Alfred Webre on Facebook: TELLINGER DISORDER UPDATE ;)

🙂 My understanding is that Michael Tellinger, as expected, projected bad memes against me on last night (Jan. 26, 2015)

Mike Vara Late Night in the Midland. Lee Bracker and Dr. Nuticelli, who are doing some sort of behind the scenes study of Tellinger and Vara, would like me to take retaliatory steps.

I, on the other hand, am letting go of this cycle of nonsense. From my last interaction with Tellinger at the 2013 Contact in the Desert and Mike van Niekerk’s letter to me this morning (below), my feeling is Michael Tellinger has some sort of personality disorder, and like Kevin Annett I wish him on his way. I am no longer giving my time to anything to do with Michael Tellinger. People with personality disorders are going to do what they are going to do — period.

For those of you who want to follow more of this drama from Lee Bracker and Dr. Nuticelli’s perspective – they want Tellinger gone from the public scene – here is the link to Dr. Nuticelli’s radio interview on the NUCC Troll Triad and his website.


STORY BEHIND NUCC TROLL TRIAD – DR. NUTICELLI & LEE BRACKER…/1-23-2015%20Story%20behind%20the%…


Hi Alfred, thank you sooo much for asking these questions. Let me get back to Johannesburg on Saturday afternoon and then i will skype you and we can talk. I also be-LIE-ved just like you in Michael, so much so that I sponsored his first book and also was the reason he is so successful today.

In othere words…………….. I MADE HIM WHO HE IS TODAY. He will admit this.

But what you see in the public and who the REAL man is, is 180 Degrees apart.

It was only when i started investigating him that i discovered the truth. He has left many, many, many people hurt and suffering behind him. Has created absolute havoc with others lives. Lies, cheats and steals from people. (And i say this in absolute love)

EVen now with the UBUNTU party he is hurting people real bad. It is all a scam and a front for him to make money off others. Trust me.

If you care to come to South Africa, i will take you to Waterval Boven and show you. There is another 20 people coming out to testify, That have asked me to help them expose Tellinger.

I have no hard feelings towards him. He just can’t help harming people as he goes through life without ANY remorse what soever.

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