) Nick Jones who stated that the Unwanted Publicity Intelligence website was “eclipsing” their global operations, asking Collin to remove information about one ( 1 ) ‘global fraudster’ who Collin discovered was a U.S. federal government non-official cover ( NOC ) foreign intelligence operative ( Neil Benjamin Gibson ), and subsequently wanted Collin to turn over his UPI website to the U.S. government, at which point Collin stopped the U.S. government making ‘it’ an offer it couldn’t refuse, See, e.g. The Critical Post – Chicago interview of ‘anonymous’ ole “Charlie” at:

Anonymous “Charlie” was finally exposed, here:

While exchanging e-mails with Neil Keenan, Collin was juggling duties for U.S. DHS OSI Special Agent Nick Jones when Collin provided Homeland Security Intelligence on an Islamic cleric; sudative with a global Islamic terrorist network operating out-of, the:

[ INSERT ( images ): here ]

– Indonesia;

[ INSERT ( images ): here ]

– Malaysia;

[ INSERT ( images ): here ]

– Philippines;

[ INSERT ( images ): here ]

– Singapore;

[ INSERT ( images ): here ]

– Spain;

[ INSERT ( images ): here ]

– Turkey;

[ INSERT ( images ): here ]

– Bulgaria;

[ INSERT ( images ): here ]

– Latvia;

[ INSERT ( images ): here  ]

– Russia;

[ INSERT ( images ): here ]

– Germany;

[ INSERT ( images ): here ]

– England; and,

[ INSERT ( images ): here ]

– United States.

Collin not only recovered signal traces of ELINT ( Electronic Intelligence ), he fed, amongst other things supplied, e-mail account extractions of ‘fraudulent support documents’ containing ‘counterfeited official seals’ tied to international financial fraudulent investments in counterfeit high-value gold bullion asset bank paper certificated support documents, one of many, which included a ‘very particular version’ of a set number of paper pages ( including, Addendums ) entitled the “Green Hilton Memorial Agreement” ), which Collin immediately recognized and sent to his “handler.”

Collin fed about “12” international cases to his U.S. DHS ICE OSI S.A. Nick Jones, and this time not only was ‘he’ ( Jones ) “eclipsed” but the U.S. antiquated “global operations” was overwhelmed too when U.S. Secret Service Foreign Branch ( many of whom overseas are on-loan C.I.A. agents ) couldn’t keep up with all the cases Collin was sending them en-masse, and e-mails document this along with the fact 6 ‘additional foreign cases’ were already vetted by Collin and on his intelligence launch-pad for U.S. federal government overseas operations, but then something suddenly went wrong.

DHS ICE OSI Special Agent Nicholas Jones disappeared later claiming he was “reassigned” when another DHS agent got killed in Mexico.

Neil Keenan was fiddling around with high-value asset bank paper deals in Mexico around the same time so, maybe DHS S.A. Nick Jones in The Greater Los Angeles Area just drove 2-hours to DHS at the U.S. Naval Air Station at Miramar near San Diego, California bordering Mexico to try and tidy-up additional business issues.

Collin sent his Washington, D.C. attorney after DHS ICE Agent Nick Jones, and years later all S.A. Nicholas Jones could do was blame delays in paying Collin after years of service was, that DHS ICE OSI was doing its best to get Collin paid but OSI Agent Nick Jones continued blaming U.S. Secret Service Foreign Branch for dragging its heels overseas on what Collin already provided that they ‘still’ couldn’t handle after Collin vetted foreigners and established introductions to DHS ICE OSI Special Agent Nick Jones, which he was actually flipping over to U.S. Secret Service Foreign Branch ( CIA ) agents who weren’t pressed to do anything for DHS because of all the in-fighting ‘there’ as well as with Justice ( DOJ ) too. SS-FB does well with Treasury and CIA-DOJ but not DHS or for that matter other organizations either.

Fact is, Collin ‘never got paid’ so, Collin assembled a dossier on his U.S. federal “handler” Special Agent Nicholas Jones who had priors of double-crossing not only information assets but other federal intelligence agents as well, and so Collin taking on dirty deed assignments while being uncharacteristic is an evil necessity for some; except, Collin not caring one way or another anymore after 40-years in the foreign intelligence business without any serious “payment” ‘issues’.

Collin decided to exercise what his U.S. intelligence school taught many years ago where the first thing one learned in old school was survival.

Living long enough, to see another day, when – on a more level battlefield – one may win.

Batter’s Up, Boys!

Collin found evidence Neil Keenan, who although ‘was’ a former “Person Of Interest” to U.S. intelligence, was ‘no longer’ a “Person Of Interest,” and so while Collin was wondering ‘why’, very shortly later Collin found out when Keenan left his wife in Bulgaria settling in Indonesia working with individuals whom Collin’s ‘intelligence provided exclusively’ to U.S. DHS ICE OCI Special Agent Nick Jones who was ‘supposed to be contacting’ certain individuals operating in and out-of Indonesia tied to the terrorist network.

Collin, never received what he was promised from his U.S. government “handler” so, efforts for DHS, ICE, OSI were disbanded altogether when he discovered S.A. Nick Jones lied about Keenan cutting a business agreement with the U.S. government supplied ‘information’ as-to ‘whom’ all Keenan’s ‘new contacts’ became overseas, which began with the secret police in Bulgaria.

Important to know, Indonesia holds a population nearly as big as the United States of America and is dispersed throughout about 6,000 islands, and has been and continues being what the U.S. Intelligence Community and others know as being a melting-pot of Islamic radical militant fundamentalists led by Muslim clerics most of whom are terrorist sudatives and students of whom the latter possess a lot of energy to not only higher learning but also schooled in politics and study means by which authoritarian control and legislation their forefathers ‘violently objected to’ are schooling youthful energetics today brought to boils worldwide where ‘today’ it doesn’t take many student movements to overthrow stabile economies of third world underdeveloped and / or developing international regimes as seen publicly broadcasted daily.

Many are unaware the U.S. Department of Homeland Security ( DHS ), Immigration and Customs Enforcement ( ICE ), Office of Special Investigations ( OSI ) have “client” ‘investigative relationships’ with many organizations not only within U.S. federal organizations extending domestic protection to their federal client’s clients overseas, and the extent by which foreign support nations and assets are deemed “key-critical” to the stability of the socio-economic U.S. infrastructure worldwide.

One ( 1 ) such ‘client’ of DHS divisional Homeland Security Intelligence ( HSI ) OSI is the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank Branch Office in Los Angeles, California, USA and elsewhere, including abroad.

International business financial trading transactions involving certain Treaties, tied-to, amongst other things, balances of ‘agricultural commodities’ and ‘other commodities’, also include U.S. National Strategic Defense Material Reserve Resources tied to more than U.S. National Defense Petroleum and Liquid Natural Gas ( LNG ) Reserves ( southeast corner of Anaheim Street & Vermont Avenue, San Pedro, California ), but much more around the world to include foreign precious metals, mining activities, and much-much more.

Since details of this is rarely ( if ever ) broadcasted by mainstream news organizations, the general public never hears anything about even the concepts of what occurs when most are punching clocks at their 9-to-5 jobs; and, the U.S. government would prefer its enemies, including U.S. citizenry taxpaying people, ‘never know’, and another case of this can be reviewed here:

So, the aforementioned is now introduced, why?

Because when it comes to U.S. bottomline secret budget requirements to get corporate laundry done out-of public view, it doesn’t want people knowing because of complexities involved that most people and professionals are never taught the bigger picture about; a classic simple example revealed U.S. Senate hearings involving the Iran-Contra Affair where the U.S. government was ‘not counting on what began’ here:

And, what the U.S. government was ‘not counting on’, was blowback from ole Uncle “Charlie”

Information intelligence, as what involved a shipping magnate not cooperating with certain corporations, amongst other things, led to the arrest of one ( 1 ) elderly individual named Alessandro Santi of Milan, Italy; a man dead-off involved in The Chiasso Bond Sting Incident.

Now, did the Bloomberg News, Kyodo News, BBC News, CBS News, NBC News, FOX News, ABC News, CNN, or for that matter even RT News ( also known as ) “Russia Today News” mention anything publicly about ‘that’, or the fact that The Chiasso Bond Incident “Sting” actually ‘began’ prior to “2004” ( almost 5-years beforehand ) when U.S. government foreign intelligence agents were being assembled for that ‘sting’? No. ( RT News )

People didn’t know, nor did Keenan know anything about the ‘back story’ leading up to his meeting with the two ( 2 ) Japanese men and another Turkish gentleman whose brother works for Turkey intelligence services in “Bulgaria” where Keenan was living at the time he met all the CIA players.

People, from all audiences, from mainstream to alternative to conspiracy theory people simply ‘do not know’ even a smidgen of the ‘real story’, which was ‘never told’ – ‘yet’.

Rich Cats With More Than 9 Lives?

Knowing, what Collin ‘says’ he “knows” about The Chiasso Bond Incident, the story David Wilcock wrote about was actually and truly “disinformation” focusing only upon sheer fanciful stories designed by Benjamin Fulford to Neil Keenan who enlisted the fraudster story-teller of them all, Keith Francis Scott. Classic examples of such unbelievably entertaining stories bordering on bizarre ( at worst ) being promoted for audience viewership can now be watched ( below ):

Benjamin Fulford & David Wilcock ( introduction? ): ( December 2, 2011 )

Benjamin Fulford & David Wilcock ( death threats? ):

Benjamin Fulford ( death threats? ): ( December 14, 2011 ) ( March 21, 2011 ) ( January 13, 2012 )

David Wilcock ( death threats? ): ( December 12, 2011 ) ( December 14, 2011 )

Keith Francis Scott ( death threats? ):

Neil Francis Keenan ( death threats? ):

“… Following this, Keenan was approached by a who’s who of powerful figures including top Vatican officials, Wall Street bankers, European nobles and former US presidents, most offering him astronomical bribes to go away. He was also poisoned with ricin and nearly killed.

According to Keenan “The roots of this case go back to between 1927 and 1938, when, under arrangements made between T.V. Soong (Finance Minister of China) and Henry Morgethau, Secretary of the Treasury, The United States Government purchased some 50 million ounces of silver and leased vast amounts of gold from the Nationalist Chinese Government, known as Kuomintang. For all the treasure handed in, certificates were given to those who surrendered their precious metals.”

Many of the bonds seized by Dal Bosco are backed with the Chinese gold taken by the Federal Reserve Board during those years and never returned to its legal owners. …”

Team Keenan Group ( death threats? ): ( August 9, 2014 )

Keenan, through Fulford enlisted the promotional services of David Wilcock who used the ghost-writing talents of Michael Henry Dunn who went to Indonesia where he was fraudulently schooled by Neil Keenan who was fraudulently schooled by Keith Scott, and – ‘voila!’  –  Wilcock’s so-called “book,” which by the way Neil Keenan solicited Collin to write in the first place – eventually saw Wilcock become Fulford’s sucker by-proxy Michael Dunn who was “Communications Director” of the now-infamous “Keenan Team” Show.

If the ‘full story’ is ever written about The Chiasso Bond Incident, it would blow everyone’s mind. I can assure you, it ‘is’ truly an international spy saga that goes way-way beyond what anyone knows anything about; and, when they look-back at what they got from Wilcock’s book “Financial Tyranny” they will understand it better as serving a rather clever U.S. government disinformation campaign. And, the bottom-line, is?

What jokers purposely put in-place to distract public audiences away-from what the real focus of operations involved; but, if only you and the rest of the public only knew.

Neil Keenan, in his report, wraps-up his fanciful tale ( reminisced chronologically ) by summarily submitting his defacto or dejure ‘farewell’; personally ‘thanking all those whom he ever came in contact with ( only those ‘publicly known’ whereas I have the list of ‘all’ ) by ‘dwelling on his personal note of thanks’ to all, here:

[ NOTE: salient portions ( below ) ]

– – – –

“… Neil’s Team investigated all this and when he found the notes were real he started to breathe a little easier seeing that his notes were from the same package. The Chiasso Incident allowed Neil to move forward with his lawsuit.

It would lead to what is known as “Financial Tyranny.” [


Neil needs no thanks nor does he ever ask for any but thanks to:

– Benjamin Fulford, for bringing this first to everyone’s attention

and making the statement that this could be the case that “ENDS


– David Wilcock, immortalizes it with his work FINANCIAL TYRANNY.


Neil Discusses the Ambassador and Marcos / M1 –

How many times must we fall into our own weaknesses and follow a wolfin sheep’s clothing?

In my time, we had:

– Keith Scott;
– Removing The Shackles;
– Anthony Martin (aka) ASM ‘White Spiritual Boy’; then,
– SwissIndo; and, now this
– Red Dragon Ambassador, another ‘White Spiritual Boy’ – ASM – ASBLP nonsense.

We have no more time to fight with impersonators any longer. Our time must be considered precious and used accordingly.


Personal Thanks from Neil –

I want to take this opportunity, to thank:

– Benjamin Fulford;
– David Wilcock;
– Sterling Seagrave;
– Stanley;
– Rich;
– Bill Mulligan, attorney;
– Michael Henry Dunn;
– Inchul;
– Michael Calhoun;
– Rob;
– Chris;
– Lorraine;
– Richard;
– Shirley;

and, thanks to

– Keith Scott for sharing so much knowledge.

Thanks also, to:

– Drake;
– Thomas; and all of
– Cosmic Voice.

It also can’t go without saying thanks, to:

– Bonsu Soekarno ( so much knowledge and understanding in one amazing man );
– Dr. Eddie Seno Soekanto ( a wonderful and witty man who can Recite the history of all global matters off the top of this head );
– the head of the Soekarno Trust;
– the Prince;
– Arief;
– Nakarene; and, many others including
– generals; and,
– politicians.

Thank you:

– Sultans; and;
– Elders, for putting up with me; and, most especially
– Count Albert, for being there always with Family support when I need it.
And I am speaking of the real Dragon Family, the one that blows fire not just hot air.

And as always, many thanks to:

– Nelu; and,
– Jo;- The Keenan Team; and, our newest teammate
– Mark.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

f I have forgotten anyone, please forgive me. You know who you are and don’t worry, you will be remembered in the movie … hahaha ….


– –

Perhaps, ole boys, perhaps. <wink>


Paul Collin, Host

Unwanted Publicity Intelligence
WWW: UnwantedPublicity@Gmail.Com

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74 Responses to Foreign Fraud Intelligence Cats Under 9 Lives . . . The Neil Keenan expose begins, and was I ever duped by the worst of the worst — all of them! ~J

  1. Anisha says:

    Upon deeper reflection of this whole ordeal you have been through, perhaps one day this world will agree with us here, in thanking you for your ‘service and personal property sacrifice’ you made that would soon OUT some of THE most heinous operatives making it possible to pay for terrorist money laundering of weapons, torturers, drugs/prostitution/child trafficking, mkultra trauma based mind control ‘cells’, mercenaries being sent to Ukraine/Syria and their scouts/stalkers…

    We know from so many sources and whistleblowers, that when there is evidence of some ‘stinky poo’, there is going to be a vast sh*tpile not far off. We can get a glimpse of the immense scope of these ones so trapped in devil’s bargains and the level of their desperation.

    In truth Jean, all this myriad exposure of multi-layers of corruption of NK et al would likely NEVER have occurred had you not promoted NK’s new associates, ‘Dr.Aidun'(aka Judge Naidu) and Drake Bailey on your blog. Well at least, THAT sealed it for me due to prior first hand observation and a witness to two people I knew who were bilked of $$$$thousands by the likes of this phony ‘Judge’ Naidu persona while in RuSA inserting himself as an ‘International Ecclesiastical court Judge’… It didn’t take long to plug in a search on Dr.Aidun to see it was a bonehead acronym of ‘Naidu’ and then when I heard his voice…its game over dude.

    I mean, (smh) a combination of psychopathy, socio-retardation, emotional immaturity, arrogance, and serious low mental and moral IQ, may soon lead these jackasses to face capture by INTERPOL or some other overriding entities, and the sooner, the better!

    • Jean says:

      Anisha, I remember so well that day when you shared your knowledge that Aidun is a fraud! Wow!

      I can tell you, because of the verbal abuse I have taken from Neil and his ‘gang’, I really want the entire issue over and done with. I’ve already walked away with the knowledge that the money is gone . . . if he is a noc., which I understand he is, he will never be prosecuted. . . although someone has suggested that when they are finished with him, worse might happen.

      There is no other way for people to understand what happened unless I’m willing to release all the records, and that is what Scott is working his way through. I was a sitting duck for this man – I’d only been a school teacher, mother, wife, prior to starting my blog, and as anyone who reads here knows, I’ve put myself through some extensive healing – in order to leave a life of abuse behind.

      I was not prepared for someone like Neil Keenan, and it couldn’t have been further from my mind that someone who professes to wanting to save the planet could be such a sick, brutal character. He has spent his life lying in order to make money, and quite honestly, I just wasn’t prepared for the sort of person he is. Well, when Scott is finished, it will all be laid bare . . . and all I want is that others come to understand that there are too many people like this on this planet . . . Hugs, ~Jean

  2. Tim D says:

    Could it be that Wilcock has been fooled aswell with this law suit story? I would like to know if there is anything else suspicious about him.

  3. Dasa says:

    I admire your courage and hard work to help bring light into this world. I confess to not grasping what the scamsters are up to. I get it that they bilked you and others out of money, but what is the big goal that motivates them (Keenan, Fulford, Wilcock, et al) to concoct so much BS and mislead by seeming to be truth warriors fighting for the people? Are your friends saying that the whole “Financial Tyranny” expose is disinformation created by the Jesuits? If so, what grand purpose do their efforts serve? They are directing attention to what seems to be the bad guys/cabal, but are they really? What is it they do not want us to see? Stay strong!

  4. Bella says:

    What Neil said about you and your mental state with others being involved was a deliberate attempt to change the focus onto you rather than they answer the question about “What happened to the money”. Shills especially government ones use a technique where when they cant argue against someone else they use a technique “character assassination”. In other words the people who are used as a shill are too thick to debate properly. For Neil l it would be so easy for him to get you “committed” then he won’t have to pay you back. These guys know they soon will be toast. They have defamed you by implying your mental states when we look their way i.e. Neil Keenan’s webpage what do we see. Neil Keenan has been in the US Judicial system. Search
    Result using number 11636-004 clear Clear Form profile
    Register Number: 11636-004
    Age: 63
    Race: White
    Sex: Male
    Release Date: UNKNOWN So Neil has a criminal record we can say is fact! The next is to look at the sanity of Drake Kent Bailey and Thomas Williams. Any one with PTSD would be under psychological/ psychiatric evaluation, and what really happened to Thomas that time when he got detained? I suggest before they take the innocent speck out of your eye, they remove the 2 x 4 from their asses. They now know we are on to them and we will stop their bullying intimidation, lies, cons and even death threats to Denise which has been reported to the police, Enough is enough, the Old Girls we will not put up with the constant BS they put on that programme with no proof. I also heard that Cosmic Voice Membership is dropping. Looks like the facts are coming out and these guys have no answer. The last time I checked it was above 6628? I wonder what it is now…. Also they have not shown anywhere their paperwork against you or even members of The Former group . They make serious accusations in order to scare many saying they have contacted the Attorney General’s Office OF Illinois . Even one of the three claimed he got a phone call from said Office a couple of Sundays ago. The trouble is that office is NOT OPEN ON A SUNDAY. We Old Girls will stand our ground and we know we will win, even though we look more like David in the Bible than them who is Goliath. I hope they read their bible for what is going to happen next.

    • Jean says:

      Bella, I’ve decided not to release the comments on this post just yet, but I will tell you that you have it more than right! When Scott comes out with his expose – and I suspect we may have to wait a couple weeks – dunno’ for sure, but I do know he is careful and is checking his facts, and that he won’t lie – so maybe by the end of Mercury Retrograde everyone will have the full story, and it isn’t a pretty one, that is for sure!

      Others, who have posted comments here, please be patient . . .

      Hugs, ~Jean

    • Ronnie says:

      What is also interesting is that Drake Bailey was discharged as an E-1. That is the lowest rank you can be as an enlisted man in the military. He also gave the impression that he had high-ranking contacts in the military where he gets all the insider information. Do you know how funny that is–a lowly E-1 wouldn’t be even acknowledged as being “human” in the military.

      • Ri-chard says:

        Typical those who have served and were discharged as an E1 have been judged mentally unfit for service. (Section 8)
        Promotion from private first class (E3) to specialist or corporal (E4) is usually automatic. When a soldier meets time in grade (TIG) and time in service (TIS) requirements, he is eligible for promotion; soldiers must ordinarily have four months time in grade as a private first class and have served in the Army for a minimum of two years to earn an E4 position.

        For him to be discharged as an E1 he had to be the turd that didn’t float.

  5. Judi says:

    Jean, you can stand tall and proud! My love and respect goes to you!
    Unfortunately, many did not see through the greed! When these peoples started writing really stupid things on their own blogs, and started outright threatening people’s…it should have been a clear sign for all that something was very wrong…when they outright threatened you, verbally,and in print!, I lost all respect as they showed their true souls for everyone to see.
    As They are idiotically burying themselves…it seems Unnessary for you to stage a defense.
    They can destroy them selves all by their lonesome….I wish you well, and do so hope you recover what these crooks have “stolen” from you my friend! You do deserve better! Hugs!

    • Jean says:

      Judi, I see no need to stage a defense, but perhaps the exposure of these people will stop them and their kind from doing this to other people. I’ve had legal advice not to expect to recover my money. Neil apparently lives off of other people . . . and hasn’t any money of his own. Hugs, ~Jean

  6. lorrieloudon says:

    Tick Tock they are all being exposed this year 🙂 The year of the Jubilee is nearly here Sept 2015 , Destinys Stone will be found and returned to Tara in Ireland and we will have Heaven on Earth 🙂 Hugs xxx

  7. prof77 says:

    Hi Jean – I like your blog because it presents a wide range of curiously interesting, non-mainstream, views of our world. For example, you not only linked to “clown posse” stuff (i.e., Keenan, Drake, Wilcocks, Fulford, et al), but you also linked (a few times) to Ken over at: As you may remember, Ken presented (and continues to present) the case for why Keenan et al may be nothing more than side-show clowns (what Stalin called “useful idiots”). Ken’s main point is that we are all one–that we need to transcend the duality of “good guys vs. bad guys.” Now that you’re questioning the “good guys vs. bad guys” stories told by Kennan et al, you might want to consider Ken’s blog again. Cheers – Prof77

  8. joka says:

    These will pay you every penny back in full love…This life or the next

  9. demetrius13 says:

    Grateful for all you do, I took it on the chin for putting my heart behind Putin, then finding out about BRICS the last few days thru you and Bradley and Julian. Yeah, we’ve all been snookered, but the truth will out in the end!!! Hugs.

  10. Shelly says:

    Jean do you know what I love about you? You are real. We’ve been through this mess for years and you still continue to open your box a little further every time one of these a holes gets vetted. I know it’s been tough. I have been struggling with it a lot lately. It’s been hard to see good guy after good guy go down. Just know that these mistakes is what makes us human. You were trying to help the world. If only more would do that we truly would be in a utopian earth. And as much as we are the ones we are looking for, it isn’t wrong that we were looking for others to help in this conquest. Looking for sanity is normal.
    Much love and Peace to you,
    Shelly your Loyal Reader

  11. Alex says:

    Open coffin — Insert Neil Keenan and Drakes Bailey’s reputation. Nail coffin lid shut. Bury.

    Never look back….

  12. DET says:

    few day`s before I wrote a comment on Neil`s blog to him and his readers
    which he deleted. Well, I am not bad with him because it is his blog
    and he has the responsibility.
    In my comment I referred to judge Dale`s knowledge and a link to his e- book
    where he depicts the conditions in your country and court`s and how to handle
    with bankruptcy.
    For me it is only pity for his readers not to share judge Dale`s experiences
    in jurisdiction. They (the readers) have no clue yet how they are bamboozled
    by not telling them whats really going on in US.
    I have canceled the link to his blog.

    Remain the Jean how we all know you.
    Greetings from Germany.

  13. worldface2012 says:

    Jean… much love to you as always. And… I am sorry for what happened to you, but I feel that sometimes these things have to happen in order for other things to be reveal to the world. Sometimes we become sacrifice in front of an audience (world) so they can ask questions about the purpose for that sacrifice. Once this happens… the real stories about corruption around us start to come out of the box. I love your site and sometimes I learn things I have never paid attention to before. Thank you Jean you know we are doing our best in this life and specially you Jean by pulling the curtain up for others to see What’s the ‘real’ truth? behind it. Big hug Jean

  14. vicky says:

    Money is the root of all evil to varying degrees, and breaks peoples golden hearts like yours and indeed most of us. So we can only sit back and smile, because this has been the play of all plays even better than false flags. Many Hugs to you Jean because I need some too.

  15. idiit says:

    jean, i resonate well with the guys at veterans today. i listen to all their vtradio podcasts. gordon duff has said several times that wordpress gets hit with a lot of clever disinfo. i recommend that you personally touch base with those guys (if you haven’t done so already) . they have a way of cleaning the pigdoo off the windshield; makes seeing down the road easier and more enjoyable. 🙂


  16. Tim D says:

    Dear Jean, please explain why David Wilcock is on the list of the ones who have fooled you. Thanks Tim

  17. Thomas SIMS says:

    There time was a long time coming and now that is upon them. It will be swift and harsh. They thought they had all the possibilities covered. How ever they did not plan for a group that appears small but is in fact very large when you include all the people not visible in the open but still hard at work. cosmic voice appeared to be big but really it was nothing more then a trick of smoke and mirrors

  18. anasazijames says:

    I guess OPPT and Heather aren’t as bad as Neill Keenan. Neill was wanting to rip Heather a “new hole” after her UCC filings. Remember???????

  19. Biff says:

    Dear Jean, I haven’t commented in a while but just wanted to express my thanks for sharing your story. I know I, myself, could never be so open about a matter of this nature. It’s a true testament to how strongly you believe in your mission. We’re all here at your side for whatever may come next.

    I’d be remiss not to add here that an remarkably similar situation to yours happened to Lisa Harrison (now of TheOneNetwork). I, like many, followed the One Peoples Public Trust saga, particularly so during its demise. She and the “OPPT crew” eventually came to realize that there were Jesuit agents pulling the strings of what is now best described as the OPPT Psyop (which, by the way, is still ongoing due to the efforts of William “Bill” Ferguson, aka AmericanKabuki).

    Late last year Lisa and others went public together and exposed what actually transpired behind the scenes, including information concerning the discovery of hypnotic magical elements at play. Of note were the stories of how dark the ring-leader “Heather” became when the cameras turned off, as well as the horrifying events that revealed the true intentions of the other key operator, one Bob Wright. This is all highly significant in illustrating just how extraordinarily cunning the orchestrators were in constructing the psyop. Sound familiar? Well, hopefully in the coming months this story will receive a much needed exposé by one or more of the great detectives within our ranks.

    I also want to use this comment to express my belief that the Bradley Loves articles will be tremendously useful to anyone seeking put these and any other well-coordinated scams behind them, if for no other reason than getting one’s compass working again. Obviously, it can seem impossible to view any friend or associate as trustworthy after experiencing such unfathomable deception; however, these things can and will fully heal in time. So thanks again to you, Jean, and to Bradley, for working tirelessly to empower this exponentially-growing community of the awakened.

    [Jean, I’d planned to submit some of the data in my comment as part of a contribution to another blogger’s article, but instead your wonderful post here changed my plans, and so it’s been revised as such.]

    • Ri-chard says:

      God bless you Biff. And Jean be ever so thankful for the few Biffs in the world.

      • Jean says:

        Yes, Ri-chard, Biff’s words are very special . . . and I’m grateful for them! It’s a bit frightening to step out from this blog – although it will probably be a gradual transition – into something else that is pretty much unknown to me. . . I have some ideas, but it is actually all the people who read here who are going to help think through our way into a new paradigm. I’m feeling stronger this morning. . . and hopeful my body is finally making the transition. . . and will only become stronger . . . Thanks and hugs for all your support! ~Jean

    • lecox says:

      I watched the video in which Lisa Harrison and some of her friends go over what happened to them when they met up with Heather in Morocco last year.
      It is a rather extraordinary video, if only because people don’t usually talk about experiences like that. And you could see that it was hard for them, especially Lisa.
      One has to be willing to admit that someone successfully deceived you, and these people were aware enough to be able to do that. Lisa mentions that it took the perceptions of her daughter – who almost went crazy when she met Heather – to really confirm her suspicions. We should all be able to perceive that well.
      They also went over a classic scenario of how a Third Party operates in a group to try to tear it apart. In this case the attempt was unsuccessful. The others knew each other too well, and trusted each other too much.
      They did not talk about Jesuit agents or horrifying events in this video. That’s someone else’s spin. Nor did I learn who was really behind the OPPT. But there was some discussion of this as a pattern: Someone who has discovered some situation and who has started some action to do something about it, but who may not be totally mentally stable, is pushed up into prominence then fed additional data or ideas that are actually destructive to the original goals. The action is built up, then allowed to fall apart, which tends to discredit all the data put out by the central spokesperson, though some of the data may have been true. Thus the ones behind the scenes turn a potential political problem into a confusion of information that allows a few secrets out but tends to disable the opposition. It is likely we will be hit with many more events of this type as things roll forward.

  20. lecox says:

    This write-up was almost impossible for me to follow.
    But what it seems to be saying is that what we had was a network of public-facing story tellers being fed information by a network of unidentified “handlers” which has ended up with a lot of people looking like liars and some other people who believed them getting fleeced financially.
    This reminds me of what I discovered about how the “get rich working 5 hours a week on the internet” schemes interact with each other. A guy pushing one scheme will erect a website, or put a post on a website, “exposing” the rival scheme as a scam, and then directing people to the scheme he’s involved with. So now I’m supposed to think that this guy is honest and helping me out.
    This is how criminals work. It is how they have always worked. It has been this way for millions of years and we have not yet learned how to spot this game and avoid getting pulled into it. It’s all based on the offer of a promise instead of a product, a prediction instead of an actual result, a rumor instead of a verified event.
    It is behavior characteristic of a definite band on the Tone Scale and a phenomenon that any careful student of Hubbard would be familiar with, as his writings describe it in considerable detail.
    I followed these stories not because I believed them but because I was interested in what people who did not believe the mainstream media were being told and talking about.
    But what will happen next? Will the old storytellers, disgraced, leave the stage? If so, who will replace them? Just another set of storytellers? Will their stories contain any more actually helpful information that the previous ones did? Or will they be even more deceptive? Will people react by learning how to think and act for themselves, or by just choosing a new storyteller? We do have that choice, you know.

  21. UniversityOf Truth says:

    Interesting. I met Paul Collin once (briefly), and liked him. He seemed like a decent sort.
    I have found this part of his report most interesting:
    “According to Keenan “The roots of this case go back to between 1927 and 1938, when, (the US) leased vast amounts of gold from the Nationalist Chinese Government, known as Kuomintang. For all the treasure handed in, certificates were given to those who surrendered their precious metals.” Here’s a reaction to that story that has never been refuted:

    What do you think, Paul? Has he got it right?

  22. veraiconica says:

    Dear Jean,
    this whole story with NK is so disgusting. I am very troubled, that they all hurt you so much, as you were trying to help from your heart to help humanity in these troubled times. I hope in time justice will be served.
    The most important thing right now is, that you will be able to heal your soul and continue, to make good progress with learning to walk again without pain. I pray, that your health will be restored and many blessings come your way. I appreciate you very much and all that you do every single day for all of us, to stay informed, but I also came to the conclusion a while back, that we need to raise our own vibrations right and give out as much love as we can and let go of all, what the dark side is trying to do, but trust, that we are moving into a happier and brighter future together. Let’s disconnect from the matrix. There are so many ways, we are able to do just that.
    Please take good care of you.

    Sending you much love and many hugs!

  23. Jean – I will give you the opportunity of setting the record straight – as a means of avoiding legal action – if you simply do the right thing by posting this response to your blog in the comment section.

    You have falsely accused me of a crime. “Bilking” means to defraud money from a person by false pretenses. As you well know, I submitted invoices to you for two essential services I performed for The Keenan Group: the writing, editing, and production of the “Changing of the Guard” Youtube video, which had a major beneficial impact for The Keenan Group at that time, with hundreds of thousands of views on Youtube. I also submitted invoices for the research and composition of the Preface to the Keenan Lawsuit, billed at standard expert consultation rates for a lawsuit of that size. I have e-mails from you approving and praising that work. Those invoices were paid.

    In March of 2013 my airfare to Indonesia was paid, as was my lodging during my weeks of service there for The Keenan Group. I received no further pay of any kind, no salary, nor any per diem during my weeks in Indonesia. You know this to be true. I used up my own savings during that time, and had to return to Los Angeles in difficult circumstances. I continued to do compose high-quality journalistic work for The Keenan Group for six more months at no pay, writing numerous articles to further the cause of freeing the Global Collateral Accounts. I decided to change direction in December of 2013, and discontinued any further efforts on behalf of The Keenan Group, so that I could concentrate on what I regard as a more legitimate human rights project.

    If you truly wish to take the moral high road here, you will retract this false accusation. My years of service to a well-known, not-for-profit religious foundation are a matter of public record. I never “led you to believe” anything that was not true.

    If you decline to post this rebuttal, I will be forced to consider legal action against you. If you do post this rebuttal, I will regard the matter as closed.

    Thanking you in advance for doing the right thing in this matter,

    Michael Henry Dunn

  24. John says:

    Easier said then done I know, but “energy flows where attention goes”.
    So I guess we shouldn’t pay to much attention on them…(anymore)
    I look at the website of that “Drake”. That’s not a website, that’s a joke.

  25. phair2 says:

    The sad thing is: if it’s not just Niel and they’re all in on it, who can anyone trust? The “truth” movement never really needed a leader. But we do need informed insiders on the side of the people who can give them important information. I don’t work at the pentagon or with the CIA. Where can the average truther look to for reliable information? I started with ALex Jones and Mike Malloy. Then Jim Marrs, Art Bell, and George Noory. Then Ben Fulford and David Wilcock, then Drake with Denise, Rick, Grammy J, and that strange lady from Canada. Add SUnfire and Tanaath. ANd Kerry Cassidy and her guests. Then Thomas, Karen Hudes, etc…… Is there anyone that’s reliable anymore? The natural thing for people to do is to say “To hell with it all” and retreat back into militias and guns and making kill lists for the physical revolution that they have all been “holding off” on because people like Drake and David Wilcock has been saying to wait because there is a better way. Is David Icke any good anymore? Alfred Webre? ANd all the TIME invested in listening to and studying the writings of all of these people when we could have been doing something more practical and physical to effect our 3-D environment.

    Now we have been told to “look within for answers” but that doesn’t work so well for me. I’m a military strategist and tactician and have designed and playtested wargames. So I tend to go in that direction for answers when that’s all there appears to be left to draw upon. But if things aren’t going to get better soon, then I wish the world would end. Get it over with. At least perhaps the suffering wouldn’t be so bad.

    • lecox says:

      I think this post is significant because I believe a lot of people who don’t usually post or even read sites like this think like this. There are poll results posted on the internet stating that between 25 and 35 percent of the US population thinks the Biblical “end times” are near.
      I think the “look within” meme is deceptive as well. Most people don’t get anywhere trying to do that; it’s basically just too hard for them. The guy I know who “looks forward” to “the end” could not possibly discover a workable truth for himself through introspection alone; I’m quite sure of that.
      However, from my experience pulling data down off the internet (which didn’t start until 2008) and other searching I did offline before that, I see the situation something like this: There has always been an urge in people to “know the truth.” Technology advances over the past century or so have strengthened that urge, as the “new” technologies tend to remind people of places and times they have forgotten but would like to remember. A LOT of people who are involved with this on the internet have been at it since they were young. They are not “flashes in the pan;” they’re sincere. But there are others who want to derail these attempts. This is because they have crimes to hide that they don’t want discovered. Some of these people are very prominent people. Yet their positions rely on certain facts remaining unknown, or at least discredited. Their strategy is to infiltrate the “truth seeker” movement in various ways that will tend to throw the main participants, as well as their audiences, off track. Per research I’ve studied, this game in some form or other has been going on for millions of years.
      The first sign that a researcher, or even experiencer or whistleblower, is being led off course is when he starts to talk about his “anonymous sources” working deep inside the system. It has been shown time and time again that this is not a reliable way to get good data. What you want to concentrate on is original research and personal experiences told publicly. Whistleblowers (people who were involved in something secret and decide to go public) are less creditable, but may have some good data. I also don’t fully trust any ET source at this point, though a lot of data exists that is purportedly from such sources.
      Hubbard is my personal first choice for an original researcher, as he produced so much material of value and left behind an organization that continues his work. But other researchers like Courtney Brown, Robert T. James and Ian Stevenson (to mention some of the most important ones I’m aware of) also have valuable data to contribute.
      Ultimately, “inner work” is required to get certainty on the details of your own personal experience and to improve overall spiritual ability. But I know of very few people who are successful at this without professional assistance and getting themselves trained up in the various disciplines involved. And there aren’t many on this planet in a position to put out that kind of effort in that direction at this time. We are relying heavily on those who are doing this. Most of them are not public-facing, as they don’t enjoy being attacked by the various criminal operations that are out there trying to stop this from happening.
      I hope that people who have been relying on internet data such as that from this site will not get discouraged by recent developments. Just dig around more, and find the original researchers and the personal stories.

      • phair2 says:

        Thanks for this response lecox ! Most people wouldn’t even think to spend their time reading the stuff that we do. Let alone try to become their own “inside information” researcher. They work–say at a grocery store–get tired, come home, eat, shower, maybe watch some TV, play with kids, spend some time with a partner if they have one, read a book, go to bed. Same thing the next day. On a day off they do laundry and shopping and maybe go outside for awhile–still now researching hidden facts and agendas. And then if YOU try to tell them something they have no frame of reference and think you might be crazy or at least wrong. If you’re lucky, and their TV choices are sports, they might be open to new ideas about how the world works. If they watch “the news” as their TV choice, then their minds have been captured in a trap meant to not allow them to think anything else and those people are usually hopeless. Also there are a lot of good or well meaning people with good spirits who spend what little free time they have with CHurch activities or creating art and music. Nothing wrong with that, but it takes up available their time and Churches can be a mind trap too–although not always.

  26. Sidd says:

    Dearest Jean, thank you so much for exposing this. You are an incredibly bright light in a dark world and my love and respect for you is more than you know! xoxo! 🙂

  27. Rob Whitehead says:

    So sorry that these parasites have inflicted cost and time from someone that deserves so much more! Yours is one of the only websites I return to as you have such a grasp of what’s right and wrong in this world and isn’t afraid to expose it. Chin up Jean, I admire your perseverance and commitment with all my heart – as you always say HUGS (from me to you). I really hope you keep up with your website, my only other websites that I regularly follow are 0-hedge and VT – I really hope that these aren’t dis-info too. Lots of LOVE. Rob.

  28. Sally says:

    Not only did you make me aware of these people to begin with. You opened my eyes when yours opened. It is sad that people are willing to intentfully hurt others for there own gain. I am sorry that you had to this happen to you. But I am glad the Truth has shown itself infront of all the people of this world. For the truth seeker this is a gain and a lesson that humbles all to look inside, to make those error correcting views of ourself and to know how easy it is for the darkness to plant it’s seed inside of anyone. You are a wise woman and I am glad to have found you.
    Thank you for putting it all into the light. The darkness that had it’s hold on you will be gone when you release it and put it behind you.

  29. Ri-chard says:

    Jean, as time progresses we will find these guys eat their own and with no honor among themselves. Their reporting tells me so.
    I know it is no consolation for the money you were bilked out of but I feel better things will come together for you as the authors of these reports are hinting to me.
    I trust your readers will visit Neil’s website and comment about what they know of him.

  30. KIRV says:

    Story was subtly revised with just a bit more clarity, and with that just a few tidbits more, catching the ‘full flavor’ now, here:

    No one knows ‘the rest of the story’, except Collin, who undoubtedly fears for his life from the government but he even foresees how they initially will come at him; using others spitting hell-fire and brim-stone – and the government will make sure Collin falls on his sword in the end. Unless, Collin gets the heck out-of Dodge right-away, but that won’t happen because no one will help him off the streets of Los Angeles, California where he’s been homeless for the past 7-years while fighting the fight as best he can.

    An interesting adventure, for all, and unfortunately for Jean and others, Collin had moved-on to doing other research for years after leaving the U.S. government behind, and it wasn’t until he ‘found out what happened’ to you and others he suddenly dropped everything and remained behind to do what he could. Beginning with calling The Critical Post and providing hours of interviews and documents, he’s decidedly trying to resurrect his old Unwanted Publicity Intelligence website, which the government earlier dismantled elsewhere, just like it has done before to all his other websites, long ago:

    Anyone need help bringing down ‘international fraudsters operated by the government’, please do not call the government because they will ‘not assist you or anyone else’ in bringing down their own operation.

    If anyone approaches you with a similar treasure hunting scheme, remember “Rule One”:


    Paul Collin
    E-MAIL: UnwantedPublicity@Gmail.Com



  31. Cher says:

    I am sorry what has happened to you. As far as I can see there is nothing on the internet that is not trying to politically divide, scam people. Please everyone do not fall for this. I think Jean is trying to give us the best news possible, but it is very hard to pick out what is true, or what is made to influence you politically. It really is hard to break the habit of reading and watching this stuff, it is like we are possessed by these people. I keep telling myself I am not going to read anymore and I delete them from my favorites and then find myself looking for them again. To me it is kind of like a soap opera, I keep watching and reading, because I know that this is all going to come to end soon. I do not listen to the radio shows anymore, they are just crazy, they are causing so much hatred in our country. I was becomeing so afraid, and upset because of these people telling me that these bad things were going to happen to us and our country, Finally I had enough, no more, nothing has happened, we are all still doing the same thing we were doing 5 years ago, nothing changed. I do believe that we have an elite group of people that are running the show, and the only way to fight them is like Bradley said in his article, we have to quit supporting them by buying from them and using their products. It is hard but it can be done if everyone would do it. I also think that people need to really look at the people we vote and put in office, please try to find out who they are, what they have done, where they stand on issues and do not listen to the propanganda on t.v., radio, internet sites. We need to make our own decisions with out being influenced by these people. No matter what side you are on. I wish we did not have sides, because in the end we really do all want the same thing.

    • Jean says:

      🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

      • g77enn says:

        Hi Jean,
        Vis-a-vis Wilcock and Fulford, you are going to want to watch this video particularly just after the 1:31:30 mark because it mentions both men.

        I cannot vouch for the video, but, among other things, it’s quite lurid,
        I guess that’s where we have to go to find the truth sometimes. My understanding
        from other sources is that David’s father was a Hollywood agent. That assertion, if true,
        leads me to suspect David. The more I learn about Hollywood the more appalling. David’s claim to be Casey, I find incredible as his constant claims about Barack “Drone” Obama being a good guy? Fulford I’ve been suspicious about for some time. His claims of no radiation outside of Fukushima I believe are outright lies, particularly given his ties with the Yukuza who supply workers to TEPCO. His meeting with David Rockefeller on video is also suspicious as his continual claims the BRICS are our saviors. Bush and the Rockefellers have been in China for many decades. Mao was controlled by the Rockefellers and attended their Yale in China. I’m not saying that the west is good. I do believe the common people on both sides are good, but not the leaders. They are all controlled as I’m sure you know. I read the Fulford blog and there were some comments regarding you on there (something to the effect of Fulford wanting an apology). If this video is true or can be proven true then you will have no problems with that and that’s why I decided to contact you. I do take sides when truth is at stake.

        God bless,


    • phair2 says:

      The reason you can’t stop looking at their articles and listening to their interviews are because 1) unless you’re an insider you need to get some information from someone who knows what’s going on. AT least some of what they talk about is true. And you wouldn’t know about it at all ever unless you looked at what they are saying. And 2) even if they lie about some things, you have to know what the lies are.

    • Andrew says:

      I am posting an article that was even on BBC news. This is not even hidden anymore. The United States is ruled by 1 to 2 percent of the wealth of this nation. I know someone that had connections in the Washington D.C. area. Princeton also released a study about a year ago on this. Just remember that all roads really point to China right now. The United States gets all of products mostly from there. If China decides it has had enough of the Untied States, we will see a change in the economy here. People are waking up to the Untied States everywhere. Some of our federal officials want something to change. They are tired of doing nothing but fund raising. Hope is on its way.

  32. trey says:

    Agents of illusion. Never believed a word of that post from Neil last week.

  33. Ilex says:

    Will there be a Class-Action suit for the Bitcoin Bravado that many of us donated to?

    • Jean says:

      At this point in time, I don’t have a clue, but I doubt he has any money of his own. Can you get blood from a rock? Hugs, ~Jean

    • Jean says:

      I surely hope so, but I don’t really know. Michael Calhoun came to me the same way the others did, wanting to help. If he, like the others, was using me, he is the one who should know. I never had ‘real’ access to those accounts. I was in total shock when I found out that Neil’s Dr. Aidun, who I understand is still bilking people, and Silve, King of Hawaii, were also scam artists – as well as so-called Count Albert, and I felt sick to my stomach and wanted to be rid of the whole deal. Michael told me once how to send the money to Neil. I never had any of the records, etc. I hope people get that money back. I could do nothing without Michael Calhoun’s help, and I’m thinking now since he never contacted me that he was also in on the scam, and that I was set up to be left holding the bag . . . Hugs, ~Jean

  34. Ilex says:

    Is it just me or is this as convoluted as it get’s? Holy crap Batman!!!!!!!

  35. Victoria Swan says:

    Hi Jean, I dont know who you are and keep intending to find out a little bit. I stumbled across your amazing newsletter and have learned so much. So I want to thank you!

    I read you were gone for a while due to health issues so I am sending soul healing blessings for whatever you need at this time. Blessings you you.

    I don’t understand this story about Collin et al, nor will try to, bit I am sorry you have had been maligned and robbed.

    Sincerely, Vicky

    Heal the soul first; then healing of mind snd body will follow” – Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha

  36. Bella says:

    These guys will soon realise that you don’t mess with a group of Old Ladies with out consequences.

  37. Secretariat says:

    Lady Jean,

    Sadly, people have become lackadaisical in documentary concepts creating a watershed for those dry parching lessons, that living may sometimes share for our advancement in eternal vigilance.

    Our own growing & mounting cognition of necessity in eternal vigilance, is learning by gracious Science of Right Reasoning comforting us, which we receive from the bosom of our Mother of Wisdom, that finds our Mother of Necessity awaking Lady Wisdom’s service in Wisdom of Divine Law, as previously given germane to “we as a species are in reality going to be our own saviors.”

    As now for then; have we counsel in accord to be more true than divine Unanimity, in this reality or otherwise, than most are willing to face?

    How is it with reality at your fingertips & infinity eternally be, of, by and for you, any finds themselves lost?

    And again as we have stated, “Once anyone begins to realize what you now know or have expressed in both your heart, mind & soul (body), you will forever be challenged by those who are ignorant of this Wisdom of Divine Law!”


    “But, at the same time be strengthened in true knowledge, if you remain steadfast in Lady Wisdom’s care for service of the Wisdom of Divine Law.”

    All our best for your continual advancements toward exercising Wisdom of Divine Law and prudent judgments required to maintain good will toward all walks of life via variation by agreement thereby.

    All our most precious regards to our breathren & all walks of life seeking honor.

    Until then, I AM…

    Your friend In law!

    Most graciously….’In Honor We Trust’
    Magnus Regnant of Sovereign Earth Alliance

    Notice: U.P.C. Applicable.

    P.S.: Please forgive any incorrect scripture, syntax or grammatical errors.

  38. Reba says:

    They’re on the attack because you have such a successful following and exposing/presenting important information. Who’s behind them know? In an off handed way it’s a compliment. It shows you have the power and they are afraid of you. You go girl!

    • Jean says:

      Reba, if the truth be known, I think they’re after me because they see the money faucet with which they are still bilking people turning off – rapidly. I surely hope so. . .

  39. Deb says:

    Poke them with a fork, they’re done!

  40. Bless you Jean….we will get through this and with divine intervention, I pray we are all absolved from our guilt for having been unwilling participants in this hideous crime against all of humanity. When it all comes out, I pray these horrendous men (and women) behind all of this are locked away for the rest of their lives. They will be judged by our maker when the time comes. There is a special place in hell awaiting all of them….every single one of them!

    • Jean says:

      Denise, forgive me, but I think we’re both having divine intervention through Scott and Collin . . . 🙂 and I am so grateful to them both. . . I cant’ say it enough. Hugs, ~Jean

      • Absolutely! My sincerest thanks and all gratitude to Scott Pollack of the Chicago Critical Post!!!! I reached out to him to help me to get this exposed and boy, did he step up to the plate! Special thanks to Brian Sidler who presented my plea to Scott and to Paul Collin and the others who have come forward, including White Hats as a result of Part 1 of Scott’s report on Keenan, Wilcock, Fulford and Bailey’s internet fraud.

        I also give my heart to you Jean and commend you for standing up with me against the heartless bastards that have destroyed so much for so many. Hugs ~ Denise

        • Jean says:

          Denise, I went to get some breakfast this morning after posting Scott’s report, and I just had to come back and say thank you to you (and all the other women, as well) for sticking with this and for asking Scott’s help. These men are a scourge, and thank God Scott realized it and decided to expose them. I know you’ve helped him quietly in the background, and I hope you will now move on into something better. You have a life ahead of you, and I think you are beginning to see a new way forward. I honor you for standing tall against both Drake and Neil, because I know — maybe more than others the abuse and lies you suffered at their hands. I send you lots of love and a public affirmation of my thanks to you for not giving up and not giving in to them. . . and with Scott, let me say we have a perfect example of the divine masculine at work!

          Love to you, dear friend,

    • phair2 says:

      Denise ! is there anyone that you listen to or trust these days??

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