A reader shares and asks a question. . . I’ve responded briefly, but I now ask you to share your own thoughts? ~Jean


I only want to share this with you for possible verification. And more importantly because you were a school teacher.

 The videos on Drunvalo remind me so much of one of the many conversations I had with my ex-Jesuit mentor. [Not the typical Jesuit, as we are learning many of them to be. . . ~J] A question was asked about his thoughts for what the right educational paths should be taken to reverse all the disinformation being promoted in all our school systems.

His answer was we must teach at the earliest of ages starting at 4-to-6 years of age how important We are as a People. we must go back to the earliest times in tribal cultures and especially those cultures that revered and respected mother earth and the heavens. Pulling on what I can remember he said:

We are special/unique, we are the mysteries, all living things are our equal for survival, we are the mentors and protectors of each other and the students of what is nature and natural, we are the spirit and energies of the real power and when we know this, we become mature.

He gave some examples for how mature we once were as a FREE people — speaking about the not so ancient North and South American native people and the fact that this was sabotaged. By the time a native child was 7 or 8 they were already contributors within the tribe as a productive member. Their mothers were their LOVING and NATURAL spiritual mentors during their most informative/impressionable years. By the time they reached their teens they knew what it took to provide for their family and village and were the mentors of those behind them. Water, Food, Farming, Clothing, Shelter and the caring for others was known. The values for living in harmony with all that is nature and natural was known by their mid-teenage years.

The other example he gave us was the first settlers educational methods in the days of the schoolhouse that had all age groups and grade levels under one roof. Everyone was or became a mentor of others. These children were much more advance in their knowledge of reading, writing, arithmetic, health and sciences than the children of today. What they lacked was the spiritual nature and what is natural knowledge as that had been sabotaged from them in Europe — where they came from.

So, you Jean as a past school teacher — I thought you may have some understanding of this. What do you say?

A Reader

My answer is that I agree with these words that he has shared, and that I believe  in returning the indigenous people to their rightful place in the world will also be the healing of the ‘white man’. Incidentally, I hope to create awareness of the truth of their story — and our story of misunderstanding — on my new blog. I think we may well find that our new way forward will actually embody many of their ways. 

I stood in the Canyon Lands in Arizona several years ago and spoke with a leader there, but not a leader as we know our leaders to be. He had none of IMG_0214 - Version 3the outward appearance of our leaders, because the outer is not important to these people, and on this day he was acting as our guide.

What he told me opened huge doors in my thinking: I’d paid a huge fortune in healthy insurance money to work with a therapist, who taught me how to parent myself. She told me I’d had to raise myself, and there were lots of holes in how I’d figured things out. When I heard this man say among many other things that he was living his passion, that his grandmother had taught him about the right and left brain, that he had a dark side – as do we all – and must always watch it, I was really shaken. In my work with Drunvalo, I learned toe value the indigenous people and tcame to understand that they know the way through this shift. So far we have not really turned to them to understand their way, and I hope we soon will choose to take a look.

There are many books to read about these people and their understanding of life, but some of the best I have found are by Kent Nerburn, whose work I have featured here on my blog.  His novels that share in tory form what we did to the indigenous helped me to walk in their shoes and to understand them.

Another important book is called From the Heart, Voices of the American Indians.

Editorial Review From Booklist

Miller has expertly culled hundreds of remarkable excerpts from Native American speeches given over the course of four tragic centuries. From 1500 to 1900, as explorers, settlers, soldiers, and government agents attempted to eradicate Indian civilization from the North American continent, a rich cultural legacy of endurance, pride, and resistance was forged by outspoken and heroic representatives of virtually every Indian nation. Arranged by region and chronology, these extraordinarily moving extracts are placed into appropriate historical context by Miller’s descriptive narrative. In addition, pertinent quotations of non-Indian witnesses are also included. A haunting and eloquent anthology that serves as a testament to the courage and the nobility of Native Americans in the face of physical and spiritual genocide. Margaret Flanagan

 A good basis for understanding our misunderstandings of these people is, of course, Howard Zinn’s classic, A People’s History of the United States

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27 Responses to A reader shares and asks a question. . . I’ve responded briefly, but I now ask you to share your own thoughts? ~Jean

  1. YouMa says:

    What Hildegard said above, about the Sudbury Valley School, is correct. Our family almost moved to Framingham, MA 27 yrs. ago to put our 3 young children in this school. We ended up not being able to do this, but were able to give them a Waldorf education. That was our 2nd choice, Sudbury was our first choice.

    Here is a link to a very recent interview done with Daniel Greenberg, one of the primary original founders of the Sudbury model, which began in 1968.

    This interview is priceless. Go to: http://www.sudval.org and read voraciously everything possible about this education model. It is the absolute best answer to a remedy for the awful education now happening. This is so radically different from even private schools and must be studied to understand.


    These schools are being founded all over the world. It is way beyond time to liberate the children of the world.

    You, aka YouMa

    • Jean says:

      I want to take a look at these. Somehow, I think they may well guide us into the future . . . Many thanks and hugs, ~Jean

      • YouMa says:

        Thank you, Jean. If you begin by listening to the recent interview Daniel Greenberg does with Mark Oppenheimer, http://bloggingheads.tv/videos/33203?in=09:22&out=15:16, it will wet your appetite. Feel free to contact me and I am delighted to speak with you.

        Because this is ‘democratic schooling’, and many people in this country of the US have forgotten what democracy looks like, every adult could stand to learn deeply what this education model really is. One of the key reasons this works, aside from the original founders having 100% integrity and insight well beyond average, is because the children are FREE with personal responsibility to choose how to spend their days. The School Meeting, governed through the Judicial System, runs the school – children look adults in the eye, no fear here. One vote for every person, even a 4 yr. old has one vote.

        The interview is so good. http://bloggingheads.tv/videos/33203?in=09:22&out=15:16 And http://www.sudval.org has such a wealth of information – I invite every person to study this model. It is a jump over a high hurdle for most folks to really trust that this is for real — it has 47 years history to prove this works. http://bloggingheads.tv/videos/33203?in=09:22&out=15:16

        Great Love and Light
        You, aka YouMa

  2. Kieron says:

    Dear Jean, you asked for our thoughts. In reading this line: “…that he was living his passion, that his grandmother had taught him about the right and left brain, that he had a dark side…” reminded me of some thoughts that I wish to point out here.

    Among many Native people or indigenous groups around the world, there is some form of recognition of the “two spirit” or the “third sex.” Western/white society would call it “homosexual” and/or “transsexual” or something clinical, and compare it unfavorably with some “standard” (preferred) way of being. It’s not too out of line to compare it to the historical/Biblical view that males were once considered the “standard,” and Woman, being a defective version of the male, should try to emulate him. Why else is it OK for women to aspire to do men’s work, dress like men, etc, but for a man to do the reverse…? Horrors! Indigenous and Native American people *generally* do not automatically pathologize gender variance or homosexuality, or dismiss it, or make fun of it the way Western/white society usually does. In some tribes, it was important to listen and follow the inner voice guiding one to be a warrior, a nurturer, a leader, a worker, a shaman or medicine holy person, or a “two spirit” — to refuse the call was to insult the Creator and bring shame on oneself.

    I don’t have the answers or the whole picture, nor does anyone else. I think we are supposed to bring our “pieces” together to form the whole tapestry. Therefore I am convinced that what we now call homosexuality and transgender is every bit as much part of Creation as anything else. That’s why I am so frustrated and infuriated when influential writers like The Saker, or Lasha Darkmoon, or Alfred Webre periodically echo the same tired lines that this state of being is a “disorder” of some kind, a pathology, or something “new” that’s being pushed on us by the NWO or the Zionists. Seriously, people? I would expect better of such erudite and learned writers, but I know we all have our dark side, our biases, our preconceived ideas. This is theirs. They can think whatever they want, but I can and I will push back.

    Fear, hatred or ridicule of anything part of Creation that we don’t understand reflects the same disconnect and distrust of “other” that was cultivated in peoples the world over, usually by the Church. The Church (and the State for that matter) has an interest in divorcing the people from the land, from each other, and from their own intuition (which really means “inner teaching”).

    Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts here.

    • Jean says:

      No reason you shouldn’t share your thoughts here, Kieron! I remember when talking about the expression of our sexuality that Drunvalo told us this so-called fear of people with different sexual orientations was all created by the cabal. He also said that humanity was going to have to get used to an even greater variety of sexual expressions, because there are many more. . . interesting, I have often thought, who are we to judge how someone else gives and receives love? Not me! My experience with traditional parents was such that I used to look longingly at children being raised by couples with a different sexuality . . because living in my own home had been total hell. My parents had no idea at all about ‘real’ love . . . 🙂 These people were so grateful to have children in a loving relationship! Things are definitely going to change as we move forward, so people need to prepare themselves and open their hearts on this subject . . . Hugs, ~Jena

  3. Pete says:

    Fascinating movies and when you look deeper into this story it becomes even more so.

  4. mary says:

    Jean this is just so odd, as I woke up this morning itching to know the truth of early Christian teaching, before it was all changed, This started with Michael Tsarion saying we all need to find our tribal beginnings, there is our truth. I recently got a book by Manly P Hall, “the secret teachings of the ages”. this is a very hard read and I am only in beginning chapters, where its showing how Platos, and other writing in the beginning were turned around. There are pictures left from that time showing the universe completely different that what we are told. Manly Hall talks of electromagnetic fields, earth as a living being as all planets, and our connection to them. this was in 1928! A book by John Lamb Lash “not in his image, tells of the genocide of the Gnostics, in early Greece, who followed Plato and company. I read where the image of the cross with the figure was inserted around 700 Years after Christianity’s beginnings. Manly Hall is showing how the “famous men” of philosophy, theology, science and phycology etc.. took beginning truths, inserted lies keep some truths, complete chaos, imagine us trying to get to the truth in this chaotic presentation!! In the council of Niecea as they took out truths inserted lies, then presented to the masses the “bible” You have to ask, why tribal people genocided by the Spanish and English? Why the gnositcs? why the inquisition? And they are doing it today.. Excuse me for being all over the place, but I am amazed and dis-heartened by what been done to us. They have been destroying our true spirituality for ages, If you start to read Manly p Hall, you will begin to see the evil done to us. Then there is Madame Blavansky , who has been portrayed as Satanic evil, yet she is along the truths . In ancient times the serpent was wisdom, and look what they have done to that!! They are very clever, to take truths, distort them and present them in another way. Its just so odd that my first thoughts upon waking was to try to find more truths, then this article.

    • Jean says:

      I don’t call it odd, I call it a synchronicity 🙂 Hugs, ~Jena

      • Kieron says:

        In addition to Manly P. Hall, you might consider reading The Alphabet Versus the Goddess: The Conflict Between Word and Image by Leonard Shlain, who also wrote Art & Physics. In the first book, he describes a time in the early Church history when the Gnostic Christians, and their Gospels, were wiped out by the Orthodox Christians, as were the Cathars and the Albigensians. Those groups favored egalitarian relationships between women and men, caring for the poor and weak, tolerant of different views, allowed women to conduct spiritual ceremonies, favored holistic right-brain values, etc., but they were overcome by the Orthodox who were dogmatic, hard-line, controlling, exclusionary, intolerant of different views, etc. Guess which sect won the day, became the Holy Roman Church, and altered history to suit their views 😦

  5. Rosie says:

    ” In my work with Drunvalo, I learned toe value the indigenous people and tcame to understand that they know the way through this shift” ………….. I have thought for a long time that the destruction of indigenous cultures has been very deliberate and this seems to confirm this.

    • Jean says:

      Rosie, from my reading, you are totally correct! This had to be done in order to continue to control us. When you read the speeches of their leaders, you realize they were well developed, integrated human beings, unlike our leaders who are only puppets! When I understood this, I was sickened! Hugs, ~Jean

      • Rosie says:

        I found the ‘sorry’ statements made by the Australian leadership (LOL) a couple of years ago to the indigenous population really sickening. I thought they should have apologised to ALL of humanity for the destruction of their wisdom and culture.

  6. Sacredpeaks says:

    Jean, As always you and your readers share timely, excellent nuggets of wisdom. The indigenous peoples from all over the planet have quietly, secretly held onto this (suppressed and oppressed) wisdom for hundreds (more likely thousands of years) and passed it down through the generations – whether it be from North or South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc. We are the Rainbow Tribe and we are here now shining in full glory!

    In peace and love to all. Carry forth my brothers and sisters. We are the truth, we are the love, we are the light, we are all here now!

  7. What my children taught me:
    1. Children are our teachers just as much as we are theirs
    2. Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you
    3. Lead by example, and be the change you want to see in others
    4. They will give as much respect as you show them
    5. We are all equal in spirit

  8. WJ says:

    Jean, your ex-Jesuit mentor was indeed a man blessed with great wisdom from whom all have lots to learn. My research and beliefs fully supports what is stated above. We must re-connect to law of nature that applies throughout the Universe and which designed for all species to to enjoy life in peace and harmony.

    • Jean says:

      WJ, I agree with you about the quality of this Jesuit mentor, but he was not my mentor, but the mentor of the reader who posed the question to me 🙂 Hugs, ~JEan

      • Ri-chard says:

        Jean, this Jesuit mentor may have been a true rebel and what he shared with your reader surely makes the reader a fortunate and blessed one to have known the truths early in life.
        I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall during those true disclosure meetings.

  9. Hildegard says:

    Here’s another good one; the unschooling channel

  10. Hildegard says:

    In my opinion; the most amazing wonderful school you will ever find for children preschool through high school is Sudbury Valley School in Framingham Mass. http://bookstore.sudburyvalley.org/

    A friend many years ago tried to start a Sudbury Valley type school and went to the founding school in Framingham Mass. She said the feeling of orderliness was almost eerie. Especially since it is the KIDS themselves who run the school. Everything from the office work, answering the phones, to hiring and firing teachers, to selecting what to study and how. All ages mingle based on their INTERESTS. If a 4 year old is interested in the same thing as a 15 year old you will find them in the same class. It’s a model that by all accounts should NEVER work and it works unlike anything in the public school system.

    Also of note is N.Y. city teacher of the year; John Taylor Gotto.
    John Taylor Gatto – State Controlled Consciousness (this is a good place to start)

    • Jean says:

      This is the school whose work I have studied, and I am also deeply impress with it. Children get in touch with their inner self and find their calling; thus, they live a life of passion! Hugs, ~Jean

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