The Earth is in Quarantine – Michael Tsarion

Published on May 14, 2014
Thanks to H. 

Eye of the Observer – it holds true in the whole UNIVERSE
New World Order Agenda is to Divide & Conquer.
Awakening is a Must.
Or We Will All Fall.
We need to Wise Up and STOP using violence against Each other and the Animal Kingdom, We Are All Spirit.

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10 Responses to The Earth is in Quarantine – Michael Tsarion

  1. pupma says:

    Your all grace Jean.
    Nice responses to Tobias ((:
    Years of reading your site daily, commenting occasionally and studying all day every day.
    Keep your chin up and head held high.
    Thank you for all you do Jean.

  2. Di, Cerrillos,NM,USA says:

    Dear Jean, Your reply to Thobias was restrained and might I say even graceful. The next time he spews vomit in your blog, I encourage you to hit the delete button. We on Earth are in crisis mode, period. Those who recognize it will be under siege from the trolls and unenlightened. His choices are the same as our choices, I choose to see what is what, he could. But he chooses to whine instead, let him whine elsewhere, while he still can. The Internet is targeted by the Cabal because it is such a good source for info for those who seek. I hope we can stand fast and together to keep the Internet,which he finds convenient, viable and functioning.
    Oh, and by the way Thobias, take the time to proofread, syntax and spelling are an insight into your intelligence level.
    Love, you, Jean, and thanks to all the folks who contribute insights here, refreshing.

  3. mary says:

    I admire Michael tsarion, He has such a wealth of knowledge. Being aware is seeing all of it, even the negative, so we can turn against it. How does Tobias equate this with 15- 16th century religion? Tobias sounds “fear-based” If he is dis-info they are getting extremely transparent. I guess he didn’t notice the direction here to fight them and declare in our conscience that we are aware, tell them no, as sovereign beings we want our freedom back. Its ok to be informed of the negative, so we can tell them we now are actively fighting them. Its a fine juggling act but I think most of us are juggling well. Take care Jean, Best to you.

  4. Hi Jean 🙂 I discovered your page about 5 years ago or so, since then I have been frequenting this page almost weekly if not daily to get the latest updates on what the globalists are up to, at the same time to maintain my daily dose in hope for humanity, to know we are on track towards freeing ourselves from the cabal, and it will happen I have no doubt about that. Your reply to Thobias resonated with me, I began my journey as an awakened soul, and since then I’ve learn that there is a lot of disinformation in this journey designed to throw us off and give up on all hope, basically become cynics like Thobias’s and so many others that I have encountered in the truth movement. This journey is best experienced if we ground ourselves spiritually. Thobias’s comments above seem pretty silly and childish in the emotional tone of his language. Its just common sense if the information on a page does not resonate with a person then they will continue searching elsewhere. Unless they’re one of the minions hired by the cabal to flood the internet in trying to turn the tide on the “Global Awakening” that is accelerating every year. It seems the language above is the typical language used by the paid trolls, to pontificate and SHAME the messenger. thank you for the wealth of information that you provide us and keeping us abreast on the political and socio/economic reality that we face. 😉

  5. Thobias says:

    I applaud and support the mission of this site, to enlighten us, and give us information on, what SOME people, believe is the way forward….. BUT!!! I really HATE all the FEAR that also is here…. It seems that Jean and Co are on a fear and negativity… a OUR way is THE ONLY way… and if we dont follow it we are all doomed for eternity!!
    This is NO WAY different from 15. 16- 17 century ” claasic religon” or any kind of evangelic religious beliefs from the mid west!!
    I find it SO offensive and MIND controlling, to read 95 % of the posts here….where are THE POSITIVE stuff?? Where are we not considered SHEEPELS,a sBradly Love and Jean ( in her latest update from herself ) And WHO told you that YOU are RIGHT???? I REALLY would like to know WHERE that information, comes from?? Who gave you the ONE AND ONLY truth??? I would like to know, so I could call and get it verified!!
    Og and BTW… i lookm forward to see if this is getting posted…. I know there is a VERY stron censor ship going on here….. because thats the ONLY way, that the comment sites are ONLY agreeing to all the sexually repressed perversion, that this site is REVELLING in!!! And by doing censor ship it makes impossible to get ANY kind of critical debate out here… and ANY kind of different opinions and information.

    • Jean says:

      Thobias, I do not find it fearful. Why do you? Have you done your inner work? Have you not heard me say that unless we know the truth of our history, we are doomed to repeat it?

      What you choose to believe is absolutely your choice! In which case you do not need to come here to my blog and throw yourself into fear.

      My personal belief and experience is that we each need to face our personal fears . . . and we all have them. These fears are for our lives, about abandonment, and so on. They are extremely deep-seated fears, and the cabal is constantly triggering them in us on purpose. Overcome these fears, and the information I share here will not affect you at all. This has required years of very deep work on my part and my statement is a result of my own personal experience!

      If you find it unpleasant here and choose not to do your own inner work, then please if you come here, don’t take my time by commenting again. What I’m saying to you now is nothing new, Thobias. I have said it many times before, but apparently you haven’t heard me before.

      I wish you well on your journey, in whatever direction you choose to travel :))


    • Jean says:

      Second reply:

      Thobias as I sit here editing Bradley’s manuscript, I’ve just read this statement from Bradley, and it seems to fit your statement perfectly:

      Now I would like to clear something up for those who are already pressing the “fear-porn button” in the comments section. The “POINT” of this article is NOT about putting people into fear, as some might think! It is to get people to wake up and then get them to – REMOVE THEIR CONSENT!

      No one has to be “afraid” of what’s going on in order to remove consent! HOWEVER, and this is a BIG however — they do have to KNOW what is happening all around them without their knowledge!

      How can you even say that you don’t want something happening on the planet – IF YOU DONT EVEN KNOW IT EXISTS? This is not possible!

      Have you read Bradley’s work? Do you know what it means to remove your consent? Do you know the understanding that is required to do this?


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