RT: Terrifying Taiwan plane’s fatal river dive caught on camera (VIDEO). . . in order for this to occur, was this plane remotely controlled? ~J

Published time: February 04, 2015 07:40
Edited time: February 04, 2015 13:52

Screenshot from youtube.com video

Screenshot from youtube.com video

The moment when a regional TransAsia passenger flight crash-landed into a river was caught on dash-camera. One of plane’s wings cut through a highway railing mere meters from the filming vehicle.

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The ATR 72-600 was carrying 58 passengers and crew on board. It plunged into the river right after take-off. At least 23 have been reported killed, with about a dozen others still unaccounted for.

The last communication from the plane before the crash reported an “engine flameout,” a technical problem with either fuel supply or combustion that leads to engine failure.

The plane missing the highway and crashing into the river probably allowed some of those on board survive the impact.


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5 Responses to RT: Terrifying Taiwan plane’s fatal river dive caught on camera (VIDEO). . . in order for this to occur, was this plane remotely controlled? ~J

  1. Rance says:

    Someone has to really look closely at this one. I have seen versions from early on which showed the tail hit the van rather than the main wing. There are many versions and contradicting angles with respect to the placement of the camera, light standards, distance, etc. In the first version, a light standard that was behind the plane could be seen through the plane. Other places it seems as if the main wing just disappears into the pavement without leaving a mark or a wing. It also seems as if some video versions are being removed and edited, replaced as if they were the original.

    But what do I know? I’m no expert. I’m sure there are many who would know, however. The contradictions I’ve seen are enough for me.

    Assuming the following have not been altered, these are some things I’ve noticed. Perhaps an expert can set me straight as to my misperceptions.

    This first version was removed and marked “private”. I believe this was the one which showed the tail wing hitting the van.

    This was the next available version?

    from same vid at 9 seconds, power pole is visible through transparent wing [note: sorry. Went back to this one before posting. It now appears that the power pole is impaling the plane (?). So now you get to question my credibility. Nevertheless, I am reporting what I saw]:

    -Also notice the distance of the camera from the plane in this version (of which there should only be one, right?)
    -Compare 0:03 and 0:09 second frames. 2 versions of the same event from the same camera (?) But different car/camera positions, which is obvious from the changing angles of the lamp posts and the distances.

    Here, the tail wing is well above the van and could not hit it:

    This one shows the main wing hitting the van:

    Notice where this now damaged van is so perfectly parked on some quiet street. Surely it wasn’t driven there when you can’t see through the windshield:

    Compare here the angle of approach and distances between plane and camera from the first replay to the next. Different angles and distances.

    How many cameras/angles? Why don’t the angles of approach match in these two frames, the one captured and shown at the top of the page:


    and the one at this time slot (try to stop the vid at the moment that the centre of the underbelly is directly lined up with the center of the overhead light standard)

    In my humble opinion, until someone corrects me, I don’t believe this happened.

  2. Ri-chard says:

    This plane was clearly in a stall just after takeoff. As it was flying horizontal to the ground you can see the mushing stall effects just before what is known as a wing tip stall due to lack of air speed.

    • Jean says:

      Peter Eyre has been sending me stuff from the Jakarta Post – His latest . . . about the ‘disappeared’ Asia Airline that they found. . . He and Field McConnell of Abel Danger were apparently having an exchange . . . I can only access the comments from my iPad.


      [1/30/15, 1:10:13 PM] Peter Eyre: Hello All

      You will all note that I have now produced the evidence in The Jakarta Post that Air Asia announced the loss of the aircraft before it had departed Surabaya….

      Like all False Flags they made several mistakes as they did not take GMT or UCT into account…………if one recalls they made the same mistake with building 7 during 9/11.

      Field….Would like you to comment in reply to that idiot Ryan in regard to BHUAP


    • Di, Cerrillos,NM,USA says:

      Who was on board? Publish the passenger manifest. It contains clues to why this plane had to come down. Despicable.

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