Alfred Webre: 2016 Time Travel Chronicles: CIA Time Travel pre-identification is why I switched from running in the 2016 US Presidential race to exposing the 2016 race

FEBRUARY 1, 2015

2016 Time Travel Chronicles: CIA Time Travel pre-identification is why I switched from running in the 2016 US Presidential race to exposing the 2016 race

By Alfred Lambremont Webre

VANCOUVER, BC – I switched from running in to reporting on the 2016 race because the outcome of the 2016 US Presidential election has been pre-determined by a combination of CIA secret time travel pre-identification, pre-grooming, and social, political, virtual, and technetronic technology and power Matrix that we call the “Shadow Government”.

I can provide a greater social service by making this secret time travel government more widely known as a journalist protected by the First Amendment, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the UN Declaration of Human Rights and international humanitarian law, than inside a legal box running for CEO of the USA Corp, headquartered in the District of Columbia, the military City-State of the three City-State Empire of Vatican, City of London, and District of Columbia, aided by specific Grey, Draco, and Archonic groups, known as VatLonUSA.

Two time travel cognizant candidates: The Winner & Andrew D. Basiago

Of the 150 (and growing) participants in and aspirants to the U.S. President[1], we know that at least two candidates are aware of CIA time travel pre-identification: The 2016 Winner and Andrew D. Basiago.

Andrew D. Basiago is a time travel whistle blower who reports as a child personally witnessing part of the CIA/DARPA time travel identification and briefing of US Presidents George HW Bush, George W. Bush, and Bill Clinton. His father, part of the DARPA/CIA time travel program, time travel briefed Hillary Clinton one summer before Hillary went to Yale Law School.[2]

Andy has long-stated publicly that  that 2016 might not be his year to be elected US President, and that he might be elected in 2020 or 2024.  Part of Andy’s calculus for the U.S. Presidency is based on his father’s having signaled to him in a secret 1980 summer training class for the Mars jump room that there were “two US Presidents” in the class, namely Barry Soetoro (AKA Barack Obama) and Andrew D. Basiago.

Hillary Clinton or Jeb Bush may be the CIA time travel identified (and groomed) President in 2016 (or not)?

So far we do not have any leaks or whistleblowers to come forward as to the identity of the CIA time travel identified (and groomed) President in 2016. One guess that it may be Hillary Clinton came last week when Obama apparently scared Romney out of the Presidential race after only one tweet, in the parlance of post time travel politics. Or was it Jeb Bush that scared Romney out of the GOP race?[3]

Bush and/or Clinton are the District of Columbia City State, U.S.A. Corp. candidate. If either Bush or Clinton win in 2016, that means the American people continue to support the USA Corp. that in turn will continue as the war platform of the Vatican, City of London and Vatican 3 City State Empire (“VatLonUSA” for short).

VatLonUSA: Vatican City of London USA Corporation

Abolishing the District of Columbia and prosecuting pedophile and ritual sacrifice networks are the issues that precipitated me making a symbolic political pledge and a Bully Pulpit:

“If there is no 2016 U.S. Presidential candidate willing to openly run on this platform, this reporter Alfred Lambremont Webre shall run for U.S. President on this platform until a qualified candidate steps forward.”[4]

My analysis is quite simply until the American people and its Congress vote to abolish the District of Columbia as a City-State, return the land to Maryland and Virginia, and close this legislative portal to USA Corp, Federal Reserve Bank, Vatican and City of London rule as well as Draco and Grey ET dimensional infiltration, the USA Corporation will continue as the war platform of VatLonUSA and the American people’s sole purpose will be cannon fodder and political cover turning into depopulated mass.

To date the American people have supported the USA Corp and VatLonUSA because of the high standard of living being a war platform on the rest of the world has afforded the USA Corp’s captive population. Yet that is rapidly changing into a depopulation program unless there is an accelerated awakening and self-liberation from the USA Corp and VatLonUSA.

The positive time line still rules. The USA Corp will just be able to string itself out as a platform for perpetual war VatLonUSA a while longer. If Black Hats Clinton or Bush are elected in 2016, the USACorp will serve as platform for countless perpetual wars, as its charter and economic profit of the Three City State empire demands. VatLonUSA-BRICS dynamics will string out the economics of the USA Federal Reserve corp fiat dollars for the 2016-2020 Presidential term.

Abolishing the District of Columbia?

Read this early email thread around abolishing the District of Columbia between Gordon Duff of Veterans Today, a progressive candidate for US President in 2016 and former candidate in waiting Alfred Lambremont Webre of


Jan 20 (12 days ago)
to James, Mike, Dean, Preston, Gordan, Leo, me, Ellen


It is unfortunate that there now appears to be a rift between Alfred Webre and Jim Fetzer. They have both done some really great research and brought the light of day to many cover-ups.

Last June Jim invited me as a guest on his program, The Real Deal, for which I am grateful. I spoke about the permanent state of national emergency and Senate Report 93-549 (1973). This report was cited and its significance explained in an extremely well researched (and documented) piece by John B Nelson in 1991-1992: To the American National People.  John discovered and uncovered a lot more shocking facts, so it is well worth reading.

As you can hear from my interview on Jim’s show, Jim was unfamiliar with Senate Report 93-549 like most people, or its significance regarding the endless Executive Orders that come out of the White House and the necessity for the President to maintain a permanent state of emergency, i.e. the war on terror. Few know of this report because it has been kept quiet for the most part. Unfortunately, the information it contains seems to create a sort of cognitive dissonance to all hearing it for the first time.

Two relatively prominent people (besides Yale graduate Alfred Webre) are among the multitudes aware that our government was converted to a private corporation in 1871: Ambassador Leo Wanta and former World Bank Attorney Karen Hudes (also a Yale graduate).

Short audio clip of Wanta
Short audio clip of Hudes

[Their full interviews can be located under January 17, 2015 on this page]

There are folks who believe that Gordon Duff, who many support as a 2016 presidential candidate, has the backing of the US military. Gordon is also close to Leo Wanta. There are other folks who believe that Alfred Webre would make an excellent presidential candidate in 2016.

From my chair here in Ohio, I cannot see a way for any candidate to overcome the money monster’s control of the election process here in America. Jim Fetzer also featured Bob Fitrakis (an Ohioan) on The Real Deal, who explained the serious problems we all have regarding election fraud.

So, how can we restore the original Constitution and put an end to the criminal enterprise (the FEDERAL RESERVE) that has hijacked our country?

What are some of the things Gordon Duff and Alfred Webre have in common?

  • They are both aware that there has been ET contact
  • They are both aware that there is a break away civilization
  • They both know that the FEDERAL RESERVE is a private criminal cabal of Zionists that took over our economy in 1913 with the passage of the Federal Reserve Act.
  • They both know that our so-called government has become fascist
  • They both know that our military is being used across the planet (just as Smedley Butler exposed) to advance the agendas of the banksters and does not represent the best interests of the American people, the American military or even humanity for that matter.

What strengths does Gordon have?
Gordon has many attributes and understands that the US government is now under the control of a criminal cabal and might very well be able to get the support of the US military machine

What strengths does Alfred have?
Alfred also has many attributes, but as an attorney, Alfred understands that the Constitution has been shelved (which Leo Wanta has been trying to expose for many years) and that what we call the United States federal government is actually an unconstitutional corporation . . . run by a criminal cabal. (Short extremely important video featuring Alfred Webre)  Alfred could help devise ways to restore the original Constitution – to include our legal system.

Click Here to continue reading. 

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11 Responses to Alfred Webre: 2016 Time Travel Chronicles: CIA Time Travel pre-identification is why I switched from running in the 2016 US Presidential race to exposing the 2016 race

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  2. mary says:

    was anyone as surprised as I was to see correspondence btw veterans today and Alfred? what thoughts do you have Jean?

    • Jean says:

      Yes, but I’ve just had to put things aside to finish up some work that is hanging over my head here . . . maybe by tomorrow I will be able to read it all . . I have read a good bit of it, but not the way I want to . . . Hugs, ~Jean

  3. PAUL says:

    Hello Jean, You cannot fix 3D with 3D. Its broke, always has been. One cannot find justice in a corrupt court system. It’s beyond time to move on people. The real truth can only be found in ones heart, minus the EGO!!! Ego cant go into 5D. Either can 3D concepts & ways of being. Thank You, love & light to All.

    • Jean says:

      Paul, I’m sure Alfred is well aware of this, but we CAN change things — maybe without destroying everyone and everything in the process. 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

  4. Cathleen says:

    Wasn’t Christopher Story writing a book about the Leo Wanta crisis before he was assassinated? At least I thought he was. ~Cathleen

  5. Ilex says:

    I think Alfred would make a good POTUS and Gordon would be a good VP. Get rid of all the Congress critters and Supremes and get the zionists off planet and we’d be all set. It would be a good start.

  6. Anisha says:

    I feel Alfred has many positive attributes and insights into the shadow government, free energy, exopolitics, his experience with ‘law’, to name a few; and his desire to neutralize the ‘Military City State’ U.S., Inc., (being part of the triune of the Vatican since the 1871 Organic Act of D.C.), his deep concern about child trafficking here and abroad MUST cease and desist, is a very very noble goal.

    If he would allow, I would like bring to his attention a very HUGE white elephant in the living room. Once he learns about this(unless he is already quite informed, I don’t know), it may help to cause an even greater postive timeline accelerating “the Great Awakening” opening discussion/discourse for clarity and informed decision making en masse.

    Even some of the most brilliant people in the several states may not yet realize that ONLY the documented ‘PRIVATE’ state Citizen/nationals are the ONLY true, civil authority b/c they declared themselves as ‘GRANTEES’ to the USA Trust (ie. direct receipt and acknowledgement of their unalienable Rights being a party to the Declaration of Independence) under penalties of perjury as a public document on record at the counties.

    Right now as it sits, most of the 300+ millions of People living within metes and bounds of USA are declared PUBLIC to the U.S. data system having given consent to waive their Rights for State privileges/licenses and as U.S.citizens are presumed domiciled in District of Columbia.

    Having given declaration and consent to be presumed ‘PUBLIC’, each are SUBJECT to the unconstitutional National Banking Emergency/War Powers via Trading With The Enemy Act of 1917. Section 5 (b) of the TWEA 1917 was amended in March 9, 1933, called ‘Emergency Banking Relief Act that, changed the definition of ‘enemy combatant/enemy of the State’ from a ‘foreign alien’ within the United States, to be, “any person within the United States subject to the jurisdiction thereof.”

    Then it goes on to define: “The word “person” as used herein, shall be deemed to mean an individual, partnership, association, company, or other unincoporated body of individuals, or corporation or body politic.”

    Did this act pertain to ‘PRIVATE state Citizen/nationals??? NO! ONLY public fictions. Did the people in 1933 to this very day know there is a distinction between public and private???

    Apparently not b/c if they did, it is certain we would not be in such a pickle we are today with an international crime syndicate running a mass racket throughout the several states and internationally all without the true PRIVATE civil authority no where to be found except maybe amongst the elite echelons of the White House/Pentagon/Shadow government. (We know that a suit against George Soros was dismissed b/c he declared he was a PRIVATE Citizen. Oh they certainly know all about this fact.)

    Alfred may not be able to address this fact ‘publicly’ without getting into a lot of trouble b/c of the censorship/gag order built into the EBRA of 1933 pertaining to ‘public officers’, all those holding ‘public office’ may NOT violate this act or they are subject to $50k fine and 10 yrs prison.

    Thats ok. All he has to do is be SILENT and it mean acquiescence. It is TRUE but he cannot address it. I also brought this to Karen Hudes too. She remained silent. That means YES, of course but she certainly cannot address it publicly. It can only be off the record/private and confidential…never, ever co-mingle the private with the public. That is where people end up in jail without realizing what is happening to them. Their own attorney is gagged to speak about it.

    We, The People of the USA Trust had better get wise and take all the right action necessary to make these corrections to our Citizenship and Statuses. The sooner, the better.

    This past year alone we know thousands of people are ‘in process’ with their passports to the State Dept. correcting these errors to their true Citizenship and rebutting all presumptions of ‘enemy combatant/enemy of the State’/public fiction status as per EBRA 1933.

    I trust this will help him.

    • Jean says:

      Anisha, this is well said! Although I feel sure Alfred is aware of this, please share it with him! His email is public knowledge. Hugs, ~Jean

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