The Vineyard of the Saker: There is hope and there is “another West” . . . must read! Please share! On a difficult day, this gives me hope! ~J


I have said that many times on this blog and I will say that today: there is “another West” which we, all those who oppose the Empire, should never forget.  This is a West which you will never *ever* see in the corporate media and it is formed a innumerable individuals who don’t go into politics, don’t organize demonstrations and who simply live a life of spiritual freedom, away from the degenerate, ugly, deceptive and evil order which the so-called “elites” have imposed upon us all.  I mentioned this “other West” in my Submarines in the Desert post and I won’t repeat it all here.  I will just say that I get amazing letters from that “other West” almost every day.

Letter which, if I posted them here, nobody would believe are genuine and I would be accused of making them up.  I show some of them to my wife, but even to her I say that “if I showed you how many such letters I get you would probably have a hard time believing me”.  I can sincerely say this: these letters have changed my view of humanity, quite literally, and now know, I really *know* something crucial: we are truly everywhere (as David Rovics put it) and there is a lot of us (even if we often feel isolated).

Yesterday I got such a letter and it deeply moved me.  I replied to it’s author and ask for his permission to share it with you (without revealing any personal details).  He agreed.  So here it is:

Dear Saker,

I am sorry to write you because I know that you are very busy and you provide such a valuable service to me and so many others that are seeking the truth about Ukraine. I hope my message does not burden you and disturb your work or leisure.

I am an American, so totally disgusted with my country and it’s leadership. What lies and propaganda that are directed at Russia, Novorussia, it’s citizens and its determined and honorable soldiers makes me ashamed of my country. In addition when I try to explain the truth to people just how the war in Ukraine started with our usual coup tactics I get blank stares of disbelief. No one wants to hear that our government is driven by evil desires that is ruining the lives of so many innocent people. It is so very sad.

I have been reading your site for a long time and just now have added Fort Russ, Novorussia Today, Colonel Cassad, and some others that are speaking and showing the truth.

I am a carpenter, but have no work now. I have not had work in many months and am on the verge of losing my home.  I have no savings and feel sad that I can not contribute to your site or to the victims in East Ukraine that my country is helping to kill and destroy. Often at night as I try to sleep I think about those who are suffering so, that are being attacked by our stooge government in Kiev. It eats at me and makes me so sad for humanity, I have no way to help and my fellow Americans, or at least most of them seem to not care at all.

Please forgive me for reading your precious truth and insight and not sending you your rightful due. I promise, if I shall get work or become employed I will not forget you and never will I forget my brothers and sisters in East Ukraine. May God bless you always and may he distribute justice to my evil American government.

Sincerely your eternal friend,


I also want to share with you a part of my reply to “Carpenter” because beyond him, this is what I want to say to all those, especially Americans, who have written to me with the same anguish and pain:

Dear “Carpenter”

Your beautiful letter moved me to tears but also filled me with joy because it showed me something I already knew: that nationalities and borders are not really real, that there is a brotherhood of mankind which goes much, MUCH deeper than the language we speak or the passport we carry.  I knew that – but your letter still felt like an explosion of humanity in a world gone crazy.  I have one favor to ask of you:

Never be ashamed of your country or your people.  They are the first victims of a worldwide system of evil which enslaves us all.  For decades Russia was ruled by the Soviets and I often felt ashamed for my people, but now I see how much good they are capable of.  Don’t ever allow your shame about the regime in power in DC make you lose your respect for the millions of innocent Americans who are no more guilty for what their rulers do then I was for what the Soviet regime did.  Always remember the words of Saint Paul “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms“.  The people of Russia and the people of the USA have the same enemy and that makes them allies.  We are all struggling together against the same evil.

When I wrote that I was moved to tears and that Carpenter’s letter felt like an “explosion of humanity” I was not exaggerating.   To be very honest, I often get this horrible feeling in my stomach that the psychos ruling the West are, whether they realize it or not, cheerfully walking on a path which will lead them into a war with Russia.  Yesterday I felt particularly distressed by all the ridiculous rhetoric coming out of the western capitals.  And, as if so often the case, in these moments of anguish I felt very alone.  Carpenter reminded me that my loneliness was an illusion and that there were Americans out there who were very close to my own, Russian, heart and mind and even though I dare not hope that some of them are in positions of power high enough to prevent a war from happening, I cannot rule that out either.  In truth, whether we all – Russians and Westerners – can prevent a war from happening I don’t know, but what I do know is that I feel that it is a vital task in my life to show the world that there is “another West” and that, in reality, our struggle is “against the rulers” only, and never the people.

I have to confess that I am still under the shock of what happened with Lavrov in Munich.  I told my wife that I simply *cannot* imagine that the western leaders really, seriously, truly and deliberately want to go to war with Russia.  Call me naive, but I cannot conceive that.  But when I look at what these so-called “leaders” are actually saying and doing then, to my own horror, I come to the conclusion that they are doing exactly that: cheerfully walking down a path which will lead them to war.  A war which they will lose – that I can guarantee you 100%.

I cannot think of something more stupid: triggering a war which Russia most definitely and categorically does not want, and a war which the West will most definitely and completely lose.  How evil and crazy is that?

The tragedy is that western analysts and politicians are completely misreading Russia: they see Russia’s efforts to avoid a war as a sign of fear.

Somehow, these idiots in the US and NATO have convinced themselves that their own propaganda is true and that Russia can be bullied by its putative fear of NATO.  They are getting something very, very wrong here:  Russia does not fear the US or NATO, Russia fears war as such.  Unlike western politicians, Russian know that there is no such thing as a “good war”, but at the same time, they are also willing to fight, really fight, if forced to defend themselves.  No offense to anybody here, but the West has long lost this capability to truly fight to the end.  It is one thing to “fight” in a cockpit or with drones, and quite another to really fight like Russians do when forced to.  NATO generals cannot even *imagine* the kind of resolve, rage and determination a Russian 3rd class construction battalion solider will muster if he becomes convinced that he is standing up for his Motherland.  Folks in the West have that illusion that a “real warrior” is some kind of Navy SEAL.  In Russia everybody knows that wars are not won by photogenic Rambos, but by the “makhra” – the regular skinny and inelegant kids of the infantry who, when push comes to shove, will show a courage, determination and self-sacrifice no Navy SEAL can even imagine (I know, many American readers will shake their heads in disbelief at my words, but every single Russian who actually saw combat in his life knows that what I say is 100% true).

And yet, the western 1%ers apparently also believe that their fancy military toys will defeat the Russian “makhra”. They have apparently forgotten the warning of one of the greatest generals in British history, General Montgomery who told the LordsRule 1, on page I of the book of war, is: “Do not march on Moscow”. Various people have tried it, Napoleon and Hitler, and it is no good.

The people of Russia don’t want and don’t need this war but if give no choice they will fight.  To the end,  even if that means a global nuclear war (which Russia is much better prepared to survive then Europe or North America).  I warned about that almost a year ago, and I will repeat it here: Russia is ready for war.

Of course, the vast majority of the people in the West also don’t want and and don’t need this war.  The problem is that while in Russia most people are acutely aware that war has now become a real possibility (this is regularly discussed on TV and by senior politicians, including Putin himself), folks in the West are never told that war is coming closer and closer to us all.  Those who like “Carpenter” fully see where this is all heading and are horrified are isolated form the mainstream public discourse.  So there most definitely is “another West” but it is a silenced, suppressed and, I would argue, even an oppressed one.

We are living in extremely dangerous times.  I would argue that Obama is the worst and most incompetent President in US history: he failed at literally everything he did and he betrayed every promise he made.  I would not trust him with any task – he seems to screw-up everything he touches.  As for EU politicians, they are just spineless imbeciles who don’t even have the lucidity to admit to themselves that they are playing with fire and for whom I have less respect than for used toiled paper.  But my heart goes out to the “other West” whose people are treated like serfs by the 1%ers and whom I will always see are allies of Russia and of any other country or group of people who are opposing the kind of ‘in your face’ evil the AngloZionist Empire now embodies.

I suppose that the “West” can really be divided into three groups: the 1%ers at the top, the “Charlies” who have been zombified by the elites and the “Carpenters” who see through the smokescreen and understand it all.  I don’t know which group will prevail, but I will keep hoping that by some kind of miracle the “other West” will prevail and save us all.

The Saker

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19 Responses to The Vineyard of the Saker: There is hope and there is “another West” . . . must read! Please share! On a difficult day, this gives me hope! ~J

  1. Ilex says:

    This is such a beautiful story. I do believe we all feel the same as the “Carpenter.” On a positive note, we are the Carpenter but we are all building a brand new world, maybe not physically but emotionally through the heart without the worries or darkness of today.

  2. workouts12 says:

    Having grown up under the early age care of a true Russian woman in a Ukrainian area of Chicago, I sense the deep heart of truths which the Saker conveys so swiftly in not only his explaination, but the care he gives to holding up the banner of despair which ‘carpenter’ has described.
    While I do myself believe that there are forces both divine and quite human working to intervene in this latest attempt to create theater as a means of pre-staging a major war, we can each do our best every day to not only oppose this in our meditations and by intention, but continue to wake up those listening with accurate facts…

    Rob Wold
    New Orleans

  3. Oliver says:

    The Vineyard of the Saker,

    What a wonderful post… I was very moved by the “Carpenter”. This is how I see it. In order for people in the West to see idiotic actions clearly there is a need for this rhetoric from the Western leaders.

    When you hear one imbecile after the other such as McBrain (sorry for that) urge for war it’s so obvious they are all reading from a script they can’t change.

    Everybody with half a brain knows that attacking Russia will never work. The Swedes tried, Napoleon and Hitler as well. Russia is the bridge between EAST and WEST and will never cave in!

    The US are recruiting youngsters that hardly have been outside their own home town in order to fight abroad. The US has never fought an enemy that knows what they are doing. They did it partly during WWII but the other side where already loosing.

    I’m baffled about white collar people that are warmongering without putting themselves in harms way eager to sacrifice their own children?!! Does not make sense.

    If I have to I will defend my family to my last breath and I’m not afraid of dying/transitioning. Putin has a lot of aces up his sleeve concerning military hardware. Also this warmongering rhetoric does not fit cause the US are still making deals with the Russians and the Chinese behind the scenes.

    I would urge everybody to listen to what is not said when hearing the West in the media instead of the other way around. They know their time is up so what are they not telling us?

    Hugs Ollie

    • Jean says:

      Ollie, ipthe education system in the US is an utter failure – on purpose, I believe. People are rushed and just trying to make ends meet – again, I think this has been done on purpose, etc. all this is to set them up for the propaganda inundating them. Add the idiocy of the television. . .and frankly, I don’t know what tobdonabout it. I think it is going to take a huge shock to wake most of them up, but when they do awaken, they will be able to sees the signs were all around them . . . I hope 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

      • Oliver says:

        Your right I think Jean,

        The shock wave will come through the changes of the financial system cause that old system is the glue that holds this together I think! When they can’t pay big corp/pharma/military they are done with..

        Everybody will have to look at what is happening no exemptions.. cause everything is linked via financial services. Hit a fellow humans wallet and you’ll see what happens.

        Hugs Ollie

        • Jean says:

          I hope they don’t panic and swing over to the new Eastern financial system until we are perfectly sure of it, one way or the other . . . It will appear to be an easy way out, and maybe it will be, but I don’t know and I would want to be sure . . . 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

          • Oliver says:

            I’m sure this is addressed, hard to pay mercs with wire tranfers if that does not work. It can be fun to run around with paper money anybody can blow up or steal at anytime.

            It’s all fake probably anyway but you get the gist of it..

            Hugs Ollie

          • Jean says:

            No, Ollie, your precise words have confused me. I am sorry, but I do not understand 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

          • Oliver says:

            My bad.. I meant that it’s hard to pay mercenaries without wire transfers if you don’t pay them with printed dollars. We know these folks only work if getting paid.

            There are gunsforsale everywhere see Ukraine, ISIS etc.

            This is one of the reasons why a financial reset that effects everybody would be preferable I think.

            I hit the send button too fast.. 🙂

            Hugs Ollie

          • Jean says:

            Oh, yes! Now this makes great sense – I’ve read this before . . . 🙂 Thanks and hugs, ~Jean

  4. Here's mud in your eye! says:

    Thanks for yet another fine essay.

    I see my Guardian Angel constantly; a speck of energy that changes shape continuously and never strays beyond my vision. For about two years now. Twice or thrice in the last week it has glowed blue in the center and yellow on the outside. Quite spectacular. I know God exists and the GF hover above.

    Archangel Michael, via the GOAOG, informs us Peace will be granted to Gaia and her inhabitants, on Valentine’s Day! The Event. Of All Events!

    I AM A PEACE PORTAL uttered by any Soul blesses the occasion.

    Let Us please be granted Peace on Gaia. And so it is. So be it.

  5. Hildegard says:

    I love this article. If the Russians come here fighting the good fight I’ll have my white flag ready. The puppet masters are so foolish to think our demoralized, over vaccinated, SSRI brain damaged, over-deployed, PTSD suffering, uneducated, brainwashed and abused guinea pigs can defeat the real men of Russia who have something real to die for… Freedom… And a homeland they love. A homeland that defeated fascism, knows viscerally what is at stake and is 100% committed to defeating it again and again.

  6. Sacredpeaks says:

    A very heart felt and appreciated discussion. As Bradley, Veronica and others are saying the human beings in our love frequency are now saying NO! We do not consent!!!!

  7. vlad says:

    Comment to the Saker
    out of the 99.99% of the world humans, they would not be able to understand why someone would
    have this WAR which can kill many billions of people and devastate the planet by radiation (who
    would want to live here on earth ) Even those that want this WAR have be brainwashed not realizing the conquency,but it only takes
    one mad man at the top to make it happen, after all, this mad evil pound of flesh is get up in age and
    wants to see his dream fulfill from his ansetry goals, he is the one that made it happen !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Also I think President Wilson was the worst,he allowed the bankers to start this whole
    fraudulent money system which is world wide, if that didn’t happen we would not have this today.
    Obama is just a puppet the bushes clan comes at 2nd place,they are still in the ball game.


  8. YouMa says:

    Here is a solution, a REAL solution which people can do.

    Every moment we become super aware in, within the 24 hours we have each day, immediately drop our conscious awareness into our heart area.

    Begin to breath slowly in through the nose, with the tip of the tongue resting lightly on the roof of your mouth JUST BEHIND front teeth – this is about energy coherence – just do it.

    Breathing in to a count of 3, then out through the mouth to a count of 5. Keeping the tongue in place the whole time.

    Now, here’s the most important thing: imagine sending LOVE, LIGHT, COMPASSION to every person who we think WANTS war between Russia and the US. I mean every single person who may be wanting this war. Engulf these people with LOVE, LIGHT AND COMPASSION. If possible, also include sending appreciation and forgiveness.

    If this feels impossible to do…..then do it for yourself first. Eventually we can do it for the other people. Also envision everyone being EQUAL. No basic differences on the inside of who we really are. No separation.

    Let’s say we begin doing this NOW and keep doing it as long as it takes for peace and resolution and regeneration to happen.

    What have we got to lose?

    You, aka YouMa

  9. Bill says:

    This is a profound article! Its a rare thing to have the curtain pulled back and given an open view of the circus that is being performed by the idiocrats within the beltway and in the several capitals in Europe. Whether this subterfuge is a method of disguising the impending, horrible financial disaster hanging over those nation’s heads or just another “trophy” hunt to amuse the various leaders, the result will be the loss of millions of innocent lives and generation of billions of dollars in new debt, all to the benefit of the same cabal. Civilization as we know it may not be able to recover from such a conflict. Hopefully the “other” West can generate a voice shrill enough to prevent this useless Armageddon.

  10. Bob says:

    Thank you for your work and for what you say here about innocent ordinary people who are not part of what is going on.

    The Western elite don’t necessarily think they can win. They want death and destruction. They make money and many other ways from it. The rest – Russia did this or NATO did this – is a phoney show. They are operating outside of what sane people understand. For sure they don’t have compassion but their logic is not what we would consider a normal calculus of win or lose. They simply want war. They wants deaths. They want destruction and as much pain as possible.

    May they be gone soon.

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