The Goldwater Report Second Preface To Part Two Of The Investigation Into The Keenan Fraud

As we close out the Neil Keenan saga, if you have not already done so, I suggest you listen to Neil’s recent video at in order to understand Scott’s words here today, since he is primarily responding to this post filled with abusive words about me (I mean who is that snake really intended to bite?) If you have never heard one of Neil’s diatribes, it might be worth your time. This is not the Neil Keenan who first presented himself to me, not at all. His type is often called a rage-a-holic, but this was never in evidence as he took my money.

The other item Scott refers to is Drake Bailey’s recent spat of lies posted HERE

On a personal note, Scott’s efforts are to expose Neil Keenan for the con artist he is — his methods and modus operandi, and I am a part of it all simply because I happen to have been his victim.

In spite of Neil’s ugly lies about me that have no basis in truth, I have never spoken another word to Neil Keenan since July 29, 2014. I have said almost nothing publicly about Neil, and only recently as I began to understand the scam he perpetrated on me, I’ve simply said he gets an A+ in lying. Yet, he cannot seem to leave me as a person — as a human being with real feelings, alone, speaking of me in terrible, abusive terms. He seems to have a need to blame someone else — me, it seems, loudly and forever. I understand that this has a psychological name — transference, and is used unconsciously by someone who is unwilling to look at himself.  In other words, everyone else is to blame. That is his choice, and I long ago moved on.

As soon as I realized what his game was — and I am only now realizing the depth of how he used me, played me — I suspect to largely ‘keep’ him for well over a year, I wanted nothing more to do with him. If you are interested and take any time with this, you will understand my almost visceral response to the situation when I first understood it, and my desire to completely wipe him from my life.

My present interest is only in seeing him ‘finished’ so he can’t steal from others.

After this video and Scott’s final exposure of Neil, which he will publish soon, if people want to continue to believe in Neil, that is their choice. Maybe through Scott’s efforts, however, some people, believers still, will break free of this horrible scam that took my life savings. Believe me, I am no longer naive about the many, so-called good people who profess their desire to help humanity get through the shift!

If nothing else, there will be a public record for all the world to see of the real truth of Neil Keenan, a sordid human being who continues to profess his desire to want to help humanity, while at the same time abusing, lying about, and stealing from that same humanity. Listen to him, as I suggest above, in his own words, many of which Scott will also play for you. ~J

Published on Feb 7, 2015

This particular broadcast submission deals with some recent events originating from assertions being made by Neil Keenan and Drake Bailey regarding their work, after certain broadcast submissions were tendered by our news desk. This is a lead in to the final parts of the investigation regarding Keenan’s international wire fraud along with the informational fraud being perpetrated by David Wilcock and Benjamin Fulford.

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9 Responses to The Goldwater Report Second Preface To Part Two Of The Investigation Into The Keenan Fraud

  1. Di, Cerrillos,NM,USA says:

    Apocalypse means ‘revealing’. Is it possible that it also refers to revealing the sociopaths and psychopaths among us? We have all met one, charming up front but when crossed or they don’t get what they want, they reveal their venomous and toxic natures. And they don’t give up because they still want what they want. If they don’t get it with sugar they will get it with poison.
    James Churchward wrote a book about Lemuria and Atlantis. Apparently he found some records and was able to translate them. He said there was a group of folks there who were so disagreeable that the residents built a wall and told the disagreeable ones to stay behind the wall. Isn’t it possible that before these great civilizations sank, some of these disagreeable ones emigrated and established new communities? IMHO, these folks are among us and are coming to the surface like pustules to be lanced and drained. They are parasites and live off the fruits of labor of successful societies. We are not going to change them so how do we protect ourselves from them? Build a wall? IMHO, their frequencies are so low that they will not survive the shift. But will we survive the shift if they continue to ply their toxic trade? Tough questions for those of us aligned with the light who seek harmony and truth.
    Thank you, Jean, for your willingness to share your story and expose these dirtbags.

  2. Karen says:

    Neil keenans archetype. Victim/aggressor

  3. Ri-chard says:

    Neil, just in case you are reading the comments on this blog you also need to know this blog content has new following by employees at Langley CIA and FT. Meade NSA. They consider you to be quite an entertaining character. Please, also know you are now receiving free advertising for your expertise working with Bonds and Gold. They loved Gold discovery videos, they seemed so real.

    • Ronnie says:

      Well I certainly was amused that Neil didn’t know what condition the gold bars would be in considering they were in that box for so long and could be badly corroded and lo and behold they were, green, pinkish and dull. Lost all their shine and luster. Heck, I bet they are also now magnetic. Gold just doesn’t keep like it used to.

      Also I had to figure there was the equivalent of three gold bricks in there and at approximately 50 lbs each making it about 150 lbs., his little friend has no trouble with it. It’s amazing what you can do with a screwdriver and hammer. I bet they were Craftsmen tools!

  4. “Emancipate Yourself From Mental Salvery, none but ourselves can free our minds”!!!!!!!! Listen to the Critical Post~Chicago’s video and this song with as much energy as you give any of Neil Keenan’s “updates” or that you give for 3 hours every week listening to Cosmic Voice’s lies.

  5. Hold on to your seats Ladies and Gentlemen! Here is the 2nd Preface to Part II of the Neil Keenan/Drake Bailey/David Wilcock Fraud by the Chicago Critical Post with Scott Pollack. These are the FACTS of the situation. Now….if you know what’s good for you, remove yourself from the cesspool of people who make up Cosmic Voice. Free yourself an move on doing the RIGHT thing. Don’t give them another moment of your time, remove them and their associated websites from your profile…you’ll be so much closer to real FREEDOM and emancipated by doing so!!!
    LISTEN CAREFULLY AND LEARN. Unlike Drake Kent Bailey and Neil Francis Keenan or David Wilcock, everything said is backed up with FACT and EVIDENCE. Here is the TRUTH you’ve been seeking…..
    Then, absorb this information and SHARE IT with everyone you care about. You’ll thank me once you have! ~ Denise Rednour (another former victim of these frauds)

    • Jean says:

      Denise, I’m copying here my response to you from an earlier comment (I just released the comments from Paul Collin’s post last week.) I want to acknowledge publicly your efforts to expose the sickness of these men! So . . . here it is. . . 🙂

      Denise, I went to get some breakfast this morning after posting Scott’s report, and I just had to come back and say thank you to you (and all the other women, as well) for sticking with this and for asking Scott’s help. These men are a scourge, and thank God Scott realized it and decided to expose them. I know you’ve helped him quietly in the background, and I hope you will now move on into something better. You have a life ahead of you, and I think you are beginning to see a new way forward. I honor you for standing tall against both Drake and Neil, because I know — maybe more than others the abuse and lies you suffered at their hands. I send you lots of love and a public affirmation of my thanks to you for not giving up and not giving in to them. . . and with Scott, let me say we have a perfect example right here among us of the divine masculine at work!

      Love to you, dear friend,

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