PressTV: ‘Russian bomber carried nuclear missile over the Channel’ . . . Where is the proof! ~J

Sun Feb 1, 2015 6:27PM

A Russian bomber reported intercepted flying over the English Channel last week is purported to have carried a nuclear weapon.

Sources within the Ministry of Defence have revealed that one of the two long-range bombers was carrying at least one air-dropped “seek and find” nuclear missile, designed to seek and destroy a Vanguard submarine, Sunday Express, reported Sunday.

It said RAF Typhoon fighter jets were scrambled on Wednesday after two long-range TU-95 “Bear” bombers were detected flying over the English Channel.

One senior RAF source reportedly said: “We downloaded conversations from the crew of one plane, who used a special word which meant the would-be attack was a training exercise.”

Both Prime Minister David Cameron and Defence Secretary Michael Fallon were alerted after cockpit conservations confirming the bomber’s nuclear payload were intercepted by a Norwegian military listening post, and shared with the MoD.

Now London-based journalist and former chief of Voice of Russia’s London Bureau Dmitry Linnik says: “This was no incursion. We are talking about the so-called zone of British interests, not British airspace. It was at least 25 miles out of British airspace.”

He said the UK was only following in the footsteps of the US and that “it is forming a hostile narrative to Russia, which has been going on for at least months now.”

The latest incident was described as “yet another in a series of deliberately provocative” measures by Russia.

Britain on Thursday summoned the Russian ambassador, criticizing the move.

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4 Responses to PressTV: ‘Russian bomber carried nuclear missile over the Channel’ . . . Where is the proof! ~J

  1. Bill says:

    Both the Soviets/Russians and the US/NATO/UK have been doing this for 30 years. The picture above is a US Navy F14 – so taken some time back, and the TU 95 is an older version not a recent MS version. Every nation on earth can fly over the English channel because it’s international water – so why all this to do about a non-event! If the bomb bay doors are closed (and they are) who knows what is in the belly of the TU 95?

  2. faction2lion says:

    If it comes from any member of the NATO press, it’s a lie. That means American, British, and any other NATO predator affiliate.

  3. Trex says:

    Oh come on Jean – you know they were guilty… In their standard issue flight manual they probably had a picture of a nuke missile, and those bad boys carried it across the channel along with their equivalent of Playboy magazine. Terrible!
    And fyi – the insignia below the cockpit on the fighter is NOT from an RAF plane. Its 100% American! We can feel all warm and fuzzy now. Is that John Mccain piloting with his thumb on the trigger?

  4. Rebecca says:

    Jean that is exactly what I was thinking when I read this story the other day.
    More lies I feel!

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