Alfred Webre: Emily Windsor Cragg, Daughter of King Edward VIII, files Claim to UK Crown with UK Parliament, charges Elizabeth II with Treason

FEBRUARY 4, 2015

Emily Windsor Cragg, Daughter of King Edward VIII, files Claim to UK Crown with UK Parliament, charges Elizabeth II with Treason

By Alfred Lambremont Webre


VANCOUVER, BC – Emily Windsor Cragg, the only daughter of the late Duke of Windsor, former King Edward VIII of the UK, announced in a interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre that she has filed a Claim to the UK Crown & Throne with the UK Parliament, the Archbishop of Canterbury, and the International Criminal Court.

Emily Windsor Cragg’s Claim to the UK Crown & Throne can be seen at

Emily Windsor Cragg: My Claim to the UK Crown & Throne

Emily Windsor Cragg’s Claim is to force Elizabeth Windsor and her complicit, compli­ant “Royal” family to step down so the Royal Bloodline through King Edward VIII’s line can take up the Reign and do the job correctly–to confront, mediate, facilitate and problem-solve these conflicts of interest that “Her Majesty” has willfully and negli­gently allowed to slip through her fingers.

Under the Act of Settlement of 1701, the UK Parliament has the authority to reinstate the line of King Edward the VIII for cause, in which case Emily Windsor Cragg would be come UK Queen.

In her Claim, Ms. Windsor Cragg states that King Edward VIII was the victim of a deceptive, unlawful coup d’état that involved the occultist branch of the Windsor family – her Grandfather King George V, her Uncle King George VI and his half-brother Adolf Hitler – in a plot including MI5 double agent Wallace Warfield Simpson to take over the UK Crown from legitimate heir and non-occultist Christian King Edward VIII and stage World War II as a False Flag.

“What’s going on with the Windsor family RE SUCCESSION

“Edward violated the 1772 Marriage Act by marrying a divorcee [Wallace Warfield Simpson] who was [secretly] a double MI-5 agent in the employ of King George V during WWI serving as intermediary between the King and his German cousin Kaiser Wilhelm, as well as with the eldest illegitimate son, Adolph Hitler

“As a result Parliament [knowing the secret] passed an Act that removed Edward’s Royal privileges and all of any issue/children he may have ever had. There’s reason to believe from “a King’s Story,” that if Edward ever found out who and what Wallis was, it never seemed to show up in his writings or relationship at home; and his efforts to regain the throne were pitiful and few and consisted of some negotiations with Germans prior to WWII who were in charge anyway.

“Now. Charles has violated the exact same act, and his present wife has Catholic connections, also forbidden by Law. So, it appears to me that the Royals can do one of two things: Cut Charles and his kids off (William-the-avowed-Satanist, Harry and Baby George) as happened before to Edward;

“OR, by rescinding the special Act against Edward, they can place Charles back in the line of succession. Except for one ITEM: rescinding that Act would restore me as a member (albeit illegitimate] a half-member of the family, the bloodline of which I am a member in God’s sight by inheritance.” From Ms. Windsor Cragg’s Claim.

Address the House of Commons and House of Lords

Emily Windsor Cragg, who filed her claims with the UK Parliament in early January 2015, states that her next steps with be to follow up with the offices of the Prime Minister and the Leaders of the Opposition Parties, as well as with the House of Lords, to request the opportunity to address the House of Commons and House of Lords so as to avoid the constitutional crisis that has arisen as a result of Parliaments unlawful actions against her father King Edward VIII.

Crowd funding Claim for UK Throne & Contact

Emily Windsor Cragg has established a crowd funding project for individuals who would like to help support her Claim for the UK Crown & Throne and the values she would implement as UK Queen.

Fund Me: Bring Dreams to Life

CROWD-FUNDING: Donate to My Claim to the Crown & Throne of the United Kingdom–amp–Throne-of-the-United-Kingdom

Contact Emily Windsor Cragg:




Daughter of King Edward VIII files Claim to UK Crown & Throne with Parliament, charges British Monarchy with Treason

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has withheld and overturned her own Powers to confront and address moral conflicts of interest in the UK, US, Australia, New Zealand and the Commonwealth; in doing so, she has failed to reign or rule as Queen.

Emily Windsor Cragg, the only daughter of the late Duke of Windsor, former King Edward VIII of the UK today announced that papers are being filed with the International Criminal Court to indict Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth II with [fraud, malfeasance] Treason for the neglect of Coronation Vows to confront and address conflicts of interest in the United Kingdom.

Claims are filed with Parliament, with the Archbishop of Canterbury and the International Criminal Court to force Elizabeth Windsor and her complicit, compli­ant “Royal” family to step down so the Royal Bloodline through King Edward VIII’s line can take up the Reign and do the job correctly–to confront, mediate, facilitate and problem-solve these conflicts of interest that “Her Majesty” has willfully and negli­gently allowed to slip through her fingers.

On June 2, 1953, Elizabeth Windsor vowed and promised in her Coronation Vows:

  • To govern the peoples of the United Kingdom of Great Britain . . . according to their respective laws and custom– not allow UK’s being overrun by hostile minorities threatening to bring Sharia Law to the UK, without advising nor consenting by the peoples of Britain.
  • To cause Law and Justice in mercy [English Common Law] to be executed in all [her] judgments– not give over and abandon sovereignty to EU Maritime [Law of the Sea] tyranny, without having any consent of British citizens.
  • To maintain the Laws of God and . . . the Protestant Reformed religion established by law – not to realign British mores and Ethics with Tavistock Institute’s cynicism and nihilism, without having advised nor obtained consent by British citizenry.
  • To maintain and preserve inviol­able, the settlement of the Church of England, the doctrine, worship, discipline and government thereof – not to degrade Church leadership into passive political-correctness, common vices, misuse & abuse of children, without having advised nor obtaining consent by Anglican communicants.

ACTUAL JOB DESCRIPTION [POWERS] of the Queen of Britain:

  • Power to choose and dismiss a prime minister.
  • Power to dismiss ministers and the government, dissolve parliament and call for new elections.
  • Power to enact laws and/or veto legislation passed by Parliament.
  • Power to issue proclamations with Parliament’s consent.
  • Power to “exercise Crown prerogatives,” including declaration of war and emergency.
  • The “right” and privilege to read confidential government documents and Intel reports; to advise and to warn.
  • Power to elevate or exile individuals; pardon convicted felons, grant and bestow titles and honours. The Queen hereby is declared NOT IMMUNE from conflicts of interest!

Information Website:
CONTACT: Emily Windsor-Cragg



Emily Windsor Cragg: My Claim to the UK Crown & Throne

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40 Responses to Alfred Webre: Emily Windsor Cragg, Daughter of King Edward VIII, files Claim to UK Crown with UK Parliament, charges Elizabeth II with Treason

  1. Jean, that’s nice but my soul memories don’t track with Tsarion’s. I remember Lyra, and the slaughter there and the Treaty that came out of it which is in operation today. The same game has been going on since Sumeria here, with fiat-debt currency and protection rackets. It’s all just so predictable anymore, you know?

  2. Bob says:

    I live in England and i can say it is a pitty the English people have become so dopey as to get themselves into this situation. The NWO may be very clever, but even they can not swear black is white. Out of the three Estates of the Realm it is the Commons of England who have the supreme power, either correctly assembled in parliament or upon an emergency convention to enforce the Common liberties of England.

    If the people had any sense they would be seeking an anti-Queen or King to replace any who has violated their obligations to the people. if the commons in parliament fail to act, the commons out of parliament should be getting up off their backsides to elect a new figure head if and when necessary.
    The true sovereign of England are the laws of England, not the proclamations of Kings, or Queens or the statutes of parliaments, these are only trusted authorities, no one owes any allegiance to anyone who has violated their trust.

    England should be maintained as a Kingdom, all our laws and constitution relate to a Kingdom. A republic is no better than an elected dictatorship any way, we tried it before and went round in circles. We simply need proper constitutional education in our schools so every one is well informed how the proper system operates, and what are the boundaries of both Queen in Parliament and Queen out of Parliament. At the moment the political establishment claim statute is above common law, this is wrong, the establishment claim the British parliament has “unlimited power”, this is wrong also.

    If Emily Windsor Cragg has a stronger character than Queen Elizabeth the second, to carry on a proper and just government in the face of a criminal under world. Then Elizabeth should consider abdication, and the people at large should consider a change of dynasty , subject to the people at large forming a suitable and trustworthy body guard. I think the very first action of a new King or Queen is to once and for all propose to the people the total abolition of the Order of Freemasonry and any other secret society. Which should be no longer suffered and a capital punishment used to deter the foolish from continuing their criminal ways.

    • eewindsor says:

      Thank you for saying this. I don’t know about stronger character, Bob; her persistence in her role is legendary. I think the trouble has been that she was TAUGHT HOW to be a Consort Queen, like her mother, grandmother and great-grandmother–NOT HOW to be an initiative-taking leader of the peoples’ interests. Why? Because she allowed the interests of the people to slide into Oblivion itself, devolving Britain into a debt-vassal region in the EU dictatorship, mostly by not doing anything. This is Parliament’s problem, but they’re often blackmailed, often on the take (bribery), and their interests are “upward” toward some Globalist ideal, in which workers are there merely to plunder and use as toys.

      • Jean says:

        Emily, I’m so glad to see you responding here! Many thanks and hugs, ~Jean

        • eewindsor says:

          Well, as a psychic, I have to go waaaay back in time, and figure out how we got here. We’re supposed to be a civil society by now; but what we have achieved is ideological chaos in the name of spiritual purity . . . which is an absurd combination of beliefs. How did it happen this way? Ever hear of the Emerald Covenant Tablets of Thoth?

          • Jean says:

            Emily, I have heard of these, and I must confess I haven’t found the time to read about them. I think Michael Tsarion is probably a good place to begin? Thanks and hugs, ~Jean

  3. kingel says:

    According to Greg Hallett in ‘The Hallett Report No 6’ titled “The Abdication Of ‘Queen’ Elizabeth II” which can be found on….the british royal family have, since 1850’s, all been fake. Hallett’s allegations are that Lionel Nathan Rothschild ‘sired’ Queen Victoria’s children. If, this Hallett claim, is true, it would make the current claimant, a great great granddaughter of Lionel Nathan Rothschild and Queen Victoria and, as the Queen/Rothschild relationship was not legitimate, no offspring (as far as I am aware), would have a claim to the British throne. However, another allegation of Greg Hallett is that King George V was the biological son of Tsar Alexander of Russia III of Russia. This claim, if true, would, I believe, break this claimants genetic link to Queen Victoria but, would make her a great grandaughter of Tsar Alexander III of Russia. The Tsar Alexander “link” would also derive from an illegitimate birth so, again, there would be no legitimate claim to the Russian throne. Whilst records may exist charting the “Royal” family’s genetic line, this family appear to have indulged in a certain amount of “nest hopping” which meant the resulting “hatchlings” may not genetically match the paper records.

    • Jean says:

      So interesting . . . especially if this is true. What this info tells me is that there is much to the story we do not yet know . . . can’t wait to hear it all 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

    • The congenital diseases of porphyria, bleeding disorder and epilepsy caused by excessive in-breeding have compelled the Royals to out-breed to some extent, with similar genetic (telepathic, clair voyant, clair audient) individuals so they wouldn’t live with sickness and disability. You have a problem with this?

  4. Karen says:

    Hi. Just finished watching the rest of this . Emily is a lovely lady with passion for the right thing. I respect her knowledge and her bravery in tackling the leeches that sit at the top of the pyramid in this country and without conscious suck us dry. I wish her well.
    I still don’t want another monarchy. No one should be in that position, I want a much different world which is community driven. The voice of the collective not a NWO.

  5. I perceive the rare time line Earth is passing through, as many cycles within cycles of time come to a close and a new world age cycle comes toward us, is about truth revealed for humans to stand in our divinity, purify the past, cooperate, and reach into the realm of all possibilities, to bring the kind of future that will arise from chaos of the present into physical reality, a.k.a. personal responsibility.

    • eewindsor says:

      Enough treachery, secret and deceit. Let’s visualize a new start. And let’s begin by identifying people who have never seen the light of publicity, before now, whose passion, intention and identity centers on, showing what’s true, mediating group decision making and righting the wrongs that excessive corporate competition have wrought.

  6. eewindsor says:

    The People need all the positions and roles in Leadership that they can muster, if it means toppling churches and monarchies and corporations . . . to place new individuals in those positions, in stasis, who are committed to turning around a corrupted hierarchy into a society of democratically-agreed-to Laws, Codes, Statutes and Values. If you eliminate the positions, you have limited the opportunity for intrusion into the corrupted process, with its elites all in place, vested by their assets, equities and money hoards.

    • Jean says:

      Oh, Emily, these words of yours are so very important. The indigenous have always told us that we are the ones we have been waiting for, and until we realize this, we are going to drift from one leader to another . . . we must choose wisely! Thank you and hugs, ~Jean

      • eewindsor says:

        We’ll just see how far we get with these claims, whether people can adjust and adapt to the realization that our political system has been stacked us all for a long time. :sigh:

        • Jean says:

          Emily, I think they are going to have to adjust . . . or else the rising vibrations will make it difficult for them 🙂 Of coure, everyone has a choice . . . Hugs, ~Jean

  7. carolynmcash says:

    I thought the 1701 Succession Act applied to legitimate heirs. As far as I know, Edward VIII and Wallis (not Wallace) Simpson never had any children.

    • eewindsor says:

      Edward had no offspring of record until I was born in 1944. But, in fact, the Crown and Throne have to be captured by someone of the bloodline who is not corrupted by wealth, not entrained into luxury and privilege. . . . And in history, every once in a while a compleat stranger shows up, to plough a new way through outrage and helpnessness. Joan of Arc, Suffregettes, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela,– all showed up out of nowhere to serve and make a difference. That’s all I’m trying to do; I get nothing but aggravation out of this process of whistle-blowing, believe me.

      • Jean says:

        Thanks you, Emily, for coming here to my blog to participate, and for your efforts on the behalf of humanity. Only now, am I finding the time to listen to your interview with Alfred, and I’m hoping others will also listen before they actually comment in any depth here :). I was born in ’39, so I remember well Queen Elizabeth’s Coronation. . . I am trying very hard to get the truth of humanity’s history out to people, because I know without doubt that if we are unwilling to learn the truth of our history, we are doomed to repeat it. Hugs, ~Jean

        For those who have not yet listened to Emily’s interview, I strongly suggest you take the time to listen to it before commenting. Remember, we are told nothing is as it seems:

  8. The “Royals” run a large corporation of 1200 employees that drives the tourist industry in the UK. Do you want merely to destroy that business, then? Will destroying tourism and pride in the British culture >help< the British culture?

    • eewindsor says:

      By the way, FYI, “eewindsor”, “Maureen Cragg,” and “Emily Windsor-Cragg,” are all the same person in different log-in accounts. I’m not trying to confuse anybody; but the accounts were established over a long period of time. :shrug:

    • Brythonic says:

      Tourism would not be affected at all, some say at the worst by 3%. Our stately homes, castles, mansions, cathedrals and ancient hill forts would still be there for overseas tourists to view, in fact the whole of Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle and Balmoral would be open house, so even better. People also come to see our stunning scenery in our national parks such as the Cairngorms, Snowdonia, The Lake District, The Yorkshire Dales & Dartmoor ect, our picturesque market town and villages as well as our museums and art galleries and many many more world class places of interest, they do not come to visit a country with a figure head the overwhelming majority can never see.

  9. Pingback: Two Constitutions in the United States. 1st was illegally suspended in favor of a Vatican “Crown” corporation in 1871 | 2012: What's the 'real' truth?

  10. Pingback: 3:00 AM, Awake and Aware: I Sense the Rise of Courage to Confront the Con | Exopermaculture

  11. Jean says:

    Leigh, you seriously need to do some homework before you speak out like this! Hugs, ~Jean

  12. Marvelous video, and filled with truth. Emily will have many Souls coming forward to assist her.
    We are here to save ourselves and Emily is only one of many who is re-claiming her Sovereignty. This is the time in history where we can make the right choices. The awakening is happening and the JOY is apparent.
    Jean, please continue to get stronger. Keep focusing on the end game. You WILL be at the finish line when all of these deceivers are arrested. Many, many thanks for your tolerance of those with the intention to distract you. They know not of your powerful strength. Happy hugs ~c

  13. Tom says:

    I don’t consent to anyone to assume right of rule due to royal blood line. It’s time for an end to this folly once and for all. By all means expose the parasites but please don’t assume the right to take over the throne.

    • Jean says:

      Good for you! Hugs, ~Jean

      • megan says:

        Yes Tom, I add my voice to yours, don’ t want anyone ruling us, don’t care who they think or say they are! Want rid of the whole rotten corrupt show once and for all. We rule on this earth as a united humanity. This wold is ours and “they” are not welcome on it or in it not now not ever.

        Love and hugs

        • If people simply obliterate the positions inherent in Monarchy, they are cutting off their own noses to spite their faces. Without the Monarchy and the Church ALL THAT IS LEFT IS THE NWO STATE TO RUN EVERYTHING. Is that what you want?

          • Jean says:

            Maureen, I think if you will give yourself time to delve more deeply into the history of this situation, you will find there is far more than a conflict between making money through the Royals and the Church than you have so far understood. Hugs, ~Jean

  14. Di, Cerrillos,NM,USA says:

    Beg pardon? Do what ‘job’ correctly? Fleece the British people through some claim to be royal? Who needs another bloodsucking royal? Also, the British sure don’t need the corrupt church and its control over peoples’ lives. She doesn’t admit to being satanic but who knows her?
    If her case removes Elizabeth I would be surprised. It would be more helpful to abolish the monarchy and all of its stupid rules. Can’t marry someone who is divorced? What difference does it make when Charles will not be having anymore children? We love whom we love, isn’t he entitled to happiness with his choice? He did his ‘duty’. Poor Diana, in all ways a victim of an antiquated and perverse system.This is entertaining for a few minutes. Her name is still Windsor, an adopted name by a bunch of germans to sound more English.
    There is more to say but I’m bored already.

    • Listen to the video again Di, Cerrillos,NM,USA….Emily’s intention is to remove the ‘bloodsucking royals’ and re-establish a new foundation for the UK. It’s only a beginning for our planet to be rid of the parasites enslaving billions of Souls, using their antiquated rituals. That illegitimate family has also enslaved Americans with their B.A.R. (British Accreditation Regency) which has given the U.S. a corrupt Judicial System. Do your homework Di, Cerrillos, NM, USA. Do you enjoy being enslaved? ~c

      • Jean says:

        Thanks, Cladon, an let me also add that the enslavement of America goes far deeper than that . . . This morning, I will republish a post made earlier, the one that Alfred also used as ne contemplated his possible run for the Presidency. It begins to lead the way down the rabbit hoel. Hugs, ~Jean

  15. Karen says:

    You’ve really got to laugh. Anyone in the UK who is awake know the royals are a complete fraud and shouldn’t be there. Seriously though I don’t want anyone taking money from the public so they can sit in luxury when others haven’t got enough money to see them through a week. So with respect to the lovely lady I hope she gets the Royal family kicked out but I’m really not up for more of the same.
    Hope your keeping well Jean. Kxx

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