Bush Crime Syndicate Extortion and Child Trafficking Today Pt 1

The portion of this article that I have pulled and placed just below makes it very clear what sort of a man we will elect to the United States Presidency if we are forced to elect Jeb Bush. If you have followed Alfred Webre’s work, you will realize that our President has already been selected for us – but I believe we can change that fact. That is the only reason I have placed this information here. . . ~J

Landrith Lipari v. Roberts Motion For En Banc

Stew Webb’s previous articles on how Jeb Bush, Daddy Bush, and Chief Justice Roberts gave over our nation’s courts to narcotics and child trafficking for the glorification of their god, Satan.

That complaint adds Holder as a defendant and details the electronic interference with the the medicalsupplyline.com and LipariforSenate.com sites.”
Bush Crime Syndicate Extortion and Child Trafficking Today Pt 1

Posted by Stew Webb
ebruary 2, 2015

Kansas Children for Sale

Kansas Supreme Court

Kansas Children for Sale and the Men who make it Possible

Not every American child stolen by Daddy Bush’s minions is sacrificed to the Bush family god Satan, or shot down as sport and recreation by Dick Cheney’s friends. Some children are just sold through courts or given as gifts. Others are farmed out to Big Pharma through state social service agencies controlled by Bush/Millman organized crime syndicate stooges for human drug experiments, or to shake down the Department of Treasury and the states through Medicaid fraud.


Justice for saleGather around these campfires,Marines, Shipmates, Troopers, and Airmen. as we mass online for the day, tomorrow or the next, when we take back our once mighty nation and its great institutions, including our legislatures and courts from the infiltration of organized crime.

I am going to tell you about a few of the heroic people who are right now giving their lives and professional reputation in sacrifice for the Rule of Law — the basic idea that America was founded upon, that we are a nation of Law, not of men.

We do not answer to dictators. We govern — and those we elect and pay to run public agencies are our servants.

You may have been distracted or have given too much of your attention to professional sports or to our own pursuit of happiness to have upheld the responsibilities passed down to us from our Fathers to protect this nation from all enemies foreign and domestic.

As Veterans’ Today readers, I know that you, like I, answered the call of Captain Jack to meet down by the railroad tracks, when we have heard that rally cry. And, we all now know that mainstream media is controlled by organized crime, so that — to their shame — we did not hear about the dangers to our nation from within, nor about the few people bravely fighting and dying on our behalf to save our country from organized crime.

Ronald Reagan quoteI know that you are gathering here like I am, because we are going to set things right, uphold our constitution, and cast out criminals from our public offices, like Jesus cast the money changers out of the Temple.

I host, Veterans Today Radio News Reports Mondays 6-8pm and Thursdays 8-10pm Eastern Time on Freedomslips.com http://www.freedomslips.com Studio B and live by phone at 716-748-0112.

Several times recently on my radio show, our Chairman and esteemed editor Gordon Duff, himself a Vietnam War combat veteran, has observed that from World War I onward, we have fought in our nation’s wars in service to foreign bankers and organized crime against people very much like ourselves, and often against people inspired by our founding fathers like George Washington (who greatly influenced the North Vietnamese in their revolutionary war against the French Colonial Occupation of their country, and later against American occupation).



The Story of Bret Landrith – A Good Man

Kansas Court mafiaWe have been lied to repeatedly by our own newspapers, television and other mainstream media whenever organized crime needs to use our military forces and American blood to enforce its control over Bankster-targeted civilian populations.

That same media deliberately ignores the conduct of organized crime within our Congress and the control international organized crime, in partnership with the rogue state of Israel, exerts over our nation’s institutions and public offices, including various military commands and intelligence agencies which have been infiltrated by the enforcers.

And, most important, mainstream media blacks out any news revealing the mass corrupting out of our courts and legal system by this same crime force, the Bush/Millman crime syndicate started by President George H. W. Bush (“Daddy Bush” or “Poppy Bush”, if you are like Jeb Bush and have the misfortune of being related to him by blood) and my former father-in-law Leonard Millman, who was Daddy Bush’s roommate at Yale.

Today I am going to tell you the story of a man who came to my aid when no one else would, and at the risk of his own life, when I was being targeted for assassination by the same public agencies financed by your taxes and mine, but which have fallen to the infiltration of the Bush/Millman crime syndicate.

Some people have said it was because he had nothing left to lose, as if to excuse their own inaction or personal cowardness, even while they were drawing a US Treasury check and were sworn officers of the law, having the responsibility to investigate and prosecute crimes, such as kidnapping and racketeering. But, when I had no place to hide and was being hunted down on the roads and highways, I was sure glad Bret Landrith arranged for a place for me to rest, helped me find a little work, and get back on my feet.

Legally kidnapped…All from a guy who had been destroyed by the Bush/Millman crime syndicate stooges in the Kansas State government.

A former attorney, Bret D. Landrith, lost the right to raise his own children (similar to my case during my parental termination after my ex-wife tried to murder my infant daughter; see: Kerre Millman Denver’s Illuminati Princess Manipulator Liar Attempted Murderer). Landrith was targeted for accepting the pro bono appeal of a parental rights termination case of a former Army Infantryman of American Indian descent, David M. Price.

In a conspiracy with the Kansas judges’ child-kidnapping rackett, Bruce Woolpert, Price’s former attorney, had taken over twenty thousand dollars of state funds to deliberately lose the trial for David Price, so that his infant son. Unbeknownst to the public, a ring of adoption attorneys gave kickbacks to the Kansas Judges’ Special Retirement Fund. A member of this well-connected ring, Alan Hazlett, was a former president of the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys, and is the brother of Stanton A. Hazlett, the State of Kansas Attorney Discipline Administrator.

The Kansas judges didn’t worry about the $20,000.00 of state taxpayers’ money for Price’s trial defense attorney (in a state where Millman Stooge, Senator Bob Dole got Big Agribiz big checks for not farming). Paying an attorney to not represent a client made sound financial sense. The State of Kansas — or more important, Kansas judges — received US Treasury funds, often more than $100,000.00 per child taken.


The Private Adoption Market specializes in Court-Kidnapped Children

If you are a State of Kansas judge and you admire Bill Gates for his wealth, all you have to do is steal more kids.

“As a result, a whole industry has grown, generating millions of dollars of revenues each year, seeking babies for adoption and charging prospective parents enormous fees to process paperwork.

…Report submitted by M. Juan Miguel Petit, Special Rapporteur, on the sale of children, child prostitution and child pornography in accordance with Commission on Human Rights resolution 2002/92.”

The private adoption market has spawned a multimillion dollar industry in the United States recognized by The Special Rapporteur on the Sale of Children, Child Prostitution and Child Pornography, Mr. Juan Miguel Petit, in his report for the 59th session of the UN Commission on Human Rights:
“Regrettably, in many cases, the emphasis has changed from the desire to provide a needy child with a home, to that of providing a needy parent with a child. As a result, a whole industry has grown, generating millions of dollars of revenues each year, seeking babies for adoption and charging prospective parents enormous fees to process paperwork.”

No CPS -Fight for children's rightsReport submitted by M. Juan Miguel Petit, Special Rapporteur, on the sale of children, child prostitution and child pornography in accordance with Commission on Human Rights resolution 2002/92. ADVANCE EDITED VERSION 6 January 2003. The UN report was based on fraud and coercion taking place in private commercial adoptions with anecdotal information chiefly related to Kansas adoptions.

David Price repeatedly met with the US Attorney for Kansas at the time, Eric Melgren who had been appointed by George W. Bush.

But USA Eric Melgren refused to investigate the kidnapping of Price’s infant son, Baby C, who was taken across state lines and placed in the Colorado home of “adoptive parents” by the well-connected Kansas adoption attorney Austin K. Vincent, a Republican, before David Price’s parental rights were terminated. This fraud was facilitated by misrepresenting the adoptive parents’ home in Stratton, Colorado, as “Stratton, Kansas” on the paperwork. The residence of the parents is required by law to be filed with the Kansas Department of Children and Family Services, so as to guard against Interstate Child-Trafficking for private adoptions, a for-profit industry.

The Kansas adoption attorney Austin K. Vincent kept these incriminating documents out of the court record and refused any request by David M. Price to obtain them in discovery.

After first being targeted for firing by Karl Rove and then Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, US Attorney Melgren begged to keep his job and pledged to refrain from the “misconduct of prosecuting any activity of the Crime Syndicate.” In reward for his service in the Bush/Millman Crime Syndicate, Eric Melgren was made a federal judge in the last days of the George W. Bush Administration.

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    What happened to all the good statesmen?

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