:) :) :) Canadian media ordered by Government of Canada not to report on the Federal Court ruling against private central banks

Submitted by IWB,
February 4th, 2015
Thanks to K. 

 The Bank of Canada used to be a government lending institution, creating near interest free loans that built much of Canada’s infrastructure during the 50’s and 60’s. In 1974 at the Bank of International Settlements in Basel Switzerland, Trudeau Sr. was convinced by fellow Bilderberg attendees to dismantle this crucial function of the Bank of Canada, and since then we’ve lost sovereign control of our monetary policies and money supply and government debt at all levels has risen dramatically.This court case challenges the disuse of the Bank of Canada to create money for the public good.

The Federal Court of Canada has ruled against private central banking. Meanwhile, the Harper GovrenmentTM has ordered a media black out on this court case. Lets help spread the word!

The first video, on the surface, appears to be the same as the second video; it is not!
The third video is an interview that goes into greater depth.

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7 Responses to :) :) :) Canadian media ordered by Government of Canada not to report on the Federal Court ruling against private central banks

  1. David says:

    Though progress is being made, I believe that there may be some misinterpretation as to what has actually occurred. I believe that COMER has finally done what we should have done years ago and applied to the Court to order the Feds to issue money from the B of C, interest free. The Feds filed a motion to strike this Claim and were initially successful before a Federal Court prothonotary. This was appealed to a Fed Court judge and COMER had some success, though an order was issued to file an Amended Statement of Claim. This was done, though COMER also appealed this to the Fed Court of Appeal, and the Feds cross appealed. Both appeals were dismissed last week meaning that the case will proceed now to be heard, with an Amended Statement of Claim. Now we must sit back and watch the case play out over the next year or so and support COMER in and out of court.

  2. I AM ME says:

    Wow about time. I found a website called occupyourbank that dropped the bomb on this last fall…its Canadian but all people should know about this! Thanx a gazillion for kickin my ass with true info these last few months!!!! (Only found u just before DEC 25….funny story, I was tired of not vibe’n with most news sites so I googled “what is the real truth?” And low and behold found you and Bradley, which took me to the next level so again many thanx and much love)

  3. WJ says:

    This just illustrates how dumb politicians in reality are. But by what authority do they deny proceedings in a common law [public] court from being reported? What are they scared of we might learn? Their action will only attract more attention to this very interesting case. One must wonder if politicians are aware that there is an international forum called the internet which undoubtly will disclose all the facts. On a point of law, every government in every country has a duty of care to provide for interest free banking to provide sufficient currency for trade and commerce to be conducted. But as bribed stoogies of the cabal they fail in their obligation and in so doing they committed treason. Why treason? Because they surrendered their national currency and with it the sovereignty of their country to a foreign power without legal authority.

  4. swo8 says:

    Thank for this Jean. We need to know.

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