State of the Nation: The True Chris Kyle Story Finally Comes Out

WOW! Three things here are coming out – now in almost every venue: the propaganda of the MSM — the lies we are told about war, and about the people who fight; the use of our men and women in war as fodder, and the fact that many of us along with our military now ‘get it’, and are wise to the whole sick scene. . . Thanks to State of the Nation for this well done article! ~J

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Why are so many military ‘American Heroes’ manufactured by the Mainstream Media?

Clint Eastwood’s ‘American Sniper’ has all the markings of a typical U.S. Military-CIA-Hollywood production

State of the Nation

Something has been very wrong with the Chris Kyle story from the very beginning.  The circumstances and timing around his death are particularly troubling.  As usual with the violent death of a high profile individual, the entire incident seemed staged and unreal.

Many inflammatory statements in Kyle’s book are also troubling.  Various public comments that Chris has made about key events in war and after his return are equally disturbing.  Undoubtedly there has been something very heavy going on in the background for perhaps his entire military career.

His deliberate and outrageous lie about beating up Jesse Ventura*, which was actually written in a book draft, is particularly suspect. Was it the case of a fabricated hero (Chris Kyle) being used to take down an ex-Governor and ex-Navy Seal (Jesse Ventura) because Jesse has clearly left their reservation?  Like him or not, Jesse V. is clearly his own man.  And he has made it his business to expose many a coverup and crime by the U.S. Government.  That Jesse was then compelled to file a lawsuit (which he decisively won to the tune of $1.8 million) against Kyle’s estate speaks volumes about who is really calling the shots.

*Kyle describes beating up a former Navy SEAL (“Scruff Face”) after the SEAL claims American soldiers deserved to die in Iraq.   Early drafts of the book identified the SEAL as Jesse Ventura, former governor of Minnesota and famed professional wrestler, but Kyle’s publishers removed the name for fear of a lawsuit.[1]

When it comes right down to it, do we really know Kyle’s actual record as a sniper during the Iraq war?  Is there reason to believe the Mainstream Media (MSM) about any of the details surrounding Kyle’s ‘accomplishments’, particularly during these days of perpetual war.  After all, “truth is ALWAYS the first casualty of war”.  Furthermore, the MSM has proven itself to be completely untrustworthy concerning the reporting of any reals facts or truths, accurate information or data about anything under the sun.  So why should we trust their fabricated story about Chris Kyle.


It all starts with the the NEXUS of the CIA, the MSM and the U.S. Military.

These three entities have complete freedom to concoct any narrative they want to, and then disseminate it as ‘gospel truth’.  No one is looking over their shoulder — EVER!  The United States Armed Services can execute any military mission it chooses when the Commander-in-Chief gives the order.  The CIA can conduct any false flag operation, coup d’état, or proxy war anywhere in the world by invoking  ‘National Security’.  As for the MSM, especially Hollywood, they misrepresent more than they tell the truth about everything and anything.  Who’s to stop them, except an occasional lawsuit from a billionaire.

Now that we have established the USA ground rules, it’s much easier to understand how these three entities working closely together can piece together a ‘character’ like Chris Kyle.  Properly understanding the context of the illicit war in Iraq is extremely critical to understanding the fiction of Kyle.  If any of his exploits are true, then basically he killed in cold blood a lot of men who were simply defending their country from an unprovoked invasion that will eventually be proven to be a war crime of epic proportions.

How does shooting a person in the back or the head or the heart qualify one as a hero. What was Kyle doing in Iraq in the first place.  Was he or his country ever threatened by anyone in Iraq?  The truth of the matter is that he was a contract killer sent there as a mercenary on behalf of corporate interests he will never even know.  Like we said, he was a creation of the war machine who had a good aim, if the official Seal narrative is to be believed.

Unfortunately for Chris Kyle, he proved to be such a loaded canon in other ways as well that his masters apparently felt the need to neutralize him … on their home turf, mind you. Here’s the back story that you will never see anywhere in the MSM. As follows:

“Chris Kyle (American Sniper) was Killed At Super Elite Presidential Faciilty to Shut Him Up”

Chris Kyle was killed not at a shooting range on his property on the back 40 as we are told.  He was killed at a SUPER ELITE multi-million dollar facility called “Rough Creek Lodge”.  This is a four star facility where George W. Bush keeps a 1300 square foot private suite with high security bedrooms!  This suite also includes a Bose system, HDTV, soaking tub, large stone shower with an adjoining library.   There is also an LBJ suite there as well.

This is a VERY elite facility with famous chefs cooking all the meals.  This facility has a water park and tennis courts.  The five Supreme Court Justices that put Bush in office meet there regularly.  The generation of power brokers who planned the Kennedy assassination meet there regularly.  It’s a big GOP, Defense Contractor, and Banking hangout and is one of the most exclusive resorts in the United States.

Chris Kyle was killed on a multi-million dollar resort in a perfectly controlled environment with range supervisors, loaders, a target placement crew … and nobody saw anything!   The DVDs and HD security video all disappeared.  None of the staff knew anything.  You can look up “Rough Creek” Texas; it’s about an hour outside of Dallas.   So Chris Kyle was killed at the most exclusive shooting range in the country with outdoor air conditioning and every luxury you can imagine and every safety measure possible.  The Mainstream Media simply lied about everything as usual.

They had to shut up Chris Kyle because they didn’t want him to ruin his extraordinary propaganda value.  Chris Kyle said he killed 30 people in New Orleans during Katrina.  Many other shocking truths about Chris Kyle are discussed in the same interview with Gordon Duff.

In the end, this is what can be said about the whole fabricated affair: Chris Kyle was killed to shut him up so they could milk his story for money and give America a twisted hero to worship to feel good about the millions we have killed in our illegal wars for Daddy Bush and the World Shadow Government running the USA![2]

Rough Creek Lodge & Resort


Not quite the same story that was told by the MSM, is it?  

And yet it is so typical of almost every heroic narrative to come out of any war zone that the US of A has created since World War II.  The point here is not to rain on Chris Kyle’s parade.  His death is no less tragic even though he was apparently murdered in cold blood. He was certainly used unwittingly by those who were in the position to do so.  However, The forces at work on and around him were so great that he never had a chance.

That’s the way it is for many of the real heroes, by the way, who come back from a theater of war and want to tell the truth.  The same interview referred to above produced the following predictable revelation about the many would be whistleblowers who recognized the drug-running operations being protected by the U.S. Military in Afghanistan.

Before Gordon Duff talked about Chris Kyle he talked about the many soldiers who are locked up in secret prisons for trying to blow the whistle on the US’s drug operation in Afghanistan that anybody but the most naive already knows all about.[2]

War is Hell; Perpetual War is Perpetual Hell

When a soldier signs up for a tour of duty, he or she essentially turns over their person — body and mind, heart and soul — to the greater glory of their nation, right or wrong.  Quite unfortunately for many Americans who enlist like the Chris Kyles of the world, they really do believe in the righteousness of the cause.  They are usually completely clueless to the reality that war is hell.  And, that an unrighteous war is a perpetual hell from which most will never be able to escape.

The vast majority of wars and conflicts initiated by the United States have been unprovoked wars of aggression.  This common type of illegal armed conflict represents nothing short of a series of ongoing war crimes in which every participant is actually a war criminal.  How often has the foreign press reported on the very real possibility that both George W. Bush and Tony Blair ( former UK Prime Minister) may be charged with war crimes committed in Iraq by declaring an unprovoked and unlawful war.

This is, incidentally, the very same war that Chris Kyle got caught up in.  According to, “by the Pentagon’s count, U.S. Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle had at least 160 confirmed kills during four tours in Iraq between 2003 and 2009.”  Certainly, this statistic, whether it’s true or not, is not an achievement to be proud of.  On the contrary, the mercenary killing of foreign soldiers who are merely defending their homeland is the ultimate act of cowardice and shame.


Now it is easy to see why there is such a great push for the warmongers to fabricate war heroes.  Their ugly wars and uglier war machines do not make great advertisements.  Put a ‘war hero’ in the war machine, with lots of medals and accolades, and it is much easier to sell their criminal acts of naked aggression against defenseless countries and powerless peoples.

It should now be easier to see how anyone can be used in wartime when the high command sees to it.  Just as the high command ordered Chris Kyle’s execution at their posh shooting range known as the Rough Creek Lodge & Resort.

May Chris Kyle rest in peace.  And may the people of Iraq find it in their hearts to forgive those who brought so much unnecessary death and destruction to their once beautiful country.

State of the Nation
February 6, 2015


[1] American Sniper lawsuit: Chris Kyle told lies about Jesse Ventura.

[2] Chris Kyle (American Sniper) was Killed At Super Elite Presidential Faciilty to Shut Him Up


“American Sniper”: Humanizing and Glorifying a Mass Murderer for the Empire

Noam Chomsky Blasts “American Sniper” and the Media That Glorify It

Jesse Ventura Won’t See ‘American Sniper,’ Says Kyle Is No Hero

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10 Responses to State of the Nation: The True Chris Kyle Story Finally Comes Out

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  2. Jim Costa says:

    Jim’s Rant For The Day. Bushwacked Bushwacker

    Remember Jessica Lynch, who in 2003 was declared by the army to be a hero until she bravely set the record straight and denied all? Remember Pat Tillman declared by the military to be a hero until the record was set straight? Don’t you ever wonder why these “errors” keep happening? Because the liars are trying to spin a lie about how wonderful and righteous war is, that’s why. Does the term “Wag the dog” mean anything to you? They are trying to put a human face on the war besides a banker’s face.

    Remember laying on the floor watching westerns? The manly thing to do was call out the enemy at high noon for a shoot out. The only cheating allowed was to arrive early and get the sun behind you . . . oh wait, that’s why it was high noon, wasn’t it, so it was fair. Nothing angered a western lover more than a low lying good for nothing coward of a bushwacker. It just wasn’t Western right.

    Here we are today being told that we worship Chris Kyle as our all time box office hero as the bestest bushwacker ever. How fitting that the military complex finally got their hero, one who is the spitting image of the lying, bushwacking banksters. No wonder they picked him.

    However, in today’s article, The True Chris Kyle Finally Comes Out , an entirely different picture comes out. They portray him as a liar that had to be executed and silenced so as not to ruin the hero investment already made in him. He was bushwacked by his handelers. Is this true? We might have the proof if his accused killer dies before his murder trial. But what about the lying part? He claimed that he killed 30 people during Katrina. There is definitely no proof there. And if he had done the deed who would step forward to support that claim? Therefore, he needed to die.

    Of course, the above article is a lot harder to sell than a movie produced by none other than Clint Eastwood. One fact that we can always rely on is that a western hero would never lie, right? Even if he is 85 years old, and we all saw him a few years ago demonstrating his dementia in his NRA speech. Even a dementia cowboy hero would never knowingly lie, right? And as far as his directing the Kyle movie, do you really believe the 85 year old was involved in the movie other than selling his good ole cowboy name?

    So now we have a Mexican stand off; what is the truth? If only we could have a fair jury examine the evidence and render its truth view. Oh wait, we do. See: Jesse Ventura wins $1.8 million in damages against Chris Kyle. The jury in August 2014 ruled that Kyle lied about kicking Jessie Ventura’s ass for comments Ventura said about the war. I may have flunked English but I still know that Virgins never lay and liars always lie.


    • Jean says:

      🙂 Wonderful read! Thank you, thank you! Hugs, ~Jena

    • Will Munny says:

      Good stuff, Jim. I was severely disappointed to see that Clint Eastwood’s name was attached to this warmongering propaganda. I hadn’t considered him having dementia before, so maybe he’s being used just like Kyle. After all, everyone in Hollyweird eventually has to pay the piper.

  3. Harry says:

    the UK opium trade has NEVER ended…..the US military is now the operational forces for the UK to protect their opium trade……period

  4. kibitzer3 says:

    Ah yes: the MSM and Hollywood,

    One thinks as well of the book and film about the 9/11 plane that somehow went down in a field in Pennsylvania. Or didn’t. And the book and film about the SEAL Team that took out bin Laden in his compound in Pakistan. Or didn’t.

    And the false flag op of Sandy Hook. And of the Boston Marathon Bombing ‘incident’. And of the Charlie Hebdo hoax. And. And. And……

    We are really being played like, and for, fools, by people who love to play at illusion. I say, let’s leave them to their video game, wherein they can go on bashing each other. And get the hell out of here.

    Or to say, leave the hell here, in its 3d matrix. And get US out of it. By going Up.

    And just as soon as we possibly can. Having tired of The Game. And wanting – as I mentioned on another thread at this site – the Real Thing.

    And not being willing to settle for less. Any – longer.

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