RT: Pope: Stop fratricide violence in Ukraine, stop pushing for ‘victory’ . . . I have a lot of trouble with this statement! ~J

Published time: February 04, 2015 14:17
Edited time: February 04, 2015 14:58

Pope Francis (Reuters / Alessandro Bianchi)

Pope Francis (Reuters / Alessandro Bianchi)

Pope Francis has called on the parties to the Ukrainian civil war to stop the violence between Christians and seek a compromise path towards peace.

“Let us pray to the Lord so that this horrible fratricide violence may cease as soon as possible,” the head of the Roman Catholic Church said speaking at the end of the weekly General Audience.

Speaking off-the-cuff, Pope Francis said that when he hears the words ‘victory’ or ‘defeat’ he feels great pain, great sadness in his heart, the Vatican news service reported.

“They are not the right words. The only right word is peace. This is the only right word.” he explained.

“I think of you, Ukrainian brothers and sisters, this is a war between Christians,” the pontiff added.

Earlier the head of the Russian Orthodox Church Patriarch Kirill thanked the Holy See for taking a balanced stance on the Ukrainian conflict and calling for peace in that troubled land.

The war in Ukraine has claimed at least 5,350 lives since April 2014, according to the latest UN count. So far all attempts to stop violence and engage the belligerents into dialogue failed to produce a lasting truce. The clashes between troops loyal to Kiev and rebel forces escalated in January.

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4 Responses to RT: Pope: Stop fratricide violence in Ukraine, stop pushing for ‘victory’ . . . I have a lot of trouble with this statement! ~J

  1. Leigh says:

    Let’s give him credit for at least being honest (wink). The principle foundation of Christianity’s domination over Europe and the rest of the world is based on the notion that Christians should be docile, helpless victims that can be easily walked over and manipulated at will. He’s the MSM Media’s darling. We should all just forget about his dark marxist history in Argentina – or at least they would like us to.

  2. sharen brewer says:

    No one should listen to this man or anyone from that satanic church. I don’t know why so many are so blind and deaf. We are living in a world with zombies, brainwashed by these kind of people. We should ignore them and walk the other way..

  3. hannacora says:

    …stop pushing for ‘victory’ . . . I have a lot of trouble with this statement! ~J – So do I Jean!

    How can anyone put trust in anything the Vatican says…the more I learn about the Roman Catholic Church the more I am ashamed of having been a member. (of course it’s not my fault for being born in a Catholic household).
    Here is another gem I discovered this week. I had heard of the 1940’s Ustashi terror in Yugoslavia, I just did not know how BAD! BAD in the sense that the acts of atrocities are equal if not WORSE than ISIS. A that was in the 1940s not in the middle ages!!!
    EXCERPT- Their goal was to destroy the Orthodox Christian Church:
    —We now know that 1,700,000 Serbs were slaughtered by the Roman Catholic Actionists between 1941-1945. – directed by responsible members of the Roman hierarchy.
    —The Serbs in the entire Independent Croatia were unmercifully dealt with and persecuted.
    —Children’s limbs were torn from them; their heads were pounded against walls; they were thrown into fire, into boiling vats and into lime; their ears were boxed, and their heads smashed.
    —The chests of innocent people were burned and boil. ing water spilled over them
    Small boys were put on a hot fire, their eyes gouged out; ears cut off; nails hammered into their heads; and arms and legs amputated.
    —Beards of Orthodox clergy were pulled off together with the skin
    —Hundreds of persons were killed on the church altar and thousands slain in the church of Glina.
    Even if they converted they were still killed!
    Written and compiled by
    CANADA PROTESTANT LEAGUE Winnipeg, Box 233, Man.
    Armdale, Halifax Box 280, N. B.

    NOTHING COMING OUT OF THE VATICAN SHOULD BE TAKEN AT FACE VALUE…it is not a religious organization, it is a political body determined to have power over the whole world and to divide all from the Divine!

  4. Arka says:

    Actually, that statement makes sense given that we know that members of the illuminati gang will make statements that are always the opposite of what they think or if what they are doing in reality….

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