Lavrov Says Obama’s Remarks Prove Direct US Involvement in Ukraine Coup / Sputnik International


BEIJING, February 2 (Sputnik) – US President Barack Obama’s remarks that the United States “had brokered a deal to transition power in Ukraine” last year prove that Washington was directly involved in the anti-constitutional coup in the country, Russia’s top diplomat said Monday.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Obama’s remarks are “proof that from the very beginning, the United States was involved in the anti-government coup that president Obama neutrally described as a ‘power transition.'”

The February 22, 2014 coup, that took place right after then-President Viktor Yanukovych signed an internationally brokered national reconciliation deal with the opposition, brought a pro-Western government with a strong nationalist element to power.

The coup-installed government’s initiatives against the country’s Russian-speaking citizens forced Crimea to seek reunification with Russia and triggered a profound political confrontation that turned into a bloody civil conflict in the east of Ukraine.

“Obama’s rhetoric… demonstrates Washington’s intention to continue every kind of support to the Kiev government, which apparently intends to end the conflict through violence,” Lavrov continued.

“All over the world, our Western partners call for a dialogue between the government and the opposition, be it Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan, South Sudan,” the minister went on. “But, for some reason, Ukraine is an exception and our Western partners avoid calling for a dialogue as far as Ukraine is concerned, they only call for all kinds of support for Kiev.”

Raised tensions in Ukraine have led to the deterioration of relations between Moscow and Washington, with the United States accusing Russia of meddling in Ukraine’s internal affairs and escalating the crisis in the country’s eastern regions.

Moscow has denied the allegations, repeatedly calling for political settlement to the conflict. Russia, alongside the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), served as a mediator in Contact Group talks in Minsk in September 2014, which led to a ceasefire agreement between the warring sides. However, the ceasefire has been broken on numerous occasions.

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3 Responses to Lavrov Says Obama’s Remarks Prove Direct US Involvement in Ukraine Coup / Sputnik International

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  2. Tane Inciong says:

    It seems disingenuous for the U.S. to interfere in another country’s civil war and at the same time be the pot calling the kettle black. The US. must de-occupy the Hawaiian Kingdom which it lawlessly invaded despite of its treaties and compacts with it. It totally ignored the wishes of the Hawaiian Kingdom subjects and disregarded the international status of the Hawaiian Kingdom’s neutrality. The terrorist U.S. has been ignoring our protests and continuously violates the laws of occupation and Hawaii’s neutrality status.

  3. Reblogged this on The Most Revolutionary Act and commented:

    The article refers to an Obama interview with CNN in which Obama (inadvertently?) admitted to brokering a deal to “transition” power in Ukraine. Be sure to check out the original article in Sputniknews. It raises the possibility that Obama was kept in the dark about the State Dept coup in Ukraine.

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