Montague Keen, Sunday, February 8, 2015 . . . extremely important reminders today! ~J

The crisis that is being deliberately created in your world is also exposing those who do not have humanity’s best interests at heart. There is no mistaking now, who is in the pay of the dark cabal. They are demanding war. I did tell you in the past that the cabal cannot exist without war. You can now plainly see how desperate they are, as they rush from one country to another, pleading for war.

Now that you are awake, you can see exactly what is happening. This scares them, as they have not had to deal with such dissent before. They do not just want war; they need war. But the innocent people of the Ukraine do not deserve what is being visited upon them. They need your support. It is Ukraine, today: it could be you, tomorrow !

The cabal wants to cull the population. They will show no mercy. They want to bring their plans to a conclusion with their New World Order, at any cost. You, mere humans, are in the way. So they want to dispose of you. I implore you, do not kill your own species to enable this cabal to take over Planet Earth. As I have pointed out many times before, they cannot do it without your assistance. This is a critical time for you. Decisions must be made: do you do nothing and wait to be culled, or do you make a stand and support your fellow man. There is no fence to sit on. The time has come for action. You were warned, over and over again, that this time was coming. Now, it is upon you, so serious decisions must be made. You have heard the LIES of the cabal throughout history. “Weapons of Mass Destruction” that NEVER EXISTED: but you fell for it.

Those who stand for TRUTH in this situation deserve your respect. Do not watch their LIES on television or in the newspapers. You KNOW the truth which makes their lies look so pathetic. The planet and humanity need your support. You are many, they are few. Look deeply into their faces as they speak in front of the camera; it is so obvious that they are LYING. Such lies cannot be hidden in the light. Their paymasters do not like the delay, for they do not tolerate failure. So the pathetic puppets are very worried indeed . . . and so they should be !

Do not give your consent to World War III. Nor to the invasion of other countries, no matter what you are told. The cabal cannot do it without your consent. This one FACT, puts all of you in a position of power. This information was kept hidden from you until now. When you vote, you give your power to another person, to act on your behalf. You must now withdraw that power. Believe in yourselves and take back your power from the puppets of the cabal. The sooner you come together, and refuse to kill or invade other countries, the sooner peace will prevail and life on Earth will become a joy, rather than a trial of strength and a struggle to survive. When you LAUGH at the LIES of the puppets, they will know that their game is up. The survival of humanity and Planet Earth is in your hands.

In the past, you have managed to turn a blind eye to so much corruption, pedophilia, and unlawful killing, etc. The abuse of little children continued, because good men failed to protect them. You know enough now to enable you to expose such behaviour. It is time for change. You are the people designated to bring this change about, and it will be easier than you expect.

My dear wife had another severe psychic attack as she got up this morning. It drained her energy and her eyes are very painful. This particular form of attack happens almost every day, but she continues her work. There is also a plan for her to have an “accident”. Should such an incident occur, then know without doubt, that it was not an accident. The cabal really does not want you to wake up and see what they are up to. They will stop at nothing to hold on to power and continue to enjoy the fruits of your labour. They have removed all the joy from living a life on Earth. But you will come through this terrible time.

It is all coming to a head. The cabal wants a war in the Ukraine. SO THEY NEED YOU TO GIVE IT TO THEM.

Send love and light to all the people and countries that suffer at the hands of the cabal. Their chemtrails have become even more lethal, especially in America. They are killing you every day. You may think you are falling ill; when in fact, you are being killed off. This is how bad it is. Please wake up !

Reach out to each other, and help when needed. Be ready to stand together for light and truth. Use the power of meditation, or use your thoughts to bring about the changes necessary for humanity to step into the light. Ask for help. We, and your friends from other planets, cannot intervene unless we are invited.

It would have been my birthday, yesterday, had I survived. Veronica felt sad without me on such a day. I hold the memories of the wonderful birthdays she gave me when I was on Earth.

It is a time of great change. Each one of you chose to be on Earth at this time, to bring about all these changes. Both sides of life will celebrate when peace and harmony are restored.

My love is with you always. Your adoring, Monty.

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20 Responses to Montague Keen, Sunday, February 8, 2015 . . . extremely important reminders today! ~J

  1. Jean says:

    Let’s focus on the really important issues here! Hugs, ~Jean

  2. erdoshk says:

    Thank you, Monty, Veronica, Jean and all contributors here. We need to remove our consents to war, injustice, fear etc.
    “I do not consent to or support war anywhere in the world especially in Ukraine.”

  3. veraiconica says:

    Dear Jean, this is such wonderful news, that you are getting better and you can walk a little. Your dog is very smart. I can just see him, when he was running circles full of joy, that you were walking. I am so happy, that your body is healing again. 🙂 Sending you much love! Veraiconica

  4. I have one more question for Monty. What can we do about the chemtrails? They need to stop but no one is doing anything about it. I, myself, have thought deeply about this and don’t have an answer yet. The chemtrails disturb me the most though, and I’d like to hear what he has to say about them. Some people use Orgonite, or other crystals. Do they work? Would group meditation work? How many people would it take to dissolve the chemtrails in the sky? Is the company of Heaven helping us or are we to do this on our own? Thank you!

  5. “This is a critical time for you. Decisions must be made: do you do nothing and wait to be culled, or do you make a stand and support your fellow man. There is no fence to sit on. The time has come for action. You were warned, over and over again, that this time was coming. Now, it is upon you, so serious decisions must be made.”

    I’d like to hear more from Monty about what kind of action we should be taking right now? I talk to as many people that I can, and post on Facebook all the time but few want to listen and even fewer know what to do about the cabal and their plans. Many are scared and confused, just the right temperature for the cabal. My decision was made a long time ago, but other than sharing information, meditating, praying, healing myself and helping others any way that I can I don’t know what else to do. Is removing consent going to be enough? What action should we take? Writing to our leaders won’t help. Protesting? They will lock me up. Where is the “A” team? I’m open to suggestion.

  6. Bob says:

    That “NO” to culling the population and to WWIII must include “NO” to plans around ebola for it is a biologic war intended to murder millions while the government steps in “seeming to help” and forces deadly vaccines on the population. “Experts” in the UK are saying that terrorists will use weaponized ebola on the public. Experts here said the same last year. That’s the plan. Set off ebola, blame it on the terrorists, establish martial law and a coup, with the UN and the WHO (both run by Nazis/Jesuits) invading and taking control here and putting into effect pandemic laws that would plunder the country of every resource and asset and force lethal ebola vaccines on people.

    See “It’s Clear Now: UK and US Plan to Use Weaponized Ebola on Their People.”

    Hope you will post this article. We keep missing the subtler war plans, the ones linked to a coup and our country being invaded by foreign entities. We shouldn’t just be listening for bombs but be watching the enormous number of moves being made by the CDC and media to make an emergency out of the measles in order to pass a federal law mandating vaccines.

    Loyal military needs to be watching. It may be a stealth war on the US but it’s huge and been planned for years and includes genocide.

  7. Martha says:

    Sending love and healing to you, my dear Jean.Thank you for all you do for US. Give your dog a hug for me.

  8. I DO NOT CHANNEL Monty, Monty materialised for the first time 3 weeks after his passing and talked in HIS OWN VOICE, he has done this many times I have all the recordings of Monty walking around shaking hands, chatting to people. He made a speech in his own voice 3 months after his passing for his Day of Tribute, its on my website. He joins in conversations, he rings his bell when he agrees with what we are saying. He lights his light also when he wants attention. Monty has never left me. My friend and I go to a special place in our minds and ask him questions, all that is on tape too, he gives us a lot of information that I pass on to the appropriate people. I would not know how to channel messages.

    • Helene says:

      I always read your messages, but I am very concerned about this one. He sais; Do not give your consent to world war lll. The word “not” does not exist in the Universe, neither any other negations. So when you say “I do not consent” you actually DO consent. We must rewrite all the sentences in another way with only positive words. How and what we want, not what we don´t want.

  9. Hildegard says:

    “The cabal wants a war in the Ukraine. SO THEY NEED YOU TO GIVE IT TO THEM.”
    JUST SAY NO. Where have I heard that before?

  10. remyd2012 says:

    Dearest Jean,
    I meant to include this chemtrail link as well. If you could please review this this excellent link as well I would appreciate it!
    Hugs, Alexis

  11. remyd2012 says:

    Dear Jean,
    I leave it to your excellent discretion as to rather or not you post the following link as Monty’s message today corresponds perfectly with the latest “Cosmic Awareness” urgent message to humanity. While it is a channeled message and thus requires our discretion, the importance of the content and synchronicity of the message to all of us is of the utmost importance.
    Hugs, Alexis

    • Jean says:

      My dog is becoming depressed. He wants to go out, and I’ve been on this computer for too many days. I will leave the link here for others to decide for themselves 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

      • Hildegard says:

        Yes, please take care of your beloved dog and in so doing you’ll take care of yourself. Your dog knows this and understands everything you say and do and who you are but cannot speak so he/she must use body language to communicate. I really believe that how we treat animals is a TRUE reflection of our state of evolution.

        • Jean says:

          My dog does know . . . since I hurt myself, he has walked faithfully about a foot or two behind me. I think he has been concerned that I might fall.

          Two days ago, I walked a short distance almost upright and without a cane. He watched me, and then he suddenly took off in a frenzy of joy, running so fast, and then around in circles. I suddenly realized that he has been taking care of me so very well 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

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