Earth Guide, Imbolc, 2015, by Zooey :) !

“Never fear shadows. They simply mean there’s a light shining somewhere nearby.”
      – Ruth E. Renkel

There’s a phrase that comes to mind this time of year: turn the page.

The days are growing longer, Spring is in the air, every rock, gnome, and tree seem to be waiting for what’s next—who are we to stand in the way by dragging our feet through the past? We’re starting again, and the natural world knows it.

Though last year was rough, look at all that growth and transformation! We are right where we should be. We’re a little mussed up from the trip, okay, let’s face it, most of us now look like we just took a hurricane in the face—it’ll be months before we’ll get our hair under control again!—but we’re so much wiser. Like, quantum-jump wiser, and that’s not such a bad thing.
As we ready for Aries and the astrological New Year, be mindful of how our inner dialogue has changed since last February. It belies a subtle shift in our awareness, a sense of indivisibility and freedom, that is beginning to globally bud.

Gaia is waking up. We can keep hitting the snooze button if we want, let the darkness hold sway a little longer, but there comes a point when we have to get up and face the world. Tired, squinty eyes, and all.

Too many of us have voluntarily been living in a dream reality for far too long. And if all that remains is abstract consternation over what was and how it’s affecting our paycheck, then why keep dreaming? Yes, being awake and aware requires a lot of responsibility, and it can be quite painful coming to consciousness, but it’s a lot better than that brutal Illuminati pyramid bullshit.

We are teetering on the edge of a new age with each one of us beginning to light up. The view from space must be spectacular. It’s better than any cosmic sitcom, I’m sure. We’re getting ready to do something the likes of which even Old Man Time hasn’t seen, and everyone is lining up for the show of the millennium. Can you feel the excitement? You should because you’re headlining the show.

~ Merry Meowing Imbolc! ~

A walk in the winter moonlight with Leo overhead often brings good fortune, especially with friends or a special someone. It puts one purrfectly at ease while discovering all kinds of new connections, and finding common ground is what’s in store for us over the next several weeks. With friends. With lovers. With ourselves.

Not only does Imbolc, the Festival of Lights, kick off February with a dazzling and lavish Full Moon in Leo, but a loving Venus will be conjunct mystical Neptune in Pisces. It means dreams can come true—if one’s heart is in the right place. It’s like we’re all characters in a fairy tale book this month, except it’s still being written, there are no talking forest animals, and, well, there’s no book.

Now is the time to make a wish, though. The one we would ask for if we only had one. The light is growing stronger, magick is afoot, and we are part of the unfolding. It’s only a matter of what wish we want to make.

Being aware of unity consciousness is the first step in working with it; and working with it is the first step in becoming it. Together, we can put this fractured and bruised world back together again with a gentle hand.

This Imbolc, as we light a candle in celebration of the return of longer days, smile up at the Full Moon and remember what we’re doing here. Welcome growth, and love, and the new year getting ready to be born in Mother Earth’s womb.

If we listen, we can hear an echo in the wind. The past is speaking to us about cycles, showing us how to mend our soul. This year we’re being given a chance to choose a new path, all together, each in our own way.

We must place our feets wisely.

    ~ Mercury puts It in Drive ~

As February gets into full swing, Mercury goes direct in Aquarius. We’ll get a rush of clear, mental energy that should sort out much of the last few week’s confusion.

This retrograde has been a bit poopy. It always is when Mercury reverses course in an air sign. Lots of spilled coffee mugs, forgotten grocery items, and stubbed toes. Then again, it gives us a while to think about where we were going—if we can stop in time to see a wall coming at us, it makes all the frustration worth it.

Again, I would ask folks to pay attention to their psychic growth. It’s hard to see any kind of progress when staring into weeks of frustration, well, not without a Xanax, I suppose, but the world is throwing off the New World Order’s shackles of fear and repression.

People are talking to each other again. Sharing their truth, sharing their hopes and sorrows, sharing solutions. We’ve become our own internet. It turns out the answer is within us, not on a computer screen. Who knew?

The other two Mercury retrogrades we’ll experience this year are also in air signs. Expect 2015 to be about searching for answers and sudden blind tests. Do we have faith in ourselves? Can we find our way when the lights go out? Do we put our recent lessons into action, or, do we step out for a smoke when the Teacher isn’t looking?

That’s the thing about doing the right thing. It only means something if we’ve learned what’s right. Otherwise, we’re just peddling good intentions.

Choices, choices, choices.

~ Fiery Full Moon in Virgo ~

Virgos are no stranger to fire after passing through Leo’s sun on the wheel of the Zodiac, but on March 5th we’ll have a super-charged Full Moon in Virgo with Jupiter trine Uranus in fire. It’s gonna get warm! In fact, we may want to watch for people getting a little hot around the collar throughout March.

Jupiter expands anything it gets involved with and Uranus is fueling the fires of a personal revolution in Aries. People are starting to get punchy. When the Moon goes full and crystallizes that volatile energy with the laser-focus of Virgo, it can mean success in one’s endeavors. But! Everything has a flip-side, and I caution people around getting too critical with others. It can lead to burning bridges and wanton destruction on a larger scale.

There is a big possibility here of allowing feelings of self-righteousness to boil over into a directed rage. We need to remember that when dealing with fire we are often quickly stirred up to violence but that passion dies fast. Still, it can burn away both friend and foe, and not everything needs to be scourged.

Life can come at us like a comet, and we often miss vital clues when moving at sonic speed. The answer is simple:

Slow down.

    ~ Final Uranus-Pluto Square ~

The middle of March may be explosive. Saturn goes retrograde in Sagittarius until August and we’ll go through the final square between Uranus and Pluto. This series of seven squares began in the summer of 2012 and is finally drawing to a close.

This is what has been causing the intense generational upheaval. We may remember the last time we went through a series of Pluto–Uranus squares back in the mid-sixties. It’s easy to see the parallels of today.

For one, just look at the we-aint-taking-shit-anymore attitude that seems to be all the rage these days. Or, minority groups rising up, governments being overthrown, cops kicking the crap out of protesters, and mass spiritual awakenings. Doesn’t ring any bells?

It seems the so-called “ruling class” forgot that a true democracy needs 51% of the vote, not 1%. They can try and hold us down as long as they can with fixed voting machines and plutocratic laws, but we will always rise back up in the end. No matter what their conglomerate television stations say, they’ll never be able to convince anyone that political decisions should be left in the hands of the super-rich.

Freedom isn’t just a word anymore, it’s a living, breathing part our lives. Anyone who says different is probably trying to sell something. It’s nonsense to think that we can be free by restricting everyone with draconian security laws.

The same goes for money because every time people shop at Walmarts it gets harder and harder to live. Pluto is in Capricorn which is a master of money, and with revolutionary Uranus challenging the status quo, people are finally figuring out the game is rigged. That’s quite a feat to bounce back after all the bloodsucking demands of a neo-feudal monarchy hellbent on planetary domination.

The Gnomes of Zurich thought that if they terrorized us for a few thousand years we’d go along with being their serfs and not question their crazy, fascist, racist rules, the ones emblazoned over our heads on billboards as we go to work each morning. For a while, we did.

But the freedom to choose one’s cell is not freedom; and living lonely, separate lives in pursuit of money, power, and instant gratification is no longer fulfilling to the masses. We need a lush, organic part to our daily life, as well. All the glitz of a promised, miraculous space age will never replace that need. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out the best way to get back to nature is a stroll in the woods without any electronic gadgets.

And you can take that to the bank.

Wait, what am I talking about? There aren’t any banks anymore, only ponzi schemes with good advertising. I guess you can take it wherever you feel comfortable.

Like a mattress, perhaps.

~ Now, You are Free ~

There comes a day when paddling upstream becomes so tiring that we can’t take another stroke. We turn our ass around, throw our hands up, and go with the flow. It’s right around then the Universe shows up and leads us home. I chose ‘This is the Sea’ by The Waterboys for Imbolc for that reason.

This little known Celtic folk band really bangs it out with this song. It reminds us that we are part of it all, and that we’re never that far from the heart of each other. It’s a call to the lost and weary that they may find their way back to calmer waters, to embrace the oneness of our big blue marble spinning through the arms of our Great Galactic Mother.

The moment we let go is the moment we find peace and comfort. When we are no longer trying to plan everything out, we can relax and actually enjoy life. And that’s kind of important because life is really big. Like, really, really, really big. Lots of cool things to see and do. There’s no need to get upset about blowing a schedule.

They say you got to take life by the horns or it will take you, but I’ve found making that kind of choice only gets you thrown around by the horns. I’d rather hang out with the cow. Besides, half the fun of life is the stuff that happens along the way, and we can’t enjoy any of it if we’re constantly dodging bovine.

We are free and have been for some time. I know that many people are still asleep but we already hit critical mass back in 2012. It is over for those who seek darkness. Well, maybe not quite over, but definitely when Pluto changes signs to Aquarius around 2024.

From here on in it will only get easier for people to come together and bring in a peaceful world; and it will only get harder for those who resist the current of the New Age of Aquarius. This era will be about equality, fairness, breakthroughs, and everything else Aquarius holds dear, not alpha males with permanent cruise-missile erections and a psychotic need to own everything.

As long as we live in the now we will never go astray. It’s in the now that we touch the face of the Creator and find that we are looking at ourself. It’s in the now we find joy.

It’s in the now that we start a new page.

Blessed Be,


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6 Responses to Earth Guide, Imbolc, 2015, by Zooey :) !

  1. michelle ward says:


    I am very new to your work and find it most knowledgeable. I copied your declaration in which a way was given to us to step out of the madness.

    I would be deeply grateful if you would organise to do a world and cosmic declaration in which we the newly and old self empowered people can declare throughout the world where ever we live, where we visit be it a forest, a mall, a friend, museum, government department, notice boards, public toilet most especially in our own home and ground, can post up our own declaration (for the purpose of the return of our planet and our birthright of freedom and for others unaware to have the opportunity to join us in our flight back home) just as the cabal has done all around the world and in their selected celebrations where large groups are gathered to help empower their cause, we then have the opportunity in our goal to re-empower this planet and the matrix back to her true purpose of sovereignty, creativity, freedom to ALL life we too have the bigger and greatest chance of superseding the intentions of the kabal considering they are a mere handful and not nearly as widely distributed over the planet as we all are. In re empowering the planet verbally, mentally and SPIRITually in every point on this DIVINE earth and within our hearts and minds WE CAN ONLY BUT WIN.

    I will be waiting your reply.


    • Jean says:

      Michelle, although I think this is a truly great idea, I am sorry, but I simply don’t have the time or energy right now to mount this sort of effort. Perhaps you would like to spearhead it, or create a group that does so, perhaps a blog site. I would be happy to advertise your efforts and to support you in any way possible . . . Remember, I am only one person 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

  2. Pingback: Laura Bruno – Earth Guide, Imbolc, 2015, By Zooey :) ! – 3 February 2015 | Lucas 2012 Infos

  3. laurabruno says:

    Reblogged this on Laura Bruno's Blog and commented:
    This is a great message from Zooey, putting the astrological influences into perspective and reminding us to recognize how far we came in the past year. I keep hearing from clients and friends having major breakthroughs and positive shifts, and I feel that in my own life, as well. It’s a long post, but well worth the full read. Don’t miss the music at the end, either. Perfect! Thanks to Zooey and Jean and The Waterboys…

  4. Dee says:

    Dear Zooey,
    So inspiring and beautifully written!
    Thank you so much…xoxo Dee

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