The Vineyard of the Saker: FURTHER UPDATE – Ukraine SITREP: *Extremely* dangerous situation in Debaltsevo

The Novorussian and the junta have agreed to a cease-fire to allow the civilian population to leave Debaltsevo.  In theory, each civilian will get to chose whether he/she wants to be evacuated to Novorussia or to the Nazi-occupied Ukraine.  The convoy of refugees will be escorted by senior OSCE officials.  Both sides to the conflict have pledged not to open fire during the time needed for this operation.  Now consider this:

1) The only thing protecting the junta forces are, precisely, these civilians.  If these civilians leave, then Debaltsevo will turn into Saur Mogila.  Until now, the Novorussians have advanced rather slowly precisely because they could not use the full power of their artillery to soften up the well dug-in junta forces.  But thanks to the Voentorg, the Novorussians now have plenty of firepower now and if they decide to really open up upon the junta forces the latter will suffer the same devastating consequences as their (now dead) colleagues in Saur Mogila.  Everybody understands that.

2) Tonight the junta has used white phosphorus again, and in the recent days they have used both ballistic missiles and cluster munitions.  Why this sudden concern with the Debaltsevo civilians (whom the Nazis consider as “bugs” anyway)?  Does anybody really believe that the Nazi freaks in Kiev care for Novorussian civilians?!

3) Kerry, Hollande and Merkel were in Kiev today.  The latter two will be in Moscow tomorrow.   In Germany, the Munich Security Conference is meeting.  NATO is still claiming that “hundreds and hundreds” of Russian Federation soldiers are operating in Novorussia.  While some US officials speak of sending “lethal aid” to the junta, others seem to oppose it.

What does that all tell you?

Me – it tells me that this is the PERFECT opportunity for the kind of false flag massacres NATO and the US are so good at.  That is how the “Empire of Kindness” justified bombing the Bosnian Serbs, that is how the “Empire of Kindness” justified bombing Kosovo and that is how the “Empire of Kindness” justified bombing Libya.

Tomorrow, such an attack will be very easy to organize.  Just send a group of men to post a Claymore mine anywhere along the convoy’s route, plant a 152mm shell with a remote under the road where the bus will collect the refugees, pay some patsy to hide in the ditch with an RPG, or use a regular Grad strike at any time – and, voilà, you will have exactly the kind of atrocity which was used to justify all the previous wars of the “Empire of Kindness”.

Except that this time around, the goal will not be to bomb or invade Novorussia (that is something the US/NATO simply cannot do), but to create the kind if hysteria which might make it possible to save the junta forces in the Debaltsevo cauldron.  That, at least, could be the plan.  Also, if a massacre happens at the evacuation of refugees, then this will “prove” that the Novorussians don’t care about civilians and create a “Sarajavo-like” situation in which the surrounded force gets to shoot as much as it wants while the surrounding force is crucified by the imperial propaganda for every shell fired.

I sure hope that I am wrong, but I won’t breathe normally again until tomorrow evening because if no false flag happens tomorrow this will be a real miracle.

The Saker

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One Response to The Vineyard of the Saker: FURTHER UPDATE – Ukraine SITREP: *Extremely* dangerous situation in Debaltsevo

  1. Tracy says:

    I Do Not Consent to these atrocities against hu-manity, may it be so noted into the Akashic records.
    Could this article be related to both the “new Khazarian motherland” as well as the following observation?
    It just so happens that I’m listening to the following interview:
    How the Illuminati Gained Control of the Earth’s Land – THIS is a true Whistleblower! And I’m
    at the 11:24 mark (re: Baron de Rothschild’s comments at 9:10 mark to approx. 11:05) in which Mr. Hunt is speaking of the 2nd marshal plan put forward at the 1992 Denver Conference and this is the “keynote” plan (To be facilitated by the Prime Minister of Norway) “Recognizing the needs to protect our ecological and environmental heritage, within the concept of the World Wilderness Congress (IMO: Agenda 21) using world wildlife fund, (paraphrase) et al to preserve life on our planet” and a third world debt relief and finance for a stable development.
    Mr. Hunt asks about this 2nd marshal plan and the new currency system to finance a stable development.
    As the world conservation bank had not been thoroughly discussed at all; Mr. Hunt was denied the opportunity to challenge Mr. Rothschild’s remarks at the caucus by then World Conservation Bank President: I Michael Sweatman.

    >> The point of this above back-story (first world, second world, and third world, fourth world are blocks used to describe political entities): per Mr. Hunts view (beginning at 11:34 mark) is that the 2nd world marshal plan, in which the soviet blocked countries; and Mr. Hunts key point here: is that they will be rescued by first world money. Europe was granted large amounts of money by the marshal plan in 1949, and the second world will receive billions of North American money in this repeat performance and guess what main bank family will act as the money changers for the Russian ruble possibly absconding with billions, the Rothschild’s group of course. Mr. Hunt goes on to discuss the third & finally the fourth world marshal in which the NWO is now in complete control (** Please take the time to listen to this most important interview by Mr. Hunt)

    IMO it seems that Mr. Hunt was very “on target” with his astute observations about this World Plan under the guise of “preserving our environmental heritage” discussed back in 1992 from an outlined plan/conference in 1987, and now relates in this Vineyard of the Shaker article about the atrocities committed in Debalsevo in the Ukraine and other global cities using “mercenary for hire” to assert a “private agenda” …currently Mr. Hunts prediction is unfolding now and is a direct result of this very telling NWO agenda he observed back in 1992.
    ** – with a (36:58 min video) IMO the most important video I’ve seen that explains what WE ALL the living Beings of Earth are actively experiencing now, the horrors unfolding by these self imposed criminals who “foist secret agendas” with force against the best good of ALL Earths family, for only the benefit of the few. I DO NOT CONSENT!

    Matthew: 13:17-30

    Love is the Answer,

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