This sounds so very right, but right now I don’t trust anyone 🙂 I’m sorry, but I can only watch and wait! ~J

Published on Feb 7, 2015

In recent videos, Neil Keenan openly attacked the Ambassador, even making a death threat. In the most recent video, he called the Ambassador out specifically. The Ambassador, out of courtesy, response in this video. He also announces that there will be an upcoming video that will bring good news to the people of the world. This has been planned over the past week, and probably even longer, and will be recorded in the near future. The Ambassador, as always, call for all of us to look in the mirror and to work together for the good of humanity and helping 555 overcome 666 – the beastly tyranny that has enslaved the entire world.

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29 Responses to AMBASSADOR ENDS NEIL KEENAN SAGA, February 2, 2015

  1. Hmmm….555 is reduced is 15; the Devil’s number. I wonder just WHO the Red Dragon’s are.

  2. Anisha says:

    I have been following the alleged ‘Ambassador’ via various outlets since this past summer through Ron Van Dyke and lately several other outlets.

    I am NOT hearing anything whatsoever about any ‘savior’ coming through this man claiming to be
    Ambassador for Red Dragon family. A ‘savior’ is a projection from desperate people who are not very confident in themselves, or those who have not worked on themselves enough to ‘hear’ with the heart. A savior is NOT what he is talking about. He is nobody’s ‘savior’ and that has never been his message!

    This man is sincere to ‘my’ ears, he may not sound that way to another and that is fine. I hear it in his voice, his heart. I never once heard he or the ‘Dragon Family’ are going to ‘save’ the world. THAT would not even be possible. I do hear a man who is concerned about mankind and the direction we have been heading. I do hear a man concerned about the terrible spiritual/material bondage we are trapped in. He does mention many times, We, The People, are our OWN saviors! It is our free will act and deed to change our entire ‘being’ to become whole.

    We do NOT need gold or money, however, we do NEED to generate love, trust and goodwill towards those who make entreaties towards seeking life giving solutions improving the way we are living on this planet.

    Our world is in deep deep trouble. Most of us here on Jean’s blog know that only too well. We really have to stop looking OUTSIDE ourselves for the answers when we have had them all along.

    A fully conscious, aware man/woman is extremely powerful. We lack understanding as to how our world is ‘organized’ via Trusts. THAT is a huge piece. Because of our ignorance of Trusts and how they work and on what basis they exist, we are easily led down self-destructing paths by many, many ‘pied pipers’. NK is only one of them. That whole OLD world order is nothing but a putrid parasitical cannibal devouring and harvesting the life force energies of this world. It is a voracious ‘fictional’ monster that so many ‘worship’ by participating in it and believing this fiction is MORE REAL than nature itself. Now it is dissipating day by day as it is being exposed for what it is and many are pulling their energies away from it and returning to NATURE, our TRUE state of being. We can feel it.

    I feel that is what he is trying to bring to our attention.

    I have NO ‘investment’ in listening to this alleged ambassador from the RDF. I like him very much though. I respect what he is saying and has been saying all along. It is up to each of us to accelerate our own awakening and yes, that requires TRUST in GOD/Creator and in ourselves!!!! It is an irony, is it not that of all of what people consider ‘precious’ (material ‘value’/money/gold/silver) it is TRUST in G-D/CREATOR that we lack the most!!!! Without that TRUST we have NO honor and no way to extend honor to another. Gold is a substance that is symbolic of our soul. But it is Trust in G-d that is most valuable.

    This man has always been speaking and reminding us of ‘honor’. He is faceless. He is nameless. All we hear is a voice from a man. His message is always empowering of others never interfering with ‘free will’ of the people. He promises nothing except good news b/c there are those working diligently behind the scenes just as equally there are those of us not associated with the RDF who are also working diligently day by day making OUR changes, preparing for a ‘new, beautiful world’ coming of our OWN MAKING, from our own hearts and dreams, not relying on anyone else but TRUSTING that if we ‘feel’ this way then there are other echelons who are also preparing too in tandem with us. None of this is easy. This is no time for complacency. What will each of us DREAM, what it is we need to live harmoniously with one another and being good stewards in all we do. Be the best we can be.

    Just like us, I am hearing there is a heck of a lot of shifting, changing, enormous pressures and painful spiritual struggles by those who make up the ‘silent echelons’ of this world for thousands of years. Some of them are undergoing this and it is NOT easy at all. From what I understand the Vatican is only a ‘lower’ hierarchy.

    If anything, work on correcting your statuses, your Citizenship. It is a HUGE empowerment b/c it puts you directly in the chain of title to the Declaration of Independence Trust. If you are currently declared a ‘U.S.citizen and you have evidence of ‘licenses’, you are presumed an enemy combatant as per the Emergency Banking Relief Act of 1933. You MUST correct these presumptions. Earnestly seek out these corrections and TAKE ACTION!

    Beautiful prayer by the alleged ‘Ambassador’ of RDF…very interesting news indeed. I have no reason not to ‘trust’ this soul. Let us observe this in our reality.

    • Jean says:

      Anisha, doesn’t he also say there will be funds for us? Am I mistaken in that? Hugs, ~Jean

      • Anisha says:

        In this latest audio February 9th today above, he stated that many, many ‘humanitarian projects’ are being ‘funded’ this past week. In my ‘opinion’, I read that as being released to the ‘custodians/trustees’ of these ‘projects’ until further notice.

        I cannot imagine any kind of funding being released unless they know it would be ‘safe’ to do so…he does mention that even ‘cabal parasites’ may be any of these custodians/trustees too, so it may not be 100% certain…however, if I heard Tim Turner correct and I think I did, ANYONE who misuses any of these funds is kaput…they mean business this time around. In other words these ones will certainly NOT get away with anything. They will be dealt with in the extreme. There are eyes and ears everywhere. Our world is much more different than 100 years ago…

        • Jean says:

          I’m sorry, Anisha, but I just don’t believe this. He says all the right things, and I think that may be misleading. I’m not sure which funds he speaks about, but I do not believe we are going to be given any funds. We have different opinions, so let’s just wait and see. . . 🙂 People are waiting and waiting and not preparing themselves, and I think this may be the goal . . . Hugs, ~Jean

      • Ri-chard says:

        Yes, money for us and in fact debt free fairy tail was stated.

  3. nadia says:

    and what about 777 or even better 888?

  4. Oliver says:


    I actually listened to the Goldwater report which gave some new insights but the gist of it I already new about 2 years ago which I also stated here… then… 😛

    No gold in the world will save us we need to do this… if any so called new financial system is not for everyones benefit and transparent… then you know it’s just some new clothes and a new hair cut.. on the same old same old..

    I’m convinced though that there are forces at play nobody can influence other than us.. that are positive and that there we events that will expose everything.. for what it truly is.

    As always.. we’ll see soon enough.. .I will not give my power away to any other entity anymore.. and I do not consent to more wars anywhere… basta..!

    Hugs Ollie

  5. Dee says:

    Jean, I left a comment earlier that did not appear.
    Just a head’s up in case it went into the spam folder.
    I expressed that I felt that the Ambassador’s video was
    a distraction to siphon our energy and reiterated your
    sentiments that we are the one’s we’ve been waiting for
    and we must stand in our own strength.
    Hope you are feeling better every day in every way. xoxo Dee

    • Jean says:

      I chose not to publish this, Dee. It is my opinion that these people need to be taken out of the picture. We have enough disinfo out there, and I don’t think the Ambassador is any more legit than any of the others. NON ONE IS COMING TO SAVE US! I said this on my comments at the time of publication, but perhaps you have no idea how many are still taken in by these folks. . . 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

      PS Hiding these statements from people IMO is not the answer . . . 🙂 ~J

      • Dee says:

        Jean, I think my writing on my original post was unclear. My sentiments were that the video that is circulating of the Ambassador was a distraction…in other words, I was in agreement with your words. I apologize for the confusion…mercury is still retrograde. You have so very much on your plate…no need to publish this comment~~I only wished for you to understand where I was coming from.

        • Jean says:

          Let’s keep it straight in a public way, Dee, and, I thank you for making it clear to me. Yes, I do have a lot on my plate right now, and I’m trying my best not to make mistakes. . . Hugs, ~Jean

  6. libra says:

    Time and pressure create two things coal and diamonds;

    Thou shalt not be a victim.
    Thou shalt not be a perpetrator.
    And above all,
    Thou shalt not be a bystander.  
    Yehuda Bauer
    from a dear friend far wiser than I.

  7. Jeremy says:

    I have followed both sides of this story and I can’t help coming back to the thought that if I was in control of a massive hoard of gold that could change the course of humanity and I was looking for a conduit to get this information to the world, would Neil Keenan be the best I could find?

    • Jean says:

      Good question! Hugs, ~Jean

    • hannacora says:

      Hi Jeremy:
      Your thoughts about Keenan totally reflect mine. I have wondered about this so many times…
      What balanced this feeling in me was the support of Jean and David Wilcock. Without that support I doubt that I would have spent much time listening to Neil.
      Could not agree with you more on the questionable credentials of Neil for such a gigantic task!!

  8. WJ says:

    Firstly I must admit that I do not profess to know any of the individuals involved. However it becomes painfully clear, to me at least, when listening to this video that this ‘Ambassador’ is someone who likes to stand on a soapbox and sound important. In reality he sounds like a child with a low IQ. There is absolutely no way, from my research, that this person could represent anyone on the side of the Righteous. It appears obvious from this recording that this person likes to state things which certain mis-informed people might wish to hear. There is no way that those he claims to represent would engage in such nonsense. This is not even an intelligent address. It is nothing more than slinging mud in the other direction. The Righteous do not engage in such conduct nor would allow anyone representing them to do same. Respectfully I suggest that the person heard in the video represents no one but his own ego and cannot be taken seriously.

  9. Ri-chard says:

    Who do we believe whom is helping and hurting the people. It wasn’t that long ago thousands of readers and viewers were led to believe the words of a Man purported to represent the interests of the Chinese royal Red Dragon Family who, it was told, would become our benefactors following the 2015 Chinese New Year. The plan which was told by the Ambassador included providing ‘debt forgiveness’ to American consumers and commercial interests also known and referred to frequently in the Ambassador’s discussions as ‘the Jubilee’. YES, such was the claim. It was also claimed that on October 17, 2014, the Dragon Family, the largest creditor of the Federal Reserve, had taken over the Federal Reserve and was actively managing day to day operations so as to keep the corporation from attempting to file for bankruptcy in the World Court. These alleged ‘facts’ fascinating claims as they may have been were what held my and many others’ interest in following the unfolding story.
    I for sure now am not waiting on this Ambassador.

    • Jean says:

      Ri-chard, I don’t think there is going to be any savior! I don’t think there are going to be any free rides! If this happens, then we continue to believe in Santa Claus and never grow up. Our species has been held back as children, while at the same time we have been abused. The only legitimate way out, to my mind, is for each of us to take on the responsibility o growing out of all this. . . 🙂

      I think this Ambassador fellow is trying to cash in on the exposure of Neil Keenan. . . nothing more 🙂 We are the ones we have been waiting for! Each day, I come to understand more deeply what these words mean . . .

      Hugs, ~Jean

  10. Ronnie says:

    Well, imagine that “good news” coming soon. The famous “and will be recorded in the near future.”
    Sure, I too can only watch and wait but I’m not holding my breath.

  11. Watcher (Nancy) says:

    The dialogue lacks the “ring of truth”… Jean is right… be patient…
    Clean pure steel will survive the fire, time and rust. Low grade ore will not.

  12. Ri-chard says:

    I want to trust but I can’t verify anything of this one called Ambassador.

  13. hannacora says:

    Endless Blessings!

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