PressTV: West must not rule out arming Ukraine: NATO

US Air Force General Philip Breedlove

US Air Force General Philip Breedlove

A senior NATO commander says the Western states should not exclude the option of sending weapons to Ukraine amid escalating tensions between Moscow and the West.

Commenting on whether Washington should supply weapons to the Ukrainian government, General Philip Breedlove, the commander of the US European Command and NATO Allied Command Operations, said the Western military alliance should not “preclude out of hand the possibility of the military option.”

“The Ukrainians have been straightforward in their request to all the nations of NATO and other nations as well about the capabilities they need to address artillery problems, to address communications problems and jamming problems,” he said.

The remarks come as ten US senators, including Chairman of US Senate Committee on Armed Services John McCain, have urged President Barack Obama’s administration to supply Kiev with lethal arms.

This is while Russia’s envoy to the EU, Vladimir Chizhov, said supplying weapons to Ukraine would be “the worst idea” under the current situation in the conflict-torn state.

Breedlove also dismissed as “completely unacceptable” Russian President Vladimir Putin’s recent peace proposals aimed at ending the turmoil in Ukraine.

The US and its allies have repeatedly accused Moscow of sending troops into eastern Ukraine in support of the pro-Russia forces. Moscow, however, denies any involvement.

International efforts to forge a truce in eastern Ukraine have failed so far with Western governments accusing Russia of supporting the armed militancy against the Ukrainian government. Moscow denies the charges, saying Kiev must stop the suppression of the ethnic Russian population in the area.

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2 Responses to PressTV: West must not rule out arming Ukraine: NATO

  1. Hegelian says:

    Russians in Ukraine have their backs to the wall. The Neo Nazi’s that are in Kiev are talking about genocide and with that would be the theft of the land. Kiev has nothing more than a bunch of mercenaries from every sociopathic part of the planet. These are all financed by the neocons that claim there is no money.

  2. Trex says:

    Is it only my observation that rank seems to be inversely proportional to intelligence? When decorated apes like this goon open their trap, all we ever hear is WAR WAR WAR! How about we start the war with an artillery shell into his apartment to vaporize his family? Would that change his opinion? Would he be screaming for unending war, or would he suddenly see a myriad of alternatives we need to explore to avoid war? Its very sad, but in todays world, when we see a military “lifer” decorated with a chest full of ribbons, we also know how he got them: from private to general he said “sir, yes sir” a lot, he kissed a lot of feet and a lot of filthy asses for good or bad. The same applies to higher ranks in civilian agencies. This guy has no personal opinion, no morals or values. He merrily regurgitates what he gets told. And a person like that is the best we have to offer in command? Why bother with a high paid human when a cheap remote controlled robot can do that? This guy doesn’t exactly exude intelligence out of every pore on his body; but then, unthinkingly saying “yes sir” truly doesn’t take much intellect. The Nuremberg trials made a point that following orders isn’t good enough when it comes to bad decisions. Of course, a soldiers life isn’t exactly a multiple choice world, but high command really should require more intellectual capacity than an ability to echo garbage coming down the chain of command.

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