Changes we could never imagine, by Preston James — and recommended by Bradley Loves . . .

. . . in order for us to understand how technology is being used against us.

Also, I’ve read and been told many times that at the end of this Age, left-brained technology reaches a height, but that as soon as the vibrational shift occurs and our DNA is re-activated, we will not need it: our internal abilities will take over, and we will be able to manifest the same things with our right brains. ~J

Posted by Preston James, Ph.D
Veterans Today
February 2, 2015

Fifteen years of Internet and Cell Phones have brought about major unimagined changes for Americans and have now made Suppressed Truth widely available for the first time ever in history.

by  Preston James


Note:  This is a long article and it is suggested that you read the bold printed summaries first and then go back and read any sub-paragraphs you are interested in and have the time. Reading the bold print and the conclusion will provide the basic information contained in this article.

It is generally recognized that the Internet went mainstream in America by the end of 1999.

Despite the use of phone and slow modems for Internet access, it became a new fad and almost everyone that developed a strong interest in personal desktop computers obtained a modem and started using the Internet.

As computers became faster and numerous new websites emerged including alternative news sites and numerous sites with alternative views of current affairs on various events and periods in history, the Internet fad continued to spread. Soon it was American as Apple Pie, Pro Football and Baseball.

And the Internet quickly became an established part of many businesses, especially the most progressive and high tech ones.

Somewhat later as cable TV came into prominence, high speed Internet was offered by the cable companies and was often packed with TV and Telephone which has long distance at no extra charge.

And it was the advent of high speed cable Internet and new higher speed computers that truly transformed America into a nation with a significant proportion of the populace using high speed Internet daily.

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5 Responses to Changes we could never imagine, by Preston James — and recommended by Bradley Loves . . .

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  2. Sacredpeaks says:

    Jean, Bradley,

    Once again you are very perceptive. It was my personal experience that an important shift occurred yesterday. It is now up to us ALL to expose the deception that Dr. James lists in his article. EACH and EVERYONE of US has intelligence that CAN and WILL expose this horrific agenda. It is now time for us to ALL stand together! We are truly the ones we have been waiting for!

    Peace and many blessings to all,


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