EXCLUSIVE: Sheriff Stands Up to IRS, Cancels Land Sale

By: Priscilla Jones
Feb 7, 2015
Thanks to several readers

The first Republican elected sheriff in Eddy County, New Mexico, became the first sheriff in 25 years to stand up to the IRS. He physically stood at the gate of a troubled citizen’s property while US Marshals threatened his arrest. The landowner filed an appeal with the court and expects his case to receive due process before his land is publicly sold. The sheriff agrees. The judge does not.

Sheriff London is the first peace officer to stand up to the IRS since the early 1990s.

WASHINGTON, February 7, 2015—New Mexico’s Eddy County Sheriff Scott London notified the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) via letter that the sale of county resident Kent Carter’s property is canceled until Carter receives due process of law and his appeal is heard. The certified letterdated February 4 received an immediate response from the Undersecretary of the Treasury’s office. According to the Treasury’s website, however, the public auction is still slated for February 19.

“Many officers have stood up over the years for the rights of citizens being victimized by the federal government,” said Sheriff Mack, founder of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association, “But Sheriff London is the first one to stand up to the IRS since the early 1990s.” Mack said, “His actions show courage and humility. London is setting a good example for the rest of our sheriffs.”

Approximately ten days before Christmas, U.S. Marshals broke in the door of Carter’s rental property with their guns drawn. The tenant was a young mother with a new baby—home alone while her husband was at work. Sheriff London was called to the property to intervene. He advised the Marshals that Carter’s case was in appeal and he deserved due process. They threatened to arrest London, but he stood his ground and they backed off.

Carter has battled the IRS for decades over taxes on the earnings of his modest construction business. One court document listed his debt at $145,000, a figure Carter says an assessing agent “pulled out of thin air.” Every time he challenged them, his bill would shoot up a few hundred thousand dollars. His legal complaints state that the IRS failed to adhere to its own tax code, did not use proper accounting methods, and that the collection activity was unlawful because no notices of deficiency were given. Carter says his private and confidential information, including his social security number, was filed in public records and given to third parties. The IRS countered that it can publish and disperse the private information of Americans if it is trying to collect their money or property. A judge agreed.

Carter says the IRS is currently claiming he owes $890,000, a figure that “doubled with the stroke of a pen.”

The Taxation & Revenue Department ordered Carter to cease “engaging in business in New Mexico” until his arbitrary tax debt was paid. Carter appealed this injunction on the grounds that it was both unconstitutional and vague, as it deprived him of his right to make a living and also prohibited him from, “carrying on or causing to be carried on any activity with the purpose of direct or indirect benefit.”

“The IRS fabricates evidence against citizens by pulling numbers out of a hat and adding fees,” said Mack, “They wear people down emotionally and financially until they can’t take it anymore. No citizen should ever have to fight the IRS for decades in order to keep his land.”

“The IRS is a lie. The income tax is a lie,” said Carter. “Why should they be able to take anything? They’re worse than the mafia.”

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7 Responses to EXCLUSIVE: Sheriff Stands Up to IRS, Cancels Land Sale

  1. Di, Cerrillos,NM,USA says:

    When the charter for the Fed and the IRS came to an end in 2013, was the charter renewed? If not then by what authority does the IRS have to do business in the US? For the same reason, does anyone have to pay federal income tax? That money goes into the pocket of the owners of the Fed which is not our govt but the Rothschilds. The Fed then LOANS it to our govt at interest which has grown to such an amount that it will never be paid off. What a racket.
    Also, sheriffs have more power than US Marshals, but i’m not sure that they know it. The IRS are bullies, collectors for the fruits of labor of hardworking citizens. The Rothschilds are parasitic scum, why do we continue to feed them?

  2. Kieron says:

    I wonder if we can send Bradley’s reports and essays (as well as Alfred Webre’s) to Sheriff London, esp. the parts about the ALL CAPS turning us into walking corporations?

    Ironic that the sherriff’s surname is London, the name of the city in which all this taxation and corporatization garbage originated! Now if someone named Vatican, or York, or Tel Aviv, appears in this picture, I will really sit up and take notice! The Universe has a sly sense of humor! 🙂

  3. shaun1111 says:

    Thank you Sheriff Scott London!

    This site needs more options to share information like pinterest and others

  4. shaun1111 says:

    Thank you Sheriff Scott London

    PS: we need to add more options of sharing to your website, like add a Pinterest share and others….
    We need to push more information

  5. Sacredpeaks says:

    Thank you Sheriff London!!! I hope your fellow Sheriffs will join with you.

  6. Ilex says:

    The judge is most likely a participant of the US Corporation and it’s taxation. Sheriff London may want to hold his feet to the fire also.

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