THE CONVERSATION, by Bradley Loves. . . at this moment in time, please share this widely :) ~J

I was visiting some friends of mine only yesterday. These friends are not very much into the “spiritual science” of what’s really going on inside of our reality, but were instead just watching the news, and were listening to the daily report about the civil war going on in the Ukraine just like millions of other Americans.

My heart is always saddened deeply when I think that “certain men” —for power, control and money, are literally causing a very real war to occur – in order to solidify their hold on resources and assist in their larger goal of creating a New World Order.

Silently, as I watched, I said, “I DO NOT CONSENT to this ongoing battle — nor to this ongoing war! I remove ALL SUPPORT for this crime against humanity!”

“What are you doing?” one of them, a man named Jason, asked me curiously.

Mustering a bit of courage, I told him that I had just “removed my consent” from the war that was going on inside of the Ukraine.

“What?” he responded.

“I removed my consent!” I repeated confidently.

“What good is THAT gonna’ do?” he asked.

I breathed deeply, smiling. “Well, he did ask!” I thought to myself, so “time for a teaching moment!”

The years and years of mind control and brain washing were totally visible in his eyes, as well as the endless millions of teachings of powerlessness — of individuality — and lack of understanding about how our world and how the universe we live in really works were all present on his face.

I took a quick moment to loathe the ELITES who I knew had fabricated this control system of thinking — only to serve themselves and their masters.

“THAT WAR can only continue” I stated confidently ”because a certain critical percentage of the people in the world believe it is NECESSARY!” I added, measuring each and every word carefully. “Reality is collectively created by us all!” I finished.

“But there is nothing that we can do about what is happening halfway across the world!” he said.

“THAT OPINION is based on lies and a faulty understanding of your own power!” I told him.


“What takes place here, or what is ALLOWED to take place here — is based completely upon the conviction and on the belief of the people who live inside of this reality.” I said.

“Therefore, this war, or any other war, for that matter, can only occur — if enough people in the world think it is necessary. This is what the real purpose of the MEDIA is…” I paused here for dramatic effect, “it is to tell us WHY WE NEED TO BELIEVE A WAR IS NECESSARY!”

I looked into his blank stare, so I continued on.

“The media is there to CREATE CONSENT within the minds of the viewing public!” I repeated.

“How are they doing that?” he asked.

“They are doing that by telling you step by step, exactly how and why you NEED TO FORM AN OPINION in a certain way, about a certain issue, so that you can then come to pre-ordained conclusion that they want!” I replied.

“That sounds like MIND CONTROL!” my other friend, Randy, who had been listening carefully, busted in.

“Thank you!” I looked at him and smiled. “Welcome to the end of the “thought process.” I said, stealing a line from a famous television character named “House!”

“It is exactly that!” I added, pointing at him and giving him a nod of encouragement.

“Okay, so YOU’RE SAYING,” he said in an exaggerated tone, “that if enough people did not believe in what the NEWS was saying, that the wars could not happen?”

“No,” I replied, “What I am saying is that regardless of what the NEWS is saying — right or wrong — because I am an “integral part” of the consciousness of the planet — and am connected to every other person here — THAT IF I DO NOT CONSENT — to something happening, it removes part of the “possibility” for it to ever occur. And if ENOUGH people could think in this way, then there is literally NOTHING that could happen that is evil, because there would be NO SUPPORT for it.”

“Wait, I don’t get it!” Randy said looking confused. “I’m just one guy! My opinion doesn’t count!”

I sighed and measured my words carefully. “No, you’ve been TAUGHT all of your life – by others – who were in truth lying to you, that you have no POWER, and that your opinion does not count! As a matter of fact, your opinion counts more than you will ever know!”

“How so?” he asked.

“You are a single cell of a much larger single body called humanity! The thoughts and beliefs that you hold as true — will have a certain affect upon the entire body of humanity — whether they are aware of it or not! And, if enough cells of the body of humanity hold a certain “belief” then it overrides the rest of the cells and becomes the predominant thought form, or the predominant WILL of the whole — or the group.” I said.

“What are you — some kind of nutty professor?” Jason asked me. I smiled at him bravely.

“Okay guru.” Randy said to me, “So you’re saying that the NEWS is lying to us only to get us to think in a certain way — is that it?” “Yep” I replied.

“Why would he do that?” he said pointing to the very stiff looking news presenter on the screen.

“He’s reading a tele-prompter – a script!” I said. “He has no idea if what is on that script is true or not! He’s probably thinking more about going home and having a beer than anything else while he’s reading the stuff. He does NOT CARE whether it is true or not true — he just gets paid to read the lines — nothing more!” I told him.

Randy and Jason looked at each other and rolled their eyes. Still I persisted.

“Did you used to believe in Santa Claus, The Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy, when you were kids?” I asked. They both nodded.
“And now you don’t because you know better,” I continued, and again they nodded.

“Well, now you KNOW that most men or women reading the NEWS to you on TV have no clue about what they are reading — and don’t know if it’s true or not — they just read it.”

“This all sounds like a lot of WORK!” Jason said shaking his head and holding it as if it were in pain.

“What — you’d rather see WARS all over the planet?” I asked in an indignant tone!

“No…” he said sheepishly. “Then why not try it my way?” I asked. “What have you got to lose?”

“I don’t think it will work!” he said honestly.

“AND THAT IS WHY YOU WILL FAIL!” I said borrowing a line from my favorite Jedi – Yoda!

“What?” he said.

“DO – OR DO NOT – THERE IS NO TRY!” I replied, stealing even more lines from Yoda.

“Judge me by my SIZE do you – and where you should not – because the FORCE is my ally!” I continued to talk like Yoda —

“OKAY! YODA!” Jason grinned.

“There is a point to this,” I said, “You have been wrongly taught that you HAVE NO POWER! What do you think that the Luke Skywalker character was thinking as he was being taught by Yoda?” I asked.

“That he had NO POWER!” Randy chimed in trying to sound more intelligent than Jason. “And when did he finally “get” his power?” I asked them both.

“When he started to BELIEVE THAT HE HAD IT!” I said finishing the thought because they both seemed stumped.

“Let me tell you a story about REAL POWER!” I told them both. “My younger brother, a boy who was very spiritually awakened at a young age — thanks to me — but was also very much into watching football on television — was watching a very important game when he was no more than 13 or 14 years old between two teams — one which he loved, and the other than he did not love .”

He knew (because I had taught him this) — about the POWER of his words and the POWER of his thoughts and because he was just a kid, and did not have too many other influences that he respected — really believed in it!

The game was set to end, and hinged on a short field goal kick by a man who played for the “other” team, and who had not missed a field goal kick that entire year!

My younger brother stood up — looked at the TV, and spoke loudly and confidently — “Under my power and authority — YOU ARE GOING TO MISS THIS KICK!

My older brother who was sitting next to me stood up suddenly as if he’d been hit by a thunder bolt!

“What did you just do?” he cried! “I felt that in my whole body — he’s gonna miss now!” he said looking helplessly at the rest of us!” My younger brother just nodded happily — “I know!” he said.

My older brother was very traditional — and for him to stand up like that, and cry out — was not only the mark of confusion, but of one who did not truly understand as of yet the power of words and the power of directed thought, but somehow at the same time KNEW that what had just been said, was both certain, and without a doubt, going to have a real affect!

We all watched as the ball was thrown back and the kicker came up —kicked the ball and sent it totally off to the side as if he’d miss kicked it somehow.

“Oh My God — IT’S NO GOOD! ” the announcer said on television. That was such a short field goal — he’s never missed anything like that all year long!” the confused man droned on.

My younger brother was giddy — and jumping up and down with delight as his team won the game!

“Well now I’ve seen it all — YOU SHOULD NOT HAVE DONE THAT!” my older brother said to my much younger one, pointing his finger at him — you interfered in the game!” he scolded him.

“How did I interfere?” the younger one asked. “Well I don’t know — but you did!” the older one said adamantly shaking his confused head in disbelief at what he’d just seen.

My younger brother looked at me for support. I smiled at him lovingly, but shook my finger at him as if he’d been a naughty child, “You are not meant to use your power in that way!” I said softly.

“Well this other team – DID NOT DESERVE TO WIN,” he defended himself. I only helped just a little!” he added —sort of seeking some forgiveness.

“That didn’t really happen,” Jason looked at me.

“OH YES IT DID!” I said adamantly, my father, who was watching the whole thing unfold was so confused by it – he just didn’t know what to think for the rest of the day! I think it scared him!” I said.

“What do you think would happen if just only a few people on EARTH WITH REAL CONVICTION looked at the television when the NEWS was on and being read out simply said, “I DO NOT CONSENT TO OR SUPPORT THIS WAR!” and really meant it?

“How is it even possible?” they both asked helplessly.

“We all live inside of a magnetic hologram – which can produce any type of reality that we collectively see fit to produce! The more of us that think about and really crave true FREEDOM – the sooner it will manifest. Those who don’t want that are using every means of MIND CONTROL that they know of to keep the rest of the public at large from finding out that THEY EVEN HAVE THIS TYPE OF POWER!

“Ultimately,” I said wrapping up the conversation with my friends, “you will never know what kind of POWER you really have, until you start trying to USE IT! And when you’ve cleared your mind of ALL DOUBT — and understand that you are a very powerful creator being – as my little brother did many years ago — the world will literally bend to your thoughts and desires!

“Is it so hard to try?” I asked. “Each and every time you see something happening that you don’t really approve of — just simply say these few words: “Under my power and authority —I DO NOT CONSENT TO THAT” I asked.

They both simply stared.

All my love


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  6. Jean-Michel says:

    Found this on Lada Ray’s blog:

    “The Ukrainian people are really rising up against the war. Just wonderful. This is from

    When Ukrainian army officers came to the Ukrainian village of Velikaya Znamenka to tell the men to prepare to be drafted, they weren’t prepared for what happened next. As the commanding officer was speaking, a woman seized the microphone and proceeded to tell him off: “We’re sick of this war! Our husbands and sons aren’t going anywhere!” She then launched into a passionate speech, denouncing the war, and the coup leaders in Kiev, to the cheers of the crowd.”

    I do understand a few words of Ukrainian, and a few more of Russian (around 20ish in total). And while I understood slightly more than nothing of her words, I understood her meaning clearly.

    By my power and authority, I DO NOT CONSENT TO THIS!

  7. Deborah B says:

    Jean, have you seen this awesome a cappella tribute to Bob Marley by Israeli musicians? Beautiful words…

  8. ElveTwelve says:

    apalling atrocities, graphic content Warning !!!!

    I do not consent to this, this has to stop now!!!

    • Jean says:

      OMG! WE NEED TO KNOW! How can the sheeple continue to look the other way! What will it take! Thank you and hugs, ~Jean

      • ElveTwelve says:

        #hampsteadbabysacrifices tweet al your protest signs an let everybody know what happens[ wish you well jean won’t comment anymore]

  9. Mila Valdrez says:

    Good evening Jean, Yes, it is true what you say, “when we are ready, the right situation finds us”, “the universe brings to us what we need, as we need it”.

    Be still and know that I am God. (psalm 46:10)

    Momentarily, Jean please kindly allow me to share with everyone what I have started from where I am, powerfully uniting this activity with the inspirations and initiative of Bradley Love and all others who falls in the same phase, like the works of the Global Prayer Project by James Redfield. Every effort and energy is counted to the maximum. This is the Collective Prayer Field intended to saturate Mother Earth of the Supreme Rays of Light of Love, Peace, Healing and Harmony and Goodwill to All Mankind. This is done everyday, at 3:00am/pm, 6:00am/pm, and 9:00am/pm. Participants can do it wherever they are at work, home, fields, shopping centers, wether with groups, individually, alone etc, etc… Participants have a choice between those designated time to contribute to the Collective Prayer Field, as it is important to feed and sustain it continuously. The way is just to close your eyes, be peaceful and quiet, summon the Divine energy of the Rays of Light Love, Peace, Healing and Harmony and Goodwill to All Mankind. Radiate these to cover Mother Earth and All that there is. Expand it through the power of your Auric Field and order it to connect with the others in the formless space and whichever entities that comes in the range of these Light Rays are transform and change to become Love, Peace, Healed and in Harmony and Goodwill has annihilated its Evilness and Darkness. It is Done and it is Finish. Participants can do as long as it is able, 15 – 30 minutes is just as fine.

    Please, kindly not use the word “will” and “May” like for example: “will bring Love, Peace, Healing and Harmony”, “May Love, Peace, Healing and Harmony saturate Mother Earth”, because the formless space consciousness can not determine when you want it manifested. It will ask you when would you like it to get manifested? We have to command it “Now”. Our indigenuous native Indian Brothers and Sisters, when they dance to call the element of water to bring in rain. They dance visualizing their dancing feet already soak with mud and water and the formless space of creation has to come fast to materialize it for its manifested form(Water/Rain). Hence, the same with our Prayer Field. This is for real, a call of Unification. The Thought becomes Word, the Word becomes Sound(Spoken), and the Thought, Word and Sound became solid and manifested. The levels of Formulation, Materialization, Solidification and Manifestation completed at your command.

    An excerpts from Professor Baird T. Spalding from The Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East” – Man gives 90% of his time to negative thoughts and expressions and only 10% to constructive and positive thoughts and expressions. We should be able to see every person as a Master right now and not see the shortcomings of the individual.

    One must have the capacity to discard all of the rubbish, you have been compelling your thoughts and words to store in your subconscious or subjective mind. We soon find that there is a Divine purpose throughout the entire Universe, and that you are as Universal as that Divine Purpose. Your body is as pure and sweet as your thoughts make it.

    All misery comes from fear, from unsatisfied desire. Concentration imposed in the Self will obtain the secrets of anything. It has all of the Knowledge of the World thru concentration and focus, the power of the mind and its totality is within everyone.

    Nature is ready to give up her secrets as we know how to knock and ask for it, to give her the necessary blow and the strength and force of the blow comes through concentration. There is no limit to the power of the human mind. The more concentrated it is, the more power is brought to bear on one point : and that is the secret.

    Anything that is secret and mysteries in this system should be at once discarded. The best guide to life is strength. Discard anything that weakens you : have nothing to do with it. All mystery mongering weakens the Human brain. Truthfulness is given and let us unite the forces in full blaze of daylight.

    Thank you again Jean and everyone and I am looking forward to the Placenta of Colours of the Rays of Light, Love, Peace, Healing and Harmony and Goodwill to All Mankind in full view, saturating the spacesky, no room for evil and darkness. We Unite… We are Victorious. It is Done.

    Mi La

  10. Dan Willis says:

    As a top secret witness that testified in Washington and ex ABC newsman seeing first hand the “engineering of consent” of the masses through the mainstream media. I felt this article expressed this concept of affecting the collective we are all a part of, that I linked it to a visualization called “imagine this” at A global awakening is happening right now for the world that has been trapped in a lie. Understanding our power of consciousness is key in its transformation. A great reminder! Thank you

    • Jean says:

      Dan, I would like to publish your article, along with a link to your site . . . I can also import the audio . . . all with your permission, of course. I want people to take time to read the whole think, or else to listen . . . It’s right on target . . . Hugs, ~Jean

      • Dan Willis says:

        Of course, I would be honored. I posted your article on my facebook which is Thank you so much

        • Jean says:

          I’m delighted. Let me take a break, and I’ll begin to work on it 😉 Thank you and hugs, ~Jean

        • Jean says:

          Also, Dan, Bradley has a series of articles that are easy to read that have been very well received by my readers that describe how words are used against us. If you do a SEARCH on my blog using the name Bradley Loves, you should access them. They are almost a course in understanding this phenomenon, and we are working to put them out as an e-book 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

          • Dan Willis says:

            Hello Jean, I am unfamiliar with the writings from Bradley Loves, but after reading this article and the way it cleverly conveyed the concept that each one of us, with the true understanding that we are part of a holographic whole in nature, interconnected collective consciousness, in which each of us effects the whole in what we give “consent” to. I can see I need to read the rest of his articles as it is exactly the conclusion in my research I’ve reached in order to give empowering information in a compromised world in order to transform the world as we know it. The extraterrestrial issue is a key element of proof to exposing the false agreed upon reality everyone has been indoctrinated into since birth. Thank you Jean.. Hugs ~ Dan

          • Jean says:

            I think you will find all of Barley’s work to be of value 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

    • DavidG says:

      Dan I am about half way through your website. What you have done here is astonishing. In my own years of research I, like everyone else has seen all of this evidence scattered across the internet. What you have done is put it all together in a one stop wondershop of chronological order. Absolutely brilliant.

      • Jean says:

        Yes! agreed! Hugs, ~Jean

      • Dan Willis says:

        David thank you so much. I’m just learning myself about all the connections through time of what has been perpetrated upon this planet. I am revising it as we speaking and constantly adding new elements throughout the timeline. The latest of course is in the 1947 timeline of the discovery of the “Roswell Slides” proving the ET bodies that were recovered back then (as if we need more proof lol) I’m just learning to write, so thank you, I’m getting better at sentence structure so I’m revamping my first attempt at this article that was initiated by a media company request

  11. ElveTwelve says:

    The Discovery ursupated , hidden and stolen from mankind by the Borgia’s!!!
    The law of the economic debt slavery system/ off world agenda/ energy harvesting in reverse.

  12. ElveTwelve says:


    THE ARCHONS!! Updated December 11, 2014;Robert M. Stanley

    DonJuan and Carlos Castaneda about “skyfish’

    and energy harvesting!!!!

  13. ElveTwelve says:

    As above so below! about micro organisms and Macro organisms

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  15. Kausie says:

    Bradley i think you are amazing ! Thank you for being you and telling the Truth as it is . Many blessing to You and Your Family.

  16. ElveTwelve says:


    (please repeat if you feel the same )

  17. Rebecca says:

    I do NOT give my consent to this war! Never! I will continue to say this. We cannot allow this to happen.
    Thank you Bradley once again for your brilliant insights.
    In light and love

  18. erdoshk says:

    Bradley, I am thankful and grateful to you for sharing this article too. You are a wonderful soul.

    Veronica, it is lovely to read your comment too. Love, light and joy

  19. Oliver says:

    Oh what a story Jean I love it.. heard about a woman somewhere that watched the fire come close to her home I think in Australia on TV.. she screamed NOOOO I do not consent to have my home burned to the ground.. the fire missed her house completely.. 😉

    Hugs Ollie

  20. yahso1 says:

    Bradley thank you so much … I get it. Now to put it into practice 100% instead of just occasionally. 🙂 x

  21. megan says:

    Bradley many thanks a gain for sharing your wisdom and insight with us. I can honestly say that I know what your saying about our deeply asleep brothers and sisters. It breaks my heart to see how conditioned and dumbed down most of humanity is and it is very frustrating trying to get through to them in any kind of meaningful way. The blank stares and their desire to quickly change the subject is so predictable but we must persevere with trying to snap them out of their trance. WE are very powerful beings indeed, and although there are relatively few of us that ARE awake our efforts must be working for we are still here and the dark ones don’t seem able to bring us down, no matter how hard they are trying it just seems to blow up in their faces for all who are awake to see!

    Love and hugs

  22. YouMa says:

    Dr. Rauni Kilde, google her on You Tube, a Finnish doctor gives the final words in her interviews…. something to the effect that we ALL can send LOVE AND LIGHT and COMPASSION to those who are the perpetrators…..they are crying out for LOVE. Of course they must answer to the criminal activities once arrested. Our high frequency of LOVE, LIGHT, COMPASSION uplift all, including ourselves – we are all ONE and EQUAL.

    Thank you, Bradley, for your wonderful stories.

  23. Mila Valdrez says:

    There is a book “The Power of Thought” by Master Mikhail Aivanhov – this book says it all. Another one “The Power of the Spoken Word” by Elizabeth Clare Prophet
    The combination of both “The Secret of Shambala” by James Redfield
    The mastery of it all “The Teaching of the Master of the Far East” 6 Volumes by John T. Spalding
    And when you have mastered it, discern when you have to apply it. Self mastery is a requirement.

    • pat says:

      i was given the John Spaulding books over 30 years ago by my best friend who was a good friend of Spaulding’s. He lived just down the road from her in a secret-quite magical place i was familiar with. I was invited to go meet him but i felt like it was not appropriate-that i would be like a groupie butting in on a rock stars life-so i did not go-but the things i know about that place and the things she told me about HIM have been validated over and over again since then-so i, too, recommend them. In fact, my friend’s best friend is mentioned in one of the books and the things they described i experienced with her myself…so as weird as things sound–for what my 2 cents is worth–IT IS VERY LITERALLY REAL. Furthermore, I can say she also knew James Redfield–and while she may have been mistaken in what she said-she did not think very highly of him because she told me that the manuscript for his first book had been in her hands way before he came up as the author and that he could not have been the writer…but like a say, she could have been mistaken or been missing a piece of information…so i do not take this sleight on him very seriously-and one must use one’s own discernment anyway.

      • Mila Valdrez says:

        Good evening Pat. I have to make a correction. I was typing to fast while my husband John is conversing with me. Hence, I typed John instead of Baird, – I apologize. This correction is the Author’s first name of the book “The Teaching of the Masters of the Far East” 6 Volumes by Baird T. Spalding. instead of John T. Spalding.

        Professor Baird T. Spalding is a legend in Metaphysical and Truth Circles during the first half of the 20th century. He past away on March 18, 1953 was attributed to apparent cardiac failure. However, there were others who pick up and carried his works who are assisting and guiding the destinies of mankind and they are very active at present…..

      • Kieron says:

        Sorry, Mila, I’m afraid “Elizabeth Clare Prophet” has been criticized for shearing her sheeple of their money on more than one occasion.

        In contrast, I recommend Florence Scovell Shinn, who wrote a much better set of essays on the matter, called “Your Word Is Your Wand” and “The Power of the Spoken Word.” I hope “Elizabeth Clare Prophet” isn’t claiming authorship of the second title, published posthumously in 1945. Scovell Shinn pre-dates “Elizabeth Clare Prophet” by a number of years. More on Florence Scovell Shinn: Some of her essays are available at that link.

        • Mila Valdrez says:

          Good afternoon Kieron, yes I am aware of that, however, my point is – whoever happens to come across such written books, any books that is awakening, enlightening and advancing the thoughts and self realization of man is something else. There is this unfolding, step by step. The one who pens it somehow, was left how to share the good news among others by their specific intentions. I can not judge her as there are always grounds and reasons why???. The contents of “The Science of the Spoken Word” is a gift of the Word and Sound, both Written and Spoken, whoever written it first doesn’t matter anymore.

          Thank you also Kieron for sharing the essays of Florence Scovell Shin and her link. What is important to me are the works done and of course the gratitude to those Authors who materializes and manifested them into the physical plane.

          Herewith, I also would like to extend my thanks to Bradley Love for his efforts and inspirations, as well as Jean Haines patience, endurance and persevarance for maintaining this interconnection. Thank you very much.

          • Jean says:

            Mila, my personal experience is that when we are ready, the right situation finds us. This could be a book that falls off a shelf – the way I learned about Drunvalo. Energetically, the universe brings to us what we need, as we need it . . . Of course, if we are unaware, we never see/get the connection. When items of interest are mentioned here, it is never in vain. Maybe someone’s eye is caught by something that is said, etc., and the follow through will lead them on to something else.

            From my own personal experience, I have found this is the way it works 🙂


            PS I have to say this kind of connection never ceases to amaze me 🙂

          • DavidG says:

            Without reading here I would never have found any of these very amazing works so I would like to thank you ALL. Now I am currently reading two huge volumes simultaneously, just when i thought I knew everything – 🙂

  24. Rev. Joe says:

    Bradley , Beautiful ! Lately Source has been speaking through me , as all of us . ” There is no duality in this universe ” . Love is all . Hugs , joe

  25. Bradley says:


    I am so grateful to hear from you! Thank you my friend! Your words also – are very wise!
    Many Hugs!

  26. Hildegard says:

    Oh God. This story is why most of us just keep our mouths shut, especially around our own families where we have the least amount of credibility. Unfortunately people take silence for agreement and if we don’t openly disagree we’re lying by omission. If we draw no line others will be trespassing over it continuously.

  27. Blue says:

    I love you, Bradley….

  28. Karen says:


  29. Bradley your wise words are badley needed just now. We must REFUSE to allow WAR to happen in our name. Together we are POWERFUL, we the 99% say NO loudly. The Puppets are all hot air and ( forgive me but there is only one word for it) BULLSHIT. We must come together and LAUGH at their LIES, show them who we are, Powerful Spirit Beings defending our Planet and our fellow man. We will succeed……….

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